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UM Canes recruit Brandon Powell disappointed in bowl, but "excited'' about reporting to UM on Jan. 8

  ORLANDO -- I just got off the phone with University of Miami recruit Brandon Powell, a four-star running back who played for Deerfield Beach High School. Powell is graduating early to report to the Canes on Jan. 8th so he can start college and participate in spring practice.

He said he has cleared through the NCAA and just needs to get a copy of his transcript from DBHS after the winter break ends.

"I’m really excited because I start college soon and just to be on campus and get an early start, that can really help me,'' Powell told me. "It’s really beneficial. I get to learn the plays early, get a lot of reps, get bigger and faster."

Powell said he's 5-9 and weighs 170.

Powell watched the game on TV with his dad and grandmother.

"They started off the first series and it was good,'' he said, referring to the safety that occurred when Deon Bush sacked Teddy Bridgewater. "I was pumped up. But they couldn’t move the ball on offense and I thought ‘what’s happening?’ I thought they were going to crank it up after halftime but they just couldn’t do anything.’’

 Despite the disappointing  loss, Powell said he can't wait to begin his upcoming career with the Hurricanes.

"I committed to Miami because I feel like I can get on the field and play,'' Powell said. "After watching the bowl game and knowing that Duke [Johnson] is out, I feel like even more I can go out and help."

Powell, who said he also visited Tennessee, West Virginia and Nebraska, said he was most comfortable with the UM staff and players. He said he's "looking forward to learning from Duke Johnson and Dallas Crawford."

What message would he like to give to fellow recruits who were upset after the bowl game?

 "Al Golden knows what he’s doing. He’s getting all those kids from South Florida. He’s getting the program back.

   "Coach Golden plays freshmen." 




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Fake jim, I don't hold out much hope. There will be few changes made, Golden will stall and the heat will be off for the off-season. Next year, more of the same. I haven't looked at the schedule, but I will bet that 4 losses would be over achieving. The players have all but given up on this PSU attitude, and the recruits will speak loudly when signing day comes around. No player who CARES about winning, not just playing will come here. I for one am glad this season is over. It's too hard to watch.

The only scenario that makes any sense is:
PSU somehow wants elite Al, he goes...

We pick up Chud.

Not likely, and not likely. Bummer.

Who's AG gonna replace DNO with?
RS? please.
Anyone got a real answer for this?

Penn St. wouldn't take this .500 bum. His gimmick is up everyone knows he's mediocre Al. His agent has fooled our administration into giving him that undeserved extension. Now he's trying to feed us this bs that he'll recruit his way out of this mess. I can care less who he recruits that still won't make up for his inability to coach.

We have become Penn State south.
Forget fake Al and that stupid 300 page binder to a .500 record.

I watched UM against Louisville and saw a team that has quit on the coaching staff. First off, the offensive play calling was terrible!!! There was a reason Coley was not calling plays at FSU. Second, the defense has gotten worse with DNo running the show. I am tired of hearing we don't have enough talent. There is more than enough talent to beat Va Tech, Duke and Louisville. Problem was, we were out-coached in each one of those games. Growing up in South Florida, my Dad was good friends with Al Jankovich, AD during the UM heyday. All of those teams-even with JJ, Erickson and Butch- had great assistant coaches, as witnessed by all of them in the NFL or head coaching somewhere. The current team does not have this, and it shows very badly. I hope that Al Golden does not keep DNo as Defensvie coordinator, he would have been gone from any other D1 team by now-reassign him to special teams, but do not let him run the defense. We also need to look at the offense as well. As a kid growing up watching the 80's Miami Hurricanes, I will always be a die hard UM fan, but please give us fans a team that plays Miami Hurricane football. Hard, fast, and with emotion!!!


The U has sold out, HTC. Saturday was like having something we invented sold back to us at a really high price.

It's not that we can't play like that, we just don't want to.

We are....Penn St

Posted by: Canesjunkie | December 30, 2013 at 12:13 PM

^^^Damn, I couldn't have put it any better. Sad.

Well said Mike, it seems everyone (on the outside) expects to see big crowds, but the university is not committed to fielding a good team. The city of Miami is a hard sell, but it's been waiting for many years for a team to get behind, college or pro. Until that team shows up, and not for just one game, the stadium will be mostly empty.

Sunny Dee,

Well said.

It pains me to see that this President and Booster can't see that these guys are not the kind of coaches that are capable of coaching the Canes to victory against teams with even average coaches. Defensive scheme and development is putrid! Has never and I mean never made an in game adjustment. Brings the same BS scheme out again and again and the results are the same. The offense is as ill conceived, simplistic, poor execution and limited as can be. We see it time and again and keep making excuses for dome they created! It's sickening! The OL as big as they are can't block. They too upright, too slow and are always confused! How many times do we see penetration before a play gets going and they still haven't corrected it! Why on earth don't this Administration force Al to allow a search for a new OC and CD with pro caliber abilities. Why oh Why!

The sad thing about this is that UM is probably one of the ONLY schools that can get away with not having the stadium filled every week, and still have a chance at National Championships. The kids from Florida and throughout the US still know the Brand of the the "U." They understand the tradition, even though we have been irrelevant for a decade now. You will always be able to recruit to the "U." Now that we have had a reprieve from the NCAA, now is the time to strike with big time assistants and invest back into the football program. I understand it cant be like the 80's again, as kids are willing to go away now. And with the college experience a factor for these kids--ie sold out stadiums, big time campus. etc.-it will be a tougher sell. But the Canes must play like Canes of old-attacking and fast. Until then, I think we will continue to lose some of these recruits to other places. This coaching staff has taken the Penn St approach, and in my opinion, that does not sit well with local kids. They are used to flying around, and playing the game with emotion-the way it should be played. What I see is a team of robots, we have taken the personality away from these kids. And I don't mean go back to the wild days of the 80s, but playing the game and having fun!I think we are very close to getting the players that we need to contend, but we must have coaches that coach them up and take them to the next level! Hopefully, AG will make the changes necessary this off season. Otherwise, I think we will see the same thing next year.

High school kids can barely remember a good canes team, it's been that ling. And we're not that type of team anymore.

As I get older, it's getting harder for me to remember canesjunkie. Maybe a flashback now and then?

Thank god for youtube. Saturday night I watched 1989 UM just to remember what it was like to watch the canes.

And the hardest part to accept, is that its an inside job (self-inflicted).

Yo Cane trash

Yo bunch of dejected dUmmies
Cue up that DVD of glory days
Stay in the distant past
That's all U got chUmps

Yo the worst part is that Alverage won 9 games
that means he aint going no where fools
Means U R stuck with the fool and his buddy

Here is a preview of 2014 for U
More of the same Ibis manure
No Coastal cahmps
No play in ACC ship game
Definitively no playoffs
But hey U may win 9 games again

Nothing but sorry LOOSERS!!!!

BTW fools

U R one of the few 9 win teams that are unranked and un loved.
Why do U suppose that is?


The number of NFL teams interested in Al Golden?



Even another big game bust of a coach, Bob Stoops, is getting interest.

Maybe the college openings will show interest in Al Golden. Since the leadership of the University of Miami extended him until 1 February 2020. What a bunch of educated fools those people are.

Those educated fools did, yes HTC, provide their own Trojan Horse to the program.

You know Golden is out trying to patch things up w recruits. He's doing a we need your help routine with the defensive guys.

The favoritism that Chickillo receives is evident. Could it be he is Italian just like coach Dumbo and Golden? His best year was his freshman year when he weighed about 245. Now at almost 300lbs he never gets off the field and is constantly too slow to react. I remember the dog house days, but is this much better?

If 3G Chick really bleeds orange and green, then why inquire about leaving one year early?

The problem this year was a lack of a running game. Next year we have the Duke, Gus da Bus, and Yearby. Crawford is a helluva football player, but he aint no top-notch RB.

You win with running and defense. Period.


True enough. You refer to Sam Jankovich, he of Montana State until he came to the Canes as AD. You recall his unhappiness at the brash behavior of some of the UM players.

I'd take that anyday compared to the conformist robot ethic demanded by the coaches today.

End of story. Stamp. Mail.

Another media source of the NFL's level of interest in Al Golden.



The interest is so low, Randy Shannon is included in the articles but not him.

Until the offense learns how to pick up the defense every once in awhile and gains field position, this ugly losing versus ranked teams will continue. Heck, I would want to play defense all game long for that sorry offense for sure. They're always on the field in tough situations.

Posted by: BigEastCane | December 30, 2013 at 12:18 PM

GTFOH with your FOOLISH chit!!

bUbba, the Hurricane offense CARRIED goldie nd' Marky Mark's LAME defense the past two seasons.

Matter of fact, if it wasn't for the offense and Fisher last season. The Canes would've been LOOKING at a 5-7 record in 2012!!!!

ENTER THE DUKE GAME last season, for one example. dUh

Hard, fast, and with emotion!!!


Posted by: Mike | December 30, 2013 at 12:46 PM


Michael, U can forget the EMOTION notion. Because Thee Carpetbagger's have CASTRATED the raw, nastiness is required emotions out of the players. Albeit metaphorically speaking. hUh

Denzel WAS an emotional player his true freshmen season, but Goldie nd' Marky Mark had him in the DOG HOUSE most of the 2012 season.

Even a majority of the 30 players which were RUN-OFF/PRESSURED to leave the program had that Cane EDGE and what not.

Why on earth don't this Administration force Al to allow a search for a new OC and CD with pro caliber abilities. Why oh Why!

Posted by: Tampa Cane | December 30, 2013 at 01:32 PM

Simply because THE POWERS THAT BE overseeing the athletic department and university are " ENCHANTED " with Thee Carpetbagger's. That's why!

And ANY COMPETENT major college football head coach would have CHIT-CANE that sorry excuse of a defensive coordinator at the CONCLUSION of the 2012 campaign!!!

Miami should let the entire football staff go. 2 years running the same result. Don't blame the NCAA for your short comings. Golden should thank the NCAA for the extention he received. Definitely didn't earn it with the product that was displayed week after week.If the cloud of the NCAA was the problem this year. Explain why this team had a losing record after the NCAA mess.Every player that contributed lost to injury was a sacrifice by this staff inability to game plan, understand down and distance, play calling, talent evaluation and fundamental defense. Any person that knows anything about football knows we are not going anywhere with this staff mindset. Everybody knows you can't change the mindset of the staff. You replace the staff. Blake James do what is right. Do what is nesscessary for the U football team. Get a proven winner in here.

From Canes Insider D Money and I agree with every word.

Fundamental issues
I’m not ready to lump Coach Golden with Shannon and Coker, at least not yet. He works too hard and is too smart.

But the reality is that the results have been the same. We are an annual embarrassment. There remain fundamental problems that Golden needs to overcome if he is going to succeed. Sorry about the length. But there are a lot of issues.

In my opinion, there is one issue that trumps them all: Coach Golden has not adapted his Northeastern mentality to a South Florida program. He is a New Jersey guy who coached at Penn State, Boston College, Virginia and Temple. His professional idols are Bill Parcells, Al Groh and Tom Coughlin. He is as pure of a Northeast guy as it gets.

This manifests itself in three ways. First, it affects the scheme he runs. This has been covered ad nasueum by others with much more technical knowledge. But, at bottom, this scheme is about strength and discipline and our talent pool is about athleticism and playmaking. It doesn’t fit, and the results have been historically bad.

Second, his background affects his talent evaluation. I don’t believe that Golden fully understands South Florida talent. If you want to learn about Golden’s evaluation principles, look at the guys he offers from his camp. These are less-heralded guys that he sees up close. What have the camps given us? Dwayne Hoillett, Larry Hope, Vernon Davis, Jake O’Donnell and Hunter Knighton. Not one contributor in the group.

Third, the Northeastern mentality affects the way he deals with the athletes. He works these kids hard, which is a good thing. JJ and Schnellenberger worked their kids hard. The UTough program is an unquestioned improvement. But the volume of team-building, community service and Deserve Victory activities is starting to wear on guys. From everything I’ve heard, this was a tired and unhappy team at the end of the year. South Florida kids are a unique breed. They don’t lack for work ethic or toughness, which is why they succeed in the NFL. But you can’t treat them the same way you treat Penn State players.

Coach Coley understands South Florida talent, but that’s not enough. Those guys still need to be coached. Stephen Morris played much better under Jedd Fisch. That’s obvious. And although I appreciate Coley’s commitment to a power run game, the execution has been poor. Eduardo Clements is the team’s best short-yardage runner, but we kept giving those carries to Gus Edwards. Even my wife began to key on the personnel groupings—Malcolm Lewis may as well have run on the field with a leather helmet. I like Coach Coley and think he has a bright future, but he still has a lot to prove.

As for Coach D’Onofrio, this board has covered it pretty well. One thing sticks out, though, and it relates to my first point about Coach Golden. South Florida is a linebacker paradise. You could sustain two NFL teams with local linebackers. But in year three, Coach D is still relying on Jimmy Gaines and Tyrone Cornelius. We cooled on James Burgess. Now he’s putting our running backs in body bags. Skai Moore was an obvious stud to everyone except the people that matter. These are just two examples. Like Parcells said, you are what your record says you are. Three years in, Coach D’s record speaks for itself.

The optimist in me says Golden is smart enough to adapt. The pessimist in me says “you are what you are,” especially when you write a 300-page book about your core values. The decisions he makes in the next few months will speak volumes.

D, the decisions this go around most likely will be the same as last. I totally agree with that post. Someone said really well after the game, Louisville looked like Miami, Miami looked like Penn State.
And that won't work here. Good post

Butch Davis, Greg Schiano, and Rob Chudzinksi are available. Hurry up and grab them! It is time to move on from Al Golden and secure either one of them as Head Coach, or preferably all three of them, and let Butch pass on the baton to one of them in a few years. Those three were part of the coaching nucleus that put together what has been deemed as the "greatest college team of all time" in 2001. The school would be insane to not go after them, while they're still available. Golden is in over his head. Its tiring to continue to hear him infer that we do not have the "players" and have "been playing with one armed tied behind our back" due to the NCAA restrictions. Those are excuses. He makes $2.5 million per year. Let him take the $7.5 million he has made in three years with the school, and move on. Lets give that same salary to Butch, Schiano, or Chudz. Better yet, if the school administration was smart, they'd find a way to bring all three back, similar to the late 90's and early 2000's. All three are proven commodities at the college level. Butch never used the NCAA issue as an excuse. Instead, he recruited two and three star kids, who had speed, and who had a a chip on their shoulder. Most importantly, he and his staff COACHED THE KIDS UP. Would any great coach, such as Saban, Jimmy Johnson, Urban Meyer, or anyone put up with the defense giving up the amount of yardage and points they have the past two years? Of course not. Time to move on. I don't see why we have to go through another year of this coaching staff to make a decision by consensus when three of the great coaches that built this program to be GREAT are available in the wing waiting. TIME TO MOVE ON.

I haven't read a single coach position post grounded in reality. UM is a small school without a ton of money. Zero chance Golden is released, given the size of the payout----unless there is a max payout in the contract, he'd be entitled to 2.5 million a year for 7 years.

He's not going anywhere. Move on to planet earth and see if he can be forced to make coordinator changes. Dno not getting it done and Coley was terrible.

D'Onofrio has not shown any real progress with our defense and needs to go. There is no reason we should lose to Duke or struggle against mediocre teams. Just tired of seeing the same garbage from the Canes. Give up on some of those names you are throwing around. Shalalalalalalala will never allow it.

Miami admission's standards will always come into play and I am quite sure Louisville like most of the SEC have very low admission standards. But why in the hell does Louisville currently have 5 committed WRS with 4 of them hailing from Florida and 3 of them are currently ranked in top Rivals Florida 100 and Golden cant find one to commit. maybe the likes of ermon lane and johne dixon are to high of a reach..settle for the 3 star players who have the measurables over a 4 star player who have the high school production.

Just remember all the hate when Miami starts winning again!! When they do, please don't comment, really don't want to hear all the fake praise!!!!


Well said. The regional differences and their accompanying mentality are profound, as you note. Golden and D'Nofrio are the wrong guys for UM, and do not not know how to connect with South Florida kids in terms of development and stoking the fire.

These coaches would be better suited for a grind 'em out team ih the Big Ten or in the MAC...Bowling Green might need a new coach.

I hate to be pessimistic, do love the Canes, but clearly see that this will not work. Don't expect changes with the DC either.

As a poster said, " chip on their shoulder" players can be recruited and developed by some coaches, but not this group. (For a reference, see Louisville)

Time for a change...


The canes defense scored the first points of the game and then held ville to 2 field goal attempts. What did the offense do in that timeframe? College football is a game of offense today. As much as I would love to see a dominant Canes defense again, the rules of the game and the evolution of today's game do not allow for it. The game today is about running 80-90 plays and scoring touchdowns. Our offense continually puts the defense in tough situations. How about scoring some points, kicking touchbacks and allowing the defense to be able to play from the opponents 20? If you are going to continually bash the defense, then bash our mediocre offense that "against ranked opponents" does nothing on a consistent basis except turn the ball over and go 3 and out.

There are many posts that are comparing Golden's progress to how Butch rebuilt things in the late/mid 90's to 2000 when he departed. For that, I say... Horse Hockey! Al Golden is nowhere in the league of Butch Davis. Butch proved it and did it without any excuses. Moreover, why would one wish to make Golden another Butch Davis, when the actual Butch Davis is waiting on the sideline and can be brought in right now(to replace Al Golden). Moreover, two Davis coaching tree protege's, Schiano and Chudz, are also available. What's the problem here? Why is everyone trying to fit the Al Golden "square peg" into the Winning Tradition UM "circle", when the proven "circular pegs" WINNERS (Davis, Schiano and Chudz)are now available. This sounds so much like government bureacracy, it is amazing. If this University doesn't bring in one of those three proven commodities, in some capacity, while they're temporarily available, then the UM administration really has no interest in winning. They committed to hope and a whim, versus bring in an immediate SOLUTION. Mediocrity and the "U" branding I suppose will keep student enrollment active, similar to consistent base of tax paying dollars, and I guess they would be content with milking that for the future, until they cannot milk it anymore. Sounds like the US Government, all the way. Another failed bureacracy. Had Butch stuck around he would be on the same parallel as Nick Saban, winning at least 4 National Championships in eight years, and he would have kept the well oiled machine going, where UM would be reloading instead of rebuilding. UM never rebuilt in the past. We reloaded. For the administration to brainwash the fans to have continual patience and settle for this mediocrity for four or five years at a clip (with unproven and/or unsuccessful coaches), while we is is ludicrous and blasphemy on the part of the UM administration. When Alabama hired Saban, the AD flew to Florida without an appointment, hoping to run into Saban in public so that he could attempt to personally set up an interview with Saban. Shows you how Alabama looks at winning. Moreover, Saban inherited an NCAA violated program. They actually forced Bama to forfeit five games his first season in 2007. He didn't make excuses or harp on recruiting. He implemented iron fisted controls and coached up his players. Yet, by his third year, Bama won a National Championship, and he has won a total of three in the past four years. In year three, Golden has no timeline and says we are not where we need to be yet. Golden has had his three years. His record is no better than Randy Shannon's and against ranked teams is dismal, at best. He has had his three years. TIME TO MOVE ON! It is time for the UM administration to step up and pursue Butch, Chudz or Schiano the way Alabama pursued Saban! Finally... for Bernie Kosar. I know you have the ears of both the UM Administration and the Cleveland Brown Administration. How could you condone Chudz being fired after one year, and you are being so patient with Donna regarding Golden. There needs to be an advisory board set up of former UM players and coaches who participate heavily in the future coaching hires. This is a joke that we have gone from the frying pan to the fire since 2003. TIME TO MOVE ON and get back to winning, not mediocrity!

Unfortunately we are stuck with him because of the contract extension. I do like Al, but don't think he has it in him to Axe his buddy.

From now on he should be known as Onofrio because no "D" exists with him.

Next year needs to be ALL CAPS...EVALUATION SEASON! The staff needs to coach up better and w/depth and talent there should be some great conpetition at a lot of positions. I hope we land the QB from the WESTSIDE and let him play early. We grow on the trenches and backfield, the playmakers will show up.. Next year is are we improving or depressing??

This team is a classic case of "fools gold." They would probably have a worse record than last year's if you take the cupcakes away and play the same teams from last year. That is with Notre Dame and K State being weaker. Until the philosophy on defense changes, this team will be nothing special.

ESPN has said during their Under Armor game practice tonight that Davin Cook has switched his commitment from Florida to Florida State....

ESPN Mentioned Al Golden for the Penn state opening with ESPN College Football Insider Joe Schad, He said "it is highly unlikely that Al Golden will take the job because of the NCAA investigation he had to navigate thru with DA U!" Me thinks he does not want to take on another problem. If Al will only get rid of D'o... Lets hope

Mark May is just mad at the way the U is playing in case you didn't notice he jumped on the U is back band wagon early in the season. He's a mediocre lineman and sportscaster who likes drama. Lou Holtz is a dishonest crook everywhere he coached he left the programs in trouble with the NCAA, and he just didn't like Miami beating his holyer than though hooligans at Notre Dame. Golden is in it for the long haul he just needs to get the coaches coaching with the type of enthusiasm that he has. We need to address our needs at D line and O line if the 10 guys who want to enter school next week come through then we will have a good nucleus to build on. they will definately be in better shape. If the QB from Cali. comes in we will be solid at that position. The U is coming back slowly don't give up yet!

UM Canes recruit Brandon Powell disappointed in bowl, but "excited'' about reporting to UM on Jan. 8 | Eye on the U fiflyntcnib ghd pas cher

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