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QB Kevin Olsen, WR Rashawn Scott, CB Ray Lewis Jr. don't make bowl trip

ORLANDO -- The Miami Hurricanes were hurting at receiver coming into this game with sophomore Herb Waters out. 

They are minus another: junior Rashawn Scott. He was among a list of three players UM confirmed did not make the trip up to play in the bowl game.

The others: freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen, who had made previous road trips and dressed in uniform, and cornerback Ray Lewis Jr. 

UM has not given a reason as to why the three players are not playing. But they have confirmed they were left behind.

Scott has been suspended multiple times, including at the end of last season.

Olsen was charged with leaving the scene of a car accident before arriving at UM this summer. The report stated that Olsen “appeared to be under the influence of something.”

He and Lewis were both being redshirted this season.

Either way, it's never a good thing when you don't end up making a bowl trip with your teammates and you are healthy.


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Bring on the new QB's. Freshmen....we need the kid from California to start or that other kid from Texas.

The previous article said all the players were in Orlando.

Why can't the Hurricanes stay with tradition and just wear their traditional helmets? I would like to know why those 4 players didn't make the trip, seems suspicious. Go Canes, beat L'ville.

Don't worry about the furture firefighters of America crew, they'll be alright!

Don't like now offense playing. Seems lack of QB IQ.

Damm when can we get real QB?

Go canes

Is it bad that Miami is losing 16-2 right now. And as much as I want Miami to win, I hope U puts up a lot and our D C gets fired? In fact it looks like our O C needs to be fired also.

I want Butch Davis back to The U as Head Coach..

UM = Nothing = Outcoached...

I never thought the day would come when Louisville looked like they had more team speed than miami and played a more aggressive defense reminiscent of the old um defenses.

Still waiting on the greatest football coach in college and his staff to start coaching. Has Penn State called yet. Start gassing up the jet.

We want Crow

Looks like the month to prepare for game which was supposed to b a good thing for young players was used for Goldy & DontKnowFrio to look into going back to pedophile state university.

Penn st aint calling.....thats guaranteed. If we dont pull this out i said before its a lose win situation....in my opinion d'o is already fired.

Art Kehoe got some 'splainin' to do. The OL looks like it's hardly there.

The first half was embarrassing. Offensive line is awful. Morris is awful. Looks as if the entire team gave up before kickoff. This is sad. I am afraid that these coaches do not have a clue how to prepare and coach at this level. It will take a miracle for Miami to even make it respectable in the second half. Oh the pain.

OC Coley doesn't get a pass either running 2 TE set whole first half. Also enough with Crawford lets go with Edwards already

Look at the bright side....it should be 42-2.... fire d'o.....we're only down 20. Im not giving up yet.

This absolutely has to b DontKnowAnything's last game. Embarrassing defense 3 yrs n a row is enough. 6 possessions and 5 scores for Louisville .

U know anytime our oline faces a fast aggressive front seven they get abused, it can't help that they face dno in practice all year so they aren't ready for it

Louisville is aboUt tU Score again ...

Hola Arty !

Fire d'o!

4 screens n a row on third down each for first down the last one a td. Great Job D'no

Hola soldy....21-16!

Jim Haslett is a name to think about . He's a no nonsense tough aggressive stle defense type of coach. Hell make him head coach even

4 weeks to prepare. This staff doesn't get it. Definitely a disconnect here . Don't just fire the DC. Clean house. Has Penn State called yet.

Please get rid of this coaching staff this is sickening. two weeks to prepare for this game and this what you bring to the game. please penn st come get al golden and his staff

Can't blame the coaches on this one folks. fsu got the best out of south florida, louisville got the 2nd best and the U got the leftovers. As a coach you can only do so much if you don't have the talent. Even the offensive line, which is supposed to be the strength is getting beaten like red headed step children. morris looks lost out there and the receivers couldn't get open if they were the only ones out there. Fear not though, D'o may be gone, but, it's almost a sure thing that Golden will be heading to penn state real soon. So, now is the time to start looking for some left over coaches as well. I would say Go Canes, but, what would be the use.


Posted by: Tennesseecane | December 28, 2013 at 09:04 PM

And none of that has anything to do with or can be affected by coaching???

LOL! What an apologist.

2.1 million and nothings ever his responsibility and he has zero accountability.

Tennesseecane are you really watching this game? its the coaches calling the plays and this wr screens all night just not working and they still running it. this whole staff have to go point blank. we had a better offense when we was on probation when butch davis was coaching. two weeks of practice and you manage 2 points say what you want they have to go

Until Shalala & board of trustees put $ into this program wme will continue to suck. The problem is she won't do anything because she thinks winning 9 gms is a good season. As long as the ACC check comes that's all that matters.

Home games 25 miles from campus. How absurd & embarrassing

The curse of the OB continues

The only thing positive after this game is the good laugh ill have after reading how Ron Zook will justify this and claim his hero is the greatest coach.

It's to late in season now but it's good to see local boys Carter & Grace getting playing time

I aint throwin in the towel yet.....except for d'o....i was there when Berlin brought us back in the Orange Bowl. Good thing is D's gone. Oline better stop slappin before the snap....thats on Kehoe.

D'No aint going anywhere, unless Golden is leaving as well. No way he fires him.

Golden said this is his defense, he is staying the course.

teddy 369 passing yards morris 75 yards what a joke please lord I wish we had the mercy rule and just let the clock run out this is embrassing

Oh yeah, to those who had a lot to say last year about the gaytors losing to the ville and i said it back than, we couldn't beat them with these morons with got in charge now, we're getting manhandled way worst!

Just looking forward to a quarterback and maybe a offense that can move the chains

we should have took another bowl ban this year until we get a real coaching staff

Calvin --douche.

Disappointing to say the least. We have no answer for their defensive line. We can't/aren't committed to the run. We are one dimensional and can't protect the QB. The offense has no rhythm and looking at the sideline every play. We need RB help bad...

Out-coached. Outplayed. Thanks for the effort young men.

This game is only a preview of things to come if this staff stays expect msny more beat downs by Louisville

This one is on the coaches. Out coach by a really good team. What will be the excuses this time. Get Dno some help please, please, and please. This is the way it should had finish. Morris thanks for all the record breaking yards in passing, but I'm glad he is moving on. The guy can't do anything if he doesn't have a running game.

Posted by: Tennesseecane | December 28, 2013 at 09:04 PM

And none of that has anything to do with or can be affected by coaching???

LOL! What an apologist.

2.1 million and nothings ever his responsibility and he has zero accountability.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 28, 2013 at 09:12 PM

ROFL, the 300 page binder in full effect, can't be the coaches fault, the plan to nowhere has been in place for 3 solid years now, no buy in!

The only thing positive after this game is the good laugh ill have after reading how Ron Zook will justify this and claim his hero is the greatest coach.

Posted by: jsy | December 28, 2013 at 09:22 PM

ROFL, that guy needs to be admitted to the emergency room, i'm not sure how he continues to ingest all of that protein, he's way over the FDA guidelines!

The bottom line is they can not coach period. I can take a Division III and do better than this. Golden is not going to fire DC or his OC. Neither can coach football. Jimbo Fisher knew what he was doing when he let our OC go. He should be head of recruiting and nothing else. Everyone else needs to get fired. They have more talent than most and can not coach the talent. Now, we will start losing top recruits given the beating by Louisville. Penn State, please come get this guys who are clueless on how to coach football.

Orlando Cane Dido

Can somebody please explain where "The Process" has been the last 3 to 4 weeks because it hasn't shown up tonight? Chad Thomas and Valentine are probably goers after watching the defense get abused yet again..

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