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UM Canes TE Walford said he's deciding whether to turn pro. Said he will make decision bowl night.

ORLANDO -- Miami Hurricanes junior tight end Clive Walford is contemplating turning pro.

Walford, a 6-4 and 259-pounder out of Belle Glade Glades Central High, told The Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post today (Christmas Wednesday) after practice that he will make his decision "directly after the game.''

Walford is the father of a nearly five-month-old son, but he wouldn't say specifically whether that plays into his decision-making. He seemed unsure of what he would ultimately do, and did not reveal if he was leaning one way or another.

Walford redshirted his freshman year in 2010, sitting on the sideline while UM lost to Notre Dame in the Sun Bowl in El Paso. He played in all 12 games this season, starting 11. He has 30 catches for 372 yards (12.4-yard-per-catch average) and two touchdowns in 2013.

His career numbers: 36 games, 24 starts, 73 catches for 995 yards (13.6-yard-per-catch average).

Walford's streak of 27 consecutive games with at least one catch was snapped in UM's home win vs. Virginia on Nov. 23. He has had his share of drops over his career, but he's also clearly talented and has made his share of acrobatic catches. He runs fast, too.

Walford was a three-star rivals.com recruit. He had more than 400 receiving yards and six touchdowns as a Glades Central senior.

We asked him what the benefit of staying here another year would be.

"Me staying -- I could better my craft, learn more football because this is actually my fourth year actually playing football. There’s still a lot I need to learn. Just be, like, a certified leader for the team. Because there are going to be a lot of seniors and a lot of upperclassmen that are going to leave this year. If I stayed on the team I could be a major leader for the squad."

Walford said he has not gotten back his evaluation from the NFL Draft Advisory Board. Underclassmen must declare to the NFL by Jan. 15. 

So, what would be the reason to leave, we asked?

 "It’s a lot of personal stuff. It’s a tough decision, but I feel like me bettering my craft and me investing in, like, a long term situation is what’s going to really determine what decision I make. I love my coaches here."

 I asked which way he was leaning. "I won't really say,'' he answered. 

He said he really didn't know.

He was asked if his decision would "go down to the wire?"

Walford: "It definitely won’t go down to the wire. I’ll make my decision directly after the game, whether I’m going to go or whether I’m going to come back. That night."

Any thoughts on whether he should go or stay?

As for junior linebacker Denzel Perryman, who also is a new father, he told us before the team left for Orlando that he would wait until after the bowl game to decide.

 Defensive end Anthony Chickillo told me Tuesday that he still hadn't received his evaluation from the NFL Draft Advisory Board.

* To follow up what I wrote yesterday (in today's paper), receiver Herb Waters is not expected to play in the Russell Athletic Bowl. He's still on crutches and coach Al Golden said he is doubtful. I'd say more than doubtful. 




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Stay in school Walford, you will need your degree because football does not last forever, and you need another year to polish your skills because you have had too many dropped balls and droped balls are not a favorite with NFL coaches. Go Canes beat L'ville.

the good news is that we did not lose to Georgia Southern and do not have a loss like that that is burned into history. How embarrassing.

Posted by: the urbanator | December 25, 2013 at 05:11 PM


U Picture This ...

Final Game EVER in the Orange Bowl on National TV...

Dozens of Former Canes on the sidelines to be honored at the Half and after the game...

Lowly Virginia, who lost home games to Western Michigan and East Carolina in town to be crucified and Celebrate the Final Game in the Miami Orange Bowl and it's great History and send the ol Lady out like she so deserves...

Ur Playing for Pride, Honor, Respect, a .500% record and to Send the O.B. out right ...

Then ...

wait for it ...


48-0 ...



Maybe 100 people stay after the game to honor the former canes and their history in the O.B. as the Cavs just kick sand and spat directly into Ur collective faces ...

Nothing, absolutely nothing could ever be that Embarrassing...

Then the Wrecking Ball, mere days later, then brings down the Little Habana Grand Old Lady... And along with it, Ur entire short mid 80's-mid-90's past history in a flash. And not even a glimpse has flickered since... (there's always the 30 for 30 U can run on a loop.)

Conversely, not even a barely loss to a great CHAMPIONSHIP program that has 6-SIX National Titles as you have over 25 first and second teamer studs not even dressed for game tops how U puked all aver Urselves that November night in the O.B..

Auburn, last year, 3-9 and 0-8 in the SEC due to massive Injuries... This year, playing for the Crystal. SEC teams bounce back from adversity. A mere bump in the road. It's an S.E.C. thing.

U just still get bounced around for well over a Decade now and running. dUh U since Ur OB Virginia Beatdown ? MULTIPLE bad, bad losses to under .500% teams, consistent mediocrity, no 10 wins seasons, no division titles, no acc game champ games, No Jan. Bowls, 0-fer in December meaningless bowls, 25k crowds, Unranked, Unranked, Unranked, Unranked, Unranked, Unranked, Unranked week after week, year after year, 500 yards a game allowed again n again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, over n over n over n over n over n over n over and lemme guess, "Because there are going to be a lot of seniors and a lot of upperclassmen that are going to leave this year", like in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and last year, next year in 2014, U will be young and inexperienced all over again hUh ?

U'll be back though right?

U Were Saying Something About being Burned Into History? Ur 10 year old Burnt Toast of a program that even the sharpest knife can't keep scraping off U delUsional dolts.

8 and 9 Win Season will forever satisfy U. That is Ur New Cane Thang Reality. Ur mind is just too delUded to comprehend it.

Any other good news that has to happen to the Gators simply because over a Decade, U can't create Ur own Urbanator ?



pssssssttttt ... a little over *** FORTY-EIGHT *** hours til Ur next 500 yard 'efensive performance loss and yet another off season of what ifs, what nots, dreams and delUsions U clUcks...


More on Duke Johnson | Nov 4th

His surgery was today, I'll get a read out from sources later but here's a big chunk on Duke. But I had a long talk with someone close to him today and wanted to let you guys go behind the veil.
He actually wanted to leave Miami at several points and times last year. He's been very frustrated with the coaches during his tenure here and he's had people in his ear trying to keep him level headed and focused on the bigger prize. He's often had to take up for himself and less talented teammates. A text came in recently from Duke saying "I hate these F*(^*ing coaches" to a mentor. There's a lot going on behind the scenes.

To give you an example of the kind of thing he's gone through (all facts, no embellishing) here's a story:
Duke was injured because of blocking on a reverse earlier this year and Golden called him out in front of the whole team saying 'who told you to block like that?' Duke just looked at AG and was thinking to himself that that's the way the coaches at Miami instructed him to block. Golden then went on to say that Duke was always getting hurt and couldn't stay on the field. Right after that, Duke fired off the text above.

Duke's handlers had to continue to monitor his emotions all last season as he phoned numerous times about being very unhappy. The sense I'm continually getting is that Miami coaches have trouble connecting with certain players and treating them a bit harsh. Some may say it's football, but when your star player is saying he wants to transfer to West Virginia, that should be cause for concern. The south Florida athlete is a different kind of guy and I've seen that with my involvement and covering youth football.

Duke stayed on and just fought through stuff. He's being reminded about the bigger picture and he's definitely gone after next season, don't even think about him staying, it's confirmed. He's already tracking his draft status. He's telling people close to him that he's projected late first early second in the 2015 draft right now (pre-injury). He's determined to come back bigger, faster and stronger.

Ereck Flowers is also gone after this year. He really hates Miami. He doesn't want to even do media. He's on the first train smoking after his junior year.

I'll have more later but it's disheartening to hear some of this stuff, but I knew this was going on. Tracy Howard got into a major spat with Coach D'Onofrio last year and it kinda got viral. I learned about it and posted it hear. I now that Tracy does things like wave his hand at D'Onofrio when the coach tells him things. That's why after the two pick game Tracy had, D'Onofrio went out of his way to rip Tracy for other errors in the game, tackling. I knew there were back stories and didn't write about it. It's public knowledge they don't get along behind close doors but none of them will talk about it. It's a 'locker room' thing.

But expect Tracy to bolt also. If Miami doesn't win a championship, either ACC or BCS (or whatever the new title will be called) it will possibly be tough for a few years until the coffers are filled again because last years freshman class (2013) is disgruntled. It starts with the leaders, so it's likely a wide spread concern.

If you're calling out Duke Johnson, imagine what a fourth year walk on is treated like.

how true is this?.....guy swears by it

Heres my evaluation Clive: You aint ready for the NFL yet son. Physically maybe you are, but you have to learn a lot more and you have to be a whole lot better to make an impact there. Your drops have been drive killers. And you need to block better. One more year will allow you to help Miami and to help yourself get a better position in the draft. The latter tranlsates to making hundreds of thousands more, if not millions

Hard words but you have a point..

If Louisville goes wild and stacks up the yards and points, what will be the excuse for the performance of the defense??

Will it be too much time off?
The players were not focused on their assignments?
Maybe we do not have the players to compete?

I would sadly say that it's none of that. The truth is thats a D'nofrio's problem and his system and no matter how much lipstick , botox and plastic surgery you put on that pig of a defense, it's still a pig....

"For those who opine that coach D'nofrio is a good coordinator are sadly mistaken."

Posted by: Disappointed | December 26, 2013 at 10:04 AM

Who said that?

I believe it all.....no way with the athletes that were left for golden that he would have something in the trophy case but NOTHING.....

how does auburn go from 3-9 to bcs championship the next year?.....

golden/dnofrio have to go...they never had it and shalala made a rushed appointment.....

hello? is this jon gruden?

41-38............whoever has the ball last, will win, neither defense can be trusted. Louisville plays in the worst AQ conference, D'No is so incompetent he couldn't find sand on the beach

UM will get embarrassed....you'll see. Louisville is more fired up and excited...UM is down.....a few players will play (morris) will try to go out giving their best as seniors.....but TB will be too much to overcome......

no 10 win season....

Dear Blog Administrator,

I've accidentally come across individual poster archives in the past but am not sure how I did that. If there is a way to archive individual's previous posts, please let me know for the improved quality of the forum..


A true Hurricane fan and blog supporter.

More on Duke Johnson | Nov 4th

No, This is VERY OLD.... and already refuted. Just like the claim that the Canes players set fire to their hotel, both stories false.

Next Man Up, that only works with registered typepad users. If you click on a post by the REAL "D", for example, his ID is in blue and the link takes you to his post history.

Thanks for the prediction and honest opinions of both teams, "Is it football season yet". I wish more could be critical of both sides like yourself.

Meanwhile, fake gallo just gives the usual prediction of doom and gloom, with no numbers.

Love the alleged "behind the scenes" drama. It is easier to transfer now than ever before. If Duke or anyone else wanted to do it, they would. But they haven't.

Just ask the burning dumpster fire that is UFraud football how easy it is to transfer and decommit. The Gatr Trash thought it was over but it is just beginning.

Dalvin, stay home man. That steaming pile of manure in Trailerville is a cesspool.

UFraud: where NFL dreams go to die.

I luv all the prognosticating...

Can't wait till Saturday night.

lets see if erect flowers is gone next year.....seems to make sense to me.....when coaches are inferior and over their head, they take out their frustrations on the players.....

"TMZ since I got here"
"freelancing with players going the wrong way"

parents calling radio stations.....

all ties in....I bet it is ALL TRUE....

Best way to tell that all that fake article was BS, is to see them claiming Duke wanted to jump to West Virginia. He was wearing U colors even before he got an offer from us, and had ZERO interest in WVU. He would more likely go to Auburn or Texas than to drop that far to WVU.

Of course, the lack of a LINK was also a telling factor.

"Posted by: Embarrassing ? ...U Own It ... "

C'mon, blog Pig. Floridian-American? This is old news. You have to go back that far?

Just think, 6 weeks ago, the UFraud trailertrash army was getting pounded at home by a depleted Ga Southern team that never completed a pass. Just gutted that stinking team like a fish.

You still suck, blog Pig, Mr. 9/11 "one love" marines.

More decommits and transfers from that cesspool in Gainesville. Guess parents don't want their kids to grow up to be murderers, accomplices to murder and Police dog-whisperers.

Gallo, you slob. I heard you take it in the can.


Your timestamp does nothing--U are once again mistaken.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 25, 2013 at 09:36 PM

Next Man Up, that only works with registered typepad users. If you click on a post by the REAL "D", for example, his ID is in blue and the link takes you to his post history.

Posted by: Five Titles | December 26, 2013 at 10:56 AM

Thanks, I thought so.

A happy new year to all the cL[]_[]cks out there in cane del[]_[]sion land. Congrats, you're almost an ACC power school, not quite. And congrats on continued "above average" recruiting. Things are lookin []_[]p cane fan.

Hola Soldy

So I encourage everyone to get on typepad for the improved quality of the blog.

look these kids have been tweeting that they have no confidence in UM (al golden)...remember dukes tweet last year when jedd fisch left.....and the sideline tweets last month?

where there is smoke there's fire....walfords leaving...naaaaaaa theres big problems at UM.....nobody leave like that unless you have a throphy

Not surprised by Gallo's post. Al Golden and his elitism-status is engrained in his disposition. He is the almighty Don, who grew up privileged in a small town where the median income for his neighborhood in his is the upper 100k's. This ain't Penn State.

Actually I have a track record of going after the coaches, which is rooted in my eternal frustration with what seems to be a DC that appears to be inept. I'll admit that the talent level isn't what it used to be but I don't accept that we don't have any talent. It's my contention that Chick and Porter could have should have been all conference, but Porter has had injury issues.

If D'No shows me something on Saturday I will post a good job coach, the same way I did after the UF win.....5 turnovers is still 5 turnovers. I respect certain posters like you five titles, next man up, Richmond heights......there's only one person on this blog that annoys me, whose name I won't mention......I think we're all pissed, frustrated, and have different views on how to get back to where we belong

It's Golden's loyalty to D'No that makes me angry, nervous

Is that why perryman is leaving also? Greepea you are in fantasy land.....

plenty of top guys out there that will want to coach at UM.....if Uconn can get bob diaco...UM surely can get the likes of a jon gruden....

these players are strategically making future decisions because they see the future at UM.....and it is not good.....

with next years playoff system and UM graduating its offense.....and teams entering ACC conference, these players see this year as their best chance to get a decent NFL draft.....AND THEY ARE RIGHT.....

Your timestamp does nothing--U are once again mistaken.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 25, 2013 at 09:36 PM

Next Man Up, that only works with registered typepad users. If you click on a post by the REAL "D", for example, his ID is in blue and the link takes you to his post history.

Posted by: Five Titles | December 26, 2013 at 10:56 AM

Thanks, I thought so.
Posted by: Next Man []_[]p aka Mahoney-Pearson | December 26, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Does your ID show in blue? No, well that may explain why clicking your timestamp didn't take U back to any history of posts. With this in mind, whats wrong with my above post? I clicked it, and it didn't do what U said it would, thus U were mistaken.

U lose intelligence and gain misdirected obsession by the day. This blog has become another chance to prove yourself, and U aren't thinking straight.

I think we have a shot at making the final four next year but will need ALL our seniors back....makes a big difference. I think Ryan Williams is going to have a special year!!

It's Golden's loyalty to D'No that makes me angry, nervous

Posted by: Is it football season yet | December 26, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Same here. Like I have pointed out before, Golden has apparently never had to fire anyone, either here or at Temple. It is great to have a boss that will work to do everything to keep from firing you, but it is not what is best for the company.

So in the end, we have to hope that Donofrio gets an "opportunity" elsewhere, for the good of the U.

My point was that you are able to see the negatives in the opponent as well. There are some on here, who will also go nameless, that prop up each opponent before the game, then badmouth them after the loss, like in the case of Pitt. In all the doom and gloom predictions, people are looking at the stats, without looking at the level of opponents that Louisville faced.

Go Canes, In order to make that final four, we will have to beat a very talented FSU team, twice. In fact, in order to win the ACC, we will have to beat a very talented FSU team, twice.

But if we can do that, then you are right, we will be in the football final four.

Looks like fake Gallows humor is looking for another point by point refutation of his fake facts.

"these players are strategically making future decisions because they see the future at UM.....and it is not good....."
No. Players are transferring from UF because they see the future at UF.....and it is not good..... However, a couple of juniors with children are CONSIDERING taking a lower round pick rather than risking injury in their senior year. BIG BIG difference.

"with next years playoff system"
What does THAT have to do with their draft status. It actually HELPS them to have four slots instead of two slots. Dumb lie fake gallow.

"and UM graduating its offense"
FOUR starters are seniors.
FSU is losing FIVE seniors on defense, for example, does that mean they are graduating their defense? LOL!

".....and teams entering ACC conference"
What does THAT have to do with their draft status. It actually HELPS them to have another conference opponent, just like it helped to beat Pitt this year. Dumb lie fake gallow.

"these players see this year as their best chance to get a decent NFL draft.....AND THEY ARE RIGHT....."
Fake gallows humor, claiming that juniors Walford, Perryman, and Chickillo would NOT benefit by a good senior year. This isn't like Clowney or Barkley with inflated draft stock, these three would all benefit from a year of stats and experience, so not only do you NOT know what they see, they are Right if they STAY, fake gallow.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | December 26, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Of course, your defenders will claim you are never wrong, despite you being 3-9, soon to be 3-10, on predictions this year.


Walford going pro early? Ha ha ha. I wish, he is so lame I don't even see him making a practice squad, Chickillo either, both need another year and even that may not help, specially Hands of Stone Walford.

Denzel I can see going pro and being a solid LB, he IS ready.

As for the comment that Golden's loyalty to D'Onofrio worries him, I feel the same way. I'm not here bashing the coaches on a regular basis and like AG, but this defense needs a major change in scheme or next year will be the same torture watching them not get off the field.

None of us really know what's going on behind closed doors, we can try to interpret the big picture based on what we see and hear, but if any of us were true insiders we would have Manny and Susan's job. With that said let's switch into game mode, make predictions, stand by them, and analyze the pros and cons of what we see Saturday night.

As much ish I've given D'No, I'm hoping the D at least plays hard, tackles well, and from time to time, gets pressure. Three weeks is enough time to figure something out

Louisville will become a middle of road team in the ACC people. Each school get that dynamic QB that comes along once every 10 years or so. They have no other QB that will be as good as Teddy "punk butt" Bridgewater on thier roster. They will have to play FSU, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Miami next year. They will have 2-3 losses come next year and still recruit low 3 star players. I dislike Teddy Bridgewater. I grew up watching the U. Grew up rooting for the U. Grew up wanted to play for the U, but then go off to REP another school. This is america, go where you want to go, but you aint no real 305 player. Same thing goes for Devontee Freeman and any and all players who dont play for the U. Its all about the U in my house.

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