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Nine Canes named to Coaches' All-ACC team

Nine Miami Hurricanes were selected to the 2013 All-ACC Football team by the league’s 14 head coaches, the ACC announced Wednesday. Miami’s first- and second-team All-ACC selections mirrored those selections made by ACSMA last week.

Junior LB Denzel Perryman and graduate P Pat O’Donnell were both named to the first team. Sophomore RB Duke Johnson, senior WR Allen Hurns and senior OG Brandon Linder were named to the second team.

Senior QB Stephen Morris, a third-team All-ACC selection by ACSMA, was named to the coaches’ All-ACC third team and was joined by senior OT Seantrel Henderson, junior C Shane McDermott and freshman specialist Stacy Coley.

Henderson, McDermott and Coley were All-ACC honorable mention by ACSMA.

Perryman, who has started all 12 games at linebacker, leads the Hurricanes defense with 104 total tackles – 65 solo stops – along with 5.0 tackles for loss. Perryman, who was honorable mention All-ACC by ACSMA and the league’s coaches in 2012, has tallied 10+ tackles in six games this season.

O’Donnell ranks third nationally with a 47.3 yards-per-punt average, which leads the ACC by nearly 3.0 yards per kick. O’Donnell has 20 punts of 50+ yards to his credit and 17 that have landed inside the opponents’ 20-yard line.

Despite missing the last four games of the season with a fractured ankle, Johnson collected second-team All-ACC honors after rushing for 920 yards and six TDs. He was averaging 115.0 rushing yards per game before his season-ending injury. He averaged 174.1 all-purpose yards per contest.

Hurns is currently enjoying one of the greatest receiving seasons in program history. The senior leads Miami in both receptions (60) and receiving yards (1,138). He is only the fourth player with a 1,000-yard receiving season in school history and 19 yards shy of breaking the school single-season receiving yards mark. Currently, Hurns ranks seventh in Miami history in both career receptions (119) and career receiving yards (1,867) and eighth in career receiving TDs (14).

Linder, a preseason All-ACC selection, helped anchor Miami’s offensive line that paved the way for the Hurricanes to average 446.8 yards of total offense and 35.9 points per game. Miami’s offense scored 40+ points five times in 2013.

Miami’s four third-team selections were led by Morris, who has thrown for 2,868 yards and 21 TDs through 12 games. For the second straight season, Morris has posted four 300-yard passing games. The Miami native ranks third all-time in Miami history with 7,736 passing yards and 49 passing TDs. Morris is the only QB this season to throw a 50+ yard pass in nine different games.

Joining Morris on the third team were Henderson and McDermott, who were part of an offensive line that allowed only 13 sacks in 12 games – tied for the fewest in the ACC. Coley is the only FBS player this season to score a TD four ways: rushing, receiving, punt return and kick return.

No. 25 Miami (9-3) will play No. 18/16 Louisville (11-1) in the 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl on Dec. 28 in Orlando. Tickets, which are priced at $77 and $82, can be purchased through the UM Ticket Office online at CanesTix.com, in-person at BankUnited Center (M-F 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) or by phone at 1-800-GO-CANES.

Miami is also hosting BankUnited #CanesFest Family Friday Bowl Practice from 5-7 p.m. Friday at Cobb Stadium. Admission is free. Sebastian the Ibis, Miami cheerleaders and the Sunsations will be at practice. Bounce houses will be on site for the kids, who can also take their photo with Santa. The Hurricanes will also be collecting toys for "Toys For Tots". Fans in attendance will also have the chance to purchase Russell Athletic Bowl tickets.


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warde emaunal is on the Uconn football practice field everyday.....watching practices....

does james blake even know where UM practices?

DZP has family obligations that i'm sure will weigh heavily on his mind, but hopefully he stays and becomes a better player. I hope he comes back to lead the defense as a senior.


Being raised in Miami doesn't automatically make you a champion or a man. I know plenty of female dogs who were raised and played ball in Miami. Jimmy Johnson hails from Port Aurthur, Texas; he's a man and a champion. Butch Davis comes outta Talequah, Oklahoma, and he's a champion as well. Ed Reed is from Jefferson, Louisiana, and I can go on and on...

Talk about the kids Howard recruited all you want but they were simply more talented and hungrier than their opposition. Some of them came out of extremes that led to stealing from other kids on campus (kinda like Cam Newton) or selling drugs to feed thier families. You know, the get you thrown out of school type stuff. That has nothing "The Attitude of a Champion", which preaches taking responsibility and being a professional. Actually it's quite the opposite. The keep you in school so you can compete and graduate type stuff.

Not sure anyone said our defensive coach was the answer, and I'm not sure what any of this nonsense has to do with your original asertion above...but the more you change the subject, the more i'll expose your flatulence.

come again.

Posted by: Next Man []_[]p aka Mahoney-Pearson | December 12

I'm not sure what your point is, but you starting to sound like a woman that just wants to argue against you because you're right. Are u senile, let's debunk your stupidity, did soldinger write a 300 page binder or did he basically write 1 or 2 pages of real material. Where did he develop his attitude of a champion mindset at, was it at UM or did it happen to be in one of the same communities that has produced 100's of champions.

You're one of those typical fake UM followers, put the players down, but try and stick your chest out about the 5 national championships, but mentally try and separate the championships from the players, we know your type.

Alot of those same players you put down went on to become some of the best leaders of all time and you appropriately said "kids" but in your mind that's not how you see them, but it's ok, cause somebody like howard doesn't think like you, somebody like jimmy, dennis and soldinger don't think like you and that's why they excelled, while you keep looking at one aspect of those "kids" lives, these coaches saw something different and knew something you don't know.

It's good you brought up jimmy being from port arthur, tx, you ever been, you wouldn't wonder why a guy like jimmy fit in perfectly with Miami, you named a few people sprinkled out across the country here and there to try and refute a irrefutable point, what other city, let alone the state has this many concentrated champions in it that not only lead there college teams but nfl teams to.

In your feable attempt to try and prop up moron goldie & clown 500, you're making yourself look foolish in the process. If you're trying to compare & contrast what don soldinger wrote in 1974 as being equivalent to the 300 page binder to nowhere, this conversation is terminated!

One last point, you named 3 places, texas, oklahoma & louisianna, if no anything about those places, of course they got champions their, but do you think ed reed would've been the ed reed we know today at lsu, when you got AL BLADES in front of you & SEAN TAYLOR breathing down your neck behind, that's an excellent recipe to help propel you to the hall of fame. oklahoma, go & see about oklahoma, it's a reason they dominated college football like they did, you don't have a clue when it comes to this type of conversation and it's obvious or we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

Matter of fact, while you trying to support and prop up goldie, it's actually great that you brought up soldinger & "The Attitude of a Champion" ask yourself, does coach goldie have "The Attitude of a Champion" how you gone have a man like soldinger who let it be known he was ready to come back and coach, a proven champion, and you don't hire him but you hire terry who rolled out on u after 2 years, soldinger wouldn't even look to go nowhere else. The runningback coaching position becomes available again, no soldinger, we'll promote hurlie.

The fact that soldinger even set foot back on campus after being wrongfully terminated tells you all you need to know about that man, again, don't make yourself look foolish by trying to compare & contrast soldinger to some other moron!

Calvin: Let's not forget that, correct me if I'm wrong, Soldinger helped mold Robert Bailey and Willis Peguese and countless other supertsars at South Dade.

Soldinger's record speaks for itself. Anybody disputing anything about Soldinger just doesn't know what they're talking about.

Calvin, I don't think Don would have gotten on very well with Joe Pedoturno in Happy-ly look the other way Valley in any of the 44 year reign of second rate football terror with a war of attrition soft scheme at the foundation of everything on the field but pure criminality in the locker room.

Could that be part of the reason Alverage won't hire him in your opinion if you agree with that sentiment?

Correction: Peguese, maybe Bailey too, went to Southridge. Both used to speak highly of Soldinger. Soldinger was a RB coach, but ended up at UM and opened a big-time recruiting pipeline.

15 years: 'Goldy does not want Soldinger around for one main reason: Soldinder immediately commands, not demands, respect from EVERYBODY in Dade County. He knows what he's doing. He knows player strengths and weaknesses. I would wager that Hurley brown has probably been in contact with Sodinger.

In reply to mainecane | December 11, 2013 at 05:00 PM

You are a voice of reason. All of our LB's tried hard, but most were more than a little short on raw talent. I could say the same thing about the D-Line. If the front seven can't get a rush, or stop the run, the D-backs are going to get exposed.

Part of the talent issue was connected to discipline-issues, especially at LB. It's a cost of changing the culture.

Fans don't care about this stuff unless we're winning!!!
All I know is Jimbo Fisher is a legend in Florida State Football lore and Coach Golden and his dimwitted DC are still stuck in the American Athletic Conference at Temple. All excuses aside, this season was a big disappointment.

Gee, I thought Tubby as the giant of the World's Tallest Midget group could follow a basic argument.

I made no comment about whether Golden should or shouldn't be here or how much time he should be given. Same with his D guy Dno.

I simply stated he was going to be here and he'll be here thru at least 2019, when his contract expires.

If one knows writing continuously that they should be replaced is futile, I can only assume it is perceived as therapeutic by the obsessed.

Dude please, my rebuttal was clear as day.

Its ok for U not to have anything worthy of a post--just don't post--its cool, we're all good with that...really.

Another point, without rebuttal, Al Golden still does not have a signature win. A defeat of Will Muschamp is equivalent to defeating a mentally disabled person. Six transfers, already. Past mass exodus, by his team. A coach so inferior, even Al Golden can defeat him.

The only question should be, who will be Al Golden's replacement after next year?

Al Golden forced players off the team to have an excuse for losses. Will Muschamp is a losing excuse period.

Tub O, your wordy post said nothing, just like the rest of them. Sorry you can't follow a simple argument.

And why do you always speak in the plural, as in "we think"...? No, it is just you and the other voices in your head. That is still an I not a we.

Cultspace must be slow today...

The Turds just received their 17th & 18th. committment and got ESPN's 4-Star Top-20 and #2 OT out of J'ville, a Top-200 in-State WR and Top-85 DT out of Brooklyn will announce between the Turds and Penn. St. anyday now. Everyone of these kids were offered by everyone (the WR wasn't offered by Bama) including the Canes. There are nearly 75 Top-300 uncmmitted kids in the Top-300. Another 25-30 will certainly flip. That's well over a Third of the best players that are up for grabs to the Top-10-15 programs that will gobble them up. Now we have a nice collection of 13 kids in the Top-300, another 3-4 solid 3-Star kids, but a DOZEN others projects just to fill out the Class. My question is, and not bashing, how are we supposed to be in the running for these 100 top kids that are left if we have no room for them. Are we even in the running for any of these top players to finish even stronger? I'm like Al and respect him, but for the life of me, how you offer so many projects, so early to the tune of 10-12 a year... All that does is litter your entire roster with nearly half projects. How do you build quality 2-team depth like that? I have heard many reasons like, the NCAA (USC still killed), trust the Coach n system. They will be developed. Many "could" be Stars. Well, year after year like that, is unsustainable. Plain n Simple quality, top-talent, experienced depth wise.

Once again, I love those Top-13 kids, but remember, in 2 years, they'll be backed up by those 10-12 projects. It's been a reoccurring theme, for far to many years that makes it so difficult over a 4-5 year recruiting cycle. Just look at the all the programs that are Top-15 in the rankings with 16-18-20 commits each MAX and watch how they close adding 6-7-8 each of these Top-100 kids that are left. And go down their list to the lower ranked players. They will have maybe 2-3-4 of those projects yearly, not a DOZEN.

Guys, it starts with the Horses, and we need more 2-deep T-Breds... Some solid Horses and less Donkeys to make that jump back into being a Top-10 program year in and year out.


So how many of the Top-100 kids left do we get ? We've offered most of them all, but how do we get them, if we have no room ? And why do we not have that room ?

The formula is 20-Top Kids...4-5 Solid 3-Star kids... 3-4 projects. Year after year after year.

Where are we ? And how does Coach Golden Close ?

It's not where you start, it's always where you finish.

And please spare me the orange n green, eternal optimist homer, gotta have faith reasoned answers. Seriously, do you really think will we be that much more improved next year with so many project kids, (THAT RECIEVED ZERO TOP-PROGRAM OFFERS) yearly that will comprise more than a Third of our 2014 Roster ?

Sure 8-9-even a 10 Win December Bowl Win year is nice. But I and who wants nice ? I want great. But you must have Great players backed up by developing Great players. And our backups right now are below average players backing up far to many good players.

Man, just take a look at all those uncommitted kids on ESPN.com Top-300 ... I WANT 5-6 OF THEM ! Over 4 years, that's 20-24 Kids, an entire 2-Deep Roster on both sides of the ball and the DIFFERENCE MAKER !

Now I'm going to say something that will really pizzz some of you off. Before some of you chime in with how we improved to a 9 and possibly 10 Win season. Do you know how lucky we were not to be a 7-5/8-4 team at best ? If not, just look at how close our losses were.

I'm behind Golden, for now. I have tremendous respect for him. But ENOUGH of offering Schollies in the Summer n early Fall like they're High School Raffle Tickets PLEASE ! Save 7-8 for Jan. n Feb. and CLOSE !!! You're not at Temple anymore.

You don't know what my point is? Okay, i'll remind you...
You make up nonsense. That's my point. And when you do, I make it a point to call you out.

1. You try to belittle Al Golden by comparing him to a man you said is the epitome of a champion, but Don Soldinger did the same thing you're saying Al Golden has no business doing, at a time when he was even less accomplished.

"When you win 2 state titles in Miami as a highschool headcoach and headcoached in 4 of them you got a real good idea of WTH you doing. When you know about the impact soldinger had at the highschool level in Miami, he's earned the right to tell you something the way he knows how to tell it."

"When you are apart of at least 2 national championship teams at UM and don't forget he coached linebackers at one point at UM(winston moss & barrow for sure), apparently somebody knows the game of football."

"When you got edgerrin james, james jackson, najeh davenport, clinton portis, gore & mcgahee on your resume, whatever they right is already authenticated. You got damyum right "Attitude of a Champion" what's the gimmick in that, that's real and soldinger coached real...."

The crap above is wrong...It should not be used as a basis to belittle Al Golden for writing a book on his coaching philosophy. That's my point.

Soldinger wrote Attitude of a Champion in 1974 when he hadn't accomplished any of these things. He was an assistant high school coach with 6 years experience. Al's book is based on his 14 years of coaching from High school to the collegiate level as assistant and head coach... Your rationale is B.S. And you try to use a man who respects Golden to tear him down.

2. Then you change the subject and start this nonsense about the "culture of Miami.."

Those players who you say developed an attitude of a champion in the "culture of Miami" know what they did and spoke about it on television. It's not news, many kids in that situation have to make tough (bad) decisions and i'm certainly in no position to judge them, believe me. But that's not the--go to class--"Attitude of a Champion" that Soldinger wrote about. He was trying to get those kids out of trouble and in class. So again you're fast and loose with that garbage while trying to hide behind the "culture of Miami".

And I never put down any players, read my post. That's another diversionary tactic to take focus of the fact that you talk with your backside. I spoke the truth, which is something you know nothing about.

3. You follow the above change of subject with the always popular debate white flag of defeat, the aggressive personal attack. Now my credibility and fanhood are in question. smh :)

I'm a "fake UM follower"? What exactly qualifies me, or anyone for that matter, as a "fake UM follower"? My two degrees from []_[]? Or the fact I was there 2002-2010, which for the most-part is the period in question...?

I'm not protecting Golden. I'm protecting truth. When people write that garbage you wrote!? I gotta represent the truth.

The above in response to

Posted by: Calvin | December 12, 2013 at 02:30 PM

And back to the original subject of this blog post. 1 First Team All-ACC Position Player ? ONE ? With all that Offensive talent ? We should have a minimum of 2 First Teamers on BOTH Sides of the Ball. A Minimum of 2 Second-Team All-ACC Players on both sides of the ball. A minimum of 2 Third Team on both sides of the ball. And a minimum of 2 Honorable Mentions on both sides of the ball period. It's the ACC !

So why don't we ?

Now, next year, who are our All-ACC players ? (specifically, FIRST-TEAMERS) And just how many recruits from the recent 2011, 2012 and 2013 Classes will be candidates ? And how many of those were "project" kids that try hard and have great character with potential ? I bet, not but 1 or 2 for Third-Team and Honorable mention out for nearly 30-35 "projects".

The reason we had so many excruciatingly close wins this Season and past seasons is because we don't have nearly enough of those All-ACC candidates, much less ALL-American candidates on the roster right now. And I fear we, while we do bring in some nice O-lineman-Runningbacks-Wideouts and D-Backs in yearly, the rest of the roster, too many key positions are filled with far to many "project" kids that try hard and have great character with potential.

To you diehard/nomatter what Cane fans that will have a fit over my comments, please try to take off the fan hat for a bit and logically evaluate where the Canes are now. A better than average team, short on quality depth, barely ranked, and where we are going. And if we are discussing these same concerns going into the 2015 recruiting cycle come next December, does that mean that maybe, just maybe, this is a recurring theme and a rule rather than execption ?

And will firing the D-Coordinator really make a huge difference ?

2/3rds. T-Breds- 1/3 Horses. Lots of them left that are uncommitted.

Solid Quality/Quantity 2-3 deep depth.

15 years: 'Goldy does not want Soldinger around for one main reason: Soldinder immediately commands, not demands, respect from EVERYBODY in Dade County. He knows what he's doing. He knows player strengths and weaknesses. I would wager that Hurley brown has probably been in contact with Sodinger.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | December 12, 2013 at 02:58 PM

In reply to mainecane | December 11, 2013 at 05:00 PM

You are a voice of reason. All of our LB's tried hard, but most were more than a little short on raw talent. I could say the same thing about the D-Line. If the front seven can't get a rush, or stop the run, the D-backs are going to get exposed.

Part of the talent issue was connected to discipline-issues, especially at LB. It's a cost of changing the culture.

Posted by: CampbellvilleCane | December 12, 2013 at 03:38 PM



Congratulations to Al Golden for winning the Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching. This is a huge accomplishment and is well deserved.

In typical Al fashion, he dedicated the award to his 2013 players. That's what exceptional leaders do.....give credit to their people not themselves.

Here's the link for anyone interested in reading about it.


Posted by: TheSergeantMajor | 12/12/2013 at 11:13 AM

Sun Sentinel

By Christy Cabrera Chirinos

Miami coach Al Golden has dealt with his share of adversity in his three years with the Hurricanes.

He was recognized Wednesday night for navigating Miami through the toughest chapter in its history while leading the Hurricanes to their first nine-win season since 2009 when he was honored with the 2013 Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching.

The moment he stepped on the stage in Houston to accept the award from LaVell Edwards, Golden credited his players, many of whom have played under the uncertainty of an NCAA investigation for more than two years.

“I humbly dedicate this to the 2013 Miami Hurricanes,” Golden said. “They overcame a lot adversity over the last three years and in so doing, taught us a lot about unity, a lot about perseverance, a lot about leadership itself and maybe perhaps overall, a lot about class.”

Golden continued by thanking Miami athletic director Blake James, school president Donna Shalala, his wife Kelly and his parents.

Miami started its season unranked and not knowing if a protracted NCAA investigation would keep the Hurricanes out of another bowl game. They won seven straight games and during that stretch, learned the NCAA would not ban them from the post-season.

While Miami (9-3) lost three straight late in the season, the Hurricanes bounced back and finished the season with a pair of wins. On Sunday, they took the No. 25 spot in the USA Today coaches poll and accepted a bid to face Louisville in the Russell Athletic Bowl on Dec. 28 in Orlando.

It will be their first bowl appearance since a 33-17 loss to Notre Dame in 2010.

Another bad day for the clueless haters:


Our leader: Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher
Florida State has been dominant whether its facing NC State, Maryland or Clemson. The Seminoles are poised to have their best season since the Bobby Bowden glory years.

Others Candidates: *MIAMI'S AL GOLDEN*, Baylor’s Art Briles, Tulane’s Curtis Johnson, Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury, Houston’s Tony Levine, Auburn’s Gus Malzahn, Missouri’s Gary Pinkel

~Athlon Sports/College Football

Yeah, we know, Athlon Sports is the PR arm for the University of Miami and know nothing about college football. And you know much more about the game and coaches than they do. LOL!!


Interesting article for those who care to read.

Posted by: Next Man []_[]p aka Mahoney-Pearson | December 12, 2013 at 07:56 PM

Ok, i'm going to make it simple for you, you just lied and said "soldinger did the same thing moron goldie did"

But let's say if that was True, who's blueprint has actually worked basically to perfection and who's blueprint can't even win the mac conference let alone the acc, GTFOH with that non-sense. You know and everbody with common sense knows your point is girly just for the sake of trying to prop-up this loser in goldie and try and compare this man, a 2 time highschool state champion, a 2 or 3 time college champion & a UM hall of famer, to some penn disgrace alumni and you call yourself a UM fan, it's comical.

I'm done talking to you about real football stuff, at the end of the day, it's a Miami thing, it's clear you don't understand.


I think the coaches need to recognize that they don't have talent and create a scheme to mask those vulnerabilities. If your dline is crap, get them moving with stunts, if you cant pressure with your dline then you better blitz and disrupt routes. And if something doesn't work, make a change. We made no changes this season.

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a Red Rider BB Gun, an improving Defense, and a filter for blogging D-bags. Go Canes. Nice work Al - keep 'em working.

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