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VIDEO: D'Onofrio addresses defensive struggles against Virginia Tech; players react


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I watched and listened to Al Golden as part of ESPN's "Car Wash'' today, and I was impressed by his answer to Samantha (Steele) Ponder, when she asked him...

"Defensively I know you wanted to make some changes this last year. What are the things you think need to change in order to get the defense where it needs to be?"

Golden's response:

"I think the biggest thing was to not change, was just to take all the young kids, the 14 or 15 freshmen we played over there and just to quiet their minds down, settle them down a little bit. I felt different about the defense in the spring – there was a calmness, they were communicating more. And then of course getting [defensive tackle] Curtis Porter back and then giving everybody another year in the weight room.

"[Linebacker] Denzel Perryman grew up on the stage for us, played at 208 and then 212. He’s 243 now. [Linebacker] Jimmy Gaines is 240. [Linebacker] Alex Figueroa is 238. [Defensive end] Anthony Chickillo is another guy who played for us at 45 and 50. He is now 275. So those kids had to grow up and were forced to play before they were ready. Now, they’re settled in, they know the system and we’re excited about who we have coming back on defense."

Why are they surprised now? It's been the same thing for two and a half years He told you nothing was going to change. These are his words. FACTS

Posted by: True Cane | November 09, 2013 at 11:16 PM


Where is Samantha (Steele) Ponder when you need her? These cowards are too scared to ask the tough question.

This was a team loss. There were no positives in this game other than the long field goal by the young kicker. The coaches weren't able to get these kids attention after last week's emotional and disappointing game. The defense regressed to last year and played like they sleep walked all week. UM has a chance to stop the bleeding early when Tech fumbled and the UM player tries to pick the wet ball up and run with it instead of falling on the ball on their own 10 yard line. The game was tied at that point. Dumb plays equal dumb results.

Here's a little free fantasy football advise, if you have him on your roster start Anthony Boone next week.

For all unaware he is Duke's starting qb.

You mean D'Onofrio hasn't been fired yet?

fire this bum

D'no just thew the players under the bus again, but I'm not surprised, only a man would accept responsibility for their part of a bad situation.

He said, "...its been the same thing since I've been here.." When speaking on blown coverages and missed tackles.

Why listen to this coward who is inept and only has his job because of who his college roommate was?

Guy idolizes Sandusky.

All you need to know about him stems from that fact.

Despite the turnovers and the bad bounces, it's inexplicable how good UM made a very mediocre offense look in this game. Blame the coach, the players or whomever. It's not acceptable and the head coach has to evaluate in depth what is happening on that side of the ball. If heads roll, so be it. This kind of defensive performance just can't happen again. If the defense is a bit too complex, simplify it. If the coach is not giving the kids the best chance to make it happen then change the coach. If it's not enough playmakers on defense then than you have to just wait till you can recruit them. It may take a couple of years.

Deserve Victory? We deserve d*ck. Team had no heart tonight.

Donofrio is trash, the exact same scheme every damn play. Drop everyone back keave everything open underneath. He. Is. Trash.

Get the guys to respond? Why doesn't he respond by changing the defense! He let himself get beaten by the same 4 plays. This guy should've been fired after the game.

We should have stayed with Randy Shannon!

We lost plenty of play makers after he left! Look at UCF and Louiville! Miami recruits who chose elsewhere.

For three years Miami has been a DC away from competing for a NC!

We have playmakers, it's both coordinators that are horrible.

Kept Shannon...what about Dennis?

Storm is on his way to NFLbut not good enough for goldie BOY.

Of course the D is too complex!!! Find the ball...hit someone.


[]_[] s[]_[]ck just a little bit less than the GAYTORS !!!

Welcome back to earth []_[] d[]_[]mb cl[]_[]cks !!!

OOOOOHHHHHHHH Dukie, Virrgina and the Pitts left, OH MY !!!

Who does the Basketball team play next ? Will []_[] even win 1 ACC game this year ?

a looose to a 14-18 Northeast Conference St. Francis team huh ?

Get []_[]r gas masks ready Cane Cl[]_[]cks ... It's getting STANKY in d[]_[]h Gaybles through March... Then []_[]r bumbling beisbol no pop midgets will be kicking it around the diamond led by n[]_[]mbnut Morris.

Never agreed with calvin until now. Thats four straight games of teams running the same plays against the aweful defense. This defense is not complex its as basic as u can get at this level in fact man coverage is more complex. Both coordinators suck and both are basic. Why they continue thus dead give away style pistol is beyond me. Than a te in heavy set that screams run but watch the te drag. How bout delay the te then send him up the field aame things being done to our d. We gave up 4 three and longs in prevent defense one for a score all led to scores. Morris has lost his moxie to stand in the pocket. We suck thanks to or schemes. Oh yeah keep Stevie out of the bb gun offensse he needs to be under center at all times

Have been in Coach D's corner until last night, this is insanity, playing this defense, crossing patterns not covered, the back out of the back field, game after game after game. Insanity!

Two things have to happen for things to get better, 1. All of Randy Shannon's recruits need to leave or graduate and 2. Coach D needs to be fired.

Things will not improve until that happens and this team is looking at 7-5 and a low level bowl at best, maybe the toilet bowl would be appropriate!

I have been a Golden supporter but I hate to say it, this team has gotten softer under him. UTough? all this talk about offseason conditioning, "The Process"

I watched out supposedly dominant O-Line get pushed around--they look fat. I watched Michigan, Wisconsin and the Bama O-lines--they are built like men.

he touts how proud he is of the kids following the Process but the first thing he does in a loss is talk about how they don't follow it. The fact of the matter is that the coaches are terrible. Our offensive and defensive gameplans are terrible. No blitzing, playing soft coverage, no misdirection or inventive playcalling on offense. Now we know why Jimbo Fisher let us have his OC, we were just taking out the trash for him....

The Hurricanes have unveiled a special helmet and jersey tonight for the Virginia Tech game at Homecoming.

The uniforms have been dubbed "The Smoke.''


The Coral Gaybles D[]_[]MPSTER is REIGNITED !!!

Hey SOLDY, we beat YOU, and you Gators STINK, we're STILL better than U, and you're BUMS. Now having said that, it was the WORST performance all year, and Dno just doesn't seem capable to make adjustments to combat ANY teams offense. We're gonna have our hands full next week at Duke.

Blame it on me ...

The most truthful assessment is that both coordinators are atrocious. We have better talent on-the-field than UCF and Louisville, what we don't have is better coaching.
Coley and D no must go!

The [[_]] is through!


Golden needs to address the defnse coachs, you cant fix poor coaching, dont blame talent, its the style and method of coaching, this isnt Temple. you have talent you just dont know how to coach, dont blame players.

Don't have time to post much now, I'll give my full thoughts later, but Coach D is garbage and he needs to go. Calvin, Cool Cat, and others, regardless of how you feel about them, have been right all along. No adjustments, can't stop a simple crossing pattern, zone bend don't break defense easily picked apart by a woeful offense as has been the case for 3 years. You can't tell me Duke has more talent on defense than Miami. To blame the players is also really low by the coaches.

Miami will not beat Duke with current coachs and defense scheme, Golden you need to get involved. Mark isnt the man, even if he is your buddy, get somebody with more talent, we admire your loyaltity but Miami expects a least a fair shake not a 500 yard game every week, DB coach doesnt know sh t from applebutter.

When Miami gets beat by Duke, off season defense needs to clean house. Miami will be 7-5, Marks answer to media explains it all, we won seven games, hey we played nobody, nimrod of course we looked good.

He said, "...its been the same thing since I've been here.." When speaking on blown coverages and missed tackles.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane

there it is.....all anyone needs to hear. if that statement does not force a change...nothing will. bad conditions usually favor the defense.....this team QUIT

defense scanning the sidelines for answers and they got nothing.....they were totally on their own last night....don't bother looking at the stats, its irrelevant now...players wont play for dnofrio and maybe golden as well

the solution is to fire golden since any top DC will want to be a HC...he not gonna work under golden.....UM need a whole new regime change

Anyone that does not see that Al Golden is more to blame than any of his assistant coaches, is blind. Al Golden has not made this team better, at all. The talent that was here, when he got here, and the talent he brought in is the greatest collection of players that has been here since 2002. The number of wins, by him, does not equal the talent he has. He has loss more than Randy Shannon. The fan base and leadership made Randy Shannon out as the greatest loser ever. But he won more than Al Golden, with less talent. Al Golden should not get another year to continue to destroy this program.

If we can get rid of D'No sooner rather than later AND make a slash with his replacement then we MIGHT be able to hang on to the verbals that have already committed. If D'No lingers into next season then we will be down for another 3 years minimum.

dnofrio wont admit that the defense has been steadily been regressing....."I don't believe that's the case"

he looks like Mussolini....

300 page binders
cane walks
slogans on collars
fake TD's in stadium
hugging injured players on the field.....

golden is the consummate seminar/power point guy....poor tackling, blown coverages and the guy went to wrong way.....FYI, its always that!

golden will not fire dnofrio.....so bloggers get used to all of this...

D'No math:
3rd and 17 + 3rd and 12 = 14

where is ryan williams in all of this......I'll tell you sitting on the sidelines since he probably doesn't know the playbook.....UM goes with Morris no matter what....

and this gets better.....wait till you see the disaster in olsen....UM has no QB going forward....so now factor that in with a pathetic defense...this is gonna get worse

Ok, for those calling for D'nofrio to be fired it will not happen. Yes he needs to go but he and Coach Al are friends and loyalty to coach Al is important. You could use the fact that players were undersized and undisciplined for two years but this is year three for this defensive scheme and we still can't stop a crossing pattern or a back coming out on a delay screen. So it's about the read and react philosophy that Coach D’nofrio employs and not the players. They are executing what they are taught. So for everyone that wants Coach D'nofrio's head we are going to sit there and just take it. Coach Al will not fire him and with all that went on with NCAA he will get the benefit for weathering the storm. So 8/4 to 7/5 seasons are going to be the norm... BTW for those who love Coach Shannon, please stop with the stupidity, he is a fine Defensive coach but was and will never be a good head coach. People forget the awful coaching and personnel hiring that he did while head coach for the Hurricanes and lack of player development... don’t forget that current players in the NFL today have said so. If I had my wish I would have Coach Borrow as the defensive coordinator but I wonder now after all this time if he could solve the issues that this defense has. I hope that he has not taken the philosophy of the present but remember when he was a player here and he had Sonny Lubic and Tommy Tuberville as coaches.. So now on to the Lost Compass Bowl….

im a canes fan its not the players fault. if one guy makes a mistake or is out of position thats on the player. but when its multiple player out of position play after play or missing tackles not to mention not close enough to have any hope thats on the coach. i have yet to here the DC say once in the three years he has been here that he had a mental error or he fail to adjust properly. Golden will say it but then is business as usual with his friend Dnofrio, nothing changes....i can give OC coley a pass this year but he is so far not impressive. with Jed Fisk you saw an immediate improvement. even with mark whipple you saw an immediate improvement over Patrick nix. im starting to hope the team gets exposed by Duke, Pitt, and Va to force some change....al golden its time to take charge and fire some people.

I agree somewhat with Gallo. Golden is into to many non football things. Saban say don't be. Keep your focus what make you a better football team.

You can call D'Nofrio alot of things, a white guy, an Italian, but he's definitely not a Defensive Coordinator!! How many mulligans does this guy gets before he's shown the door? He and Golden keep blaming the players. You know the ones they are supposed to be coaching. Teams aren't suppose to get worse as the season goes but better.

Coley may be a good recruiter, but his offense is high schoolish, runs same limited plays every game and the execution is poor. The Offensive Line allows more penetration than a third world cyber security.

Until these kids get some professional level coaching expect this to continue. Look at all the teams ahead of us. If we are getting better talent than many, then why can't we get better or similar results? Coaching is the obvious reason. Freekin Baylor would destroy us. Baylor people! Baylor?

I hate to say it. But that Calvin guy is the Jose Canseco of this blog. Many hate him for what he has to say, but he may have been right all along! I won't go so far as to say fire everybody, but the defensive coordinator has to be dismissed. This isn't temple. If fans, former players, and the media can see the problem, why can't D'no and Golden? This embarrassment of a game could cost UM more than the coastal crown. The recruits are watching too! They don't want to be embarrassed on national TV too. We could finish on 5 game losing streak as the blueprint has been laid on how to beat us. We will score points on Virginia and maybe Duke, but Pitt will blow our doors off in the cold up there... and Duke??? That will probably be our most painful loss, since most you were not born when that occurred. My advise, forget about supporting the team, SUPPORT THE KIDS! They need us more than ever.


I copied this list, of Miami NFL players, from this blog. Where does it show that one ounce of talent was wasted by Randy Shannon. He did not have the talent that Al Golden has had since he got here. No one is defending Randy Shannon. The problem is that way too many people are defending, a vastly inferior coach, in Al Golden.

2012 (6)
Vernon, Olivier - DE 3 (72) Miami
Spence, Sean - LB 3 (86) Pittsburgh
Miller, Lamar - RB 4 (97) Miami
Benjamin, Travis - WR 4 (100) Cleveland
Streeter, Tommy - WR 6 (198) Baltimore
Washington, Brandon - OG 6 (200) Philadelphia
2011 (8)
Franklin, Orlando - OG 2 (46) Denver
Harris, Brandon - CB 2 (60) Houston
Hankerson, Leonard - WR 3 (79) Redskins
Van Dyke, DeMarcus - CB 3 (81) Oakland
Bailey, Allen - DE 3 (86) Kansas City
McCarthy, Colin - LB 4 (109) Tennessee
Gordon, Richard - TE 6 (181) Oakland
Bosher, Matt - P/K 6 (192) Atlanta
2010 (4)
Graham, Jimmy-TE 3 (95) New Orleans
Sharpton, Darryl-LB 4 (102) Houston
Jason Fox-OT 4 (128) Detroit
Dedrick Epps-TE 7 (235) San Diego
2009 (1)
Adkins, Spencer-LB 6 (176) Atlanta
2008 (3)
Phillps, Kenny-S 1 (31) N.Y. Giants
Campbell, Calais-DE 2 (50) Arizona
Gooden, Tavares-LB 3 (71) Baltimore
2007 (5)
Meriweather, Brandon-S 1 (24) New England
Beason, Jon-LB 1 (25) Carolina
Olsen, Greg-TE 1 (31) Chicago
Atkins, Baraka-DE 4 (121) Seattle
Brown, Kareem-DT 4 (127) New England
2006 (9)
Jennings, Kelly-CB 1 (31) Seattle
McIntosh, Rocky-LB 2 (35) Washington
Moss, Sinorice-WR 2 (44) N.Y. Giants
Hester, Devin-CB/KR 2 (57) Chicago
Winston, Eric-OT 3 (66) Houston
Butler, Rashad-OT 3 (89) Carolina
Williams, Leon-LB 4 (110) Cleveland
Harris, Orien-DT 4 (133) Pittsburgh
Maxey, Marcus-CB 5 (154) Kansas City
2005 (5)
Rolle, Antrel-CB 1 (8) Arizona
Parrish, Roscoe-WR 2 (55) Buffalo
Gore, Frank-RB 3 (65) San Francisco
Everett, Kevin-TE 3 (86) Buffalo
Myers, Chris-OL 6 (200) Denver
2004 (9)
Taylor, Sean-S 1 (5) Washington
Winslow, Kellen-TE 1 (6) Cleveland
Vilma, Jonathan-LB 1 (12) N.Y. Jets
Williams, D.J.-LB 1 (17) Denver
Carey, Vernon-OL 1 (19) Miami
Wilfork, Vince-DT 1 (21) New England
McClover, Darrell-LB 7 (213) N.Y. Jets
Marshall, Alfonso-DB 7 (215) Chicago
Joseph, Carlos-OL

Is "this" teams continuing performance the new Cane Thang ?

if so ...

Fans are blowing this way out of proportion. Yes, this team was over-rated. This was not going to be the year we challenged for a national championship. FSU has been building for a few years. Now they seem to have all the pieces in place. UM needs to lock down tri-county recruits and keep coaching these kids up (FUNDAMENTALS). This team is still relatively young. You had two freshman make critical fumbles. And the punter is rarely put in a position to remember that he can't touch his knee to secure a snap. Morris is clearly playing hurt. It was probably a mistake not to sit him for several games and play Williams but it is what it is. The program will improve. Give Golden some time. A nine-win season is still very possible.

Bottom line: coach change now!

Bottom line: change the team you root for!

Kinetic Cane, don't be blinded by your love of the school. A game like last night's showed how badly outcoached we were on defense. we gave up 500 yards to a "down" VT team. Receivers were running wide open in the flats all night. Players were not wrapping up the ball carriers all night. One guy showed up (DP52). We have some of the top kids in Dade, Broward, and PBC and we got our faces kicked in... ALL NIGHT! I'm sorry but, but that's coaching. This isn't the MAC conference.

...and can someone please explain that 3rd and 17 play for me again... That's all we need to know about our DC.

Stop making excuses, for Al Golden, fan base. He is not a good coach, at all. The talent is here. Stop saying it is not. There was more talent that was forced to transfer by Al Golden. There is no way that this team should have lost to Virginia Tech. This was an 11 wins or bust year. The talent was there for 12 wins, easy.

..and can someone please explain that 3rd and 17 play for me again... That's all we need to know about our DC.

Posted by: Dajediknight | November 10, 2013 at 09:17 AM

"Do you got him...no I thought you had him...what about him...I didn't have him...why would you think I had him, I thought you had him..."

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