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UM Canes' No. 1 WR Allen Hurns (1,138 yards & about to break UM single-season receiving yards record) wearing a boot. We're told it's precautionary.


ORLANDO -- This is getting crazy.

In the words of Al Golden (but said by me): Are you kidding me?

Senior Allen Hurns, Miami's No. 1 receiver with with 60 catches for 1,138 yards and six touchdowns, is wearing a boot on his left foot. He was seen by our Manny Navarro in the past hour at the Russell Athletic Bowl Kickoff Luncheon.

Manny was told it is precautionary. And Manny said he was walking fine, which is great news for the Canes. But if someone is 100-percent fine they're not wearing a boot. We were told that Hurns practiced fully this week, so I have no idea of the specific situation.

You already probably know by now that Herb Waters, (on crutches) is out for the game.

Herb has 28 catches for 406 yards and five touchdowns.

And veteran Phillip Dorsett, supposedly full go after partially tearing a knee MCL, has only played in seven games and has 272 yards and two touchdowns.

Calling Stacy Coley!

Freshman Coley, a star in the making, has 30 catches for 559 yards and seven touchdowns.

Junior tight end Clive Walford also has 30 catches for 372 yards and two touchdowns.

I have a feeling Hurns, one way or another, is going to be fine in this game. But it's only a feeling.  

An already significant challenge for the Canes appears to be getting tougher.



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ChampCane, very true.

Randy Shannon, more than any other member of the staff, even the compliance department, distrusted, disliked, and dissuaded others from dealing with Nevin the Snitch.

Our penalties would have been much worse if Shannon had even done the typical coach move of hear no evil, see no evil.

The class, care for the program, and ethics of Randy Shannon saved this Hurricanes program.

True Cane for life, Randy Shannon.

Gotta love type pad for calling out the bandwagon-riding jock sniffers. I encourage all serious blog participants to get an account to ferret out the name-changing gator fans and improve the overall quality of the forum.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | December 27, 2013 at 05:12 PM

I want to see that complete commitment to supporting Al Golden's termination next year. If he continues his yearly repeated losses to lesser talented teams. With his repeated losses to better coached and more talented teams.

The talent is great enough for this year, and next year, to have ten plus wins. That prediction for next year is without viewing the schedule. But having the knowledge that Miami is deeper and more talented that all, but a couple of teams in the conference.

Ganes fans still pulling quotes from members of the worst defense in UM history and the worst defense in the ACC in consecutive seasons to try and save the golden shower spigot shaker for their daily golden showers?

Lulz. Pure, unadulterated lulz.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Hmm, I am glad you are not talking about me, since I quoted members of the OFFENSE, and I am not into golden showers. Just because I tell you to take a shower, doesn't mean I think you are into them either, I just think you need some soap and warm water to hit you daily to reduce the impact of all your lies and ID changes.


Nevin Shapiro had complete access to the University of Miami's President, Donna Shalala. His relationship to athletic director, Kirby Hoecunt, was very close. Kirby disliked Randy Shannon b/c Nevin was upset that RS kept him from the players. Kirby sold his soul to NS for $$$$.

The ability to succeed while having no support from your leadership and boosters is vastly greater than the NCAA investigation. Randy Shannon had little support, while Al Golden tied his own hands with the recruiting restrictions he self imposed. Al Golden is having his arse kissed constantly by everyone (quite the opposite of what RS got)

Ironically, the greatest reason why there was so little that the NCAA could penalize was the head coach (Randy Shannon) eliminating so much of the illegal interaction.

That is more proof of the benefit received by the actions of the previous coach to Al Golden. Which is a huge impact, like the greater starting talent in place upon Al Golden's arrival. As compared to the talent that the previous coach came into.

Al Golden is a con man and is holding Miami hostage just to keep his boyfriend around!

Gallo you are dilusional. I spoke to Duke here at the Hilton on I drive. Yes I am staying in same hotel as players. Duke luvs the U so do others u mentioned. I spoke to them and some of their parents all week.

Louisville will become a middle of road team in the ACC people. Each school get that dynamic QB that comes along once every 10 years or so. They have no other QB that will be as good as Teddy "punk butt" Bridgewater on thier roster. They will have to play FSU, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Miami next year. They will have 2-3 losses come next year and still recruit low 3 star players. I dislike Teddy Bridgewater. I grew up watching the U. Grew up rooting for the U. Grew up wanted to play for the U, but then go off to REP another school. This is america, go where you want to go, but you aint no real 305 player. Same thing goes for Devontee Freeman and any and all players who dont play for the U. Its all about the U in my house.

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