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UM collecting canned food at Saturday's home finale against Virginia

UM is hosting a Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive during Saturday’s home finale against Virginia at Sun Life Stadium.

Collection bins will be located outside all four helixes (Gates B, D, F, and H) as well as gates C and G. Fans will be allowed to donate as much food as they want. All food donated will go directly to Feeding South Florida.

Part of the Feeding America network consisting of 202 food banks, Feeding South Florida is the largest of nine Feeding America food banks in the state of Florida, distributing almost 35 million pounds of food annually to 949,910 individuals in need of food assistance. FSF is the leading domestic hunger relief organization in South Florida, serving Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties through a network of nonprofit partner agencies, including soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters, group homes and other emergency food service programs.

Saturday's game will also kick off its "Uniendo La Familia" (Uniting the Family) campaign. During the celebration of the Hurricanes’ last home game, the Hurricanes will show their appreciation of the diversity within the South Florida community with an on-site concert featuring radio host celebrity, DJ Laz, and popular artist, Maffio, along with pre-game activities appropriate for all ages. The event will give attendees the opportunity to partake in a variety of family-fun activities, including an Instagram booth and photo opportunities.

To purchase tickets to Miami’s home finale, fans can order online at www.canestix.com, visit the UM Ticket Office at BankUnited Center (M-F, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) or call 1-800-GO-CANES.


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Very classy move by the Canes.

D'Onofrio will do what's best for Golden and leave at the end of the season, before the bowl game. UM is favored by 19 or so over Va. That is really a laugh. I wish I had the nerve to bet a ton of $$ on that spread. UM will have trouble getting the ball because Virginia will hog it against UM's defense. If Waters and Coley can't play, look our for a real mess Saturday.

I certainly hope that there will be a large participation in the food collection effort. Let's take care of people who need a little help.

Season is over for competing.

It's now about developing the starters for next year.

I really don't care if we lose the rest of the games if it gives next years class playing time.

The new depth chart basically says as much.

I hope Ryan Williams gets at least a half every game to grow.

It is what it is.

Randy got 4 yrs.

Golden deserves 5 yrs considering the mess he entered and the NCAA prolonged to true.

*NCAA prolonged torture

Can drive???

They need to can the man impersonating a dco!!

Wow home and home game with Cincinnati. This is another reason why the program is headed in the wrong direction. No to LSU . Yes to probably the 4th best team in Ohio. The big dogs play the big dogs. That's the essence of competition and ticket sales. You want to increase season ticket sales go out schedule the most attractive teams. Any top 4 teams of the major conferences. Home and home games.

How about collecting signatures for a "Fire D'Nofrio" petition?
If we pay for a plane to fly a "fire D"Nofrio" banner over Sun Life, will anybody see it?
Will the sea of empty orange seats and tarps covering the upper decks give the powers that be a clue?

@McMurphyESPN: Miami, Cincinnati schedule home:home series; 2014 at UM, 2015 at Cincinnati


Tubbs will show the Mac staff how Defense is played in Miami.

If he’s still there of course!! Lol!!!

canesallnight, Cincinnati was a regular on our schedule in the 1980s, from 1982 straight through 1989. That was during three of our five titles.

The LSU offer was a bad one, a last minute one, and not a home and home series. If they offer us that, I am sure it would be considered.

Cincinnati was 10-3 last year, and beat Duke. They are 8-2 this year. They have the #10 defense in the NCAA, and score 35 points per game. This is not some Furman pushover. They gave us the home game first, unlike teams like Notre Dame and Ohio State. There is no reason to treat this as a bad schedule move.

I can't believe President Reagan fired Lou Saban as our head coach. This is going to end bad. You'll see. I told you.

The Gatr garbage schedules Furman and New Mexico State, then claims that playing Kentucky, Tennessee, Vandy and Ole Piss are "tough SEC games."

bWWWWHAHAHAHA. What a joke.

I am hoping D'O will leave, but I'm not sure he will. I wish he would leave now so we can see what we really have with this defense. I feel like the players have already quit on D'O, although maybe the new starters will want to prove themselves. I always want the Canes to win but in the back of my mind I can't help feeling two more horrible defenses performances will be good for the program long term if it seals D'O's fate.

I still support Golden as coach, but to be a great coach you cannot be so dogmatic in your philosophy. Belichek learned from his mistakes in Cleveland and now he adjusts his philosophy from year to year. Golden is a smart guy, is loyal to the program, and is a terrific recruiter. He is very organized and works hard. They players really like him. He needs to adjust the way Miami plays to be more aggressive and not be satisfied with an early lead. Too many times this year I have seen Miami play more conservative once they get a seven or ten point lead and they allow their opposition back into the game. He is also too loyal to his friends. D'O will be his downfall if he does not get rid of him soon.

By the way, I've seen too many people piling on Morris and saying they need to make a change at QB. Morris played poorly against UNC and Wake, and his performance in those games almost resulted in the Canes losing both of them, but he is not at all responsible for Miami's three loses. I thought he played particularly well against Duke. Even the interception was not a bad throw, the DB just made a great play on the ball. Miami has lost the last two games solely because of the defense. Morris deserves to finish out his senior season as the starter. Also, it would send a bad message to potential recruits to bench Morris at this point and further deplete his draft stock.

You fans who are posting need to get over it.

Either support or go watch someone else.

We have all heard you!!!. Disenchanted?... There is a lot to do in SoFla, and much more to do than watch the 'Canes play. Go find something, and just don't watch the 'U', if it will affect your life so much.

Just don't show up when the 'U' starts winning again and be supportive of 'Your 'Canes' after leaving because you couldn't stomach the rebuild!!!!!.

Our players need the support of everyone to hold them up to recover from adversity, injuries, disappointments, and questions.

We are FANS not Coaches, therapists, magicians, players or owners. Some posts have covered the gamut of all of these and more!!!!.

We are FANS and the team needs us more than ever to finish out the season with our support.

Looking to the schedule with Cinn. is great because it brings back one of our guys who Coached at the 'U'.
Our 'Canes are rebuilding.
Go 'Canes

Sunny Dee, I think we have seen Golden is a good friend to Donofrio.

I think it is time for Donofrio to show HE is a good friend to Golden, and take a lateral move to another school, or step down for his family, or even take a lower position in the NFL, just to save Golden from burden of firing a friend.

If he sticks around for another year, KNOWING the pain and heat it is putting on his friend Al Golden, it just shows he is in it for himself first. There is no shame in stepping down to benefit a friend, let's see if Donofrio will benefit his friend even at the cost of a paycheck.

What about the Golden Empanada?what would a diversity celebration be without that?

I'll bet you two tarps and a roach Mojito that NoD is still here next year. Donna isn't firing Goldenfraude, and he isn't firing Dino..

Kinda makes a cluck miss Marble Mouf huh? Silly cluck

UGoCane - you can still be a fan of the team and support them while being critical of them at the same time. This isn't a stadium, it is a forum for football fans to discuss the Canes. There may be a few people on here who have a different agenda, but most of the regular posters love the Canes, are very knowledgeable about football, and just want to see them get better.

Cut and paste promotional post right from the SID to the paper website.

Save your money and donate any food you're giving at any of the other 1000's of local collections within a shorter drive than you. Unless you make your own labels for the cans of food to turn in that say, FIRE THE MAC MORONS, on them. But then you'll be stuck watching the worst team in the ACC try to win the fourth in a row against UM.

UGoCane, I understand what you are saying.

There are some folks that ONLY post negatives on here, while claiming to be Canes fans. Some might be, but some are obviously not Canes fans and instead hiding their true affiliations to attack without having to defend their true team in response. He hides behind those other negative Canes fans, echoes their comments, and piles on while avoiding any positives, even when the team was 7-0.

There are those that try to ignore the negativity and only want to read and write positives. They might see the negatives, but choose not to comment on them, like a parent that cheers on their son playing baseball even after he strikes out four times. They will only say positives even when the team is 0-3 for the month of November.

It sounds like you would prefer the second set, exclusively. That could be tough to get on here when you have that first group still here, and others that will call it as they see it both positive and negative.

This team has allowed 41, 42, and 48 points the past three weeks. They threw away leads to teams that ChampCane and others would say were worse teams than us the past two weeks. Even a fan should be able to say that is disappointing.

Golden Empanada? Looks like you are reusing a term from your racist collection.

Yeah, sure, you are not the same guy that has been posting threats and racist insults for the past five years, yet you use the same TERMS that he does.

Funny how you claim (from a different ID each time) you NEVER do these things, but then put up racist stuff about latinos in one post and blacks in another.

Just like you did here:

Beatch Slapped By Jersey Says:
August 28th, 2013 at 10:51 pm
LMAO! !!!
This is what happens when the only relevant thing you’re program can sell to recruits is memories of the 1980′s and a 2 Live Crew mix tape.
- Wide receiver Jontavious Carter leaves Hurricanes
- Running back Danny Dillard leaves Miami Hurricanes
- Dyron Dye booted from Hurricanes
- Former Hurricanes defensive lineman Jalen Grimble headed to Oregon State
- Miami Hurricanes’ Gus Edwards has eligibility issue
- Miami Hurricanes release defensive lineman Jalen Grimble
In 2008, ESPN ranked the incoming Miami class No. 1…..but that group ended up going 39-23 overall, with zero bowl wins.
Miami is without a victory over a top-10 team since 2009.
In each of the past three seasons, the ACC has won only two games against ranked nonconference opponents (2-11 in 2012, 2-8 in 2011 and 2-12 in 2010).
The ACC has hasn’t had a winning record against the SEC since 2003 (5-4).
Cluuuck Says:
August 29th, 2013 at 12:41 pm
Hey AlaiinDubois, how come you quit posting as caanesrule21ships ????????
You coward little Canadian creep.
Don’t worry, EVERYONE at the Space KNOWS its you, COWARD
Lake Park Says:
August 29th, 2013 at 12:52 pm
Oh look Fake Riviera Beach is back. Just another coward cane persona. Lemme guess Nigeria, Duh canes are more talented than anybody in the country? Brain dead fool
Golden Empanada Says:
August 29th, 2013 at 4:41 pm
47-13? WTF? Lay off the pipe, buddy.


But sure, you aren't that same obsessed name-changing fellow, posting, lies, attacks, racism, and attempts to find out where Canes fans live so you can stalk them in person.

Or we are supposed to believe that is a different person from this one?

"The tarps are in "temporary storage" and the Hunt for the Golden Empanada will resume next week.

It's goin to be like a phuukking MORGUE in this place 30 hours from now. Cane clucks will resume pro bowlahs talk. GUARANTEED! And of course the Zook caricature will still be calling Goldenfraude the best coach in America at the expense of his own credibility. Oh wait he has no credibility.

Posted by: 48-0 | September 06, 2013 at 09:33 AM"


Funny how it wasn't a morgue after 9-7, and is not a morgue even after a 3 game losing streak, but the gatr fans jumped off that bandwagon FAST once they lost to Miami, to the point that their own coach had to tell them to "Get a Grip", ironic since that was one of your IDs.

Notice, these are NOT posts from the 1980s as you claim, but were your last gasp at attacking before the gatrs lost the last game in the series. Which you then promised a truce for after you lost, but of course abandoned that truce at the first opportunity.

Now, instead of jumping from ID to ID, how about you explain your stalking and obsession and perhaps it might lead to just a bit of healing for your damaged soul, Gollum. It has been five years, I am sure your children miss you if you have any, try to raise them right so they don't end up like you.

The Gatr Garbage just can't get enough. Their blog is dead; their foosball team plays like it is dead; the campus smells like rotting death.

What is a Gatr maggot to do?

What's worse, losing to usf in ot or gettin embarrassed by duke?

Posted by: Nash | November 18, 2013 at 09:44 PM

Great question, and the usF game was a game that we should've won, was in fieldgoal range and nipple struck again!

Question for everyone who says we don't have the elite talent. Do we have elite coaching. Does this coaching staff know how to utilize elite talent . Definitely don't know how to use the talent that's already there. If you to be the best go out and get the best coach available. Raheem Morris, Kirby Smart, Jim Leavitt and Mike Leach. The short list.

Posted by: canesallnight | November 18, 2013 at 09:32 PM

Let's not gloss over this elite question either now, ANSWER DA MAN!

Who was the last so-called elite we had??? When are you considered an elite coach?

This list consist of never have beens and not-availables. Other than that, great list, dope.

And don't move in on my list-making turf. I am the only douchebag maggot on this blog allowed to post lists.

Five I agree.

I am not just a "Happy Camper Booster" of the 'Canes.
There are a a lot of questions raised that have merit.

Once a poster goes multiple times with the same negative theme it gets old to even enter in a discussion.

Am I disappointed in the play of the 'Canes?. Yes.
Do we suck on D?. Certainly
Is the team prepared for a full game and playing allout on every play?. You know the answer.
I am a realist and we have major problems, but that is not an open door to bash everything 'Cane.

My point is whether you support the 'Canes or not why come on here and post drivel.
Checkout the post above your reply from FIRE AL GOLDEN. That is what I am talking about.

Sunny Dee I agree and acknowledge your point. My reference was to the drive by posters who are not using this in a program format but rather a sinister manner of putting down our team with ridicule.
You, five, dbc, Champ, Zook, Calvina, and others are here to discuss and disagree with good points both pro and con our 'Canes. Not disparage the team or players.

My disgust is for the hit and run crowd that seizes the opportunity to agitate and villify the board.
That really pi**** me off. That junk is not discussion.
Go 'Canes

People make positive posts about a University of Miami athletic program all the time here, it's just now confined to the basketball team (another great win during the road opener last night) these days, rightfully so.

It's the golden shower takers daily brigade that can't handle the truth with anything other than attempts at mimicry which goes to show just how little they have left in the tank to defend THE WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY.

canesallnight's list of coaches.

Raheem Morris - a 17–31 coach including losing his last 10 games before being fired. I am saying to get rid of Donofrio for his past three games of decline, why would we add on a coach whose team got WORSE in that ten games of decline? If Golden is attacked for being a near .500 coach, an under .400 coach is not an option.

Kirby Smart - a 0-0 coach, who would have to learn on the job. We saw how painful those growing pains can be with Randy Shannon, so 0-0 coaches are out.

Jim Leavitt - Fired from his last job at USF after "allegedly" hitting a player, no parent will want him being their advocate for their kid after they way he handled an investigation after hitting one of his players.

Mike Leach - Fired from his last job, no parent will want him being their advocate for their kid after they way he handled a concussion from one of his players.


You hate Golden, we get that. But you have to at least replace him with someone BETTER, at recruiting, experience, record, gameday coaching, and ability to work well with his players.

Shannon got 4 years to produce crap.

Golden walked into a toilet overflowing with sh*t program-- 5 recruits when he walked in remember. He had to make due and pull what he could with only a month. Safe to say these weren't stellar players.

Then the NCAA bombshell hits. And we only escaped it last month.

NOW is when you start evaluating Golden's worth -- when he has a chance to recruit on fair playing field with all other coaches.

He deserves at least 2 more years to show what he can do before all this "fire golden" nonsense starts.

If your are screaming "fire Golden" you're an idiot football fan who doesn't know jack sh*t about college ball or the UM program.

First off I am not a canes hater. We as fans calls it the way we see it. We do what the players can't do voice are opinion. We will not be suspended, kickoff the team or demoted. But understand this we were not rebuilding with all the returning starters, 18 or more. Recruits only have roughly 4 years at this level. So the time to win is now, not later . For a lot of these kids football is their way out of a less than desirable situations. If they are to put there health on the line in practice and games.They deserve the best coaches out their. Hey Calvin they want answer that question. 5 titles point taken about the Bearcats.

"FIRE AL GOLDEN", I have not seen you make any positive posts about the canes.

UGoCane, I see your point exactly, and there is no reason to rip the football team for having a can drive, for example. That goes beyond just being critical of their performance.

Your defense is so terrible a peewee team can play better defense!!!

5 titles I do not hate Al. Golden. I don't hate anyone. Yes some of the guys have a past. But it doesn't take away there knowledge of the game. Saban, Spurrier, Ross, Tressel and the list goes on . They all have a past. What Buccaneer coach has a winning record. Really.

Your defense is so terrible a peewee team can play better defense!!!

Posted by: DUKE ACC COSTAL CHAMPS | November 19, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Yeah, you don't change IDs.

For the record, Duke is a top educational institution, and they know how to spell COASTAL there. In Gainesville, though, where they HAVE no coast, it appears to be more of a challenge.

I want better for Miami I do. It's just sickening on how the defense was so stingy with yards and points earlier in the season. Once we get ranked we smell ourselves and we act like we're unctouchable. They love to play conservative at all times. When was the last time we actually ran up a scoreboard? Savannah State does not count.

This is ridiculous James Coley get out of the pro-style playing. That sh%^ does not work. In South Florida everyone is known to run the spread and stretch the field. Some of the plays I've seen called oh my goodness. I can not blame Stephen Morris for his performance. The kid experience 3 Oc the 4 yrs he been there.

I can't and won't blame him for anything. When he become a pro in the NFL just watch how he shines like Sam Shields and other did when they became a pro baller. We have talent and it's sad that we don't know what to do with it. It's best that Mark D leaves I just have to admit the truth. I'm tired of hearing them talk about depth and maturity.

We been Patiently waiting for the past few years. They don't give every kid a chance. Where's Larry Hope, Nate Dorch, Jamal Carter, Juwand Blue, Alex Figuero? You have talented players sitting on the bench. I'm sorry but Jimmy Gaines and Aj Highsmith has no business on the field.

I seen coaches make a lot of major good yardage plays on those two bums. Something has to give and UGOCANE i'm a Cane for life and I'm going to say what I want and feel about my team. I invest in tickets and other merchandises that regards the U. So don't tell me anything different please. I'm tired of other teams playing well and we're not. We should be in the top 10 right now as we speak but we're not. How in the hell u drop from 7 to out of the top 25?

OMG, did he try to talk trash with coastal spelled wrong. LMAO!!!!

If we can get a new Coach I say go after Art Briles and his Oc. I'll take Gary Pinkel, Bobby Petrino, Mark Helfichm Kevin Sumlin. Bring someone like that to the U. The reason they won't come is because they won't get a high paycheck. If you want seats to sell out then you have to bring in the best.

Go get a new coach and we will be happy. Clean house in our coaching staff. I's time to move on right Cane fans?

There are a lot of coaches that would love to fill in Al Golden shoes. The problem is that Miami won't go above 3 million to pay for a good a coach.

We don't need to go after a headcoach that needs to make more than 3mil a year, we just needa headcoach that understands what schemes need to be run here.

@Calvin bro yes we do. All top notch coaches won't budge for no 2.5 million or less. Some of the coaches are making that now. They bringing in victories with conference wins and remaining in the top 5-10. U got to give them something good in order to stay. Look at Nick Saban Texas is offering this man 10 million to come to their school. Guess what he said....I'm considering the offer. If you want good quality you have to pay for it. One thing everyone in the world knows that Nick Saban knows what it takes to win Championships.

850Cane I respect your opinion and agree to disagree.

Because you support the team does not give many posters the right to demand changes or they withdraw their support.
My point is yes they would do that, but when the team starts winning again. They jump back on board.

If you give up your season tickets and merchandise purchases then give the equivalent in $$$$$$'s to the Newman Fund at the 'U' for the support of students, so the 'U' will receive something in turn although you do not support the Athletic Program.
That is my point.
It is not change or else but think through actions that are affecting a place that we love, it is critical to place our loyalty above being impetuous.
Go 'Canes

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