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Hurricanes receiver Herb Waters talks to the media, says the blame goes to everyone for loss to Duke

Sophomore receiver Herb Waters caught nine passes from Stephen Morris on Saturday for 116 yards and two touchdowns, including one that went 50 yards in Duke's 48-30 victory.

And Waters played with an injured groin during the game, said UM coach Al Golden. But Waters refused to pin the blame solely on the defense.

"Everybody’s down but we can’t be,'' Waters said Saturday night. "We’ve got plenty more ball to play. So we have to get back on Monday and get back to work.

 "We had a great week in practice. It’s just that we came out and missed some opportunities. Duke capitalized on a lot of opportunities."

 Reporter: "Herb, you’re going to look at the stats eventually and see you had 9 catches for 116 yards, you guys threw for 379 and had 565 yards of total offense and came up 18 points short. How much pressure is that on the offense? Obviously you’re under a lot of pressure to score a lot of points."

Waters: "With those kind of stats you’d probably think we’d overcome that with a victory. But like I said before, we missed out on some opportunities. Duke capitalized on some opportunities. You’ve got to get back to work. I’m pretty sure we’ll go over the film and fix what we messed up on."

 Reporter: "Third downs are a problem again – 5 of 15. Why is everything so good on first and second down but you struggle on third?"

 Waters: "To be honest, I don’t really know. I mean we practiced hard on third downs. We just didn’t execute on some of the plays that Coach [James] Coley called."

 Reporter: "Early in the game it was learned that Maryland beat Virginia Tech. Did you guys know about that?"

Waters:  "Yeah, it got out. I feel like if we wouldn’t have [known], we would have continued to play like how we’re supposed to play. I feel like we knew and some people let down. We’ve just got to get back to work and like we always say, keep everything on the outside and just keep grinding. In my opinion I feel like it would have been better had we had not known. I just feel like – lack of poise. We knew what we had at stake but we didn’t execute it. That’s why I feel like it would have been better if we did not know.’’

 Reporter: "How did you find out about the Virginia Tech game?"

 "To be honest I can’t really remember. I forgot who said what. It just leaked out. It is what is it. It was little by little."

 Reporter: "A couple of your teammates tweeted during the game that this was embarrassing. Would you say this defense is embarrassing for the team?"  Note: Waters was not told that the teammates were Duke Johnson and Phillip Dorsett, both of whom didn't travel with the team because of injuries.

 Waters: “I mean if a couple of teammates tweeted that in the game then I feel like they don’t want it bad enough. If they’re teammates with everybody on the team, no matter what else they’re saying I have faith in all my teammates and everybody. It wasn’t just on the defense, it was on us; it was on special teams. Everybody didn’t come through how they’re supposed to. I give all full credit to Duke. They’re a great team and they just came out and played. They wanted it badly enough.’’






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This team will lose at least 1 more game and struggle in all.

tampa.....that cant happen.....no top guy will want to be first officer....he is gonna want to be captain.....

the only logical way is to sweep the whole staff clean....there are no hurdles, its clear sailing for the right guy.....regressing about playbook strategy is an exercise in fantasy.....who cares?

in any other business.....failure gets fired....just keep it pure and simple....im in the investment world....if a trading desk kept losing clients money year after year for whatever reason...they would be gone.....

perform of hit the bricks....I have idea, watch alec baldwin in glengarry, glen ross....."the leads are weak...no your fu..king weak"

just like that, lol

Jim Levitt, John Lovett, Raheem Morris, Tyrel Austin would all take the 500k noD is making!

Move Hurley to db coach, bring back Petri or Kevin Patrick in.

Hire Telly Lockett as the rb coach to replace Hurley!

I am the biggest cane homer in the world bigger than Don bailey but when u hang 562 in total offense u need to find a way to get out of Durham with the w , we were exposed for the defensive fraud that we are as the level of competition heated up we cannot get to the qb or at least some heat our early year sack totals were also a fraud against poor o lines coleys play calling continuous to be a mystery as the rollout bootleg to the tightend has not been stopped all year and we ran it only twice both for Gaines of over 15 yes we lost firepower with the injuries but Dallas has been great bottom line is the great teams get to the qb so corners are not on a island until that happens offensive coordinators lick their chops when they watch us on tape 350 on the ground against a team that has not run against anyone sapp brown and Maryland are the only answers

Pat Hayden, AD at USC, met the airplane and fired their coach then and there a few weeks ago. Since then, USC is 5-1.

So, why hasn't Miami's AD met the plane and fired golden and d'o? The first step in correcting a mistake is to admit you made one. Then, fire golden and d'o and replace them with the OC.

Yo cane trash

Yo time to update my Golden Retriever Challenge

For U chUmps that don't know I threw the Challenge before the season began, looking at the piss poor schedule. I said at the time that 2 losses is the most that would be acceptable this year.
U dUmmies already have 3, so the Golden Retriever has failed the challenge.
Lots of you ladies predicted zero losses, some one and some 2 . I am on record with 4 losses and it's looking good so far.

Yo doUches it is not hard to see this Golden Retriever can't help who he is, very average.
Tone down Ur expectations and U will be fine. U have been mediocre for a decade so why change now?
Unranked, yet again.
Irrelevant, yet again
No trip to Charlotte, yet again
No BCS bowl game, yet again

U r what U r
a bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

WELL WELL WELL...... DUKE huh, I don't care about all this lip service and spin people are trying to put on this loss to make it seem like part of the rebuilding process. HERES THE RESULT. The Canes got beat by the BETTER team yesterday. Granted it was DUKE. This team sucks, Golden, Coley, and most of all Mark D. Mark's defenses are so bad it makes me sick. Watching the Canes defense (except FLA. game) makes me sick. Every team we play looks great on offense, why? We play in the ACC fellas, THE ACC. They are not that good, and we can't poor piss out of a boot. There's your great coach Al Golden
I for one will not donate, or ask my company to donate to the canes anymore until changes are made. For one ALL players should not be doing interviews on T V or news papers. Saben won't allow his players to be sucked into that kind of crap. You can call me a hater if you want. however, this hater hates loosing TO DUKE. Miami couldn't win conference USA. They flat out suck. THEY WILL loose to UVA, and maybe Pitt as well. Keep SUCKING on AL, what an idiot

Kids don't look at things the way fans do when it comes to picking schools. UM will not lose many commits. These kids want to get on the field and they see an opportunity at UM. Why else did Shannon get such a highly ranked class after going 5-7 and playing one of the worst games in UM history, the last game at the OB against Virginia. That game was an all-time stinker.

the offense really played to dukes strngth.....dukes secondary (freshman) if you can believe that were good.....but our offensive line had a 40 plus lb pound advantage per player vs dukes D line.....

UM could have run the whole time with rotating backs...duke could not stop UM.....

looking at the stats now......man it is awful, 358 duke yards rushing with 5 TD's..wow.....I like that kid brandon connette.....duke brought him in 13 times on 3rd down......AND UM STILL COULDN'T STOP HIM....

I guess the only way to stop him would have to lent UM dukes playbook for 3rd down...but then again that would probably be a 50/50 proposition


Why do the reporters ask the kids the tough questions??? They are easy on the impotent coaching staff. Ask Golden to elaborate on his process then we will find out that he doesn't really have one. Fire both coordinators. They will keep Golden because he saw them through the NCAA storm.

Bad coaches can lose games with good players. Good coaches can't win games with bad players.

Looking at our defensive starters, the lack of talent or lack of experience becomes obvious. Of the 17 defensive players listed on the depth chart for the Duke game as either starters or co-starters, only 4 (or 24%) were 4-star recruits or better. OF those 4, only 1 (Chickillo) is an upperclassman. Taking a look at a few of the lesser-rated recruits and who offered them scholarships:

Jimmy Gaines - Miami, Buffalo, UCONN, Syracuse

A.J. Highsmith - Miami, Boston College

Shayon Green - Miami, Auburn, Kent State, Ole Miss, Purdue, USF, UCF

Olsen Pierre - Miami, Temple

Antonio Crawford - Miami, Ball State, Bowling Green, FIU, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Ohio, South Alabama

Ladarius Gunter - Miami, Indiana, North Texas

Rayshawn Jenkins - Miami, Alabama, Cincinnati, UCONN, Florida A&M, Iowa State, USF

While disappointed in the team's performance, I firmly believe the problem is not coaching but recruiting, which has been hampered by the NCAA investigation. The incoming class (2014) is an improvement. By the 2015 class, we better be competing against the major programs for top talent AND winning those recruits. If not, Golden is not the answer and we should cut ties. Also, Coley should add considerably to our recruiting efforts by the 2015 class.

Keep the faith and have patience I say!

Canetrash spew all you want dude, lol. Point is we BEAT you, and you're WORSE than we are, and you're BUMS, so to call us losers, is to call your Gators bottom of the barrel BUMS!!!!

This years Heisman voting.

1. Winston
2. Manziel
3. Whoever last played against the UM defense.

duke takes coastal and will play fsu for championship.....it will be a Cinderella game.....david vs Goliath......all rooting for duke

with campanero out at wake.....nothing will stand in dukes way.......this was UM's year....bigger, more mature with experience and lowly duke takes coastal.....this must be a nightmare.....

lol...canemutiny "whoever played against UM defense"...thats classic

Thank you David Lake! Here's what he said:

It’s time for some changes to happen on defense.

Miami’s defense has run Mark D’Onofrio’s scheme for three years now.UM has had three years to put the players in place to run his system. D’Onofrio has had three season to coach the players to run his system. Its been three years of mediocre to poor performances on the field.

It’s not working.The philosophy that is trying to be instilled with Miami’s defense under the leadership of Al Golden and D’Onofrio is not Hurricanes football.For the last three years, Miami has put a bend but don’t break system in place. This Miami defense is taught to play it safe. They’d rather let a team dink and dunk its way down the field rather than play an aggressive style and potentially give up a big play.

Miami needs to get back to an attacking style of play. The Hurricanes should be dictating the play rather than reacting. Miami’s defense does not put their players in positions to make plays.

A UM defensive line needs to blast through blocks, not hold the point of attack. Miami linebackers should be allowed to attack rather than drop back into zones. Miami’s defensive backs should be running bump and run coverage rather than soft man or zone coverages.The signs were there that the defense was broken even during Miami’s 7-0 start. North Carolina was the first team to expose Miami’s soft pass coverage as UNC tight end Eric Ebron shredded the Hurricanes for 199 yards and one touchdown. The Tar Heels passed for 395 yards as Miami narrowly won.

The following week, Wake Forest took advantage of Miami’s soft coverages with a quick passing game. Wide receiver Michael Campanaro caught ten passes for 88 yards and one touchdown. Wake Forest quarterback Tanner Price threw for 302 yards as the Hurricanes narrowly came out with a victory again.

The next two games were against Florida State and Virginia Tech--two teams with better (Florida State) or equal (Virginia Tech) talent. Both the Seminoles and Hokies did whatever they wanted against Miami’s soft zone passing defense as they both threw for over 300 yards and scored more than 40 points.

Then against Duke, the soft mentality finally crept into Miami’s run defense. The Hurricanes were pounded by a Blue Devils team that was not nearly as talented as UM as Duke rushed for 358 yards and five touchdowns. Miami had missed tackles all over the field and players were out of position often.

Miami’s talent is not where it needs to be, but the Hurricanes still have enough talent to beat a team like Duke. The loss to the Blue Devils should serve as a signal to Golden that changes need to be made. True leadership requires tough decisions. D’Onofrio is Golden’s best friend, but he’s not the best fit for UM’s defensive coordinator position.

After three years of the same mediocrity on defense, a change needs to happen. Let’s hope Golden and the UM administration have the vision to make the necessary change. D’Onofrio is not working out as UM’s defensive coordinator. Golden can't let loyalty be a detriment to building something great at Miami.

Manny Navarro!!
All you clowns in the media advising fans to give this team and coaching staff a break. Well, defensively, do you not believe it's time for Golden to really consider a change? Don't try to sell fans that the talent and recruiting is this bad. We need look no further than those coaching our defensive football team. They are not meeting expectations! End of Story! This defensive staff is not even close to anything we've had in Coral Gables before. Manny, explain to readers again why D'Onofrio should keep his job.

good article.....but, it will not happen......golden will not fire dnofrio.....you will see. the magic question is...who would golden get to replace dnofrio?

who is available that is any good?......any DC rising star wants the HC job.....he aint gonna switch to another DC position.....he would just stay where he is and ask for more money if that was the case....

you have to replace golden to get what you need at the defensive spot

Spin it however you want. Yesterday was a look into the future. Championships are paid for with blood sweet and tears. No feel good (bedtime) stories. Just a lot of pain and hard work. Drop a pass run a mile, fumble the ball run a mile, screw up what so ever, run a mile. Jimmy Johnson knew what he was doing and didn't care if his players didn't like. Not so w/ AL Golden. All I hear him say is the same thing over and over. We got to fix this, fix that. WELL fix the damn thing Al enough already.

Great post!! well said

I'm just being the same guy every day!

Sad for me to say, Golden and his staff are the problem. They are way over their heads. They are unable to motivate players at a high level.

The defense is one of the worst in the country, and the DC is toxic. The "process" is intellectual BS and a kid that shows some defiance and individuality who may need guidance will be kicked out. Attention to detail kills the spirit if detail is all you are selling.

Golden is a good recruiter and a man of character. But he will never take the Canes to high levels.

Some of the playing calling (running Morris on 4th down - WTF!) by the OC is nuts. When the intermediate passing game was working, Coley stops calling it. Panicked coaching. No confidence in your game plan.

If USC doesn't want him, hire Ed Orgeron as coach or at least DC. Find Butch Davis. UM needs a major change.
If the last three weeks and the painful demoralization of our team doesn't clearly say it, then many of us must be blind.

D'Onofrio is in the press box because he can't connect with his players. He is a rigid idiot. The players performance reflects poor coaching by guys whose model is JoePa teams of yesteryear. After all, they beat us in the Fiesta Bowl back in the day, so it must work, right?

I felt sorry for our D Line getting hammered throughout the game. In Duke's first series, they shredded us. Great game plan. I believe we never blitzed. Astounding! D'Onfrio is truly clueless` and stubborn and not too bright, a fatal combination. He doesn't learn from experience.

Time for these coaches to go. Enough, and thank you Golden for sticking with us through tough times, and for your integrity. But you ain't got it at this level.
You are rigid, unforgiving and blaming of players, when you ought to be looking in the mirror and questioning your beliefs about how to coach the Miami Hurricanes..

This entire Sha-la-la organization reminds me of the Obama admin: No one is to blame, take responsibility, or get fired.

This isn't coaching or talent.

This is mental.

Posted by: StormsCominBitches | November 17, 2013 at 06:49 AM

Huh??? It has obviously become mental for U.

Who is responsible for the mentality of the team?

BTW, why are U posting here? U gave yourself an ultimatum that if Duke won yesterday's game--you wouldn't post here anymore. Correct?

Well its time to be a man of your word.

I doubt U will, since U tirelessly defend men who also do not (Al Golden).

This humiliating loss is all on the defense. I would assume that Golden knows that but won't embarrass his defensive co-ordinator in public as they worked together @ Temple. If he swelled his ego, he should bring back Randy Shannon who'll probably gladly accept the challenge. The issue is I don't know if the chemistry would work.
The offense played well enough to win & I'm not a fan of the QBack. I like the back up better.
Golden has best address this issue before next season or the statute of limitations will run out for him. There's no way that Miami has more talent on their team than Duke has.

First of all, I would like to say, I am not in the position to tell the President and AD who to fire or hire. Secondly, I am blind to what this defensive scheme is trying to accomplish on the field with the same personnel. As a fan and season ticket holder, it appears that someone is watching the wrong film in preparing for the game. The blame starts with the head coach...not his assistants. Let me explain further!

It appears everyone is missing the big picture here. Al Golden was brought up as a defensive coach, and this scheme has his full approval. By blaming his DC, Al Golden will be pointing the finger at himself. Al Golden and DC were trained by AL Grohe, and they have full confidence that this scheme works...just don't have the football players. Therefore, they are asking U fans across the nation to have patients.

I concur with the individual above who stated that this coaching staff threw the defensive players under the bus by saying they lack talent and experience. Now, the majority of these players were recruited by this staff too. The entire defensive coaching staff need to look in the mirror, because no one have suggested to make adjustments. Stop interviewing the players, and let us here from the other coaches.

The D-line coach, LB coach, and secondary coach need to be accountable too. Why? We have some excellent recruits coming here next year, and every coach need to be seriously evaluated prior to spring practice. I do not want to hear that we are playing with a lot of young players again. Too many excuses over the past 3 years, but I never heard the coaches say they had to change their system to match what the players can do.

Chic and Green are not DE with that added weight. Muhammad and Tyriq should play on first down too. Why? They both have the speed to cover the screens and run down the back from the back side. The back-up FB (#44) should never to put on offense. He's is a traditional U LB with speed, and would be able to cover too.

Basically, just evaluate your players...and play the best 22. I bet some of your backups on OL are better than the existing DL. Warren Sapp came to the U as a TE, but the coaches put him at DL. Sean Taylor came as a RB, but the coaches put him at Safety. It appears we are loaded at WR...can any play man-to-man...because they are used to playing the ball in the air. Furthermore, a lot of players played both ways in high school too.

What I am asking for is that this coaching staff...coach what you have...not what you don't have!

For all of you mental midgets who believe the problem is the players, or not knowing d'o system, or this is a rebuilding program, or any other moron excuse, let me explain the reason the Canes are losing from a logical, mathematical standpoint.

d'o and goldie have THREE defensive linemen trying to stop 6 big offensive linemen plus a ball carrier. D'o and goldie have Cane LBs 5 yards off of the line of scrimmage which means they are not involved in the play for the first few yards that the Cane def. linemen are pushed back with all of the momentum (F = M x A ) driving the whole pile into Cane territory for 8 yard gains with inside runs.

As to runs outside the ends, a small corner back can NOT take on a blocker and a ball carrier. So, end runs by other offenses pick up another 8 to 10 yards because d'o and golden are too stupid to have a four down def. linemen with the Cane DEs outside the box on the outside shoulder of the TE or tackle.

Only a big DE can stop an end run.

Then, there is the d'o NO pass rush. Three down def. Cane linemen can NOT effectively rush against 6 offensive blockers and an elusive passer.

It is a numbers game. goldie and d'o have 8 DBs guarding empty pastureland in their NO pass coverage zone NO defense instead of having four down Cane def. linemen plus at least one middle LB still leaving 6 DBs, four of whom can play man to man in short passing with 2 free safeties taking longer routes. Piece of cake.

but golden and d'o are not only arrogant, they are stupid, so stupid they do not even know they are stupid.


Randy Shannon? Would you go work at a place you were fired from? For the dude who replaced you?

The U is not tough enough. The only way they make a change is if no one goes to the games. It is always about money. The fans need to go on Strike, we should ban on going to any games at all until changes are made. Hit them where it will hurt, and that is $$$$$$$.

I don't understand how we could give Golden an extension and he never accomplished anything more than rs. I wasn't crazy about rs but it looks like a racial situation. Makes no sense. Golden is nothing but a politician. I really think he is a good person but that doesn't win games. He and d'o gotta go.

Posted by: That Guy | November 17, 2013 at 09:21 AM


Of course i can't say this because many know that I'm black--I commend your ability and will to speak the truth!

I would just add that there's no proof that Al Golden is a good person (I keep reading posts prefaced and concluded with this statement as if its fact).

FACT: Al Golden had his agent parlay the NCAA *investigation* and *allegations* into a raise, extension (job security) and no performance appraisals.

Now what real good person would do that? Is that the behavior of a good person or opportunist?

Some may say that its ok that he did that and thats fine with me, but to go even further and call him "loyal" when he made sure that he was paid for his loyalty and tied the administrations hands in a long contract is straight up lunacy!

Dudes feel so indebted to Golden...for what?

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane | November 17, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Good post RHC (are U in Richmond Heights Ohio?), but have to disagree with your first paragraph. If U are a paying consumer and especially a season ticket holder--U definitely have right and are in the position to express your opinion about the product they are providing and that U are purchasing.

Losing to Duke kills the talent argument. We have more talent than Duke. It's the coaching! This season is now an absolute failure, missing acc championship and losing to Duke is unforgivable.

I'm waiting to see what Golden does about Dino. If he keeps that dude then I want Golden out.

Would a person with sincerity and integrity within them ask for more money before they've showed/proved their level of acumen and prowess in their new role?

Agreed Canesjunkie! You might get away with the talent excuse against FSU and VT, but never DUKE!!
D'No must go!

1- no depth
2- injured QB
Sounds familiar

Charlie Strong would be the best Golden replacement.
Organized, professional, and understands Florida.

Bloggers conveniently continue to distance Golden from D'No and *their* defense.

Golden said (twice twice this week) that this defense is his defense not just D'No's, so if U are clamoring for D'No to go because of his defense, Al Golden says that U are also clamoring for him to go. Listen to the Joe Rose interviews.

This is Al Golden's defense, he said that whatever we see on the field--has had the Golden stamp of approval.

Al Golden has expressed where his loyalty lies. Whats wrong with Us?

We are behaving like jilted and obsessed boyfriends.

Some of Us fans and the UM administration have created two monsters.

And if either is forced out--they are gonna go out swinging because they now feel entitled. They're going throw this program so far under the bus, dudes are gonna regret what the keep typing in regards to their great personalities.

I say Winston Moss or Butch Davis. No way that we don't run and stop the run with those two, after those two aspects are solidified, then South Floridian raw talent and skill will rule college football again!

How could you not distance yourself from Golden?

I don't know how you guys do it, but I pick a target and if it gets hit, good. Miss, not good. ACC Championship game missed, that's it, you must go.

The dislike of Randy Shannon was in reverse proportions of the constant excuses made for Al Golden. Nor was the rapid acceptance, in proportion to the amount of Al Golden's success. The debt to Al Golden is make out as much greater than the amount of debt to Randy Shannon. That does not increase the result provided by Al Golden and so he should resign. If the statement, as fact, that he is a man of integrity were true. But that is not true and he is, in fact, a very inferior coach.

Golden isn't the problem the attitude of the players is the problem. There is no fire, they are all complacent out there, they are like robots. Our defenses need to be turned loose granted we can give up some big plays , but we can also make big plays and the plays can excite the players. It's the all zone scheme we are playing that is killing us. You're right about looking at the sideline to see if there is a change too much standing around just get after them. No D I'm sorry to say could get out coached by high school coaches in the Miami area. Disgraceful I live in NC and am totally embarassed!

Posted by: EXcane3 | November 17, 2013 at 08:39 AM


it sounds like its the coaches not the players if a high school coach can come in a do a better job. lets stop blaming the players, lets blame the million dollar coaches from this point on...or at least 90% of the blame.

Dude, there's no debt to anyone or loyalty. This is not a family....see Randy Shannon.

Zak no doubt this is AG's and NoD's defense and I called it before he said it on the radio.

If one has time you can go back and look at old UVA games when AG was the dco under groh and when they were at temple! It's the same then as it is now.

Just look back to the 2-3 years Groh was the dco at gtech and that's what the Mac staff's vision for defense is at UM.

Herb, unfortunately you do not play defense, if the defense had half your and desire there would only be 1 loose on the Hurricane record. I am as big a Hurricane supporter and fan as there is, but something has to be done with the defense. On defense it looked like Duke was playing against the WW2 leg amputees, sorry about the slam regarding our honored veterans, but it looked like they were playing on one leg. It will not surprise me when Shalalalala goes to Golden and gives him the same talk she gave Coker after the LSU bowl game loose, either you go or your coaches go. I just hope we get a good showing for senior day, they have been through a lot and deserve a large crowd.
GO CANES!!!!!!

calvin, you and I have been saying that since the beginning of last year......not know anything about golden I researched all his wins and success at temple.....

his best season was against teams that were either 1-11, 2-10 or close to that range....then you see after 8 years as a head coach he goes 47-48 but most important now he is 11-11 conference......you cant be .500 in conference play and get to any division championship.

al golden is defined as a mediocre coach......his statistic will not deviate much off off its mean....

al golden will not fire dnofrio....it has to come from blake.....but blake is a p''''sy also. watch....nothing will happen.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 17, 2013 at 08:50 AM

No doubt man, we know UM football and fake hypocrites like goldie when we see them, when he came in reciting all that UM history and begging the old Canes to comeback, i'm being Truthful, he lost me than.

But i was just laughing at the best part of yesterday's game, seeing our boy rashawn scott all of a sudden get some burn, when desparation sets in, "core values" disappear. I'm real sure yesterday if he could've called thomas finne, eddie johnson, gionni paul to meet him and halftime to suit up he would've, came back to haunt em yesterday for sure.

charlie strong is very interesting......but his buyout is 5 million.....with that kind of money it opens up tremendous NFL possibilities also....

kirby smart is at 1.2....he would be the better target...

Ever notice the Canes have a great week of practice every week and then go out and stink the place up. After almost 55 years of Hurricanes football as both fan and alumnus I did something yesterday I never dreamed I'd do, turned off the Canes in the 3rd quarter and didn't even know the score until Sun. I feel strongly that Golden is shielding D'Onofrio which would knowingly on his part let us lose to shield his buddy. If D'Onofrio was any kind of man he would be anxious to resign to support his buddy. Their is something really rotten in Denmark going on here. Time for both Golden and D'Onofrio to go. These guys are an embarrassment for the "U." If D'Ofrio is their next and I'm still around I will not watch any Hurricanes games.

First: I want to congratulate DU, because they played a good game offensively. They did not give up and felt from jump street that they had what it took in smarts and playing style to beat UM.

We can't keep giving up 550 yards a game and expect to win. Sadly, I heard Kirk Herbsteit on ESPN say that UM's players have given up a long time ago. KH said the coaches had thrown in the towel. Well U know what: When U look at how DU ran, especially No. 18, U can see that DU ran through the UM DL like it wasn't there. We are too far off the man in the secondary. It's like we're giving seven yards, which offenses take advantage of upon releasing from the yard of scrimmage. Forget tackling, we are not lining up like we want to play. On that 4th and 1 in the $Q. they ran right up the middle. No LB help. No SS help. Nothing

SM might be the best long ball thrower in college football. But forget the short stuff ann ball control and time of possession and game management. U see, that where the usage of the TE and FB come into play. That's coaching.

Although Coley can return kicks, get that guy off of special teams. Go and get a return specialist or put a DB back there returning kicks. Or put a non-used RB back there.

The D showed no planning, no schemes, no disguises, just nothing. I've seen poor defensive approaches in my life, but the effort against DU takes the cake.

It's time for the DC, the HC and unless the OC turns the pages very fast, then get rid of him too.

I ask U: has UM football ever been this lethargic?

Nash, U are a very intelligent man.

Like Nas said, "Mastermind/Sees it coming before it comes/Mastermind/before he go to war he count his ones/Mastermind/everything planned out perfect/especially if somebody gotta get murdered/Mastermind/sleeps at might real easy/cuz everything he does is by the books/Mastermind/never does a thing irrational/lives forever these tales are classical.

And when we had the ball on 3rd and short, we punted. That was the 4th Q. That told me that the HC had no confidence in the D. JJ would have taken a chance and got that 1st down. I saw it a thousands times with JJ.

Something is off track at UM football.

Dear Bobby Petrino, Mike Martz, Greg Schiano, Heck, I'd even consider Lane Kiffin, give him a chance.

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