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Walford, Perryman talk future; Golden talks championship timetable, evaluating coaches

ORLANDO -- Not a lot of positive to report after the 36-9 thumping the Hurricanes took at the hands of Louisville Saturday night here in the Russell Athletic Bowl. But a quick few bullet points before we get to the transcript.

 > Tight end Clive Walford said he's decided to return for his senior season. He led the Hurricanes with four catches for 82 yards tonight. 

> Linebacker and leading tackle Denzel Perryman, a new father, said he hasn't made up his mind yet if he's returning for his senior season.

"I was going to wait until pretty much after this game," he said. "Whatever kind of break we have I'm going to go home, sit down, talk to my family, make the best decision for me." 

Perryman said he hasn't heard back from the NFL advisory committee yet. "I sent them my evaluation paper I don't know how many weeks ago," he said. "It should come in either this weekend or next weekend."

He said he's going to wait for it before making his decision. What will be the biggest factor? "I don't know. I haven't thought about it yet," he said.


Here is everything UM coach Al Golden and quarterback Stephen Morris had to say post-game. You'll want to read the stuff specifically about Golden's time table for when he thinks UM will be back competing for national titles and how Louisville threw things at Miami they weren't prepared for. 

Opening statement: "Obviously disappointed we got beat in all three phases. There's no excuses. We didn't play well enough, give a lot of credit to Louisville they played really well, executed well. Again, it's my responsibility and disappointed in our execution in all three phases. I just -- as I just shared with the team. Despite that, just really proud of Stephen and this group of seniors and what they've been through and what they've endured in moving us forward from six to seven and from seven to nine wins. We're going to miss them greatly for all that they've contributed and obviously for their leadership through really tough three years. So go ahead."

Q: Did it kind of remind you of the Florida state game that you clearly were just against a football team that was significantly farther along than where you are right now?

COACH GOLDEN: Again, Gary, I appreciate the question but it's so hard to answer that without discrediting the guys in that locker room especially the seniors who have been busting their tail to keep us afloat and move us forward. I think everybody recognizes and I'm going to answer this honestly. Everybody recognizes that we're not where we want to be yet but we're scratching and fighting and clawing to get to where we want to be and keep moving forward. We've done it, you know, against terrible odds. I'm not going to discredit the guys we just played, but we have to get better and we're going to play these guys again in the near future and we got to be better.

Q: Al, what does have to change going into next season defensively?

COACH GOLDEN: "Again, we didn't give the defense a chance early in the game. I thought they were playing really well. They did a great job against the run. They were out there for too many plays and we didn't convert. I think we were 0 for seven at the half. Matt, there's a lot of things that have to change. We have to do better job coaching, we have to continue to build our program and just move forward and -- but, again, I think the defense was what was holding us in there in the first half and they were out there for too many plays." 

Q: Coach, did you see any of this in preparation, in bowl practice? Was there any sign the game would be like this?

COACH GOLDEN: No, obviously it's our first go round for the freshman, sophomores, and juniors. It's the first time going through this experience. Again, Stephen and Jimmy and Allen, they provided really good leadership for us. But, again, it's the first time. You got to go through it. We didn't want to play the way we played. We wanted to play better. There are going to be a lot of things from this week and from going into a site and learning how to handle the media and the crowd and all of those things that we have not had the opportunity to do. Again, I think our guys are going to find value in that and learn from that.

Q Coach, can you please tell us a little bit more about the significance of the senior class and how it's been in this program after you guys have been through?

COACH GOLDEN: Again, I don't think it's -- to go out on a limb and say they saved us. They could have cut and run. They kept us afloat, you know, and they saved us. I don't know how else to look at it. You know, that's about as hard as you get what they had to endure for three seasons. You know, again, it's not to our standard, let alone anybody else's expectations, but I'm not going to let that eclipse what these young men have done for the university of Miami and this program and the class they exhibited and to take somebody else's problem on and claim it as their own and have the resolve and the mental toughness to fight through. I'm proud of them.

Q Stephen, this question is for you, obviously today four sacks, most pressure you felt all season back there. Can you talk about the performance and this being your last game as a Hurricane?

MR. MORRIS: "Obviously it wasn't the performance I wanted to have being my last game but give credit to Louisville. They had a great defensive plan going. They were in the right spots at the right time. They came up with making the play. It's definitely something I want to work on, something it's been an issue for running on third downs we needed to do a better job on that. Over all my performance as a quarterback was not one of my greatest performances but you just learn from it."

Q Coach, you've been here three years, defensively there's been some issues with schematics. Are you going to reevaluate the whole staff and everything in the future now that the season is over or perhaps look to make any changes?

COACH GOLDEN: I'm going to evaluate the whole program, just like I do every year. It's not going to be any different. Again, there's things right now but in terms of moving the program forward, we're going to keep moving it forward. We're going to be resolute in that and we're not going to flinch with that. Again, at the end of the day, we're going to continue to recruit, continue to develop, but in terms of the young kids in our program and everything, I don't want to trade the young kids. I want to keep going. I want to keep moving forward. I just think overall, I think it's really important that every coach, every unit, every player, everybody is evaluated and I'll start that probably tomorrow.

Q Stephen, this might not have been the way you wanted to end your career here but has it fully hit you you've played your last game at the university of Miami and what is it you'll take away most of your time at the university?

MR. MORRIS: I think it will probably hit me tomorrow when I wake up and won't have a schedule from coach Golden and won't have a tech saying where I need to be. It's been a pleasure here, man. It's been a true blessing. I'm blessed to say that all these coaches have truly left such a great mark on my life. It's changed me to a better man. I'm proud to say. Football is a game of wins and losses. Unfortunately we didn't win how we wanted to win. Sometimes we lost the way we loss. I'm always going to be proud to say I'm a Cane.

Q How much did they change over the month in terms of blitz packages?

COACH GOLDEN: It was different.

Q Significantly different?

COACH GOLDEN: Yeah, no it was definitely different and then obviously you know when they got out to a lead and we never brought my pressure on the other side, which kept compounding the problem, Gary. So I don't think there's any question about it. Then you get to a point in the game where you're pressing and your trying to make some plays that you don't need to make. I don't think there's any question we didn't protect as well as we needed to protect. It's my responsibility.

Q Coach, this is for you and Stephen. I know it's not good right now, but the week in general, I mean, talk about how was the bowl experience for you/ 

MR. MORRIS: The bowl experience was very fun. Russell Athletic did a great job hosting the events for us. On top of that the week's practice was great. Even when we were in Miami we had tough physical practices which was great. Guys were excited to be here and when we got to the bowl site throughout the whole week everyone was focused and everyone invested a lot into this game. It's disappointing the way the game turned out to be but it's been a great experience.

COACH GOLDEN: I would say on above of the University of Miami we're grateful, the Russell Athletic Bowl and Orlando for just -- they did a tremendous job for our young people and especially given the fact that our guys hadn't experienced that since 2010. We're grateful.

Q Al, I think Teddy had over 400 yards passing in this game. What was he doing that just allowed him to be so effective tonight?

COACH GOLDEN: Number one, I think he made a lot of plays where he broke a tackle, you know, made a completion. He made some really, really excellent plays, just individual plays where it looked like we had him for a sack. It looked like we got him for a sack, he breaks the tackle and throws. There was a number of those, number of those plays, but obviously he's an excellent quarterback, he threw the ball well, but, again, you can't -- there's no excuses right now. He played well, he execute well. Their team executed well. We have to do a better job.

Q You spoke about a lot of the momentum you felt this month and obviously with everything that's gone on this season, what type of message does this game send the recruits?

COACH GOLDEN: Well, I don't know if it sends a message. I just think we're still building. We need help. Obviously the size of this class is an indication you know that we're bringing a big group in and there's a lot of room to help us. I don't think there's any question that those kids understand that. They understand that they can help us and there's room to help us and we're not in a situation right now where we want to be and those kids see themselves as guys that can help us get there. So I don't think that's going to change anything. We just got to keep moving forward.

Q Coach, you're going to have the opportunity to play Louisville again real soon. How are you going to play differently and what can you expect from that program over the next several years?

COACH GOLDEN: Again, I can't really speak to what direction they're going. All I can answer is what we need to do. Obviously we need to get back to work and see how we evolve with our personnel in the spring. Depending on when we play them, we'll make determination what our game plan is and what our personnel is. That's so far off right now. We're going to add 25, 26 guys to this team and obviously develop the young men that we have and decide what direction we want to go in all three phases in the off season and spring ball and we'll decide what the game plan will be.

Q Coach, you talk about the process all the time and now the cloud is removed from the NCAA do you have a time frame you expect to get this program back consistently top ten competing at a high level?

COACH GOLDEN: Well, number one, we just won nine games for the third time in a decade. I wish we had won ten, all right, but we're busting our tails right now to keep moving. There is no time table. Again, I take responsibility for everything, responsibility for everything in the program. At the end of the day today wasn't good enough. Again, I'm proud of the seniors and I don't want that to be diminished or lost here. We're going to keep moving this thing forward and it's hard for me to give you a time table. When my time table is wiped out on August 15, 2011. It's hard me to give you a time table. I made a commitment to get it done and we're going to fight our asses off until we get it done.

Q I was just wondering about you know what happens tomorrow? Do you meet with the under class men at all? Do the seniors just kind of walk away and that's the end?

COACH GOLDEN: We'll get the seniors back when they either, A, come back to school or when they start to work out to get ready and do those types of things. They know. We have a great relationship with the seniors, but tomorrow everybody is going to kind of go their own way. That's pretty traditional. We'll find an opportunity to get the seniors back and get them together, but we really did try to honor them as best we could at the banquet and just make sure before the game they understood how important they were and we just had another opportunity and we did that again.

Q Are you -- I guess you probably already talked to some of the juniors that are contemplating, perhaps, entering the NFL. How does that work now?

COACH GOLDEN: We have a great process in place where they get their draft reports. They had and will continue to have opportunities to speak to every entity that they need to, but as it relates to me. I'm just there for support. I am not part of that decision. I make sure that they get everything that they can get to make the best decision for them and their future and obviously if they need consultation from me, then I give it to them, just as we have a whole booklet of people that they can call and different people they can get information from to make the best decision for themselves.


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Leading into a national television broadcast of Canes football where most every Miami recruit and prospective recruit was watching, Mark May and Lou Holtz took the opportunity to eviscerate the Canes football program, but praised Al Golden and told their listeners he may take the Penn State job that they claim he covets.

They pointed out the lack of real fan support, having to play in a professional stadium 30 miles from the campus, the worst athletic facilities in major college football and claimed that Penn State offers Al Golden a much better opportunity to win National Championships versus if he stays with the Canes.

All of the above was done with the typical devious agenda harbored against the Canes by many at ESPN and in this case it was a blatant effort to try and destroy the Canes 2014 recruiting class as make no mistake that May and Holtz were speaking directly to our recruits.

If Al Golden does leave the program for another school it will spell the end of competitive Canes football, if not forever, then for the foreseeable future. Despite tonight's wildly disappointing results, Al Golden has the program on an upward swing and if he continues he will drive the Canes back to playing for National Championships.


Ron Zook you have lost your mudda freakin mind....

As Al Golden says, "again" he has loss and was out coached, out prepared and out game time adjusted.

Hey Zook! Let it go, man! That dude just got outcoached and drilled on National TV after having a month to prepare. Right now, Ice Harris is a better Coach than AG. Telly Lockett is a better coach than AG. Daryl Heidelburg is a better coach than AG. You saw that score? You saw that team? We got drilled! Smoked! It could have been worse had they not given us mercy! That true score was 43-9! C'mon man. These guys are not very good coaches. The best thing he did was recruit better than the previous coach and that's it! Next year is going to be painful unless AG goes out and finds better coaches. That's the bottom line! One month to prepare for that drilling! Adult film stars don't get hammered that rough, dude! I hope the recruits were outside and not in front of a TV watching that drubbing...!

Dude... Let it go...

I didn't read this in the transcript. But why don't any of the reporters beg and plead with Al Golden to take the Penn State job, please.

After every loss he always talks about seeing things that the other team hasn't done before. Only a mediocre coach would expect another team to run the same exact thing week to week, what the better coaches do is make adjustments.

I actually agree that Lou Holtz and Mark May were running the programs name thru the mud before the game, and you could see the smirk on Holtz's face during halftime. Nonetheless nothing Holtz or May says can change the fact that S. Fla breeds enough talent to field a nationally competitive program.......with the right coach. To suggest that Golden is the only individual that can turn things around is an insult to every high school player and coach down here, not to mention other college coaches. How many S. Fla schools won state titles this year? Is there anything in that 300 page binder about half time adjustments, bowl perpetration, and football fundamentals? Schnelly said give me five years and I'll win a NC, back when they were handing out free tickets to Canes games at local Burger Kings.

Three weeks to prepare for that embarrassment?!

Same old lines from the coach who can't. This guy will be believing his own lies if he keeps repeating them enough. PSU is calling.

f Al Golden does leave the program for another school it will spell the end of competitive Canes football, if not forever, then for the foreseeable future. Despite tonight's wildly disappointing results, Al Golden has the program on an upward swing and if he continues he will drive the Canes back to playing for National Championships.


Posted by: Ron Zook | December 28, 2013 at 11:43 PM

More proof that Zook the Gator is a man worshipper of Golden, like Gator fans were with Tebow. He continues to put this non-coaching lame above our great football program. He is not the key to competitiveness at UM or anywhere else. Just make sure U leave with him!

ron zook is a jerk off....hes a kid that is clueless.

al golden says he takes full responsibilities....so let him go....why don't they just just ask him the magic question....."will dnofrio be the DC in 2014"

at this point I really don't think psu will want golden....

What obrien walked into and dealt with at psu was far worse than what golden has dealt with and produced so why would psu want golden? Golden would be a down grade

golden is 49-49 with only 2 bowl appearances in 8 years....both loses.....

his stats have already defined him.....his record will not deviate much from that ratio....consider it set in stone....there are no miracles...

data never lies in the long run....

It's true, ESPN did make Golden seem like some sort of savior for Miami. I don't feel saved tonight. I don't feel grateful to have him here.

That little 5 minute ESPN Mark May, Lou Holtz and the Teddy B throat slash...that was the end of my support for Golden.

It's funny how every program wants to be Miami except Miami itself.

Louisville was out there impersonating the Miami Hurricanes and we were out there impersonating Penn St.

what is unbelievable is that fsu and Louisville players flashing the "U" sign and not 1 game this season did I see a UM player flash the sign.....

they don't even believe in their own mojo.....if that aint a lost team...nothing is....

canesjunkie......you took the words right out of my mouth....

it is the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen in all my years at UM......

can you imagine what other cane legacy's are saying when they see that?

I get Holtz's hate for Miami, but not May's. My best guess is that some Cane tormented him back in the day, stole his girl? But there is a level of animosity, even Reese Davis let's it out sometimes, that I don't get on the part of Mark May......ah well "f" 'em........we need a new DC stat.

It's funny how every program wants to be Miami except Miami itself.

Louisville was out there impersonating the Miami Hurricanes and we were out there impersonating Penn St.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | December 29, 2013 at 12:28 AM

We are waking up!!!

This is the essence of what I've been trying to say with hundreds of posts.


After tonight's game, Al won't be going anywhere.
That said, be honest here. Tonight you saw a QB with a super quick release and unreal accuracy. Teddy was a surgeon, a combination of Rodgers/Marino (release) and Brady, accuracy. Not to mention a Rothlisburger style escapability.

I don't believe teams like OSU, Michigan, even Auburn would have beaten UL tonight.
A poorly performing, unprepared UM team certainly couldn't compete.

Charley Strong got the better of Golden and Coley in this game. Strong is a great defensive coach and Coley has a lot to learn as an OC. I knew J. Fisch would be missed, as was George McDonald , the receivers coach. Golden is a good CEO but he needs to surround himself with good assistants, not just assistants who can recruit well. Coley is a work in progress.

Louisville came out to fight us during warmups and we let some stupid equipment managers stand in our way.

I'd smack one of those fools in the mouth and I'm not even on the team.

OSU and Auburn would beat UL by ten points each, because they would dominate the lines of scrimmage on both sides. UL would beat Michigan though.

We lost our soul Junkie when we lost the Ol Girl......

Jerome Brown is rolling in his grave knowing his program is being run into the ground by two Pedophile State grads. We need a coach with enough credibility to stand up to Shalala and bring in the type of players that we used to get. But most importantly we need a coach not a CEO

Actually, i wouldn't have a problem with Al going to Penn State, since he will not fire AT LEAST his DC.

Mark May hates Miami because of our head to head record vs Pitt. That's an easy one to figure out.

BW, Charlie Strong makes 3.7 million in salary at UL, about 1,3 million more than Al Golden. UL has what is considered the best facilities in the ACC, hands down.
Ask yourself, WHERE does this school get so much money?

UL is BIG TIME, and will eventually rule the ACC for 3-4 years, then move on to the SEC and rule there. They have terribly low academic standards, so they should fit in quite well in the SEC.

]There is NO WAY the ACC knows what's coming. There is NO team other than maybe FSU in the ACC up to UL. Even with Bridgewater gone, sad to say, UL will turn things upside down.
That is, as long as they retain Charlie Strong. This guy takes no prisoners, a present day Jimmah Johnson. Ruthless, allowing Teddy to break the record up by 27. points.

Also, notice ZERO comments on ESPN regarding what many would consider poor sportsmanship by Strong allowing Teddy to throw up by 27…or even being in the game.
If the situation had been reversed, Holtz would have gone off like a canon.

You're talking about the same team that lost to UCF?

Tubman, OSU couldn't stop my dead mother from scoring. They have NO pass defense. UL's defense much better as well. OSU's schedule was as weak as UL's.
Next year, hopefully these discussions will be moot. That is, assuming the "committee" doses it's job in a responsible manner. Should have been 8 teams in, not 4. That was to placate the idiot bowl guys in their gold jackets.

Yeah but there's no real rivalry with Pitt, it goes beyond head to head record. You can tell it's about more than football. When May was at Pitt (late 70's) they were a powerhouse, and Miami was irrelevant......I'm telling you May has beef with the Canes off the field that is personal

Or the throat slash.....but I ain't bitching about that, like Irvin said, you don't like it, stop it.

Canesjunkie, UCF has a QB as good as Teddy, and a better run game (Storm Johnson!!!)
They will win the Fiesta Bowl by 10 points. Bortles and Bridgewater, 2 QB's UF didn't want. LOL

But most importantly we need a coach not a CEO

Posted by: Is it football season yet | December 29, 2013 at 12:50 AM

I'm about to shed a tear. Where did this corporate mind state come from? We are about substance, no additives, no smoke and mirrors. We need a ball coach.

Is it football season yet...U get it.

Don't forget Sha-Sha is a politician, hence the smoke and mirrors. She was the chancellor at Wisconsin hence the love for mediocre big ten football....Midwesterners don't fit and don't belong down here. Can you imagine Sha-Sha in Perrine, West Grove, Brown-subs? Lol?!

Where's Mahaorney?

no one is buying the Pedo State crew.

Where is that silly blog cop Five titles?

Posted by: Is it football season yet | December 29, 2013 at 01:13 AM
Calvin…yes we know who you are. Shalala is an uber liberal who would, and has felt right at home in "urban" areas.

AG and D CORCH are clueless fackers!!

Lmao.....I'll tell you like I told your buddy Zook, that's the best you got? Accusing me of being somebody else?! I'm going to sit back and enjoy this laugh, while I watch this documentary on Sapp. Maybe you're Zook? Gtfo my face with that nonsense.

It's not Bridgewater or Louisville. Bridgewater didn't do anything that Wake's, Virginia's, or Duke's QB did to UM earlier in the year. And Louisville dominated us no more and no less than a pedestrian VTech team did. It's UM. They didn't lose. They got embarrassed. Waxed. A bunch of teams from the AAC with half the talent Miami has did way better. There's been no improvement. Miami went 5-3 last year in the ACC, just like this year. The only difference was that the Canes played the likes of KState in out of conference instead of FAU.

Love my canes...hateD'o....go get butch to run the D!

Fire Al Golden now before its too late.

No defense looks more clueless against the screen pass than the Canes. More proof of horrible coaching.

Ganes fans aren't Hurricane fans.

Hurricane fans don't take golden showers daily and cut the spigot off at the knees preemptively.

It's a Ganes thing, they never understand.

Something has to give. May be to big a fan. UM return the glory is starting to take over everything. I want my son to be a miami fan be kid like winner And that game was not good. Wifey is a Va Tech alum. Golden may not be the guy. Good salesman, but may not be a good coach/teacher.

Go Canes.

No timetable to get back to top 10 Prominence? That speaks volumes of the lack of vision and goals for this program. This coaching staff is over its head.

I agree with everything said here about firing DC and finding a OC who knows how to coach. If Golden takes the Penn State job, good for UM. Hopefully, the AD knows how to find a good coach or we will be worse off than we are now. We have talent, but no coaching what so ever. Where do we start to search for a good coach who will take a pay cut to coach at UM? Winning solves lots of flaws but it is very clear these guys do not know what they are doing. If there are not significant changes in coaching, then everyone should boycott UM football next year with no ticket sales. This is the only way they (AD and administration) will get the message of needed change. At this point, we are not going to hold on to those recruits anyway given the lack of coaching.

As I've said all along Al Golden and this staff has done a wonderful job of re-organizing this organization and making it better. Kudos to him for that and sticking through the NCAA mess.

But it is clear he, his OC, his DC and oline coach are all and I mean ALL over their heads when it comes to player development, x's and o's, preparations, play design, ability to adjust, execution on both sides etc. Please stop denying what's obviously been demonstrated time and again! The lack of studs is least of their problems. Their are enough ingredients on this team to execute far better than we've seen for 3 years now. It is the ultimate responsibility of the U President, Administration and Boosters to do whats best for this university. To do call the fire department when there is just smoke and not a raging fire per say. Simply put the ROI has meet its max. If this Administration was doing is its duty to the University they understand that they are costing this institution $$ millions by not bringing in a high level pro caliber staff.

Don't think for one moment this loss is not going to effect the current recruiting class and future recruiting classes. What kid and parent wants to be coached by high school level coaches? Make the move now and lets not wait till we bottom out. Here's a least and they can reach out to them in private and save this football program:

1. Greg Schiano. He could be our Saban. Has history saving this program following probation as DC. Great talent evaluation and development. Great DC and game planner. Would immediately turn this team into a serious competitor, put butts in the seats and increase revenue.

2. Kirby Smart. Has learned from the best in college football. Also an excellent DC. Would put together competent staff! Has SEC recruiting connections and combine that with SoFl, you've go the ingredients for a competitive team.

3. Pep Hamilton. OC for Indy Colts. Was OC for Stanford. Brings knowledge of how to bring a championship caliber team to a small high academic institution. Great talent developer, play caller and game planner. All the things we'll never have with this staff.

Reply to Disgusted 'Cane | December 29, 2013 at 05:50 AM

Even the most die-hard Canes fan has to admit from what we saw on the field last night that this team is not on the ascendancy. The coaching staff is what it is.

Clone Golden might have read all the right books, he talks a good game, he says all the right things, but when he strips everything away and looks in the mirror, I wonder if he sees a head coach who is good-enough to get this team back to top-10 prominence. He acts the part of an up-and-coming head coach, but his team last night was no better than the team that was on the field the last time the Canes played at the Orange Bowl. Coach Golden had better recruit toughness, not choirboys.

Question: How could a team that had started the season unranked and by mid-season had climbed as high as #7 in the polls look so over-matched in a bowl game?

Answer: They had three gimmes, a win over the Gators that without key turnovers in the red zone would have been a loss, got lucky at North Carolina, were lucky that Wake and GT let them back in games in the 4th quarter at home. They were always mediocre. No defense, not much of an offense, even with Duke.

Ron Zook you have lost your mudda freakin mind....

Posted by: Nash | December 28, 2013 at 11:56 PM

ROFL, don't worry, when someone has their head that far up somebody's arse, no way can are they getting oxygen!

Wow I knew that Miami sucked but not to that degree. I think the coaches and players need to check into the nearest Hubbard House after being physically abused that soundly. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the "U" get hammered again on national television. I can't wait until next Monday to watch my Noles bring home the national championship back to its rightful home, Tallahassee, FL!!!!

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