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UM hoping to raise $7 million for new practice field, dining hall and state of the art cold pools with Football Victory Fund

Athletic director Blake James is making a push to raise $7 million for a handful of new projects including an artificial surface lighted practice field, an athletic dining hall and a football recovery zone with four state of the art cold pools.

He's called it the Football Victory Fund.

“We have to invest in our football program with the needed resources to continue building champions. The Football Victory Fund will allow us to provide the necessary resources to win championships," James writes in the project handbook that will be placed in the hand of donors and athletic boosters.

The hand book describes each project as the following:

> The installation of an alternative artificial practice surface will provide a much needed resource for our football program. With this surface, we will install new field lighting that will allow our football program to practice at night, and provide increased flexibility in practice scheduling. Additionally, this field will ease wear on our natural grass fields and will simulate game surfaces in 30% of ACC Stadiums.

> The Student –Athlete Training Table (Dining Hall) will be a newly constructed 3,200 square foot specialized dining facility. This dining facility will be used by our 400+ student-athletes, and will be organized and designed to optimize their dietary needs. Featuring more than 170 seats and modernized U branding, this dining facility will provide proper nutritional supervision and guidance tailored specifically to each student-athlete which will maximize his or her peak performance.

> The construction of the Football Recovery Zone will consist of four Polar Pools capable of holding 14 student-athletes per pool. These state-of-the-art cold pools are necessary for the hot and humid climate of South Florida. They provide a safe, sanitary and efficient alternative to traditional cryotherapy, allowing our student-athletes to effectively cool down and recover after intense workouts and practices.

The Hurricanes recently raised $14.7 million to help fund the brand new Schwartz Center.

The 34,000-square-foot center includes a 10,800-square-foot Dwayne “The Rock’’ Johnson Locker Room and the Jonathan Vilma Players’ Lounge with oversized leather chairs with the “U’’ on every chair back, flat screen TVs in every direction, video games, cellphone charging stations in each locker and a nutrition bar with fruit, power drinks, and other snacks for athletes on the go.

Miami’s modernized training center — which services some 400 athletes — quadrupled in size to 12,000 square feet and now includes a dental chair for emergency mouth injuries, private physician’s examining room, and state-of-the-art rehab center that rivals most NFL facilities.

It also features hydraulic pools and a $70,000 anti-gravity treadmill that allows athletes to run at adjustable body weights to lessen stress on knees.