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VIDEO: Freshmen Coley, Edwards discuss struggles versus Virginia Tech, look ahead to Duke


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yes and our loved HC keeps defending and making excuses for his friend. Hey this is not about you ...its about THE U!! Fire his sorry ass!! or he will drag you and THE U ...

I liked what little I saw from Edwards. Please take Coley off of punts and kick returns.
I'm sure the players are beyond frustrated and know that they are a legitimate Top 10 team if the DC and OC can do a little better.

I say at least talk to Bobby Petrino or a Mike Martz. Heck, this O would be scoring upward of 40 a game. then think about bring a guy the caliber of RS in for DC. Or just one up urself and flat out go get RS...

UM football needs an infusion of new coaches. regime change.

On one hand we got a guy who JustDunno on the other we got a not really ready for prime time coach on the OC.

Thing is, there are clueless non-thinking morons on here who seem to think that it's a matter of time before the DC and OC and HC get it right.

Sky's the limit for these two.

Offense had the best night anybody has had against VT so far this year, that's with the two return fumbles giving them two less possessions and with the QB playing with a bad wheel, again for the second year in a row.

New OC has done fine for himself outside of the FSU game and even then, had to make up for another no show by the defensive game plan. Alverage has to choke down his ego and dump the Sandusky Penn State prevent defense this off-season because he's going to barely survive this shootout with Duke again this year if he does at all and that will be the final sign that this crap doesn't work at Miami.

Less than a half hour to tipoff to watch the one revenue sport coach at UM that knows what he's doing, what a refreshing experience that is after 2 and 3/4ths years of this football coach!

Cat, no RS, but I love the offensive side. I believe Golden is holding everything back, offensively trying to be Ala. But without the horses to get it done, or the smarts. It is time for Golden to leave, no way UM fires him, money reasons. He is signed until 2018. OUCH

It would be completely stupid to take Coley off of punt returns or anything that gets the ball in his hands.

golden negotiated a great deal at perceived vulnerability by UM administration.....2020 is insane, but whats done is done. However the AD can fire dnofrio and golden cant do a think about it.....

but blake is weak....will never happen

No Gallo, I disagree, Blake signed that deal because he believed Golden was doing a good job, he bought into the 'empty cupboard' excuse when they went 6-6 and that was patently false but yet got propagated by fans, as well as the agent, who were worried about the NCAA investigating a report published on the internet based off of an interview with a guy serving 20 years for lying about investments to rich people while trying to get a book published.

ACC new contract for TV rights kicks in when? This year? Next? There's your buyout money right there when that check gets deposited.

Another cold shooting night at the BUC but UM is fighting through it. Larranaga is a pretty great coach who demands accountability and will get the most out of his players this year, unlike the guy who got blown out at homecoming again.

December 13, 2010 at 11:20 AM

Interesting point by a Temple Student but Miami fan…
Dose of Reality
I’m here to bring a dose of reality. In no way, shape, or form am I bashing the guy I’m merely showing you a bit of the truth behind Al Golden. While I fully support the hire and the guy (I’m a Temple student and loved how he has turned the program around) there are some things you guys should know.

I am copying this from owlscoop.com message boards. That is the best board for any Temple info, basketball and football. These are not my words.
Cap is spot on with his assessment.
However here is what I have personally discerned from closely watching his 5 years as Head Coach.

1. He is a good recruiter, but a mediocre game day coach.

2. His clock management skills are poor, as is his ability to make adjustments at half time. He has been repeatedly out coached in the second half of numerous games by coaches who have lesser talent, but more savvy. Frank Solich, Ohio U’s HC, really has his number.

3. His offense is often one dimensional, and he seems to stick with a game plan well after it has proven not to be working. He has a plan A, but not plan B if plan A gets shattered due to injuries, weather, bad calls, etc.

4. He holds his players to very high educational, ethical, and moral standards; sometimes not to the betterment of the team. Various quality players have been suspended, benched, stuck in the dog house, etc for minor infractions which have definitely cost us wins. VERY, VERY, TRUE!!

5. He is secretive regarding players, schemes, offensive and defensive philosophy, and other aspects of the program.

6. He has not been able to develop a Quarterback, or even establish a cohesive offensive scheme.

7. He functioned as the Special Teams coach with very poor results.

8. His teams have only beaten 3 D-1 teams with winning records in the past 5 years. He has not won the MAC East Crown, let alone the MAC conference title.

9. He is an opportunist. He was at Temple not even a year when he was out interviewing for the UCLA job; then he was calling on Notre Dame, Tennessee, and countless other schools looking to move on. Do not be fooled, once he is at UM he will touting himself to SEC schools, and even the NFL! JSY

SIX of the above points are true and disturbing to say the least.

And CALVIN nd' HARRIETTUBMANCANE nd' JSY and like-minded loyal, Cane fan-dom weren't FOOLED by these two CARPETBAGGER's. hUh

Also, SEE assertion NO. 6 above. Now do U'all understand why Goldie has RUN OFF prime time, PLAYMAKER player's from the program.

Or, current HIGH-END player's aren't seeing the playing field. Especially the ones that were HYPED by Golden and D'Onofrio prior to the season.

Again, Goldie will win at Miami, Florida, but Hurricane partisans can KISS GOODBYE those 11-1 or UNDEFEATED type of seasons.

Someone posted we use too many true freshman at skill positions. Besides coley and burns who else? Gus? How is one semi starter and two rotation players too much? And those are positions where freshman can make impacts bc it relies more on pure talent than a lineman. Are ppl just running out of excuses now so now just make random nonsensical comments? Or is it bc they hear golden say something about how we're young and they just start saying bs like he does

Hurricanes are currently a - 3 point road chalk.

And that's surprising. Especially since Duke has played very good the past three games and the Canes have played like crap!

Reading Ron zook talk about golden is actually really comical. The stuff he says is so outrageous it reminds me of the dos Equis most interesting man in the world commercials.

Thank goodness the football geniuses on this blog never went into coaching.

JSY, that ron zook is probably Goldie's P.R. man. Albeit a P.R. man INCOGNITO. hUh

rboud, I guess you will be HAPPY and all GIDDY with Hurricane winning records of 8-4 or 9-3 and dare I say, 10-2 in the fast approaching future.

By the way, beginning in May and up til the first game, I foresaw a best case scenario record of 9-3 and a worst case scenario of 8-4.

So, I guess my touts will come to bloody FRUITION, rboud. hUh

FWIW... those remaining two road games will be Miami, Florida's TOUGHEST games of the season. Especially with the PSYCHE state the ENTIRE team is in now.

Oh, seeing that I like to take into consideration the INTANGIBLES angle. Both Duke and Pittsburgh will play their final home games on SENIOR DAY!!

And just like that, Miami gets the first win of the season in overtime on two made pressure free throws and a stop to seal the win.

Kelly looks as good as advertised, and Kirk looks like he's ready to try and replace Kadji. Still going to be a tough year to get to the tournament but the coaching will not be giving away many opportunities for his players to be successful and shelter their shortcomings from exposure, unlike Alverage .500.

"You know how Miami fans are. I'm not going to criticize them or praise the fans in any sort of way. It is what it is."

Morris responded Monday when told the chants for Williams were being made as UM's offense struggled.

And just what is it and how are we Miami fans Morris ? Son, many of us have been "Miami" fans since way before you were a gleam in your daddy's eyes. And if you were anymore than just a 4 year casual Cane you'd know what that means. The only thing you know about Miami tradition and it's fans is that you haven't lived up to either and probably never will.

"You know how Miami fans are." ?

No Stephen, how are we ?

Bet he was giggling n smiling when he answered those questions like he did being 3 Touchdowns standing on the sidelines in the 4th. quarter.

D - I agree with your prognostication. I was hoping for 9-3 and felt 8-4 would be acceptable for this team. I'm not happy with Coach D at this point either. I'll just say this. Even if he really does know what he's doing and understands the game, if he can't get his kids to follow his instructions you can't get rid of the kids, so you have to try a different coach. The current level of defensive ineptitude can't continue much longer. I just don't like the personal attacks on players, and to a lesser extent, coaches. I'm not accusing you of doing this.

Thank god you "fans" can't vote on who coaches a football team.

All emotion based hysteria on the blog for 3 days.

Young team still learning.

Golden said clearly at the start of the season "W'ere not back yet. We're still building" No one listened including the AP/ESPN rankings people.

And of the fire D'Onofrio crowd who hates the "zone" defense: we played more man-man with VT than all year and we got chewed up.

That means D'Onofrio knew his team was quite ready to dominate in man-man coverage.

They gave it a go last night to force Logan to make his own plays. And Logan played the game of his SEASON last night.

So did Steve Morris, when he had the opportunity- including the receivers.

But when you spot a team 3 touchdowns... that's hard for any team to come back from.

And these 3 major errors were committed by 2 freshmen and a center holding a sopping wet ball when he hiked it.

Lastly, you can't discount the emotional let down from the previous FSU loss.

That kind of let down happens at every program. Especially when you put your heart and soul into winning a game. These kids put every ounce of their energy into preparing and playing FSU.

Sometimes you come out spent for the next game, no matter how much you want it.

If any of you played competitive sports regularly, you would know this.

Keep screeching all you want.

This coaching staff is succeeding.

They aren't going anywhere.

Your demands will not be answered.

The real fans of college ball and UM football LOVE Al Golden for what he's showing and the fact he didn't abandon UM when the NCAA came calling.

He has loyalty to UM.

You haters here clearly don't have any loyalty or logical ability to see improvement in a program.

If the program finishes 9-3 + a bowl game it would still be a successful year.

None of you haters expected anything close to that this year.

So why you bitchin.... b*tches?

I told all of U I seen this coming, I will give you my knowledge of why...1. Our Schedule has been very weak and we struggled. 2. We hired an offensive coordinator with no experience. 3. Our QB can only do one thing, (deep-ball). 4. They say our QB is a leader, let me explain to you why he's not.. Golden asked him before the USF game if healthy and he lied. He lied again after the USF game. He said that a player from USF twisted his ankle during the game on purpose. USF went to the media and said they checked the tape and said it is not true at all. Morris then says the same day he wants to put it behind him. (as hurricanes we don't lie about twisted ankles). 5. I am a 30 year Canes fan and this defensive scheme is right down trash. Our coordinator will not be hired anywhere else for a job. (Maybe at division 2 school). 6. When Morris was hurt Al had the perfect time against those week teams that we beat by 40 to sit Morris and let Ryan get some starting time. 7. Our QB made a comment at the end of a game that our defensive leader gave a great speech (OUR QB ALSO SAID "HE" GAVE A GREAT SPEECH" You think he might be stuck on himself? 8.The U up and running don't struggle every weekend against week teams. 9.When you got a QB that can only throw a deep ball and a weak defense that spells trouble. Fact his buddy will take him down before Al can count to 3

Young team still learning.

Posted by: StormsCominBitches | November 11, 2013 at 09:55 PM

Did you really just say that ?

really ?

StormcominBitches.....U ARE TRULY LOST, WE ARE 7 - 2 BECAUSE WE PLAYED NOBODY, 3 of the teams we have played are 5 - 22 DO U UNDERSTAND THAT 5 - 22

and can someone please explain that 3rd and 17 play for me again... That's all we need to know about our DC.

Posted by: Dajediknight | November 10, 2013 at 09:17 AM

"Do you got him...no I thought you had him...what about him...I didn't have him...why would you think I had him, I thought you had him..."

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | November 10, 2013 at 09:30 AM

This one still has me rolling, ROFL!

and can someone please explain that 3rd and 17 play for me again... That's all we need to know about our DC.

Posted by: Dajediknight | November 10, 2013 at 09:17 AM

If you actually watched the game....

You would see 3 completely blown tackles that would have stopped VT short of a first down.

Is that players not plays?

Or were you guys expecting D'Onofrio to run out on the field to make a tackle himself?


rboud, is so proud that he found a way to slyly continue to throw the players under the bus by saying that "...U can't fire players, so it has to D'No...". Weak weak weak assertion and sly diss to the players U end your post asking for others not to attack???

As if D'No has to fall on a sword for the player's shortcomings and not his own schemes that have been exposed since game 1 of his tenure as DC. U are the type of dude that is currently pursuing coaching jobs. An obviously chip off the old D'No/Nittany block.

SBC, excuse + excuse + excuse + excuse doesn't = a "real" Cane fan.

Does "loyalty" cost $? Then why did Golden force UM to pay for his loyalty?

Just another Golden fan ala the Gators savior Tebow.

What proceeded the missed tackles?

Another completion to a wide open WR streaking underneath coverage.

The scheme made the missed tackles possible. The DBs had been chasing receivers all night and would've be less exhausted if they were asked to break up and challenge catches, instead of allowing them to speedy WR in full stride that they must tackle in the open field. Were there missed tackles...yes, but like any good bigot U fail to identify the root of issues or problems.


WestCoastCane faked his own death with that suicide note he left.

Only to reappear as the last words he wrote, "StormsCominBi%$hes", who only posts late night when everyone is off the blog. Why? Because he is on the west coast (time zone) lol!

btw, I'm heading to the Philippines today

God Bless U All

I'm on the west coast too. I'm gonna find that dude and talk him off of the ledge.


1. Schedule - We have limited control. I don't like playing Savannah St, waste of time for us.

2. OC - Dude is terrible, has to go.

3. Our QB can only do one thing - Disagree, his deep ball is a dart, one chance to catch, not good. He throws deep outs best, actually really good outside the numbers. SMO's problem is his foot work. He doesn't move his feet with eyes. He'll throw a check down with his arm..horrible. See no 3.

4. They say our QB is a leader - not sure, but at least he wanted to play. I put it on coaches. No one say him struggling to walk during those weeks? I tell my kid when he's sick, he doesn't need to inform me.

5. DC - I would pack this guy's house up and help him unpack at his new place. Does FIU need someone?

6. Record. Can't argue with and undefeated coaching staff, regardless of schedule. A coaching staff that doesn't make the conference championship game and eats 40+ points from a struggling offense, now you can question.

7. SMO likes himself, can't argue with that.

8.The U is not up and running...I know that you know this. Dino and Cooley have tied The U's laces together.

9.Dino is pulling Golden down with him. It will be interesting to see how this develops. Is Golden going to die with Dino or cut him loose? I can't tell. I'd cut him loose today, friend or not.

Dino post game...brutal. It's on WQAM.

Every score we cut a man loose or missed tackle?!?! 3rd and 17, even if someone is there, they would be in space, no help for 20 yards because, like an idiot, you've committed everyone to deep coverage.

Did Megatron and Dez Bryant appear on a VT film that caused you to go with this game plan?

donofrio is clearly on the hot seat. If Miami doesnt win the next 3 he has to be canned. Golden has to move on.

But the offense is clearly struggling. This isnt just Golden. It goes back 10 yrs.

Lamar Miller, dolphins- is a perfect example of our bad luck with running backs in the last 10 yrs since Gore left. Lat night against The Bucs- 7 carries 2 yards!!!!!!!!!!!

He used to do that with the canes.

Other than Duke, we have no home run hitter at rb. Worse yet, we have no one to pound the ball 30 times.

These kids cant block, cant hit holes, cant hold onto the ball, cant read a defense I mean, what is all this BS about south florida talent? Oh yeah they went elsewhere. Morris has now proven how overrated he was coming into this year. He is Jacorry Harris 2.0. Never mind the ankle- he did this asa freshmanand sophomore (throw lots of ints). I though under Fisch he turned his game around- I was wrong. He is no leader. He isnt smart. He cant check down. He holds onto the ball too long. He never throws the ball away. He can only do one thing: Throw the deep out.

Why cant we get a consistent playmaker on O and D?

Running man converage most ofthe night man please. What game were you watching. Fact is there are to many linebackers on the field when they no the team has to pass. They give way to much depth in zone getting us killed underneath. There's no disguise in coverage. Just line up and drop back and pray. Actually the defense doesn't play half bad in man coverage. The stay in your zone get's them beat cause their being told to do your job, and once the wr moves out their area or figure there going to pass through they relax and the wr has the whole in the zone. Take a look at how Tyrone Corneilus look puzzeld in all of efforts in zone coverage, should I stay with him or stay in my area. If he had moved with that wr for 3 more yards Thomas would have looked for another target, given him time to get back and the d line to get some pressure. That people is called man zone coverage.

Armbrister has been playing real good but no sight of him as of late, one of the better coverage backers.

Noles-35; Canes-14: late 3rd qtr, Canes ball in Noles' territory, 4th and 2. Why ask Duke to run through a fortified brick wall? Going for a yard, maybe; 2 yards, never, unless it was against Savannah State.

If good coaching is the art of putting a player in a position where he can succeed, why didn't we get the ball to Malcolm, or call a time-out? So disappointing, even if Duke didn't get crushed on that attempt.

I have a new plan! We're going to run a 6-2 defense, but drop all 6 linemen into 10 yard zones; LBs will drop to 15 yards; and our DB will start 15 yards off the ball, then drop to 30 yards. It's a new COVER 11 scheme that I've been working on for years at TEMPLE. That way we don't give up the big play. BEND DON'T BREAK!

Has anybody seen Five Titles and his BFF Ron Zook?
I need them to help me defend The Great Golden and Captain Onofrio from all these wolves.
I mean Golden still is the best coach in the Universe. Right?
These last 2 losses are obviously on the players. I mean there is only so little a Great coach like The Golden One can do.
What do you expect, is he to develop the talent? Or put the players in a position to succeed? You expect him to come up with some type of scheme to attack the opposition or to get the most out of his players. Next you going to say he is expected to make adjustments during the game and correct what is not working or counteract what the opponent is doing.
Who does that?
Now we have the eternal ACC power Duke looming large on the road. And then we get Virginia. Virginia who has our number and beats us while getting beat by everyone else. Are you going to blame The Great Golden for that too?
Don't forget we have to go play Pitt in the great white north to end the year. What a horror, the cold. Who can play in the cold?

Hilarious - acc blog on espn...sidebar vote - acc coach of the year -I submitted for david cutliffe...Alverage Golden received....0% of the vote. About right.

I was fully on board with AG until this VT loss. all the warning signs that the critics have been pointing out seemed like sour grapes and trollage....I have watched the last decade of canes fb just piddle in the lower middle...

Hope in 13! Well Founded Hope!


Weakest of schedules, a decent performance against an overrated rival, and then....the truth starts leaking out....

This is almost exactly the same team as last year, except in some ways, worse...

When I talk to my non canes friends about serious football considerations, it becomes ever more apparent that when one takes away the stats put up by both the offense and defense against the 5-22 group of early opponents...our numbers are not good. FAU. SVST. USF. Granted, throw in the 4-5 UF-who still put up @400 yds.

There's really no spinning it when you get outside the echo chamber. Everyone in the real world expected the FSU scenario. Not a shcoker.

When we got pummeled, pummeled, by a heretofore offensively struggling VT....ALL THE WEAKNESSES THAT HAVE PLAGUED THE PROGRAM since AG started came back into focus....that is: they all came down to coaching deficiencies.

There have been some decent points made in defense of the players - the FSU letdown, that VT is always a tough team, looking to rebound, wanting it more than we did...the fumbles, the punt....all true.

What gets glossed over in those analysis points - that the defense COULD. NOT. STOP the turnovers turning into points, even on a short field. NOT. ONCE.

Moreover, what progress on both sides of the ball has been shown this year in terms of the team showing grit in close games, unlike in the rs era, or even in the last two years, was nullified by ....bad playcalling and poor execution.

So much of the arguing on here goes between the players vs. the coaching....Any real honest person who cares about the game has to come down on the side that holds coaching responsible for the ultimate performance of the team.

UM was expected to win the coastal this year precisely because of the talent and experience of the team in its third year under stable leadership. So, we got an new OC, big whoop - FSU coaching and players lost...we are behind them right now - yes, we are and will be until

Alverage makes the right business decision and gets a marquee DC.

I love my Canes enough to root:
GO BLUE DEVILS! You deserve to win this division.

3rd and 17 + 3rd and 12 = 14
Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | November 09, 2013 at 11:55 PM

And this one too, ROFL!

The funny thing to me though is, coach goldie harping on the turn-overs and this and that, the one turn-over tht hurt us the most was the one where o'donnels knee touched the ground before kicking off, the other turn-overs didn't hurt, as normally, clown 500 did.

We've heard for 2 3/4 years now how coach goldie and clown 500 basically just talk about getting redzone stops. This whole defensive philosophy is based on relying on turn-overs, if not, getting redzone stops, so why was coach goldie and clown 500 complaining about the fumbles, getting teams in the redzone has been coach goldie and his minions whole game plan anyway, so if a team starts at the 50 what difference does it make, they were going to get there anyway.

put our Bid in for Muschamp, if he gets canned @ UF...he can recruit, coach DEF. (when healthy)..is aggressive, etc...

I KNOW it sounds sacreligious...but this play scared, don't get beat deep bullshizzy...IS NOT WORKING...RBs, TEs, WRs...are running FREE all over the place...QB has enough time to let guys run 40yrds across the field...WIDE OPEN...
GOD BLESS all of ya!

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