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VIDEO: Canes recap FSU, look ahead to Virginia Tech (Highsmith, Howard, Hurns, Feliciano, Golden)


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You lose to VaTech or Duke or Pitt and it's the same as last year even if your record is slightly better.
Better win out the rest of the way.
Still sUcks to be U. They know it in Taiwan. They know it in Vegas. About time you found out.

Only three more days until dno improves Logan Thomas's draft status lol.. If we come out in the soft zone and vt moves up and down the field on us again are we going to say it was lack of talent and depth?

All I ask to see in this game is a couple 3 and outs in the first half. It's been so long since an opponent had a 3 and out to open a game it would be a nice change

Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 06, 2013 at 09:36 AM

Not that serious. My life is great and I'm still behind []_[].
By the tone of your post and participation on a team blog of which you are not a fan, it seems you having little else going on in your life. That's sad.

Every game still matters. Go Canes, beat VT.

"every game still matters"

duhhhhh, what a revelation

"Only three more days until dno improves Logan Thomas's draft status"

now that is an intelligent statement
sorry jsy now you will be attacked since I agreed with you
bunch of fascist losers

how does it matter? if you cant beat your in-state rival and claim the state championship in a year where you have all the pieces falling into place with experience and size.....how in the world will the future be better?

fsu is playing basically jr/soph.....maybe waiting for winston the get hit by a bus is one way.....Um is gonna need a game changer and that has to be a drastic chance in coaches to reverse fsu momentum....a playbook that is inovative and a coach that can change this enviroment.....

"keep doing what your doing, and you'll keep getting what your getting"

coastal division title maybe all that is required...

"Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 06, 2013 at 09:36 AM"

Gatr Trash, that was last weeks post. Need new material. Better yet, let's see the Vandy Commodes beatdown that crap team from Trailerville. And then you can say how "tough" the SEC is. Maybe playing 3 teams in the SEC is tough.


Next year, Murphy and Driskel are back for the Gatr Trash. Let the good times roll, Gatr maggots.

Sucks to invest millions in a crap foosball team. What is the ROI? Negative?

Next time the Gatr Trash plays a meaningful game will be in 2015. Till then, shut the phuk up, trailer donkesy.

Yep listen to Gallo everyone. What a dope. Nothing to play for, and no future? How stupid r u? Let's see since we've joined the ACC, we've done absolutely NOTHING, and are in line to win our division for the FIRST time, and a rematch with FSU, and go to a MAJOR bowl, so yeah what is the future worth playing for. You're right Gallo, why even play the game? Jeez show some intelligence please.

if you think morris su'''ck, he is still 1000 times better than williams and olsen.....

winston vs williams - 2014 / UM loses
winston vs olsen - 2015 / UM loses

unknown UM freshman vs winston - possibly....teddy bridgewater type....sure......

the talent is here next year....johnson/crawford/bunch/feliciano/flowers/isadora/walford/sandland/dorsett/scott/waters/chickillo/pierre/hamilton/mccord/grimble/muhammad/ambrister/perryman/kirby/terry/figueroa/gunter/jenkins/crawford and goudis

it has never been about the talen even with shannon.....the talent WAS ALWAYS here.....

hypotetical...hand both these returning and recruits left by shannon the jimbo fisher and kirby smart....tell me where UM would be right now?

FYI - top 3

hummmmmmmmmm losing bowl game on national tv...TWICE should help in recruiting the state of Florida....

"look UM cant beat us and we are inches from a national championship.....come to fsu and be apart of it....for the rest of your life you can say you won a national championship, why gamble 4 years of your life at UM?"

we sell out all our games with a brand new on-campus stadium.....

Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 06, 2013 at 10:00 AM

U speak of intelligence? What are you doing here? What is your purpose? I'm a fan who came to make a statement about my team. I don't need to be here and likely wont post again till next week. You should get a life. I would never dream of posting anything on another team's blog. Pathetic. And you speak of intelligence.

Now Gallo's TRUE stupidity comes out. Yeah FSU has had ALL you've said before, and it's NEVER stopped us from recruiting big, we won 5 titles with them and UF in the same state.

Recruits KNOW that we're a PIPELINE to the NFL even on a down year, and also being part of a resurgence and putting a team back in the spotlight also means a lot.

Why gamble 4 years of your life at UM? Well just look to the NFL and see you numbskull, and oh by the way, if you aspire to be something other than an NFL'er, you're also getting a WORLD CLASS education.

Something that Gallo is SORELY lacking. Neeext

Yeah that was poor grammer i must admit. Its still funny that there were some other things i wrote that im sure you have no apptitude to talk about. No excuses

UM is not a pipeline to NFL.....what planet have you been on the last 13 years....unless you count micnaor regis, lamar miller, oliver vernon, sean spence and tommy streeter.....who I might add were shannon recruits.....

I dont think that qualifies as a "pipeline"

the last 1st rounder was 5 years ago with kenny phillips (only 1)......

UM has done nothing since 2004 in the draft....

Gallo with EVERY post you just show your intellect and it gets worse and worse. Just Google how many NFL'ers the Canes have, and it doesn't matter if they were Shannon recruits, what does that have to do with anything? They're Canes, and even a few years ago at 7-6 we still had 13 guys go to the pro's. EVERY year we send guys, even if not 1st rounders, and they make an impact on their teams, like Mike James the other day racking up a 150 yds for Tampa Bay. You better do some more research.

11 not 13 my bad

look....all those numbers are skewed with years prior to 2004.....you better do some research....

UM has done nothing since 2004 with only 1 1st rounder....the program today is not a pipeline to nfl

Truth Hurts? Tyler Murphy out for year? Yep, throw another log on the burning dumpster fire that is UFraud football.

Strap it on, Gatr maggots. It's going to be a loooooong couple of years. We will talk in 2016 as you watch the Canes rise to glory and you slimy trailer donkeys wallow in your cesspool of a campus.


Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 06, 2013 at 10:04 AM

Relax. A lot to play for. We've had better teams lose to less talents teams in our heyday. 2003 for example. Far more devastating loss but the state our team was better. We should focus on our team and building.

Gallo since you like lists, here you go, from 2004 to present. Yeah we're not a pipeline at all, and AGAIN, not talking about 1st rounders, I'm talking ANY round. This list tells the rd and number in draft and team.

2012 (6)
Vernon, Olivier - DE 3 (72) Miami
Spence, Sean - LB 3 (86) Pittsburgh
Miller, Lamar - RB 4 (97) Miami
Benjamin, Travis - WR 4 (100) Cleveland
Streeter, Tommy - WR 6 (198) Baltimore
Washington, Brandon - OG 6 (200) Philadelphia
2011 (8)
Franklin, Orlando - OG 2 (46) Denver
Harris, Brandon - CB 2 (60) Houston
Hankerson, Leonard - WR 3 (79) Redskins
Van Dyke, DeMarcus - CB 3 (81) Oakland
Bailey, Allen - DE 3 (86) Kansas City
McCarthy, Colin - LB 4 (109) Tennessee
Gordon, Richard - TE 6 (181) Oakland
Bosher, Matt - P/K 6 (192) Atlanta
2010 (4)
Graham, Jimmy-TE 3 (95) New Orleans
Sharpton, Darryl-LB 4 (102) Houston
Jason Fox-OT 4 (128) Detroit
Dedrick Epps-TE 7 (235) San Diego
2009 (1)
Adkins, Spencer-LB 6 (176) Atlanta
2008 (3)
Phillps, Kenny-S 1 (31) N.Y. Giants
Campbell, Calais-DE 2 (50) Arizona
Gooden, Tavares-LB 3 (71) Baltimore
2007 (5)
Meriweather, Brandon-S 1 (24) New England
Beason, Jon-LB 1 (25) Carolina
Olsen, Greg-TE 1 (31) Chicago
Atkins, Baraka-DE 4 (121) Seattle
Brown, Kareem-DT 4 (127) New England
2006 (9)
Jennings, Kelly-CB 1 (31) Seattle
McIntosh, Rocky-LB 2 (35) Washington
Moss, Sinorice-WR 2 (44) N.Y. Giants
Hester, Devin-CB/KR 2 (57) Chicago
Winston, Eric-OT 3 (66) Houston
Butler, Rashad-OT 3 (89) Carolina
Williams, Leon-LB 4 (110) Cleveland
Harris, Orien-DT 4 (133) Pittsburgh
Maxey, Marcus-CB 5 (154) Kansas City
2005 (5)
Rolle, Antrel-CB 1 (8) Arizona
Parrish, Roscoe-WR 2 (55) Buffalo
Gore, Frank-RB 3 (65) San Francisco
Everett, Kevin-TE 3 (86) Buffalo
Myers, Chris-OL 6 (200) Denver
2004 (9)
Taylor, Sean-S 1 (5) Washington
Winslow, Kellen-TE 1 (6) Cleveland
Vilma, Jonathan-LB 1 (12) N.Y. Jets
Williams, D.J.-LB 1 (17) Denver
Carey, Vernon-OL 1 (19) Miami
Wilfork, Vince-DT 1 (21) New England
McClover, Darrell-LB 7 (213) N.Y. Jets
Marshall, Alfonso-DB 7 (215) Chicago
Joseph, Carlos-OL

Your welfare check arrived, go to the corner get a 40 and to the backyard and teach your chickens to play man to man.

Your mom just came back from the store with your favorite, Captain Crunch.

Time to put down the keyboards.

I agree with cola Kane we lost let's move on Virginia Tech is coming in to town...they're going to be ready to win we need to be ready to win more

Even though the U has been down and hasn't any first rounders and a while, it has still managed to produce two current starting NFL running backs (Miller and James),by far the best TE in the NFL (Graham), and numerous other starters. They had 8 players selected in the 2011 draft with many of them currently enjoying successful careers. They had 6 players drafted in 2012. Even in the worst of times, Miami still produces NFL players.

Great list Cola Cane

Counted 12 pro bowlers in that list.
Gallo's tears are streaming into his Captain Crunch.

Yeah Sunny my list doesn't include free agent signings like James, and he is having a great yr with TBay.

Has anyone seen gallos " Golden casualty list" with the gators at the bottom? Been searching the net and they seemed to have disappeared after the gator game.
Also nice list for gallo cola!

yes so does Boston college and ND....who cares, its all about first rounders.....

the team is measured by first round picks....

since 2000:

#1 - Penn state
#2 - California
#3 - Wisconsin
#4 - Georgia
#5 - Tennessee
#6 - Oklahoma
#7 - LSU

Please UM is totally irrelevant now as a pipeline to nfl....have more koolaid

Dudes on here looking up *post-game* bulletin board material of another sort, in positive reinforcements from our rivals. Now how Penn State is that???

Joyner is getting congratulated and called classy after trying to decapitate our players. Thirsty for any semblance of hope following that rout. Stooping very low now.

Well well...Lamarcus said we did good!

Pull those skirts down and Cane Up for once!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 05, 2013 at 08:30 PM

Rofl, these guys are pathetic and would get slapped by every UM team from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's for saying green stuff like they've been saying.

41 to 14 and they quoting a guy from the other team who of course would say that for fun. We got guys/gals who claiming to be UM fans running around basically braggin to clemson like "Ah ha our 41 to 14 loss was tougher than your 51 to 14 loss, why, because lamarcus joyner said so.

Just plain stupid and sickening, but you gotta laugh at these new breeds!

bottom line is what is your point?

UM will not win ACC or play for a NC while golden/dnofrio are still here....FSU takes it all the way until winston graduates....here have more kool aid or take another hit off your bong in the dorms....

nail bitters against scrub teams and a smack down that covered a historical top 5 team 21 point spread by an state rival with a whole section of recruits in the stands....

what in the world is there to look forward too?

Gallo, I normally don't get into it with you because I know you are just trying to inflame everyone on here, but that is the dumbest list you have posted yet. Only two of those teams on your list have won national championships and many of those teams been as mediocre you claim the Canes have been. Tennessee????

whats better....coley running into the texas tunnel with his six shooters or freeman holding "U" sign right at the face masks of our defense and then right in front of our coaches....

please vote, lol.....I saved game on TV..watched it again last night late.....its worse after you see it again right after morris gets that intentional grounding call...beginning of 3rd


1. hill running into tunnel
2. the coin toss with highsmith
3. freeman holding U sign
4. chickillo fighting on the ground as defense watches
5. morris telling jokes on sideline

jsy, what-up man, we just glad to see someone else with real UM common sense and life common sense fighting the good fight besides us, these other guys are goldie lickers.

You have more patience than me, i knew thee 500 club wasn't going to work out here after the first game he coached here. When i saw the turtles running widereceiver screen after widereceiver screen and he still had our db's playing 10 yards off the whole game and not only were they 10 yards off, they were taking bailing back even further before the ball was hiked, i knew than, these guys don't belong here, and they're liars.

Came in with all the coach speak, goldie and thee 500 club saying "think players not plays" Than why are our d-tackles who were recruited to be 1-technique d-linemen being asked to be 2-technique d-linemen, and than people keep wondering where all the d-linemen are going recruiting wise. Than goldie came in reciting the whole UM history book, ok, now what are we going to do on the field, are we going to play like the teams of the history you just recited, the answer as of right now is, Hell NO we haven't.

The sad part is, even against the weaker teams we play the same defense. The 500 club doesn't even try and see where he has the mismatches at. The ideal defense is to have at least 2 cover/man to man corners, than you can use the other 9 guys to dominate whatever's left.

What we do is, have our 2 safeties playing deep, than we have our db's getting a head start to catch up to the safeties, and the fact that 2 of the linebackers are spread out, that leaves only 5 players to cover the line of scrimmage and this why gumbo fisher called that screen.

P.S. beware, there are some in here who will try and argue with you about the defense wasn't 117th it was 116th. Although i think even they have begun to see the light!

I am never coming out of the 80's...NEVER. Nobody deserves this abuse, lol

what I am going to do from now on is every saturday I am going to play espn...the U


"what shall we do.....jump in the fight or at least pull the fsu player off our guy...hummmm, lets just watch...."

I finally figured it out.....what this team is missing is gold teeth.....

118 efense wasn't too bad...there were 5 teams worse than you. I believe yous guys can be out of the top 25 by the time yous get another ACC beatdown. The difference between my team and your team is we play crap opponents and struggle, yous guys play the best. Heck, even on the slim chance we make it to a big bowl, we may want to think about bowing out to save some embarrassment of getting beat by a MAC team. I remember my favorite game at the swamp against memphis. Spurrier punted on a third down. After the game he said,if we cant run the ball and we cant throw the ball, might as well give it back to them. At least goldenwilleverbeachamp hasnt resorted to that yet. Yet! I do have gator envy and a hard on for the spurrier days, now I have to settle for golden and onofrio incompetence. Can't have it all I guess.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/11/notebook-ghastly-red-zone-numbers-coin-toss-musings.html#storylink=cpy

Even though the U has been down and hasn't any first rounders and a while, it has still managed to produce two current starting NFL running backs (Miller and James),by far the best TE in the NFL (Graham), and numerous other starters. They had 8 players selected in the 2011 draft with many of them currently enjoying successful careers. They had 6 players drafted in 2012. Even in the worst of times, Miami still produces NFL players.

Posted by: Sunny Dee | November 06, 2013 at 11:34 AM

Just more proof the morons who try and put shannon down and lie on em by saying he didn't leave coach goldie anything, the facts remain, shannon built the talent level back up. In fact under shannon, brandon harris a db was selected in the 2nd round, had he stayed under coach goldie & the 500 club,(in fact he might've stayed until they showed brandon the escort service scheme) his draft status would've went souF. So we'll see how high db's start getting drafted under this regime. p.w. is doing a solid job coaching the db's but i'd like to see him coach the db's in a more aggressive scheme.

One things for sure, it seems almost guaranteed we're going to get at least 2 picks every game now.

I do agree that using comments from fsu players as a sort of vindication of our program is sad. Where is the anger after being humiliated by your biggest rival, when your rival has no fear about flashing the u at your sideline that is total disrespect and shows no matter what fsu says inside they don't respect us ppl will say it was in the heat of battle but of u respect the other team u know not to do that bc u will regret it the next series. We need more guys with desire like reed, winslow who were great bc of their hate of losing . We need guys like shockey who eat dirt to remember what failure tastes like. However, there were a couple positive signs. Did u see dukes face after that bs call to stop the play the boy looked like he was going to cry he was so mad that's the passion we need to see from the whole roster. Another positive sign was when chick was getting punked by hart Howard was there trying to back him up. Guys like Howard aren't scared bc he has been going up against the kelvin Benjamin's, the greenes and Shaws and the rest of the south florida studs and shut them down. He is especially a guy who should be playing on an island. He may get beat occasionally but if he had been taught to play on a island since freshman year by the time he's a junior he would be a true lock down corner but instead dno teaches him zone so he wastes his freshman year bc he's not coach able aka he didnt buy into Dnos soft zone and I feel he's a prime example of a 5 star who this staff isn't being coached correctly. I understand that dno loves soft zone but then why not get players who are better made for zone? He's going to nnamdi asamaguah our DBS. That dude was a stud when he was Oakland then he goes to the eagles and asked to play zone and he's lost. My point is it takes a certain skill set and mentality to play tight man and we keep getting players suited for this style and then we castrate them by making them play soft zone. I know golden is a big time recruiter but it's concerning to see that we miss on more big time CBS than we get and that has to do with scheme bc if u are a big time hs cb besides your love for the u why would u want to play here? Soft zone does not get u ready for the league. I think if you're a big time defensive recruit esp cb and dt the defensive scheme is what u look at. These hs kids are smart they know what schemes dc run if u are a top rated blue chip recruit its about going to a place that will best get u to the league, going to bowls or not is secondary to their real goal which is nfl bc to many of these kids it's their only option to a better life. Why else would hackenberg who could have went anywhere go to psu bc he knew obrian would beat get him prepared for the league. That why when ppl say we had negative recruiting which I'm not denying in regards to ncaa and sanctions but I would be willing to bet that alot of that was opposing coaches negatively calling out our wack schemes u just won't see our staff say that bc it will make them look even more incompetent by not changing but they will keep talking about how ncaa investigation hurt them bc it doesn't make them sound weak if anything it buys them sympathy. Dno needs to understand this fact and stop playing scared and just let his athletes be athletes. Vt to me will be very interesting bc they are clearly not as talented as us. Esp on offense so I want to see if dno sits in his zone and lets Logan shine for the nfl bc if he does that again what will our excuse be? Will we as fans once again say its lack of talent and depth?

Calvin I rather get fewer pics and stop giving up 300 plus passing yds a game bc u can't rely on pics to be there every game

All I ask to see in this game is a couple 3 and outs in the first half. It's been so long since an opponent had a 3 and out to open a game it would be a nice change

Posted by: jsy | November 06, 2013 at 09:39 AM

Ain't that the truth, brother!

Oh, I see where JSY been posting in that CS.

Well, give them bloody hell, jsy. Because MAYBE the bloody lot of Canespace dude's will FINALLY WAKE UP! dUh

bunch of fascist losers

Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 06, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Seriously LOL

Harriet TUBMAN, i'm starting to think alot of these guys got amnesia, do you see what they're saying "all we had to do against winston" was keep him in the pocket and we didn't get off the field on 3rd downs, well wasn't that the same thing that happened against wake forest & Unc.

If we go undefeated the rest of the year with these schemes i'd be real surprised. Not because we don't have the talent. Last year coach goldie clearly said "Fsu, they're a little bit ahead of us right now, but i wouldn't trade this locker room for anything" So if last year we lost to Fsu 33 to 20 and coach goldie said that, well this year we lost 41 to 14 so why did the gap widen, no garbage td and we still have thee 500 club making the escort service calls.

I'll say this again, nothing about coach goldie or the 500 club says championship or even national championship. This guy was crying in front of the team after the news broke about the sanctions, lol. The players were looking at him like, WTH is wrong with him, did somebody get shot that we know!

Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 06, 2013 at 09:36 AM

Not that serious. My life is great and I'm still behind []_[].

By the tone of your post and participation on a team blog of which you are not a fan, it seems you having little else going on in your life. That's sad.

Every game still matters. Go Canes, beat VT.

Posted by: Next Man[]_[]p | November 06, 2013 at 09:44 AM


Next Man[]_[]p,

Great observations. How sad one's life must be to spend most of all of one's time complaining about and criticizing a college football team mostly made up of 18 to 21 year old kids, being a fan of said team or not.

For the first time after reading your post directed at the "Truth Hurts" his screen name is appropriate.

Additionally, for the first time, I can't help but feel sorry for those on this blog, like the "Truth Hurts", whose lives are filled with such hate.

I truly believe that Karma is real and suspect the lives of those who do nothing but live on this blog and other blogs looking for conflict and posting things simply to try and make others feel bad must be nothing short of hell on earth for themselves and their families. Sadly, they just don't know any better.

Finally, I do realize that most of the hate and lies posted is courtesy of one or two people using various screen names.

I dig how the Miami, Florida players, as a collective family, have bloody well MOVED ON regarding the previous game.

That shows these Canes are resilient and mentally tough. Chit, it's must have something to do with the South Florida sunshine.

Now, if only the Hurricanes had a defensive coordinator!

By the way, traditional-rich, MAJOR college football POWER Duke held Va. Tech's offense in CHECK. And that was at Blacksburg.

So let's see what Marky Mark is all about against a below-average, Beamer Ball offense.

Yeah, yeah I understand y'all Hurricane partisans don't play the comparison game and what not.

Despite all the loss against FSU and all the complaining about our game plan here.

This is still a better team than last year.

The worst we do this year is 9-3 and a bowl game.

The best we can do is 11-1, ACC Championship, and a bowl game.

That's to be determined.

Besides the trolls here to root for us to lose and fire our coaches, the rest of the Canes fans need to just watch the games, root in the stands, and enjoy the program's return.

There is no question the program is on the rise.

No rational Canes fan thought this team was ready to beat Bama, FSU, Oregon or win the NC this year. We just wanted to see a progressively improving team.

An assessment can't be done till the seasons over.

Remember that UF was considered a top 5 team this year. If they didn't have the severe level of injuries since the UM game, they might be. And FSU would have destroyed them even if they were.

The fun of college ball is the unpredictability of it from game to game and season to season.

Barring more UM injuries, i am feeling really good about what UM does the rest of the year.

But making predictions? That's all mental masturbation.

To respond to Gallo: if you feel so confident in your predictions, why not put money with Vegas about UM's performance this year, whether Golden is fired, etc...

Put your money where your constantly flapping mouth is. That's the only true measure of your opinions.

That goes to D, Truth Hurts and every other troll.

Summed up nicely Storm

I'll tell y'al one thing concerning a very, very crucial home game against nemesis Beamer Ball.

MIGHTY Boston College gave Golden and Coley the game TEMPLATE on how to defeat Va.Tech's defense. hUh

B.C. ran the ball down Foster's defense bloody throat and forced QB Logan into four turnover's.

So, perhaps that's why Goldie and Coley ? plan ? on employing 3 running back's.

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