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Sixteen Miami Hurricanes -- 13 of them football players -- earned their bachelor's degrees Thursday

Congratulations to the grads. This just in from UM:

Sixteen University of Miami student-athletes earned their bachelor’s degrees Thursday during Fall Commencement ceremonies at BankUnited Center.

 Thirteen of the 16 graduates were football players – Malcolm Bunche, Eduardo Clements, Akil Craig, Shayon Green, Allen Hurns, Alex Irastorza, Paul Kelly, Brandon Linder, Sean McNally, Stephen Morris, Clive Walford and Ryan Williams. Green walked during the May 2013 Commencement exercises. Also graduating Thursday was Billy Sanders, who was a reserve tight end in 2010 and 2011.

 After a 9-3 season, the Hurricanes will play Louisville in the 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl on Dec. 28 (6:45 p.m., ESPN) in Orlando.

 Also graduating Thursday were soccer’s Jordan Roseboro and baseball’s Alex San Juan and Michael Broad. Roseboro was a four-year letterwinner for the Canes from 2009-12 and finished with six career goals.

 “Graduation Day is a celebration for not only our student-athletes and their families but for our whole community that has watched our Hurricanes give their very best effort in school and in their sport,” said David Wyman, Associate AD for Academic Services.

 San Juan played two years for Jim Morris’ team (2012-13), finishing his career with a .264 batting average, one home run and 18 RBI in 64 games. Broad spent four seasons in the outfield for the Canes, playing in 178 games and making 147 starts. Broad hit .273 with 15 home runs and 94 RBI.

 “Today we honor them for their commitment and contributions they made to our tremendous university and join them in celebrating their academic success,” Wyman said.


Miami Heat team president Pat Riley gave the commencement speech.

To listen to Riley's speech, go to www.miami.edu and click on the link for commencement archive.





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Pat Riley and the Miami Hurricanes, two winners!

Congratulations to the Hurricanes players graduating with the best degree in the State of Florida, and one ot the top 50 in the NATION.

In related news, 16 UFraud Gatr Trash were arrested, 13 of them football players for felonies.

Just another day in the cesspool that is Trailerville.

They couldn't find anyone better than pat riley for a commencement speech?

It's a good thing they got the degree, none will ever play again. No way they have the talent, or have had the coaching to teach them. The real world hits hard.

At the end the degree is what it's about. Congrats guys I hope they use football as a tool in life not let football use them as a tool.

Congrats to the graduates. UM is one of the few places where people do actually graduate. But there were some coaches who could care less about graduating players: Guess who one of them is?

OK. Back to the discussion as to how to beat UL.

How do the same morons continue to show up on these blogs?

Conngrats to these guys who have graduated. Whether or not they play another down of foodball after the bowl game, they all have earned an even greater price, their degrees.

I see the Curse is sharing normal holiday spirit...today, he once again lied about the memory of Bryan Pata and as a sidebar stole my ID to post even more of his nonsense.

Congrats to all the graduates and their families. As a college graduate too, this degree gives you more options in life.

Congrats to the graduates. UM is one of the few places where people do actually graduate. But there were some coaches who could care less about graduating players: Guess who one of them is?

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | December 19, 2013 at 05:32 PM

You are a man that cares about these young men. Unlike the previous posters here.

I'm waiting to see if Al Golden will have high graduation rates. That is the least he can do to overcome his lack of player development.

Some of the previous posters, that is. Could care less, not all.

I'm proud of all the guys who got there degree's, especially shayon green the lone defender with a degree, not to many defenders have degrees because the moron kicked them off the team. All the defensive players need to be sure to earn there degree's, these 2 morons are not developing any dominant defensive players/

Calvin both plays they analyzed had Shayon Green backpedalling into a zone coverage...wow just wow.
And the dude with the remote kept rewinding the formation which allowed and allows completions in zones as longs as the WRs and QB are disciplined enough to lay down in them and QB to just take whats given every play.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 19, 2013 at 11:33 AM

This is the main reason they both need to be slapped, anybody expecting shayon green to consistently and actually do anything in pass coverage is clearly a moron. shayon green couldn't cover several of us on this blog ever in life, let alone against other players who been practicing just as much as he has.

The satellite DDT was my favorite LMAO!
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 19, 2013 at 12:20 PM

You have chosen wisely swordpenson, i'm afraid without the threat of the d.d.t., this fooletry will continue. Next in line for "The satellite is the troll!

I felt frustrated after the 1st game with this defensive scheme, let alone the 1st year, than last year must of been a dream, and than the 2nd half of this year is even more pathetic than the previous 2 because it's year 3, this about sums up how i'm feeling right about:


Posted by: Calvin | December 19, 2013 at 07:20 PM

There goes the know it all blog expert who knows nothing.

We are improving steadily on all fronts in spite of the NCAA issues and all this know it all can do is call the coaches morons. If they are morons, what does that make you? A mosquito?

Players who are willing to put in hard work are being developed. Some of the guys who didn't want to put in the hard work left prematurely and are currently reaping their rewards.

Congrats to the grads.

Calvin really easy to see you have no life very sad to see your life is so boring and lonely you feel the need to post on a canes article being a non cane fan??? I guess goes to show you how simple minded people are in this world.... The fact that this article is about how kids transform their life for the better help us all one less theft on the streets stealing or another CALVIN sitting next to bubba in jail. Congratulations to them all!

We're picked to lose to Louisville. Mark Dnofrio should be wearing the blame for this like a sweater.

Espn has this as a game in the 20's. I think this will be a shootout in the 40s. Just Teddy B vs Stevie Mo.

Calvin is a fake tough guy who doesn't think crooks should be kicked off a team. Even Satan kicks guys who steal from fellow students off the team. Too hard for your pea brain to comprehend I guess.

Louisville will be 40+, in my opinion. We can score more than them, if we commit to do it, and don't play as if the D is somehow going to gel and stop them.

Need 7s, not 3s. Need to go for it in their territory when 4th and reasonable.

Congratulations to all the graduates.

Your hard work has earned you a fine degree from UM.

Best wishes on your life journey...

Louisville will score often, although I hope we surprise them.

We must match their scoring to be in the game. Our offensive line must dominate and protect Morris. We must be able to run the ball and take off clock. That must be balanced with a ball control passing game, and occasional shots to Coley and Dorsett. No turnovers...

This will be a test, and I hope the Canes rise to the occasion.

Bridgewater is a really good player. They also have some rushers on the D line, and good speed all around.

Go Canes!

Nobody will lists their majors. It's an embarrassment to the other students who actually paid $80K for their irrelevant degrees.
If it's not in the Math and Sciences forgetaboutit.

If a Miami degree is irrelevant, imagine what garbage a UFraud degree is. This state is next to last in public education funding. Only the backwater of Mississippi is worse.

Private institutions are the only thing maintaining a semblance of learning and research in this whitetrash state. A UFraud degree? Laughable. The legislature will pump in millions for a coach, a stadium or a theme park. But funding education and UFraud? Nice try. The home of the useless diploma where they pump out 15K illiterates totally uprepared for the 21st century workplace. That is the standard at UFraud.

It's a good thing they got the degree, none will ever play again. No way they have the talent, or have had the coaching to teach them. The real world hits hard.
Posted by: Ron Zook | December 19, 2013 at 05:17 PM
Hey there murder joking name changing ID stealing fellow, looks like you are wrong again. You write this to make Ron Zook look wrong, but he knows that players like Morris, Hurns, Linder, and Bunche will have successful careers in the NFL, And that Clements, Walford, and the others will STILL have a better life than you would ever DREAM of.

So, how about this. Instead of poisoning this blog with your sick jokes, disgusting lies, and hatefilled ID thefts, you could INSTEAD put that effort into getting a degree of your own, or at least a SHOWER of your own, and improve your life.

Now, get lost, and stay lost. Half your sick comments get removed by the Herald, that should give you a hint of how low you have sunk, trying to sneak in disgusting comments as other posters in the hopes of getting them banned instead of you. It worked on the Sentinel, but the Herald folks appear to be too smart for you. But then, over 80% of humanity is smarter than you, even the illiterates of the 17th centruy knew more than you, sicko.

Stop your attacks, for the good of your teams' fans, before the other blog gets it's side retaliated on.

The fact that you posted a disgusting joke about how you are working a drug angle on the Pata murder, in an article about the positive legacy of Bryan Pata, shows that you are not even here to be anti-Cane in the sense that these other haters are, but that you truly wish death and pain on anyone that happens to cheer for the University of Miami. I hope that justice is served in the death of Pata, and in the stalking of his family that you do as well.

You do not have ANY reason to do that, but you won't stop, despite multiple times being asked to stop. I will ask again though, please stop. The family does not deserve your actions, the fans on this board do not deserve your actions, and no normal human being would dare to do the sick actions you do if you were face to face with them.


Still laughing! Warrior was a nut. ROTF

There goes that paranoid Zook. Maybe the 3 ghosts will come and show him the past, 5 championships with great coaches, the present, a coach who can't beat anyone that wins, and the future, a coach that can develop, recruit and challenge for titles again. Go Canes Beat lousyville
sww ya there

All the defensive players need to be sure to earn there degree's, these 2 morons are not developing any dominant defensive players/

Posted by: Calvin | December 19, 2013 at 07:20 PM

Meanwhile you can't even spell the word "their".

And no, that's not a "typo", thos is a typo, messing up there/their/they're just shows a basic lack of education.

I love Ron Zook. He is my soul (sole) mate. He and Golden and me make a good 3-some. We are all losers, and that makes for a great time. Since we got together, we have worked out, can bench 23lbs each 4 times, better than U-tough. Have a great holiday, T-Bridgewater will. Kool-Aid for everyone

Too many real and fake ids, it gets difficult to know who is real but its entertaining at least

jsy, you are easily entertained.

Nice try, ID thief. You are just showing everyone that you have no shame, no limits, and no conscience. Everything horrible that I have caught you doing are substantiated by your sick behavior today.

The idea that you think joking about murdering Canes players is far worse than anytnbig youy can do to me though, especially since you are too much of a coward to do more than attack from hiding.

Cowardly, disgusting pig, with no shower, no hope, and no class. That is you.

BTW, the fact that you and your players both think a dead person is a chance for a shopping spree or a trolling spree just shows that the 13 football players that graduated today are FAR better off than you and your sick disgusting kind of "human being". Be thankful you are too scared to meet in person, coward.


Still laughing! Warrior was a nut. ROTF

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 20, 2013 at 10:11 AM

LOL, we need to get him in the same room with moron#1's & 2 and go at em like this with WTH is wrong with the defense at Miami. The players have already made the sacrifice!

Syracuse athletic director Daryl Gross wants a change to the Atlantic Coast Conference's current eight-game league schedule and league officials will discuss the possibility during meetings in late January.

Gross raised the possibility in email to the league's athletic directors and commissioner John Swofford. The email was obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request and it calls for a discussion on the subject due to the large time gap between road games involving cross-division teams.

Annual rivalry games such as Florida State-Miami could be at risk if the ACC goes to a nine-game model in which the five teams left off a team's schedule one year must be on it the ensuing season.

The Syracuse AD contends that certain programs are at a disadvantage when the schedule keeps them from regularly playing in major markets such as Boston, Atlanta and Miami.

One of Gross' suggestion is to have a nine-game conference schedule. The five conference teams that are left off one year must be on the schedule the following season.

That would likely eliminate some of the yearly rivalry games like Florida State-Miami.

"There are some playing-partner scheduling that simply don't need to be maintained," Gross wrote. "In fact I believe it would be in the best interest to prioritize playing multiple members of the conference over having a playing partner.

"I do understand creating rivalry inventory; however, it may be better to be more creative with the rivalry concept annually than to force them over the long term."

North Carolina State athletic director Deborah Yow responded to Gross' email and confirmed that the topic will be placed on the agenda. She declined to elaborate on the subject when contacted by the AP.

Gross also declined to go into detail about the email, saying in a text, "It would be inappropriate for me to comment on working group conference items."

The eight-game format dictates that each team plays its entire division every year. There is also one standing game against an opponent from the opposite division. For example, Florida State plays Miami every year, as do North Carolina State and North Carolina, and Duke and Wake Forest. Each team also rotates through programs from the opposite division both home and away.

So Syracuse played Georgia Tech in Atlanta this season, but the Orange won't return for that game until 2027 at the earliest. Gross said this limits the exposure of teams in certain major markets.

Gross also believes there is also an effect on recruiting. He used Miami, known as a hotbed for talent, as an example. Teams from the Atlantic Division, except Florida State, have large gaps between games in Miami.

"The thought of a student-athlete returning to his home area to play in front of his family is minimized in one division and maximized in the other," Gross wrote.

Gross did have a section of the email labeled "Final Thoughts" that stated, "If we played everyone in the league equally our schedules would be much more robust giving our fans diverse schedules annually. Also our student-athletes would get exposures in all markets of the conference. Lastly we could maximize our television inventory by offering multiple and fresh matchups."

I hate when people move to a place voluntarily and then want to change everything.

I hope Miami has a contractual right to maintain the FSU game.

Like the penn disgrace morons, this guy has no clue about the Miami/Fsu game, nobody's going to syracuse no-way unless they're rejected by one of thee schools, and the point is a mute point anyway because what can he say about the gaytors, they're still going to have a recruiting advantage even though they're not in the conference.

The players have already made the sacrifice!

Posted by: Calvin | December 20, 2013 at 03:03 PM

LMAO ROTF!! To say the least!

Calvin, when you attempting to slam others, try to learn how to use the word moot, which isn't mute. We do wish you were mute.

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