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Central star RB Dalvin Cook signs grant-in aid agreement with Miami, but it's not a done deal yet

Miami Central standout Dalvin Cook, ranked as the No. 2 running back in the country by 247Sports, signed a grant-in aid agreement with the Hurricanes Wednesday along with teammates Joseph Yearby and Trevor Darling.

But before you go throwing a party Hurricanes fans,  understand this doesn't mean Cook, still a University of Florida commitment, will definitely be a part of Miami's 2014 signing class along with Yearby and Darling (longtime UM verbal commitments).

All this means is UM is now obligated to honor their scholarships, unlike the scenario for a traditional recruit who offers a non-binding verbal commitment. All three players are not tied to UM and could enroll elsewhere or sign a binding letter of intent with a different school as well. 

On the plus side, UM is no longer limited by NCAA regulations that restrict in-person contact with Cook. That includes phone calls and home visits.

Cook (5-11, 190) met with UM coaches earlier this week and told Miami Herald High School Sports Writer Andre Fernandez the experience was "eye-opening" because he finally got a chance to sit down and really see how strongly UM wants him.

"In person you really see what people are all about," Cook said. "I think there is definitely a strong possibility Joe and I still end up playing together at the next level." 

Cook also is still strongly considering Florida State. Central coach Roland Smith said Wednesday night at practice he wouldn't be surprised if Cook also signed a financial aid agreement with the Seminoles and Gators if he hadn't already.

Central is preparing for a Class 6A state semifinal showdown this week against Daytona Beach Mainland. Yearby, who is close with Cook, was lost for the season last week and had surgery Wednesday for a broken right fibula. Yearby told The Miami Herald he expects to be ready for spring football.

All three players plan on enrolling in college in January.


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Five Titles - come up with something else. that's all you got for those who aren't fans of Golden? we're all the same person. LMAO! I'll say this slowly so you understand.....


Held Coker's feet to the fire? What do you think killed Miami football? Losing Don Soldinger, Art Kehoe (for several years), and Vernon Hargreaves; then the next year Larry Coker is what killed the 'Canes! YOU spoiled fans thought they all needed to be fired after going 12-0, 12-1, 11-2, 9-3, and 9-3. Congratulations! YOU, the spoiled fans, helped to earn the following records (7-6, 5-7, 7-6, 9-4, 7-6, 6-6, 7-5).
- Tampa Cane

So well put. SO, SO well put.

We get Blown out in our bowl. sucks.
Next year, with DNO, we have a worse off defense, as dzp leaves...
We have no QB, unless Kaaya is the second coming of the blind "train" conductor - Squintin Winston - choo choo!

next year could very easily be 5-7, 6-6... - Lville, Cincinnatti, Duke, GT, UNC, VT, FSU...

speaking of blown, I am available if any of you mans out there need some fun. It is what I do, lol, green pea.

I already disagreed with that conclusion, and did NOT say you are all the same person.

I DO say that you are the same person that has also posted today as "Defense keeps getting worse...". Are you now denying that as well?

People do not have to be fans of Golden, nobody has said that is a prerequisite. However, the fact that SOME of the folks that dislike Golden also dislike the Canes, and yet post pretending to be Canes fans, are not being called out for disliking Golden, they are being called out for attempting to cover their MOTIVES.

I will type this clearly for you.

You are being judged by your words, your insults, and your obvious desire to sow hatred on here, with your low-class personal attacks on anyone that dares to disagree with you.

It leaves anyone in the middle of the discussion unable to discuss the facts, when you are accusing them of licking Golden's "spigot".

If you changed IDs again, and posted reasonably, you would not get called out. The ID changing is not the issue, it is what you SAY under those multiple IDs that gets you the negative attention you deserve.

No reason to say much on this end. The dc is garbage and it's as simple as that. Has Ben garbage and will continue to be garbage. I think golden is a decent coach at best but his lack of accountability to this garbage dc is not acceptable. We will never win anything with this scheme or dc!

Since Gallo endlessly posts his list filled with lies I am compelled to once again post factual quotes from football experts that refutes not only Gallo's lies, but the lies of the one or two other cowardly Gator trolls who use a variety of screen names :


"Ask just about anyone who has played football at the “U” and they will all explain how “void of talent” this program was when Golden arrived. This program had deteriorated to the point that the once flowing pipeline to the NFL had dried up."

"The Hurricanes were “supposed” to win the Coastal Division and reach the ACC title game this year—not because talent, depth and experience proved so, but simply because folks have grown tired of waiting and the drought has gone on long enough."

"For those who continue beating the drum that Miami “should” be back, the question remains, based on what?"

"Coker was tossed the keys to the hot rod he eventually totaled and Shannon set it on fire it. Golden was then given a can of Bondo and a running clock regarding getting it race-worthy again—and not enough folks see that as unfair."

"Golden hustled to save the 2011 recruiting class—which had only four verbal commits when Shannon was let go the previous December. By February, 19 kids joined the Miami program, though the class reeked of last-ditch effort as a new leader had less than two months to sell, close and deliver."

"Ryan Hill never lived up to the hype on the field, but soon as his playing days were over, called it like it was in eye-opening fashion. Hill went on to explain that Golden had inherited “a massive problem” regarding a culture of insubordination and a bunch of pot-smokers more interested in a sideline snowball fight, than the fact that Notre Dame was pummeling Miami in a mid-tier bowl game. Two months after Hill’s revelation, Charles Robinson and Yahoo! Sports dropped an atom bomb and began spinning jailhouse tales from a jaded Ponzi-schemer intent on destroying the Hurricanes’ football program. Hello NCAA investigation. Somewhere in those two-plus years that dark cloud hovered over “The U”, this fan base forgot how scared-straight it was in back in August 2011 when the news was first delivered."

Whether Nevin Shaprio was speaking truth or falsities, perception was reality, the media was screaming “death penalty” and a program damn-near life support looked like it was falling in the abyss. Forget ultimate success, BACK THEN MOST OF US WERE HOPING UM WOULD MERELY SURVIVE!

From begging and pleading two years ago that Miami would live to see another day, to a sense of entitlement that these Hurricanes should again be a contender—just like that, with little attention paid to the past half-decade of disaster and mediocrity. How soon we forget."

This impatience, know-it-all approach and frustration feels a whole lot like fifteen years ago, when Pell Grant fraud rocked this program and frustration was also at an all-time high."



beedharpong, what do you think our record will be if we DO change the DC?

What about if we fired Golden?

And when would you make those moves? I have no issue with Golden waiting until after the bowl, just out of loyalty to a friend. But if it does not occur before signing day, then I will be disappointed.

I thing that your 5-7, 6-6 could move up 4 games with that change. 9-3, 10-2. Remember, Louisville loses Bridgewater, GT is no longer an issue against us, and we get UNC at home. FSU and VT will still be issues, but we do not have to assume that Duke is an automatic loss based on their 10-2 year. By that logic, 11-2 UF would be an automatic loss to the 2013 Canes.

To the guy faking as Gallo, posting at the level of the disgusting namechanging fellow, please stop. Gallo has already been proven wrong, there is no need to sink to their level of hatespeech and phobia. It just gives ammunition to the defenders of the namechanging fellow.

14 more weeks of this PR flim flam.

Then it's time to go get a real coach to bring UM back.

Posted by: At least there's only one more game to go after this next toasting in the cold | November 27, 2013 at 04:41 PM

Hmm, funny how whoever this person is predicted a loss to Pitt. I guess that is why they changed IDs.

let me say this slowly:


I don't need to do that. I post under one name and one name only. but please belive what you want. and wtf is a spigot anyways, and what is your obseession with that particular insult. seems tyo really hit home with you. unresolved childhood scars?

Now come out of your delusional world and defend the worst defense in the ACC. Let me hear the excuses:

a) the players? You mean the players that Goldilocks hasn't developed

b) Randy? He's no longer here

c) Shapiro? Chile please (Ochocinco voice)

I'll say it again I don't think Goldilocks has the "it" factor that a Les Miles, Tressel, Urban Meyer, Saban, Pete Carrol has. He looks like a thouroghbred but on game days against better competition he's a pony, go look at his record.

(and here comes the usual: 4-8, blah, blah, blah; you're a gator, blah, blah, blah)! LOL!

Ganes fan can't understand that there's multiple people who don't share his homoerotic (it's past the line, football season, we can call it for what it is) love of the golden shower spigot.

That's why the saying goes, it's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Pitt put up 501 yards of offense. That's a toasting. Again, it's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Now, back to the spin doctoring to cover for the WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY Ganes fans! Quickly! He's been exposed as being horrible once again with his 2-3 record to finish the season not ranked in the top 25 polls thanks to three consecutive blowouts! To the Ganes-mobile!

I am hoping that for a change, Golden's years in Pennsylvania will assist this team in preparing for the cold. Getting them out there practicing early in it, throwing in the cold, catching in the cold, and hitting in the cold, unlike how they sat in the hotel and under heaters for the Champs bowl.

If the cold is your enemy, then fight that enemy, conquer it, dominate it, so that Pitt instead has to fight the Canes and the cold.
Posted by: Five Titles | November 27, 2013 at 10:20 AM

I believe that the Canes players running out without shirts on, showing that they would not buckle to the cold the way the Champs Bowl players did, led to exactly what I had hoped for. Miami only had to face Pitt, and the cold was no longer a home field advantage for the Pitt players.

They conquered the cold, conquered the Panthers, and proved a name-changing fellow wrong, yet again (he is currently 3-9 in predictions this year).

Of course, even before knowing the opponent, he is predicting a Canes loss yet again. Even when the ID is different, even when the team he roots for is different, his actions of hating the Canes and predicting a blowout loss are at least consistent.

Those 6-6 Panthers? You mean, a .500 team that finished sixth in the weakest BCS conference division? Those Panthers?

The Panthers who averaged 351 yards and 26 points a game offensively a season who went for 501 and 31 against THE WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY? Who rushed for 220 yards and 6.7 a carry for the game? Who gave up 41 sacks on the season but only one (1) to UM's defense? Those Panthers?

Hurricane fans don't find any of that impressive, or at least they shouldn't be allowed to make decisions for themselves if they do.

Man, at least brag about beating Georgia Tech, they finished a whole half game over .500 for the year and in the conference. Of course, they nuked UM's defense too.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

It is laughable that the one or two Gator trolls claim they are not using a variety of screen names to post their lies...just look at 'Harriet the Stomach Turning Self-Proclaimed Muslim's' recent posts and the use of the language "Ganes fan". Then look at his other posts under the moronic screen name, 'Defense keeps getting worse as the experience deployed in it gets greater' where the numbskull use the same "Ganes fan" language.

To you cowardly Gator Troll(s)...21-16, 4 & 8, no bowl will even invite you, Aaron Hernandez, firing all of your coaches, felons for players, you spineless hillbillies quit the series AGAIN!!, we Canes have always owned you girl and always will!!

PS: Louisville just scored again!!


So now you want me to defend the worst defense in the ACC? Why should I? When have I in the past?

Just because I disagree with your position on Canes players, fans, and coaches, does not mean that I disagree with you on EVERYTHING. I make no excuses for this defense, and have no reason to.

I agree with you that changing IDs is a waste of time, but still SOME folks continue to do that.

So, you give a list of five coaches. None of which Miami has a chance of signing. Two which left under a cloud of NCAA violations, another that has the cloud of player misconduct on his plate, and another that is just plain Satan personified and would never be hired in Miami after what he did to the Dolphins.

Les Miles, on the other hand, was 28-21 with Oklahoma State before being handed the keys to a title team after Satan left LSU. Hardly a glowing endorsement.

In the end, I am sure Canes fans would love to get a high profile, awesome resume, championship-laden head coach. But until that happens, we will have to do like we did with Schnellenberger, Johnson, Erickson, and Coker and grow one of our own.

and get ready for L'ville. It's gonna be tough, and we're going to have to put PRESSURE on their QB. So DNO for the love of God get the D ready, and start working on some blitz packages.

Posted by: Cola Cane | December 05, 2013 at 08:49 AM


And, when has your boy Marky Mark's suspect defense put any PRESSURE on an opposing QB this season. Let alone the previous two seasons. dUh

Chit, yous' the on who be the FOOL and what not! NOT gallo or calvin or HTC and like-minded SAGACIOUS, loyal Hurricane fan-dom!!

Why is nick Saban satan personified? Many coaches have lied about their true intentions. Would all these coaches also be satan personified?

Late in the year, but Tubby's assertion that there is evidence that Zook gets paid for posting here, may be the dumbest comment of the year.

First of all, why would anyone pay somebody anything to post on a site with a readership that, at most, is in the 100s?

Oh, and what is the evidence?

Hey D, I'm still homeless but did get a phone + internet. Got any more hot tips?

jsy, I call him Satan because he did it to the Dolphins and the city of Miami, but then turned around and tried to lure players from Miami to Alabama.

I don't consider Steve Sarkisian to be Satan, for example, because he did it to Washington, the team that ruined our home win streak, was unfairly given a share of our 1991 title, and by getting a lucky home win against us in 2000, allowed FSU to leapfrog us for the title chance against Oklahoma that year.

Other than that, I would call him a run of the mill liar.

Plus, Saban, Satan, it is an easy change.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | December 05, 2013 at 03:34 PM

No, man..smh

Golden navigated us through significant turmoil RS never had to and hasn't truly been able to put a recruiting stamp on the program. What kind of question is that?

From an article on top five ranked teams talent acquisition.

5. Missouri

* Average Class Ranking: 37.6 nationally

* Class Rankings: 2013, 43rd; 2012, 32nd; 2011, 57th; 2010, 21st; 2009, 35th.

* Top-100 Signees (3): 2013, None; 2012, WR Dorial Green-Beckham (first overall nationally), OG Evan Boehm (98th); 2011, None; 2010, None; 2009, DT Sheldon Richardson (30th).

* 2013 Record: 11-1 overall, 7-1 SEC, will play No. 3 Auburn in SEC championship game.

* Onfield Records, Titles: 42-21 record last five years, no conference championships, no BCS bowls, no BCS national title games, no national championships. (Missouri would qualify for its first-ever BCS bowl berth with a win over Auburn.)

* Helwagen Comment: Well, what can you say about Missouri? The Tigers had a breakthrough year when they went 12-2 in 2007. But the Tigers stumbled to 5-7 last year in their first season in the SEC. Some were thinking that Gary Pinkel was in over his head at MU.

You look at the recruiting rankings above and you see that Pinkel and his staff have done a great job of developing talent. They have put themselves in position for an improbable SEC championship with a win over Auburn.

Obviously, nabbing a top national prospect like Green-Beckham helped the bottom line. But Pinkel, in his 13th year there, has surrounded him with good to great talent and they have hit the mother lode this season. Can you imagine that Georgia, Florida and Tennessee are all looking up at Missouri in the SEC East?

This place is comical.

Anyway. Dalvin Cook might be playing the hat game. Very disappointing, but I hope he comes this way. Very disconcerting that he signed with all three schools. No need for that at this stage in the process. You really can't compare those other institutions to MIami. We are completely different and either you wanna be a hurricane or you don't.

No way he goes to UF. They have 3 guys with the same build that are bigger, faster, and have a similar style of running. He is what Miami is lacking. His biggest role will come here next season in Miami. He could be the number 2 or 3 back.

He needs to rep his town. His city.. If he has no pride in representing Dade and S. Fla then maybe he should take his talents to Tally.

Miami's rankings over the same time frame.

2009 15

2010 15

2011 33

2012 10

2013 14

Talent development is not being given to Miami players. Along with bad schemes and terrible game day adjustments.

Sports' Illustrated had a five part series on how programs run players off the team. That is done at Oklahoma State and they still win. What Al Golden has done is similar.

But he still does not succeed significantly better than a previous and inferior coach. Nor does he defeat clearly less talented teams.

Depending on who AG hired? Who knows? I'd guess 9-3 8-4...Don't think it can be any worse...The numbers don't lie. The haters on here have the stats on their side, with regards to the comparisons to our defensive performance over the last three years, RS's guys and AGs guys.

Texas. Auburn. USC. -Change in coaching yielding immediate, measurably better results.
but then there's:

Duke - 7 years. Galldanged credit to Duke. I am now a Duke fan when we aren't playing them. That's a story and formula we have bet heavily upon as a school.

Am I happy we are 9-3, rather than 7-5?

Do I think we win our bowl game?

But, I was wrong about UF and UVA and Pitt...

I am still on team Alverage with the BOTD, waiting til he has two years unencumbered recruiting, so we can stop with the NCAA/RS discussion. All his guys.

Honeymoon's definitely over though with AG. So, no he's not fired, he just has to make a business decision; after the bowl game, prior to signing day.

Heck, I am even inured to DNO being here for the same two more years...It is what it is...I don't think we'll be much better on Defense next year, even if we start true freshmen phenoms...Hope I am wrong.

Lville? coaching is good, recruiting is good, with a solid base of talent in place. Could go either way.

GT? When you assume they're no longer threat? boom. Vlad lee is developing a nice passing game and their defense is better than ours. Could go either way.

UNC? Only got waaaay beter as the year went on. Will be fine with out their TE stud. Another toss up.

Duke? Well, the logic you invoke comparing UF last year to this isn't the one I am using. Duke has come of age under Cutcliffe. His schemes are working, he has his talent base, which will be better next year than this, and they believe they can win now...That matters too..

I have railed that coaching matters most...There is merit to the idea that players confidence is hive mentality...and that begins with coaching. Momentum. Mighty MO'...After our early defensive success, we got pasted by FSU and seemed to have lost MO'...

I concede, I have been plenty wrong, but with the QB, DC, and loss of DZP with a slew of freshman defensive players, we can easily go 9-3 or 10-2, like you say - with or without a new DC...

I just think that by the time our defense gets exposed again next year, that the players will mutiny, even if unconsciously, and we will slump...especially when the harder part of the year comes, just like this yeaer...

This team was almost exactly the same as last year's in every measurable way. We had an easier schedule and some luck, and some added grit at key moments. I do think the kids are playing harder than they did for RS near the end of his tenure....

But remember, we are setup perfectly to go 9-4 or 10-2 - RS 9-4, then....It is eerily similar, no?

DNO ain't going and next year is gonna be rough.

Well they can go ahead and give the Heisman to the FSU QB right now. The only other person who'll challenge the FSU QB is Johnny Football.

Bridgewater will be at the ceremony, but won't win because of schedule.

BTW: Let's hope UM doesn't face Teddy in a bowl game. Ever heard that song, "You light up my life?"

Oh yeah, forgot to mention.
Remember last year, where we lost I think three games by a combined 14 points or so? I do.

We could have just as easily been 10-2 last year with some breaks thrown our way. See VT this year, if you really must...

that's exactly why the pundits and fans fully expected there to be SOME marked improvement on defense this year, that we were picked to win the coastal as a reasonable expectation...

Yet, we didn't lose those 3 games this year by a combined 14 points, we lost by more than an average of 14 points...and eeked out a couple maybe we could have lost just like last year - UNC, WF...

This team is the same as last year's, for better.
and worse.

That's where the onus falls on coaching. Auburn, Texas, USC....

I'm not saying hire these coaches, I'm saying they have an it factor that I don't see in this Coach. I've never attacked the players, and only go after bloggers who come after me accusing me with accusations of changing ID's as if I have to hide behind multiple ID's, when we're all anonymously behind key boards. So think before you come after me with false and silly accusations.

Now back to this incompetent defensive staff led by Goldilocks......I guess we agree that they are garbage, but at the end of the day Goldilocks is responsible for making the necessary changes, and we know he's not getting rid of his shower buddy so yes my ire is directed at him.

I make no apologies for it and I laugh at anybody who questions my love for the Canes. None of you dictate how I feel about this staff, it's my right. This is a public forum, where I have expressed support for the coaches in the past, but watching the decline against tougher competition, the look of quit in the defense during the Duke loss has caused me to re-asses what this staff defensive staff is about. I don't recall Susan or Manny saying all post have to be positive, who made you the blog police......gtfoh!

I'll continue to call him Goldilocks, coach D is his shower buddy, and if you don't like it......ah well, YOUR problem.

sorry.....I will still give to program as a loyal alumni and bash golden until he is gone.
I know what i see and NOBODY is bigger than the brand.....I have been around longer than golden, who is still a kid to me.....

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/12/central-star-rb-dalvin-cook-signs-grant-in-aid-agreement-with-miami-but-its-not-a-done-deal-yet/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

Calling out gallo again...Dum bass, If you were an alumni then U would know "alumni" is plural and alumnus is singular ,which is what U should be if U went to any school. Maybe it is alumni for your multiple personalities? Loser wanna be!

The next gen of Willis , Clinton and Frank is being lined up -- Go Canes

Thanks for bringing that up, we were picked to win the coastal which we didn't. What's the excuse? I'll wait

We've been under sanctions and investigation since 2009!! There was a threat of shutting down the program. You are comparing Miami to programs who have been recruiting without restriction or impending doom of the NCAA DEATH PENALTY. THE DEATH PENALTY!! Think about what has been written about this program over the last 3 years.. We just learned we were bowl eligible less than 2 months ago!! Come on now.

I'm unhappy with certain aspects of the defensive coaching like everyone else, but the players must own the losses as well. All the coaches in the world won't make Highsmith tackle or turn Shayon Green into Jerome Brown. It sucks. Yes we were a couple injuries or fumbles away from playing in the ACCCG THIS SEASON after all of the above, but it's time to move on!!

You all are wild. For real!

Last time we played in a BCS championship game we had 2 pro bowl linebackers at least 2 pro-bowl D-linemen and 2 pro-bowl starting safeties on a defense true freshman Maurice Clarett pounded in that game. And our DC was, wait for it....Randy Shannon. We are nowhere close to that level of talent now, and by some accounts on the blog, nowhere near the level of coaching, but you all expect the same result!?

Stop it! Just stop.

Next man - read my post first. I never said NC, but the writers who follow the ACC picked us to win the division, which we all expected, especially after 7-0. Instead this staff couldn't bring the team together and laid tremendous defensive eggs, embarrassing eggs.

Three years of mediocrity on defense, but no changes, c'mon man. Who's responsible for developing these defensive players over the last three years? Randy? I thought Goldilocks was a defensive coach?

Please keep making excuses for defensive mediocrity

To: Five Titles and Other REAL Canes Fans

Subject: The Insane Curse

Ask yourself the following question; after 7 years of the Curse insanely posting literally hundreds of times each day using countless screen names on most all Canes football blogs do you really believe that suddenly he got religion and stopped posting?

My point is...he is still attacking the program and Coach Golden only now he is posing as a variety of Canes fans.

"the writers who follow the ACC picked us to win the division, which we all expected, especially after 7-0. Instead this staff couldn't bring the team together and laid tremendous defensive eggs, embarrassing eggs."

Posted by: Is it football season yet | December 05, 2013 at 07:10 PM

THE WRITERS!! Those be the same writers who picked UF to finish where and do what to []_[]? You pay attention to that nonsense from national used car salesmen that don't know jack squat about local football. You listen to them!? You should be ashamed to admit that. What did those writers say about Bama?

Follow the team like a real fan and base your expectations on that. Then maybe you'll understand why we finished the way we did. I expected a costal division as well but not because the writers said so. I'll say it again. We have Duke healthy and we are playing in the ACCCG.

This is the essence of the problem with some on this blog. You don't follow the team and get your opinions from other people. While you're at it read my post again. I never blamed Randy for anything. I simply stated the facts.

And furthermore, I wasn't even talking to you. I made a general statement. I don't know what you posted and was not responding directly to you. But you certainly showed who tells you what to think about Miami Football. The Writers.

Next man,
I carefully read and listen to the writers, here, on this blog, any and all other sources I can find...and I use my own lyin' eyes to evaluate why we are where we are.

Defensive Players -a truly mixed bag of mostly leftovers and some significant NCAA recruiting woes - granted.

However, the points raised about overall team performance, comparisons to the past player AND coaching regimes are fair game to consider...

Duke is healthy and we are playing for the ACCCG? No, sir; highly doubt that is the dispositive factor.

Posted by: Is it football season yet | December 05, 2013 at 06:26 PM

It factor? How would you know? Have you ever been in a room with Golden? Shook his hand? Talk to him like, you know, a man? Have you ever met any of the coaches you named?

Urban was a game day coach that last season at UF before he QUIT. And when Pete got unceremoniously dismissed from NE he had it. Tressel? The liar at the Miami program that shares our name but that's about it? Real talented bunch there. A liar, a quitter and a bully with poor social skills.

How about you go shake Al's hand, look him dead in the eye and tell me he doesn't have it.

Posted by: beedharphong | December 05, 2013 at 07:47 PM

I didn't say we would be a better defensive team than we are, but yes, without a doubt, Duke Johnson makes us a better team. He was our heart and soul. We win homecoming and beat Duke university with DJ.

If you don't think Duke Johnson makes []_[] better, that's fine, we'll just have to disagree.

My biggest gripe with dno and this staff is why do they repeatedly drop dts into coverage? I hope they don't make chad thomas into a de/cb hybrid like shayon green. Why do we keep using dline players in coverage? Why? Can anyone explain that? I really am extremely perplexed.

Yes disregard the writers who follow all of these teams for a living, yeah I haven't watched every Canes game since ''84, and yes disregard the coaches I listed who have all won NC's. I get that Goldilocks' words give you guys goosebumps, words don't win NC's, player development and game day strategy do, which Goldilocks seems to lack, that's the it I'm talking about, not talk of binders, weight gain, and some process that results in teams beating us with the same basic plays for three games straight.

Keep sticking your head in the sand, maybe we can wish our way to a better defense! Gtfoh.

Jim gallo= nevin the tunnel shapiro

David cutcliffe wins acc coach of the year for the second time in a row and is the Walter camp coach of the year.

Golden one Mac coach of the year ONE time in 2009.

Golden is good but how can anyone who is not a blind delusional fanatic possible claim with a straight face that he is the best coach in all of college football?

Brian Kelly won coach of the year last year.

Want to be named Coach of the Year, coaches?


Then make room on the mantle for the hardware that will be coming your way.

Ganes fans up late tonight trying to put out all the fires that fed up Hurricane fans are torching their favorite golden shower spigot with. Talking about 'shaking' Alverage when what they need to do is get his shower escapade sidekick to let go of what they want to grasp first, because we all know who does the shaking of Alverage since college, same guy who needs to be axed but won't, because Alverage doesn't like a different set of hands down there, so Ganes fans lose out on their wet dream of grasping onto it and never letting go until it's down the back of their throats.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Anyone who comes here regularly knows who is the curse. The smart ones avoiding responding to him.

Now Zook said:


That is not correct. I was appalled anyone flew those plane signs that year, and Butch promptly shut up that talk by beating UCLA in one of the final regular seasons game that year when the whole country was watching (the game had been reschedule when a Hurricane was in the area when it was originally scheduled). Edgerin James was a beast in that game, maybe one of the best performances by a Miami running back in school history. I did not advocate Butch leaving. Unlike Zook though, I don't carry my disappointment he moved on to a better job opportunity all these years later. I know he left before the recruiting signing date but it hardly hurt Miami. That team was NFL talent two deep. Everyone wanted to play for the U back then. I can't think of a significant recruit who flipped between the time Butch left and signing day.

I mention that because in other posts Zook has referred to Butch as a traitor. I would argue otherwise. It is part of the American spirit to take chances to better yourself when an opportunity comes along. Every coach who comes to any university promises to be here forever. Every university promises the coach that they will never fire him when things WHEN they hire the coach. But coaches leave for better jobs and universities fire coaches. It is the nature of the beast.

I mention this because, as I said, when doubt about Butch's ability reached flying the plane levels, his team beat one of the top teams in the country on prime time national tv. The loss to FSU, then the embarrassing loss to VT on prime team, and then the Duke debacle on regional team that was covered by most of the regions, is not exactly stepping up to the plate.

Before Randy Shannon was hired, Butch came to town and basically he made it known he was available to coach and was interested in the Miami job. Bad feelings from prominent boosters nixed the idea. When Shannon was fired, Butch again made overtures which were ignored. Now we have Golden, stuck with a C+ grade based on the schedule this year, with questions about his defensive scheme, orchestrated by his buddy D NO, and not offering fans or booster any hope other than hope that future recruits will be better.

Lessee, Miami loses 26 seniors from the roster. Almost a third of the team. Al wants us to wait for him to recruit new talent, and 3 or 4 years, the players will develop into NCAA stars, and somehow, the same defensive scheme that hasn't shut any team down in two years, will what? Win the Coastal? I don't think this fan base will give him three more years.

Meanwhile, Butch is available. The U could hire him tomorrow. First, they go to Al and say, Hey, the scheme sucks we need a new DC. Al says "no can do." U says Al we aspire to excellence at the U, in both academics and sports. Being in the lower 25% of the rankings for D, when you had so many seniors, doesn't cut it? You sure you won't make a change?" Al says No, DNo is my best bud. U calls Butch? You interested? He says hell yeah. Miami would win at least 2 national championships in 5 years.

Butch is like Saban. GREAT college coaches. In the NFL, not so much. Butch rebuilt NC from the ashes when he took over. He is a natural. So Zook, would UM ever consider rehiring Butch???

I see we lost stuckey to auburn when we need defensive line help now knowing he can play right away.

My biggest gripe with dno and this staff is why do they repeatedly drop dts into coverage? I hope they don't make chad thomas into a de/cb hybrid like shayon green. Why do we keep using dline players in coverage? Why? Can anyone explain that? I really am extremely perplexed.

Posted by: jsy | December 05, 2013 at 08:40 PM

To create pressure. If we could generate pressure rushing 4 we wouldn't need to do that. We can't. Even with 5 at times, not getting to the QB. So he gets creative with zone blitzing and dropping DE into zone.

Meanwhile, Butch is available. The U could hire him tomorrow. First, they go to Al and say, Hey, the scheme sucks we need a new DC. Al says "no can do." U says Al we aspire to excellence at the U, in both academics and sports. Being in the lower 25% of the rankings for D, when you had so many seniors, doesn't cut it? You sure you won't make a change?" Al says No, DNo is my best bud. U calls Butch? You interested? He says hell yeah. Miami would win at least 2 national championships in 5 years.

Butch is like Saban. GREAT college coaches. In the NFL, not so much. Butch rebuilt NC from the ashes when he took over. He is a natural. So Zook, would UM ever consider rehiring Butch???

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | December 06, 2013 at 01:11 AM

After Al does all the heavy lifting the last 3 years? Pretty ungrateful you ask me. After all we were only facing the DEATH PENALTY when he came in. I mean it couldn't possibly have hindered recruiting; could it? Now 2 months out of investigation of 4 years he has a top 3 class? We're not that type of program. He deserves an opportunity to run the program free of the black cloud.

Don't get me wrong, would love to have Butch back, but they won't give him a HC job again. They don't trust him based on the circumstances of how he left. We aren't that desperate. Just like UF when they hired Muschamp, the ol ball coach was waiting in the wings. They wanted to moved forward; just like we do.

Posted by: Defense keeps getting worse as the experience deployed in it gets greater | December 05, 2013 at 11:32 PM

You post under that moniker so you won't have to answer for the rubbish when we come back. Try using your scree name.

After Al does all the heavy lifting the last 3 years? Pretty ungrateful you ask me. After all we were only facing the DEATH PENALTY when he came in. I mean it couldn't possibly have hindered recruiting; could it? Now 2 months out of investigation of 4 years he has a top 3 class? We're not that type of program. He deserves an opportunity to run the program free of the black cloud.

Posted by: Next Man[]_[]p

In the words of the racist South Carolina Congressman, "you lie!"

The NCAA was not anywhere near using the Death Penalty. Because the current players that received extra benefits were extremely few. As well as the recruits that received the same. Those were the only players that were forced to testify. The coaches involved lawyered up and shut up, as well. No strong evidence there.

The greatest deterrent to any major infractions was only one person, Randy Shannon. Anything mentioned differently, is an outright and vicious lie!

Well, since it's all about coaching, I demand that nick saban be fired immediately as he failed to even win his division. Same for Beamer. And that Kelly guy at ND. What did he do this year? To be saddled with a D and DC that are constantly being derided as two of the worst ever and still be in position to deliver a 10 win season should qualify AG for sainthood. He lost his two best players on offense for key games, which not only destroys a gameplan, but also had to have taken its toll on morale, and still has those guys playing for 60 every week. If you don't think AG could take fsu's roster and be 12-0 or that jimbo COULD take the U's current roster and be undefeated, then continue to blog away like a dunce.

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