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$450 Best Buy shopping spree, roller-coaster debut, injuries to be announced?

What would you choose from Best Buy if someone gave you a $450 gift card and said you have to spend it all in one shot tonight?

The Hurricanes had that opportunity Monday when they took off on team buses bound for Best Buy. We'll find out tomorrow, when we get our first player access, what some of them got.


Hurricanes freshman offensive tackle Sonny Odogwu is a 6-8, 318-pound native of Nigeria whose voice became squeaky high Monday.

UM sports information assistant director David Villavicencio relayed this quick story that had us all laughing.

He said that the normally outgoing Odogwu, whose deep, powerful voice can be heard near and far, walked into breakfast with a barely audible voice.

Turns out Odogwo had an especially exciting time at Islands of Adventure.

"Roller Coaster,'' Odogwu told the other Canes in a squeaky, high-pitched voice. "First time.''


Those of you who remember the Orange Bowl Stadium's west end zone will reminisce when you see Miami's end zone on Saturday looking identical to the one that used to grace the Orange Bowl. A giant UM helmet on each side of the end zone faces inward, with the word Miami painted in the midde. 


 There wasn't a lot of news out there today, but tomorrrow could be different. The players will be available, and Coach Al Golden said they were "working through a couple'' injuries "right now. Monday is kind of our loose day. If they can't go by tomorrow then we'll have to release it as such.''

 That doesn't sound very promising.

 Golden said defensive end Anthony Chickillo, who had worn a boot a couple weekends ago because of an injured toe, was fine and practicing. 


Offensive coordinator James Coley indicated junior receiver Phillip Dorsett was ready to get back on the field full go. When asked if Dorsett was over the mental hurdle caused by the torn MCL he suffered against North Carolina in October, Coley said, "I did see it today. I saw it today for the first time, him pushing and running. He looked fast again. A little reckless out there, which is a good sign."


Who got better the past couple weeks since bowl practice began? Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio named linebacker Raphael Kirby, linebacker Jermaine Grace, cornerback Larry Hope and safety Jamal Carter.


Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, a Miami native who played at Northwestern High:

"I'm treating this game like any other game. No game is bigger than the next game. I go into every game with the same mindset of executing our offense, managing the offense and taking what the defense gives us.''

Louisville safety Calvin Pryor: "This would be a great win, coming off the Sugar Bowl win last year, and then having a chance to play Miami. If we can win, it would be a stepping stone for coach Strong and the program as we head into the ACC.''







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heard about this on the radio. nothing in the news or paper yet. You have got to be kidding me ? atleast nobody got hurt. but some heads will roll.

A significant portion of the Hilton Orlando at 6001 Destination Parkway in South West Orlando had to be evacuated early Tuesday morning due to fire alarms and reports of smoke around 1:30 am. Sources confirm that nearly 250 people, nearly one third of the hotels guests, were evacuated as 3 Full Brigades of Fire Fighters arrived within minutes to assess the situation. After nearly two and a half hours, at 4am, the all clear was given for guests to return to their rooms. Battalion Chief and spokesman Jim Monahan of Department 33 said, "There were multiple fire alarms that were pulled and engaged and what seemed to be a very significant smell and visual confirmation of a metallic smoke mostly associated with smoke bombs or cherry bombs." The University of Miami Football team is in Orlando to play the Louisville Cardinals next Saturday night in the Russell Athletic Bowl . There were several confirmed reports by evacuated guests that many, if not more than half of the 250 guests that were escorted to a safe area outside the Hotel, seemed to be Football players wearing University of Miami attire. But they were all corralled very quickly by what seemed to be Coaches and Administrators to a different area outside the Hotel. Battalion Chief and spokesman Jim Monahan declined to comment about the cause of the alarm and said a full scale investigation was already underway and taken very seriously. A spokesman for the Hilton Orlando also declined comment until the Fire Departments investigation is complete.

Further updates as they are made available.

-Orlando Live Eye Blog- -Orlando Sentinel-

Orlando area is a great get a way spot. That's funny that Sonny Odogwu had a new adventure.

I truthfully look forward to this game and success for these Miami players.

I hope, for everyone, that Al Golden has an opportunity to gain employment somewhere else.

So the administration and boosters of influence can chose a coach that is responsive to success on the football field.

At the rate these young men are graduating and committed, currently, to doing all the things necessary to succeed in life.

Orlando Rob, you typed that word for word from what you heard on the radio? Impressive.


Visiting the Canes, where they have a real offense, rather than a no OC no offense team that he currently mistakenly committed to. Who is going to throw to you in trailerville, JC?

Williams and Kaaya are both better than anything they have up there, and we run an offense that makes NFL playmakers. Just look at the NFL All Pro names and see how many went to the U.


Top scorer in the 20 yard shuttle? Canes commit. Adding some speed at WR this year? Canes.

Going back to our discussion about how academic standards are stopping Miami from getting some of the top players out there?


4 star, from the same school that we are snagging other stars from, highly recruited, but we can't even offer to him because he won't meet our tougher academic standards. West Virginia has no such limitations, so he is going to WVU instead. THAT is why Louisville, WVU, and some other schools have so many local players, because in some cases, they have on the field talent, but not the classroom skills.

I wish we did not do that, because the Frank Gore story, so overcoming dyslexia in college, as well as injuries, is a lesson for young men that does not have the same potency when it is done at WVU or Louisville.

I believe we have one exception per year. We should be able to use the sanctions as a reason to loosen that rule, and get more young locals a better chance at success that way.

There are great coaches in Pop Warner programs and beyond that express to the kids the importance of great grades with the great talent.

It will never be a valid excuse that the University of Miami's admission policies are the root of lesser football success.

That was not an excuse when Randy Shannon's teams provided the best graduation rates, ever, of all of Miami's coaches. Because the success on the football field was the basis of his employment.

No one will ever get that as an excuse for failure on the football field at the University of Miami.

ChampCane, I hope you didn't think I was excusing losses through that.

Our losses came about due to bad talent, bad luck, and bad coaching. Our wins came about due to good talent, good luck, and bad coaching.

Even with the players we could not get, there were plenty of others to get, so that was not my issue. My issue was that I wish that we could make more room for those struggling players, and coach them up in the classroom as well.

Sorry if that wasn't clear.


"Our wins came about due to good talent, good luck, and good coaching."

I am sure that nobody will try to twist a mistake like that one, but wanted to be sure I was clear.

Good stuff from both champ and five. I knew about the standards being higher, but never related it to other teams in particular, like lousyville and wvu. Have a great Christmas canes fans, see ya Saturday. My drive is only 30 minutes this time, I like that. Baseball comes to Stetson, 5 minutes from home, great to see games without the travel. GO CANES BEAT LOUSYVILLE

Ron Zook do you project your thoughts onto golden, bc how the f would you know what he feels and thinks.
Posted by: jsy | December 23, 2013 at 10:47 PM

When he has his head as far as he does up moron goldie's rectum as he does, that guy actually intercepts & see's goldie's thought before he do!

Thanks deland, and enjoy those Canes! I wonder if this is Morris' retirement tour, but they are 13th and should be a contender this year. But still thinking mostly football right now....

I like the WEST END ZONE idea, but their will never be a place like that again. That was a special place in a special stadium. Go Canes

Reports from Orlando area Best Buy store that one Mark Onofrio showed up with several $450 gift cards trying to buy a "clue". When informed that know how and common sense are not for sale reports say he started muttering something about converting a TE into a DE and if the store had a "gizmo" that could help him do that. After being denied again he left the store and was seen wandering into a nearby Walmart where the sad scene repeated itself.
He then asked directions for the Magic Kingdom and asked if the magicians there would be able to help him find what he was looking for.
He was last seen hitch hiking on I 4.......
more to come........

Keep the admission standards the same... lower the standards to let better "athletes" qualify for admission is a slap in the face to the rest of the student body. College, after all, is about higher education. When "fans" who didn't even attend The U, call for lowering the admission standards so the team we root for can get better football players, it's a kick in the fumble nuts to the student athletes who pushed themselves in the classroom as well as on the grid iron. Those fans need to stop trying to equate our college football team's success as their personal accomplishments...


Delandcane, enjoy those Canes in your hometown. It should be one of the better bowl games of the year.

Full disclosure... While I do have a college education, I didn't attend Miami...

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 24, 2013 at 12:15 PM

I'm glad you talk about saying "absolutely nothing...appearances and politics..."
Because that's what the know-nothing rhetorical questions on this blog are all about. Check it:

1. Show me just ONE year that U had a Higher Ranked Strength of Schedule than the Gators. Any of U Canes show n tell me. Just ONE and I'll never come back here.

U can't, end of discussion.

Posted by: []_[]'VE BEEN DONNED []_[]pon !!! | December 23, 2013 at 01:53 PM

2. Seriously, has either Golden or D'Onofrio's particular team defenses been in the LEGITIMATE TOP 35 rung. Let alone a Top 25 defense. While Thee Carpetbagger's were at VIRGINIA or TEMPLE. dUh

Posted by: D | December 22, 2013 at 04:51 PM

3. So why doesn't the offense look just as bad with the same trashy leftovers, cloud, and negative recruiting, and COACHING TURNOVER!

The offense is still tops in the acc unlike the 'efense!

Spin that

Posted by: Nash | December 22, 2013 at 10:14 PM

And there you have it. Each of these profoundly moronic rhetorical questions refuted by facts! Facts that they could have easily found themselves had they been interested in anything more that propaganda. What gets me is the zeal with which they ask this nonsense...Now you can go back and read what I posted earlier and see if it makes more sense. : )

December 24, 2013 at 10:59 AM
December 24, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Next Man []_[]p aka Mahoney-Pearson, you are as free to post absolutely anything you want. The previous post has one person, that donned dude, that is a lunatic. You don't argue with lunatics like him.

But those others, especially HTC, absolutely and completely destroyed you in their complete post. That was not surprising left out of the edited post you made.

That is my outside view of that matter.

So she me that post. The one that destroyed me and explain how it did that.

I hope, for everyone, that Al Golden has an opportunity to gain employment somewhere else.

Posted by: ChampCane | December 24, 2013 at 08:00 AM


Funny enough...we have the same hope for you Champcane!!

Merry Christmas!!

Full disclosure... While I do have a college education, I didn't attend Miami...

Posted by: Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger In All of College Football | December 24, 2013 at 11:54 AM


Curse, sweetheart, I know you are still upset that I convinced Chris Freet to ban you from the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, but that was an act of kindness by me as your mental illness was spinning out of control...you're welcome!!

Merry Christmas!!

I am not the administrator of this blog. I am an unpaid commenter on this blog, like most of these others.

But you previously posted that prior post in response to it. In the same exact original article.

The one I responded with this: Damn, that was as thorough a internet asre whipping I have ever read, HarrietTubmanCane

And he responded with this: And I'll be here to hand him his arse again when he does so.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 24, 2013 at 12:34 PM

What makes Al Golden the best coach in all of college football? Many things! He held the program together when it should have gone the root of SMU after their NCAA beat-down. He has instilled pride back into the program and invited former Canes greats to once again be positive influences on the current players after being run off by Randy Shannon. He has instituted the U-Tough program that has already produced extraordinary results and will be even more productive as the highly talented type of players Miami has been use too signing join the program. He is better organized that any coach to have ever walked the "U's" sidelines. His understanding of the game and experience is massive and includes first-hand knowledge of both the college and Pro game. He is brilliant in the X's and O's of the game and produces Bill Belichick types of game plans. His recruiting prowess is feared by all of the major schools knowing he will soon own the hotbed of recruiting, South Florida and that means championships. He is very smart inside and outside of football that allows him to garner badly needed PR for the Canes that helps in recruiting and Polls that will help secure votes from those who have been Canes haters in the past. He has already proven to be a great game day coach as most every close game the Canes have been involved in they've won. He has improved every player that he has coached going back to his days at Boston College, Virginia, Penn State, etc. and his positive impact on current Canes players on many levels, which is evident to anyone that is being honest. His goal setting is clear, concise and understandable by his players. He instituted summer camps that are huge recruiting tools. He has gone to the student body to enlist their loyalty knowing that is an area that will promote more attendance and also create a buzz on the campus that serves to inspire the players, he's a leader of men and today's Miami players love the man and would follow him into war and fight hand to hand combat against others with high powered weapons...AND HE'S A WINNER!!

The above is just a small sampling of what Al Golden offers as...THE BEST COACH IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

Merry Christmas and may God bless one and all!!

Zook we got your back...Great piece!!!.

Don't forget "meek muslims" like tubwoman will take affront to your Christmas greeting.

At the U we care about Honesty and Reality to make our 'Canes return to our Legacy. We walked our Campus with a sense of pride and respect for all in the Miami family.

tubwoman in her senility, rails against anything positive said about the 'U'. so get ready.
Merry Christmas Zooker.
Go 'Canes

Thank you UGoCane!!

Being kind--Harriet is a fart in the wind...she temporarily stinks the place up and then, thankfully, gets blown away.

Full disclosure... While I do have a college education, I didn't attend Miami...

Posted by: Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger In All of College Football | December 24, 2013 at 11:54 AM


Curse, sweetheart, I know you are still upset that I convinced Chris Freet to ban you from the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, but that was an act of kindness by me as your mental illness was spinning out of control...you're welcome!!

Merry Christmas!!

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 24, 2013 at 01:29 PM

Nice try but I don't even read the Sun Sentinel so you most be talking about somebody else... what's even funnier is that you "convinced" somebody to ban somebody else from a blog.. why would you cry to somebody else and try to get somebody banned? That's weak dude... I might just go over to the Sun Sentinel blog and call your soft arse out on that site.

What happened to all the Christmas spirit and cheer???

Where are your families at, why are yall on a blog on Christmas Eve LMAO!!

Its Al Golden's birthday tomorrow and yall aren't in celebratory moods??

Again U don't post about or represent UM's football team, U just worship its coach. Everything positive posted about him that neglects or disparages the other aspects of the team--is what draws my ire.

This is a Canes blog, not a Al Golden blog, he aint UM...sorry.

Here's a great stocking stuffer though


With improved U-Tough grip!

"Antagonism will get U nowhere", but U stay coming here with it every single day, including once again today. U start the blogging day with a negative post to other bloggers as if we are supposed to wake up and think of a post UGoGolden might want to read. Listen, the posts at the top of the page are from paid journalists who UM has and can influence--the comments below are not. so U have to be prepared to read just about anything being said. Manny and Susan are responsible for making U smile as U sip your coffee, not the bloggers in the comments section.

U rail about repetition, but every single morning U begin the day with same posts. Also, again, If U read the posts that U don't like, none of them are initially attacking U personally, but they are either attacking Golden personally *or* simply questioning his ability to produce a NC contending team at UM. These are the posts (none directed at U personally) that U repeatedly get upset about and *respond to with insults*, bytching and moaning.

Why do U continue to take a open, free, blogging forum to heart and furthermore, continue to pick internet verbal quarrels with those who aren't even thinking nor posting at U unless they are responding to your insults?

U are being called a "whiner" because U repeatedly keep moaning about what U are supposedly being *forced* to read here everyday. Not because U say positive things about Golden--why would that be considered "whining"?

Twist, deny, insult discredit, deflection and finally project--blogging style of the bigots still in full effect I see.

U don't post about the U, U post about the Greatness of Al Golden, where are your posts that shed a positive light on the players? They don't exist. U come here to read sermons and praise for another man God.

And cut the inferiority complex, suicide letter stuff, no one is more narcissistic than someone who comes here everyday to mouth off at other people and tell them what to think.

the proof is in the posts. Mine are usually reactionary in nature, to rebuke the worship and pushed for his guaranteed employment over the best for this football program. Thats the agenda that I've exposed and rebutted to the anger of your last post. Y'all are exposed and U upset about it.

"Twisting reality"--would that encompass the use of *stats* in my posts that prove that coaching is an issue on the team? Your posts NEVER provide stats or facts, if anyone cares to read them, its all "one day", "stay the course", "eventually", "rebuild"...again "process"...of Golden learning on the job in his 8th year as a HC (see the usage of facts and stats), "in two more years" etc.. Now are these words realistic or words of hope? And *now* (new thought for today) if a person does't believe in those words of hope then they think they're superior to them. HUH?? Go lay back down old man, and try to wake up on the other side of that mattress.

I'm supposed to feel bad for exposing turncoats? Not.

Its all about this U, not Its All About Al Golden. If U can't deal with that then skitdaddle. Kick rocks.


Runs to administrators when he reads something that challenges his weak mental stability like a whipped child to behind his mom's skirt, or Alverage to the media podium for softball questions when Duke lays the smack down on his game plan, helps make him, THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING.

Full disclosure, I did go to the University of Miami.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

This blog is for the exchange of ideas and observations. I am not a regulator of others thoughts.

There was a request for proof of a comment I posted.

The previous post is the one I responded to this way:

Damn, that was as thorough a internet asre whipping I have ever read, HarrietTubmanCane.

Not that I had anything to do with the original discussion. I am responding to a request. But I also follow my own advice and use restraint when posting to lunatics.


Was it my post wishing everyone Merry Christmas and God's blessings that caused the verbal diarrhea machine, Harriet and her various aliases, to go on tilt?

In fairness, I rarely read all of his nonsense and only scan his clueless diatribes, but the few words I did read were the typical writing of a narcissist.

Like I said before, Harriet is like a bad fart that stinks the place up, but is almost immediately blown away.

Yet, God loves all his children...

What row and section is THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING sitting in to get a good view of his favorite golden shower spigot on Saturday I wonder?

What's that? He won't be in the stadium to watch THE WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY get undressed for the fourth time in the last six games to end the year?


It's a Ganes thing, he never understands.

I am playing in my Corporate office looking for a mattress for tubwoman.

Zook no need to be kind...as we said on Campus "
There she blows...directly in the wind...I smell a stink....

No coat, no mattress, no rocks...but takes time to demean our Coach every time .
Then exclaims to everyone..I support the 'Canes BUT.. BUT..ad infintum.
Hung up on "worship " aren't you????...

NO spirit and cheer for you as you are not SUPPOSED to drink!!!.
Just go ahead and wish Al Golden a Happy Birthday tubwoman all will be forgiven!!!!. Double dare ya.
Go 'Canes

Nope it wasn't your well-wishes of holiday bliss, it was actually this post that started the blog day on a negative tilt.

Posted by: UGoCane | December 24, 2013 at 09:58 AM

That set the tone, if U want to check the last blog headline posts comments.

God doesn't have children (literally), just creation idiot. This explains your belief in Golden's divinity lol!

"...my corporate office.." but I'm the narcissist?? Self-promotion, grandstanding, and wanna-be elitist behaviors don't impress everyone. Explains why U slurp and are so caught up in the agenda to honor and preserve mediocrity--thats the corporate way.

"NO spirit and cheer for you as you are not SUPPOSED to drink!!!.
Just go ahead and wish Al Golden a Happy Birthday tubwoman all will be forgiven!!!!. Double dare ya."

What are U talking about LOL! Don't jump out that motel 2nd floor window, U aren't up high enough UGoGolden lol!

Where is your family and if u are sooo important and "corporate", then why are U here?

116th in total defense last year, 78th in total defense this year, two embarrassing losses, not to mention wins where but for the offense......would have been losses. No amount of bloviating or hyperbolic claims of greatness can change that. Real knowledgable fans will be tuned in to see what kind of defensive game plan this staff comes up with for Saturday. At this point however I have no faith in this DC, but it must be great to receive on the job training at a school like Miami

The WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING sure does love reposting others thoughts on here between golden shower spigot baths. But why are they all associated with people who went to or covered UF all the time, is he secretly trying to tell us he's really nothing but a troll, OK, maybe not so secretly trying? To whit;

Jeremy Fowler joined CBS in September after two seasons covering the Minnesota Vikings for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and two years covering the Florida Gators for the Orlando Sentinel.

It's a Ganes thing, he'll never understand.

And who brags about running to the principal? Chicos, Zoe's, Bruhs, and everybody I know born and raised in Dade don't go running to a message board administrator.......put your big girl Vicki secrets on and deal with the fact that all of us aren't impressed with this DC. Some of us might not agree on whether Golden is the guy, but I have never, never, ever in my life heard a real Canes fan refer to the fan base as dumb and clueless, ever. That to me sounds like an insult from an outsider. A Canes game at the Ol Girl was the one place that people from all walks of Miami were truly one....attacking the fan base, and the players, the majority of whom are home grown is something a real Canes fan would never do, ever. The fan base has always been skeptical of new coaches until they prove themselves, so the fact that Golden stuck through a NCAA investigation......(slow clap)...... Now show me something on the field that I can be proud of, cuz we don't do 500 yards a game in the bottom, we ain't about that life,

I as a 'Cane fan, love the fact that AG is our HC. He stayed with us after getting hit by the NCAA investigation and our record has improved from year to year. Now that the NCAA fog has lifted, AG can work his recruiting magic.

Yes, the losses to VT and Duke are embarassing, but the fact it is, games like this happen when the team is being rebuilt. VT did move the ball in their losses to BC and Duke but managed to find the end zone when they played us. In 2012, VT lost to us and that was a good win with the D we had. So, we are improving steadily. This is not a case of "soft bigotry of low expectations". It is called being realistic in the face of the NCAA mes.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate Christmas and Happy Holidays to others.

"That was not surprising left out of the edited post you made. That is my outside view of that matter."

Posted by: ChampCane | December 24, 2013 at 01:03 PM


The other stuff was not relevant to the subject, which gets lost in the nonsense and personal garbage, that's why I didn't include it. It takes the reader away from the point of my post. However it's there for everyone to see in its original form. Be entertained, join the discourse, do whatever you want. Your play-by-play doesn't bother me at all.

The point of my post still remains there are a group of posters who care nothing about reality and would rather ask rhetorical nonsense to further propaganda about the []_[]. A point for which I supplied examples. If you'd like to comment on that you're free to do so as well.

But whatever you do, just provide context, examples, and or proof if you feel compelled to post. That's all i'm saying.

Now, since i'm not personally here to be destroyed, how did he destroy my point about the dumb rhetorical questions?

Strength of Schedule is misleading in some cases, but thats why all those years Michigan and ohio st and some times Penn st were 11-1 12-0 Because they had 1 big game all year and Ohio state most years(go look it up) plays 8 home games 4 road games. All out of conf games at home. Plus the bIG 10 has had 11 teams for 2o years and now they have what 12-14 teams?

They need to stop calling it the big 10

Pac 10 changed names right away to pac 12.. Idiots

The old canes schedules under jimmy johnson in 1 year used to have Notre dame, Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Virginia Tech, some loaded teams

Oh and to the above posted. SEC always sucked until maybe 9 years ago or so. Alabama was good 1 time every 3-4 yrs, Auburn sucked, LSU always was a 8-3 9-2 7-4 team, So Carolina Sucked, Georgia had their herschel walker years, ..........

Yeah spending $450 at Best Buy is extremely easy. I could do that in 5 seconds.

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