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UM Canes recruit Brandon Powell disappointed in bowl, but "excited'' about reporting to UM on Jan. 8

  ORLANDO -- I just got off the phone with University of Miami recruit Brandon Powell, a four-star running back who played for Deerfield Beach High School. Powell is graduating early to report to the Canes on Jan. 8th so he can start college and participate in spring practice.

He said he has cleared through the NCAA and just needs to get a copy of his transcript from DBHS after the winter break ends.

"I’m really excited because I start college soon and just to be on campus and get an early start, that can really help me,'' Powell told me. "It’s really beneficial. I get to learn the plays early, get a lot of reps, get bigger and faster."

Powell said he's 5-9 and weighs 170.

Powell watched the game on TV with his dad and grandmother.

"They started off the first series and it was good,'' he said, referring to the safety that occurred when Deon Bush sacked Teddy Bridgewater. "I was pumped up. But they couldn’t move the ball on offense and I thought ‘what’s happening?’ I thought they were going to crank it up after halftime but they just couldn’t do anything.’’

 Despite the disappointing  loss, Powell said he can't wait to begin his upcoming career with the Hurricanes.

"I committed to Miami because I feel like I can get on the field and play,'' Powell said. "After watching the bowl game and knowing that Duke [Johnson] is out, I feel like even more I can go out and help."

Powell, who said he also visited Tennessee, West Virginia and Nebraska, said he was most comfortable with the UM staff and players. He said he's "looking forward to learning from Duke Johnson and Dallas Crawford."

What message would he like to give to fellow recruits who were upset after the bowl game?

 "Al Golden knows what he’s doing. He’s getting all those kids from South Florida. He’s getting the program back.

   "Coach Golden plays freshmen." 




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Posted by: SOLDY ... | December 29, 2013 at 10:01 PM

You meant Georgia Southern...right?


Can't take the embarrassing losses anymore and I'm tired of the excuses
Out coached every game this season. No signs of REAL improvement
Record is a byproduct of a soft schedule. Talent is there but no coaching up the talent
The AD and HC changes this off season will determine whether or not they get $1300 again for 2014 season tickets
No changes, I watch on TV. They bring in some proven resources focused on winning, we re-up the seats.
To the players, please fight through it and don't lose your natural aggressiveness

Maybe Chud will enjoy the college atmosphere again and come back. The control of players is a lot different, along with the mentoring . I can dream can't I. Golden makes it sound like he isn't going no matter what, but then he says things are "progressing" and I can't see that either. Have a great night canes fans, it can't be worse than last night.

Ron zook, What years did u play and what position.

Posted by: jsy | December 29, 2013 at 09:24 PM


That information could lead to my personal information and I will not gift wrap that for the various trolls on this blog. My great experiences playing in the Orange Bowl are not going to change the haters who hide behind computer screens hurling lies and stupidity.

Miami didn't lose to USC or Auburn

But to Duke, Vtech, and L'ville all of whom we finished ahead of in recruiting.

Good try tho

Ron zook, What years did u play and what position.

Posted by: jsy | December 29, 2013 at 09:24 PM


That information could lead to my personal information and I will not gift wrap that for the various trolls on this blog. My great experiences playing in the Orange Bowl are not going to change the haters who hide behind computer screens hurling lies and stupidity.



Zook, I'm not into the personal insults or attacks. Just wanna know what signs of improvement are you seeing that most of us on the blog are not seeing?

Everyone can't be wrong? I'm just not buying the "great coaching turnaround at Temple" marketing dynamic behind AG and his DC

I'm very open minded but I was there last night on the L'ville side behind a scout who was there to see Teddy B. I asked his thoughts on our players and coaches. His comments: "great talent but not used correctly." He really liked Dallas Crawford and DZP.

Anyway I'm waiting to see or hear the silver lining after this terrible weekend for Miami football. College and pro!

Ron Zook you constantly call ppl on here liars and claim they have nothing to back up their "lies" well do you have anything to back up your claim that you played at um? Or are you the biggest liar of all?

“I’m committed to Miami, but I’m opening things back up,” said Bethel, who is hoping to schedule a visit to Georgia.

Bethel said he wants to be assured Miami’s defensive schemes will be different from what he saw Saturday to remain committed.

“I want to see man coverage, more blitzes,” he said. “I think the [defensive] line isn’t physical enough.


Me too young man. I feel your pain.

Unless you just started reading this blog today Champ, the comparisons to Auburn and USC have been here for quite some time. There's nothing inaccurate about what I posted, unless my math is off or you want to reference a different recruiting site.

As for my first comment, there have been plenty of naysayers here who want Golden gone, who seem to believe that he won't/can't keep the great class he has together and believe that they know better than our staff and admin. Again, unless you just started reading today, these conclusions are not hard to gather. I'm sorry this is so difficult for you put together, but there's nothing inaccurate about what I'm saying.

Cinci Cane -
My previous points to the turnarounds at usc and auburn reflect the fact that coaching matters - those coaches got the most out of their players, AS SOON AS the failed coaching staffs left.

Tell me that USC and Auburn were doing really well with their studs before the new coaches took over and saw immediate results. Our coaches should get the MOST out of their players and they clearly don't.

Did our "top 25" recruits that were assembled over the last three years develop and produce what they are capable of? this season? last night?

I'll concede partially to the other programs having a better ranking overall, but I think my overall point still stands.

You're not much on picking up hyperbole and sarcasm, huh?

I would really love to see us get back to REALLY competing with this coaching staff, it's just not going to happen.

Like some others have said - the arguing over RS's recruits is over, now that it's all AG's boys moving forward.

But to say with such conviction that AG is the greatest CFBC? Nope.


That lady is the biggest liar on this blog. Look above where she says her post were doctored. LOL. As if the Herald doesn't have an archived section.

Maybe she's referring to the lingerie football league. LOL

That guy Zook, who posts every hour short novels of nonsense, just referenced the "trolls" on this site. If that's not ironic, I don't know what is.

Well, I dubbed and looped the play Bush made for the safety on Bridgewater, watched it for 3 hours and the game was pretty good.


Harriet, how about you go kick rocks.. I'll be here rooting for the Canes no mater who the coach is when the game is being played.
Not seeing everything in black or white isn't indecision, it's having the intelligence to understand that more than two possibilities exist. You want to finger point and say "fire the coaches" like that's all it will take for Miami to be back wining national championships. If you think another coach could have taken the current team, with the same injuries, to even an ACC championship you're kidding yourself.

If Al Golden was smart he'd bring Randy Shannon back on as Defensive Coordinator. Time to swallow some pride and do what's best for the program! Randy Shannon was an OUTSTANDING defensive coordinator for Miami before he became head coach. He is currently LB coach at Arkansas.. HE IS THERE FOR THE TAKING! Bring him back home to Miami and let him do what he does best!!! Coordinate the Defense at The U! And let AL GOLDEN do what he does best! AL GOLDEN MUST STAY! There has been improvement, and I believe the positive player development, excellent recruiting, and consistent WINNING will continue!

PS. If people really believe we can hire a new head coach AGAIN, start from scratch AGAIN , and seriously contend for championships within 2 years then they're stupid. One game doesn't define a season. The U moved forward this year whether you want to believe it or not. FULL SPEED AHEAD! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE U!

Rob Chudzinski, an interesting option, just fired by the Cleveland Browns

All you so-called fans fail to remember who Shannon recruited. Most of our seniors the last two years were bums. The only seniors who were worth anything are:
Morris ?
Hurns +
Wheeler +
Linder +
Hagens +
Henderson -
Highsmith -
Rodgers -
Cain -
Cleveland -
Porter -
Green -
James +
McGee -
Clements ?

The ones with a minus sign next to them, I'm being generous. Most of them were underachievers, really bums. When you have upperclassmen like this, it takes time to build a winner. Without our Freshman & Sophmores we definitely wouldn't have won 16 games these last two years. Be patient and just trust Golden with the players we currently have and the recruits that are hungry. The cupboard was totally bare when he got here, takes time to stock the shelves!!!

When a recruit,Nigel Bethel, points out how vanilla and unimaginative the defense is, time for a change. Anybody can coach base defense. It's not the players but the coaches who refuse to let them use their athletic ability to the fullest. We need a D-Coordinator who understands he has great athletes who want to be unleashed to play relentless, physical, kick butt defense.

Ron zook, What years did u play and what position.

Posted by: jsy | December 29, 2013 at 09:24 PM


That information could lead to my personal information and I will not gift wrap that for the various trolls on this blog. My great experiences playing in the Orange Bowl are not going to change the haters who hide behind computer screens hurling lies and stupidity.

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 29, 2013 at 10:09 PM

LMFAO!!!! Everybody knew this clown was delusional but this takes the cake!!!

Canespace Predicition: UM 38, UL 34

I'll say UM pulls the upset, 45-38
Posted by: j.w. | December 28, 2013 at 12:36 PM

OVER 75.... Canes 41 Ville 35.


Posted by: LA3 | December 28, 2013 at 03:17 PM

Canes 45, Cards 31

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | December 28, 2013 at 03:25 PM

UM 38, UL 34

Posted by: SOUP | December 28, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Canes 45 to 35 over Louisville.

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | December 28, 2013 at 05:33 PM

I'll go with the upset and say we pull it off based on strength of schedule. 34-24

We'll know by half time...if Bridgewater is on fire we'll be toast...

Posted by: longtimecanefan | December 28, 2013 at 06:47 PM

Cane fans delusions know no bounds ...

Posted by: puna68 | December 30, 2013 at 08:10 AM

Why couldn't Golden's recruits unseat all of these bums as you call them? Typical Al Golden fan and not a Canes fan.

Do you really think Randy Shannon would come back and be a DC at the place from where he was fired? On top of that, work for his replacement?

Would you put yourself in this situation?

RS isn't being asked back here, under any circumstances.

Golden will either field a better team next year, his 4th, or changes will occur. Maybe a forced DC swap (both?) or A HC change.

Sill cane-----cherry picking a few predictions to "prove" something doesn't work past the 5th grade. Many Canes fans picked Louisville to win----like me.

Cane fans delusions know no bounds ...

Posted by: Sill Cane Fans

Dude do you NOT see you have a weird SICKNESS? You pan through posts on ANOTHER teams blog site, and copy/paste past remarks. I mean how DELUSIONAL is that? You're the definition of the word. LMAO, you make yourself look very stupid. This is OUR team blog site, of course we're going to BACK our team, just like bloggers on YOUR teams site would do, 'oh that's right, you NEVER even go to your own site'. Grow up man, for crying out loud.

Unimaginative defense? They blitzed 6 guys at one point and, because there are no playmakers on that whole starting unit, TB picked them apart. What else would the resident coaching braintrust that infests this blog have done?

Please tell me what "Scheme" you would use when your players cannot play man or zone or any combination of man and zone AND your d-line applies no pressure to the best QB in the country.

Please answer this question. I want a "scheme " that will address the utter lack of playmaking talent such that it turns the below-average Miami defense into Alabama. The floor is yours.

"Its Randy Shannon's fault" LOL!! What could possibly motivate a post like this after 4 years??

MovingZen, move on with zen. There isn't two possibilities for the direction of UM football, the one constant is the culture and playing style both under overt attack by the current leadership--evidenced by "Raising Canes" and Retreat Defense initiatives respectively. We can "grey area" and deductive stuff all day after that is shored up and re-established. These coaches don't embody these concepts and have admittedly set out to change them (in their own words).

Thus, the massacre U and I just watched in year 3 of the Cane Repurposing Project of Assimilation. Most things do require seeing different possibilities but the current UM staff and the players and recruiting region they are exposed to are obviously not meshing. Its oil and water down in Coral Gables.

PSY 101 initiatives aka Holy Binder talk only works when Manny or Susan has a mic to their faces--not on the field of play. There's no room after 10 years of systematic mediocrity for deductive arguments about our *true* core values. U can't change Nature and Nurture.

There's no more room to hope and work a "process" of a dude that continues to bring up the NCAA investigation as a roadblock of his success on the field and satisfying his job duties when he stayed on to coach the team despite the investigation. Golden can't have it both ways, IF the NCAA investigation harmed, hampered or jeopardized his abilities to satisfy his job duties then he should have left. People continue to praise him and say he's a great guy for staying, but he parlayed it into a raise and extension AND continues to use it as an excuse for not getting goals accomplished (ACC championship). Would "a great guy" do this? Would Shannon bring up the NCAA in capacity after agreeing to stick threw it and be sainted for that decision?--is that the cloth he is cut from? How are these acts detailed in this post--still considered to be those of a "class act" and "good guy"?

Ever had a new supervisor who comes in like a bull in a China shop, and lets phrases of their intentions slip like, "I'm going to get this place together" as if something is wrong with the job that has been done previously and those who've done it? Well thats how "Raising Canes", Unity Counsels and somewhat U-Tough feel to me and I believe the players as well. U have to finesse and add onto to strengths when dealing with strong-willed and proud people. U can't question their will and integrity, and then expect no accountability yourself.

The players were out of shape and not working hard enough because the UM administration and leadership was lazy and not working hard enough for the stepchild-like football program. The environment is set by the leaders in it. Exposure and acceptance of Ponzi Schemers, bad hiring of ADs, HCs, OCs, DCs, lack of continuity, and lack of institutional oversight reaches the workers (players) and no HC (supervisor) can do their job if they're being professionally and systematically undermined by their superiors.

Al Golden came in and went at the players for our years of mediocrity when they were just following the new cane culture of using the university to get at the $$$ (NFL) like the bosses and most influential on campus.

The players aren't the issue--they are the result or product of their lax environment.

The next UM coach will need to know this an approach the situation as such.


Yah, I picked Louisville to win as a football pick, not one from the heart. It was obvious that UM would get shredded. I did think we would score more than 9 points. Coaching adjustments and preparation were typically weak. That has been apparent thoughout the year.

Nigel Bethel gets how defense should be played. A lot of aggressive kids are turned off by the Penn State approach. And we will not lose D'Onofrio.

In fairness, the D played well against the run. The secondary was lost as usual, and their lack of man coverage made it an easy night for Bridgewater. Protect the passer, step up into the pocket or roll out, and hit the empty space in the zone. Piece of cake, no?

Replace both coordinators. New QB so the downside is less with a new OC. Get Chud...

And we all know
coach D-No
needs to go.

If Golden does not produce a substantially improved team in Year 4, hope he moves on. If so, let's find an aggressive coach who knows how to motivate and exploit the strengths of his players. A 300 page plan only means that a coach is obsessive and may confuse detailed ideas with broader strategies that energize a team.

Nice guy, good recruiter, man of integrity and character, but weak game coach.

Louisville came to play. As has been true in our losses, UM did not. Rather than playing intense O or D, guys fear mistakes, being blamed, being out of position. It is not UM football as it should be done.

Turn our guys loose and stop punishing nonconformist kids who are spirited and aggressive, not robots.

As others pointed out early on, this ain't the MAC. And the ACC is only going to get better. Will UM?

@DaU....because most high school kids need time to put on weight and adjust to the speed of college ball. For every Amari Cooper you have ten kids that need time to adjust. Like Jameis Winston, he came in and melded very well with the juniors and seniors on FSU.

Dau, my thoughts exactly about Al Golden's recruits.

There has not been development of Al Golden's recruits, those players here at his arrival, those players he got to transfer here and those recruits that early enrolled.

He also did not develop, prior to them leaving, the 30 plus players that transferred out. With most of those he forced out. By using the common practice of one year tryout on scholarship. Or to force previous players out to free up scholarships for your targeted recruits.

That works if you develop those replacement players. But when you don't develop those players you lose continuously to both lesser, and more talented teams

No amount of revisionism of Al Golden's history can rewrite these things. Other programs have had success with the previous players. Other programs have won during the actual NCAA sanctions.

The regular season losses in 2011 were greater than 2010. With losses closer than the more recent years. That year had several key players suspended for several games. The lack of progressive success since then is debatable.

There are two main things that can be questioned. Is there an acquisition of inferior talent, than that here upon Al Golden's arrival? And is he not developing the recruits that he targets to play his personal style of football?

Some good posts here.

I've said this many times, but it is clear that this coaching staff is not developing players. Nobody on defense has improved since they arrived at Miami except for Gunter.

If you look at Louisville's recruiting classes for the last few years, they are comprised of mostly 3 star recruits. There are a lot of players from Miami-Dade who were not recruited by Miami or any other big schools (Charles Gaines, for example). As other posters have said, Louisville has followed the model of the old-UM teams - lockdown Miami-Dade, harness the fire of the players, and develop them and let them play aggressive. They aren't even getting the best players from Miami-Dade and look what they have done.

The biggest difference is the Louisville coaching staff has developed their players but have not taken Miami out of them. The coaching staff lets them talk trash and it fires them up. The players play to their strength - which is speed. Miami, on the other hand, has slowed them down by adding too much weight. The players are not allowed to "freelance" and there is no aggression, trash-talking, or any personality to the team. They are told to stay in their positions and trust the process, even when it is clear that the process has failed.

Golden needs to make big philosophical changes or he needs to go. They are not playing Miami-style football anymore. He could learn a lot from the Miami players coming out of high school, if he would just listen. Unlike Golden, many of them have won championships.

D'O obviously needs to be fired as he is completely incompetent. If Golden fires his buddy, it will show me that he is at least willing to make difficult decisions to win. If D'O stays on board, this time will continue to struggle against lesser-talented teams and will lose consistently to FSU and teams with superior talent. Golden needs to surround himself with top assistants. Golden does not appear to be a good X's and O's guy to me. He's not like Jimbo Fisher, who is capable of running an offense on his own. He needs someone else to handle the heavy lifting. Golden's strengths are recruiting and keeping order. I think he could be a great motivator to the players too if he would try relating to them more. I still think he can be successful because, but he has to look in the mirror and make changes.

Another point that the commentator made during the game was how the QB coach for Louisville made Teddy Bridgewater learn defenses before he was allowed to learn or run the offense. Coaching makes all the difference. Look at Morris under Fisch last year and look at him now. I also think Jacory would have been successful if he were coached and developed properly, and that Bridgewater would not have had the success he had if he had come to Miami. Sad but true.

Bethel comments were correct, and I believe he made them from an emotional disposition. I liked his knowledge of the game, and it appears he has a build in passion about winning. Nevertheless, his comments were directed at Golden and his DC...who prepared the defensive game plan. If Bethel decides to attend the U, I hope this coaching staff does not treat him like they are doing Tracy Howard...who spoke up during his freshman season.

From the stands at the game, it seems a combination of scheme and players as the defensive struggled to make plays. The defensive line was coming hard and fast, but Teddy released the ball quick to an open receiver...due to soft zone and mismatches (i.e., LBs and DEs covering slot receivers). The U blitz packages were not a surprise. Basically, everything we did undering the season, Teddy knew which player will be open. Defensive coaches, to include Golden did not present another scheme.

I cannot put all the blame on this coaching staff...as I have mentioned in prior posts. I noticed the U did not have a leader on both sides of the ball over the past 2 years. We had selected captions...but not a leader on the field with any unit. Where is...Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Bennie Blades, Ray Lewis, Jerome Brown, Warren Sapp, Kennedy, Maryland, Daryl Williams, Armstead, Derron Smith, etc. on defense? How about...Kosar, Kelly, Edgrin James, Michael Irvin, Highsmith, Eddie Brown, etc. on offense? Like my former HS coach and former cane coach Soldinger told me once..."you are what is on film, don't tell me what you can do, because you are not where you suppose to be. There is only one football in the game, and you should no where it is and going at all times on defense. On offense, each play is designed to score...not just to get a first down".

Posted by: Sunny Dee | December 30, 2013 at 11:00 AM

In a nut shell!

Great post Sunny Dee.

Louisville will become a middle of road team in the ACC people. Each school get that dynamic QB that comes along once every 10 years or so. They have no other QB that will be as good as Teddy "punk butt" Bridgewater on thier roster. They will have to play FSU, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Miami next year. They will have 2-3 losses come next year and still recruit low 3 star players. I dislike Teddy Bridgewater. I grew up watching the U. Grew up rooting for the U. Grew up wanted to play for the U, but then go off to REP another school. This is america, go where you want to go, but you aint no real 305 player. Same thing goes for Devontee Freeman and any and all players who dont play for the U. Its all about the U in my house.

RHC, we have captains on both sides, so the leader on-field would probably be the players who are trusted upon and known to make plays.

If this is the case then the coaching philosophy to not have guys freelance or in other words, have a player that is allowed to rove since he has shown a knack for explosive plays is a function of coaching. They are insecure and don't want any one player believing they're the one. U are calling for a Miami style of on-field leadership based in production and unfortunately thats not an important initiative to the brand of football these coaches are projecting.

This player would obviously be Denzel Perryman.

Posted by: al | December 30, 2013 at 11:12 AM

Now what does this have to do with the Hurricanes?

Very important that ALL of the DT recruits stay committed, big key to next year. Is there a spot on staff for Rob Chudzinski ?

al, U have to understand and swallow that your "U" has sold out and doesn't want to be that "U", U speak of anymore.

Thats why those kids left and won't come.

Its tough but U have to realize that its not about the "U", U speak of in Golden's, Hocutt, D'No's, BOT's or Shalala's homes. There's a disconnect going on. And it aint Bridgewater or Freeman's fault.

is golden going to penn state?

if so apparently greg schiano is available

Zook, and 5 titles too afraid to post as yourself? Hide behind another persona, really, the excuses are ridiculous, there is no way that VaTech should come into your stadium and whoop on you and run for 400 yards, I don't care if you had to play all of your 3rd string players, they should be good enough to beat them. So I believe it is dumb canes that is delusional.

400 yards rushing...lol. that depleated team owned U in your house Yea, you MAY be better tban last season, but how hard is that? Dead last in defense,lost to ACC cupcakes team at home, played the softest schedule ever . Cant get any worse than that ,so yea , you may get better.

Whatever makes you cane fans feel better about once again getting spanked on national television! lol! I mean Bridgewater had more yards passing and rushing than the entire canes team had total! That is absolutely pathetic! ! Keep deflecting though and don't face the reality that is your sorry excuse of a team. Not exactly sure what gives you hope for next year, but again that's why you guys are the most delusional fan base in college football!

Lol ...zook the gator is like a roach....guess Im gonna have to pull out the termidor. U didnt get spanked on national tv by fsu? I would much rather be spanked by Louisville on tv than FSU.

5 douche, I guess you forgot about the FSU and VaTech and Duke beat downs huh? Your comments make no sense and its like having a little kid say I know you are but what am I. Accept your team is pathetic, a repeat season will occur next year and once again U will be stuck with goldencrap and his boyfriend cause no one else wants them.

This just in:

LOUISVILLE JUST SCORED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chud wouldn't cime here to be on the staff, You would meed to make him head coach.

No Chud
No Schiano
No one can save U
U are stuck with Alverage and his boy toy

The U has sold out, HTC. Saturday was like having something we invented sold back to us at a really high price.

It's not that we can't play like that, we just don't want to.

We are....Penn St

All this talk about the defense. Personally I think our offense is what's killing this team. In today's college football you can't expect to see 80-90 plays on defense and be stout. The game is so wide open. In fact, the defense kept us hanging around and we had a chance at 16-2 to make it a one possession game and allow the momentum to be turned to our favor. Our offense continually puts the defense in tough spots. Until the offense learns how to pick up the defense every once in awhile and gains field position, this ugly losing versus ranked teams will continue. Heck, I would want to play defense all game long for that sorry offense for sure. They're always on the field in tough situations.

5 douche, I guess you forgot about the FSU and VaTech and Duke beat downs huh? Your comments make no sense and its like having a little kid say I know you are but what am I. Accept your team is pathetic, a repeat season will occur next year and once again U will be stuck with goldencrap and his boyfriend cause no one else wants them.

Posted by: fake Jim Gallo

I don't know what's more pathetic, us getting spanked by UL, or a guy who changes his screen name more than a 5$ dollar hooker and seems to make it his life's mission to talk bad about Miami? I mean really dude, are you Lou Holtz's son, or just have a very strange hard on against a football team and it's fans? Just seems rather peculiar.

*(I wouldn't want to play defense for that sorry offense)

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