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Louisville has accepted invitation to Orlando's Russell Athletic Bowl. Will Canes be there, too?

So, it's now official. The Louisville Cardinals is heading to the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando, to be played Dec. 28 at the Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando.

Will quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, a Miami product who graduated from Northwestern High and was once committed to the Miami Hurricanes, face the team he grew up loving?

We won't know until Sunday. I still think Miami has a good shot of heading to Atlanta in the Chick-fil-A Bowl to face an SEC opponent. ESPN likes the ratings that the Canes bring, and something about the Canes and the SEC makes it a good draw.

Either way, both bowls could be fun games. Future ACC team Louisville, with Teddy (and former UM defensive line coach Clint Hurtt) would make for an intriguing matchup as well.


Here's the story posted by Matt Repchak of FCSports & The Russell Athletic Bowl:

The Louisville Cardinals have accepted an invitation to play in the 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl. This year’s edition of the game will take place on December 28th at Orlando’s Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium at 6:45 p.m., and will be televised nationally by ESPN.

"Russell Athletic is thrilled that the Louisville Cardinals will complete their outstanding season by appearing in the Russell Athletic Bowl," said Gary Barfield, Senior Vice President, Russell Athletic. "We are eager to find out on Sunday who Louisville will be facing in what is sure to be an exciting game."

Louisville heads to Orlando for the first time after posting its second-straight 10-win season, capped by a 31-24 overtime win at Cincinnati tonight. It becomes the third team in bowl history to enter the game with double-digit wins (Boston College (10), 2007 Champs Sports Bowl; Alabama (10), 1991 Blockbuster Bowl). The previous two teams each went on to win the bowl game and finish with an 11-win campaign.

The Cardinals return junior QB Teddy Bridgewater, who already ranks third in Louisville history in passing yards and fourth in career touchdowns.

The Louisville defense has stymied the opposition all year long. The unit ranks second in total defense in the FBS, allowing only 242.5 yards per game and third in scoring defense, surrendering just 11.4 points per game. The Cardinals also rank in the top five nationally in rushing defense, passing defense, turnover margin and third down conversion percentage.

"We're excited to host a ranked, one-loss Louisville team for the first time in the Russell Athletic Bowl,” said Steve Hogan. “It has built a powerful fan following and we look forward to rolling out the red carpet for Orlando Bowl Week."

Head coach Charlie Strong is an impressive 36-15 with the Cardinals, leading them to two conference championships and bowl appearances now in each of his four seasons. Louisville can earn at least a share of its third straight conference championship with a UCF loss on Saturday.




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THE WORST BLOGGER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED POSTING can't stop going to his tried and true method of trying to deflect from THE WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORIES record even though it only reinforces the validity of the points made against his favorite golden shower spigot and his college junk shaking buddy.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Hope you've got your favorite chair ready to watch two teams that blew UM out this year play for the ACC title and a possible shot at a national title for the primary rivals. It's all Hurricane fans will be left with thanks to the coaching staff from the MAC that disgraces the university with every game they go out and coach since they've got here. You get to cheer for Duke because under this staff, that's a close as the Hurricanes get to sniff what winning feels like anymore.

It's a 'Canes thing, you wouldn't understand why that's not acceptable, ever.

We should be playing tonight. This is going to be a massacre.

I AM THE WORST AND DUMBEST BLOGGER AND IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED POSTING I can't stop going to my tried and true method of trying to deflect from THE WORST COACH IN MODERN GATOR FOOTBALL HISTORY even though it only reinforces the validity of the points made against my favorite 4 and 8 muschump nut job and his college junk shaking buddy, Jeremy Foley.

It's a 4 and 8 hillbilly Gator thing, they never understand...or win!!!!!

Hope you've got your favorite chair ready to watch two teams that blew UF out this year play for the SEC title. All Gator hillbillies will be left with thanks to the 4 and 8 coaching staff from the Florida Prison System that disgraces the university with every game they go out and coach since they've got here. You get to cheer for Georgia Southern because under this staff, that's a close as the Gators get to sniff what winning feels like.

The 9 and 3 Hurricanes are bowl bound and will be national champions next year!!!!!!!!

It's a spineless 'Gators thing, you wouldn't understand, unless you are a moron.

Musings from UM's first pre-bowl practice, held Saturday afternoon in front of an estimated 200 spectators at Cobb Stadium on campus:

### With seniors (including Stephen Morris) given the practice off, Ryan Williams and Kevin Olsen took all the quarterback snaps, and both threw interceptions returned for touchdowns: Olsen by cornerback Ladarius Gunter (Olsen looked confused; no receiver was particularly close) and Williams by linebacker Jermaine Grace.

Otherwise, Williams --– who took the majority of snaps --– was the more impressive quarterback, reinforcing the notion why he’s the favorite to win the starting job in 2014.

Williams was generally decisive in his reads, accurate in his throws and displayed poise in the pocket. His strength remains intermediate routes; he showed deft touch across the middle (especially on two throws to Beau Sandland and Malcolm Lewis) and for the most part, on sideline routes, though he overthrew one of those.

“Ryan –-- you see plays that are second nature to him,” offensive coordinator James Coley said Saturday.

Questions remain about Williams’ accuracy on deep balls. He underthrew Rashawn Scott on one deep route, which Gunter nearly intercepted.

Olsen has a big-time arm but threw mostly short passes and dump-offs on Saturday. For the most part, he didn’t make decisions as quickly as Williams. Coley said afterward that one message for Olsen to carry into the offseason is “don’t overthink it.”

Morris said he has been working with Olsen on his footwork: “He’s a great athlete. We just have to get it to show on the field. My biggest thing is help Kevin, go through reads with him, help him control his nerves.”

### Good to see UM practicing in December after self-imposed bowl bans the past two years. These 15 practices over the next few weeks should help some of the underclassmen get a jump-start on 2014.

Al Golden said a December practice “felt great. It was unbelievable. All week, didn’t answer one question on the NCAA.... We probably rested 25, 26 guys today. Guys with high play counts, we rested.”

Defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said: “These practices mean everything. They’re like spring practice. We had 30 less practices than our competitors the last two years.”

### Golden was impressed by several young players Saturday: Grace, offensive linemen Alex Gall and Taylor Gadbois and receiver D’Mauri Jones.

### Stacy Coley, who had a monster November, was impressive as usual Saturday. “He’s got a special skill set,” Coley said. “He’s bringing his skill set to games now. He dedicated himself to really understand what’s going on out there, [not being] a robot.”

### Golden said he has given zero thought to who UM might play in a bowl game (expected to be the Chick-Fil-A Bowl in Atlanta or the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando). Seems like UM players would enjoy the challenge of playing against Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater; Louisville already has accepted a Russell Athletic Bowl invitation.

### Several recruits were on campus, including Miami Central running back Dalvin Cook, a UF oral commitment who continues to consider Miami and FSU.

### Golden said Anthony Chickillo, who was in a boot, has a toe injury that’s not serious.

### D’Mauri Jones, Lewis and Standish Dobard dropped passes on three consecutive plays.

### Defensive end Ufomba Kamalu snuffed out a running play and continues to emerge as a key piece of next year's d-line.

### Most entertaining play of the day: Herb Waters tipped a Williams pass, Tracy Howard then tipped it again, and Waters then caught it and ran for a touchdown.

### Linebackers coach Micheal Barrow added some levity, taking the megaphone during practice and ordering James Coley to join the offensive players in wind sprints.

### Sunday's practice at 11 a.m. --- and three more next Friday, Saturday and Sunday will also be open to the public.

### For those who will be out and about tonight and want to hear the FSU-Duke game on radio: Steve Lapa, who runs 640-AM, asked us to note that the game will be moved to 640 from 850 AM, which was originally scheduled to air it, because of an FPL transformer problem.

Check back tonight for the Sunday buzz column. Twitter: @flasportsbuzz

There is no way golden keeps current defensive staff in tac. question is who gets fired. Imo chizik or ed oregon as d coordinator. I believe golden will fire barrow and dline coach..

Good to hear Grace is impressing. Good to hear Williams has some command. Good to hear Olsen has talent. He should start as red-shirt sophomore. Kayaa will be competing as a redshirt fresher. Good things ahead.

I think he would've fired the dc already if he was bringing chizik. Oregon is looking for a hc job.

What a great football day!

Duke was no match for FSU. We got 17 points and "only" gave up 41. Some of their play calling was poor, and Boone looked bad, which a great defense will do to you.

As HTC and I noted earlier, Michigan State is a tough football team. Their defense is brutal. They are not loaded with 5 stars. They are loaded with desire and coaching. Great win over the Buckeyes, though I wanted to see OSU (my home state) and FSU for the championship. But, a sweet day for Urban Meyer foes, no?

How did we ever let Ohio State's Joey Bosa, #97, Defensive End get out of South Florida?

But Auburn is a team of destiny, very physical with good speed. I can cheer my butt off for the Tigers to beat FSU. Auburn can play some hard-nosed ball and has a good shot to win that game. They have the gods on their side....

We shall see where the Canes are headed. Hope they come on strong and win their bowl game to gain momentum after the season.

Go Canes!

Defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said: “These practices mean everything. They’re like spring practice. We had 30 less practices than our competitors the last two years.”


Excuse #9999999

Has the offense been under the same practice restrictions? And they look no way near as inept!!

So how did Auburn just win the sec and on its way to the c'ship game??? They didn't have any bowl practices last year.

All new coaches. New qb and they go out and win the best conference in cfb.

And duke may have been out athleted vs fsu but even they weren't scared to have their players compete, up in the opponates faces, and going at them on defense.

It is just a different game watching these better teams play. I hate to sound simplistic but they play good defense, except in the SEC game. Good defense is simple. You take away certain things on certain downs but you play to protect other things on other downs. You make running the football an unfavorable option for the other team. Occasionally, you do a smoke and mirrors thing just to confuse the other team. We do the preventing the big play thing better but not much else.

These elite teams have certain special players who are given a chance to make a play within the scheme. You gotta put play makers, offensively and defensively, in a position to make plays. We kind of float the talent around rather than having specific schemes adapted for our best player. For example, our blitzes are nothing special. We bring the players up, and have everyone rush lanes. We twist occasionally but only by the four lineman, and not shoot gaps. I dunno, just think we have special talent that is under utilized.

Nothing probably gonna change tho. I don't see this as a staff that would be willing to change, set in ways, not willing to be better. That is why AG has a lot to learn.

Defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said: “These practices mean everything. They’re like spring practice. We had 30 less practices than our competitors the last two years.”


Excuse #9999999

Has the offense been under the same practice restrictions? And they look no way near as inept!!

Posted by: Nash | December 08, 2013 at 01:35 AM

ROFL, man when i saw that moron's comments earlier today man, all i could do was shake my head, anybody who keeps supporting these 2 moron's(goldie is a moron for keeping em)are just as stupid. All of a sudden now it's the practices/lack there of.

So now i should be confused, cause which is it, lack of practices, lack of talent, no depth, guys being young, free-lancing, not bringing their techniques to the game, etc. etc. These guys can't get out of here fast enuff.

As long as oscar cryer lost that's all that matter! We got a headcoach that's to soft and can't hold a candle to the rest of these guys, he's the only one talking and touting about a process like we're the only team going thru a process, all teams go thru some type of process, the problem with us is, we're going thru a "how to not play defense process" while everybody else is playing defense this moron is trying to build a championship offense but play a bend & keep breaking defense.

Again, if we don't get top notch defensive recruits the scheme is why and the top notch defensive guys we do get aren't being asked to do much but record the plays in front of them, put the video recorder down and than make a play.


We weren't scared if fsu. We lost but we didn't pus out.

Glad Ohio State lost. Now they can resume their regularly scheduled obesity.

Louisville played a high school schedule FYI and a FIU type of conference. UCF is going to BCS bowl U FREAKIN CF.........116 SOS.........

Canes will beat Louisville. And enough of the SEC love. UGA and Tex A amd M have 4 losses. 4.....and are ranked in the top 25. ...thats just plain stupid.

Posted by: Dom | December 07, 2013 at 12:06 PM

Gallo I will advise. When you a top 4 and 5 star kid, U want to be on TV, be in bowl games, and play for titles. All of the top kids that would have went to Miami heard all of the negative crap from Dumbo, muschump, saban, Louisville,arkansas, and stole alot of players from Miami because of the LOOMING SANCTIONS.

No one knew what Miami was going to get, death penalty, 4 bowl bans, 15 scholly restrictions. so to have a 9-3 team and a top 3 class coming in, and depth now being built is a great position to be in

Posted by: Dom | December 07, 2013 at 12:08 PM

answer this then Dommasse... espn top 100 has no top uncommitted kids considering miami (ok, maybe 2 in the top 300)... Miami's not under investigation now... why not numorous top kids lined up now ? sure a few will make they're final visit in Jan./Feb. to warm up though.

Dommasse ... make a wish. try not to make a stupid one.


Canejunkie I was speaking on how the dco played/called soft @ coverages. Duke had 2 frosh playing in they secondary and played way more aggressive than our squad played. Look I know the players have way more courage, heart and ability than what they're allowed to show. And want to go manoAmano but they're only doing what they are coached to do.

How does a team like Sparty, a team with 3stars from top to bottom go head up and play man across the board w/Urban's 4-5 star stud and punk'em??


The Mac staff has gotta change their 'efensive phliosophy and scheme or our squad is destined for 8-9 win as long as they're here!

please...you saw auburn/fsu/Missouri.....olsen/williams are not in the same league as those QB's......

you saw creative, innovative and exciting play calling.....golden/dnofrio cant compete....its not going to happen at UM unless major shakeup happens....

UM needs a game changer...top nfl/college coach...pay all the money....gruden / carroll types....

2012 auburn 3-9......along comes gus malzahn and IMMEDIATELY goes 12-1 / 7-1 conference....

cant you bloggers see that UM is totally outgunned...the top bcs teams have left UM football in the dust.....

2014 UM will be disastrous...you will all see

Calvin as usual, STUPID and PREJUDICE. What you ALWAYS seem to fail to understand is we don't necessarily support the coaches as much as we do the TEAM. WE back the kids and we have a chance to end this season on a VERY HIGH note, as in 10-3, as in hasn't happened in 10 years. Why not stand with the players for once instead of boring us with your ' I told you so's, and your little obvious football advice.

everyone is getting immediate results.....these top teams do not have "process" anywhere in their vocabulary....

there is no 5 year plan to bring these teams to the bcs.....its always now or never.....

fire golden/dnofrio NOW....they don't have it or it would have happened already

even the old man david cutcliffe...knows, did you watch his face last night......

reality hit him and you saw in his expressions that he is NOWHERE also compared to these top teams.....

Yeah good defense right Sparmjman?

How many yards did Auburn give up? How many did Mizzou give up? Didnt an Auburn rb have 304 yds rushing? Yeah thats great SEC defenses. How come none of the ESPN idiots say anythingabout how these two teams torched themselves?

What about ranked (and going to a BCS bowl UCF) who barely and I mean barelybeat SMU?
Didnt Baylor hang 70 on SMU?What do you think theyll do to UCF?

All this talk about our bad D- look at some of these "defenses" in the Pac 12 and Big 12. NONEXISTENT!

FSU is that good. Their coaches know how to adjust at half time.

Idiot can barely do basic counting but can't read above.

Poster said 'except in the SEC game.' Meaning there was a lack of good defense there.

But he's a Ganes fan so the saying applies;

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

I am a Canes fans until I die, but some are y'all are sleeping on UCF!

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