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Louisville has accepted invitation to Orlando's Russell Athletic Bowl. Will Canes be there, too?

So, it's now official. The Louisville Cardinals is heading to the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando, to be played Dec. 28 at the Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando.

Will quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, a Miami product who graduated from Northwestern High and was once committed to the Miami Hurricanes, face the team he grew up loving?

We won't know until Sunday. I still think Miami has a good shot of heading to Atlanta in the Chick-fil-A Bowl to face an SEC opponent. ESPN likes the ratings that the Canes bring, and something about the Canes and the SEC makes it a good draw.

Either way, both bowls could be fun games. Future ACC team Louisville, with Teddy (and former UM defensive line coach Clint Hurtt) would make for an intriguing matchup as well.


Here's the story posted by Matt Repchak of FCSports & The Russell Athletic Bowl:

The Louisville Cardinals have accepted an invitation to play in the 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl. This year’s edition of the game will take place on December 28th at Orlando’s Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium at 6:45 p.m., and will be televised nationally by ESPN.

"Russell Athletic is thrilled that the Louisville Cardinals will complete their outstanding season by appearing in the Russell Athletic Bowl," said Gary Barfield, Senior Vice President, Russell Athletic. "We are eager to find out on Sunday who Louisville will be facing in what is sure to be an exciting game."

Louisville heads to Orlando for the first time after posting its second-straight 10-win season, capped by a 31-24 overtime win at Cincinnati tonight. It becomes the third team in bowl history to enter the game with double-digit wins (Boston College (10), 2007 Champs Sports Bowl; Alabama (10), 1991 Blockbuster Bowl). The previous two teams each went on to win the bowl game and finish with an 11-win campaign.

The Cardinals return junior QB Teddy Bridgewater, who already ranks third in Louisville history in passing yards and fourth in career touchdowns.

The Louisville defense has stymied the opposition all year long. The unit ranks second in total defense in the FBS, allowing only 242.5 yards per game and third in scoring defense, surrendering just 11.4 points per game. The Cardinals also rank in the top five nationally in rushing defense, passing defense, turnover margin and third down conversion percentage.

"We're excited to host a ranked, one-loss Louisville team for the first time in the Russell Athletic Bowl,” said Steve Hogan. “It has built a powerful fan following and we look forward to rolling out the red carpet for Orlando Bowl Week."

Head coach Charlie Strong is an impressive 36-15 with the Cardinals, leading them to two conference championships and bowl appearances now in each of his four seasons. Louisville can earn at least a share of its third straight conference championship with a UCF loss on Saturday.




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Gallo is a moron. How can you miss big # 96. Maybe Goldie just ran him out of ur man dreams.

namechanger says Louisville would torch UM.
He also said that of Pitt last week.
And of Virginia the week before that.

Predictable to the end, where he is at his most unpredictable, and as It's football season said, it is a waste of time for this guy to change his ID. And as SJPARMAN said, it is easy to tell who he actually is, despite the new ID.

To: Five Titles and Other REAL Canes Fans

Subject: The Insane Curse

Ask yourself the following question; after 7 years of the Curse insanely posting literally hundreds of times each day using countless screen names on most all Canes football blogs do you really believe that suddenly he got religion and stopped posting?

My point is...he is still attacking the program and Coach Golden only now he is posing as a variety of Canes fans.

You all talk about Nick Menocal as one of those kids Golden "ran out". What a bunch of dummies

What has Menocal done at GT under tow DCs? He is not even on the 3s rotation! He barely plays special teams, and has not made any impact at his position in the 3 yrs he's been there!

Teddy B is a slightly (not much) better version of jacorry harris. He is only effective in a shotgun-spread, with 4 wide outs. Ok Ok, one way is to put him there to help him succeed, but that dont work here very often. Only time that worked was under Erickson.

UM's defense was torched five times in a row to end the season and six out of the last seven Ganes fans. Louisville will go for more than anybody else in that stretch, barring a Bridgewater party bender leading up to the bowl.

Hurricane fans are pissed about six out of seven torching this year to finish the season, rightfully.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

UF's defense and offense was torched Seven times in a row to end the season and eight out of the last nine Gator fans. Louisville made you fools look like fools and the Canes beat you up so bad you quit on the season. Bridgewater partied leading up to the bowl game with the timid Gators.

Gator fans are pissed about eight out of twelve torching this year to finish the season, rightfully.

It's a Gator thing, they never understand.

SEC, you missed my point.

The claim I was disputing, which was a misunderstanding in the first place with ChampCane, but then got picked up by gallo as his latest fiction, was that Golden ran off Bridgewater. I pointed out that the ONLY recruit that said he was run off (and even that was with total respect to the program) was Nick Menocal. As you say, it looks like Golden made the right call there, in not using a scholarship.

Sad thing is that despite links and proofs, the regurgitation of a misunderstanding will be repeated multiple times by gallo. Guaranteed.

Please say it ain't so. U don't want to play Bridegwater anywhere near Miami. He will out up more than 100 points. And Charlie Strong will amp up the D. Trust me.

This will be "lights out" and will be Teddy sending UM a message for getting rid of RS at a crucial time. U see, if we had Teddy RS would probably not have gone anywhere and the recruiting pipeline at NW would still be wide open.

Please say it's so. U wants to play Bridegwater anywhere. We will put up more than 100 points. And Charlie Strong will be demolished. Trust me.

This will be "lights out" and will be The Canes sending the rest of the country a message for lying about the NCAA investigation. U see, if we didn't have the NCAA investigation we would have gone right to the top of the BCS rankings.

"Among the documents are a 14-page report by Jason Newlin, an investigator for State Attorney Willie Meggs, that includes recent interviews with the complainant and other witnesses."

Jason Newlin? I wonder where HE went to school.


Willie Meggs? Where did HE go to college?
Birthdate: June 15, 1943
Birthplace: Tallahassee, FL
1976 Florida State University Law School
1973-1976 Florida State University
Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Wait, he was even BORN in Tallahassee?

And the other person commended by Meggs in this case?

Georgia Cappleman, daughter of former Seminoles quarterback Bill Cappleman, is a graduate of FSU as well.

Her other claim to fame? "Prosecuting" Noles QB Adrian McPherson, and doing a horrible job of it, which ruined a cut a dry case that instead ended in a mistrial. She then "chose" not to retry the case.

Noles QB daughter, Noles baseball player, and lifetime Nole get to decide to claim there was no evidence despite DNA proof of the encounter.

Yeah, no conflict of interest there....

Posted by: Five Titles | December 06, 2013 at 03:07 PM

The bottom line is THIRTY-SIX ( 36 ) player's are no longer with Miami, Florida since Goldie took over the program. And over 50% of these departed player's were on the defensive side of the L.O.S.

Oh, the VAST MAJORITY of these 36 ex-Cane's were RAN OFF by Goldie!

Yeah, yeah some of these former Hurricane's left because of academic concerns or were dismissed from the program.

But again, OVER FIFTY PERCENT ( 50 % ) Goldie CHOSE to RUN OFF!!

So, when y'all Cane loyalist MOAN nd' GROAN about a lack of depth or lack of relatively talented player's on the current roster.

Y'all SHOULD BLAME Goldie for RUNNING OFF the majority of those 36 departed ex-Canes!!

And, 36 player's in THREE SEASONS is a very, very, very, HIGH NUMBER for a program in transition.

Goldie RAN OFF approximately " 22 " former Hurricanes from the program in three seasons. And 50% of those player's could have HELPED the Hurricane's last season and this season. dUh

Coach Strong > than Goldie.

Teddy > QB than Morris.

Y'all determine the winner. I-F the Cane's were to meet MIGHTY Louisville. dUh

I wish D had been run off so I'd still have a house.

Five Titles: I remember McPherson. he was a good QB. But what I really want to say is Strong accepted Orlando for a reason: He'll finalize all those FL recruits. If Louisville gets some offensive superstars, they'll pick up where they left off.

D: Teddy could go 1st in the draft. If UL plays UM it's just lights out. Period.

The one TANGIBLE I dig about Charlie, is that he has a RING or TWO, I do believe.

Whereas, your BELOVED Goldie AIN'T ever come close to playing for a conference championship in EIGHT ( 8 ) seasons of being a head coach. hUh

Yeah, yeah Goldie was at moribund Temple. Yet, the M.A.C. isn't necessarily the Mountain West or Big East ( STRONGER overall conference's than the M.A.C. ).

So Goldie had a very good opportunity to play in the M.A.C. play-off game. But he failed terribly. dUh

By the way, I lay EVEN MONEY ODDS ( 1:1 ) that DT Valentine signs a L.O.I. with DEFENSIVE-MINDED L.S.U. on national signing day. Get outta' here with that bogus crap, HERETIC!!

In other words, Valentine bloody well SEES the writing on the Orange nd' Green wall regarding Hurricane defensive matters and what not.

DT Valentine is one of the current defensive verbal's, which Goldie and Marky Marky ABSOLUTELY can't afford to let get away!!

Because both Golden and D'Onofrio have FAILED terribly in signing defensive tackles the past three seasons!!

No if's, but' or... Well, thee Carpetbagger's NEED four or five seasons to rectify the defensive FRONT SEVEN and what not. dUh

This kid Valentine is the type of defensive player L.S.U. cherishes and what not.

Matter of fact, I-F Les STEALS Valentine away. I SEE-r Valentine playing MAJOR MINUTES as a true freshmen for the Ragin' Cajun Tiger's. hUh

We cannot beat Louisville, if we cannot pressure the QB and the ball. D'Onofrio's read-react scheme--or whatever you want to call it---would lose the game. The talent levels of both teams appear to be equal. Meaning they both could beat up the Bubble Gum State's of the world but would struggle against top 25 teams.

Champ Cane "This would be a true determiner of the University of Miami's coaching staff. This would truly let us know what our future will be."

Sorry to disagree, even though Louisville has 30 kids from South Florida---by the way---none of which are lighting it up or getting any real recognition outside of Bridgewater. The body of work over the last three seasons speaks for itself--especially defensively. Louisville's South Florida contingent are not the types of "difference makers" Coach Golden, nor any real fan wishes to recruit at UM. The writing is all over the walls. We don't need Louisville as a measuring stick! All we have to do is look back at the body of work of previous successful coaches at UM in year 3 for a comparison and a story emerges.

Louisville vs Miami is as exciting as shopping with my Grandmother. I could easily pass!!

LOL, if LSU d-line is so awesome how does a freshman come in and play.

And, D, your odds ate meaningless. Still.

I hear you Rabblerouser, loud and clear. I put it that way, in hopes that Al Golden would prove me wrong. In my doubting of his coaching skills.

What is Miami waiting for in expressing interest in a bowl game? I want to see about getting tickets to the game.

I can easily see that that G.K.C. and his Cane MINIONS have bloody well fallen for the CON-niving words of Thee Carpetbagger's. dUh

By the way, even under the last Miami, Florida head coach.

Hurricane football defensive matters EQUALED " Cane defensive FORTITUDE " and what not.

Now, under both Golden and D'Onofrio that cliché NO longer rings true.

Because now it's ALL ABOUT THE CANE defensive INEPTITUDE!! Not Hurricane defensive FORTITUDE. hUh

N.C.A.A. Team Defense

NO. 77 Miami, Florida

And there's still a bowl game to be played against a HIGH OCTANE offense. Ouch!!

Even when the Hurricanes played that 2009 bowl game in Redneck-laden Orlando, the Cane's DIDN'T draw that numerous of a fan base.

Matter of fact, Wisconsin had THREE TIMES the number of fans than Miami, Florida's contingent. Go figures'.

D is the old mac brown hater...saw him post on another site with the same speech probles.

2010 - Randy Shannon
total offense - 5499 yards - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards - #22 rank
average win/loss record of opponents = 7-6

*2013 - Al Golden
total offense - 5362 - #39 rank
total defense - 4989 - #76 rank
average win/loss record of opponents = 5-7

a complete waste of time.....

2014: 6-6
Posted by: Jim Gallo | December 06, 2013 at 11:06 AM

*You forgot Al had 2 years post-season bans, scholarship restrictions, and the impending NCAA sanctions that made fodder for negative recruiting. No such thing for Randy.

As another day concludes I thought it was important to repost the comments below from several college football experts that refute all the lies posted on this thread today by the Haters and Gators:

"Ask just about anyone who has played football at the “U” and they will all explain how “void of talent” this program was when Golden arrived. This program had deteriorated to the point that the once flowing pipeline to the NFL had dried up."

"The Hurricanes were “supposed” to win the Coastal Division and reach the ACC title game this year—not because talent, depth and experience proved so, but simply because folks have grown tired of waiting and the drought has gone on long enough."

"For those who continue beating the drum that Miami “should” be back, the question remains, based on what?"

"Coker was tossed the keys to the hot rod he eventually totaled and Shannon set it on fire it. Golden was then given a can of Bondo and a running clock regarding getting it race-worthy again—and not enough folks see that as unfair."

"Golden hustled to save the 2011 recruiting class—which had only four verbal commits when Shannon was let go the previous December. By February, 19 kids joined the Miami program, though the class reeked of last-ditch effort as a new leader had less than two months to sell, close and deliver."

"Ryan Hill never lived up to the hype on the field, but soon as his playing days were over, called it like it was in eye-opening fashion. Hill went on to explain that Golden had inherited “a massive problem” regarding a culture of insubordination and a bunch of pot-smokers more interested in a sideline snowball fight, than the fact that Notre Dame was pummeling Miami in a mid-tier bowl game. Two months after Hill’s revelation, Charles Robinson and Yahoo! Sports dropped an atom bomb and began spinning jailhouse tales from a jaded Ponzi-schemer intent on destroying the Hurricanes’ football program. Hello NCAA investigation. Somewhere in those two-plus years that dark cloud hovered over “The U”, this fan base forgot how scared-straight it was in back in August 2011 when the news was first delivered."

"Whether Nevin Shaprio was speaking truth or falsities, perception was reality, the media was screaming “death penalty” and a program damn-near life support looked like it was falling in the abyss. Forget ultimate success, BACK THEN MOST OF US WERE HOPING UM WOULD MERELY SURVIVE!"

"From begging and pleading two years ago that Miami would live to see another day, to a sense of entitlement that these Hurricanes should again be a contender—just like that, with little attention paid to the past half-decade of disaster and mediocrity. How soon we forget."

This impatience, know-it-all approach and frustration feels a whole lot like fifteen years ago, when Pell Grant fraud rocked this program and frustration was also at an all-time high."



Hey, fake Tampa Cane… give my name back.

Gallo has guys on his Golden ran off list that quit football due to injury (Thompson, Dewey), a guy who was thrown out of school for raping a female student (Jeffrey Brown), and a guy who still plays for Golden (Raphael Kirby).

He's delusional.

Oh lets not forget that he has Tracey Howard, Porter and Luther Robinson on his list of players that Golden Ran Off...

Good opportunity for Morris to impress.

"lot of schools will start offering these financial aid agreements because recruits will demand them. The students are allowed to sign them with multiple school. It binds the school, but not the student. The school cannot yank someone's scholarship after it is signed. Since it is good for the students, I think the NCAA will allow them to continue."

Posted by: Sunny Dee | December 06, 2013 at 10:42 AM
Sunny, I would (sadly) submit it's teams like UM, not teams like Alabama, LSU, OSU, etc that allow these Grant In Aid deals. UM is in NEED of the 4-5 star types, and are willing to commit a spot, even if it means losing them, and thus having to do a scavenger hunt to find decent 2 star replacements. The big boys like Alabama do not need to do this. In fact Alabama and others PROMISE an EXCESS # of athletes that 'bama wants them, then drops them like a hot potato when the next big thing commits. It's the dirty little SEC non secret.

BTW, I posted yesterday that I was wondering if "sweet" Willie Meggs, the state's attorney handling the Jameis Winston debacle was an FSU grad. Well, NOT ONLY is he an FSU grad, but a huge BOOSTER.
So, it appears Tallahassee is right up their with Columbus, Ohio, Gainesville, and the rest when it comes to protecting their athletes.
Read the final report of the doings in that apartment, and the fact that this sort of 3 players, 1 girl thing is the practice, not the exception.

Vanderbilt and Nashville dealt with it properly. 3 players dismissed, 2 starters.
Within DAYS, not a YEAR.
I hope Winston gets messed up by Duke. If not there, in the BCS game.

This sort of behavior is the ULTIMATE "War on Women."

I amwriter, as a former attorney, the case was handled pretty darned well. Have you read the report? Do you understand the legal thresholds? Don't be a conspiratard.

All aboard the Jameis Christ choo choo train! toot! toot!

Funny everyone stating that Winston got off due to Meggs taking care of him, no one notices that the so called victim stated that she never knew Winston, but has several pictures with him on social media. She also was not clear about many of the issues that would be needed to prosecute the case correctly, among many other issues.

Look, sexual assault happens way too much in this country and especially in the military and on college campuses. It is a violent and terrible crime and when truly committed, it needs to be prosecuted fully. there are times that out of spite sexual assault charges are also brought against innocent victims of consensual sex also. I do not know what happened, because I was not there. It appears though that there was not enough evidence to charge Jameis Winston.

Just as many accuse Mr. Meggs of having a vested interest in getting Winston off, could many on this board have a vested interest in having Winston not just charged, but also convicted because his team has beaten our team 5 times in a row and unless our defense does a lot better, 6 times and maybe 7 times (if we are fortunate enough to win the Coastal next year and not lose to Duke again) in a row. You all need to take football out of the equation and that this kid plays for our rival.

This is a young mans life that was on the line and it appears that some of you would like to see it ruined just because his team has beaten our team. Stop looking at the case with green and orange glasses on. A stupid football rivalry is mot worth someone going to prison for years and having their life ruined because we can't beat their team. SMH!

Ron Zook you're just misinformed and less knowledgeable about College football. I guess you also like great excuses such as the dog ate my homework--Too many Coaches to name who have turned around programs after 3 full seasons if they know what they're doing. Funny? I don't hear the same song at USC? Yes! Sanctions affected our recruiting but let's not make wholesale excuses!

So we're getting beat by the Duke's of the World, GTech, Virginia, NC State,K-State-- the list goes on and on over the last 5 years because 36 recruits left the team? Really??

You can try to sell that theory to the mis-informed but not here, buddy!

After 3 seasons JJ, Butch Davis, Dennis Erickson they all passed the smell test! It's really not looking too good for Golden Fan Club members. Your song has fallen on deaf ears!! and YOU'RE ON THE CLOCK


IMAWriter you sound like a scorned lover. Get over yourself and realize the guy is innocent. Stop hating yourself.

Listen to U cane chUmps. Still popping off how U are on Ur way back in Ur delUsional barely 8-4 stupor. Ur still an Unranked team that can't beat a decent ranked team all the while losing multiple games to unranked .500% teams year after year after year since 2005. DUKE ? Really ? Last second barely wins against UNC n Wake ? Drubbed at home against unranked Va. Tech ? Yet U, in Ur little 305 bubble swear Ur on the uprise ? Everyone outside Ur 305 homer bubble see U exactly for what U are. NOT a National Top Program that U so wish U were, are?, and eventually will be again... NOT !!! U, like Ur deluded mindset are nothing more than a weekly, from time to time, flavor of the week/flash in the pan average middle of the road 7-5/8-4 team. Or the every 4th year BIG 9-3 GREAT Year !!! (minus the Coastal and acc champ game app.)But hey, in the lowly ACC, that makes U the 3rd. or 4th. best team, Unranked, in the 6th. best Conference ! That'll get U a December Nothing Bowl game every year as Goldy, his D-Coord buddy and Donna rejoice talking s'hit about how "we have to get better." the next decade.

And Ur big win this year was against who ? Oh, that team that U say that SUCKS ? Really ? U were manhandled and doubled up in yards-first downs-5 RED ZONE miscues w/ZERO points-gifted 5-FIVE turnovers-2-missed FG's-botched 2-point- and missing multiple key players. And U managed to win by a mere 5 points having to hang on at home ? That team U say that SUCKS is considered Nationwide recently and will be considered again A TOP COLLEGE FOOTBALL PROGRAM !

The last Decade ...

U--- 75-49

And mind U, that Ur 75-49 OVERALL RECORD Includes Wins over Ur 2 Yearly Bethune's and FIU's/Coastal Car./FAMU/FAU plus 3-4 ACC ChUmps BC's-Duke's Maryland's and Wake's 5 W's a year or U would be looking at...

Record Minus the Above ScrUb W's the last 10 years... 24-49.

Meaning, U actually won 5 games this year where an opponent had a competitive chance (Ga. Tech, pulled out 2 games in the final seconds- a SUCK team threw-up all over themselves and PITT WAS UR BEST win of the year... and U still coughed up 31 to an inept PITT team). U then got crushed in the 3 U lost. And the other 5 were programs so bad, they shouldn't even be competeing in football... And GOLDY is scheduling up more of those cupcakes out of Conference teams 2-3 times a year, plus the 4-5 acc yearly chumps to cover his and his 500+ yard buddy's arsses to pacify U schitzo cane clUcks into accepting 7-5/8-4 and the 9-3 OOOOHHHHH SO CLOSE ACC records. And U will eat it up constantly, year after year, with Ur, "We're right on the VERGE of being ranked, a contender and BACK !!! Silly silly cane fan.

In contrast ...

Team SUCK --- 94-36 the last decade.

And team suck, just like AUBURN and MIZZOU with a combined 7-17 record last year (2-14 SEC), will be right back in the thick of competing for a Championship in ALL of College Football's Greatest Conference NEXT YEAR ! T.H.E. S.E.C. !!! That's why the SEC is what it is. Simply the best. And if U don't understand... Well, Ur probably a a fickle, scorned, blind cane fan repeating, "it's a cane thang" ad nauseam the last 10 years, not realizing that "thang" no longer exists.

U ? Well U need to get to the level, beat and leap frog the Mighty Blue Devils of DUKE and try to make at least Ur FIRST appearance in College Football's WORST Conference Title game since U joined the acc a DECADE ago... Oye', dat's Diez jeeers noncomprede' caneclUck.

Team Suck ? Multiple BCS Bowls... 3-SEC Title Games-- 2 SEC TITLES... 2 BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Title Games-- 2 NATIONAL TITLES in just the last 7 years !!!

like I said, qUit the talk and walk the walk Cane clods. Elevate Ur game up to and past DUKE and just GET to an acc title game just once. (next year riiight?) Until then, TEAM SUCKS and the NATION just shakes their collective heads at U and laughs.


and a little advice for next year. Unlike the last decade, from now on try not to celebrate OTHER Teams and Programs losses more than Ur Wins as if they're wins for U. Yes, we all know there have been ZERO big wins in Ur empty stadiums since 2002, but try to concentrate on DUKE more. They are Ur goal... DUKE.

U try to Be like DUKE ...


and if Goldy keeps bringing in 10-12 unranked, 2-star and barely 3-star "good CHARACTER, upside, projects year after year after year while mixing 10-12 VERY GOOD, solid 3 and 4-star, mostly wide-outs-RB's-DB's n O-linemen (of course no DT's or STUD LB's.) All that means is over a 4 -5 year cycle, U will have close to half Ur team, 40-45 kids, as some of Ur starters and the majority of Ur Football Teams all important key rotating backups and second teamers will be those unranked, 2-star and barely 3-star "good CHARACTER, upside, projects... It WON'T WORK longterm Cane fans. I'm trying to help U here. It's unsustainable on an ELITE National level. In the acc, it'll get U by, barely like it did this year. Nice 2014 recruiting class ? Sure, but there are 12-14 kids committed that Top-15 programs didn't or won't offer. And sure, there are a nice 12-14 kids that can play. But they'll have to play right away and won't be ready in 2014. And in 2 years, like last years 2013 class of 10-12 kids that were unranked, 2-star and barely 3-star "good CHARACTER, upside, projects, they'll be asked to be IMMEDIATE backups in Big games now. It never works.

Oh, and Al better close... Not so good the last few years. NCAA ? Garbage. Those kids decommited and went to Top-Programs. Better not happen this Feb. Because there are about 100 uncommited of the top-300. And another 50 of those will flip... Immediate playing time is good for recruits, but not the Program overall. Need to redshirt... wait another year as 2nd.-3rd. teamers... then plug them in as redshirt stud physically ready Sophs. U ain't there... Neither is team SUCK... And the injuries will come my clUck friends... oooohhhhh they will come.

Hey Gator fan, Urban Liar is gone, welcome back to reality! 4-8 is very poor for a Gator team, but you can get used to those 8-4 and 9-3 years again. Give up on the NC, SEC, or even SEC East. South Carolina, Georgia, and Mizzou have better programs than you do. Not just records, better PROGRAMs. And that's just the East Division.

"and if Goldy keeps bringing in 10-12 unranked, 2-star and barely 3-star "good CHARACTER, upside, projects year after year after year while mixing 10-12 VERY GOOD, solid 3 and 4-star, mostly wide-outs-RB's-DB's n O-linemen (of course no DT's or STUD LB's.) All that means is over a 4 -5 year cycle, U will have close to half Ur team, 40-45 kids, as some of Ur starters and the majority of Ur Football Teams all important key rotating backups and second teamers will be those unranked, 2-star and barely 3-star "good CHARACTER, upside, projects... It WON'T WORK longterm Cane fans. I'm trying to help U here. It's unsustainable on an ELITE National level. In the acc, it'll get U by, barely like it did this year. Nice 2014 recruiting class ? Sure, but there are 12-14 kids committed that Top-15 programs didn't or won't offer. And sure, there are a nice 12-14 kids that can play. But they'll have to play right away and won't be ready in 2014. And in 2 years, like last years 2013 class of 10-12 kids that were unranked, 2-star and barely 3-star "good CHARACTER, upside, projects, they'll be asked to be IMMEDIATE backups in Big games now. It never works."

You're a typical Turd, a 4-8 one at that, but you do make a good point here. We shouldn't have anymore than 4-5 project kids a year. Totaling 20-25 on the roster. And if half of them help, then it's a bonus. Half, even a third of a roster made up of these types is a huge disadvantage. I'm tired of seeing us get so many at the beginning of recruiting to commit and then see us lose some top commits in Jan. only then having to scramble to find more 2 star diamonds in the rough or borderline JUCO kids with zero Top-25 team offers that can't really compete at a high level in a pinch. We'll find out in Feb. But it always shows up on the field come October/November.

No one knows what happened with Jameis. As much as the state attorney might like fsu, he jsnt going to risk his career for jamies Winston.

Yes, we all know there have been ZERO big wins in Ur empty stadiums since 2002, but try to concentrate on DUKE more. They are Ur goal... DUKE.

U try to Be like DUKE ...


D- you are full of that stuff that comes out of a horses rear.
In Orlando, Miami had 2/3 of the stadium. There were about 52,000 fans at that bowl. UMbrought the majority. I was there it was loud. Best bowl contingent I had seen from Miami in many years

But Randy Shannon and Jacorry Harris managed to lay another egg

Cool cat- Keep the Miami NW pipeline open??? Are you kidding me???? I want the Booker T and Central line open not the Miami NW pipeline!

casidy do you know or ever been around Teddy?

Posted by: IMAWriter | December 06, 2013 at 10:45 PM

But those teams you mentioned aren't playing for a national championship though... FSU will be and maybe OSU. It has nothing to do with the level of competitiveness and everything to do with the caliber of athlete. I don't like it, but it is what it is. HS recruiting has become a media circus and because there is a performance aspect to making decisions, and these kids want to be assured they can keep suspense and hats on the table. Come out early like Duke and declare. Real dude right there.

It's a testament to []_[] that despite all the challenges []_[] is still a desirable place to be with good leadership.

The morons on here blaming the players instead of goldie and d'o is staggering. Morris and the offensive players are as good as any in the country and as good as any of past Miami NC teams.

The defensive players are not just left over RS recruits. They are individually great players. But goldie and d'o are so freakin stupid with their 3 down def. linemen who could not stop a cheerleading squad if they had any college's 6 offensive blockers in front of them. Nor could goldie's and d'o MORON zone NO pass coverage stop a talented high school QB as was proven by FSU's just out of high school QB.

Because of d'o and goldie's bend and break, NO four down linemen and LBs up close THE WHOLE GAME!! and their worthless zone NO pass coverage, Duke will be playing in the ACC championship game instead of Miami after goldie's debacles against VT and Duke.

You morons blaming the Cane players or RS instead of goldie and d'o are incredible.

goldie and d'o are going to get the Canes run over in any bowl game with their worthless defensive schemes.

Keep four down linemen in the whole game. Move the LBs up close behind the linemen and blitz through open holes, go man under and free safeties over, and the Canes will win in a bowl game.

Use the same worthless goldie NO defense as he has for three years and at temple before that, and he will lose the game just like he lost to VT and Duke.

If Golden ran off all this talent, where are they now? Tearing it up somewhere else? Already in the NFL right? No? The fact is we had a culture of failure, mediocrity and losing. He cleaned out the trash, and we still went 9-3.

The Ganes fan above isn't keeping an eye on Storm Johnson getting ready to go play in a BCS bowl and tearing it up because he's too busy watching Duke take a shot at FSU for the ACC title.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

And a culture of failure, mediocrity and losing is exactly what a 9-3 record at UM is when the Hurricanes get blown out by their rival, on homecoming and to Duke, in football, unless you're a Ganes fan of course.

Then it's a sign of improvement.

As the saying goes;

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

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