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Google Hangout with Canes fans via SportsManias

I got a chance today to participate in my first Google Hangout with a trio of Canes fans and our friends at SportsManias.

Here is the recording.


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Today ...

acc ... 0 fer 3

SEC ... 2 FER 2

NEW YEARS BOWL Games Tomorrow ?

does the acc even have a team playing ?

Imcanes, I read your comments, but I put a Russian accent for narration. Only then does your literacy make sense.

All is not doom and gloom. While Gallo does look like a prophet, miracles do happen. Just don't hold your breath.

LOUISVILLE just scored ...

CANES just didn't convert on 3rd. down ...

oooops ... again and again and again ...

how would that be even possible for 2014......we have no QB....nobody UM has or thinks it has is better than morris....

anyone coming in will take at least a year to be comfortable with the playbook....coley is unwinding right in front of our eyes (ty jimbo fisher)....there is underlying hatred from some of these players at the staff....

this is bad....

Today ...

acc ... 0 fer 3

SEC ... 2 FER 2

NEW YEARS BOWL Games Tomorrow ?

does the acc even have a team playing ?

GEORGIA SOUTHERN just scored ...


21 TO 16


Lmao! Zook the running joke of this blog........

imcanes...forgot these 2

Urban meyer 6-7 == 12-1 ohio state
Gus Malzahn 3-9 == 12-1 national championship appearance


but...only at UM does it require a "process"

YAY SEC! My team is garbage, at least we have our conference! YAY!

SEC is about to lose a national championship to an ACC school re-tard.

That's all that matters to me, you cheating grey shirting, top heavy mother f'ers.

The conference's bottom eight teams went 0-30 against the top six teams in 2012. The SEC as a league is devoid of parity. 5 teams in 2013 were .500 and below.

Lots of bottom feeders, cheaters, and bribes, is all I see in the mighty SEC..Vandy, Kentucky, Arkansas, Miss. St... jokes

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. - Winston Churchill

Iv'e said this all along- Demand perfection. Nothing else.

I think goldens 300 page binder comes from a "Grey Poupon" receipt...."we will not win a national championship until its time"

all that is missing is a cigarette holder for his tie and white shirt...."who wears a tie and dress shirt on the field anyways?"

the master of the power point....

1. 300 page binders
2. quotes of ghandi "non-violent" preachings on the walls
3. fake TD's in empty sunlife stadiums
4. quotes stitched inside players collars
5. cane walks
6. billboards outside campus asking for "big" walk ons
7. hugging players that are hurt on the field while the cameras are rolling
8. inside ticket sales to build up attendence

you cant make this stuff up.....the wildest things I have ever seen at UM....and they thought giving tickets out for every whopper purchase was over the top, lol

All of the blame is not on the coaches

Most if not all should be on those who hired them, while encouraging them to change the culture and "get the players and fans together".

I'm still confused how fans still can't fathom nor get their thoughts around the UM leadership, most wealth, influential and powerful having a hand in the despair and sadness they've been experiencing for 10 years with their team.

Its not about being spoiled. When issues and losing are due to administrative incompetence, institutional neglected, oversight, no continuity, bad hires, scandal mainly perpetuated by superiors, and no accountability for any of it--all self-inflicted wounds--then thats reason to be upset and has zero to do with the kids who have agreed to be Hurricanes despite the off-field corporate-minded Hurricanes.

The players are the ONLY reason we are fans of this team and here blogging. Leadership starts from the top--NOTHING is the players fault if U truly analyze all aspects and roots of our issues.

Joe Paterno wore the same outfit: super baggy slacks and dress shirt, huge tie, and floppy sneakers.

Golden is stealing and replicating the wrong swagger.

He tried (supported by UM administration) to set up the same sainthood, one man's presence and words are the epitome of entire program and man worship scenario here at UM. And some are and are still going for it.

Its the most insulting and audacious attempt to change a winning and dominant culture ever, without any prior or current results to support any of it.

well put harriet.....that would take down any corporation as well....

worse that that also is no clear cut goals that are DEFINABLE....golden wont identify his greatest weakness which is mark dnofrio.....

"People who worry about looking good typically hide what they don’t know and hide their weaknesses, so they never learn how to properly deal with them and these weaknesses remain impediments in the future"

its a basic principle of management....google "principles" by ray dalio (bridgewater Associates) top hedge fund in the world.

my personal bible....its all there...

in my world golden/dnofrio would have been gone as of yesterday

The players are the ONLY reason we are fans of this team and here blogging.


Exactly, but some of these bloggers from out of town don't understand this. Some of these bloggers refer to the Ol Girl as the bowl, like an out of towner, some of these bloggers display no understanding of Canes history, like an out of towner, some of these bloggers actually believe that only one man can bring us back, like an out of towner. Like a previous poster said, it's disgusting to watch other teams play our brand of football while we morph into some bottom rung Big Ten squad.

No matter how much talent is brought in on defense, it's not going to matter if these morons are still here. We can sign 2 of the best cornerbacks in the nation and they'll have them lined up 10 and 15 yards off the ball.

We can sign all world defensive-ends and on 3rd downs when they're obviously in for pass rushing only, they'll continue to get screened behind the pass rush. The way our teams is asked to play defense, you can run a textbook clinic on how to run a screen play, basically works to perfection almost every time.

To get beat by only 3 or 4 offensive plays top, by all the teams we lost to and by teams we almost lost to is a ridiculous! I stopped listening to this moron doing interviews last year, i can't take listening to this moron, i can read some of it, but the rest is just the same ole:


"After starring at Northwestern Senior High, Bridgewater and his high school teammates opted to make their future with another African-American head coach, Charlie Strong. That decision speaks volumes. To his credit, Strong lets his squad play with the reckless abandon and swagger that once inspired Miami's inner-city boys to wear orange and green. That's why Gaines talked smack to UM coaches on the sideline, telling them how they've screwed up the program. And it's why Bridgewater mocked the U with a throat-slashing gesture after scoring a touchdown run in the fourth quarter."

I hope Shalala is paying attention. She should offer Strong the head coaching job when Al Golden bolts for Penn State.

there is is..........I have always said in the past....getting rid of randy shannon was a huge mistake....UM would have had bridegwater for 3 years...

luther you forgot how devonte freeman did the same to the coaches and players on the sidelines when he ran that left sweep for a big gain.....it was right on TV up close....I still have the replay...

problem is luther.....the buy out on charlie strong is 10 million.....Louisville has him locked up (they were very smart since they knew what they had)

U ? acc football ...

ga tech ? acc fotball ...

bc ? acc football ...

va tech ? acc football ...

duke ? U guessed it ... a c c football ...

Gallo, wins the repetition award in a cake walk. What a bore.

When we are better than 6-6 "at best" can he be eliminated?

New logic from Lady Gallo

1. No high quality DC will make a lateral move.
2. Get rid of Golden

So where does the high quality DC then come from?

Gallo, how can Penn St not want an "incompetent" Golden and you advise DS to hire Strong when Golden bolts for PSU.

Man r u dumb

Tub O sht putting that sociology class from Dade to good use. Shifting from everything on earth caused by racism to everything on earth due to the man. Laughable.

There are many posts that are comparing Golden's progress to how Butch rebuilt things in the late/mid 90's to 2000 when he departed. For that, I say... Horse Hockey! Al Golden is nowhere in the league of Butch Davis. Butch proved it and did it without any excuses. Moreover, why would one wish to make Golden another Butch Davis, when the actual Butch Davis is waiting on the sideline and can be brought in right now(to replace Al Golden). Moreover, two Davis coaching tree protege's, Schiano and Chudz, are also available. What's the problem here? Why is everyone trying to fit the Al Golden "square peg" into the Winning Tradition UM "circle", when the proven "circular pegs" WINNERS (Davis, Schiano and Chudz)are now available. This sounds so much like government bureacracy, it is amazing. If this University doesn't bring in one of those three proven commodities, in some capacity, while they're temporarily available, then the UM administration really has no interest in winning. They committed to hope and a whim, versus bring in an immediate SOLUTION. Mediocrity and the "U" branding I suppose will keep student enrollment active, similar to consistent base of tax paying dollars, and I guess they would be content with milking that for the future, until they cannot milk it anymore. Sounds like the US Government, all the way. Another failed bureacracy. Had Butch stuck around he would be on the same parallel as Nick Saban, winning at least 4 National Championships in eight years, and he would have kept the well oiled machine going, where UM would be reloading instead of rebuilding. UM never rebuilt in the past. We reloaded. For the administration to brainwash the fans to have continual patience and settle for this mediocrity for four or five years at a clip (with unproven and/or unsuccessful coaches), while the years and now decades keep rolling on by before we get back to a national championship,is ludicrous and blasphemy on the part of the UM administration. When Alabama hired Saban, the AD flew to Florida without an appointment, hoping to run into Saban in public so that he could attempt to personally set up an interview with Saban. Keep in mind, Mike Shula really wasn't doing that bad of job at Bama at the time. He was actually doing better than Golden is doing here, as Shula was dealing with SEC competition. Saban wasn't happy with the Fins, Bama sensed it, and pursued him relentlessly. Shows you how Alabama looks at winning. Saban, like Golden, also inherited an NCAA violated program. The NCAA actually forced Bama to forfeit five games his first season in 2007. However, he didn't make excuses or harp on recruiting. He implemented iron fisted controls and "coached" up his players. Yet, by his third year, Bama won a National Championship, and AS WE ALL KNOW, has won a total of three in the past four years. Meanwhile, in year three, Golden has no timeline and says, "we are not yet where we need to be". Well whose fault is that? Golden has had his three years. His record is no better than Randy Shannon's during the same period,and against ranked teams, is dismal, at best. He has had his three years. TIME TO MOVE ON! It is time for the UM administration to step up and pursue Butch, Chudz or Schiano the way Alabama pursued Saban! Finally... for Bernie Kosar. I know you have the ears of both the UM Administration and the Cleveland Brown Administration. How could you condone Chudz being fired after one year, and you are being so patient with Donna regarding Golden. Do the right thing by Chudz and do whatever you can do to get him back to UM. Besides Bernie being a part of such decisions, stepping ahead, there needs to be an advisory board set up of former UM players and coaches who participate heavily in the future coaching hires. The whole Al Golden interview process was a fiasco and a joke. Someone like Jimmy Johnson, Warren Sapp, Cortez Kennedy should have grilled Golden during the interview process on what kind of defense he was going to bring to Miami. It terrible and a mockery (as Louisville showed us the other night) that we have gone from the frying pan to the fire since 2003. TIME TO MOVE ON and get back to winning, not mediocrity!

GKC, those prophecies of Gallo, Tubs, and Calvin and wrung true. When some expected a Canes loss vs. Florida, no one expected Florida to be so shi*ty. Yet we were still dominated statistically.

Tubby is correct. Golden stands as the 'figure of UM much like Paterno, yet is missing the winning dominant culture that preceded him. In fact ignoring the winning culture it all together.

There are other coaches that were former DC's or qualified enough to be good DC's that would make the term lateral inconsequential.

Gallo may not be far off. With a tougher sched that lies ahead, and if you include near losses to NC, GT and WF; Miami could have been 6-6 this year, or worse. So a 6-6 record next year is possible. I hope not though

Posted by: Time to Move On from Al Golden | December 31, 2013 at 03:25 PM


You're full of crap...next!!

PS: Try to grow a set of balls and use just one screen name.

have rung true**

U ? acc football ...

ga tech ? acc fotball ...

bc ? acc football ...

va tech ? acc football ...

duke ? U guessed it ... a c c football ...

Posted by: THEE # 1 S.E.C. | December 31, 2013 at 02:28 PM


The Gators...u guessed it...4 and 8!

The Gators are last in...thee SEC!

Georgia Southern...you guessed it...Division IIII team...lol@4&8gators.

G for pres,

Gallo said good DC's wouldn't lateral, not me. Re: HCs, I don't think most programs would replace a HC with a college only DC or OC, unless they were internal.

Tub isn't right about much of anything.

Saturday, November 23, 2:00 PM

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field, Gainesville, Florida

Georgia Southern Eagles 26

Florida Gators 20

Not only were the gators awarded the most embarrassing play of the year--they were awarded the most embarrassing loss in a decade.



i agree with you time, but the truth is, this administration has ZERO interest in getting rid of AG, unless PSU somehow wants him - equally unlikely at this point.

I would love nothing more than Chud. BD is never ever coming back. The adminsitration wouldn't dare take him after the UNC scandal - remember how they passed on Mike Leach for less?

AG has the admin right where he wants them preciselyy because he stayed through the mess.
He'll get at least two more years with exactly the same OC and DC staff, maybe tweaking some assistant positions as window dressing...


because he has perfectly executed the excuse machine with plausible deniability, regarding the fact that he has had to go through the negative recruiting and cycling through RS's leftovers.

He will absolutely get at LEAST two more years, mor likely 3 or 4, to being in and "develop" his own recruiting classes entirely.

2014, with all the senior departures, especially at QB, guarantees the expectations are very low. A 5-7, or 6-6 season is not being a Negative Nancy, it will be explained as part of the rebuilding process. A 7-5 record with some close losses to decent teams will be totally "excusable."

Hang on for a rough ride.

If AG somehow manages to get to 8-4 with another easy OOC schedule like this year's, he'll get more kudos for having done that much with all the turnover.

Unfortunately for those of us who see through him, one must acknowledge that AG's recruiting prowess has been really good.

Also, let's suppose we do keep every single commit so far and pull a hat trick or two on signing day, like AG is reporting we might...In the footsteps of RS landing numero uno RC of 2008, it doesn't really mean anything until they are coached up...which has been repeatedly pointed out as a shortcoming of this staff...

though some still argue that the overall player talent level has hindered the team from letting those brought in by AG to shine...Fine.

All I am really saying to this point is: 2014. expect nothing major to happen. Dno and Coley will be here, no doubt, and they will have their chance to start developing their talent with no excuses. Can't wait til 2020.

Beedharpong. Thanks for your concurring input. However, Randy Shannon also had an extension. I cannot believe the former players and/or fans will put up with anything more than one more mediocre year. Maybe its time to hold the UM administration more accountable.

I absolutely agree it's time to hold them accountable...but the reality is, us fans have almost zero imput on the immediate impact of the administration's decision process. Ag would HAVE to go 4-8 next year before any real grumbling would even put him on the hot seat, much less get him replaced.

By then Chud will certainly have been scoooped up by a non-idiotic NFL team or CFB program...I want Chud like no other, but it's a looong shot.

BD - never. Would love that too, but no way.
Schiano? - nope. Not even sure he'd be the answer. rutgers wasn't THAT great with him, but he'd be better than AG, for sure.


2 more years? He has a contract thru 2020, so he'll be paid for 7 more years, barring gross misconduct.

The buy out/firing is entirely possible, but like I said to Time, we would have to 4-8 next year and the year after, 5-8, 5-7 or 6-6 before they pulled that trigger...
hence, the can't wait for 2020 joke.

sorry, 4-8.
My fingers no working so goods today.

I'm not sure this relatively poor, small school would shell out nearly $15 million even if we went o-12 next year. The best one can hope for is DC/OC change.

Would like to know if the admin or AG have firing rights on coordinators.


If these behind the scenes reports are accurate, there is a huge problem at UM.

It would explain the lack of intensity when we play quality teams. These are not the right coaches for Miami football. They do not inspire passionate play.

They do not appreciate the emotional needs of a lot of our kids. You can see it on the field. There ain't the love and loyalty and devotion that a team needs and thrives on!

It becomes a fear of making errors, and it hurts tough South Florida kids who play with freedom and emotion.
Many also need a dad figure that they respect, and who respects them for their young manhood and dreams.

Golden will never bring the Canes to prominence. These PSU guys belong at Rutgers or Bowling Green, not the UM. They don't get it.

A negative, unconnected team culture kills the spirit.
I believe that is happening, and would not be surprised to see quality players bolt, as you reported.

This surpasses issues of talent, formations, schemes, etc.

It is a dagger in the heart of a program.

When quality players don't bolt, will dbc and his boy "jim", bolt?

by Pete Fiutak

While coming up with any sort of success at Temple, much less turning one of the nation’s most miserable programs into a winner, is worthy of praise and respect, there’s one teeny, tiny issue here.

Al Golden didn’t actually win anything, and Miami wants a Point B to Point C guy.

Once Golden did the job of recruiting well, mostly by putting a fence around the greater Philadelphia metropolitan era, Temple got to the point where it wasn’t a doormat anymore. While that was great, as Buffalo, Central Michigan, Akron and, in a one-year turnaround, Miami (Ohio), proved, it was possible to go from being miserable to a MAC champion, and Golden didn’t finish the job.

Temple going from miserable to decent was a story in 2008, but in 2009, Golden had a team good enough to win the MAC title, or at least the East Division. With the chance to play for the championship, Temple lost at Ohio 35-17.

This year, Northern Illinois (speaking of not getting the job done) was the MAC’s best team, but Temple was the clear No. 2. The program, and Golden, failed late in the year, losing at home to Ohio when the running game and the run defense mysteriously went bye-bye in the sloppy conditions. That loss ended up costing the Owls the MAC East title; the puzzling, dead-team-walking, 23-3 loss to Miami ended up costing the 8-4 team a bowl invite.

Yeah, Golden’s Temple program recorded the largest academic turnaround in the Academic Progress Rate reform era, and yeah, Miami (Fla.) cares about the classroom with a fantastic APR under Randy Shannon. Last May, when the reports came out, Miami’s program was the only one in the BCS that finished in the top 10 percent academically and finished the 2009 season ranked in both the USA Today and Associated Press polls. Shannon really was getting it done both on and off the field, but he didn’t return the Hurricanes to football prominence, and for that he was fired.

So now Miami has two problems: 1) Golden hasn’t closed, going 7-12 at Temple in November and December and with no appearances in the MAC Championship Game, and 2) This isn’t the 1980s

Florida is the top dog in the Sunshine State, Florida State is reloading, South Florida is starting to become a factor, Central Florida won the Conference USA title, and even Florida International and Florida Atlantic will battle for some of the local Miami talent. Throw in the national powerhouses always coming in and picking off players, and the 'Canes’ expectations are unrealistic.

Does Miami want to go back to the Luther Campbell days? Is it looking for the days of being Da U, and all the negative connotations that came with that? Unless Golden can bring in NFL talent right away, and not just very good college players, Miami is going to be disappointed that it’s nowhere near the bright, shining superpower it used to be.

Golden is taking his talents to South Beach, but this will work only if he brings more big-time talents to Coral Gables.

Posted by: DaU | December 31, 2013 at 08:33 AM


Seriously...quoting Pete Fiutak is tantamount to quoting Gallo and the other cluesless haters...the following is an article by someone who knows Petie Fiutak:

Pete Fiutak: The Angry Polack

By lottermen
January 25, 2010

Pete Fiutak is an angry, angry man. And what is it that he's angry about you ask? Besides the fact that he looks EXACTLY like Alice the Goon from Popeye the Sailor, Fiutak is upset because to him the 2009 college football season "sucked". Pete went on to eloquently state that....It was a sucky college football season that found new levels of suckdom just when it seemed like it couldn’t suck any more....

The irony of Fiutak's above statement is that the same thing could be said about the articles he writes on college football. For those of you that do not know Pete Fiutak he is a columnist for CFN.com, which stands for Complete Fanboy News. Fiutak's dogmatic view on college football is beyond that of any so-called "professional" I've ever witnessed.

Pete Fiutak will list a lexicon of excuses as to why the 2009 college football season was a bad one while he really should just list one, and that is because his Ohio State Buckeyes' was once again one of college football's greatest underachievers. Fiutak is blind to any and everything outside of Columbus.

He absolutely LOVES to take shots at the S.E.C. For instance in one of his articles he actually thinks Tim Tebow needs his advice on how to throw a nice,tight spiral. I mean really, here's a guy that has never stepped foot on a football field unless it was to collect dirty jockstraps thinking that Heisman winner and 2 time National Champion quarterback Tim Tebow needs his advice. Fiutak also stated in a recent article that University of Alabama, Butkus Award winning linebacker and future 1st round draft pick Rolando McClain was "overrated". And what did Fiutak think about this years Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram? Fiutak said he "won mostly because he fell under the Best Player, Best Team category" Damn, the whole while I thought the Heisman was awarded to "The Best" player?

And which conference did Fiutak think was "The Best" out of all others in this "sucky" 2009 year? You guessed it, The Big 10. Here's excactly what he had to say about it....The SEC was awful outside of the top teams, the Big 12 was an utter disaster, and the Pac 10 was a fraud exposed badly by the bowl season. How much did all the conferences suck? The Big Ten might have been the nation’s best league when all was said and done, and not because it was so be-all-end-all great.

What Fiutak should have said was that the Pac-10 was a fraud exposed badly by an even worse Ohio State team that finally proved to the world that they could in fact win a BCS Bowl game WITHOUT the help of Terry Porter.

Notice how GKC/mountaincane isn't providing his own original opinion on any matter, but is instead, just waiting for others to do so, so that he can nit-pick and insult. What a waste of free will, life and opportunity.

Cultspace flunky who got punked then still managed to get rejected. Now we have to deal with his misdirected aggression and grade school-like sulking.

With the amount of success that UM had from 1983 to 2003, and the amount of NFL players that went onto become great professional players, some hall of fame players, and great professional coaches and college coaches, UM has an untapped reservoir of knowledge and resources that not many other schools have. The UM administration needs to pass the motion of having a Football Advisory Board of former players and coaches. This will keep Golden accountable for however long that he remains here, and also be instrumental in the future hires. The Yankees and Lakers run their organizations accordingly. With an advisory board of former players and coaches who render accountability insight to the administration/organization. The way the football program is currently run at UM, it is almost as if the past success was a spaghetti against the wall lighting in the bottle success story. Shows you how great our past coaches were, and how great they need to be today, because the administration is clueless. You would think that it would only be logical to have an advisory board made up previous "team family members" who have the battle scars and experience to shed invaluable insight. Even when Randy was the coach, it was if he was out there on an island. It very well may not have been ready to be a head coach, but if you are going to hire him on the cheap, also Wisdom controls and processes in place. Every great CEO of any multi-billion dollar corporation has both an advisory board and board of directors in place to hold him/her accountable and render battle scar insight. Donna, if you want the U to be transcending again, implement this protocol.


I don't plan on bolting, and hope these predictions about unhappy sophomore players do not pan out. If Duke, Tracy and Flowers are that turned off by the coaching, we have a big prblem. I don't care how loyal you are as a fan. It isn't personal.

The word gets around.

Also Jim is not "my boy," but sometimes he makes good points. I try to learn from any reasonable poster here. Including you. And there is much astute input on this blog.

Our team has not stepped up in most games against quality opponents. It is either talent level, poor coaching and prep, or both. I didn't see guys getting a lot better. Did you?

I appreciate your dedication as a fan. I too love the UM and received two graduate degrees there. But something seems amiss with the relationship between the staff and the players, and that is really troubling. Jim's comments reinforced what I have believed for a while now.

I believe such attitudes kill a program and produce resentment that can not be erased. A kid may be charmed by a coach during recruiting, only to be disappointed, criticized needlessly and maybe even benched or kicked out.

It is like your father turning on you after promising the opposite.

As many of us know, spirited kids need guidance, not a stern daddy who doesn't give a damn about them because some stupid set of rules takes precedence over the kid's struggle to mature.

Watching how the players interact with the coaches, I do not see a lot of love and support. When Gus Edwards scored a TD the other night, virtually no coach connected with him. Yah we were getting destroyed, but don't you want to encourage young players?

Ir fact, the encouragement from the coaches, according to what I saw, seemed to diminish as the season went on. Maybe it was because we dropped some key games.

But I believe there has been a decline in the quality of relationships between Golden and many of the players. Something is off, man.

To all, have a Happy New Year. Stay safe...

Looks like Peter was right about Rolando, and Ingram.....NFL bust considering all the hype surrounding them coming out of school, we know Tebow can't throw the ball, and we know that Goldilocks and his best friend field teams that give up 500 yards a game, and we know that Goldilocks and his best friend fielded the worst defense in school history......and we know Goldilocks' apologist will continue to make excuses for him

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