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VIDEO: D'Onofrio addresses defensive struggles against Virginia Tech; players react


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@Sarasota... And what does all that come back to...? Say it with me, folks... COACHING!

I doubt it would happen but we need Jeremy Pruitt.

I'm in agreement about Dno, he CONTINUALLY does NOT make adjustments, and you CANNOT play lb's 8-10 yds off the ball and expect to stop somebody. Hell I could've been the QB and looked like a Heisman candidate. What the hell is he thinking? When it's 3rd and 3 and you're off the ball that far, ANYONE can get a first. Also 3rd n 17, and 3rd n 14, and BAMMO we give it to them. VT SUCKS, and we made them look great. We THREW AWAY the Coastal. Yes we can STILL salvage a 10-2 season, but these kids have shown NO heart, and without heart, forget it.

I actually stopped watching with 12 minutes left, and I've NEVER done that. I was so F'ING angry. Al I hope you're reading this blog, because your buddy is KILLING US!!!!!!

Im not renewing my Season tickets until Onofrio is gone. He is the worst coach I have ever seen.

Canes finish 8-4 thanks to him.

At the end of the Day its an improvement from last year, but we had a much easier schedule.

Hopefully Recruits and Coaches flock to the U next year.

Go Canes..

Miami is a good team, not a great team,but, good. The Canes have adequate players that will be most teams. One thing that I saw during the gaem that both fsu and va tech did was they were able to out flank the defense on several occasions. The defensive backs seemed to be out of position quite a bit or they were leaving way too much room between themselves and the receivers. You've got to give logan thomas credit, he played a very good game, probably the best of the year for him. As for Morris, if he's unable to throw off his back foot then he's only half a quarterback and not the good half either. Duke is going to be no slouch this year after all they did beat va tech. The team as a whole have gotten down on themselves and that needs to change, not by the coaches, but, the players themselves. They have to come to grips with it and realize they just weren't ready for fsu and in va tech they let it slip away and if they don't get the ship righted they will be playing in a bowl before Christmas.
I was watching some commentators talk about fsu stating jimbo is a true recruiter, he and his staff, can hand pick anyone anywhere they want with impunity and that is why they are as strong as they are. In saying that the U is getting good players from south florida and around the country, but, they are not keeping the best players at home. Gone is the mistique of playing in front of family and friends of the 80s'. The ship is getting righted at Miami, but, it's going to take a while to undue the losses of bringing the best talent back to the U regardless of the # of stars they have out of high school. One can only hope that the players can get their head screwed on the right way before the next game and get back to business.

Randy Shannon is a lot better defensive coach than Onofrio

Time to go in a different direction.Honestly does anybody seriously believe we can win championships with this coaching staff base on what you have seen this year and last year.Al 's a good recruiter if you like a team full of 3 stars. I was on the fence about this coaching staff. Not anymore. I saw enough last night. Defense can't get off the field, Offense can't stay on the field. All coaches must go. New ideals welcome.Look for coaches in the SEC.

A promising season down the drain. Both coordinators need to go. Coleys cannot call plays everything to the short side. Donofrio's D too many missed assignments. Biggest disappointment the O line. Morris is hurt get him out of the game. Made Logan Thomas look like a hall fame qb. Should have beaten VT easily. Something has to change now!!

Wow when I watched the game only thing I could think about was Gallo and Calvina..Wow..say it aint so.

You know the old saying. You can't fire the players so you have to fire the coach. Something has to change with the defense. If you can't get the players to play their assignments, you can't have a good defense. Players being out of position constantly can't be tolerated. I know this team is forced to play kids that couldn't play on good Miami teams of the past, however, you can't keep making the same mistakes over and over. Sometimes you just have to make a change when things don't improve. Golden has a very difficult decision to make. D'Onofrio could make it easier for him by taking a job elsewhere. He may have to fall on his sword if he wants to help Golden.

We recruit all the top notch TE's and NEVER use them, we RARELY go to screens to take away the pass rush, never use quick slants, or 5-6 yd across the middle. Morris actually played well last night, not his fault balls were dropped, and to be fair if you take away the to's, we probably win, but we need to do something quick. I mean DNO HAS to know he's not calling good d schemes.

all you have to do is look at what fsu did....lost coley, no big deal....loose stoops, hire pruitt...no big deal.......

look what pruitt has done in 1 year at fsu.....after fsu lost 7 top defensive guys last year.....

time to clean house and get new blood in here...I dont see any risk to that.....

Reality: While we have secured some very good recruits, that has been a more RECENT development. Those recruits are young and still need to learn D-1 fundamentals. TOP recruits (4 stars or better):

Artie Burns: FR
Deon Bush: SO
Stacey Coley: FR
Tracy Howard: SO
Standish Dobard: FR
Jermaine Grace: FR
Duke Johnson: SO
Malcolm Lewis: SO
Jamal Carter: FR
Tyriq McCord: SO
Dallas Crawford: SO
Corn Elder: FR
Raphael Kirby: SO
Danny Isidora: FR
Ereck Flowers: SO
Al-Quadin Muhammad: FR
Jelani Hamilton: SO

Bottom Line: We lost the FSU and VaTech games based on a lack of fundamental play from our young players and lower-level of talent from our older, more experienced players (generally 3-star recruits). We need another 2-3 years of strong recruiting to truly contend for another championship.

And those of you pining for coaching change(s) should think carefully about the impact on the program from a lack of coaching staff continuity. You can't land top recruits and build a strong program by shuffling head coaches in and out every three years.

Give it time.

CANES will struggle to win again this season, even against Virginia. They haven't played a good game since the Gators. Nine wins? A win at Duke? I want to believe it's possible, but our CANES will be going up against Cutcliffe and a team that believes they will win the Coastal. If we win next Saturday, Coach Golden will have himself to be more than a good talker. The O-Line had better come to Durham in a bad mood.

WHY ARE WE RUNNING A BEND THEN BREAK DEFENSE???????We have talent! ...this is not TEMPLE!!

mediocrity has settled into both the media and fan base....all of a sudden we are "lucky" to have a guy like al golden because that's what the media wants you to believe...but in reality where does a small time MAC coach get a pass with a brand like UM?

UM is a big time school with big time athletics....if the fan base can dumb on Jimmy - dennis - butch - coker and shannon...wtf do these guys think they are?

2 million for what?....you couldn't get golden to quit with dynamite.....this is his dream job..he was never going anywhere....his wife and him LOVE south florida....

time to get tough with these fu...kers.....time for heads to roll

Coach D theory is keep the ball in front of you. Allow them to catch the ball then come up and make a tackle. why even let them catch he dam ball to begin with?

shalalalalala turned the Hurricanes football into a sun shower soccer moms' little league team hiring golden and d'o.
shalalalala, goldie, and d'o are just trash. Take out the garbage.

what puzzles me is how goldie and d'o and the entire coaching staff can be so stupid as to not see the obvious:

that three def. linemen with LBs five yards off the los can NOT stop VT cheerkeaders with six blockers in front of them from picking up five yards???

And goldie and d'os stupid zones with DBs guarding empty areas and no one within five yards of a receiver when he catches the ball??

d'o even had a half minute delayed blitz by a safety running right by the receiver who caught the ball for huge yardage. Hint: A delayed blitz is NOT a "blitz."

No hope for the Hurricanes as long as shalalaal and golden and d'o are at the U.

Dream job?

No stadium, fickle fans, still below avg facilities, less salary. Gee, what's not to like?

His dream job sits in Happy Valley. Or NFL.

Yes, UM is lucky to have Golden!

Another thing, it is just plain chicken crap to blame the players or point to next year bla, bla, bla.

With a win, it the players' win like Morris and the offense WON against GT, UNC, WF, in the last minute of the game in spite of golden and d'o doing their best to lose the game.

And with a loss, it totally the coaches' failure.
Golden and d'o need to grow up and accept responsibility for their failures as coaches, for their failure to study the game of football, failure to teach fundamentals like blocking, tackling, holding on to the ball, no penalties or mistakes.

What Miami did not have, in the previous coaching tenure, was a good offensive line. And no defensive line depth. As I posted during that time, the recruiting experts were wrong about the high rankings, during the previous coaching tenure. There were not strong lines of scrimmage, during that time. This offensive line has top level and talented players. The defensive line has big players and depth. The skill positions are better. And would have been, vastly, better had Al Golden not forced the players to transfer. No excuses for this team to not win 11 plus games. Anything else should result in Al Golden's termination.

Golden has been winning games with smoke and mirrors. He doesn't yet have the talent to compete at the elite level. It's not scheme, it's talent that's causing us to lose games.

Golden has been winning games with smoke and mirrors. He doesn't yet have the talent to compete at the elite level. It's not scheme, it's talent that's causing us to lose games.

Posted by: Kinetic Cane | November 10, 2013 at 10:17 AM

It's now painfully obvious that it is both, and we can only fix one (talent) if we are lucky. If Goldan goes out and replaces D'No with someone who looks promising then I'll ride with him one more year, but if the defense remains the same then he should be fired as well.
The kids deserve better. The fans deserve better.

ChampCane you forgot Damon Berry RB for the Ravens who came out in 2011

Really...? Its now a talent issue...? VT had the worst offence in the country and they scored more against us and put up more yards on us than FSU. That is a coaching issue. VT is not elite. They just have a good defense, and we still scored 24 on them. Our DC just doesn't know how to make adjustments. His mantra is "We'll stay in our defense." It just doesn't work that way, buddy! We have the talent. Coach them damn kids better. Go 41 on "D" that's "man to man" for those who never played organized tackle football. This is ridiculous. Duke is going to smoke us like a Cuban cigar next Saturday!

No, Al Golden has been losing games and blowing smoke up your mirrors. He has not beat a better team, ever. He has loss to lesser teams, though. Like to Virginia Tech. He has the fan base making excuses for him now. The man is not a good coach, at all.

The dc has been inept since he got here and hasn't missed a stride. All this talk from us is nothing if we lose to duke and Pitt which is highly probable something will have to give. They have been out coached by London before so losing to va is possible as well. Golden can go if he wants to but the dc has to go.

I think Golden is a good coach, but he needs to move Dino out. This could get ugly for Golden if he doesn't let his friend go.

Cooley should also be fired, that offense is so bad.

Virginia Tech is not elite this year. I can accept FSU scoring in the 40's, but Virginia Tech?

I live in NJ, had season tickets when I lived in FL, watch every game that's on TV and support the direction the team has taken under the NCAA investigation. Last night was the last straw...I can't watch this defense until they make the change everyone knows needs to be made. The only way to force change is to stop buying an inferior product (this D has been an inferior product for too long). Got away with the soft coverage against NC and Wake (barely), but this game showed that no one has made the adjustments. Guarantee that Duke will expose them as well. Time to change the D coordinator...or continue to lose games in this way, lose fans, lose recruits and lose money. The defense has not corrected the mistakes that were exposed in the last four games, and I can't watch anymore...but that's because I know they have better talent than this. They gave this game, and the Coastal title away. Texas made the change after one really bad game...suddenly their defense is far better. Guess coaching matters. Fire D'Onofrio, or continue to expect the same results.

Fire these imposter coaches who think they can coach at a tier 1 level.....Golden and his assistants need to be shown the door....they don't have what it takes to coach at this level......replace them with a proven winner who has taken the U to the top.........BUTCH DAVIS!!!!

Agreed! D'O must go.

Some of guys who keep defending Al and staff. What player has improved from last. Don't including weight gain or natural talent Once again do you really want to ride the golden train again expecting a different ride.We just lost to both rivals back to back, 500+ yards giving up both games and How long was VT offense on the field. If Morris is hurt get him off the field. Biggest games of the year. What was the game plan. What was the adjustments.Leadership starts at the top.

Sorry for mis- spelling. Still mad from game. Went to see Miami. Saw VT all game.

Once and for all lets stop the lack of player talent argument. Even with the ncaa mess we recruited circles around them. Even j blue we took from Beamer. Vt was down both starting CBS and they were still playing press man. Foster understands the only way to groom stud defenders is to channel their aggression into attacking schemes and this lets the players know that if they beat us we are going to force the action.

If we use the lack of player talent as the excuse this time that just shows how delusional of a fan base we are. Fuller and Howard are both 5 star best in their class Howard is a soph fuller a freshman, foster amplifies his skill and dno castrates Howard. I actually really want to see vt face fsu bc I want to see how Winston fares against a real d that will force him to beat them. Bc unfortunate out defense was more a passing drill then test.

What will the "real" fans say when vt with less talent pushes Winston?

Like I said prior having dno and our defensive scheme is a bigger sanction than the ncaa. Based purely on coaching and perpetration for the league why the hell would any big time recruit come here. Dno has humiliated us more than Shapiro ever could. And I just hope we as fans stop attacking each other and unite to rid ourselves of dno

We need an elite recruiting class.I'm hoping these loses inspired recruits, and are not resulting in losing them.

If Al doesn't want to fire the worthless college roommate;

He can go too. Nobody will miss a coach who's .500 and misses the Penn State showers when there's plenty of other, better, coaches who would love South Florida just as much with their wives, if not more, than this uncreative, tie wearing, nobody who's never won anything.

Jason Whitlock had him figured out from day one when he was hired, he can be on the advisory team for a new coach for all I care.

I really have to believe that Golden Al is talking to D'no about changing rerouting the course. If he isn't then the DC is be the downfall or stalemate of our HC. I feel bad for him, but if he wants to win as badly as we think he does, then he will have to make a change (or at least a reorganization).

...Barrow to DC?

Based purely on coaching and perpetration for the league why the hell would any big time recruit come here. Dno has humiliated us more than Shapiro ever could. And I just hope we as fans stop attacking each other and unite to rid ourselves of dno

Posted by: jsy | November 10, 2013 at 11:29 AM

JSY is the voice of reason on this blog for a couple of weeks straight. I supported Shannon to a fault and now Golden/D'No. If Golden makes a dramatic fire/hire at DC in the next few weeks then give him one more year, however if he sticks with D'no then they both must go.

Butch could fix this but we ran him off the last time he was here.

I am the only one that has been saying D corch sucks since 2011..His philosophy on Defense is his personality and he will never change and even if he tries he will get confused. D corch needs to go to a MAC, CUSA team and get slow Defensive players, make them lift weights get heavy and install this type of crappy soft zone scheme. In those conferences you don't get elite offensive players and that is why it might owrk but in Miami we play teams with fast WR, TE and RB's and D corch's scheme is useless..

Miami needs to fire D corch!!And AG meeds to take Nepotism Negative Effect courses!!

No answer for DC.
Just stupid...

24 in the AP if anyone gives a shyt.

Let's start the process and get Mark D'Onofrio fire!



The poster above is right!!!

Tough night that showed a Canes team that was very tired after the war in Tallahassee. As Big Al has said all along, it's a process and now that the NCAA inquisition is behind the Canes the depth and talent in the coming years will prevent a repeat of last night.

The amazing thing was that EVERY Miami and Virginia Tech fumble rolled right to one of the VT players...it was nothing short of winning the lottery 4 weeks in a row. Had the ball rolled differently the outcome of the game would have been markedly different.

Additionally, how many times have you witnessed a play where the punter unintentionally takes a knee and making matters even worse on his own 10 yard line? It was just one of those nights!

As for the defense, the result speaks for itself and change will come.

To all "REAL" Canes fans; we are 7 and 2 and next year's recruiting class is ranked in the top 5 in all of the nation. The upcoming recruiting class will only get better now that the NCAA is in our rearview mirror.

Remember this and be very thankful...we could be the lowly Florida Gators who won't even qualify for ANY bowl game and in another karma moment plays in front of a half empty stadium--it is said that they are in the process of purchasing tarps...21-16!!!

Again, to the "REAL" Canes fans much, much better days are on the horizon and Al Golden, the best coach in college football, will soon deliver us our 6th National Championship.

Go Canes!!

Bottom line: change the team you root for!

Posted by: Kinetic Cane | November 10, 2013 at 09:12 AM


Kinetic Cane is right...those of you who constantly display your hate for the Canes football program need to find another team to hate. Even when they were 7 and 0--undefeated you were complaining and spewing hate and after the last 2 weeks your type is celebrating the results. In other words you are not a fan! Gainesville is only a 4 to 5 hour ride from Miami in your pick-up truck. Like it or not (I like it!) Al Golden will be the Canes head coach for as long as he wants to be.

Go Canes!!




We have enough talent to beat VT. How can you explain getting whipped by basically the same score, at home, on homecoming? I don't know how it looked on TV, but there were receivers wide open on 3rd down all night.

It was fair to give the staff this season to make it to the ACC Championship game. If we don't accomplish that and finish out of the top 25, how to you defend them?


Posted by: D'NO GOES OR THE 2 BFF's GO TOGETHER ! | November 10, 2013 at 12:29 PM



You are the interloper, the hater and you are not a Cane, just a complainer that only shows loyalty when the team is undefeated. And even then if the Canes are not wining in the style you demand you whine and attack them.

Take your own advice junior and take a hike!!!

I guess when you blame the obvious product being displayed on the field as young and inexperience and need more recruiting help. You are a real cane. I trully believe you are Temple fans. No Hurricane fan can except this type of play on a consistent bases week after week and not voice their opinion.5 weeks of suspect coaching and play on the field. If you love Al that much give him a administrative job. We don't have time for this coaching staff to learn the craft of coaching football at this level. UM is not the training center for college football coaches.Basically got rid of depth and impact players.

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