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Nine Canes named to Coaches' All-ACC team

Nine Miami Hurricanes were selected to the 2013 All-ACC Football team by the league’s 14 head coaches, the ACC announced Wednesday. Miami’s first- and second-team All-ACC selections mirrored those selections made by ACSMA last week.

Junior LB Denzel Perryman and graduate P Pat O’Donnell were both named to the first team. Sophomore RB Duke Johnson, senior WR Allen Hurns and senior OG Brandon Linder were named to the second team.

Senior QB Stephen Morris, a third-team All-ACC selection by ACSMA, was named to the coaches’ All-ACC third team and was joined by senior OT Seantrel Henderson, junior C Shane McDermott and freshman specialist Stacy Coley.

Henderson, McDermott and Coley were All-ACC honorable mention by ACSMA.

Perryman, who has started all 12 games at linebacker, leads the Hurricanes defense with 104 total tackles – 65 solo stops – along with 5.0 tackles for loss. Perryman, who was honorable mention All-ACC by ACSMA and the league’s coaches in 2012, has tallied 10+ tackles in six games this season.

O’Donnell ranks third nationally with a 47.3 yards-per-punt average, which leads the ACC by nearly 3.0 yards per kick. O’Donnell has 20 punts of 50+ yards to his credit and 17 that have landed inside the opponents’ 20-yard line.

Despite missing the last four games of the season with a fractured ankle, Johnson collected second-team All-ACC honors after rushing for 920 yards and six TDs. He was averaging 115.0 rushing yards per game before his season-ending injury. He averaged 174.1 all-purpose yards per contest.

Hurns is currently enjoying one of the greatest receiving seasons in program history. The senior leads Miami in both receptions (60) and receiving yards (1,138). He is only the fourth player with a 1,000-yard receiving season in school history and 19 yards shy of breaking the school single-season receiving yards mark. Currently, Hurns ranks seventh in Miami history in both career receptions (119) and career receiving yards (1,867) and eighth in career receiving TDs (14).

Linder, a preseason All-ACC selection, helped anchor Miami’s offensive line that paved the way for the Hurricanes to average 446.8 yards of total offense and 35.9 points per game. Miami’s offense scored 40+ points five times in 2013.

Miami’s four third-team selections were led by Morris, who has thrown for 2,868 yards and 21 TDs through 12 games. For the second straight season, Morris has posted four 300-yard passing games. The Miami native ranks third all-time in Miami history with 7,736 passing yards and 49 passing TDs. Morris is the only QB this season to throw a 50+ yard pass in nine different games.

Joining Morris on the third team were Henderson and McDermott, who were part of an offensive line that allowed only 13 sacks in 12 games – tied for the fewest in the ACC. Coley is the only FBS player this season to score a TD four ways: rushing, receiving, punt return and kick return.

No. 25 Miami (9-3) will play No. 18/16 Louisville (11-1) in the 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl on Dec. 28 in Orlando. Tickets, which are priced at $77 and $82, can be purchased through the UM Ticket Office online at CanesTix.com, in-person at BankUnited Center (M-F 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) or by phone at 1-800-GO-CANES.

Miami is also hosting BankUnited #CanesFest Family Friday Bowl Practice from 5-7 p.m. Friday at Cobb Stadium. Admission is free. Sebastian the Ibis, Miami cheerleaders and the Sunsations will be at practice. Bounce houses will be on site for the kids, who can also take their photo with Santa. The Hurricanes will also be collecting toys for "Toys For Tots". Fans in attendance will also have the chance to purchase Russell Athletic Bowl tickets.


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Ulysses - great comment

One defensive player on list is a joke. This is on DontKnowAnythingDonofrio. Without being coached up these players & program is going no where. 10 yrs of mediocrity. Great job Shalala destroying our athletic dept.

That is not true. This is on the players. Sorry but perryman is the only lb who has the talent of the guys behind them. Grace and figs and them will give us a better lb core next year. Our dl is avg at best. and im being generous talent wise. They get better next year if all those recruits sign on and moore improves. The secondary has alot of young talent but when u got no pass rush the secondary gets burned. Its not on coach d alone. Some of this has to do with the fact the sr class and redshirt jrs from shannon recruits just were plain bad. The class that golden had to rush to put together at last minute cause only 4 players were commited to miami was a nice class but not on d. Chick and perryman are teh top 2 players from taht class. The next class with howard,bush and them is good but didn't have the dl it needed. and last years class added some nice dl prospects and lbs but they weren't ready to play just yet. The truth is this coaching staff deserves another yr or 2 to fix the d. Because of ncaa investiagtion they lost out on alot of dl recruits they really wanted.

Bad copy/past there Manny! LOL
These Canes deserve these honors, and am happy Seantrel held strong and made it through. Hopefully, he will get his degree. Some of our seniors are going to surprise a LOT of folks at the next level.
Congrats to these Canes!


And offer ed oregeron some $$ to coach def

The truth is this coaching staff deserves another yr or 2 to fix the d. Because of ncaa investiagtion they lost out on alot of dl recruits they really wanted.

Posted by: mainecane | December 11, 2013 at 05:00 PM

In TODAY'S Pax Americana Wehr Macht. All ?? truth ?? is subject to RELATIVISM and what not. dUh

Oh, I can see it clearly now. Because at the conclusion of next season ( 2014 ). That MAINECANE and his canespace MINIONS will be whistling the same ol' TRIPE...

Our beloved Goldie nd' Marky Mark deserve another two or three seasons to rectify Hurricane football matters. hUh Give me a Freakin' break!!

FWIW... that MAINEcane been a Randy Shannon HATER since the day Coach Shannon was hired as a LAST MINUTE, DESPERATION stop gap and what not.

That's why that mainecane and his CS ilk continue to fall back on the same... Shannon's players, Seniors/RS-Juniors, are to BLAME for all that ails Cane football today.

By the way mainecane, REDSHIRT Junior Shane just happens to be one of those Shannon putrid, LEFT OVER'S. Go bloody figures'!!!

What's funny is that MAINECANE and his canespace HENCHGOONS WON'T accept the fact, that Golden and D'Onofrio's defense has steadily become WORST over the past three seasons. dUh

Chit, how does a head coach and his HAND PICKED defensive coordinator inherit a TOP 25 DEFENSE from 2010 and proceed to DISMANTLE it and what not.

Heck, when has ANY Hurricane defense FINISHED DEAD LAST in either the Big East or A.C.C.

Again, both Golden and D'Onofrio have made their particular brand of defense, WORST each season in Coral Gables.

But then again, both that mainecane and his canespace GOOD OL' BOYS suffer from a typical case of D-E-N-I-A-L.

Maybe that's why these Hurricane loyalist continue to HARP about... Well, it's Shannon's player's and what not.

What a bunch of PATHETIC " follower's!! "

Some of our seniors are going to surprise a LOT of folks at the next level.
Congrats to these Canes!

Posted by: IMAWriter | December 11, 2013 at 05:06 PM

Exactly. Matter of fact, I SEE-r Hurns' as a possible THIRD ROUND draft choice.

Nine players are thought as the elite of the ACC by all the coaches in the conference. Now there is more proof that the talent is on this team. The only defender was in Al Golden's first recruiting class. More proof that the class was not devoid of talent. More proof of the outstanding South Florida high school talent.

The other coaches see they can still beat this team with all of our talent. The weakest part of the team is shown to be the coaching of the talent. No longer will any excuses stand, besides stating the true failure is in the inept coaching here.

The weird thing about this team is that probably about 6 seniors will get drafted and will probably pan out to be good NFL players.

Teddy "U Light Up My Life" has something to show the home state crowd. UL scores a lot of points. SM will put it up. But the DC will reveal his lack of schemes and designs and Teddy and the UL coach will feast on it.

Winston wins the Heisman, but Teddy should of least gotten an invite.

I'm hoping that Kelvin Cain turns in to the sleeper of the draft. Guy was underused and under appreciated.

The weakest part of the team is shown to be the coaching of the talent. No longer will any excuses stand, besides stating the true failure is in the inept coaching here.

Posted by: ChampCane | December 11, 2013 at 05:56 PM


FWIW... Coach Strong has approximately FOURTY players ( 40 ) from the Sunshine state and 18 of those Cardinal player's are from the South Florida enclave. Go figures'.

Perhaps that's why Coach Strong and his Louisville staff have had 11-2 seasons in 2012 and a 11-1 season this season. hUh

Oh, Charlie Strong and his Florida prep player's happen to win a B.C.S. bowl game last season.

So yes CHAMPCANE, very good coaching can turn those THREE-STAR player's into a successful football team. IMAGINE THAT!

About K.C., didn't he play SIGNIFICANT minutes as a freshmen for Miami, Florida.

Too bad he became ANOTHER VICTIM of the Goldie nd' Marky Mark PROCESS and what not. dUh

Or maybe Cain was too much of a FREE LANCER! LOL

I don't know, perhaps Kelvin wasn't tough enough to handle the U TOUGH regiment and what not. LOL

I'm reading all this anti-Donofrio stuff but I believe the following:

Golden and D are committed to playing a straight-up defense where each player is responsible for their position. This mean no gimmicks. They are installing their system consistently and the right (READ: talented) players are needed to handle it and the talent just isn't there yet. Looking at what Golden has done with the "cloud" overhead, I think we'll be fine once he can bring in full classes without having to explain away the stigma of the NCAA.

Only time will tell but I want to know this:

Will you Dono haters actually man up and admit it when the D is fantastic and no one moves the ball on the 'Canes? I guessing no. I will say "I was wrong" if it turns out I am in two years.

Chit, Dick Butkus has his MOMENTS of " free lancing " and what not. dUh

Not INSINUATING k.c. would've been a Butkus CLONE, but y'all should understand the FREE LANCING notion. Huh

The town idiot could do what Al Golden is doing with his talent. Do you Al Golden sycophants realize Booker T. Washington is the best high school in the entire nation. If Miami Central wins in the finals, they could be the second best team in the entire nation. There is that great amount of talent blocks apart from each other. No excuses can overcome those facts.

Only the truly insane keep posting the same thing over and over and think it will impact anything. Golden will be here, making a lot of $ for many more years. Get over it, get a new team, or just continue to be insane expecting a different outcome.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | December 11, 2013 at 02:43 PM

This post basically exemplifies the Gator Tebow like spiritual connection some fans have for Golden at this point.

No one posts with real expectations that what the type, will be read by those in positions of power, and that they will act on them. Golden is the coach at UM for a reason--the same reason RS and Coker were as well. He's doing his job perfectly (providing hope, just like an evangelist), so why would anyone expect that to change? That doesn't stop me or others from thinking and taking/using the liberty of free speech on this blog--to say what *should* happen though.

The argument gas been reduced to nah nah na boo boo--based on Golden's contract and not the merit of his coaching abilities or performance records as our coach. Now its just, "He aint going no where, get another team!!!"

Really? This is my team..before him...and after he's gone. he is not the Miami Hurricanes--he is the coach of the Canes.

Then to make light of the money and extension he lobbied and brokered UM into giving him as an unproven product and at our most vulnerable point with the NCAA.

"Golden will be here, making a lot of $ for many more years?"

Wow, what about NCs, will he be winning any of those? How about ACC championships? Are his expectations now only to make money off of UM? Thats being applauded?

Its about winning and fielding a great football team, thats the outcome most expect--we are insane to expect that?

If I believed that Golden could coaches Us to NC contention annually--I'd support him--its really that simple, but obviously much more layered for U.

Will you Dono haters actually man up and admit it when the D is fantastic and no one moves the ball on the 'Canes? I guessing no. I will say "I was wrong" if it turns out I am in two years.

Posted by: canemutiny | December 11, 2013 at 06:22 PM

Perhaps you should take your PROPAGANDA spiel back to that canespace/eoth! hUh

Because only a delusional F-O-O-L would believe the Hurricane defense becomes Top 20/10 in two seasons ( 2014/2015 ).

And yes, I take great pride/joy in being the LONE Marky Mark DISTRACTOR. Or hater if you will! dUh

FWIW... I hold NO ILL WILL towards D'Onofrio the PERSONALITY/MAN!!

Furthermore, I was EXCOMMUNICATED from that canespace for DISRESPECTING y'all's beloved Marky Mark!!

Look, Coach D may or may not be a good fit for UM. I'm not sure. If you're trying to make a case that UM has plenty of talent on defense, try again. There are players all over the field on defense who are only playing because their competition is less talented or too young. The senior safeties are good kids who play hard, but don't have lots of ability. The linebacking talent is also below where it needs to be. Please don't even try to say there's good talent on the D-Line because there just is not. Sure there are a few really good players sprinkled throughout the defense, but not enough to get the job done. You're going to be disappointed if you expect big improvement next year. There's help coming but true freshmen can't be relied upon to carry the weight.

The talent is here now, canemutiny. Plus the talent has been in South Florida for Al Golden to harvest. But he is doing no better than the previous coach. He has to be held responsible for his lack of success on the field. Success does not take years at Miami. Success can be obtained in months in talent rich South Florida.

Posted by: canemutiny | December 11, 2013 at 06:22 PM

Wow, just when I thought it couldn't get any worst.

So D'No gets 5 seasons to bring in the talent necessary for his $500,000 scheme to be successful with players from the universally recognized most talented recruiting region for amateur football on the globe?

U do understand that if it never becomes successful (using your logic), D'No and his apologists can always say and fall back on the players not being good enough for the scheme. The expectations are *solely* predicated on the players and there's no accountability to the coach in your wager.

Who wouldn't want to coach at UM with fans like these?

We have fans screaming, "Take our money!" and "No performance appraisals!"

More coach worship when we've won 5 NCs with 4 different coaches. The constant being the South Floridian talent region.

The difference between our arguments is that "D'No haters" have proof of his incompetence in game film of the last *3* seasons. Your argument is based off of a future what if, it hasn't occurred and you have no proof that it will.

"What if" and "in two years" can't compete with reality and whats tangible (stats, ranking, watching game footage) right now in the present.

HarrietTubmanCane, you're right. This coach has to be judged on his success in winning games at Miami. This is not about moral victories and being a manipulator.

Champ, I can't believe we have fans like these, its sad. They mirror the mind-state of the UM front office.

This mind state explains guys calling themselves Caneskillers and throwing the U up at our bench.

Freakin lap dog swag

Interesting you ask for Soldinger while rejecting "soft chat", "corny" motivational techniques, and Golden's book; since Soldinger wrote a code called the attitude of a champion, which could essentially be a chapter in a book, and regularly quotes Kipling poetry to motivate his players.

It's right here...in this Raising Canes video: Attitude of a Champion. You should check it out.


Posted by: Next Man[]_[]p | December 11, 2013 at 08:49 AM

When you win 2 state titles in Miami as a highschool headcoach and headcoached in 4 of them you got a real good idea of WTH you doing. When you know about the impact soldinger had at the highschool level in Miami, he's earned the right to tell you something the way he knows how to tell it.

When you are apart of at least 2 national championship teams at UM and don't forget he coached linebackers at one point at UM(winston moss & barrow for sure), apparently somebody knows the game of football.

When you got edgerrin james, james jackson, najeh davenport, clinton portis, gore & mcgahee on your resume, whatever they right is already authenticated. You got damyum right "Attitude of a Champion" what's the gimmick in that, that's real and soldinger coached real and he understood the higher archy of a team and empowered his players to let the next man know when he'll get some playing time, not all this run for 5 yards one play and than have to look to the sidelines to see if you coming out, how in the hell can a
runningback get in a groove if he's always looking to the sidelines to see if he's coming out on 1 carry, sheer stupidity.

This is partly why the offense is always helter skelter, to many unnecessary substitutions, all game long. When soldinger speaks, people listen cause that man knows what he's talking about.

To sum it all up, don't ever mention soldinger and moron #1 in the same sentence again if you want to be counted as wise. I don't need to look at that video you posted up, soldinger been talking about the wolf & the pack for along time, that's part of being a champion. When you got guys like ed reed still quoting that all these years later, that tells you how much of a profound impact soldinger made on them, in the mean time, we got a moron trying to tell our current team before we play Fsu,

"if you don't rise to the occasion, fall back on your training"

Now you go and ask yourself, is that the "Attitude of a Champion". soldinger is certainly qualified to inform individuals about the attitude of a champion, why, because he's been one on several occasions, when has morons #1 & 2 ever been champions anywhere!

What's interesting is you took time out to post something without thinking, just blindly trying to defend these pathetic morons who keep bringing this school down in the name of loyalty to each other! If moron #1 is really about winning and is really dedicated to his "destination job" like he says, after this bowl game his penn disgrace friend will be dismissed.

Posted by: Calvin | December 11, 2013 at 12:19 PM


right, but you neglect to see the glaring contradiction...

Since Don Soldinger wrote his Attitude of a champion in 1974 as a high school assistant coach, he was far less accomplished than Al Golden is now.

You bash Al for doing at a early point in his career what Soldinger did at an even earlier time in his coaching career with less experience and/or accomplishment.

You are playing the result by looking at Soldingers accomplishments now, far after the fact. But the truth is, some clown just like you was probably calling Don's book chapter "soft" or "corny" in 1974 too. So it remains to be seen; one day a great player may say the same about Golden.

And also very interesting is the man you said should not be mentioned in the same sentence with Al Golden respects and wants to work for Al; he "loves Al and the direction the program is going.."


The difference between you and I is I know what I'm talking about and don't pollute the blog with your flatulence. Think before I post? Hm. :)

You'd do well to just read and inform yourself before you post, or better yet, just watch raising canes.

Eight years of head coaching and being a coordinator at UVA at the age of 31 isn't an 'early' point in a career.

Guy is horrible and has never won anything anywhere, including UM and he's going into year four. Get rid of him when he fails again and try to hire a better coach next time.

Right, but you don't know when Al started writing. And your asertion belies the fact; book or chapter on coaching philosophy, Al and Soldy shared the same sentiment. Come again.

You hide behind this post. Put your name like a man.

Even Hawaii??

2011 defense ranked #66
2012 defense ranked #41
2013 defense ranked #115

Defensive coordinator fired


2011 defense ranked #45
2012 defense ranked #116
2013 defense ranked #76 so far

Slurpers "give him 5 more years"


Nine Canes named to Coaches' All-ACC team ?

Truth be told, only ONE position player made the 1st. TEAM and he was a Defensive player... If you're not 1st. TEAM who cares ? Especially in the lowly ACC ?

So what happened to all those Offensive players that were suppose to be so great and future NFL Stars ? Simply, they're not there. Never were. And won't be next year, on either side of the ball.

Nine players are thought as the elite of the ACC by all the coaches in the conference. Now there is more proof that the talent is on this team.

Posted by: ChampCane | December 11, 2013 at 05:56 PM

Did U just use the words elite and ACC in the same sentance ?

I'm hoping that Kelvin Cain turns in to the sleeper of the draft. Guy was underused and under appreciated.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | December 11, 2013 at 06:05 PM

The Arena League Draft ?

Golden is an okay coach, but he needs to fire his defensive coordinator. White coaches usually get the benefit of the doubt if he were a person of color he would be on his way out.

Posted by: Next Man []_[]p aka Mahoney-Pearson | December 11, 2013 at 07:29 PM

I'm glad you did a lil more research on don soldinger, took you long enuff, but since you want to sac ride coach goldie, i'll make it simple for you, ask yourself a question, where did soldinger grow up and where did moron #1 grow up, if you think "The Attitude of a Champion" was something soldinger didn't know what he was talking about back than, than it's obvious you not from Miami. Guys like you think the real Miami style of football just started at UM when howard got there, that's the problem, you don't know the culture of Miami otherwise you wouldn't be trying to compare how soldinger came up and what moron #1 is doing.

You don't know what you're talking about, you think all the guys that howard recruited just got confident and had "The Attitudes of Champions" after they got to UM, apparently so. Do yourself a favor and do some more research on the Miami culture and than you'll become enlightened on how asanine your attempt at a rebuttal is.

Again, goldie hasn't proven anything anywhere to be putting up fake "how to" videos and running around with a 300 page "path to nowhere" binder. So try again.

By the way, soldinger loves UM and since goldie has been here, in talk and in some deeds he's shown a healthy respect for UM and the history therein, but make no mistake about it, none of these coaches feel like clown 500 is the answer except goldie. soldinger wants nothing more than to coach at UM again in some capacity, instead, he hired coach terry, and now has promoted hurlie to that position.

Since you guys brought it up, soldinger commanded more attention from this team in one 10 to 15min talk than morons #1 & 2 have tried to get for 3 years now, why, because soldinge is from here those 2 losing queers are not.

'Canes always seem to be much more productive in the NFL. Player development problem?

Excuse after excuse about the talent on defense. There is enough talent there its just not being used right. I said it before I'll say it again. The offense is good enough to be in top 25 statistically in points and yds. Those players and coaches have gone through the same ncaa crap as the other side of the ball but have found ways to succeed.

Excuse after excuse about the talent on defense. There is enough talent there its just not being used right. I said it before I'll say it again. The offense is good enough to be in top 25 statistically in points and yds. Those players and coaches have gone through the same ncaa crap as the other side of the ball but have found ways to succeed.
Posted by: YankeeCane | December 12, 2013 at 05:


It's called unconditional blind Mac staff support!

Not to mention the offense lost 2 of its most productive players, had a new oc, rb/wr/te coaches too.

How anyone can continue to make excuses for this 'efence is beyond reason....

Golden needs to remove dofornio from team or have somebody do it for him, defense will not improve next year and schedule is much more difficult next year, Mark cant coach at this level neither can DB coach another Temple reject. Miami needs a aggressive defense coach with knowledge of the game not a rookie like Mark this is his 1st real big job. The problem is even Golden cant help Mark cause he really doesnt have the experience in a program,Miami Amin should not throw away next year, no progress no solutions, out coached all the way around.

Next year if Mark stays 500 yard games will be numerous, Golden will say we can fix it, or we are to young, however every team in nation goes through same amount of new people. Defense has no leader in coaching job and Mark has to be fired for whats best for program and the future of Miami Football. Golden cant do it, his friend so Golden would throw Miami and football under the bus to save DC, that is wrong, several good coachs out their for defense, stay away from the big east area. You cant build on a disaster area, wait till Louisville eats us alive.

You can tell that "D" has never coached a D-efense in his life. Much less a defense with less talent than the opposition. Keep WATCHING football, D; it's better for all of us that way.

And here's some more propaganda for you D: The University of Miami is a top tier football program.

Now to my fellow 'Canes, don't mistake my diagnosis of Miami football being average right now, for a lack of passion or love for the program. But I can't let 30-year old images cloud my judgement on where this team is or where it is hopefully going. We are still building, not re-building, and damn sure not re-loading. Those days passed when I was a lot younger.

Posted by: Calvin | December 12, 2013 at 01:11 AM


"soldinger is certainly qualified to inform individuals about the attitude of a champion, why, because he's been one on several occasions, when has morons #1 & 2 ever been champions anywhere!"

Right. First is was about "qialifications" and championship coaching pedigre. But now, since that rationale has been exposed as bunk, you want to make it about "the culture of Miami...how Soldinger came up". Smh :)

You're reaching now while failing in your attempt to get personal and discredit me because I rejected your response.

Being raised in Miami doesn't automatically make you a champion or a man. I know plenty of female dogs who were raised and played ball in Miami. Jimmy Johnson hails from Port Aurthur, Texas; he's a man and a champion. Butch Davis comes outta Talequah, Oklahoma, and he's a champion as well. Ed Reed is from Jefferson, Louisiana, and I can go on and on...

Talk about the kids Howard recruited all you want but they were simply more talented and hungrier than their opposition. Some of them came out of extremes that led to stealing from other kids on campus (kinda like Cam Newton) or selling drugs to feed thier families. You know, the get you thrown out of school type stuff. That has nothing "The Attitude of a Champion", which preaches taking responsibility and being a professional. Actually it's quite the opposite. The keep you in school so you can compete and graduate type stuff.

Not sure anyone said our defensive coach was the answer, and I'm not sure what any of this nonsense has to do with your original asertion above...but the more you change the subject, the more i'll expose your flatulence.

come again.

Posted by: mainecane | December 11, 2013 at 05:00 PM

very well said, Maincane.

With a month to prepare for Louisville let's see what kind of defensive game plan they come up with. I'm not holding my breath. On the recruiting front I want to see how we finish.....

All DNO needs to do is watch the UCF and Cincy tapes to see how to handle TB. They did so pretty well. It's pretty much cut n dried. Do NOT play 10 yds of receivers, slow them up at los, and throw in disguised blitz packages enough to rattle TB. Not worried about our O as much, as we can score. We do however need to sustain drives to give our D breathers.

I hope TB gives the UM defense a shout out at his draft speech.

the golden kool aid drinkers still cant name when UM will win ACC and national Championship with golden/dnofrio.....

all this bravado but:

2011: no division or acc or bcs
2012: no division or acc or bcs
2013: no division or acc or bcs

what QB takes UM there?

please advise

also next year UM will have a hard time getting to NC.....will not happen EVER under golden/dnfrio

orange bowl semis host acc - big 10 or ND......even if UM gets to the semis which will be impossible next year with shannons players graduating and no QB.....there is no way they get past a SEC semi final team.....

all this golden savior BS is an exercise in fantasy....

congrats to UConn....great hire today with Bob Diaco....like I said, they are serious about being a powerhouse in the ACC.....

"Warde Manuel said he received input from important boosters and 25 former UConn players in narrowing down the finalists. He also said Saturday that money would not be an impediment to hiring a new coach"

this is what a real AD in Manuel does....he also fired pasqualoni AND the guy that hired him mid-season......this guy aint afraid....

perform or your history.....because Uconn is not going the "5 year plan or Charlie Weis" approach

but the best brand in ncaa football is jerking around with golden/dnofrio.....its amazing

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