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Smiles abound at allCanes in Coral Gables as children go on shopping spree at event that honors the memory of former Hurricane Bryan Pata

The holiday spirit was in the air Wednesday at allCanes in Coral Gables. 

The 13th Annual Holiday Shopping Spree for Kids took place tonight at the retail store that centers around the Hurricanes.

The event, supported by the store, the Bryan Pata Memorial Fund and various local sponsors, invites about 30 local at-risk children to a catered meal, then gives each child a $95 gift card -- 95 was the number of former Hurricane defensive lineman Bryan Pata -- to spend for whatever they choose in the store. Pata was shot and killed in November 2006 by a yet-to-be-found assailant, and his brother Edwin comes to the event and talks to the children every year.

Each child was accompanied by a UM coach or family member.

The event is hosted by broadcaster Tony Segreto and included UM athletic director Blake James and his wife Kelly; tennis coaches Paige Yaroshuk-Tews and Mario Rincon; women's basketball coach Katie Meier; Kelly Golden, wife of the head football coach; and assistant football coach wives Lucia D'Onofrio, Kenia Coley, Shakiera Scott, Dee Kehoe and Amber Carroll.

   Sebastian the Ibis was there, as well as cheerleaders and members of the Miami Sunsations.

   I didn't get a chance to go this year, but talked to several people on the phone there.

   "It's great,'' said allCanes general manager Harry Rothwell. "The kids light up. Every child walked out full of food and with smiles on their faces.''

    "What  makes it special is you actually get to see the faces of the children and understand the impact it's making in their lives,'' Segreto said. "It's an empowering moment because you can be a part of something that at that moment makes a big difference. We live in a world where people are asked to give a lot -- you give a check or canned goods. You never see the delivery or execution of the dollar or food being given."

  Other comments from participants:

   *It's such a cool experience for these kids to be wined and dined,'' said football coach Al Golden's wife, Kelly, who brought their son AJ, 8, and daughters Addison, 7, and Gracie, 4. I was like, 'Today is about the other kids. Stay out back and eat pizza.'''

   Golden said the girls like T-shirts and the boys go for UM jerseys. "Or a lot of kids like backpacks or a miami watch.''

   Kelly James, wife of UM athletic director Blake James, said she loves the event and how the children are so happy and appreciative -- and somewhat entertaining as they peruse the store for gifts.

   "They're coming in and asking to buy for their mom and dad and siblings. I had one little boy tonight who wanted to buy for his dog. He got a little dog shirt and was trying to find out what size ne needed."

  Said her husband, Blake James: "It's the time of year when you want to be able to reach out and help those who might not have as much as others to have a great holiday season.'' 

 The children began their night with a catered meal from Milams' Markets, Crepemaker, Flanigan's and Big Cheese. They came from the Kendall Boys & Girls Clubs, the Police Athletic League, the Pata Memorial Fund and North Miami Boys & Girls Clubs.

   "I just think it's great that we're able to give back,'' said Yaroshuk-Tews




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That's awesome!

Awesomeness! Great way to honor a Cane whose life ended too soon thanks to some sicko.

It is like the playgrounds they are putting up in New Jersey in honor of the Sandy Hook children. An act of good to undo the act of evil.

Awww, Pig. Manny and Susan are on to your garbage. Deleted before anyone, other than the graveyard-shift Costco employees, had a chance to read it.

C'est la vie, Pig. You still suck. Eh, Arty? Pig?

Wonderful that anyone gives to help others.

But what I am curious about is whether d'o has been fired and whether the Canes will have a defense next week instead of the golden/d'o bend and break, 3 down linemen, can not stop the inside run, can not stop the outside run, zone NO pass coverage, can not stop the short pass.

And have the excuses been prepared yet. Young players, freelancing, out of position where d'o put them, got to hit the weight room, only have 16 defensive linemen, ncaa sanctions, star players decommitted, yada, yada, yada.

All valid questions 72, except the star players decom'ed. You have to admit with the NCAA cloud hanging over us, it did hurt, and it did sway some pretty bad azzz commit's to go elsewhere. Having said that I also HOPE that we have some type of CHANGE in our D approach, or we're going to be playing catch up the whole game.

Well, dumbazz old Pig CaneFan 72, you would agree that any team, it could be the '86 Bears, would not do well if their players were too young, freelanced, or were out of position, right? I mean, Bama has none of that so they win. Others that don't, lose.

Or could you do better, you bitter ol' maggot.

Real Gallo, you mean the guy actually posted some of his disgusting comments about Pata in a thread honoring Pata and his family?

The guy has no shame. And will come on later to claim it is his right to free speech to write those disgusting lies, too.

Well, it is not free speech to scream fire in a crowded movie theater just to watch the stampede, and it is not free speech to brag about committing a murder on here and then expect no consequences.

I hope the local cops track that guy down, just to ask him if he truly DOES have knowledge about who killed Bryan Pata. It would be great to see the blog terrorist get just what he deserves, when they use his confession as evidence against him in court.


he did. It went up at 2:15 am. I checked the blog around 7:00 am and saw it. When I went back in an hour later, it was deleted. It was the same old garbage about drug dealing.

He is a sloppy Pig. Old "9/11 - remember the Soldiers" Soldy Pig. He never changes.

Also can't change 21 - 16 or 6 out of the last 7 but, hey, Pig. Trailerville is still a dump so at least you have that.

"Floridian-American." That is still a good one.

"#Florida announces it will open the 2017 football season Sept. 2 at JerryWorld against #Michigan."

Wow. Bravo, Trailer Maggots. Only took you 26 years to catch up with the rest of college football. Of course, it is at a neutral site. You wouldn't want to rush in and play a home and home like everyone else does.

So much for all of your years-long excuses about tough schedules. Seems he buck-toothed varmint Foley thinks if he is going to get his teeth kicked-in by an OOC foe, it should be Michigan instead of Ga Southern or UL-Laf.

But, knowing how Gatr maggots operate, cue the excuse train. It is going to get really crowded.

We are also going to give to underprivileged qbs like teddy Bridgewater by keeping the same defendive coordinator.

Harriet TUBMAN, call espn and tell them to take our team off t.v. Nobody came to see us play this prevent defense that thse 2 morons think is aggressive, it's sickening. If clown 500 is still here starting next season, somebody needs to d.d.t. goldie!

Any one of these will do:


Calvin both plays they analyzed had Shayon Green backpedalling into a zone coverage...wow just wow.

And the dude with the remote kept rewinding the formation which allowed and allows completions in zones as longs as the WRs and QB are disciplined enough to lay down in them and QB to just take whats given every play.

HTC, spot on. For the last three years I have been pointing that out. Against a good defense, a QB has less than 3 seconds to get the pass on its way or take the sack. goldie and d'o not only give other QBs all day with their bend and break zone NO defensive set up, but they give him wide open receivers disciplined enough to sit in the spaces between the Cane players in the zones.

Three def. linemen can never get any pressure on a QB to sack, hurry, or rush him. And fighting through 6 blockers is like lifting weights and legs turn to rubber after one quarter of that. And even if they get near the QB, there is such an inadequate number that it is easy for a QB to take off and run for a first down.

The ONLY way to have a defense for most of the field is to have four down linemen, LBs within 3 yards of the LOS, and a quick disguised blitz through a wide open gap with no blocking back picking up the blitz. And of course man to man coverage underneath and on tight ends.

Orrrrrr, goldie and d'o can go on and on and on with their mediocre season records til his contract runs out or Miami drops down to a lower division like savannah state, s. key west university for the handicapped, etc.

Welcome to Jerry World: Gators set to play in 2017 Cowboys Classic

UF will kickoff its 2017 football season in primetime against Michigan at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the school announced Thursday.

The Cowboys Classic is scheduled for Sept. 2.


Who do []_[] ch[]_[]mps play, that is RANKED, out of Conference ? Hell, what other ranked team do []_[] even play other than FSU in Conference every year? []_[] play 1 ranked team, 3 yearly OOC scrubs and all those garbage acc jokes yet []_[] still can't get to a conference 'Ship game or much less be ranked. Goldylocks has []_[] stooges on a string scheduling hot garbage just to barely get to 6 wins a year to play in ur yearly December Toliet Bowl game.

It's a []_[] thang, and []_[] KNOW THIS !


U will be getting []_[]r brains beat in yearly by FSU, Va. Tech., losing []_[]r 3 games to crappy acc teams and running neck n neck with DUKE... DUKE for 3rd. in the Coastal year aftr year.


btw- how's that basketball team, that plays in front of hundreds in a JUCO gym doing ? over/under 3 acc wins ? NIT first round road bow-out coming... That is, if []_[] even make the NIT. 12-17 coming soon !

The satellite DDT was my favorite LMAO!

ha ha sad gator troll, 21-16 without the injury excuse. lol play anybody and lose to most.... you guys gonna except Spurrier's invitation to the gator bowl to watch SC? lol troll


btw- how's that basketball team, that plays in front of hundreds in a JUCO gym doing ? over/under 3 acc wins ? NIT first round road bow-out coming... That is, if []_[] even make the NIT. 12-17 coming soon !

Posted by: p[]_[]ff p[]_[]ff, snort []_[]

I think you care about this more than we do dude, so good luck with all that.

Let's face the facts. Neither UF nor UM have anything but mediocre coaches. It is not like ALA, TX, or any other self respecting university is beating a path to goldie's and d'os doors trying to hire them. Good coaches like saban, myers, seahawk coach while at USC, oregon's, stanford's, etc, just WIN year after year with good defenses, good conditioning, smart players that do not start fights nor pick up stupid penalties.

In the meantime, we UM fans have to suffer until the bot and shalalalaalalla, ad get their heads out their . . . and hire a coach who knows defense, offense, special teams, conditioning, psychology, etc.


The Frankensteiner was crazy

Good stuff in honor of Brian Pata's memory. Events like this can make an important memory for a child going forward, and at risk kids need all the positive experiences they can get to combat the negative in their lives.

Great program!

And then there is like and death stuff like.... football!!!

make that " Life and Death Stuff."

Go Canes!

C'mon, Soldy "9/11" Pig. I posted that an hour ago.

The Michigan beatdown looms. It is going to be a nervous 3 1/2 years for the Gatr Trash.


"Can't we all Floridian-Americans and US-Americans get along? I mean, boo hoo, 9/11. Waaahhhhh."


The blog Pig
c/o Costco Graveyard Shift

Disgusting murder joking name changer, you are puffing your chest about FINALLY facing a POSSIBLY tough opponent in 2017, yet ignore how we faced a ranked opponent out of conference this year, last year, the year before that, the year before that, etc. Oh and that you have NOT faced an out of state non-conference opponent since before Bill Clinton, of any kind, let alone a RANKED one.

How about this. Go away, your sick disgusting humor is not appreciated here, and go back to gatr clause where you belong. Leave the Pata and Taylor family alone, and leave Canes fans alone.

BTW, next year we face 9-3 Cincinnati, who will be ranked if they win their bowl, and go on the road to 8-4 Nebraska, who will be ranked if they win their bowl.

1-11 Idaho, at home paid for patsy. FSU just beat them 80-14.

2-10 Eastern Michigan, at home paid for patsy. CENTRAL Michigan (not the REAL one) just beat them 42-10. They needed OT to beat powerhouse Western Michigan.

6-6 Eastern Kentucky, at home paid for patsy from the Ohio Valley Conference. Who knew they even HAD a conference. They lost 68-10 to Jacksonville State. Not Jacksonville Dolphins, the Jacksonville STATE Gamecocks.



They waited five years for the Canes beatdown, and another 4 years for their next real optional opponent. By then, Muschamp will be long gone, and Foley will use that excuse to cancel out, like he has done multiple times versus the Canes.

Canes are 0-1 in conference, after an OT loss, so this guy that said the rivalry is over is NOW going to attack about the basketball team all year. Since Football season is long done for him, he figures it is done for everyone. Selfish name changing murder joking fellow.

These same gatrs that he is bragging about are

206th in points per game.
203rd in rebounds per game.
200th in assists per game.
106th in FG percentage.


Yep, a real dynasty there, loser. No WONDER they are afraid to face the Canes in basketball even in a rebuilding year.

Miami Hurricanes face the 11-1 Louisville Cardinals.

Florida Gators face.... *crickets*.

And the crickets win!

Yep, the Pig is going on and on about the Gatr Trash's first OOC road game in 26 years which is at a neutral site of course.

Don't know if Mich. will even be ranked in that preseason but when you are lowly trailertrash, what else do you have to look forward to?

Trailerville? The cesspool of this whitetrash state? Not much there. Oh, yeah, hoops, of course. Wake me in March. It's all the Gatr Trash has.

Somebody explain the definition of insanity to Calvin. Yes, Golden will be here next year. Yes, Dno will be here next year. Pretty easy to figure out.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 18, 2013 at 11:21 PM

Let's stick to the point. I volunteered some information and I'm not inclined to say where it came from, therefore I shouldn't post it. I don't give opinions about what people think but I occasionally give opinions based on what they do.. You manufactured a chain of thoughts attributed to a man you never met. I just think that sort of thing misconstrues what's really happening and leads us down the road of chasing delusions. Let's not do that, because then things unravel and we get the name calling and personal attacks about cost of degrees and what not.

I come here to talk football and because there are hundreds fans that seek information like I do who constantly post it about my team. I don't come here to argue about made up stories. It's silly. You think I want to call out Calvin for saying Shalala ran off Butch? No! But when one says something so patently untrue, defying the laws of time and space, someone is bound to correct them (another post did before I could). I'm not implying that you said that, but you are offering opinion about what someone thinks, which is equally baseless and without validity.

I know you'll feel the need to fire back, but let's move on from this. We can agree to disagree. You are entitled to believe what you want.

So Alverage's wife 'loves the area' as he repeatedly tells anyone who will listen when he's not ever offered a better job than his current one due to his inability to field a respectable defense, but when it comes time to mingle his children with other local at risk youths, she tells them to isolate themselves and grub on the pizza is how I'm supposed to read her quote here?

Entire family is empty sound bites apparently, no wonder they keep popping out kids that need UM to feed them by dad being overpaid and under-performing yet again . . .

He's crazy if he thinks UM is holding Bridgewater to only four TD's, unless Teddy really ties one on in the Orlando nightlife on Friday evening/Saturday morning a week from now;


Russell Athletic Bowl

Miami vs. Louisville, Dec. 28 (ESPN, 6:45 p.m. ET)

Why to watch: Both teams were ranked in the top 10 of the polls at one point this season, but fell short of winning their respective leagues. ACC fans can get a sneak peak of the Cardinals, who are leaving the AAC for the ACC next season. It also might be the final college game for Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, a Miami native, who committed to the Hurricanes before signing with Louisville.

Who to watch: ESPN analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay rank Bridgewater as the No. 1 quarterback and No. 8 prospect overall available for next spring's NFL draft. Bridgewater completed 70.2 percent of his passes for 3,523 yards with 28 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions in 382 pass attempts. Bridgewater, who is scheduled to graduate from Louisville on Thursday, told ESPN's Brett McMurphy that he's undecided on entering the NFL draft or returning to Louisville for his senior season in 2014.

Motivating factor for Miami: The Hurricanes haven't played in the postseason since losing to Notre Dame 33-17 in the 2010 Sun Bowl. After a self-imposed, two-year bowl ban because of NCAA sanctions, Miami will try to end a three-game losing streak in the postseason. The Hurricanes haven't won a bowl game since beating Nevada 21-20 in the 2006 MPC Computers Bowl.

Motivating factor for Louisville: The Cardinals were one victory away from winning the AAC and playing in a BCS bowl game in their final season in the league. The Cardinals can win 12 games in a season for only the second time in school history; they also finished 12-1 under coach Bobby Petrino in 2006.

Pick: Louisville 28, Miami 24

Of course everyone is not privy to the info U have and that U can't share, but that we are being held accountable to lol.

I don't know everything
U know I don't know everything
We don't know everything (only get one side of most stories)

It seems that speculation would exist with a climate like this. Hanging with novice seems to be frustrating for an expert or one in the know.

I've already moved on, so no need to fire back.

If using what someone is quoted to have said AND what that same person has done (action) to come to a conclusion about what they may be or have been thinking is considered "baseless and without validity", then I'm guilty.

Thats like saying that its wrong to assume that a man who has recently purchased a gun and a week prior was heard to be saying, "I don't have much to live for", may be thinking of committing suicide.

But ok.

BTW, I've met Coach Golden twice.

Motivating factor for Louisville: The Cardinals were one victory away from winning the AAC and playing in a BCS bowl game in their final season in the league. The Cardinals can win 12 games in a season for only the second time in school history; they also finished 12-1 under coach Bobby Petrino in 2006.

Pick: Louisville 28, Miami 24

Posted by: Decade and a half isn't early in a career in any profession |

Wow thanks Mr. Insider, for the super secret cut n paste info we ALL already know. You'd make a great CNN writer.

Great job in giving back!!!!!!!.

This shows the heart of the 'U'!!!.

We really do NOT have to do this, but to see the looks on kid's faces it is well worth it.

Congrats, to the volunteers. Gestures like this show the Real Resolve of the 'Canes to give back at this opportune time of Year.

Thanks to all.

Very proud of the 'U'.
Go 'Canes

HTC, I thought you were an out of town guy. When did you meet Golden? I mean, I live here in Miami, and other than the Canes walk where there is a wave level interaction, I have not interacted with him.

I would say you are a lucky guy to have met him, but knowing how you feel about him, I guess it isn't that lucky.

If I was Bridgewater I would go to the NFL ASAP. Cash that check dude, why play for free when you can get paid, secure your future financially first, worry about being the best QB later.
Jake Locker, Matt Barkley would have been the top pick but decided to play one more year, lost millions each, specially Barkley.
Stop listening to Louisville coaches and say "see ya" bro.

After the UNC win in 2011 and after the ND loss last season, both away games. I haven't been to a home game since he has been the coach. He was pissed after the ND game so it was in passing before he boarded the bus and began going over game film with a small portable TV/DVD player as he took notes.

Both times they surprisingly allowed fans and family access to the players before they boarded the buses (right outside the buses).

I don't hate Golden, but I do believe that some fans are creating a monster in him by not holding him accountable to anything or criticism though. Its just like the rapper Jay-Z, I like his music, but his "stans" are so obnoxious that I find myself not liking him. I don't believe Golden has the coaching intelligence X's and O's to take Us to another NC--thats all. That didn't stop me from shaking his hand and speaking though.

I definitely don't and didn't feel lucky to have though.

HTC, glad you've at least shook his hand. I stand corrected. As far as his Xs and Os he was a D coordinator. Not saying he was great but a review of his defensive record would be a good piece of information to support what you say.

"Named defensive coordinator by Virginia head coach Al Groh in 2001, Golden became the youngest defensive coordinator in Division I-A.[1] He had spent the previous season at his alma mater, Penn State University, serving as linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator under Joe Paterno.[1] From 2001 to 2004, the Cavaliers' defense improved under his tutelage, ranking 108th in total defense in his first year to ranking 18th in total defense in 2004. In the same time period, Virginia's scoring defense went from 74th in the nation (27.6 ppg) to 17th (17.7 ppg) utilizing Golden's 3–4 defense." -Wiki

Some guys are good coordinators but not ready to be HC, kinda like Randy wasn't quite ready yet, but this isn't Al's first rodeo in the big seat.

"Golden was named head football coach at Temple University in December 2005,[1] as the second-youngest head coach in NCAA football at that time, behind Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald. Temple had a record of 3–31 during the three years before Golden was hired, and had just been thrown out of the Big East Conference for non-competitiveness. In Golden's first three years at the helm, Temple recorded 1–11 in 2006, 4–8 in 2007 and then 5–7 mark in 2008. The 2008 record was the best for the program since a 7–4 mark in 1990.
The Owls finished the 2009 regular season at 9–3, their first winning season since 1990. It was also their best record since 1979, the last time they appeared in a postseason game, before facing the UCLA Bruins in the EagleBank Bowl on December 29, 2009. After leading for three quarters, the Owls fell to the Bruins 30–21."

He has a record for improving programs and to think we were that close to playing for ACC championship this season despite the challenges []_[] faced the last 3 season, it stands to reason that he's got the program headed in the right direction. So I say let him do what he does.

If his expectations are based on improving our team then thats plausible.

If his expectation are to return us to NC contention and wins, then thats a stretch considering his history and your post above.

I guess it all depends on the fan's expectation level.

"Johnson's tenure at Oklahoma State University is noteworthy for his successful rebuilding of an inconsistent program. In his final season he led the Cowboys to an 8–4 record and a 24–14 victory over 20th ranked Baylor in the Bluebonnet Bowl."

It was the same type of questioning with Jimmy who did about the same as Al record-wise.

He'll be fine. I expect him to deliver our 6th NC in short order.

There are sometimes incorrect comparisons like: In Golden's first three years at the helm, Temple recorded 1–11 in 2006, 4–8 in 2007 and then 5–7 mark in 2008. The 2008 record was the best for the program since a 7–4 mark in 1990.
The Owls finished the 2009 regular season at 9–3, their first winning season since 1990.

Posted by: Next Man[]_[]p

The teams that were defeated by Al Golden were all inferior to Temple. That was the very important point that cannot be ever overlooked.

It can never be said that Al Golden has made any team better, ever.

btw- how's that basketball team, that plays in front of hundreds in a JUCO gym doing ? over/under 3 acc wins ? NIT first round road bow-out coming... That is, if []_[] even make the NIT. 12-17 coming soon !

Posted by: p[]_[]ff p[]_[]ff, snort []_[]

I think you care about this more than we do dude, so good luck with all that.

Posted by: Cola Cane | December 19, 2013 at 12:28 PM

how's that midget beisbol team that's 2-14 the last 5 years verses []_[]r Gator Diamond Daddy's... ?

lemme guess, the Yankee, Blue-eyed, Italian, Cubano Larrañaga for Coach of the Year to make the last 66th Seed play in game come March ?

wanna bet? it's the not invited tournament for []_[].

first round Loooser on the road.

[]_[] are

Look, you disgusting murder joking and name changing fellow, your efforts here are unwanted, unappreciated, and disgust those people that actually care about the families you taunt and attempt to destroy. Stop. Please. You have no reason to joke about the death of our players, claim that they are drug dealers, and then turn around and claim your school is so much better based on your sick lies.

Stop it. Permanently.

HTC, if his goal is to improve the team every year, as he has done so far, then would he not at some point reach a 0 loss season?

The fan's expectation level is constant improvement from year to year, no matter what sport or level of competition. Next year, the expectation will be a better record than 9-3, and if he does not accomplish that, then there will be plenty of others buying that banner to fly over the stadium. He has built up those fan expectations, as you have said before, so he will have to live up to them to keep the wolves at bay. That was one of the things that eventually ate away at Jimmy Johnson, that wins were accepted as matter of fact, but losses, rare as they were, were earth-shattering. I hope we can get back to those days in record, but I also hope we can appreciate those wins more this time around.

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