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Google Hangout with Canes fans via SportsManias

I got a chance today to participate in my first Google Hangout with a trio of Canes fans and our friends at SportsManias.

Here is the recording.


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If the stars are aligned right, these morons will be on t.v. real soon talking about taking the penn disgrace job, these morons are not going succeed together here plain and simple, so one way or another they won't be here. Come next year nobody is going to the games anyway, this team is boring, the t.v. ratings are going down and whoever we play that's ranked next year is going to beat the dog doo-doo out of us again, he hasn't gotten this team to play top notch ball against 1 ranked team, the gaytor game was handed to us.

you all a bunch of morons- its no wonder Miami Dade has so many problems with idiots like you all running around.

Golden isnt going anywhere
A head coach change right now would be THE worst thing that could happen in Coral Gables at the present time

Golden was dealing with the Shannon mentality and many Shannon recruiots (lazy entitled no work ethic overrated, under performing).

Golden didnt run Eddie Johnson out. He ran himself out. Undisciplined arrogant punk

Dalvin Cook chose FSU over Miami bc boi knows he will be competing with Yearby (who is better than him), Duke Johnson, Gus Edwards, and others for playing time next year. So buh bye. Smart move.

My prediction:

Auburn 44
FSU 35

Take it the bank. And Oklahoma beats Bama tonight

S-K the FEC!

Sunny Dee,

We are definitely on the same page.

I told yall when I first began posting here that Golden will always have suitors as long as he follows his binder initiatives that detail the fact that most human beings are followers and enchanted by appearances (looks) and words.

Never admit a mistake, always stay the course (no matter who it harms), humility is a deficiency, "deserve employment" by employing the proper jargon and machismo. "If U believe U are great, enough people will believe U are great as well."

Golden routinely punks reporters at press conference with his stern browed stare, sweat, and hand thru (great) hair gestures, plus his patented "LOOK!" to begin sentences.

He'll always be at least employable for life, no matter his record, with his George W. Bush binder. Just the truth. I'm not surprised in the least.

I hope whatever happens, happens quickly and we can keep this class intact.

Chud is my number one candidate. Miami guy, great experience, etc. I think Charlie Strong will end up at Texas, so he's out.

Schiano - next

Espn reporting that PSU job will be filled soon, meaning we only have about a week of hope before they take Schiano or Vandy's guy and we are all left knowing that we have AT LEAST TWO MORE YEARS with AG and DNO...

I seriously doubt DNO is going anywhere; if he was AG would have already made the call.

I didn't mean "stay the course" as stay with UM, I meant that he will have never change scheme or get rid of D'No.

Any mention of Golden?

I'd like to see if he asked to be considered. Then I'll really get my pitchfork out of the closet.

Champ, I am still laughing at "mayhem". Is he the kid mowing for $5, or the one who bought the industrial size lighter fluid. Oh! that's right, he was "in" the bowl. One thing, no posting about Golden getting the job until it's true. I can't stand to get that excited and then the rug jerked out from under me. This season was disappointing enough.
Here's a question for zook the gator, aka, mayhem. If Golden leaves, will he change his name to Muschamp.

That's pretty damn funny too, deland.

I know. The thought and talk of replacing AG is almost too much...Setting ourselves up for yet another massive letdown.

I think the silence of Manny and Susan is a sign that something big is going on internally behind the scenes.

They want to move on from the bowl loss, no more "negative articles and reports" about that game (damage control). NSD can't get here fast enough.

I think the silence of Susan and Manny means nothing at all. There's nothing interesting to report.

Just be ready for a press conference or statement recycling the same old talking points and how excited we are to bring in some outstanding young men, blah, blah, blah.

Watching this UA AA game, D Cook looks pretty darned good. Way too bad we didn't get him. Anyone know when we get to see Kaaya?

LOLOL. Braxton Berrios is a firecracker! Nice flash to the U.

Golden is no 2, so Schiano would have to turn it down for Golden to go there. I'm not sure he would go though. Having to deal with probation again would probably be painful for him.

Heya Zook,

If we are "unfortunate" enough to lose Ag, are you going to follow him to PSU? Are you going to support whichever new coach we get?

Posted by: beedharphong | January 02, 2014 at 05:08 PM


I've been a Miami fan while you were still sucking on your mommy's teat.

Reading the nonsense by those falsely claiming to be Miami fans is a clueless smorgasbord. Those claiming to know so much about the program don't know--what they don't know.

Should Al Golden elect to jettison the Miami football program it will place the Canes on the critical list.

Those who point out that the Canes football is located amongst the hotbed of recruits are correct, but to then go on and say that no matter what Miami will always be stacked with recruits simply don't understand the history of the program.

The reality is, Miami was located in the hotbed of recruiting for 54 years before it became cool for local kids to become a Cane. During those 54 years there were many great local kids who wouldn't give Miami a sniff.

Unfortunately, the cool factor is starting to become a blur in the rearview mirror as kids that are 18 and 19 years old simply don't remember those historic days.

Al Golden loves the Canes history and traditions and made reinstituting what Coker and Shannon made a mess of his number one priority. And his current 2014 recruiting class demonstrates how much the recruits believe in Al Golden and the direction he's taking the program.

Should Coach Golden leave the program the 2014 class will be a distant memory and more erosion of the Canes brand will ensue...that is a 100% certainty.

Furthermore, the new head coach's ego may not lend itself to the Canes traditions and decide he's going to institute a new approach. Should that happen and end up not working, then the Canes mystique will be gone forever. Again, remember, Al Golden not only loves the Canes traditions, he takes every opportunity to remind people of them.

Trevor Darling is an absolute beast and is dominating in the Under Armour All America game and demonstrating why he's such a great get for the Canes.

OK, So you were a fan before I was. You win what, I guess? Yay, I get to live longer than you? Yay, go me?

I actually agree with your assertion that these kids are forgetting or never knew our mystique. The last two coaching regimes have not helped that problem at all. ...those last two regimes I mention include AG's...

You can stop lobbying for AG to stay and projecting a demise of the program if he leaves. He isn't leaving.

Look, I can't stand AG anymore. I think he's a great guy who is in waaaay over his head, but because we are stuck with him, I hope that his recruits develop, so I am focusing on being excited about who we are going to salvage in this recruiting class.

I also won't be crushed when we get crushed next year, but know that the regular line of excuses about our turnover will have some merit.

So, yeah, you win, lifelong fan. You get to cheer on your idea of the best coach in CFB next year, and the year after, at least...and we get to lament and point out the probable, obvious decline of the program under AG.

I like that this blog isn't one giant circlejerk one way or the other, so save your personal attacks on me for your other guys.

It is being reported on Rivals.com that Al Golden will be offered the Penn State job.

If he says yes...say goodbye to the UM football program.

Well, lots of talent up for grabs at the Under Armour game today. Did we get any ? Hell, were there any kids even considering us ? No and nope. While Bama, T A&M, LSU, OSU, Georgia, Florida and others all pick up great gets to close out. Sure we have a dozen out of our over signed class of 30 that are nice. But those other 15-18 in the class weren't even offered by the likes of above. So when late in the 3rd. and begininng of the 4th. quarters in the future we ask, "where is all the depth?"... That will be why. Half of our classes are kids that simply can't play elite College Football. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ed Reeds and Satana Moss' 2stars. That was ages ago when the evaluating process didn't include computers and instantanious video to evaluate.

Now, how many of our nice 12 do we loose when the top programs have a few schollies left over and make offers? I say atleast 5 of the 12 easily.

Darling will be purring like a kitten or Big Al will have him on the bench. No one is allowed to be aggressive on this defense. That's cause for dismissal.

Darling will be purring like a kitten or Big Al will have him on the bench. No one is allowed to be aggressive on this defense. That's cause for dismissal.

Posted by: cfl | January 02, 2014 at 07:08 PM

LOL, I'm trying not to get excited but if I see a press conference where this moron has accepted the penn disgrace job, that'll mean UM football will have a chance for it's revival. As long as art kehoe is here, the o-linemen will come, it will be a proud day if I hear this moron thanking all the people who supported him and this and that, but it's time for him to move on, I remember him saying after a close win when he heard people going off he said "you know, it kind of takes the fun out of it" I was happy to hear he wasn't having fun because we weren't either and I felt than that he was ready to leave, keep the pressusre on. He knows the only way he can justify keeping his girlfriend clown 500 is by going to another school, thank you Houston Texans for creating this opportunity, there is a small glimmer of light.

Posted by: Ron Zook | January 02, 2014 at 04:11 PM

post the link to ur latest edited cut n paste messterpiece szucker. but if it's from some halfazzz homer cane fan website, don't bother.

Al Golden ='s Joe Paterno ... Penn St. won't touch that. Too soon.

LOLOL. Braxton Berrios is a firecracker! Nice flash to the U.

Posted by: beedharphong | January 02, 2014 at 06:30 PM

Those types of players are what this was built on. Early commits with heart. Not the hat game divas. Keep it moving and Al stays. Too much principle.

If i'm wrong and he does go, forget Chud and forget Schiano. You don't chase people that already turned you down once. Maybe Mario (people may look the other way about him leaving because he wanted to be HC) and Butch is the longest of shots.

Darling will be purring like a kitten or Big Al will have him on the bench. No one is allowed to be aggressive on this defense. That's cause for dismissal.

Posted by: cfl | January 02, 2014 at 07:08 PM

Darling plays offensive line.

No true Canes fan would ever believe that we can't survive a coaching change. Miami became a hotbed for recruiting when Schnelly and JJ decided to go into Miami's inner-city, and Ft. Lauderdales inner city bringing kids to Miami that the school's administration would never allow admission. Please Follow your boy to PSU if it happens, we don't want imposters at "the bowl" mr long time fan! Lmao! And the joke continues

Schiano is up for the Giants OC position. He might take that in order to be there in waiting for that HC job.

No one would turn down a chance to be a HC for the Giants.

Shalala might make Dino the HC. Oh man.

No one will be sitting at home waiting for a call from Miami to be HC, except maybe Butch. Miami is an up-and-comer position. Especially these days.

Darling will be purring like a kitten or Big Al will have him on the bench. No one is allowed to be aggressive on this defense. That's cause for dismissal.

Posted by: cfl | January 02, 2014 at 07:08 PM


Just another example of a hater proving how clueless they all are...when you and the other haters open your mouths you remove any doubt as to what fools you all are.

You come on this blog and offer your "deeeeeep thoughts" on Canes football and attack me, but don't even know what position the various recruits play.

Your twin sister Harriet the Muslim admitted she doesn't follow the football coaches of other College football teams, but quickly boasts she's a college football expert...stupid is as stupid does!! Of course she's offering her EXPERT opinion as to who should replace Al Golden...you just can't make this sheet up.

You would think this would make the administration spend money on a coach, no?

Shalala might make Dino the HC. Oh man.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 02, 2014 at 07:27 PM

That decision goes through the AD office. Donna gives her staff opportunity to do their job. She's far from a dictator that way.

Cristobal is a possibility. Winston moss is another.

Lane Kiffin?

Zook, in all seriousness, U are just way to emotionally invested with this whole Al Golden and Canes being back thing. We get it. We want the Canes to be back on top again too. But in your current state of mind, you just can't make anything close to a rational or objective opinion on the matter inside the bubble U reside in. Take a vacation.

And also, if U really were a former player, like many others of us here that were at a high level, there is no way you would act as emotionally about outsider Al Golden like a women at her first Chippendales show or a pre-teen little girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Buck up and HARDEN THE FU@K UP SON !

But some on this blog make up lies about playing for the Canes, make up nicknames for the ol girl, and make up lies about Cane history, proving that they are more about their man crush, than the program.....and the joke continues

Wait you mean you see right thru this joke too Carl! Lmao, I told the joke he exposes himself with every post. Lol! And the joke continues

Her staff? Blake James is in way over his head. I'm pretty sure our next head coach will contact him, give him a number, and that's how it will get done.

He adds that “I want a new scheme. It seems like when other teams watch film they see weaknesses in the scheme we’re running. We need to create blitzes for the linebackers and defensive linemen to confuse the quarterback and then have the cornerbacks sit and play up.” He says he’s taken his concerns to Cane coaches and that “they said when they get more players and a lot more athletic guys on defense they’ll change it.”

At least the coaches were honest. They'l change the scheme when they get the athletes to run it. He should come be a part of the solution, or he can go somewhere else.

Gimmie 28 Braxton Berrios' and Duke Johnsons and let's run it. This kid can go elsewhere.

MY BAD, I should have looked. I had to work today, then went fishing and it rained, so it has been that kind of day.
I guess when Al leaves, UM should just shut down the program, no way UM could ever replace him.
Golden is like the weather man, he can be wrong about 80% of the time and keep his job.

Cristobal!? NOOOOOOO. nope.

went looking for that rivals report on AG to be offered PSU -nothing.

Oh, pardon me...I found the headline that the search and AG being on the top 3...it intensifies.....LOLOL. Rivals just being click whores.

He nailed it on the scheme though, you have to give him that. You have to look really bad on TV for a recruit to change hid commit after a game.

charlie srtong isnt going anywhere....no college is going to fork over 5 million for his release.....plus he is at 3.7 already......

he is already recruiting dade and is wearing the "U".......the only difference is the color of the uniforms....

schiano is a problem.....players hate him....not good for UM....plus he is weak via his stats.....that's a dog with flee's.....

UM should only consider PROVEN abilities with verifiable results.....that's how you get a good hire...."hire right because the penalties of hiring wrong are HUGE"

basic stuff....

I am sick of people saying Golden is a great recruiter. He is not a great recruiter. Please provide evidence of his great recruiting. Please! Please!! Spare me the SANCTION excuse!!!

Shannon’s 1st year 2007 class was ranked ESPN #9
Golden’s 1st year 2011 class was ranked ESPN # Unranked

Shannon’s 2nd year 2008 class was ranked ESPN #1
Golden’s 2nd year 2012 class was ranked ESPN #8

Shannon’s 3rd year 2009 class was ranked ESPN #7
Golden’s 3rd year 2013 class was ranked ESPN #15

Shannon’s 4th year 2010 class was ranked ESPN #13
Golden’s 4th year 2014 class was ranked ESPN ??

the guy I'd be going after is todd bowles...thats the hidden gem. lovie smith is off....

narduzzi / smart are the usual suspects but bowles is the COMPLETE coach with EXPERIANCE.....

plus he is a MIAMI GUY....he is the one that should be dolphins head coach.....which ya never know as of this post......

that guy would get "state of miami" guys plus he is PROVEN

t is being reported on Rivals.com that Al Golden will be offered the Penn State job.

If he says yes...say goodbye to the UM football program.

Posted by: Ron Zook | January 02, 2014 at 07:05 PM


Htc don't forget Zook is an ex um player so he must have info normal fans like us can't get

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