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So, what do you think of the Teddy vs. The Canes Bowl (AKA Russell Athletic Bowl)? Should be fun.

Sounds like a movie: Teddy vs. The Canes.

At one time, Teddy Bridgewater was committed to the Miami Hurricanes. Now he's committed to beating the Hurricanes.

Bridgewater, a Miami Northwestern product who now stars as the Louisville Cardinals' quarterback, will lead the Cardinals against Miami at 6:45 p.m. Dec. 28 in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.

They'll officially announce the matchup in about half an hour. The game will be played at the Citrus Bowl Stadium.

Eighteenth-ranked Louisville (16th in USA Today coaches' poll) is 11-1 and 7-1 in the American Athletic Conference.

Miami, ranked 25th in the USA Today coaches' poll, is 9-3 and 5-3 in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Miami leads this series 9-1, but lost 31-7 the last time they played the Cardinals in Louisville in 2006. 

Bridgewater pulled his commitment from Miami after former UM coach Randy Shannon was fired. He followed his Miami Northwestern teammate and favorite receiver Eli Rogers to Louisville.

Bridgewater's mother was unhappy with the way Hurricanes fans reacted to her son decommitting from UM before he made Louisville his choice.

Regardless, Bridgewater is a great talent, and as repeatedly witnessed in his three seasons at Louisville, has a knack for creating good situations out of bad ones on the field.

Last season, Bridgewater threw for 266 yards and two touchdowns as the then-No. 21 Cardinals upset third-ranked Florida 33-23 in the Sugar Bowl.

The Cards have 23 players on their roster from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Talk about a South Florida pipeline.

If the Canes can pull this one off, it would definitely bolster recruiting efforts.

So, what's your take? Will you travel to Orlando for the game?

 Do you like the matchup?

I definitely like the matchup, and the storylines.

And just in case you didn't know, Miami plays Louisville next season, when the Cards join the ACC as a member of the Atlantic Division. They'll replace Maryland. The game date has not yet been announced.

Miami is allotted 13,500 tickets for the Russell Athletic Bowl. Tickets are priced at $77 and $82 and can be purchased through the UM Ticket Office online at CanesTix.com, in-person at BankUnited Center (M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or by phone at 1-800-GO CANES.





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And you might have known all of that, but I learned a bit from Hoilett's twitter page for example, that I did not know until after your post. So, you improved my knowledge of the team, and I thank you.

Five Titles, would you want to be a middle of the pack, or better recruit, and come here? The players, you listed, have not gotten better.They were chosen, by Al Golden, to add to the team.

Dye was a very light in weight, highly regarded defensive end. He was committed, gained a ton of weight, switched positions several times and was dismissed.

The responsibility of putting players in position to succeed is on the coaches. There is a list of players, you provided, that Al Golden chose. But are having no impact. There cannot be that much of a delay in success that is not the failure of Al Golden.

I can picture Highsmith in the secondary trying to cover their wide receivers. Why do out defensive backs never break on a ball in an attempt to get an interception. On Louisville first set of plays, if Bridgewater moves Louisville down the field and score a T.D. this will be a 57-28 football game in Louisville favor. I'll bet my house on it.

I really was referring to the other stuff about the players I mentioned, other than Hoilett, because what U said about him wasn't factual. He is a RS freshman and he is 245lbs not 214lbs (so I do expect him to play) as U said. Thats cool tho, glad to assist.

Yea five I feel your point. and moving lbs to de made the des much more athletic and explosive bc they had that basline fadt twitch lb muscle. it can be done buts difficult unless youre a true Stud like T suggs. i always felt its easier to get a lb to play with his hand down than get a dl to play in space. Even though we have a stud class coming in its more based on a pure talent standpoint. If you closely see the breakdown of the recruits it's clear they will be made to gain unnatural weight and mass and play out of their natural comfort zone. Chick is honestly the prime example he should never be the size he is. It's not natural for humans to gain the kind of mass they are forcing on their players. Imagine a line with moten and valentine at tackles and Thomas and Muhammad at de with McCord being a rush specialist and whyche coming in 15-20 snaps a game like wilfork. Then u rotate in trent Harris mike smith at end. This could be a stud dline if taught to play aggressive gap penetration. Then u have Kirby, figs, and Owens at lb with bush roving close to the line Jenkins playing center field and bush burns locking it down on the outside. This could be a elite with players Taylor made for this style but no dno will move them all around and out of position that's why I have such issues with dno. Just imagine is a real dc like foster had the roster I just mentioned above it would be lights out.

Compare the accusations about Dye with the final report, and you can see that many of the accusations were unfounded, uncorroborrated, and unsubstantiated.


However, he did admit to accepting 738 dollars in illegal benefits, and as the last link to the Shapiro events, the NCAA was not going to let him play another down for Miami. Miami was able to honor his scholarship, and allow him to finish his education, but they could not keep him on the roster in that manhunt mode the NCAA was in.

Five Titles, would you want to be a middle of the pack, or better recruit, and come here?
Posted by: ChampCane | December 09, 2013 at 04:17 PM

Oh God YES!
To be younger, more talented, and have my pick of the cheerleaders? I would take that in a heartbeat!

Understood, HTC, 214 was his weight listed in Rivals, when I was checking how many stars he had.

Five Titles, would you want to be a middle of the pack, or better recruit, and come here?
Posted by: ChampCane | December 09, 2013 at 04:17 PM

Oh God YES!
To be younger, more talented, and have my pick of the cheerleaders? I would take that in a heartbeat!

Posted by: Five Titles | December 09, 2013 at 04:45 PM

But most recruits would like to continue playing football in the NFL. Hot babes are what makes the world go 'round. But Miami Football is about making your recruits better and adding to those Five Titles.

In reply to Five Titles | December 09, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Louisville turned the ball over twice in the Red Zone in that game and the result was a 14-point swing. UCF is a good team, but Louisville should have won that game going away. This was their year. They haven't looked the same since.

CANES will need 49+ to win this game. Just about everybody has had career games against our defense and I certainly don't see Louisville as the exception. I hope I'm wrong.

Who cares about Bridgewater. ..kid didn't want to come here, good for him, go wherever you want. Worry about the guys who did come here when they could've gone somewhere else.

Stephen Morris is our QB and I wouldn't switch him for anyone.

All I'm describing is the defensive style that was implemented by jimmy and what helped define the u for almost 30 years. It's why Dennis didnt touch the d when he took over. It was continued by butch, through schiano and Shannon. The blueprint for this was made years ago and the foundation laid bc jimmy saw the type of athletes that the state of miami produced year after year so he made a style that could harness that raw athleticism to flat out dominate. All golden and dno has to do is watch old miami game tape. But the process is destroying it. If these players are used how I describe next year they might be young but I guarantee it would not be 116 or last in acc and by the time these guys are sophomores it would be back to the way it should be

The point of my rant is that I love this class coming and think it has the potential to be special but it's not a 3-4 based class. It's a class made for the 4-3. And that's why I realize even though we were brining in highly rated classes, they were classes made for a 4-3 not 3-4 so that's why it appears we have no talent which is true bc too many guys are played out of their comfort zone and unnaturally enlarged.

This class alone has four dts that can rotate In and a crew of des that could easily go four deep if d Jackson sticks. That's eight deep across the line. We have a overgrown fast safety coming in at lb plus j young add this to the young secretary we have and the potential is immense but if u tried to fit this roster into a 3-4 I can't say the same thing

So dno needs to stop trying to do a 3-4 or recruit a 3-4 class not a 4-3 class

Posted by: jsy | December 09, 2013 at 05:58 PM

JSY, slow down there man. This coaching staff has many times indicated that it is not married to any one scheme. So, we might see a 4-3 in the future if the personnel they are recruiting are suited for it.

You've got to realize it is not Coach D who is selecting the schemes. It is coming from Coach AG himself, so if they want to change they can change. All these crying about the D coach is not going to change anything.

You do realize FSU does run a 3-4 as well beginning this year (so do Stanford, ND, etc.) without much change in personnel. Talent will overcome schematic issues. Clearly, an attacking D can be played by both 4-3 and 3-4. There is a time and place for prevent D as well if you have lock down DBs with outstanding LBs for pass coverage.

Louisville is currently a 3.5 point favorite over the Canes.

Update: Per Las Vegas odd makers; "Money showed up on Miami at +3.5, and Louisville was moved to -3"

First. Thank the Buddha Almighty for Miami, Florida's early Christmas gift. Because facing A&M, in the A-T-L, would be a national telly EMBARRASSMENT for both Goldie nd' Marky Mark. hUh

Second. CHIT-CAN all that bellowing about Louisville's LAME, overall schedule. Because the Cane's ABSOLUTELY played their WEAKEST, non-conference schedule in the program's SACROSANCT history.

Third. My main man Teddy is going to TEAR UP the Cane's defensive scheme's, ploy's and what not.

Matter of fact, Teddy gonna' make y'all Cane bUbba's PAY DEARLY for DIZZING/HATING on both him and his FAMILY. Especially for DIZZING/HATING on his dear mother!!!

Been hearing/following bloody RUMOURS in the South Florida, that DT Valentine is ready to DE-commit on his verbal and PACK his luggage for Baton Rouge come next summer. hUh

In other words, TWO early defensive player VERBAL's will NOT enroll in classes at Miami, Florida come next season. Ouch.

Could there be more defensive player's from the prep rank's DE-committing on their verbal's. dUh

I don't care if we run 3-4 or 4-3 whatever they run recruit with a clear vision and personnel suited for it

Shout Out to RichmondHeights, JSY, CALVIN, H.T.B. and other OPEN-MINDED, FREE THINKING, OBJECTIVE Cane fan-dom. For bloody KEEPING IT REAL!! dUh

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 09, 2013 at 06:13 PM

ron DORK, it's way TOO EARLY to keep tabs of the wagering TREND involving the Cardinal and Miami, Florida!

Damyum ron DORK, are you that LAME nd' DENSE!!

D valentine saw Robinson drop in coverage vs lsu and was like f this ish I'm out. And I can't blame jackson if he wants to go play football and not train for the worlds strongest man competition

Vs Pittsburg not lsu

Golden and D'No were hired and are applauded on politics and appearances

so why wouldn't they teach and focus on it with emphasis when doing their jobs--hence UTough, open practices and weight gain initiatives.

Results have never mattered--Perception is key--check that PSY 101 binder.

Ron Zook's posts are geared towards our perceptions while using exaggerated adjectives, hyperbole, and metaphors (Anyone who questions Golden is just like the guys who didn't like Butch Davis...) to provoke supposed outrage. His posts are routinely and purposely devoid of any facts.

The following 'Raising Canes' episode (http://www.youtube.com/watch?) truly defines the greatness and dedication of our coaching staff and players.

To you REAL Canes fans...haters are always going to hate and lie, but once you watch the suggested video if you are not already 100% convinced that Coach Golden is doing a spectacular job, I believe you will never again question that we will soon be playing for National Championships...and do in fact have the best coach in all of college football!!

It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!!

I'm not seeing Louisville as a really great team. Yes - Teddy B. is a great QB but I feel UM was beginning to find an identity that wasn't there in their losses. After Duke went down, new guys had to step in but I see them all improving now and I think the bowl experience + the extra practices will prove really helpful to the U. I see Miami winning going away.

It looks like some of you so called fans want our commits to go elsewhere, particularly when we need D-Line recruits. You might as well go and root for the gutters. That includes you JSY.

Coach D is not going anywhere as long as AG is here. AG and MD have shown the willingness to adapt as well. This whole Jackson saga is very strange it seems. He was offered by us way before anyone else without him playing a down of football.

harret tubman: "After this weekedn exchibition of top notch level football..."
ha ha ha ha
Be more specific- you mean the defensive clinic put on by Auburn adn Mizzou? Or the struggles of Teddy Bridge against powerhouse Cincinnati?

You and Calvin are a55 clowns

Well, that's great to know.

Louisville has seniors who have a year's worth of extra experience worth of bowl practices to draw on compared to the seniors who will have only two months of bowl practices in their career for UM by kickoff. So they have twice as much an advantage in that regard if you really think UM is going to use that to even up the defensive deficiencies they field.

But, it's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Here is a bit of info about Pat Narduzzi the current DC of Mich. State:

Narduzzi was brought along by Mark Dantonio to revamp the depleted Michigan State defense that previous coach John L. Smith had left behind, and was criticized heavily by the Spartan fanbase for the relatively poor performance by the defense during the first few rebuilding years of Dantonio's tenure. However, the 2011 team had a nationally recognized defense, ranking in the top five nationally in most statistical categories. After the unexpected and dominant performance, Narduzzi was pursued for head coaching jobs and a significant raise to become the defensive coordinator at Texas A&M University, but chose to remain at Michigan State and a 2012 defense that again led the Big Ten in total defense.

It isn't like MSU had a stellar D to start with.

naw holmie, I mean offensively and defensively with any of those games.

Auburn and Mizzou have better ranked offenses and defenses than we do and they'd both blow Us off the field--thats not even questionable lol. So climb back under your rock until Dec 28th.

Can we really talk about struggles against "powerhouses"? Wake Forest, UF, UNC, VT, Duke, Pitt--really? Cincy is just as good if not better than all of those teams. Tuberville and Strong made adjustments and got the most out of their weak overall talent. We are more talented than all those teams and we struggled--no different with UL and Cincy--when we face them.

Did U see the MSU vs OSU game or ASU vs Stanford or OU vs OKSU? Baylor...Texas...

We can't compete with any of them because our coaches are overmatched, so what was your point again?

yea, Football--a coach changed the production and performance of the defense--thats the point--thanks. A coach came in and got it together despite talent.

Case in point: asking us to watch a Raising Cane video as if its a game tape or video--which is reality not emotional banter, pageantry, PR, and commercials to prop up a coach that needs help outside the field of play.

Would U rather watch a replay of an actual Canes game or a Raising Canes video lol?

harret tubman: "After this weekedn exchibition of top notch level football..."
ha ha ha ha
Be more specific- you mean the defensive clinic put on by Auburn adn Mizzou? Or the struggles of Teddy Bridge against powerhouse Cincinnati?

You and Calvin are a55 clowns

Posted by: holmie | December 09, 2013 at 07:19 PM



I applaud your efforts to point out the facts, but citing facts to that hall of fame brainless hater crowd won't work as they are only interested in tearing down University of Miami football under the laughable guise that they are really fans and want the best for the program.

No matter how many times their lies are refuted they come back repeating the very same nonsense after rearranging the same sentences in yet another mindless post.

Fortunately, their lies and misleading comments are no match for Al Golden and the clearly energized and soon to be 6 time National Champion UM football program.

Out of ESPN's Top-300 Recruits, there are roughly 100 that have yet to commit. And about 65 of the top 150. My question is, not really how many will commit to Miami, but just how many are seriously considering Miami at all ? I see where we have offers out to a lot of them, but I only saw 1 or 2 that have even visited. And just a few, maybe 3, that have scheduled visits in Jan. While schools like Bama, T-A&M, Auburn, LSU, FSU, Georgia, Florida and even Tenn. have had MULTIPLE visits and many scheduled final visits from these top 100 kids that are left. Yes, it's a nice class of 14 solid 3-4 Stars we have now that's already a maxed out Class at 28 commits(with 14 commits being 2 and barely 3-Star commits as well. But most of the 5-6 Schools in the top-10 mentioned above other than Bama and Tenn have about 16-18 commits right now and will certainly add another 6-7 top kids each.. They all sure seem in position to close with a bang with the remaining top kids... I would ask, why isn't Miami in play for thes kids ? The NCAA is no more. We certainly could use the infusion of talent, but we just don't seem to be players for them. And to those that will say, "We're #3 now in recruiting." That's great sure, but it's not where you begin, it's where you finish. And we desperately need more talent all around the Football. I know kids want to play right away and that opportunity is here. But is it really fair to throw Freshman into the fire so soon without properly developing them until their Redshirt Soph. years. Thus you create a winning cycle ?

All I'm saying is, when these other teams begin to start stockpiling these Jan. and Hat Day Dance kids on signing day, don't panic. But, if we get some, 4-5 of our good ones, that decommit the next few weeks like the last few years, it won't bode well for depth. And I assure you, the Top-Programs will put on the FULL REDCRUITING PRESS on them. I just wish Coach Golden would go easy on the project kids (sure 4-5 every year doesn't hurt) over the Summer and early Fall and stick to 18-20 TOP kids (with 4-5 projects mixed in. but not a dozen) until you see if you can't get some of the true ballers. Those project kids will alway be there for the picking come late Jan. early Feb. And it shows the top recruits that we only recruit the best of the best. Top to bottom.

We'll see.

To be abundantly clear:

Pat Narduzzi was criticized heavily by the Spartan fanbase for the relatively poor performance by the defense during the first few rebuilding years of Dantonio's tenure.

The "few" in the above sentence is "4". Mich State D started performing well in year 5 of Dantonio/ Narduzzi. It was not done overnight (soft bigotry of low expectations? LOL).

Recruit players that fit the system and have a nose for the football. Star search don't guarantee a thing. Coley needs to get the offense playing with more execution, and we need the DL to fire off the ball.

We are without the cloud and steadily improving. Protect our back yard, first and foremost.


Forget what the fan perception was (which U have provided no proof for).

What was the MSU defense ranked during this guy's tenure and prior to it.

Facts (stats) are how U pose an argument U hope to stick.

All the So Fla recruits that are considering playing at Arkansa, Louisvile, Ohio State etc. take a look at Monday Night Football game and check out the weather and compare it to what you have here. I bet Alex Collins wishes he should have listened to his Mama.


No Excuses for []_[]

Funny how folks don't want to accept factoids when it runs contrary to their hypothesis. It is not like I manufactured Pat Narduzzi's bio, it is there for all the world to see.

Case in point: asking us to watch a Raising Cane video as if its a game tape or video--which is reality not emotional banter, pageantry, PR, and commercials to prop up a coach that needs help outside the field of play.

Would U rather watch a replay of an actual Canes game or a Raising Canes video lol?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 09, 2013 at 07:49 PM


Look stupid...my post was to the attention of 'REAL' Canes fans not a phony like you posing as a Canes fan and your numerous screen names. Now lecture us on how you are a Muslim and that makes you better than others, which is the very definition of bigotry and stupidity.

Stats are also available for everyone to see. Here are Narduzzi's first three years:

Yr Pt/g yards/g
2007 26.8 351.3
2008 21.9 357.9
2009 25.1 364.3

Not very different than the year before he got to MSU

2006 28.4 363.8

2008 to 2009 they actually became a bit worse, so some of you Einsteins on this blog might have asked for his head loudly (Note MSU didn't have to deal with NCAA issues).

The stats after 2009:

2010 20.1 337.8
2011 17.5 272.7
2012 16.3 274.5
2013 12.7 248.2

Goes to show you the importance of continuity.

Why cant Zook agree that the D is horrible? Its the facts. If everyone here agreed with Zook, we would all be satisfied with average teams. Dissent is not such a bad thing. I can guarantee you, zook, these guys ain't the only ones complaining. You sound like a kid still defending the existence of the Easter Bunny. You my friend are the hostile one, and you are the one with a nose that smells like Goldens sack..

Football.. tell that to the Mein Kampf supporters

Real canes fan don't complain!

thats new.....when were you able to seach internet and find out where someone graduated from?

poor green pea......your the one that never went to UM....your some loser kid hanging out....

here ill say it again....duke johnson has done nothing since hes been here....he is not a big time back that can handle the load.....

2012: #66 duke johnson 947 yards
2013: #59 duke jonhson 920 yards

wow a whole 7 places....let me know when he breaks 1000 yards and does something....

like I've said...some guys always has something that holds them back.....other just get it done......

btw.......williams was never hurt at BC, you have no idea what your talking about..

even jacory harris with a broken thumb on his throwing hand ended up #53 with a respectable 2486 and 20 TD's....

Why should I assume that what U write is a "factoid"? Because U typed a colon maybe?? I just asked where we can find this info for ourselves, because everyone doesn't believe everything they read or are told.

Your stats don't say anything to me--moot point--did they get an infusion of talent or something in that time span? Then why bring up that "they didn't have to deal with NCAA issues" as if those issues came out of nowhere and weren't a product of UM administrative negligence despite warnings about Shapiro. NCAA investigations aren't happenstance, so U can't just reference them as if it can happen to anyone or that MSU is lucky--stop it. Those numbers are better than D'No's

I mean are U really defending D'No LOL! Last defensively in the ACC!

Zook the Gator--U are running on E today and seem tired, U should ask Chris Freet to turn over that tape in your chest and press Play.

The Muslim deflection is played out and has never had any impact on anything you've said or *pasted* lol!

Demetrius Jackson will be a Miami Hurricane...period...end of story!!

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 09, 2013 at 04:06 PM


As I predicted earlier today--it all depends on what and who you know--never/ever believe the liars such as Harriet:

Demetrius Jackson ‏@F5_Jackson 3h

"There have been blogs, articles, and whispers that I de-committed from UM. Those rumors are false. I am committed to the University of Mia"

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