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Hurricanes receiver Herb Waters talks to the media, says the blame goes to everyone for loss to Duke

Sophomore receiver Herb Waters caught nine passes from Stephen Morris on Saturday for 116 yards and two touchdowns, including one that went 50 yards in Duke's 48-30 victory.

And Waters played with an injured groin during the game, said UM coach Al Golden. But Waters refused to pin the blame solely on the defense.

"Everybody’s down but we can’t be,'' Waters said Saturday night. "We’ve got plenty more ball to play. So we have to get back on Monday and get back to work.

 "We had a great week in practice. It’s just that we came out and missed some opportunities. Duke capitalized on a lot of opportunities."

 Reporter: "Herb, you’re going to look at the stats eventually and see you had 9 catches for 116 yards, you guys threw for 379 and had 565 yards of total offense and came up 18 points short. How much pressure is that on the offense? Obviously you’re under a lot of pressure to score a lot of points."

Waters: "With those kind of stats you’d probably think we’d overcome that with a victory. But like I said before, we missed out on some opportunities. Duke capitalized on some opportunities. You’ve got to get back to work. I’m pretty sure we’ll go over the film and fix what we messed up on."

 Reporter: "Third downs are a problem again – 5 of 15. Why is everything so good on first and second down but you struggle on third?"

 Waters: "To be honest, I don’t really know. I mean we practiced hard on third downs. We just didn’t execute on some of the plays that Coach [James] Coley called."

 Reporter: "Early in the game it was learned that Maryland beat Virginia Tech. Did you guys know about that?"

Waters:  "Yeah, it got out. I feel like if we wouldn’t have [known], we would have continued to play like how we’re supposed to play. I feel like we knew and some people let down. We’ve just got to get back to work and like we always say, keep everything on the outside and just keep grinding. In my opinion I feel like it would have been better had we had not known. I just feel like – lack of poise. We knew what we had at stake but we didn’t execute it. That’s why I feel like it would have been better if we did not know.’’

 Reporter: "How did you find out about the Virginia Tech game?"

 "To be honest I can’t really remember. I forgot who said what. It just leaked out. It is what is it. It was little by little."

 Reporter: "A couple of your teammates tweeted during the game that this was embarrassing. Would you say this defense is embarrassing for the team?"  Note: Waters was not told that the teammates were Duke Johnson and Phillip Dorsett, both of whom didn't travel with the team because of injuries.

 Waters: “I mean if a couple of teammates tweeted that in the game then I feel like they don’t want it bad enough. If they’re teammates with everybody on the team, no matter what else they’re saying I have faith in all my teammates and everybody. It wasn’t just on the defense, it was on us; it was on special teams. Everybody didn’t come through how they’re supposed to. I give all full credit to Duke. They’re a great team and they just came out and played. They wanted it badly enough.’’






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Herb, you're a good player with an NFL future, wish you the best.

Fire the coaches from the MAC.

Herb is a good kid. Is he the only one who spoke to the media?

Golden knows this is serious enough. Hope he pull trigger.

Herbs a good kid, doesnt always get opportunities. As inconsistent as we've been onoffense, you cant put the onus on the the offense. I feel bad for the kids on d getting thrown under the bus. People keep saying its talent. Ok, maybe we dont have the terrifying elite talent across the board on d, but we certainly have more than enough talent to not give 2000 yards in 4 games.

If you dont feel we should make a change at dc, then you dont want whats best for this team, you just want to make a point.

No d should resign and do the honerablr thing. I doubt he has it in him though. They refer to d. Freeman as the hurricane killer. Dno should be ashamed

Herb isn't to blame! D'No must go!

Who is organizing the "Fire D'Onofrio" plane to fly over Joe Robbie next week? If Shannon got a plane for the job he did surely D'Onofrio deserves one.

This loss may have been the best thing to happen to the Canes. They won't win anything as long as D'O is coaching. If they won a shootout there wouldn't be the pressure to fire him. Defense quit on him yesterday, they have had enough of being thrown under the bus. No improvement over 3 years. Everyone write to Blake James and demand that he is terminated NOW. No more donations until it is done.

Sadly, but as expected, D'onofrio is catching all the heat because he is IN CHARGE of the defensive schemes and operations. Currently, there are no schemes and it is not operating, so a change is very necessary. supporting the team and kids while hard at this time, still needs to be priority. There are many other teams giving up 30+ per and winning, but we are not one of those either. The loss of Duke Jr. is absolutely, 100% indeed ruling how our team is playing in the clutch. Golden will let him go, because he does not wanna be let go as head coach, and now knows it must be done.

Incredibly disappointing....

It's like 2 different seasons..

Defense was great until the 2nd quarter at FSU and Offense sucked.

Then came VT where the Offense started firing, and the Defense sunk.

Now we have a decent Offense, and absolutely no Defense.

This team is in a mixed up funk.

This isn't coaching or talent.

This is mental.

Look at Texas and USC both made coaching changes and both teams improved immediately. Both coordinators need to go. The offense four trips in the red zone three field goals one touchdown. The defense had it run down their throats. Also no discipline Morris get an unsportsmanlike penalty on the ten yard line. He should have been benched immediately. Why was he in the game on the last possession. Miami couldn't win so get the second string some well earned playing time. A turn around season out the window now on to the toilet bowl!!!

duke?..really duke?....duke.....this team lost to duke......duke....let me get this right......THE MIAMI HURRICNES,THE U lost to duke....duke....that alone should get coaches fired...duke?..go on former players'facebook,twitter whatever and read the disgust and total embarrassment this has done.......duke?..

When was the last time you watched a Canes game and saw no explosive hits from the defense? Not one collision. Not one de-cleater that makes the opposing team fearful of running into "that guy" again! There's no aggressiveness to our defense. No attack. No fire in the belly to get the ball.

That starts with coaches at this level because kids want to play. They're hungry for the next level. So the fire is there but it's getting quenched by this coaching staff. It was Duke for crying out loud.

I watched Maryland bring the wood to VT and Logan Thomas. No bend but don't break crap. They brought it and we can't or won't. He's gotta go!

Yea, the Duke team that is 8-2. Not the Duke team that is 1-9.

I guess Canes fans believe we'd be undefeated with a different coaching staff even with injuries in key positions.

Can't wait to see the improvements on the DL next year. It has to be embarrassing to not have the ability to get off a block. That'll make any DC look like crap.

BTW, D'No isn't going anywhere so it's a wasted breath, typing and purchase of a sign to fly by the Phin.

In all honesty what can coach D'No do? He can't dial up any blitzes because the D-backs can't cover a chaise lounge with a beach towel. The DE's play inside technique all the time and they get moved inside on every sweep, we don't have any DE's that can set the edge on sweeps. Every time Duke swept to one side or the other the DE's were biting on the inside fake and getting completely out of position.

Maybe it's time to switch to a 3-4 defense and use OLB's to set the edge. We don't have 4 stud horses to play D-Line as it is, so go with your strengths which is speed not power and put one more fast player on the field.

As far as depth on defense goes, once the starters come off the field for a rest, we may as well throw in the towel, the 2nd and 3rd tier players are NOT ready to play this game on the level needed.

Another thing I question is the intelligence of scheduling 3 games against Sister Mary's school of blind orphans at the beginning of the season. We should have been tested with much tougher opponents to start the year, that's the only way you toughen up a team.

These guys started off the season thinking all they had to do was put their game pants on and the game was theirs with the kind of cream cheese schedule we started off with. Now when we hit the meat and potatoes of the schedule, these guys haven't a clue as to what is needed to win at this level.

No more cream puffs at the beginning of the season, schedule those later in the year as desserts. We need to eat the main course early in the year.

LOL, coach goldie, the gig is up, all that phony crap he came in with, i knew it at his first press conference he didn't sound like the right guy, reciting all the UM history, begging the old Canes to come back, lol. But reading what he said after the game and one of the 1st things he's saying is, "we didn't punt the ball right", "we weren't good on kick-off returns", this guy is a coward man, blaming o'donnell now, calling everybody out but his penn disgrace buddy, pathetic. Like i said before, if firing coach goldie is the only way to get rid of the clown 500 than i'm all in.

I could careless who we bring in here as long as it's not oscar cryer or some soft coaches like goldie and the clown 500. People trying to say "well tracy howard defended em" wth does tracy howard know, he's not a coach, of course he was going to defend em, he's only about 19 or 20, doesn't know that he's being used wrong himself.

They trusting losing coaches, the reason nobody has confidence around here is simple, when you got to many coaches who haven't won championships or sniffed them ever at some level on your coaching staff, that's a sign you're being led by losers.

Might as well bring back itch davis, it might be a slow process, but it'll be a process that's going to work, cause he'll come in and put the onus on running the ball and stopping the run first, until we get that down pat, no need in working on anything else. 2nd and 1, 3rd and 1 would be easy to pick-up. art kehoe's unit is the only unit playing at a high level.

No Sunshine for the Canes!!! The defense we run does not work. Zone defenses is for girls, we need to get back to mam to man with full blitz package. The Tough enough is not enough without good coaching. Coach Al Golden can talk all he wants about defending his friend , game film never lies coach, do us and everyone a favor and get rid of your friend as defensive coordinator please. You are killing us.

5 star d linemen will not solve the woes here teams are running to the weakside of the variation of the 3-4 cause there is no linebacker over there and the secondary is so far off the ball that atleast 10 yards will be gained. I said in a earlier post we will see if the kids backed coach no D and play hard for him and they didn't. StormComin this is hardly mental, it becomes mental after the slaughter. I've never seen such a quiet hurricane D in my life. and all this look to the side lines for a formation is very costly. That should tell you they have no idea. If you watch and plan you should no that here comes the quick screen to the wr, here comes the hand off to the weak side. These teams consistently put a spread on the field and we have three linebackers on the field that can't keep up with the speed. Coach D u can't continue to blame the players, and players no matter how much u wanna be family oriented you have to have everyone own up even the coach which he has yet to do and that SUCKS in a major way.

This is the final proof that there is no way Al Golden is a successful coach.

Maryland has less talent than Miami. So does Duke, Virginia Tech and even Florida. Only one, Florida, has a worse coach.

Take the financial loss and terminate Al Golden, at the end of the year. As stated on another article, Al Golden has two less wins than Randy Shannon. As terrible as Randy Shannon, supposedly was, Al Golden is very much worse.

Don't defend DNO when the DB's start backpedaling at the snap of the ball and are 10 yds. off the receiver that's coaching , that's what their taught to do. Bad tackling that's coaching, these 2 qb's had 8 turnovers the previous 2 games and we could not even pressure them that's defensive play calling. On the offensive side if were running good and they aren't stopping us why not run until they stop it, our OL out weighed them by 40lbs a man.I and probably the team have lost faith in this coaching staff, if they cant look at film and see what everybody in the country sees then its time to start over.

Third downs suck because of play calling. 2 and short we call a pass, pass incomplete now 3rd and short and teams no we are going to pass. To much shotun offense dead give away with a qb thats not known for running and not that mobile. Thats why third downs suck, get him under center, not leaving the defense much to think about.

i dont know who sent the tweet, but they were only telling the truth. Herb is a good guy and want to say the right thing to the media, i get that, but if there is one canes player or coach that is not embarrassed buy getting pounded by Duke then they are not right fit for the U, and are a part of the problem. im glad some of the players patients are running thin, now maybe some real changes will be made.

Why aren't gilbert,Mohammad and McCord getting more playing time?they definitely can put pressure on the qb when in there.

In actuality we STILL can win the division. IF we win out, we'd be 5-3, and if VT and Duke do not, they'd be 4-4 in the conference, so we'd sneak in. The kids need to pull together, and I know a lot of it is coaching, but these kids need to reach deep inside, and play like they know they can. BALLS TO DA WALLS, get off the blocks at point of attack and stop these ridiculous long runs.

Virginia in a blowout all over again just like before,this team especially defense has given up.

@Mike, he only brings them in the game to rush another part of the problem, its easy to call against when the offense no whats going o happen.

Getting off the blocks, the guy slants the line towards the strong side every time and the hand off starts strong side veering to the weakside. This has been happening since the UNC game and not one adjustment has been made since that game. Wake Forest just ran a spreaded out form of the same thing. Hell we run in, but against a balance defense, not some lope sided variation of a 3-4 we run. A base 3-4 even across the front would fair much better, not Shayon Green playing outside backer. Better yet go back to a three for and put Chick in the middle with porter and Mccord on the in in rotation with muhammad. Dude Sucks mix up the D, wait coach d is mixed up

Win the division? This team is done.

I had faith in al but not anymore need to bring butch back or go get Winston moss

Southern California has less talent and depth than Miami. They actually had scholarships reduced, their head coach fired, a new defensive coordinator and an interim coach that failed previously. They are winning still, with starters injuried as well. It is failing at Miami, because the head coach is a failure.

No more of this BS golden FIRE YOUR BOY or both of you get out of town.

Golden isn't the problem the attitude of the players is the problem. There is no fire, they are all complacent out there, they are like robots. Our defenses need to be turned loose granted we can give up some big plays , but we can also make big plays and the plays can excite the players. It's the all zone scheme we are playing that is killing us. You're right about looking at the sideline to see if there is a change too much standing around just get after them. No D I'm sorry to say could get out coached by high school coaches in the Miami area. Disgraceful I live in NC and am totally embarassed!



Best coach in football right Zookers??? You self defeating clown

From the outside looking in, you are being too hard on the team. You just don't have the horses. Scheme has nothing to do with it. You don't run a Clydesdale in the Derby and you don't ask a stallion to pull a beer wagon. The talent is just not there. Trust me, NoD would be the DC of the year if he had Sapp, Lewis, Taylor and Reed on the roster. I don't care if you're Vince Lombardi, you need the Jimmy's and Joe's to go with those X's and O's. Look at college geniuses Spurrier and Saban and look at their Golden like results in the NFL when saddled with inferior talent. If Golden and NoD were at Alabama, they would still be #1 with a great D. Even the "greatest coach in the world" got fired in Cleveland before winning 3X Super Bowls with the Patriots. I guess your "scheme" suddenly works when Tom Brady is your QB. You have a tremendous deficit on D and at QB. Morris has happy feet in a collapsing pocket and cannot read a defense to save his life. Two killers for any QB. Think what Coker did with and without talent. He didn't become a horrible coach overnight, the cupboard became bare. Hang with it Hurricanes, the talent has started to return, and so will the wins. You have had a major exodus of NFL talent go to other programs. Talent is everything!! Hard work may beat talent when talent doesn't work hard, but talent will whip your ass when motivated.

This team is an abomination, top to bottom. AG stubbornly continues doing the same thing over and over again, so other teams know what's coming. I have lost complete faith in this coaching staff. They are clueless. Very sad situation that won't get fixed anytime soon. This is Miami Hurricane football?

calvin, you and I have been saying that since the beginning of last year......not know anything about golden I researched all his wins and success at temple.....

his best season was against teams that were either 1-11, 2-10 or close to that range....then you see after 8 years as a head coach he goes 47-48 but most important now he is 11-11 conference......you cant be .500 in conference play and get to any division championship.

al golden is defined as a mediocre coach......his statistic will not deviate much off off its mean....

al golden will not fire dnofrio....it has to come from blake.....but blake is a p''''sy also. watch....nothing will happen.

This team is not coached well enough to be successful. Stop with the excuses, and passing the blame. It was never this bad, during the dynasty era. Al Golden is not dynasty era head coach material. No more excuses for him. He has shown his inability to be successful at beating a more talented team. And his ability to lose to multiple lesser teams, per year.

The offense and qb play has dropped off dramatically since Jedd's departure. The defense is worse than last year with the exception of turnovers. .... coordinators must go. Al you've got a great plan for this program. Don't let your loyalty to your buddy and Pride send you packing too. Jacksonville jags suck. Offer Jedd his job back. Shiano will be job hunting after this season with the Bucs and would make a great DC.

I have not seen such consecutive poor play from the defense as I have in the last 3 games and Duke, of all teams score the way they did. This defense, though not where other U defenses of the past were at, were supposed to be improved. They were like a sieve yesterday and the one in charge, D'onofrio, has to be held accountable. This defense was supposed to be bigger, deeper and stronger than last year's defense and they may be all that, but, you can't use the same schemes at the U that were used at Temple. The players on all the teams are better than Temple could ever think of being. You play off the receivers at the better schools they're going to dink and dunk down the field and wear you out. Other teams tighten up as the game on our offense making it harder for them to move the ball, but, D'onofrio's keeps laying back and laying back until they get worn to the point the other team runs over them regardless of their conditioning. Duke, Va Tech and FSU had the can do, while the U had the maybe. The defense has played itself into relative obscurity again this year where the rest of the team has to play to carry them. The defense is the real weak link on this team again this year even with the additional depth. So the problem does fall back on D'onofrio, as it appears, that he really is the problem.

The players won't speak out, they would never see the field. So just because the players, Last week and this week regurgitate what the coaches tell them to say, doesn't mean they are truly defending the coaches. The actions of the defense on the field are proof they have given up. They can't react like the old defenses, they try to think too much. We have talent, coachable talent, it's just not coached. This is ALL on Golden. He is the coach, IT'S GOLDEN'S FAULT> SAVE THE PROGRAM FIRE GOLDEN

AG is smart, says all the right things, can recruit, appears loyal, etc. That's great. Unfortunately, he is just an average coach that in order to succeed would need to have excellent coordinators, and in his present situation that is not the case. To make matters worse, the AD appears to be just another "yes man." Bad formula.

Blame Golden. How many defensive players has he run off the last year? Gabe Terry. Gionni Paul. Eddie Johnson. Darius Smith

The Jaguar's suck, because the owners kept the worst general manager ever, too long. While constantly blaming everyone but him for the team's failure. Exactly like what has hsppened with Al Golden. He has to go, or the failure will continue.

I said it weeks ago, the ACC is down this year. Duke has proven it. There is enough talent at Miami to win ten plus games. The reason this team is not successful is the head coach has never won when he outcoached another team. He out talents them, only. A good coach is beyond what Al Golden has and will attain.

#golden on the hot seat
#fire D'O
#canes are horrible
#no defense
#cant beat duke

forget all those losers.....go after top DC in both NFL and CFB.....let those guys bring in their people.....the HC position has to be open.....no top DC will make a lateral move......

1. kirby smart - alabama model
2. mike zimmer - bengals DC
3. adam gase - 35 yr old denver bronco OC
4. todd bowles - lets bring him back to miami
5. jon gruden - lets try again
6. mike nolan - atlanta DC

there are people out there.....time to elevate UM and re-brand the WHOLE franchise....


its all there.......if you can coach in buffalo...you can coach in south florida

I call it the D'Nofrio Effect. You can guarantee we'll have to cover 28 points. The task of rebuilding the Canes from this point on is beyond this staffs capacity. Unless Golden brings in Defensive and Offensive Coordinators of pro caliber then this team even with better players will not develop. Golden is better suited as an AD, an administrator. He's into too much non football stuff. This team is toooo soft. Every time they get a good hit they lay around like they hurt. Defensive line just stands up gets no push. Scheme is worst I've ever seen. Its a coaches job to develop players and this team is regressing faster than a crack addict. I know its easy to defend what Golden has done and been through, but you don't wait till the ship runs aground before you realize the Captain can't sail. The U admin, Trustees and Donna Shalala have to do whats best for The U. Allow Golden to sign this class and then bring in professional caliber staff.

Fisch is definitely missed, but there's no way he's coming back to UM. The offensive execution was much better last year. Morris is not considered a threat to run. If he was, they'd be harder to defend. There's no hope for the defense this year, and next year won't be much better. A lot of true freshman are going to have to play on D next year, because many of the upper class players aren't good enough. Virginia had a bye week and will come in ready to win their first ACC game. If Coley and Waters are out next week, Virginia will probably get their first ACC win. Virginia will get plenty of yards and hold the ball a long time during the game.

goldie and d'o lost with a three down linemen NO defense against the run and no pass rush.

Duke won with four down linemen, stopped the Canes and rushed Morris.

Anyone who disagrees with those facts is a friggin moron.
both golden and d'o need to be fired.

In fact, they both need to be investigated by the NCAA because after so many high scoring games against the Canes,
and goldie and d'o sticking to their proven worthless
defensive sets, all I can think about is Bobby Riggs
playing against Billy Jean King and putting all his money
on her to win.

Is that what golden and d'o are doing, betting against the Canes???

I don't understand how we could give Golden an extension and he never accomplished anything more than rs. I wasn't crazy about rs but it looks like a racial situation. Makes no sense. Golden is nothing but a politician. I really think he is a good person but that doesn't win games. He and d'o gotta go.

HEY Zook? Get in here and puke all over yo'self fool.

Even as devout CANES fans, answer me this question. If your son were a 4 or 5 star DT would you want him to be coached by this staff? This Defensive Coordinator? No way all the DT's committed stick. Those really good coaches will simply point out the ineptitude of this staff and it won't be hard to flip any of these commits!

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