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Al Golden Q&A with media on Friday

Opening statement

"We were on the road all week, and we’re excited to be out on the field tonight and again tomorrow for the last two open practices, and then we’ll great into our preparation for Louisville and the Russell Athletic Bowl. I missed an opportunity to visit since the bowl announcement, but clearly we’re grateful for the opportunity to go to the Russell Athletic Bowl, to play in Orlando, and let our kids experience the sites and attractions and the community in Orlando, and get a great opponent in Louisville. Our kids are excited, I think they’re grateful. They’ve been through a lot the past two years, and they have not been able to have this opportunity. I thought after we talked last weekend, that [the conversation] resonated in the way they practiced. Hopefully we’ll see that again here tonight and tomorrow. They’re practicing with a purpose, they’re excited, and clearly they have a really tough opponent coming up."

On the younger players who impressed during the first weekend of bowl practice…
“Just jumping around, I think Taylor Gadbois and Alex Gall were two guys that really benefited from that. I think both of those guys stepped up and showed that they’re capable, so we’re going to continue to push them and get them ready here for the bowl game. Those are two guys that come to mind. I told [Raphael] Kirby again today, I thought he really grew up last week and played with low pad level and ran and took charge of it. He needs to do that. In Jimmy [Gaines’] absence, he needs to be able to do that. If he keeps practicing like he did last week, he’ll carve out more playing time. I thought Jamal Carter really great up and answered the call for us. 

“There were a lot of guys who really competed. There were others, a lot of guys that really competed. You got that sense when you were out there, that it meant something to them. Clearly now with a lot of the veterans coming back, there will be more competition. We’re still going to see a lot of those young guys, but this time it will be against guys like Allen Hurns, Stephen Morris and Brandon Linder, which should make the competition all the more better.”

On the challenges for his secondary of facing Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater…
“We have to play really well. This is a very talented young man. He has great command on the offense. I don’t want to intimate you at all, that I’ve studied everything I can about them, we’re going to do that about 11 a.m. Sunday. We’re going to take two whole days to do that. Clearly we see enough Thursdaynight games or Friday nights to see the young man is talented. He has speed, good corps of receivers, knows how to distribute the football, doesn’t make many mistakes with the football, can move in the pocket. It’s going to be a great challenge for our corners and safeties. Those guys are going to be challenged again tonight to improve, compete and get better. Certainly we’re not where we want to be yet, in every facet of the game – not just corners and safeties.”

On his satisfaction with safety play, specifically Rayshawn Jenkins and Deon Bush…
“I think your comment is fair. We need to continue to be more physical and more consistently physical. Deon clearly has been hampered all year. Hopefully every time we were hoping we were going to see Deon…he came up with a hamstring recently and before that, his groin. Hopefully we’ll see him get healthy here and finish off the season well. With Rayshawn, it’s continuing to trust the process and be consistent. Not your highs be high and your lows be low – just continue to be consistent, and we have to to get that play out of him, there’s no question about it." 

On how he has seen freshman Stacy Coley improve over the first weekend…

“I think Allen [Hurns] has been a great mentor for him. He has learned how to prepare. I keep saying to you guys, his talent is really good. He has excellent talent. But what’s allowing him to play at a high level and have so many explosive plays is [that] he’s trustworthy. We give him a lot of plays. It’s really a great example of ‘Hey, if you want to increase your role in a game, master the ones we give you.’ He has done that. It hasn’t always been easy for him, as you guys can recall. He didn’t start off the season the way he wanted to, let alone how we wanted him to do. He fought through it and continued to get better every day. This is a young man who can be a great model for a lot of young players out there for how to prepare, how to study, and how to article that. Mike James talked to our team in the spring, when he got back from the NFL Combine, about being able to regurgitate it and being able to articulate it. This young man, no matter what we ask him – he’s very loud and proud in the meetings. He tells James [Coley] or Brennan [Carroll] or the offense exactly what he’s going to do on a play – with conviction. That leads to a lot of trust. There is a preparation element in there that really exceeds his age.”

On the health improvements of junior Phillip Dorsett…
“I’m expecting him to be healthy, I really am. I’m as anxious as you. I’ve been out all week. I think we have a green light with him. We should see Phillip back to normal, which hasn’t been the case since the North Carolina game for us. We would love to have Phillip back - he was really having a heck of a year when he got hurt.

“I think he has had a great attitude. He fought, fought, fought and got really close, and really we thought we would have a chance with him in the Virginia game but it wasn’t quite right. There were a couple plays in Pitt when he got in, but not to have the impact of the game that he wanted to have. Clearly on offense we were doing well, so it got to a point where [we said] “Do we really need to put him in?” I know he’s anxious to get back out there, and hopefully we’ll see him out there today.”

On how closure to the NCAA investigation has affected his staff’s ability to recruit…
“I don’t know if it’s ever easy, but what energizes your staff when you go out? What motivates it and what drains it? Clearly you can understand almost every high school we left, we left answering 20 questions about something we didn’t have any answers about. We did that for 28 months. It’s very difficult to recruit under those circumstances.

“We didn’t have the opportunity to have tonight - we’ll have 30 or 40 juniors out there from South Florida. We haven’t had that opportunity. We haven’t been provided that opportunity. It feels totally different. You’re not going to get them all. There are other good opportunities for kids and all that, but at the end of the day, we feel like we’re on a level playing field for the first time. It’s unfortunate it comes at the tail end of our third class, but nonetheless, it gives us a chance to finish this one and start the 2015 class with a fresh slate. There has been a lot of positive energy out there, and we’re just excited to move forward. You can feel the difference.”

On the difficulty of recruiting dominant interior linemen…
“When I answer the question, it’s hard to answer without reflecting on the players that are currently in the program. What head coach and what defensive coordinator doesn’t want dominant defensive players? We have to continue to develop the young men we have, but I don’t think it’s a secret we need help on the defensive line, help on the front seven. 

“I think everybody understands that, and I think that’s reflected in our numbers of guys we have committed at those positions. We were not given the opportunity to recruit the type of full class we wanted to recruit last year. We’re making up for it right now. We were looking at 16 commitments going into Signing Day a year ago. If you’re on a regular ‘Year Two’ schedule, that number probably would have been 23, 24 or 25. Here we are the following year trying to make up for that. It’s been a challenge. There were a lot of places we would have loved to fortify our positions a year ago, we weren’t given that opportunity. We gave up a lot so we can move forward now, so let’s move forward.”

On if he has a plan to divide the scholarship reductions …

“I do. I don’t know if I want to share that at this time, just because we’re working through it. Again, it seems very simple, because now they quantified it for us and made it a static number. You can deal with a static number. Last year, I had no idea how many I was going to have - before Signing Day, after Signing Day, right until after we kicked off the ball. Now that we have an idea, I feel like we can plot a course. Clearly I don’t recommend anybody running their business that way. It’s hard.”


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Please fined someone with the ability to read and comprehend explain my post to you.

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 13, 2013 at 01:32 PM

pretty much sums it all up right there.

Had we been able to recruit some solid defensive tackles and an anchor at nose guard I believe Perryman would have been, one of, if not the best linebacker in UM history.

If you don't have a defensive line--you have nothing!

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 13, 2013 at 03:19 PM

And wasn't THE GREATEST COACH IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL in charge of recruiting in 2011-2012-2013 ?

And yet not a single ONE ALL-ACC D-Line player past-present-future is on the present roster ?

It is my belief that once the defensive line is stocked with more talent it will be one of those deals where all boats (defensive players) will rise with an incoming tide.

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 13, 2013 at 03:19 PM

So, is that how it works ? Ye ol delusional one, Goldy's entire front D-7 depth chart roster looks like a gaggle of Ransom Everglades sailing class Dinghys on South Biscayne Bay going around in circles and running into one another like those 1970's little Electronic Football Game Players hooked arm n arm dancin the doe-se-doe.

But do tell us all about those DT's that aren't sign yet for 2014 before at least 2 of the 4 bolt to Top- Programs... Oh and ALL those Stud Linebacker difference makers to that will come in next year and dominate.

"Its easy to grin when your ship comes in
and you've got the stock market beat
but the man worthwhile is the man who can smile
when his shorts are too tight in the seat."

Loosen ur belt and let the blood flow back up into Ur pea brain Zooker.

Thankfully, the constant lies by the haters are not going to stop Al Golden from taking Miami back to championship football, unless he tires of the nonsense and accepts a job with one of the major programs that will surely be calling him. And should Texas, as only one example, come calling for Al and he says he wants to bring Mark D'Onofrio as his Defensive Coordinator the Long Horn hierarchy will do their due diligence and tell Al to bring him along. Should Al decide to leave Miami, the coaching community will see the Miami program as a pariah much like they did after the Coker firing and hiring a flag football coach will be a challenge and then...lookout below!

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 13, 2013 at 05:52 PM

Coach Golden dressed as Sanny ClaUse comes in TWELVE DAYS ZOOKER !!! Don't forget to leave out the Orange n Green Kool-Aide and Ur list of Unranked n 2-Star recruits that U want that will be Future Cane All-Americans, National Champions and future NFL HOFer's !



Does this nUt job really have Goldy as a candidate for the Texas job and Long Horn hierarchy doing their due diligence to let Al bring Mark D'Onofrio as his Defensive Coordinator along with him when hired... Such Comedy n Tragedy, I can't decide whether it's a sad Cane sickness or the funniest thing I've ever heard this Spaghetti Brain Cane EVER say...

He trUly is ALLLLLL Urs Cane fan... My sincere Heartfelt Condolences.

Miami is loading up on the defensive side of the ball, especially tackles. Five-star recruit Chad Thomas, 4-star recruit Demetrius Jackson and 4-star recruit Anthony Moten will eventually anchor a line that was pushed all over the field the past few years.


Posted by: Ron Zook | December 13, 2013 at 08:25 PM

Chad Thomas... 240lb D-End

Demetrius Jackson... 225lb D-End

Anthony Moten... 275lb projected tweener D-End

Not that the delUded Propagandise Un-truth matters.

It just really hit me, the Ron Zook loon really does believe all the crazy things he says and isn't kidding when he thinks that a Top-Program will come calling for Al Golden and his buddy D-Coordinator based on all his success in Miami and how the NCAA has made life for him that of a WW-2 Prisoner of War... Heck, I almost feel bad.

Ron Zook, I'm sorry, U really can't help that U are the living and breathing Miami Hurricane fan clone of the Patton Oswalt character as Paul Aufiero in the 2009 movie Big Fan. I really thought a lot of what U threw out there was tongue n cheek for kicks but now I realize, like most psychologically involved and overly emotionally invested fans like Urself, U really do see things the way U do and simply cannot help Urself.

I sincerely hope that U Coach Ur Miami Hurricanes to Win the X-Box EA Sports College Football 2014 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and get that 6th. Ring that U've craved for after waiting so long for it in Ur lil Fantasy World.

There are some guys in the front 7 and on the dl who can become a force. Earl moore for one, Chick would of had beter stats but its clear they didn't have to worry about anyone else on dline so he got doubled all the time. The first class of goldens he had 4 commits when he took job in december and in a months time had to take what he could get so his first class doesn't count not really. His last 2 classes have added a ton of star power, Guys like mccord and kirby, grace but they lost out on kids like keith bryant due to ncaa investigation. U act like the ncaa investigation and coaches telling kids miami was gonna get the death penalty didn't take away from recruiting. yet golden managed to do ok and in his 2 full classes added some future stars to miami like howard bush, burns, kirby, grace, coley, duke johnson so forth. Now that ncaa is off his head u are seeing the type of dl prospects he can recruit and once they come in and mature this d will be dominant.

It's never going to be good enough for some posters here. Whoever we get will be too light, too small this or that. Whatever. The bottom line is they'll never be happy until we hire someone who wins like a Saban, which will never happen. I don't understand the complete bashing of Golden. Yeah, the defense has been bad, I get that. Still, who did we have up front besides Perryman and maybe Chickillo? A lot of recruits never made it to school or left. Of course, we want to improvement in the defense over the next few years. If there's not, then we can talk about a new coach or at least a new DC. Until then, a little support would be nice. The whole idea that the Hurricanes should dominate college football like they once did is absurd. Still, UM should be better than 8-4 every year and compete for an NC in some years.

Is it me or do those Al Golden quotes sound senseless?

You actually still read these ChampCane? It's better just to tune them out and watch the games so you don't waste time with a coach that leads the Hurricanes to getting blown out by 18 to Duke in football.

I sincerely hope that U Coach Ur Miami Hurricanes to Win the X-Box EA Sports College Football 2014 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and get that 6th. Ring that U've craved for after waiting so long for it in Ur lil Fantasy World.

Posted by: RON ZOOK IS THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME COACH OF ALL TIME !!! | December 13, 2013 at 11:18 PM

or fantasy coach of all time , or FANTASY COACH OF ALL TIME , ? , ! , ?

"""Is it me or do do those Al Golden Quotes sound senseless?"""

It's bloody coachspeak Champ. What do you expect him to say? "Our defensive line pretty much stinks but we're trying to coach them up but some guys are either thick or were recruited by Shannon & don't like white coaches and b/c of that don't lay it on the line and give it their all." No he has to speak in platitudes. Most coaches speak the same way in i. Then you got your Mike Leach. Me I'm gonna practice some patience. He's a good recruiter but it's still gonna take 2 more great classes not including the 2014 class. I think losing our OC Jed Fisch to the Jax Jags last year hurt our offense a little bit but I also think Golden erred in not replacing Stephen Morris with Ryan Williams after he was injured in the NC game. Morris would have healed quicker and RW would have been just as effective if not more than SM. Injured or not.

It's amazing how childish some people act when they have the anonymity of the internet. The sad part is, this is who they really are, and who they are in person is the act. Good luck with that. I bet it really hurts to look in the mirror.

excuse after excuse......al golden is always back peddling his weak accomplishments.....

duke played in the acc title game...there's your answer, and you saw how bad duke REALLY was.....

almost every player this year in key positions was a SENIOR.....sanctions had nothing to do with not winning the weak coastal division....all his talk is psycho-babble....

2010 - Randy Shannon
total offense - 5499 yards #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards #22 rank

2013 - al golden
total offense - 5362 #39
total defense - 4989 #76

no divison championships
no bcs bowl invitations
no conference titles

and when ncaa goes to playoff brackets next year not to mention their scheduled....UM at best will be 6-6 and that is a gift.....UM will never be able to advance in the new playoff system....they would have to advance 4 times just to get to the semis.....

this coaching staff is way too weak....only the very best will be able to survive the new bracketed system....

UM must make a change that is a "game changer"......fickle votes from sports writers and coaches are long gone.....now you have to finally earn a bcs berth.....

UM goes nowhere.....

I really don't think UL is preparing for this game. if I'm Teddy, I want to throw 25 times and then 7 of those passes are touchdowns. I run QB sneaks similar to those of VT.

Then, for the home state fans, I light up the scoreboard. Then show UM what it's missing due to the fact that it disrespected RS.

Teddy is a program changer. Just imagine if Petrino was still there. Heck they'd stop UL games in the 3rd quarter.

On O, SM must match the point total of UL. There simply is no other way.

it would be identical to march madness in basketball.....UM would get knocked off EARLY with no QB and next year UM has nothing at QB.....

weather your placed in the east - south - midwest or west......there will be 3/4 crushing teams UM would have to face just to get to the semi finals.....mark dnofrio gets your there, lmaooooo...thats a good one with his 500 yards per game on defense....

typo whether...

Now that ncaa is off his head u are seeing the type of dl prospects he can recruit and once they come in and mature this d will be dominant.

Posted by: mainecane | December 13, 2013 at 11:52 PM

I seriously suggest you GET BACK on YOUR medications!

By the way, both Goldie nd' Marky Mark INHERITED a legimate TOP 25 TEAM DEFENSE from the 2010 season and immediately PROCEEDED to DISMANTLE said Cane defense into a... NO.46 overall team defense in 2011.

Oh, that Hurricane defense had SEVEN RETURNING STARTERS and both Goldie nd' Marky Mark STILL " freaked up " that Miami defense in 2011!

Now SNAKE your way back to that canespace, bUbba!! And take your over PROPAGANDA spiel with you!!!

Still, UM should be better than 8-4 every year and compete for an NC in some years.

Posted by: Todd L | December 14, 2013 at 12:05 AM

It sounds like you been BRAINWASHED and MESMERIZED by the Golden Tongue and what not.

In other words, you and your Cane MINIONS have willingly accepted MEDIOCRITY of the Goldie nd' Marky Mark sort. hUh

Oh, with the exception of recent seasons and the Probation period under Coach Davis. WHEN HAS ANY Hurricane team accepted YOUR notion of playing for a N.C. every four or five or six years ( SOME YEARS in your Mediocre SPEAK! )!!!

Is it me or do those Al Golden quotes sound senseless?

Posted by: ChampCane | December 14, 2013 at 12:19 AM

Goldie must be a DISCIPLE of Big Brother's 1986, because NEWSPEAK is now synonymous with GOLDIESPEAK. If U Know What I Mean.

So no, it isn't you champcane.

In other words, the Golden tongue is subtly mesmerizing Cane fan-dom into ACCEPTING 8-4 or 9-3 winning seasons and what not. And yes there will be and OCCASIONAL 10-2 winning campaign.

Sorry Cool Cat, just give SM a QB coach...he would be a nightmare for DCs at the college level. Teddy is better now, because of trust and development.

It's amazing Al Golden get's a pass on everything. Including his incoherent method of speaking. Coach-speak or not, that is illiterate and senseless.

Moving Zen.. Kinda like what you just did right? Comes with the territory my friend. Didn't know the Zen were so judgmental, thought they were more.. um.. Zen-like

Just got another DB commit.. GREAT! Yet only 3 linebackers committed, one is a converted linebacker from safety. Plus two- lowly 3 star LB recruits. WTF is wrong with this picture.? Lets get some linebackers with some damn attitude. If we need help from the front 7 like Golden has explained, and explained some more, why does our recruiting not reflect this.

I really wish we landed Reggie Northrup who decommitted a season or two ago. He was a state champion wrestler and a beast.

@Golden for Prez
What I said was childish? I don't post under multiple names to agree with myself or to harass other posters. I've posted here under the same name for over 4 years. I don't attack other people for differing opinions. I have no problem with the mirror. My posts here certainly don't affect my state of mind. I treat people on here the same way I would treat them if I had to look them in the eye.
Moving has more than one definition.

I would say that it is childish to comment on a Football blog that is irrelevant to football. Then to call out such childish acts by generalizing that these people on here are act as their real persona while on the interwebs, but on the street, that is actually their alter-ego. Outlandish generalizations, so say the least. I see your point, I feel your comment won't stop these people (whom I'm sure are acting in their childish alter-ego). I saw your name and thought contradiction. But here I go being a hypocrite for doing the same thing...

Back to football. I expect Big things from Kirby next year. Next great LB from the U.

You see my point? Here is a quote for you-

“The truth knocks on the door and you say, "Go away, I'm looking for the truth," and so it goes away. Puzzling.”

I guessing your more Zen in real life.

“The best sermons are lived, not preached.”

Golden for Prez, Al Golden looks to not have great abilities at talent evaluation. That plus his inability to develop his, or, any talent.

I am glad that Reggie Northrup went to Florida State. The players from First Coast High School look good against local talent. But chit a ton of bricks against out of town talent. I doubt he will make an impact in college.

He's a Sophomore with 42 tackles. That's production that is needed down here. I was talking about overall recruiting needs. Given our lack of talent AND lack of development, it is a position of necessity.

I've been a critic of the Golden One, as should many. Player development aside, he has not been able to close key recruitment. That's including RB depth, LB depth, and DL depth.

His max exodus of student-athletes over the years, for whatever reason(s), is an (un)justifiable excuse. But LB depth? in South Fl? I'm partial to wrestlers, so I may be biased with Reggie. He fit the mold of a tough MF'er

Reggie Northrup aside, you are right that targeted players are not coming here.

Al Golden is also using the technique of opening scholarships up, by running players off the team. It is a way of adding even more additional players each year. But Al Golden does a terrible job of getting top talent and he is not developing those players he is recruiting there.

I agree, 2nd and 3rd chances are not such a bad thing.

Im glad I got more chances in life..

We are under the schollie limit by 10, only got 75 free rides. It's stupid to run players off at that point. Target specific positions at which we are weak. If ten enrollees come early, we are really at 19 commits, 29 is our current total. Take way three (NCAA reductions), we have 3 left. Even assuming some players switch, or don't qualify, we might have 6-7 leftover. Why not save your schollies for the half or so uncommitted players. Seems logical..

and when ncaa goes to playoff brackets next year not to mention their scheduled....UM at best will be 6-6 and that is a gift.....UM will never be able to advance in the new playoff system....they would have to advance 4 times just to get to the semis.....

this coaching staff is way too weak....only the very best will be able to survive the new bracketed system....

UM must make a change that is a "game changer"......fickle votes from sports writers and coaches are long gone.....now you have to finally earn a bcs berth.....

UM goes nowhere.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo
EXACTLY Mr. Gallo,
Which is why there is not reason for you to hang around this blog. Your wisdom is beyond belief, and so I thinks it's only fair that you spread your wealth of intuitive knowledge to another team that's falling apart, say maybe YOUR Gators or something.

How can the safeties be more physical when they line up 15 yards off the line of scrimmage and run further away just before the ball is snapped?

Last season Auburn finished last in the SEC West and Mizzou 5th in the SEC East. Using that model, Arkansas will play Florida for the SEC Title in 2014...

Great, we stole an unranked Safety (unrated as Safety) from Louisville who's only other offers were from Marshall, Bowling Green, FAU, FIU and USF. Not ONE Top-Progam offered this kid, yet we are happy. Would've been a nice pickup for the 2010 Temple Team.... Mental state of the Program. Yep, we're on our way back !


and don't say DT Valentine, that kid's gone.

lol Golden for Prez.. that is not Zen. To gain enlightenment we all need a teacher. What does a teacher do but point out what is being done wrong and how to regain the path. There are many paths to the top of the mountain, some just take considerably longer. All are born with the ability, it just takes desire to take the path to enlightenment. Just keep trying to move in the right direction.

I think next years recruiting class will tell the tale. I want to see what Golden can do without a cloud over his head.

The RB from BC was a 2 star recruit.. Geesh, stop acting like the best players are all 4 or 5 start recruits!

Posted by: 202canefan | 12/14/2013 at 09:37 PM

So Miami should go ahead and just recruit 2-star players because they'll all turn out like Ed Reed and the BC RB huh ?

maybe 1 or 2 2-star scrubs pan out, out of 100 where as 75-85 4-5 stars are just that, STARS !

4-5 Stars ARE THE BEST PLAYERS ! Maybe if Golden can get more of them, the Canes wouldn't have to watch yet another ACC Championship game on tv.

Damn Zook, are U hibernating ? Gotta say, this blog the last 24 hours has never been so unpolluted of nonsensical, idiotic homerism in years... Have a nice loooonnnnng slumber Zook. Stay away and don't comeback anytime soon now ya hear.

but when U do climb out from under ur rock, do tell all about 240lb Chad Thomas and 225lb Demetrius Jackson and how they'll be future STARS at DEFENSIVE TACKLE for the Canes Soon !!!

How many past five star highschoolers are now in the NFL. Not many because most come from small school districts where they shine all the time. Once they hit college is a whole new game to them, some pan out but most wash out. Most Florida lower stars are that much better than other states higher stars. I'll use Santrell Henderson as an example, but there are many others from the bigger programs. Sammy Watkins wasn't a five star, but his NFL career will be better than any from alabama, so will Allen Hurns, because they deliver. The power schools now overmatch ther opponets by by such a large margine there is no competition, so when the finally get competion they buckle, Oregon, Bama,Ohio State, Baylor and Oklahoma State have all buckled to teams that they should have beaten. My point star's don't mean crap when u have determined players, something the U has lacked for 10 years now. These kids like most of U are relying of the heritage to get them by. Flat out they have to earn there own name at the U and that takes hard work and hard play. Allen Hurns has earned his so has Perryman. No one on the dl has made that step yet. Football is 90 percent thingking 10 percent braun. If you can't muscle him out think him, but that takes determination.

Defense is the important factor to a winning season year after year, Golden still side steps the line and keys in on injurys or individuals, the problem is and has been the coaching of defense, its poor at best, next year wewill be out coached except maybe 2 games look at schedule. Change the defense coachs this year is the correct thing to do another year wont show progress and the school is another year behind, the process isnt working here nor wil it, Golden needs a strong man at defense not a weak sister who cant think and chew gum at the same time.

4-5 Stars ARE THE BEST PLAYERS ! Maybe if Golden can get more of them, the Canes wouldn't have to watch yet another ACC Championship game on tv.
Posted by: 2-Star U... Let's Load Up On Them. Stars Don't Matter | December 15, 2013 at 07:31 AM

Yeah, this guy NEVER changes his ID.

As for his current lie, we have 13 4 and 5 star verbals, more than ANY school other than Alabama and Tennessee.


Oohh, another name change is needed, because 2 star U is more like what the gatrs are gonna be with their 7 transfers and nobody wanting to go to a freefalling team with no OC, no offense, and no bowl game and no future.

Golden is a young coach with limited experience he is a good coach, but he has got to learn when to fold a losing hand, thats DC Mark isnt the right man for job at Miami, everybody knows this in ACC and in Miami, Golden being a young new coach needs to make it happen to land 5 star defense players, that a good coach can work with, not play it safe and 12 to 10 yards back on defense backs, as soon as play developes they need to come hard to play. Our DB coach doesnt know what he is doing either another Temple person, not bright, get a real DC coach who knows football.

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