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ESPN's BCS guru Brad Edwards: "The buzz I'm hearing right now" is that Chick-fil-A "likes Duke.''

I just asked Brad Edwards, the BCS expert for ESPN, if Florida State beats Duke, which team does he think the Chick-fil-A Bowl would choose for its Dec. 31 game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

"The buzz I’m hearing right now is that they like Duke,'' Edwards said on a conference call. "I think the fact that Miami does not have a great track record of traveling a lot of fans to bowl games plays into that. Duke still is going to be the team that has the better season, they had the better record, they beat Miami head to head. I would think If they don’t believe that there’s going to be a tremendous difference in attendance between the two, that duke would be the direction to go."

"Even if Duke is crushed?" I asked.

"Yeah, you know here’s the thing,'' Edwards said. "With Duke" (he laughed right here), "I’m half-joking to say this, getting crushed is something Duke fans are quite accustomed to. I don’t think it would take the air out of the Duke fan base to get crushed by Florida State the same way it would for a lot of fan bases to get crushed in a conference championship game. This is a dream season for Duke regardless what happenes Saturday.

 "Look at what Florida State did to them a year ago and that was a Florida State team that was not even as good as this year’s team. I bet most Duke fans are expecting to get crushed in this game. If they’re still in it at halftime maybe they’ll start to believe and hope and all that, but I don’t think anything that can happen Saturday night is going to cause fewer Duke fans to be interested in a bowl game like it would for a lot of fan bases."

I was told today by the bowl that the ACC and SEC teams each are allotted a maximum of 18,500 tickets (though there's a minimum amount they have to buy, and it's fewer than that). The game is already sold out, and Chick-fil-A officials are confident they'll fill the seats regardless of who plays in the game -- especially if they get a decent SEC draw (think Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M, or a UM-Georgia game). But Edwards still is projecting Duke over Miami.

"Yes there’s certainly the name factor you don’t get with Duke,'' Edwards said, "but there’s still the possibility that Duke could be ranked. They’re 20. Everybody is expecting them to lose the game so it’s not like people are going to kill them on their ballots for losing to Florida. They could get a ranked team with Duke. They definitely will get a 10-win team, which is something they wouldn’t have with Miami."

Note that Miami is 9-3.

"I can see it both ways,'' Edwards concluded. "I don’t  know for sure that’s what they'll do. But that’s just what I’m hearing, that as of right now, Duke would be the choice for Chick-fil-A."

ESPN (and I'm not talking about Brad Edwards) will have a part to play in this as well. The station wants a good game, so I still don't think it's a done deal either way.

We'll all just have to wait, regardless.

Edwards believes the Russell Athletic Bowl on Dec. 28 in Orlando will take Miami if the Chick-fil-A does not. But if something really wacky happens, you never know. 

El Paso, anyone?  




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Hahaha. Duke. Lol

My Gators wouldn't even consider the Peach Bowl, thats what they called it in my day. The Peach Bowl is beneath us. Either Title Game, Sugar, or stay home. Go Gators!

What I can say is UM was in that Duke game all the way, even though it was a defensive mess. SM did his best and the OC did he best/ I'll give them that.

But that Duke game was one when they decided to run straight up against our defense. We just had no answer. Simply put.

That said, hats off to Duke. They won this season when they had to win. But it's still a basketball and lacrosse school.

hey turds!!!

I would take the Gators, Oh, Wait, they only have 4 wins...sorry, they aren't going anywhere except to the Toilet Bowl, which is Gainesville

Duke over Miami? I guess TV rating don't matter!

Dalvin Cook and Johnnie Dixon. Bring it home Al.

This is what great scheming and coaching will get you. Another great mile stone Duke before Miami in a football invite game. This is truly the Golden years. The greatest football process ever.

You should have been ashamed of the 350 yards rushing put on the Mac staff by a team that averages 150 yards a game with an average of 2.5 stars in recruiting.

Or that Logan Thomas' draft stock rose when he play UM and fell the very next game in 2 of the last 3 years.

Or that more than half the teams out squad played had season high totals against our guys.

Or that for 2 years straight the d was dead lastin the conf and all AG does is cover for his boy. All the while his bestie throws the players under the bus!

That's what you should b ashamed of.

Posted by: Nash | December 04, 2013 at 01:14 PM

Tell em nash, back up off u, back up off u, lol!

See what happens when you don't close out weaker opponents. This season started great and just fell apart.

It seems that Brad Edwards is creating the "Duke buzz" and trying to get his name mentioned, which is exactly what has happened.

Maybe they do take Duke as they are having a Cinderella season.

At least we know one team that the Chick Filet Bowl or any other bowl won't take...that's the 4 and 8, division 3 Georgia Southern losers at home...the Cowardly Florida Gators!!


"Ask just about anyone who has played football at the “U” and they will all explain how “void of talent” this program was when Golden arrived. This program had deteriorated to the point that the once flowing pipeline to the NFL had dried up."

"The Hurricanes were “supposed” to win the Coastal Division and reach the ACC title game this year—not because talent, depth and experience proved so, but simply because folks have grown tired of waiting and the drought has gone on long enough."

"For those who continue beating the drum that Miami “should” be back, the question remains, based on what?"

"Coker was tossed the keys to the hot rod he eventually totaled and Shannon set it on fire it. Golden was then given a can of Bondo and a running clock regarding getting it race-worthy again—and not enough folks see that as unfair."

"Golden hustled to save the 2011 recruiting class—which had only four verbal commits when Shannon was let go the previous December. By February, 19 kids joined the Miami program, though the class reeked of last-ditch effort as a new leader had less than two months to sell, close and deliver."

"Ryan Hill never lived up to the hype on the field, but soon as his playing days were over, called it like it was in eye-opening fashion. Hill went on to explain that Golden had inherited “a massive problem” regarding a culture of insubordination and a bunch of pot-smokers more interested in a sideline snowball fight, than the fact that Notre Dame was pummeling Miami in a mid-tier bowl game. Two months after Hill’s revelation, Charles Robinson and Yahoo! Sports dropped an atom bomb and began spinning jailhouse tales from a jaded Ponzi-schemer intent on destroying the Hurricanes’ football program. Hello NCAA investigation. Somewhere in those two-plus years that dark cloud hovered over “The U”, this fan base forgot how scared-straight it was in back in August 2011 when the news was first delivered."

Whether Nevin Shaprio was speaking truth or falsities, perception was reality, the media was screaming “death penalty” and a program damn-near life support looked like it was falling in the abyss. Forget ultimate success, BACK THEN MOST OF US WERE HOPING UM WOULD MERELY SURVIVE!

From begging and pleading two years ago that Miami would live to see another day, to a sense of entitlement that these Hurricanes should again be a contender—just like that, with little attention paid to the past half-decade of disaster and mediocrity. How soon we forget."

This impatience, know-it-all approach and frustration feels a whole lot like fifteen years ago, when Pell Grant fraud rocked this program and frustration was also at an all-time high."


UM is probably bowl worthy, due to the fact that there are so many bowls:

Memo to the bowl voters: please, please, please don't put UM in a bowl game with Johnny Football, Teddy Bridewater or that guy from Northern Illinois.

Bridgewater will show U what U had a chance to be before RS left: Manziel will just go off. Period. And against a weak D. That guy from NI has something to prove.

Prediction: Teddy is the No. 1 QB chosen in next year's draft.

Prediction: 'Goldy will be around for another year. After that the pressure of losing will get to him. Then he and DunnoToday, DunnoAllSeason are out da door.

Translation: Regime Change.

Miami Central High four-star running back and UF oral commitment Dalvin Cook, rated rivals.com’s 30th best overall prospect, say's he’s now very seriously considering UM after visiting with Al Golden and his staff Monday night.


Interesting but here is the REAL SCOOP.

The TV interest has much more at stake to sell spots than who the Bowl would prefer.
In selling TV time there is no way that Duke would have more to offer than the 'U'.
We have the Commercial ability to sell spots.
Duke does not.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ count Edwards.

Bowls are a Business decision, bottom line. Much more clout with Miami.

Miami has the cache to play this game up for weeks.

The build up and the legacy is enough to carry our team over Duke any day.

The golden slipper for Duke will fit, until midnight then Fla. State will do the coup de grace, and any Bowl opponent will finish the deal.
Miami has much more upside.
Go 'Canes

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 04, 2013 at 06:14 PM



Why do you also use the screen name 'Cool Cat'?

Your nonsensical blathering using the screen name 'Calvin' certainly meets and exceeds the hater low standards, thus making your 'Cool Cat' alias a unnecessary evil.


Why do you also use the screen name 'Cool Cat'?

Your nonsensical blathering using the screen name 'Calvin' certainly meets and exceeds the hater low standards, thus making your 'Cool Cat' alias a unnecessary evil.

To not choose Miami is an insult to these young men.

To bad these fans are the reason we have an inferior to Duke coach.

The only time Duke football is on TV is when they play the Canes.

"Too bad"

Posted by: Is it football season yet | December 04, 2013 at 04:12 PM

Get off Duke. They took it. Our d-line is lacking. Star search don't guarantee wins. Our defensive play was horrible and we don't deserve to be where Duke is. Bad calls? Sure, but when these kids take bad angles and lose contain on their way to missing tackles it's tough to look at scheme. Another thing, all yous should be bashing Mike Barrow and other position coaches who really work with players on fundamentals. You should be asking to clean house on Defense.

We've had the same tackling drills for years, all the sudden coaches can't coach tackling? Mike Barrow is probowler []_[] bred. Surely his linebackers are guaranteed to be ballers; right?

Or let me ask this; these players go through the same drills as Lewis, Morgan, Taylor, Spence, so why can't they tackle in the game? These kids been playing football all their lives and come to college forgetting how to tackle? Players must take ownership for these errors.

Y'all believe what you want. Bill Belichek fired from browns, gets Thom Brady and Vince Wilfork and becomes a guru. C'mon man.

We dont deserve to be in the peach bowl. Cutcliff outcached golden and so duke desered it.

Thank Al Golden more making DUKE be thought as better than the great Miami program. You and the godfather to your kids have made Miami the laughingstock of the sports media. By siding with family and keeping that inept, mediocre and clueless coach (D corch) you have committed the immoral sin of NEPOTISM/CRONYISM.

AG needs to go and take that bag of crap with him.


Making excuses for AG b/c he was left with no talent...LOL..Anyone with half a brain that knows a little about football can go back and see RS depth chart from 2006-2007. RS has less than AG, and in 3 years Miami was 9-3 and the games (except VT 31-7) were close.

We get AL Folden. He brings his INEPT D CORCH and in year 3 Miami is 9-3 with a blowout loss to Duke and FSU...jajajaja

AG got talent when he came to Miami, RS left hi more than 12 NFL players, but AG is a con man and is all talk, but can't walk (coach) He is a glorified Ron Zook.

D CORCH is affecting recruiting. Last year NO LOCAL DT's came to Miami and we lost 2 AA CB's to FSU AND FLORIDA..Why? Who the fack wants to play for D CORCH and that stupid scheme!

Playthefreshmen... so we gonna act like Golden didn't recruit under the NCAA cloud or naw?
Think it's safe to say Golden's task is a bit more challenging. In 2011 our Defense looked fine, actually led the ACC. So if anything it's not scheme its players talent/mental side of the game

Lots of blah blah blah about changing the DC. Anyone have a replacement in mind?
I want to see him go as well but who is available at that spot who doesn't want to be a head coach real soon?

Why is D jumping around with a new Playthefreshmen wearing out his dUh's.

Just wondering.

Go 'Canes

"The game is already sold out, and Chick-fil-A officials are confident they'll fill the seats regardless of who plays in the game -- especially if they get a decent SEC draw (think Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M, or a UM-Georgia game). But Edwards still is projecting Duke over Miami."

Read that Ganes fan? Already sold out. So, again, you don't know what you're typing about and have no credibility when you beg for THE WORST FOOTBALL COACH IN MODERN UM HISTORIES job despite him needing to be dismissed from that post sooner than you think.

No more golden showers for you!

See!!! What did I tell you people??
Duke would land a better bowl than UM despite it's horrible reputation.

What's the difference between the Russell Athletic Bowl, The CarQuest Bowl, and The Micron PC Bowl???

NOT ONE D@^^N Thing. They're all Bottom Feeder Bowls put on to make people feel good about themselves. Like School Uniforms.

Keep me posted on Recruiting and whether Golden has come to his senses and removed Dino the clown!!


I keep hearing rumors at the THE Us AD that search for a new DC will begin soon..hope it is true!! souce is very reliable..s

Forget the chick fila meatball bowl already. Canes are better off in Orlando at the RA bowl. Did u folks not go to the 09 bowl in orlando vs Wisconsin ?? One of the best turnouts for UM fans outside of so fl for a bowl game in a long time. . Lol there are a lot of real loyal Canes fans from the metro Orlando Tampa /Jax area that will pack the stands in ORLANDO not counting the faithful from so fl. . If 09 bowl was a hit in Orlando - 2013 RA bowl will be a home Run. Go Canes better hope Orlando RA bowl gives out the invite!

For all the naysayers and trolls dissing on the U and their defensive numbers The Ohio State university currently ranked number two in all the right polls gave up over 600 yards of offense to a 7-5 Michigan team. so I guess the coaches at OSU can't coach either!

Glad for the seniors and all Canes for getting through the NCAA mess.A bowl is a reward for a good season most often.A 9-3 record is still a proud accomplishment.Teams with crappy records go to no Bowl.For all the trolls who talk nonsense on this Miami blog.Too funny.

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