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The Miami Hurricanes arrive in Orlando for the Russell Athletic Bowl. UM says everyone reported.

ORLANDO -- Russell Athletic Bowl week is finally here. 

The Hurricanes have all checked in, according to Chris Yandle, UM's assistant athletic director for communications. The players drove to Orlando, Yandle said, and all had to report by 3 p.m. They had the afternoon free. Some of the players spent the day at City Walk in Universal Studios.

There was no media access at their hotel or otherwise.

Tomorrow, the Canes (9-3) practice from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at The Citrus Bowl, where their game against Louisville (11-1) will be played at 6:45 p.m. Saturday. Practices are closed to the media, and only coaches will be available afterward. We were told the players will be on a Best Buy Shopping Spree that is closed to the media (I'd love one of those myself!)

The last time I greeted a Miami Hurricanes team for a bowl, it was in the airport of El Paso and guys like linebacker Jordan Futch and quarterback Jacory Harris and bowl head coach Jeff Stoutland (with a giant sombrero atop his head) were dancing with local women to the festive beat of mariachi musicians and colorfully costumed Viva El Paso dancers.

That was for the 2010 Hyundai Sun Bowl. El Paso is a border town that sits on the banks of the Rio Grande -- across the river from Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua, Mexico. Juarez, known as the murder capital of the world, was off limits to the Canes and their Notre Dame counterparts, who got the same reception.

"A wonderful greeting, " Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said that day. "It certainly didn't disappoint in our first trip here as a team." 

Kelly's Irish and the Canes each came into the game 7-5, but as Canes fans painfully remember, the Irish beat Miami soundly, a 31-17 drubbing in which Harris threw three interceptions in his seven passes, before being replaced by current senior quarterback Stephen Morris. Current Canes coach Al Golden, who already had been hired, watched that game from a stadium suite.

Miami has not won a bowl since its 21-20 win over Nevada in the 2006 MPC Computers Bowl -- Larry Coker's last game as coach.

 Since then it's been three consecutive bowl losses.

Last I looked, Louisville was favored by 3 1/2 points. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will be nearly impossible to frazzle. Somehow, the Canes have to find a way with a defensive line that has not been particularly fearsome this season.

Weather update: It's clear and 77 degrees in Orlando now. The weather forecast for the game is partly cloudy, with 73 degrees as a high that day and 56 degrees as a low, and a 20-percent chance of rain. But that could change several times before Saturday.

Ticket update: Earlier this past week, Vivid Seats on the secondary ticket marketplace released its report on ticket prices for this year's NCAA bowl games, and cited tickets for the Russell Athletic Bowl as the 14th most expensive of all the bowls, with a median price of $98. "The Russell Athletic Bowl is a bargain compared to the BCS National Championship, however,'' Vivid Seats reported, "which currently has a median ticket price of $1,553.''

UM is staying at the Hilton Orlando and Louisville is at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. Louisville will practice at First Academy. The Cardinals' practices are also closed to the media and public. 



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It's a Ganes thing, Zakkee, they never understand.

Probably because Freet pays them not to.

Point 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc..

still begs the question...then why come here, U can't control anyone so shut up with the whining and complaining.

U aren't the only poster who supports the Canes monetarily or in amy other facet. All of these self-promotion and Woe is me stuff is girly. Go paint a house or something.

I've never been corrected by U. So stop, U can't provide proof for anything U say or FEEL.

And finally in pure what to be elitist form and after not addressing anything with facts other than continued confusing of facts with HOPE-- "when we do". If, could, woulda, shoulda, of course the railings of a blind-follower. Stay in line--it fits U but not the U. Everyone aint on board with Al Golden learning how to be a coach in his 8th season as one at our favorite football program...sorry.

And if all those memos exist where? Slurper extraordinaire.

beedharphong, I will give it a try. However, I am concerned that it is doomed to failure. When this was attempted in the Sentinel, it led to people just leaving the site completely. When it was tried in the Post, he just called out to some of his gatr brethren to join in the attack.

Also, realize that the attention he thirsts for, when starved out, just leads to him posting even more disgusting comments, to the point that others respond.

But just as I have stopped offering to meet up with him in person, I will stop responding to him for the rest of this year. By the end of that time, we will see how he reacts. I hope it works to our benefit, but some obsessions are too deeply embedded to be fixed with a single person ignoring him.

Posted by: FIVE - 11 Win Season's Body Of Work In 10 Years > One 9 Win Season in Last 8 Years | December 23, 2013 at 01:47 PM

Right. Now compare the budgets over that same period of time. Matter a fact go back two more decades and look at budgets, facillities, then outcomes and wonder what took UF so long? After that u can explain why we have 5 national championships in football and UF is still scared to play us, or why we are playing this Saturday and UF is not...Matter a fact, explain why you're here..

Your reign on top was short-lived. Now back to the natural order where you belong.

1. Talent. On either side of the ball it starts up front...

Posted by: Next man []_[]p aka Mahoney-Pearson | December 23, 2013 at 02:03 PM

This post provides more evidence that talent evaluation has been lacking. Since the defensive line is so much less talented. Than the majority of the offensive linemen that were here prior to Al Golden's arrival.

While the basis, of the defense, are targeted defensive players providing lesser results on the field. Than those so-called lesser recruits, that were here on Al Golden's arrival.

That is more evidence of lesser coaching, developing and placement of the players.

Since they were not, that falls directly on the coaching staff. Talent disparity wins games, but when talent is near equal, as was the case in the VT and Duke games, the difference in coaching matters more. Be objective, and you will see that the numbers in the end are not the numbers that this level of talent should produce.

Posted by: Five Titles | December 23, 2013 at 01:04 PM

This is the most true about the person that is most responsible for any football team, the head coach.

More scrutiny is typical from the side of the ball the head coach worked on the most, prior to becoming a head coach.

We all know Al Golden was the proverbial golden boy of defense. But he is given the golden ticket of scrutiny in the players he targets for the defense, and the greater lack of the defensive success since his arrival.

You are perfectly free to support whomever you chose. But your own words show that Al Golden is not responsible for making Miami Hurricanes football better.

I'll be there early Saturday morning to catch some pregame festivities before the game. Got great seats too Row A in Section 202. GO CANES!!!

Great to hear that you'll be right there in the excitement, Eddie. I really want nothing more than a win this Saturday.

jmike, I know this is awhile later, but you read it wrong. When I mentioned "D", it is another poster on this blog. Not defense. As usual, people like you just throw out names without any practical information.

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