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So, what do you think of the Teddy vs. The Canes Bowl (AKA Russell Athletic Bowl)? Should be fun.

Sounds like a movie: Teddy vs. The Canes.

At one time, Teddy Bridgewater was committed to the Miami Hurricanes. Now he's committed to beating the Hurricanes.

Bridgewater, a Miami Northwestern product who now stars as the Louisville Cardinals' quarterback, will lead the Cardinals against Miami at 6:45 p.m. Dec. 28 in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.

They'll officially announce the matchup in about half an hour. The game will be played at the Citrus Bowl Stadium.

Eighteenth-ranked Louisville (16th in USA Today coaches' poll) is 11-1 and 7-1 in the American Athletic Conference.

Miami, ranked 25th in the USA Today coaches' poll, is 9-3 and 5-3 in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Miami leads this series 9-1, but lost 31-7 the last time they played the Cardinals in Louisville in 2006. 

Bridgewater pulled his commitment from Miami after former UM coach Randy Shannon was fired. He followed his Miami Northwestern teammate and favorite receiver Eli Rogers to Louisville.

Bridgewater's mother was unhappy with the way Hurricanes fans reacted to her son decommitting from UM before he made Louisville his choice.

Regardless, Bridgewater is a great talent, and as repeatedly witnessed in his three seasons at Louisville, has a knack for creating good situations out of bad ones on the field.

Last season, Bridgewater threw for 266 yards and two touchdowns as the then-No. 21 Cardinals upset third-ranked Florida 33-23 in the Sugar Bowl.

The Cards have 23 players on their roster from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Talk about a South Florida pipeline.

If the Canes can pull this one off, it would definitely bolster recruiting efforts.

So, what's your take? Will you travel to Orlando for the game?

 Do you like the matchup?

I definitely like the matchup, and the storylines.

And just in case you didn't know, Miami plays Louisville next season, when the Cards join the ACC as a member of the Atlantic Division. They'll replace Maryland. The game date has not yet been announced.

Miami is allotted 13,500 tickets for the Russell Athletic Bowl. Tickets are priced at $77 and $82 and can be purchased through the UM Ticket Office online at CanesTix.com, in-person at BankUnited Center (M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or by phone at 1-800-GO CANES.





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jsy, I will be cheering for a Canes win followed by a Donofrio resignation/taking on a Division 2 Head coaching position for the good of the team. That way it is the best of both scenarios.

So U should take your own advice "bri". That definition encompasses the essence of this UM administration that allowed turncoats like Shapiro to consort with our program after being sternly warned by the most hated but proven most loyal Randy Shannon.

The only difference between our examples is that one has the ability (due to wealth, power and influence) to be covert in their sabotage and the other (Bridgewater) had to be overt with his decision not to consort with the true turncoats by publicly reneging. Keep up and support the status quo that harms U directly, robot.

I don't believe that the people who represent the name on the front of the jerseys at the highest and most influential positions truly have the football programs best interest at heart. And thus they have via media and perception, made the average UM fan blame the players under Golden and blame the coach under Shannon.

People discount how influenced they are by the articles posted above. Shannon's coaching was dissected by fans and that movement was encouraged by the media who didn't like him. Now with Golden U see the exact opposite approach when in all reality--neither can/could coach at the high level *required* and *expected* at UM.

Our coaches have been inferior to our player's talent level for 10 seasons now.

This fact and ANY EXCUSE anyone can muster always has roots in the incompetence of UM's administration and leadership.

"....he doesn't have the physical endurance like a andre Williams"

Of course, this maggot Gallo fails to realize Andre Williams was hurt for large parts of his first three years at BC. Don't let facts get in the way, you maggot.

The only think disastrous is the spread of your genital warts. It is beyond any penicillin now. You will see. your next 8 months will be scary, GAllo. Stay away from children and the elderly.

Our true nemesis is internal and it aint the coaches nor the players...

Its the bosses-they are the turncoats.

Golden saw the opportunity to ride this hustle called the Miami Hurricanes and he is riding it out with his boy--who isn't going anywhere (its in their binder to stick together). UM's administration is in full flunky/f'boy mode.

How many yards did FSU and Duke (that's the 2nd best team UM faced all year, hilariously) rack up against UM's defense?

874 is a lot less than 1043.

That's the facts, and there are no trolls here destroying your ignorance in Cincy. Just Hurricane fans.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Do U think dno has the integrity to resign or he's just happy collecting a check doing a half ass job due to nepotism and I can't see even a d2 school calling. Maybe after his first year at um but not after 116 and last in conf. U could take a hs coach if those are the results u want

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Posted by: Defense keeps getting worse as the experience deployed in it gets greater


You can ALWAYS tell who's a redneck Gator fan, first because they can't spell and secondly they just can't accept the fact that THEY STINK, and are bottom of the barrel bums. You're in the basement, enjoy.

The Canes-Louisville over/under will be about 90 points.

Winnable game for UM, with the right mindset. You know Louisville is going to score 40+ so plan accordingly. Be adventuresome. Use Dorsett. Use Coley. Never punt from their territory. Never punt on 4th and a couple.Don't go for field goals--- in this era they are nearly worthless.

When are the haters going to let dumb dumb D come back and comment. Need to hear some predictions so can go opposite and try to get my house back.


Integrity? Neither of these guys have integrity. If so No D would've walked away after last years debacle. And Al wouldn't have leveraged for a contract extension after claiming Miami was his "dream job". Nothing from Pedo State should expect to have a dose of integrity.

Many of you will disagree with me, but this is just based on my observation over the past 5 years. Jacory and Morris are not bad QBs, because they are the product of the system (play-calling and no QB coach on staff). Looking at their approach each game; by focusing on the deep ball, must been emphasized during weekly practice sessions. I have not seen an U QB during this period able to look off their primary receiver...nor able to check down properly. I will never compare them to Dorsey...different time, system, and team...period.

Jacory and Morris never had enough talent around them to hide their weaknesses too. Ken Dorsey was an average QB who played within a good balance offensive scheme with two elite TEs and a stable full of game breaking RBs. The only issues I have with Jacory and Morris...they forced too many passing, and as Seniors...failed to recognize coverages...due to lack of development or can we all agree coaching (HC....Shannon & Golden) holding them accountable.

I noticed everyone has been focusing on the defense. I just decided not to discuss a known FACT, and everyone keep overlooking Golden. Susan, the title should have been Strong versus Golden. Who is the best leader of staff and players. I heard coach Golden has been focusing on recruiting, but he needs to attend to his team and their performance on the 28th of December. Strong is seeking to have a pike line from South Florida, and this game will be a very important recruiting pitch...especially with Central, BTW, NW, etc. ND and Ohio State have locked down STA; broward county is looking to central and north Florida.

what other year would I be talking about other than 2013 you dumb di...ck, lol

I never said he didn't finish strong last year....I said he is not a closer that net gains yards....there is always something with him....in the middle of the year he was weak last year:

look at the pattern green pea....

2012: opposition record vs his stats

1. ksu (11-2) he goes 6/19
2. ncs (7-5) he goes 12/39
3. ND (12-0) he goes 8/22
4. NC (8-4) he goes 14/47
5. FSU (11-1) he goes 9/27
6. lowly sfla (3-9) he goes 13/66

2013: opposition record vs his stats for best gains

1. fau (6-6) 19/186
2. GT (7-5) 22/184
3. wf (4-8) 30/168

he did have a good game against fsu but whats it gonna be...every year its gonna be something?

here is the bottom line...don't get hurt....its funny some guys play all 4 years and don't have issues...others every year is something.....duke is falling into that....

I wish Gallo would get hurt, maybe lockjaw.

I'm not really sure what your point in Mr. Ganes. Mine is, (and always has been) that L'Ville is not some elite juggernaut that many here are proclaiming and can be beaten. You can keep moving the goalposts around all you want, but the facts I provided support the fairly simple assertion I made.

Translation: reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.

dude, you don't know sh...it.....my whole neighborhood graduated from BC....

in 2010 Williams (fr) was behind the #16 back in the country with montel harris......then 2011/2013 that weak ass spaziani split the responsibility to a 2 back offense.....

only when steve addazio came in that BC went to an exclusive feature back......that's why Williams is #1

there were no injuries.....nice try green pea

typo 2011/2012

How about a return ticket for Galloinda? You know, as a Christmas present from all of us AND to all of us.

What do I think Susan? Since we make average QBs look like the second coming of Joe Montana, top rated NFL prospect Teddy B is going to light us up like an Xmas tree.

To the OC (Coley): Strong is going to bring the heat, because Morris has happy feet when under pressure. The blitzs will take away your deep ball, pistol formation, and Morris inability to throw (touch) the short pass. The offensive starters on the line and RB needs to work on how to properly run a screen pass. Please review the film of the last correct one, which was against BC...featuring a freshman RB (Duke Johnson). During this period of preparation, let's decide on the best options against a loaded box of defenders. What I am saying, stay in the same formation...but allow Morris to use colors or number system to direct what the routes should be...not looking over at you...because now the defense will change. Just a recommendation in preparation, and I have been very please with you adjustments over the past 6 games.

I cannot suggest anything for the Defense, because I don't know how to communicate to a staff who is clearly lacking VISION. Alright, just one recommendation...review the differences in FSU defenses from last year to this year. I hope the staff watch the Duke and FSU game, and noticed the energy, passion, and aggressive style of football. Duke played hard, but could not handle the speed...very simple.

"Bridgewater's mother was unhappy with the way Hurricanes fans reacted to her son decommitting from UM before he made Louisville his choice."

Thanks to the haters Teddy would not reconsider the Canes after he pulled his commit to reconsider where he would play his college ball.

If not for the haters Teddy would have been a Cane...that is a 100% fact!!

The haters have done more to damage the Canes football program over the last decade than Coker and Shannon combined.

They are currently, ONCE AGAIN, trying to damage the upward trajectory that Al Golden has the Canes on, which makes it critically important to refute their seemingly non-stop lies.

PS: For the haters that claim Teddy would not have attended the "U" then you are calling Mrs. Bridgewater a liar!!

"there were no injuries.....nice try green pea"

Weird how when the maggot Gallo get's riled up, his grammar and writing take on a different style. Hmmmmmm, interesting.

Nonetheless, he is wrong. Williams was hurt off and on for 3 years. Gallo would have blown him if he could afford a ticket to Chestnut Hill.

Nice try, green pea.

BWWWHAHAHA, what a maggot.

Five titles,

Agree on Bridgewater decision.

By the way, excellent optimal scenario you describe.

Canes win, D'Onofrio becomes head coach at FCS school.
Slippery Rock may be calling soon!

How sweet would that be?

Also good comments on Golden's overall coaching on both sides of the ball. Have our guys improved with time? Can the offense play a consistent game in the bowl? Do our schemes make sense? Do we execute?

Go Canes...

Mrs. Bridgewater, mother of a turncoat. Why would anyone believe anything she has to say.

"what other year would I be talking about other than 2013 you dumb di...ck, lol"
Ahh, losing the argument, getting caught in your own web of lies, so you whip out the personal attacks. How typical of you.

"I never said he didn't finish strong last year...."
and duke is not a 250/300 carry back.....no matter what he says.....last year he wilted towards the end.....
golden better have an alternative to Johnson to share the load EQUALLY....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | September 02, 2013 at 11:39 PM
Liar, caught in another lie.

"I said he is not a closer that net gains yards....there is always something with him....in the middle of the year he was weak last year:"
Really? 176 yards against Duke last year, in the closing game of the season, is not being a closer in net gain yards? Liar.

"look at the pattern green pea...."
I see the pattern, you lie, then backtrack, then rehash a lie you got caught in, then backtrack, then insult when caught.

"2012: opposition record vs his stats
1. ksu (11-2) he goes 6/19
2. ncs (7-5) he goes 12/39
3. ND (12-0) he goes 8/22
4. NC (8-4) he goes 14/47
5. FSU (11-1) he goes 9/27
6. lowly sfla (3-9) he goes 13/66
2013: opposition record vs his stats for best gains
1. fau (6-6) 19/186
2. GT (7-5) 22/184
3. wf (4-8) 30/168"
Pattern? If you give him 19, 22, or 30 carries, he will gain more yards than if you give him, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13 or 14 carries. SHOCKING OBSERVATION, GALLO!

"he did have a good game against fsu but whats it gonna be...every year its gonna be something?"
(Gallo's Minnesota cousin) "Dump that Adrian Peterson guy, he keeps getting injured!"

"here is the bottom line...don't get hurt....its funny some guys play all 4 years and don't have issues...others every year is something.....duke is falling into that...."
First major injury, on an obvious play, are you suggesting he is FAKING a broken ankle? You truly are a liar.
Posted by: Jim Gallo | December 09, 2013 at 01:00 PM

Now, what is going to be your excuse for THIS batch of insults and lies, fake gallo? And by now, can't you get your own name instead of stealing others'? The REAL Jim Gallo did not go to Miami. Go ahead and search "Jim Gallo" and "University of Miami", and he ONLY comes up in here with his t comments...

Ganes fans have no strong suits, except for opening up to gargle when it's time for the daily golden shower from their favorite Pedophile State shower spigot. Don't forget to let his buddy shake out the last drops for you before you get ready to do it all over again Ganes fans.

Just remember, the point you kept trying to make was that Louisville, despite their season performance and one loss to a team in the Fiesta Bowl, isn't some powerhouse. Coker got fired with his national title and career winning percentage best average record at UM for getting stomped in Kentucky during a regular season game. What will happen TO THE WORST COACH IN ALL OF MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY when the offense doesn't bail him out in a postseason game in the state just a couple hours up the turnpike?

Wait, now your whole neighborhood graduated from BC? liar.

BTW's 4-star DE/Jackson has decommitted! Shannon and Strong are after him, and he may be considering his future development based on our existing issues on defense.


It's funny how go through and critique post that don't read the way you chose them too. Answer this how do you feel about the continuous post about Golden being the best coach in America? I don't recall reading that critique. Not saying that you haven't.

"here is the bottom line...don't get hurt...."


Oh, and to end 2102, while Duke was running for 492 yards, Andre Williams had 5 carries for ZERO yards. THAT is having a poor finish.

And 2011? Last four games, 34 carries for 112 yards and zero TDs. THAT is having a poor finish.

Overall? Williams has missed 8 games over his first three years, and only this year did he not get knocked out early until the last game of the year. He gets extra time to heal before the bowl, but otherwise, he would have missed ANOTHER three or four games.

Richmond Heights Cane, that is sad news to hear. It can't be because he thinks he won't get playing time, and so it has to be someone buzzing negatives in his ear.

DaU, when Zook reposts articles, there is no reason for me to critique them here, since it is just a repost. I have disagreed with Zook multiple times though, especially about the defensive coordinator.

Please understand though, he is posting hyperbole to rile up the very folks that are saying Golden is the WORST coach in football, and that is a battle between them.

My issue with Gallo is separate from that, and specific to his lies about Duke Johnson.

BTW's 4-star DE/Jackson has decommitted! Shannon and Strong are after him, and he may be considering his future development based on our existing issues on defense.

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane

He had already committed to Ark before Miami, but was denied because he had not taken a visit, so apparently he has. We can't keep everyone, and who knows he may change his mind. On another note we may land 4 star WR Johnny Dixon, has us top of list. He's an animal ala Andre Johnson-ish.

No, all he has to do is look at the lack of development at his position and disappearances/dismissals of DE's in his mode like Hoilett, Dye, David Perry, Jelani Hamilton, Ricardo Williams, Kelvin Cain (MIA), Jalen Grimble, Jake O'Donnell (switched to TE) etc.. and not to mention the obviously most effective negative recruiting point: Coach D'Onofrio's defensive scheme and its output/production/rankings since he has been here.

D'No is and always has been "the cloud" yall keep referencing.

It is because he won't get playing time--there's evidence that he won't.

Five Titles, he would be an excellent DE with his basketball background, and playing against mobile QBs each week. If Golden going to keep his DC, then they need to change their base system. The skill level of the ACC offensive players and OCs are too advance to sit back majority of the time. Vernon is a beast for Miami by being always on attack mode. We will get the majority of the recruits because it's the U, but any smart defensive player should think twice...because it appears that Golden has put his total trust and future as a head coach in this system and DC. I hope I am wrong, but it does not look good for 2014.

Golden and D'No continue to recruit kids that don't fit their scheme on defense.

And when the kid gets here and is told to stand up his blocker at 220 lbs, gets dominated and has troubles adding 60 pounds in UTough they get dismissed or benched.

Maybe the slim DE Jackson sees this pattern and doesn't think he fits the Big Ten-esque defensive philosophy we now employ.

Yeah another list man Harriet(Calvin)Cane. Your list is full of guys that aren't that good and Dye LIED to the NCAA, so what mode is he part of, the LIAR mode? Yeah those are the types of guys you want on your squad. It's like I said the kid committed to Ark BEFORE Miami, so quit trying to twist it, and as bad as we need DE's, he'd most likely started. DNO is questionable, but a stud player can still be a stud and turn into a leader, and guys will emulate him,

Saw this team live the other night and wasn't overly impressed with them. They have no running game, and if it wasn't for a two absolutely unreal plays, Teddy's numbers were pretty weak. Their D sucks, as UC's QB had their way with them. We should win this game. Those of you predicting record setting numbers clearly have not watched L'Ville play, but then again you hacks are calling for the end of the world before every game.

Posted by CinciCanFan
I was not impressed with L'Ville play too; however, I have witnessed every U home game in person.
CinicCanFan, our defense look like they are rehearsing a fire drill prior to each snap. Now that is on the field, but the coaches on the sideline look lost...and the HC is just nervously pasting up and down within getting involved. Tracy Howard caused a pick 6, and the coaching staff were the only ones not celebrating. Why? Because Tracy freelanced, but we call his move in south Florida as making a football play. CinciCaneFan, watching the U on television does not show the biggest issue of this team on defense...organization and preparation.

Watch as Mr. Ganes beats up straw man after straw man in the comments section of a Herald blog. His feats of strength and logical fallacies CANNOT BE IGNORED! Slicing and dicing fools with homoerotic fantasies and delusions of AAC grandeur!

Blah Blah Blah...more excuses from the #1 Cane fan??? A walking oxymoron.

Canes don't live, sleep and breathe excuses--so I don't recognize U.

Golden recruited those dudes and said they were good himself, even recently lol. I'm trying to twist though? Twist what? Five said that Jackson had to have heard some negative recruiting to not want to play at UM and my comments represented the other possibility--where he committed to before UM is irrelevant and a twist.

Dye was a Cane and said he didn't lie--I choose to side with him and not the true liars the NCAA who got caught tampering with and creating evidence--but you'd rather side with them over a 5 year Cane because of what was reported or insinuated in an article--what a puppet and robot--no manhood at all.

Again, Golden vouched for all those guys i mentioned by recruiting them as DEs.

If the depth is bad then that means that the Des he has brought in--haven't panned out--so whose fault is that?

If Golden is such a great recruiter--than why does he continue to depend on "Shannon's garbage" to start and play over his own recruits over the last 3 seasons. Where are his players? LOL!

Cola, always whining about support for the players but would rather call Dye a liar than to call-out the NCAA.

U believe whatever U are told. When a player is dismissed he automatically sucked, didn't buy in and was a cancer. Just because the coaches say so.

UM has won 5 NCs with 4 different HC's. The only constant was the South Floridian players that make up the majority of our teams.

No coach comes before them, especially the *words* of a .500 coach and his horrible DC.

HTC, I doubt that Demetrius Jackson has the same issues as those struggling players that you listed below. If he is the best available player, he will get playing time. I am sure that Bethel and Thomas will still have his ear, too, so all is not lost.

Hoilett, three star 214 pound freshman, how much playing time would you expect him to get? He is loving his time at UM and hoping to move up in the charts next year.

Dye, underachiving four star, dismissed in his senior year when he was not going to contribute anyway, for his NCAA transgressions. It helped reduce our penalties in being able to say nobody from that era was left.

David Perry, three star, played in the Savannah State game, but still has not moved up in the depth chart.

Jelani Hamilton, four star, sophomore played in the FSU game, but is still a reserve.

Ricardo Williams, three star, decided to transfer to Marshall after not earning any playing time.

Kelvin Cain (MIA), two star LB project, He is not MIA, he is just a backup. But he has played in 6 games, only getting two tackles in the process.

Jalen Grimble, four star, transferred to Oregon State because he could not compete with the two transfers we brought in. Biggest disappointment of the folks on your list.

Jake O'Donnell, (switched to TE) etc.., a three star that redshirted and still could not get up in the depth chart.

To run a 3-4 u need 320lb plus nose tackles and ends that are close to 300lbs who are more like dts. What is Dnos plan with guys like Jackson and Thomas? I don't know why they recruit these 240lb des and bloat them up to close to 280-300. Or they move them to outside lb where they crearly don't look comfortable in space. If they would just use a base 4-3 they would not have these issues and could keep their des to only 10-20 lb weight gain who are quick attacking and sets the edge. I know this staff is recruiting studs but it seems like their just accumulating talent instead of recruiting with a vision in mind instead they force players to grow and play out of their comfort zone. McCord should be a 240 4-3 end not a lb, chick should not have gotten bigger than 250-260 and been an attacking 4-3 de. If this philosophy doesn't change and thomas is bloated up to 280 from 240 in 2 years, trent Harris and smith moved to lb we will say in three years we still lack talent bc the talent would have been wasted. Honestly looking at this class we do have moten who is suited for a 3-4 end and valentine who is suited to be a 3-4 nose as well as whyche but the other des are Taylor made for a 4-3. So if they are insisting on running a 3-4 why not recruit guys who are actually built physically for a 3-4

HTC, I don't believe the coaches have said that about any of the players that have moved on. Neither that they sucked, didn't buy in, or that they were a cancer. In fact, they have assisted those players in the transfer process, and have not blocked their progress.

Did Dye lie to the NCAA? According to Manny and Susan, that was not the issue, only the fact that he had not been reinstated by the NCAA, and did not appear to be getting an answer anytime soon, that led to letting him go. Only in the anonymous comments section does it mention the possibility that he lied to the NCAA.


Lol, thanks Five, but we already knew all of that. The point was that there's examples of Golden recruits that haven't developed, been dismissed, and been switched to TE.

Jackson could possibly see this pattern.

The DEs that D'No and Golden start are 270lbs. Jackson is far from that and might not want to get there if its a requirement to fit the defensive scheme.

Hoilett is in his second year--he is not a freshman and he is 6'3 245 pounds--why doesn't he play when he is not undersize. He weighs more than McCord and Muhammad lol. Hamilton is 285 now lol. He probably can't move.

Both going into their 3rd year in UTough as Golden recruits. Why does "Shannon's garbage" players continue to play the entire games?

Great point, jsy.

Jimmy Johnson would take safeties and turn them into LBs, not take DEs, and turn them into LBs.

It is going in the wrong direction if that is what they will be doing with the DEs we get.

Demetrius Jackson will be MiamiHurricane...period...end of story!!

HTC, we are both right.


He is a second year player, and a freshman, thanks to the redshirt.

Both going into their 3rd year in UTough as Golden recruits. Why does "Shannon's garbage" players continue to play the entire games?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 09, 2013 at 04:04 PM

Because they are not garbage? After all, the ones that left were also the ones that were unable to handle the new regimen. Those players have also gone through three years of UTough, and have more years of experience.

Rare is the Jameis Winston type freshman that can leap over a junior or a senior player.

Five, of course the coaches never said those things--the point was that some fans choose to say and imply those things when players leave or are dismissed.

See, ZERO proof that Dye lied, but U have "fans" like Cola who say and assume these things when they claim to be supporters of the players. Always making up and assuming the worst scenarios whenever a player is in question--so ungrateful.

How can U get mad at a person who lies to a bunch liars, especially if U have no proof that he did? The NCAA insinuated that he lied to them (liars) and some fans took the bait. Cowering to the elites again.

Employment doesn't automatically denote prowess

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