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Golden honored with 2013 Lombardi Award

Hurricanes coach Al Golden was presented with the 2013 Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching on Wednesday night at the 44th Rotary Lombardi Award Ceremony. The ceremony was televised live on CBS College Sports.

Legendary BYU coach LaVell Edwards presented Golden with the award.

"What a great honor to receive this award from Coach Edwards,” Golden said in his acceptance speech. “I humbly dedicate this award to the 2013 Miami Hurricanes. They overcame a lot of adversity over the last three years. And in so doing, they taught us a lot about perseverance and leadership itself and maybe perhaps overall about class.”

During his acceptance speech, Golden thanked Miami AD Blake James, President Donna E. Shalala, his wife Kelly and his mom and dad.


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That's probably your best post ever.

Nonetheless, the Canes will have winning seasons, but those winning campaigns WON'T be of the 11-1 or undefeated variety. At least not with Golden and D'Onofrio on the sidelines.
Posted by: D | December 13, 2013 at 12:59 PM

Weren't you one of the morons that said get us to 8 win seasons. So now that we have a shot at a 10 win, you change your stance. Gotta save face from eating crow, huh?

I don't care how many NCAA and Madden Ganes you've played. If you've never been in a film room them its time to just stfu because you look dumb to those of us that have been in a film room.

Our only issue on D is we have not ONE lineman that can put pressure on the QB all by himself. I can't even name how many sacks FSU got just with 4 down. Now go compare your stars with FSU's Dline to ours.

For the love of God, it's not the play calling!!!!!!!!!! Lol

good news is that we will get to find out when golden closes some studs for the d.

Penn State's Bill O'Brien, who came close to taking the Eagles job a year ago and was approached by several other teams, is ready to return to professional football, according to pro and college sources, and has already been approached by the Texans and Vikings.

Penn State will do everything in their power to hire Al Golden and will pay him a ton of money. They will most likely succeed as after all when a coach has done all that Golden has done for Miami and their fan base is not smart enough to realize what the man has done why would he stay?

If Golden leaves for Penn State it will be a double whammy for the Hurricanes as they will lose one of the finest coaches in college football and interest in replacing Golden at Miami will be very limited as going back to Butch Davis coaches know that job security or fan appreciation is non-existent.

Golden gets all star treatment from Miami fans. The anti-Golden set is a serious minority. If he leaves for Penn St, so be it. It would be a pretty dumb move bc he's in a talent hot bed right now. Penn St is a step down bc of probation, ohio st, michigan, and michigan st are all good, and it's a desolate place to live.

If Golden does well here he'll move on to the nfl. If he doesn't do well here he will be a college coach forever. Would you bet your future on Miami talent or Pennsylvania talent?


Read up on Butch Davis's recent comments as to the real reasons he opted to leave the Canes and join Cleveland.

He referenced the so-called fans and their poor treatment of him, which led him to conclude that he did not have job security and moved on to Cleveland.

Additionally, several respected local experts on Miami Football are pointing to the way Butch was treated during the Pell Grant era and compared that treatment to how Al Golden has been treated during the probation era by our clueless fan base.

The complete air headed comments you read on this blog can also be found on other UM blogs such as Rivals.com, etc.

So, suggesting that Al Golden has received All Star treatment is way, way, way off base and that is why Golden has had to tell his players not to listen to the outside noise (clueless so-called Miami fans) and asked the Miami fans; "Do you stand with us or not?". A coach getting All Star treatment doesn't pose that question and tells you that under the surface the coaching staff is boiling mad by the uneducated bile coming out of the mouths of many so-called Miami fans.

Of course, I desperately want Coach Golden to continue his rebuilding program, but would completely understand him moving to a big program with a better educated fan base.

Believe me--most all of the fans at Penn State would stand on their heads and shoot Roman Candles out of their backsides if Golden became their coach. And if he leaves just remember all the lame brains who ran him off because I am predicting that Miami football will NEVER recover as no coach in his right mind would take the job and recruits would know that the Miami program is toxic...time will tell, but I don't know how you cure stupidity that the Miami fan base seems to have cornered the market.

Florida Gator junior quarterback Tyler Murphy, who started six games for the Gators this season, intends to transfer, the school confirmed on Sunday.

Tyler Murphy, who started six games and may have gotten a shot at the job in 2014, announced Sunday he's leaving Florida to play his senior year elsewhere

Murphy becomes the latest Gators player to choose to leave the program. Last Thursday, the school confirmed six players' decisions to transfer.

Under NCAA transfer rules, Murphy, who graduated on Saturday, will be eligible to play next season without sitting out a year.

Murphy threw for 1,216 yards with six touchdowns and five interceptions in leading Florida to a 2-4 record in games he started. A reserve for each of his three seasons at Florida, Murphy came on in relief of junior starter Jeff Driskel, who broke his leg in Week 3 against Tennessee.

With freshman Max Staver also transferring, Florida will now have just two scholarship QBs on its roster.

The Gators' other returning quarterback, redshirt freshman Skyler Mornhinweg, started the final three games of the season when Murphy aggravated a sprain in his throwing shoulder. Murphy first hurt his shoulder against LSU on Oct. 12. The Gators lost that game and the final six games on their schedule.

Big Al Golden strikes again and adds even more horsepower to his already 3rd nationally ranked 2014 Canes recruiting class!!

Four-star safety Kiy Hester committed after an official visit at the "U" today!!

Congratulations to the best coach and recruiter in all of college football...Al Golden!!

Real cane fans never doubted Al Golden recruiting prowess. We don't agree on game planning, game management and the use of player personnel. I'm sure Golden would agree they didn't do the best job they are capable of. Considering the ACC is a 3 team conference. We played 2 out of the 3 teams and lost to 2 head to head and Duke. If you consider beaten the teams you are suppose to beat yes . Well you lost 2. I guess 9 wins would be a success at a lesser program.Mission statement compete for championship every year. There are no backups. Everyone wearing the uniform is a starter waiting to get in and compete. Don't recruit backups or projects.


Butch left for an nfl job. By 2000 that guy had all of the job security he needed. We all knew that 2001 team was going to run the table. I was fine with butch leaving for the money.

You really think Golden wants to start another rebuild with a team that is actually on probation? He hasn't even finished this rebuild, yet. He's about to cash in on 3 years of hard work and he's in the same conference with FSU. He has to beat that team before he can leave.

Every fanbase spews hate. Bama fans were calling saban a screw up a few weeks ago. It comes with the territory.


Butch left for an nfl job. By 2000 that guy had all of the job security he needed. We all knew that 2001 team was going to run the table. I was fine with butch leaving for the money.

You really think Golden wants to start another rebuild with a team that is actually on probation? He hasn't even finished this rebuild, yet. He's about to cash in on 3 years of hard work and he's in the same conference with FSU. He has to beat that team before he can leave.

Every fanbase spews hate. Bama fans were calling saban a screw up a few weeks ago. It comes with the territory.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | December 16, 2013 at 02:02 AM


As I said before...you need to read where Butch said...the so-called fans were flying planes with banners over the Orange Bowl with the message "Fire Butch Davis". So when it came to renewing his contract he couldn't get comfortable and concluded they may wake up one day and start complaining that there coach has red hair and decide he needs to be fired.

Do I think Coach Golden wants to leave the program? No! But, he has a family to think of and if I were in his shoes and knowing the local media and so-called fans I would think long and hard about any offers from schools such as Texas.

Finally, when Larry Coker beat Nebraska in the Rose Bowl for his National Championships there was a segment of so-called Miami fans who loudly complained that he could have, should have beat Nebraska by a much larger margin. Here the man had just one a National Championship and they didn't like the style in which he accomplished that goal. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't remember reading where ANY Alabama fans attacked the style in which Nick Saban has won his National Championships.

Along the line of the Coker attacks--even this year when the Canes were 7 & 0 and ranked 7th in the country many so-called Miami fans were loudly complaining about the style in which they won. Even the biggest homers, which I proudly confess to being one, knew the Canes lacked the talent and depth on defense to be ranked 7th or for that matter to stay undefeated, yet the haters who call themselves fans eviscerated the coaching staff and team and when the weakness of this year's squad was exposed they celebrated crying for Golden to be fired. Do you not think those attitudes hurt recruiting? Do you think the current coaches and players are not aware of those comments? Well, I assure you they are as are the recruits.

I just got 1 question 4u guys who talk bout Al Golden and I'm not agreeing r disagreeing with yall but it's it fair to criticize when this is really the first time he had really had a chance to go after the players he really want to get without a black cloud. .. And looks like we have a pretty good class coming in... If it keeps up now then go at his head but he really hasn't had the talent and I know yall say Randy left talent but it wasn't Al's players and that's a big difference im just saying. If we r real CANES fans let's give all our support and c what happens now no one had to deal what All had to go through as a coach and he has done a good job for the circumstances imo no coach would haveAI championship team for what has happen

Wow. Looks like things didn't change.

1. We are told that Golden has won nothing, but in this article, Golden gets a Lombardi award. The haters then complain that it wasn't the "right" award, rather than accepting that he got recognition from an outside group. They change their ID and then say that never claimed he had won nothing.

2. We are told that the folks hating on the coaching staff are independent thinkers, who have never gotten cheap or personal in their attacks, and are just discussing football. Yet, they write that coaching staff is a full of pedos, homosexuals, and morons, without getting ANY negative feedback from those "independent thinkers". Yet they demand that I disagree with any posts saying Golden is a good coach.

3. We are told that only Miami is losing a bunch of players via transfer, yet it looks like there are no transfers leaving this year, the last player was removed for NCAA reasons, yet a school like UF can have seven players transfer without comment.

4. We are told that anyone supporting Golden are automatically supporting Donofrio too, despite MULTIPLE posters saying that the view the two different people as just that, two different people. I and others have said that they would hate to lose Golden, with the class and recruiting ability he has shown, and the restoration of the high school pipelines at Central and BTW (despite the lie by gallo that they were destroyed by Golden), but can still say that the defensive coordinator would not be missed in the slightest, and that we hope he is gone after the bowl game, win or lose.

5. We are told that each time a new commit is announced for the Canes, it doesn't matter, and it is ignored by the haters, but when ONE commit was incorrectly noted as just opening up his recruitment, it was a major stink in here for a couple of days. Yet when a commit left even before Golden was named as head coach, it is ALL HIS FAULT that the commit was lost.

6. One post says Miami is not recruiting in the rest of Florida enough, and then another says that Miami is recruiting the rest of Florida too much. One says he needs to go after Tampa more, one says to ignore Tampa. Another says to ignore the get of Darrion Owens, also recruited by Auburn and Georgia, among other schools, just because a team from his county lost to American Heritage. Did HE lose to a valid state champion in American Heritage? No.

7. We are told that Connecticut, by getting a head coach with ZERO head coaching experience, is heading in the right direction, while Miami, getting a coach that has gone 22-14 at Miami while improving his record each year, is going in the wrong direction. No proof is given for this assertion, but disagreeing with it leads to the claim that we slurp from Golden's "spigot". Again, despite the claim that the haters NEVER do personal attacks on the Miami coaches and fans.

8. We are told that NONE of the 22 wins by Miami for the past three year "really count", and that beating UF doesn't matter, being Pitt in the cold doesn't matter, finally beating Ohio State doesn't matter, ending a three game losing streak to UVA doesn't matter, going 3-0 versus GT, a team that once humiliated us and had a four game winning streak against us doesn't matter, but that every single one of the 14 losses are the only things that matter.

Apparently, being pro-Miami on a Miami blog is terrible, but it is acceptable being a gatr name-changing fellow, being anti-Miami, or changing an ID to attack other Canes fans on here if they post an article that is favorable about the Canes.

So glad that that is just the opinion of an angry and vociferous few, and not the reality of how blogs work.

504, he has never been stopped from going after those other players completely, but he did have extra restrictions placed on recruitment, on texting and calling of players, and the number of contacts with players, that have carried over to the current year. It was one of the reasons that they focussed so much on the top players from their football camp, for example.

But there was nothing stopping him from going after, for example, Jameis Winston, other than the negative recruiting of other coaches. They made him an offer, but he chose FSU. Miami was not running a dual threat offense, and FSU was. It was the right choice for him, with the talent of OLeary and Benjamin to go with the others on the team.

Miami just needs to make their team be the right choice for the future players of Winston's caliber.

Five titles,

Well said! There are posters here who want the Canes to return to prominence, and have good ideas for how this could happen. Some are understandably frustrated at times (Virginia Tech, Duke games).

Then there are Miami bashers here as well. I don't know if they are disillusioned fans, or just Cane haters whose loyalty lies elsewhere.

But, as with yourself, there are posters who are strong football thinkers and whose points are informative. I apprec1=iate their ideas and strong feelings.

In any event, thanks for your excellent summary!

Go Canes!

Typo time --- make that appreciate

Five Titles,

Excellent and accurate re-cap post.

Great Posts by all. Yes I live in the Bay area. Yes Golden need to recruit Tampa Bay area more. We have quality athletes here that can contribute right away. I am truly not a cane hater. Have of family members went to theU and some played sports at the U. Do I disagree with coaching strategy yes.Do changes in strategy need to be made yes.

Great post 5

I don't feel bad for Butch, it was pretty dirty the way he left.

Sigh... All the people complaining about our coach. Yet after a three year NCAA investigation we have the #3 recruiting class with 14 of the Top 200 players and have a shot at our first 10 win season since 2003.

Get that through your heads, Miami hasn't had a ten win season since 2003!! Ten years, you think this program is talented enough to win titles? Please this is a five year rebuild at least. Three years into it.

5 titles
I agreeI'm just say that we wasn't able battle like we wanted for every recruit we had to get people quick because of da circumstances and he did a pretty good job and these fake ass fans not giving coach a chance. Dis class is 3 we need another class like that next year and is on baby. And if we don't produce after that then they have a point. It took fspooo 5yrs and they didn't have to go through this that's all I'm saying I hate seeing us lose but I know it wasn't da same talent on da field throughout da whole team be have a big drop off once sub come in. But it's coming give him a chance I still say we r a year off after 2015 class come in then start taking bad bout coach if nothing changes no coach I repeat no coach had 2 do what he did and I think he has done a great job to keep us competitive

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