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Big Seantrel Henderson has accepted an invitation to play in the Senior Bowl for the Miami Hurricanes



This just in from the U:

MOBILE, Ala. – Miami Hurricanes senior offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson has accepted an invitation to play in the 2014 Reese’s Senior Bowl, the bowl announced Monday.Henderson becomes the third Miami Hurricane invited to play in the game, joining teammates Stephen Morris and Brandon Linder.

 Henderson was a third-team All-ACC selection by the league’s head coaches and honorable mention by ACSMA. He played 11 games along the offensive line in 2013, making seven starts at right tackle. He helped anchor an offensive line that allowed Miami’s offense to average 446.8 yards of total offense and 35.9 points per game.

 The St. Paul., Minn., native will be the 66th Miami Hurricane to play in the Senior Bowl. The 2014 Reese’s Senior Bowl, which is played annually at Mobile’s Ladd-Peebles Stadium, will kick at 4 p.m. ET on Sat., Jan. 25 and will be televised on the NFL Network.

 No. 25 Miami (9-3) will play No. 18/16 Louisville (11-1) in the 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl on Dec. 28 in Orlando. The Hurricanes are vying for their first 10-win season since 2003.


About to leave for UM's first bowl practice. It's closed, so we don't get to see anything, but will be able to interview coaches afterward in the late afternoon. Players are off limits today.

Will be back later with updates.





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Ganes fans in full copy and paste from the UM football website bio pages mode right now.

It's a Ganes thing, Chris Freet pays them to never understand.

Posted by: 15 years isn't early in a career in any line of employment | December 23, 2013 at 09:59 PM


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce you to the insane "Curse". She hates Chris Freet, because he banned her from the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Canes blog.

Cursie, just so you know, it was me that called Freet when he worked at the Sentinel and explained your mental illness and to put you out of your misery you should be banned, which he agreed and proceeded to do.

Got'cha Piggy!!

But in a nutshell it's talent and depth between the two units, but on either side of the ball it starts up front.
Posted by: Next man []_[]p aka Mahoney-Pearson | December 23, 2013 at 02:03 PM



This is where the blog get all twisted and distorted. You posted a question as to why is all of this "NCAA suffering" only takes place on the offensive side of the ball. Mahoney post the above regarding it all starts up front. You post.............

Dude folks hollered from the top of their lungs BIG CP was back and healthy, Olsen and Chick were in year 3, McCord and AQM had unstoppable pass rush moves, more depth with 78 and 11 coming in (11 was a all B1G but it Greens team), the dline gained 100 lbs of muscle and they bench 225 50 11 times, PLUS THEY WERE MORE EXPERIENCED and MATURE

Totally addressing his excuse making or logic (how ever he sees it)regarding the line comparisons. Now he goes for the great deflection by not addressing your comment but jumping to skill players on offense as a reference to what? It all starts up front remember?

Yes, Duke and Coley are studs we know this but how much of a stud would Coley be if we ran the wishbone offense? How much of a stud would Duke be if we constantly pound him in between the tackles like a natural 225 pound back? How effective would Morris be is we ran the spread offense like Oregon? How effective would our o-line be if Stacey Coley came in here and wanted to implement a zone blocking scheme (used with athletic lineman) instead of a power running approach best suited for our huge o-lineman?

We all know AJ is the easiest prop to pound on but what does that say about Golden that we don't have anyone better to play ahead of him.

Jermaine Grace, Artie Burns, Jamaal Carter, AQM were highly touted in high school as well. If our defensive coordinator allowed these guys to use their natural ability JUST AS THE COACHES ON THE OFFENSEIVE SIDE OF THE BALL DOES who knows what kind of numbers they could have put up. Artie Burns is one of the fastest guys on the team but we ask him to play 10 yards off the receiver. Why not allow him to be physical and use his speed? Grace is a very quick, fast and instinctive linebacker but he rarely sees the field because he's not big enough? AQM shows the motor of a young Clowney off the edge but he only plays on third downs? Chik showed a burst off the edge as a freshman now all of a sudden he's a plodding slow "set the edge " d-lineman rarely making plays. DZP has been in college for three years and already at 240 pounds at 6'0. Why would he stay in college? To be asked to gain more weight?

Posted by: DaU | December 23, 2013 at 05:14 PM

Now you talking football.

I been away for a lil minute but see Nash and HTC still schooling these dudes.

Where my dude Calvin at?

What you call them "Mac minions" LOL

Instead of just saying golden is on belicecks level, who is arguably the most respected x and o guy in football, can you name an example where this happened in a game or any gameplan that can justify your claim? You always call others liars, haters, and gator fans and claim they have no facts to support their stance but you are doing the same making claims that have zero substance. Just bc what you say is pro miami doesn't make it right.

And larry Coker won national coy and big east coy twice so please stop with your lame excuse that the media would not vote for a um coach.

Look I never wanted golden gone, dno yes but golden no, but at the same time I don't think he's even in the top 5 hcs in cfb. I'm just curious how someone could be so delusional in their beliefs. It's like you worship the guy.

Posted by: jsy | December 23, 2013 at 09:57 PM


You asked me to list the reasons that Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football. I don't give a rat arse if you agree with me or not, but here's a hint--when comparing the great Al Golden to the great Bill Bilichick game planning encompasses all phases of the game, not just defense. Think Ohio State and Florida.

Your Larry Coker comment is a big swing and a miss, other than making my point that the man was voted Coach of the Year twice and people like you demanded he be fired, much like your Butch Davis and Golden nonsense. I'm not going to repeat myself like I have to do with Harriet, so, go re-read my post that defines the Golden environment versus the Coker early environment when he won the awards.

I don't worship anyone, but I know coaching talent when I see it and Al Golden is extraordinarily talented and will win National Championships should he decide to stay on with the "U". But, here's the thing, once he starts winning regularly he's not going to forget the disrespect and lack of loyalty by your type and will know that even the slightest bump in the road you and the others will turn on him (see Butch Davis), thus he will most likely leave much sooner that he would have preferred to do.

"We all know AJ is the easiest prop to pound on but what does that say about Golden that we don't have anyone better to play ahead of him."

He owed A.J., Shayon, and a lot of the other seniors for their work ethic and sacrifice to position the program to be where they are today. He was willing to live with the results too. He believed in those kids and week after week let them fight for each other. Artie will have his chance.

We'll see what's what now. We gonna see how good of a recruiter and leader Al is.

Great Heat game by the way. Go Heat!

Me being a muslim would expect the correct spelling of Muhammad, not that u were choosing to spell it like Morsi--why would I assume this and why would I suppose that u were ever trying to "respectful"--that is far from anything you've ever presented or represented on this blog. All dumb fodder and deflection again. Why would it be disrespectful to spell Muhammad correctly, especially when U were trying to be disrespectful by using that name in the first place. All of this half-stepping is stupid. U are a douche, no if, ands, or buts about it.

Its not about me assuming the meaning behind your name or how supposedly angers Gator fans on a Canes blog, why won't U explain it yourself, so there's no doubt. U never have explained it and continue to avoid the question lol!

today is not the first day that you've posted about the 3rd ranked class. today is the first day that you've talked about it meeting needs though. Thats the point. Before it was about stars, now that you've been exposed--magically its not about rankings, its about size and need--horrible blogging and habitual lies.

Whats up True!

If the media wanted the death of the UM football program, then why are they unanimously singing the praises of its *supposed* savior?

Wouldn't they hate Golden if this were true?

Ron Zook do you project your thoughts onto golden, bc how the f would you know what he feels and thinks. Claiming you do by making your comments like that makes me realize he's your hero no wonder you defend him to the bitter end with every possible excuse, that's exactly how kids talk about spider man or superman. You got classic symptoms of hero worship. Golden is your hero it all makes sense.

jsy, thats what I've been saying.

The administration is selling us a man and many are buying him. He is an action-figure. Forget whats best for the Canes, dudes are in love right now.

Lololololol! I bet these guys are the same ones on the gator blogs that all but vanished since the ga southeast beatdown. Their own coaches got schooled by div ll coaches with0 star players with 1.2 gpa's and not a peep about it. Div ll georgia southern put 400 yards on their d with 0 completions and beat them down to china town. I would be mad to . Jlo and gatormike and lum know who they are. And wanna talk smack about duke beating us? LMAO. Cant wait for their return to hear their spin on how Louisville" gifted " us the game after talking all this smack. I suggest going to the gator blog if we win and complete the extinction of gators. Sure they will return after a couple weeks or months, but the freedom on our blogs and demise of their blogs will be bitter sweet. Zook, keep up the good fight and i will keep them off their own blog. Love me some college football! ACC rules the gators and div ll gives them all they can handle and sometimes more. Lololol!

Yea now it really makes sense htc why some on here are so stubborn

Zook ,try using their lowly team in arguments as comparison, it shut them up fast.


Jsy htc, do U believe uf is still selli.g muschamp action figures after that season? 4-8? Ga s.e.? But he is the man for 1 more year anyway. Just keep on advertising uf. Sales are down!


With the new U-tough grip!

Yea htc , thats how gators spell losers!

Oh, you're a Gator, ok, that explain a lot. Post on.

Not quite...notice i spelled it correctly in my post. No second rate education here. Canetrash knows who he is...just thought it was funny so it sticks sometimes to make a point.

Oh alright.

Man this dude is seriously disturbed its like tslking to one of the patients during my psych rotation during medical school who had schizophrenia

Man this dude is seriously disturbed its like tslking to one of the patients during my psych rotation during medical school who had schizophrenia

Posted by: jsy | December 23, 2013 at 11:35 PM

That is Ron, and some of the other like minded posters. You have their delusional behavior down to a tee.

Let's make one thing clear. Golden did not save Miami from extinction. There is no coach in the history of Miami football that can save Miami from extinction. For all you clowns who think Golden save Miami football. Take a ride down to the local high schools in the great state of Florida. You will find a hurricane recruit who loves the U. Whose not worried about the NCAA, not worried about last year record, not worried about who the coach is, not worried about whether they are relevant are not. Make your own history. That what we did in the 80,s. I believe South Fla highschool football went either 6-0 or 8-0 in State titles this year and not to mention 1 team became National Champion from the South Fla area. Miami football is alive and well and will be champions again with Golden or without Golden. Big Al used the NCAA mess to give himself a raise and a extent ion. If he truly cared about Miami football why hasn't the whole defensive staff been let go. Two years running setting all kinds of negative milestone records. I'm not convinse he is a better coach than Randy. He certainly has more leway then Randy. When you have 18 returning starters. You are certainty not rebuilding.

Next Man Up. I don't care if Jethro Franklin discovered oil in the Middle East. Sometimes a staff fails the smell test. JJ gave Golden a vote of confidence when he was hired. Would really like to know what Coach JJ thinks about the program, NCAA cloud included, now that Golden has been stripped of all built in excuses.

Florida's SOS is that they played
us...and lost

Saturday nite baby...Canes are going to blow Louisville out. Teddy who?

Wouldn't they hate Golden if this were true?

They love Golden and the []_[] as a story. Just like they love Lebron now. They're groupies man. Paparazzo. Let the []_[] or Golden slip and they'll hit replay on that good ole fashion hate.

Just like this blog after the UF game. Everyone was reticent... Even you.

Dickweed Five Titties, U have NEVER played a tougher year in and year out Football schedule Schedule than Florida has EVER. Show me just ONE year that U had a Higher Ranked Strength of Schedule than the Gators. Any of U Canes show n tell me. Just ONE and I'll never come back here.

U can't, end of discussion.

Posted by: []_[]'VE BEEN DONNED []_[]pon !!! | December 23, 2013 at 01:53 PM


1? How about 4? 2001 UM #13, UFelony #27, 2003 UM #14, UFelony #41, 2004 UM #8, UFelony #49, & 2010 UM #13, UFelony #14.

Now as you stated, leave and never come back!

C-A-N-E-S Canes!

Anything positive about Coach G and the Tubwoman Harriet (who is a class struggle with herself and all posters who are positive for the 'U') gets in a tight wad..Positive for CG, and she claims you are whining and crying. Oh contrare!! Read the memo below Tubwoman.

Nihilistic views, and spouting about elitism sounds like you want to sell your Muslim attitude as superior to anything on this blog. You think it gives the right to criticize and belittle our ideas and opinions with your " so called superior beliefs".

I got news for you.
Zook, Five, and Next man up have just as much a right to state their thoughts.

You, on the other hand in all your posts are antagonistic, and confrontational, with NO thoughts. Posting as man or woman you are narcissistic to the extreme. Please kiss yourself!! Doubt you will know what that means tubwoman.

No thought, confused, making it up as you go, and not ready to think because you are twisting reality. You are also bewildered, and incompetent to say anything about the 'Canes, Coaches, or fans because your twisted and biased views do nothing for our team. You are entangled in your own fantasy knot of reality.
Antagonism will get you nowhere.
Just go away!!!!!

Go 'Canes beat TB. Play hard and Win for 'Canenation.
Go 'Canes

Everyone keep talking about Teddy, but the running game will be the difference in this game. The former Auburn back is very exposive, and the U does not tackle well with the back 7, especially safeties taking bad angles. I am hoping for a surprise and change in defensive scheme, because of the amount of time off from last game. Stuff the run and pressure Teddy are the best option to compete to win. Morris, I am hoping the OC helped you prepare...because your TEs and RB will be open all day. Strong will not allow you time to throw the deep ball. I have my tickets and will be at the game.

If we line up in the same defensive scheme...I will just watch a shoot out and hope for drop passes or TOs. The post game interview...this was a great year, the seniors played their first bowl game in years, we will get back and fix it. What is "it"? It is...talent, process, freelancing, too small, no experience or depth. From my viewpoint, it is...coaching to compete.

I am not in the position to ask Coach Golden to fire anyone, because this is his staff and fingerprint. Please, don't try to introduce football 101 to a culture...who knows football. By the way, there are numerous 5'10 195 pound linebackers and 5'9 180 pounds CB/Safeties in your backyard...that can perform better. The only way to find out is to stop looking or evaluating the front yard (media, summer camps in shorts, and size to fit a system). JJ and Butch looked for football players first. Football IQ and scheme will alway produce better results than Size and scheme.

"Just ONE and I'll never come back here."

Posted by: []_[]'VE BEEN DONNED []_[]pon !!! | December 23, 2013 at 01:53 PM

That's a lie...

Like many on this blog, you could have found that information out yourself. But like the rest, some of which profess their loyalty, you emphatically ask the same rhetorical nonsense to support that propaganda. Then when provided facts you'll no doubt change the subject while waiving the white flag of defeat, a personal attack.

How about everyone do some research and base your opinions on, you know, reality. Instead of making the blog a trash-receptacle for your thoughts. Just opening your tiny little mind for the world to see, then dumping that garbage all over the place.

I hope you never come back, but let's face it, integrity or truth isn't what you're about. No, you'll just change your name and keep showing us what you're all about.

See HTC, this is an example of why "the media wanted the death of the UM football program, then why are they unanimously singing the praises of its *supposed* savior".

It's the mystique. They just wanna be down with []_[]. Claiming how much []_[] suck, when they know they love []_[].

"Antagonism will get U nowhere", but U stay coming here with it every single day, including once again today. U start the blogging day with a negative post to other bloggers as if we are supposed to wake up and think of a post UGoGolden might want to read. Listen, the posts at the top of the page are from paid journalists who UM has and can influence--the comments below are not. so U have to be prepared to read just about anything being said. Manny and Susan are responsible for making U smile as U sip your coffee, not the bloggers in the comments section.

U rail about repetition, but every single morning U begin the day with same posts. Also, again, If U read the posts that U don't like, none of them are initially attacking U personally, but they are either attacking Golden personally *or* simply questioning his ability to produce a NC contending team at UM. These are the posts (none directed at U personally) that U repeatedly get upset about and *respond to with insults*, bytching and moaning.

Why do U continue to take a open, free, blogging forum to heart and furthermore, continue to pick internet verbal quarrels with those who aren't even thinking nor posting at U unless they are responding to your insults?

U are being called a "whiner" because U repeatedly keep moaning about what U are supposedly being *forced* to read here everyday. Not because U say positive things about Golden--why would that be considered "whining"?

Twist, deny, insult discredit, deflection and finally project--blogging style of the bigots still in full effect I see.

U don't post about the U, U post about the Greatness of Al Golden, where are your posts that shed a positive light on the players? They don't exist. U come here to read sermons and praise for another man God.

And cut the inferiority complex, suicide letter stuff, no one is more narcissistic than someone who comes here everyday to mouth off at other people and tell them what to think.

the proof is in the posts. Mine are usually reactionary in nature, to rebuke the worship and pushed for his guaranteed employment over the best for this football program. Thats the agenda that I've exposed and rebutted to the anger of your last post. Y'all are exposed and U upset about it.

"Twisting reality"--would that encompass the use of *stats* in my posts that prove that coaching is an issue on the team? Your posts NEVER provide stats or facts, if anyone cares to read them, its all "one day", "stay the course", "eventually", "rebuild"...again "process"...of Golden learning on the job in his 8th year as a HC (see the usage of facts and stats), "in two more years" etc.. Now are these words realistic or words of hope? And *now* (new thought for today) if a person does't believe in those words of hope then they think they're superior to them. HUH?? Go lay back down old man, and try to wake up on the other side of that mattress.

I'm supposed to feel bad for exposing turncoats? Not.

Its all about this U, not Its All About Al Golden. If U can't deal with that then skitdaddle. Kick rocks.

Next Man Up, your new twist doesn't make sense to me because unlike UM, Lebron was loved and celebrated from conception. He did one thing, "The Decision" special and that made him a villain to some. UM was always a pariah and vilified by the media, before it had done anything to deserve it. Thus that comparison doesn't fit, just like the ones U attempted to use yesterday, that got stumped out by Nash, DaU, and jay...easily and to no response.

I do agree that they hate that they love us--u are definitely right about that. But their love of Al Golden has zero to do with that. They don't have to set up a scenario of love, hate and struggle at UM. That struggle is being waged on campus by our administration onto the football program without any outside influence. Al Golden is the face of that war. Look good, be nice and docile, win if U can, enough to stay respectable. The media knows Golden at the helm of UM, keeps Us from the podium, where their anger surely bubbles. That explains the national source of the love and support for our Lord and Savior.

RHC, U are right about Dyer--he is a load, but I noticed that UL doesn't use him as much as Senorice Perry and Dominique Brown--who is huge but runs like he is preparing to be tackled. I don't see Dyer on their Canesport page roster, but he is on the roster on their UL athletics site. Perry is a fumbler and also runs scared.

What response is there to the facts I post?

The question was asked why the offense has not suffered the way the defense has.. That's so simple of an answer it makes me wonder about the intelligence of the person asking..

Look at this recruiting class and tell me what the problem is.

Just read my post, again. People look past reality and factual information in this forum when it's readily accessible.

People love to hate []_[] and hate to love []_[]. Just like Lebron, champions, and they can't do without either of []_[]s.

Standing close and secretly wishing for []_[]s both to fail so they can talk about it. Like paparazzi. Hating []_[]s because we do what we please, but the first to sing our praises.

"That struggle is being waged on campus by our administration onto the football program without any outside influence."

There you go again...What do you know about the campus? You thought my name was a law firm...

"Please kiss yourself!!"

Posted by: UGoCane | December 24, 2013 at 09:58 AM


Huh...U just said absolutely nothing...again.

U are a magician...poof...nothingness.

Last two sentences were of course a deflection, the point is made. I know that the administration and the football team are on-campus, and thats all I needed to know about campus to say what I said. The law firm was obviously a joke, but you're right, i didn't know about the dorms lol!

Sadly attention to aesthetics would be the focal point of the new Ganes fan. Stick to appearances and politics and leave the football talk to the Canes fans.

"The law firm was obviously a joke"

Sure it was...

Damn, that was as thorough a internet asre whipping I have ever read, HarrietTubmanCane. Of both those supporters of Al Golden is greater than Miami Hurricanes football.

RichmondHeightsCane, that was better than any of those media breakdowns of the game. I am glad you'll have expert eyes live at the game. Hope the players can get that win for you live in person. With fans of the players and the University of Miami football pulling for them.

Some former students of UM feel some sense of ownership over everything UM including the football program, even though many missed the whole essence and catalyst culture and belief behind the football teams success. Its sad, U went to UM, but the curriculum failed to educate U on what U were actually rooting for on Saturdays.

Keep talking about hate this and hate that--dude, no one hates U. Your beliefs are in line with the status quo and groupthink being pushed, which is that Golden is the savior without any on-field stats or accomplishments to prove so. U can't hang onto the credibility established by bucking the establishment like the old Canes did, but then also turn around and say those days are over--as if they don't hold any wisdom or use for the future. U represent and protect that system. This explains the love.

Champ, unfortunately he'll begin tomorrow with the same nonsense to set the blogging tone, but then scream that someone else is an antagonist. Oye vie

And I'll be here to hand him his arse again when he does so.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 24, 2013 at 12:15 PM

I'm glad you talk about saying "absolutely nothing...appearances and politics..."
Because that's what the know-nothing rhetorical questions on this blog are all about. Check it:

1. Show me just ONE year that U had a Higher Ranked Strength of Schedule than the Gators. Any of U Canes show n tell me. Just ONE and I'll never come back here.

U can't, end of discussion.

Posted by: []_[]'VE BEEN DONNED []_[]pon !!! | December 23, 2013 at 01:53 PM

2. Seriously, has either Golden or D'Onofrio's particular team defenses been in the LEGITIMATE TOP 35 rung. Let alone a Top 25 defense. While Thee Carpetbagger's were at VIRGINIA or TEMPLE. dUh

Posted by: D | December 22, 2013 at 04:51 PM

3. So why doesn't the offense look just as bad with the same trashy leftovers, cloud, and negative recruiting, and COACHING TURNOVER!

The offense is still tops in the acc unlike the 'efense!

Spin that

Posted by: Nash | December 22, 2013 at 10:14 PM

And there you have it. Each of these profoundly moronic rhetorical questions refuted by facts! Facts that they could have easily found themselves had they been interested in anything more that propaganda. What gets me is the zeal with which they ask this nonsense...Now you can go back and read what I posted earlier and see if it makes more sense. : )

Posted by: Next Man []_[]p | December 24, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Posted by: Next Man []_[]p aka Mahoney-Pearson | December 24, 2013 at 11:56 AM

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