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Golden honored with 2013 Lombardi Award

Hurricanes coach Al Golden was presented with the 2013 Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching on Wednesday night at the 44th Rotary Lombardi Award Ceremony. The ceremony was televised live on CBS College Sports.

Legendary BYU coach LaVell Edwards presented Golden with the award.

"What a great honor to receive this award from Coach Edwards,” Golden said in his acceptance speech. “I humbly dedicate this award to the 2013 Miami Hurricanes. They overcame a lot of adversity over the last three years. And in so doing, they taught us a lot about perseverance and leadership itself and maybe perhaps overall about class.”

During his acceptance speech, Golden thanked Miami AD Blake James, President Donna E. Shalala, his wife Kelly and his mom and dad.


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Who won this award last year?

Congratulations Coach Golden.

F u calvin and all the haters. This is the best coach um could hve had.
Where mack bron going?
We lucky
Thanks coach

If Nick Satan turns down the Texas job, I hope they don't come after Coach Golden....

So, no one knows who won this award last year?

If Nick Satan turns down the Texas job, I hope they don't come after Coach Golden....

Posted by: CarolCity Cane | December 12, 2013 at 10:19 PM


2012 winner was Manti Te’o.... In winning the 2013 edition, Coach Al Golden joins the legendary ranks of Luke Kuechly, Dat Nguyen, and Warren Sapp who also won this prestigious award. http://www.rotarylombardiaward.org/index.php/9-news-2012/36-manti-te-o-takes-home-the-2012-rotary-lombardi-award

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football!!

Way to go Big Al!!

So Malzahn won the Home Depot COY award tonight and this award doesn't have any other winners in its history?

So it's made up just to try and spite the NCAA basically.

Wonder if the MAC loser will try and extort another extension off it?

Ganes fans of course think this is a real award with a prestigious history behind it instead of a PR joke.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Very happy for Coach Golden. Well deserved, but this is an award mostly for off the field accomplishments, not on it.

Now please address this Coach. Why offer so many kids that are marginal D-1 bottom program, FCS or D-2 players ?

The Turds just received their 17th & 18th. committment and got ESPN's 4-Star Top-20 and #2 OT out of J'ville, a Top-200 in-State WR and Top-85 DT out of Brooklyn will announce between the Turds and Penn. St. anyday now. Everyone of these kids were offered by everyone (the WR wasn't offered by Bama) including the Canes. There are nearly 75 Top-300 uncmmitted kids in the Top-300. Another 25-30 will certainly flip. That's well over a Third of the best players that are up for grabs to the Top-10-15 programs that will gobble them up. Now we have a nice collection of 13 kids in the Top-300, another 3-4 solid 3-Star kids, but a DOZEN others projects just to fill out the Class. My question is, and not bashing, how are we supposed to be in the running for these 100 top kids that are left if we have no room for them. Are we even in the running for any of these top players to finish even stronger? I'm like Al and respect him, but for the life of me, how you offer so many projects, so early to the tune of 10-12 a year... All that does is litter your entire roster with nearly half projects. How do you build quality 2-team depth like that? I have heard many reasons like, the NCAA (USC still killed), trust the Coach n system. They will be developed. Many "could" be Stars. Well, year after year like that, is unsustainable. Plain n Simple quality, top-talent, experienced depth wise.

Once again, I love those Top-13 kids, but remember, in 2 years, they'll be backed up by those 10-12 projects. It's been a reoccurring theme, for far to many years that makes it so difficult over a 4-5 year recruiting cycle. Just look at the all the programs that are Top-15 in the rankings with 16-18-20 commits each MAX and watch how they close adding 6-7-8 each of these Top-100 kids that are left. And go down their list to the lower ranked players. They will have maybe 2-3-4 of those projects yearly, not a DOZEN.

Guys, it starts with the Horses, and we need more 2-deep T-Breds... Some solid Horses and less Donkeys to make that jump back into being a Top-10 program year in and year out.


So how many of the Top-100 kids left do we get ? We've offered most of them all, but how do we get them, if we have no room ? And why do we not have that room ?

The formula is 20-Top Kids...4-5 Solid 3-Star kids... 3-4 projects. Year after year after year.

Where are we ? And how does Coach Golden Close ?

It's not where you start, it's always where you finish.

And please spare me the orange n green glasses, eternal optimist homer, gotta have faith reasoned answers. Seriously, do you really think will we be that much more improved next year with so many project kids, (THAT RECIEVED ZERO TOP-PROGRAM OFFERS) yearly that will comprise more than a Third of our 2014 Roster ?

Sure 8-9-even a 10 Win December Bowl Win year is nice. But I and who wants nice ? I want great. But you must have Great players backed up by developing Great players. And our backups right now are below average players backing up far to many good players.

Man, just take a look at all those uncommitted kids on ESPN.com Top-300 ... I WANT 5-6 OF THEM ! Over 4 years, that's 20-24 Kids, an entire 2-Deep Roster on both sides of the ball and the DIFFERENCE MAKER !

Now I'm going to say something that will really pizzz some of you off. Before some of you chime in with how we improved to a 9 and possibly 10 Win season. Do you know how lucky we were not to be a 7-5/8-4 team at best ? If not, just look at how close our losses were.

I'm behind Golden, for now. I have tremendous respect for him. But ENOUGH of offering Schollies in the Summer n early Fall like they're High School Raffle Tickets PLEASE ! Save 7-8 for Jan. n Feb. and CLOSE !!! You're not at Temple anymore.

And back to the original subject of the previous blog post. Just 1 First Team All-ACC Position Player ? ONE ? With all that Offensive talent ? We should have a minimum of 2 First Teamers on BOTH Sides of the Ball. A Minimum of 2 Second-Team All-ACC Players on both sides of the ball. A minimum of 2 Third Team on both sides of the ball. And a minimum of 2 Honorable Mentions on both sides of the ball period. It's the ACC !

So why don't we ?

Now, next year, who are our All-ACC players ? (specifically, FIRST-TEAMERS) And just how many recruits from the recent 2011, 2012 and 2013 Classes will be candidates ? And how many of those were "project" kids that try hard and have great character with potential ? I bet, not but 1 or 2 for Third-Team and Honorable mention out for nearly 30-35 "projects".

The reason we had so many excruciatingly close wins this Season and past seasons is because we don't have nearly enough of those All-ACC candidates, much less ALL-American candidates on the roster right now. And I fear we, while we do bring in some nice O-lineman-Runningbacks-Wideouts and D-Backs in yearly, the rest of the roster, too many key positions are filled with far to many "project" kids that try hard and have great character with potential.

To you diehard/nomatter what Cane fans that will have a fit over my comments, please try to take off the fan hat for a bit and logically evaluate where the Canes are now. A better than average team, short on quality depth, barely ranked, and where we are going. And if we are discussing these same concerns going into the 2015 recruiting cycle come next December, does that mean that maybe, just maybe, this is a recurring theme and a rule rather than execption ?

And will firing the D-Coordinator really make a huge difference ?

2/3rds. T-Breds- 1/3 Horses. Lots of them left that are uncommitted.

Solid Quality/Quantity 2-3 deep depth.

Kevin Sumlin of Texas A&M was last year's winner for the Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching.


Al Golden has recruited the 2014 #3 class in all of college football that is now getting even better since the 3 year NCAA persecution of the Canes has finally concluded.

Another bad day for the ignorant haters...read on:


Our leader: Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher
Florida State has been dominant whether its facing NC State, Maryland or Clemson. The Seminoles are poised to have their best season since the Bobby Bowden glory years.

Others Candidates: *MIAMI'S AL GOLDEN*, Baylor’s Art Briles, Tulane’s Curtis Johnson, Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury, Houston’s Tony Levine, Auburn’s Gus Malzahn, Missouri’s Gary Pinkel

~Athlon Sports/College Football

Yeah, we know, Athlon Sports is the PR arm for the University of Miami and knows nothing about college football. And you haters know much more about the game and coaches than they do. LOL!!

Lol haters be hatin'. Meanwhile spurrier took another jab at uf and their fans today by saying they dont have anywhere to go so they van come watch the gamecocks bowl game

Gus malzahn is the Home Depot coy, cutcliffe was acc coach of year, and golden wins this coaching excellence award, not coach of the year but coaching excellence. And ppl think that he's the best coach in ALL of college football?

It's like winning the perfect attendance award in first grade and saying you're the smartest first grader in the entire school.

No wonder this staff is so mediocre bc the fans cheer mediocrity and accept every excuse they get.

Congrats Coach!



You are full of sheet...you moron!! Even when the facts are in front of you--you lie!!

Your lying words say more about your lacking as a human being than anything else.

Because you are so small and insignificant you only feel good about yourself when "trying" to belittle others...truly pathetic!!


I think it may be time to admit that Golden is a fine coach, but he simply might not be right for Miami.


Golden wants 6-5, 6-4 linebackers. We dont have that down here. Weve always had shorter linebackers with speed and athleticism. We would use that speed and athleticism to disrupt the offense with pressure playing a 4-3, bump and run, man, agressive scheme. Golden doesnt want that. He wants Big10, rugged, large linebackers who play zone and fit the run occasionally. There is no attack in his scheme. Again, in the big 10 this works, and if he was coaching there he would have access to the right players that fit his scheme. The perfect example is jimmy johnson. Its well documented. He came to MIA, saw the caliber of athlete and started playing safeties at linebacker and linebackers at DE. He used that speed to shut down the offensive craze of the wishbone being utilized by the major powerhouses.

Golden doesnt care about speed on offense over stoutness. Look at the rbs he has recruited. All of them are backs with minimal speed who are stout and fit the 3 yards and a cloud if dust scheme (Big10). This is south Florida. Ive lived here my whole life. We have speed, everywhere. At every skill position on offense. The whole ncaa cloud simply does not apply in Florida. Even the scraps who dont get offers from the big schools are still lightning fast and would jump at an offer from the u. Golden simply doesnt want the type of athlete that is so plentiful in the Fla.

Golden is a fine coach. Hes an even better best friend. He simply does not understand what miami football is all about. Its admirable that he didnt leave dor another school and that he stuck it out during the ncaa mess, but this is simply a case of finding an excellent prospect who is just not the right match.

In high school there is always that girl who is attractive, smart, and tempting. But then you start dating and no matter how hard you try to make it fit, it simply isnt natural. Its a struggle every day bc youre forcing it. Eventually you get past the highs and decide that it wont ever be truly right. Its not because shes a bad girl, its that shes not the righr girl for you.

Golden is a fine coach, but hes simply not the right coach for us.

Spin it however you want, Golden was singled out and honored. Good for him.

Carol City Cane is onto something, I've always thought Texas would come after Golden.

What the hell no award for coach d I demand an investigation of this travesty.

Classy move: When Al Golden made a home visit last week to three-star Orange Park (Fla.) Oakleaf High linebacker Darrion Owens, a UM oral commitment, Owens told Golden his stepfather was in the hospital after knee replacement surgery. According to Canesport.com’s Matt Shodell, Golden then drove to the hospital and called Owens’ mother from the lobby and asked if he could come up to the stepfather’s room. Golden stayed there for an hour.

Pine County,

I caught an 80s Canes game on youtube this week. Funny how different those defense looked so much faster than what we have. We do need more speed defense. Those canes teams would disrupt routes and come up and kill ball carriers.

It was different looking forward to seeing us on d.


I agree with you and Carol City Cane...Texas may come after Coach Golden.

It is important to note that the same imbeciles that are attacking and calling for Coach Golden's dismissal are the same circus clowns who hired banner planes to fly over the Orange Bowl during games with the message..."FIRE BUTCH DAVIS"...proving that stupid is incurable!!


Very true. I miss being excited to watch our defense. Now im nervous in the fetal position hoping the other team makes a mistake. I think Golden is frustrated and for good reason. We dont have what he needs to run his scheme. Our guys were born playing aggressively. To ask them to revert to this drop back scheme is difficult for all parties.

The people who say we dont have the talent are only partially right. We absolutely have more talent to beat duke and vatech. In hindsight, im beginning to see that maybe its not bad coaching, just the wrong coaching for the players who run it.

What did I lie about? Did malzahn not win national coy and did cutcliffe not win acc coy?


Why was Hurricanes coach Al Golden presented with the 2013 Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching on Wednesday night at the 44th Rotary Lombardi Award Ceremony that nobody attended nor was on any National Television Network ?


Because ALL the Top Coaches and Players were in Orlando for the ESPN Real College Football Awards Ceremony.

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 13, 2013 at 12:03 AM

Dude, Ur mancrush on Goldy is as disturbing as a pre-teen girls obsession with Justin Bieber... Minus the fact that The Biebs actually has more talent.


I thought I won the award this year

Hey JSY,

What would you know about winning or championships. Get off your bar stool before you trash those who actually put in the work it took to 9 or 10 games this year.

Excellent post pinecounty


I agree with you and Carol City Cane...Texas may come after Coach Golden.

It is important to note that the same imbeciles ..........

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 13, 2013 at 12:09 AM

Imbeciles ?

THAT IS []_[] ZOOK... If U really believe the above, and all here laugh because we know U are do and are serious, U have a homer Golden-maternalistic mouf to his manboob metal health and intelligence disorder that Socrates, reincarnated, couldn't diagnose.

Right now, there are 20 current College and NFL Head Coaches and another 20 College and NFL Assistant Coaches that would be contacted before Golden and his 'efensive Siamese Sidekick's name would even come up. And Goldens ONLY chance to make ANY Texas LONG list would be as a position Coach, and only if he divorces his Ruptured Achilles Heel hangerson No-D.

Show us one, just ONE credible source that even mentions Texas considering a guy that was a sub .500% Coach at Temple 4 years ago and barely a .500% ACC Coach at duh U with yet NOT ONE SIGNATURE WIN over a Top-Ranked Team EVER... EVER ... Just one source other than Ur fellow nutcase Cane pubs that warps Ur already fragile mind ... But, by all means, keep the comedy coming, the laughter you bring us all here far outweighs the Sympathy we feel for you like a dying animal on the side of the road.

Unlike U, Top-Programs don't even let a National nobody like Golden even cross their thought process.

[]_[]-2 Carol City Cane and Canesjunkie ...

That is of course, if []_[] aren't Zooker's Bi and Tri-Polar cranial buddies.

Reply to CarolCity Cane | December 12, 2013 at 10:19 PM

Golden reminds me of Mack Brown. He talks a good game and says all the right things, but can he win? I doubt the new A.D. at Texas is going to make Al Golden his first hire.

If I was him, I'd wait until Jan 4 and go after Malzahn or Jimbo. You may not get the best 2014 recruiting class, but you'll get a coach that will be the pride of texas for a decade or more.

There is an old song that says
"You don't know what you got till it's gone".
Coach G is the right Coach, at the right time, for the 'U'. We need to acknowledge the job he has done in our rebuild.

Congratulations Coach.

Ignore the haters because "THEY DON'T KNOW FOOTBALL".
The rebuild continues.

Impatience, and maturity of thought and perception, do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Half the dimwits on this blog do not even know who was Vince Lombardi, so to dedicate this award to your 2013 team showed CLASS on your part Coach G.

Great job.
Go 'Canes

Congrats coach Golden for your commitment to your employer...the U. Now,I would like to see the same commitment to your customers...the U fans. I was reading today's article on American Heritage upcoming state championship game. The head coach (Mike Rumph) mentioned that if there is one thing we should be good at is playing in the secondary. Why? Because Rumph and two other coaches (Surtain and Porter)are former college and professional players at that position.

My point here is that you have a DB coach as the RB coach. The DC played LB at PSU and coach Golden played TE at the same institution. Well, I think our LBs and TEs should be playing better. If the head coach has been trained as a defensive coordinator...then the defense should be the strongest unit of the three...based on logic.

Good head coaches have excellent support staff (coaches). If American Heritage has three (3) former professional DBs at the high school level...hire one of them to improve the secondary skills. Please allow your LB coach to provide input of how he was taught playing at the U too. The defensive line coach could be the problem too...or the technique being taugh is the real reason for inability to apply pressure. Nevertheless, could someone defined the term...fix?

When Al Golden made a home visit last week to three-star Orange Park (Fla.) Oakleaf High linebacker Darrion Owens, a UM oral commitment.

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 13, 2013 at 12:03 AM

A three star player in Orange Park is a one star player in Jacksonville. To empathize the point on high school talent. The best team in Jacksonville, this year, was my alma mater William M. Raines. They lost to Bolles, in the 4A semi-finals with phantom penalties on key plays. That has been a pattern for years when they play Bolles. That best team, in Jacksonville, lost to Miami Northwestern. Northwestern was in the middle of the pack for South Florida teams this year.

Another recruit that the services has overrated, like any Orange Park player, is the tackle from Providence, Sharpe. The talent in Jacksonville is from the rural counties and intercity. Like Louis Nix and too bad he didn't have the grades, Miami 2010 commit Tavadis Glenn.

Al Golden is not a good talent evaluator with inferior Orange Park recruits. Nor does he develop the talent when it enrolls at Miami.

So keep your public relations stories about Al Golden to yourselves. Along with how great a recruiter he is. He is not a better recruiter than the previous coach.

While Randy Shannon had the top student athletes as well. Anytime your team, as Randy Shannon's was, has the third best graduation rate in the nation. You are getting the top students in the nation. But he won as much as, this supposed, great recruiter. And is said to be the worst coach ever, at Miami.

So why are the lesser student recruits of Al Golden not vastly greater athletes. The development of players has been lesser by Al Golden. He has not increased the success at Miami. No signature win in three years. Florida is coached by a mentally disabled coach. Any win against him is to be expected at Miami.

The award does not validate Al Golden's lack of success on the football field. It exemplifies an image of a coach that the media likes. But the coaches are happy to get many wins against.

So dang tire of people getting on here saying Golden and his crew cant coach. What do you want the man to do? NCAA cloud - old but vastly improve facilities that eventually will lure more top recruits here. Campus life is not as exciting as some SEC campuses. Now the woman are here on campus, no argument there but for an athlete, women are everywhere. And then its the inner city violence that forces so many of these talented kids down here to leave for another "City" or "State". Each year, the team has improve in all categories. Its a process folks!

To Champ Cane, I don't if Al Golden is the answer or not. He has had a lot to overcome in his years here. Recruiting has been inhibited by the "Shapiro/NCAA " situation. So give him a chance. As far as "your BOY" RS. A lazy recruiter (see the kids he didn't sniff at in our area), a bad coach bad (see the USF final game as an example), an arrogant ex-UM LB taking credit for the kids grades and when did the Shapiro thing happen with HIM as DC & Head Coach!!!!! To top it off if he is such a great coach then why isn't a head coach at any school? Why isn't he a DC at any school. He stinks that's why!! People like you that see only a man's color are such haters!!! So keep your nasty attitude it only undermines the kids at UM. They deserve better than your toxic attitude!!!! Oh have a nice day (Calvin).....

al, open your eyes. This team is not better than the previous coach's team. But you give every excuse, known to man, for Al Golden's failure. Enough with the excuses.

Based on you and your likes logic, why was there a change to a higher paid and less productive coach? The proof of the talent, is everywhere. But the success on the field is nonexistent.

Please allow your LB coach to provide input of how he was taught playing at the U too. The defensive line coach could be the problem too...or the technique being taugh is the real reason for inability to apply pressure. Nevertheless, could someone defined the term...fix?

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane | December 13, 2013 at 08:44 AM

Bottom line, other than Perryman, there is not ONE player in the Cane rotating front 7 that could even play Scout team for the Mid-80's-early 90's and 2000-2002 teams. Not a single one. It all starts up front. And right now, our defense is what it is because who we start up in the front 7. Corners are ok and the Safties were below average. Combined with Coach No-D's philosophy equals giving up 1,500 feet a game. Good thing the majority of teams we played were even worse.

I wonder if you same beetchers n moaners would be on here if our only loss was to FSU? Also EVERY coach we've had since Erickson, have been raked over the coals at one time or another in their careers by your morons. Butch had a plane fly over wanting him to be fired, then Coker got booed during his final yr, and then RS also had a banner fly over the OB wanting him to be fired. I mean jeez, and you guys wonder why we don't get 'as you say' a 'proven winning coach'. Hell I wouldn't want to come down here either. We're pretty lucky to have AG. Now his partner damn sure needs to tighten up his ship, or he needs to be let go, but AG is the right guy for the U.

Gary, you make no sense. Never has Randy Shannon mentioned his great students. A lost to South Florida makes him a terrible coach. But Al Golden has never, ever beat a more talented and better coached team, than Miami, since he got here. Nor does he beat lesser teams with regularity. Why is he considered much greater than Randy Shannon? Al Golden has no signature win, no tops in the nation students that are graduating, his team is not better than the previous so-called worst coach ever and he is not developing the players he, himself, is recruiting.

There goes Champ Cane again on his agenda to switch everything to a "Shannnon twits".

He is gone 'Champ, and he AIN'T coming back!!!!" Do you not fully understand?.

Mentioning shannon in all posts will NOT change this.

Cola Cane Preach it 'bro.

You said it. Added pressure of expectations, fans, legacy, and critics does not make this environment conducive to many coaches.
Well said, I agree 100%.

Lucky to have Coach G.
Go 'Canes

If Randy had stayed with his lazy sht, Miami would have been given the 5 year death penalty. So randy this

Man you guys really need to let the past go. I mean RS has been gone almost 4 yrs, he will always be a Cane, and had a great run as a DC, but just isn't cut out to be an HC plain and simple. Many coaches are better suited as a position coach, no big deal.

ColaCane, your post is extremely whiny. I mean jeez, and you guys wonder why we don't get 'as you say' a 'proven winning coach'. Hell I wouldn't want to come down here either. We're pretty lucky to have AG.

'as you say' a 'proven winning coach'. That is the least that could be expected, since Randy Shannon was said to be the worst coach ever. But Al Golden has won less, with more talent than him.

Al Golden is paid as well as Larry Coker was with a championship. Three times as much as Randy Shannon was, but with lesser accomplishment. To compare him to two fired Miami head coaches. That are considered inferior to him. But were more successful than him. One with lesser teams than him. That makes the case for why Al Golden should not be here. Better than any case can be made for why he should be here.

UgoCane, you must not have great comprehension.

My post was to show the lack of Al Golden's success, only.

You are attempting to minimize the accurate examples given.

Al Golden is a failure. No other logical method will justify any other point.

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