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Central star RB Dalvin Cook signs grant-in aid agreement with Miami, but it's not a done deal yet

Miami Central standout Dalvin Cook, ranked as the No. 2 running back in the country by 247Sports, signed a grant-in aid agreement with the Hurricanes Wednesday along with teammates Joseph Yearby and Trevor Darling.

But before you go throwing a party Hurricanes fans,  understand this doesn't mean Cook, still a University of Florida commitment, will definitely be a part of Miami's 2014 signing class along with Yearby and Darling (longtime UM verbal commitments).

All this means is UM is now obligated to honor their scholarships, unlike the scenario for a traditional recruit who offers a non-binding verbal commitment. All three players are not tied to UM and could enroll elsewhere or sign a binding letter of intent with a different school as well. 

On the plus side, UM is no longer limited by NCAA regulations that restrict in-person contact with Cook. That includes phone calls and home visits.

Cook (5-11, 190) met with UM coaches earlier this week and told Miami Herald High School Sports Writer Andre Fernandez the experience was "eye-opening" because he finally got a chance to sit down and really see how strongly UM wants him.

"In person you really see what people are all about," Cook said. "I think there is definitely a strong possibility Joe and I still end up playing together at the next level." 

Cook also is still strongly considering Florida State. Central coach Roland Smith said Wednesday night at practice he wouldn't be surprised if Cook also signed a financial aid agreement with the Seminoles and Gators if he hadn't already.

Central is preparing for a Class 6A state semifinal showdown this week against Daytona Beach Mainland. Yearby, who is close with Cook, was lost for the season last week and had surgery Wednesday for a broken right fibula. Yearby told The Miami Herald he expects to be ready for spring football.

All three players plan on enrolling in college in January.


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Hmm. Continuous improvement in the win column despite a mass exodus of talent (see misguided gallo list), threat of sanctions since day one, a horrendous defense, and non-existent game day crowd (this cannot be overemphasized - how this coaching staff gets these guys to play with any enthusiasm at all upon walking into a half empty stadium is amazing) yet we don't feel progress is being made? Wake the f up.

I'm proud of the job Coach Golden, his staff, and this team have done. Let's get 10 WINS!

Whoops! Answered my comment to one ID while in another ID. Must be tough to remember which ID you are using while pretending to be a Canes fan.

As for your disgusting about "shower buddies", that is a typical gatr level of attack, like how they joked about a rape victim in the FSU game, and how gatr fans come on here to joke about murder victims.

Your claim that Miami pays folks to say anything positive about the team is a lie.

And I can handle criticism of the coaches, players, and fans. I have done some of those myself, including a request that Donofrio be fired. Surely no Freet sockpuppet would do that. But I don't take to the disgusting level that you do in here and on your own blog, name-changing fellow.

DEFENSE is what will bring the U back!!! It's great to have these guys on the offensive side of the ball (points win games for sure). In addition we NEED a QUALITY 2-deep front four. ONLY THEN can we even begin to say "The U is back".

We play for NC here, have been since the days I attended West Lab Elementary, and I don't think Goldilocks is teh guy to take us to that next level. Kind of like that old Ohio State coach who could never beat Michigan, Goildilocks doesn't seem to have what it takes to get over the hump. That's my opinion and agian if you don't like it, well that's your problem.

Posted by: it's football season

Wow I guess you've been waiting a looooooong time dude. Be REALISTIC for crying out loud, we haven't sniffed the NC in 10 years, so lets just take one step at a time. Division 1st, Conf 2nd, then BCS game, then NC game.

Mimai lost to a 12-0 FSU, a 10-2 Duke, and an 8-4 Virginia Tech.

Folks are calling the Duke loss the worst one, but in my opinion, the VT loss was the worst. We lost it by the fumble, and lost it with porous defense against a weak offense.

The DUke and FSU losses were at least to complete teams on offense and defense. The VT loss cost us a ACCCG appearance, and was the middle of a three game losing streak that knocked us out of the rankings. Win that game, and we are title game bound, ranked, and 10-2.

But then, Beamer has a great defensive coach.

Still spinning for the golden shower spigot's blowout loss to Duke, in football.


Virginia Tech, horrible offense, until they played UM and didn't fumble the snap five times like they did the year before to keep them off the scoreboard.

FSU blew THE WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY out this year for the first time because they've seen the same old sorry scheme three times now and even a red-shirt freshman can pick it apart after his coach tells him to take what they continue to surrender before the snap.

But UM is too poor to afford a real coach instead of huckster used car salesman from Temple, where he never won anything notable there either.

It's a Ganes thing, you never understand.

did I expedct to win a NC this year? No? Next year? No. but nine wins with a powder puff schedule means nothing! We held Coker and Shannon's feet to the fire but Goldilocks gets a pass.....uh uh. A team. a coach is measured by how he performs against the best competition, that's what grew this program to prominence in teh 80's and it's still the measuring stick. what's Goldilocks' record against top teams, teams with winning records.....ahh that's what I thought. There is no excuse for three straight years of utter mediocrity on defense. show some improvement, a little and I might have faith, but Goldilocks' belief in his shower buddy has to force you to question whether or not he knwos what he's doing. fact of the matter is a defensive coach like Golden should have a better defense. Just like Spurrier's offenses carried his teams at UF and Saban's defense carries his teams at Bama, Goldilocks' defense should carry UM, but it has been the offense that has saved this team every year.

Five Title - go kick rocks with your name changing rants. stop projecting. You really belive that there is only one person on this blog that is disenchanted with Goldilocks? go kick rocks...with chanclettas on

It's a Ganes thing, you never understand.

Posted by: Defense keeps getting worse as the experience deployed in it gets greater

Poor poor Gator fan, you guys REALLY stink, LMAO!!!

repeating your cut and paste gatr posts from before doesn't change the fact that your lie is still a lie.

What does Maryland using a PR firm have anything to do with that, anyway? Oh that's right, nothing.

21-16, 4-8 and desperate cut and paste comments, calling Golden a used car salesman based on ZERO facts, calling him the worst coach in modern UM history with ZERO facts, and calling yourself a Canes fan with ZERO facts.

worst defense in UM's history last year, worst defense in the ACC this year, and y'all keep defending this guy?

I got a bridge in Brooklyn, and some waterfront property in SW Florida for sale

"We play for NC here, have been since the days I attended West Lab Elementary, and I don't think Goldilocks is teh guy to take us to that next level."

Really? Would you have said that after Schnellenberger's first few years? How about Jimmy's first year coaching a defending national champion? Would you have said that after Butch's first few years?

Your memory may be a little foggy since your West Lab days were probably in 2007.

right probably in 2007...sure! SMH! Come up with something better than that, but more importantly tell yourself whatever you need to, in order to compensate for Goldilocks' complete ineptitude running this defense. I realize many of you want him to be the guy that brings this program NC #6, I just don't believe he will be that guy.

Again if you don't like my opinion that's YOUR problem.

Who's worst?

A person thats obsessed with the state of the Miami Hurricane's football program or a person who is obsessed with a person who is obsessed with the state of the Miami Hurricane's football program?

Cola, this is the question U have to ask yourself.

Dudes calling themselves Canes fans but coming here every single to yell at other fans for not accepting a horrible defense and deliberate institutional mediocrity.

The difference is that some aim their discontent at the coaching and some aim their discontent at other bloggers for doing so. This is irrefutable--so who really doesn't have a life?

Stop HTC, we might be the same person! LMAO!

Posted by: Jim Gallo | December 05, 2013 at 08:05 AM

To be honest, Gallo shutting yall down and this post exemplifies this.

The only come back was that Luke Fickell was a interim coach lol. What about everything else he said lol!

Exactly ifs!, Thats the real "card" dudes use.

The "troll/Gator" fan card to discredit the points someone makes that Ganes don't want to hear.

Whats sad is that even the gator has fired their OC and refuse to wallow in mediocrity while he waits for the recruits to become mature before he expects his schemes to work for the talents the roster has right now. And the players quit on them lol. I wonder if Pease made a case that they needed to recruit better talent and that his cupboards were empty. Even the measly Gator fans aren't as docile, fragile and weak as ours. Ganes fans are worst than Tebow fans because at least Tebow produced on the field of play. And his record spoke for its self.

Dudes hate the Gators sooooo much but the only true difference between them is that they prefer orange with green, rather than orange with blue.

Ganes fans think beating the worst team a program fields in 34 years is a career highlight for a coach.

That's basically what makes them Ganes fans in a nutshell, that and they licking of the spigot daily.

The crying about name changing and it's just one person under many blog ID's delusion just makes it funny for those of us who are Hurricane fans to watch them twist in the wind.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

HTc, The reason the OC at UF could be fired already is that there is no bowl game to prepare for.

Yes, Golden COULD fire Donofrio at any point. But he would likely do the classy thing and wait until after the bowl game.

As I have said before, that might be a problem with Golden, in that I do not know if he has EVER fired anyone.

As for why I chose to rip Gallo's comment about the interim coach while ignoring the rest, it is because the rest was just as invalid.

Here was his actual post:
"so lets see.....2010 ohio state gets 12 wins vacated.....loses jim tressel HC.....the program is in complete shambles, then hires a HC with NO HEAD COACHING EXPERIANCE....."
So far, nothing having to do with Miami, and other than exaggerating the status of the interim coach, nothing false, but nothing that has anything to do with his target, Golden, either.

"then the team goes 6-7 and 3-5 conference....then urban meyer comes in and goes 24-0.....but UM had more "TMZ".....lol"
Brings up urban meyer's reord with no bowl game, and no tough teams on their schedule over two years. Again, nothing to discuss, until we get to the Miami had more "TMZ", which cannot be disputed because it is incomprehensible, and has NOTHING to do with anything he has said so far.

"al golden is a loser coach....and here is the proof..."
Then, we have his "conclusion", which even if you already hold that viewpoint, as we know some on here do, there is still no "proof" of anything having to do with Golden, Fisher, Cutliff, or ANY other coach other than Meyer. Meyer has shown he can win with another coaches' players. He has done it twice. Great. Has nothing to do with whether Fisher, Golden, Muschamp, Philbin, Spoelstra, or any other coach can do the same.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | December 05, 2013 at 09:46 AM

If a person posted that Nick Saban won with Shula's players, or that Gruden won with Dungy's players, or that Coker won with Butch's players, it would be true. But it would say nothing about anyone OTHER than Saban, Gruden, and Coker. His comments are hate, but they are not proof.

Oh, and I cannot speak for the others here, but I do not recall yelling at people for not accepting horrible defense. I do recall saying the defense is horrible, and saying that a change to ANY other DC will likely lead to improvement. I do recall calling people out for sinking to the level of claiming that Golden and Donofrio are "shower buddies", or claiming anyone favoring the Canes are wanting a golden shower (a sick double entendre that has nothing to do with rooting on the Canes).

As for Cola and the others that do not want to see the whole staff fired, why should they be marked as the enemy, or marked as paid propagandists, just for saying something along the lines of "this article, about how Miami has improved it's position regarding the recruitment of Dalvin Cook, is good news."?

You claimed that nobody on the "fire Golden" side of the discussion are using insults, yet Calvin calls them moron 1 and moron 2, the name-changer calls Golden and Donofrio "Penn State Shower buddies" and references Sandusky, when they had nothing to do with that issue, and you claim Freet is paying us to post. Your side is not so innocent.

Held Coker's feet to the fire? What do you think killed Miami football? Losing Don Soldinger, Art Kehoe (for several years), and Vernon Hargreaves; then the next year Larry Coker is what killed the 'Canes! YOU spoiled fans thought they all needed to be fired after going 12-0, 12-1, 11-2, 9-3, and 9-3. Congratulations! YOU, the spoiled fans, helped to earn the following records (7-6, 5-7, 7-6, 9-4, 7-6, 6-6, 7-5).

Miami no longer "play[s] for NC here," and if you don't like it, then that's YOUR problem.

Coach Golden and his staff are working, and we are improving. I, like almost everyone, agrees that D'Onofrio needs to be replaced. But another fire-sale is not going to do anything but put us another 3 years behind the curve.

Let's go 'Canes! Fight for the 10th victory of 2013.

OMG somebody please call the waaaaaambulance for this dude

"Ganes fans think beating the worst team a program fields in 34 years is a career highlight for a coach."
Hmm, since you place me under that list, when did I make that claim? At the time of the win, it was his highlight, signature win, and at that time it was NOT the worst team they had fielded in 34 years. Still it is not much of a career highlight, and nobody is denying it. Funny how you think it is acceptable to rip the Canes for losing to the BEST team a program has fielded in over EIGHTY years (Duke never had a 10 win season before this year), but that we cannot celebrate a win over a team whose fans had predicted a loss for five straight years.

"That's basically what makes them Ganes fans in a nutshell, that and they licking of the spigot daily."
Ahh, another personal attack on Canes fans, based on if they are not willing to ONLY spout negatives about the team, even in a positive article about us possibly stealing a verbal from a state recruiting rival. "licking the spigot"? How classy. I thought your side was the side that never spewed insults?

"The crying about name changing and it's just one person under many blog ID's delusion just makes it funny for those of us who are Hurricane fans to watch them twist in the wind."
Did you change IDs? Yes. Doesn't mean all the folks that disagree with me are the same ID, I have disagreed with Sunny Dee, beedharpong, Ron Zook, UGoCane, HTC, D, Calvin, and you. But you are the only one jumping from ID to ID.

"It's a Ganes thing, they never understand."
It's a Canes thing, and YOU will never understand, name-changing fellow.

Posted by: IDs keep getting changed as the previous one gets proven wrong | December 05, 2013 at 01:21 PM

Some of us are Goldilocks fans, some aren't.....can't deal with it, ah well

Well said, Tampa Cane, and no, you do not need a waaahmbulance, you just need to see that tenth win. I hope it happens soon.

The facts are that UF has won only one game against Miami since 1985! Stop crying about it.

"Again if you don't like my opinion that's YOUR problem."

Ok. Maybe your West Lab days were in 2010. Did not even bother to refute my post. Just played the victim card and regurgitated your already thinly supported argument,

Some of us are Goldilocks fans, some aren't.....can't deal with it, ah well

Posted by: it's football season! | December 05, 2013 at 01:57 PM

We deal with it, we understand that you are a Muschamp fan, but it doesn't change the fact that you are NOT a Canes fan, despite your claim to have gone to kindergarten there. Your constant neagtive comments about the players, coaches, and fans shows that you are no different from the gatr namechanging fellow that has infested Canes boards for years. And your lack of class in claiming we lick a spigot, that our coaches shower together, "golden showers", "goldilocks", show you using the same exact TERMS that the obsessed troll used. So, no matter the ID, the words come through loud and clear, that you hate the Canes, their fans, and their coaches.

"Again if you don't like my opinion that's YOUR problem."

If you don't having your opinion about the Canes refuted on a Canes blog, then that actually is YOUR problem, not ours.

Gallo had been warned that ever longer lists of nonsense produce an ever shrinking unit. He didn't listen. Now can only be referred to as Ms. Gallo.

LOL! waaaaaah you're a Gator fan! Tell yourself whatever you need to honey dip

Actually, it isn't football season for you anymore. No Bowl for you! 4-8, LOL!

Back to actual SPORTS, it looks like FSU will have it's full team when facing Duke.

Tallahassee resident and FSU alum Meggs has decided that no charges will be filed against Winston.

No conflict of interest there.....

again the delusion that anybody who doesn't love Goldilocks is a Gator fan is hilarious to me...doesn't change the fact that we lost three straight games on five-six basic plays, so yell 4-8 all you like

2012/2013 the strength of schedule for both teams has been almost identical with OSU having marginal tougher one in 2012 and UM having the same spread in 2013......

the difference is OSU is 24-0 (2012/2013) and UM is 16-8 with OSU playing for a national championship and UM not even winning the weakest division in the NCAA.....

excuse after excuse.....these guys don't have it and never will....keep dreaming of olsen or williams turning into brady on the field......

2014 UM 6-6.....that is a gift

even with Morris turning into a head case towards the end of the season......he by far the BEST QB UM has now and in the future.......

the offense is gonna completely suck next year......BTW, coley doesn't play QB, so don't count on him being the savior....

careful Gallo, you might be me! LOL!

Five, I wasn't referring to u when I talked about bloggers yelling at other bloggers everyday for the same reasons--which is that they don't believe what they believe.

And my point (as U proved) was that those insults are directed at the coaches--not other bloggers. So why are people taking them so personally that they respond as if they're towards them--and begin to insult the coaching critic.

The sequence of hostility towards a differing opinion can be observed daily, so its not disputable.

The point of Gallo's post was obviously that coaching and coaches matter--and that the success of a football program is not solely predicated upon the level of talent their respective team possesses.

Hey Jimmy. Go get your happy ending massage already and cheer up you grumpy vagisil of a man.

Its more than obvious and fact that SteMo is the best QB on our team, if Williams was marginally comparable he would've gotten a chance while morris was hurt and struggling at mid to the end of the season.

The skill positions will be loaded again next season on offense, but QB is the head of that dragon, so its brain will be unproven.

For the one billionth time: D'NO IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE--Golden has his back to the end...period!

Five, the only blogger I believe to be possibly getting paid is Ron Zook--and there's more than strong evidence to support that assertion lol!

what about Jim Mora at UCLA...takes a program that was 4-8 consistently to a team that goes immediately to 9-3 with a strength of schedule ranked #53 vs UM at #63.....

and here is the kicker.....he is getting less money than golden....

I can give you a dozen examples like that all over the NCAA...

I own these green peas.....put the bong down and go to class....

lol.....its the best.....UM goes into 2014 with no QB and a defense that's gives up 500 yards per game.....

buttttt, UM wins division and plays for national championship......too funny

I have question...what year does UM win ACC and play for NC with this staff?

please advise....

what happens if local teddy bridgewater embarrasses UM and Louisville shuts out UM?

what happens with staff.....does ANYONE get fired like shannon did after his bowl loss?

"coaching and coaches matter"

exactly! i have expressed my disdain for the coaches. show me where I went after players! show me where i went after other bloggers, without those other bloggers first accusing me of being a Gator fan, or changing ID's or whatever form of attack used to deflect from the fact that the defense is absolutely horrendous. (guess what bloggers can share the same opinion, even if that opinion is didain for the coaches, did that ever occur to some of you?)

the man crush that some of you have on Goldilocks borders on the homo-erotic, which is cool if that's what you're into.

I want to see player development which has not happened under Goldilocks,a nd which led to Randy getting fired. the NCAA cloud does not prevent player development.

Get a life Jim Gallo, you're just f*cking pathetic and sad.

No one cares how negative you are about Al Golden or the Miami Hurricanes, go spread your negativity somewhere else.

sorry.....I will still give to program as a loyal alumni and bash golden until he is gone.

I know what i see and NOBODY is bigger than the brand.....I have been around longer than golden, who is still a kid to me.....

hmmm who's being more hostile towards one another Goldilocks lovers or Goldilocks detractors? LMAO! projection, projection, projection

what happens with staff.....does ANYONE get fired like shannon did after his bowl loss?

Posted by: Jim Gallo | December 05, 2013 at 03:34 PM

USF was a bowl game? I do believe you are wrong.

hmmm who's being more hostile towards one another Goldilocks lovers or Goldilocks detractors? LMAO! projection, projection, projection

Posted by: it's football season! | December 05, 2013 at 03:44 PM
Hmm, we have accused you of being a gatr fan, "which is cool if that's what you're into." You have accused us of "licking golden's spigot" and of wanting "golden showers".

Projection indeed....

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