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Walford, Perryman talk future; Golden talks championship timetable, evaluating coaches

ORLANDO -- Not a lot of positive to report after the 36-9 thumping the Hurricanes took at the hands of Louisville Saturday night here in the Russell Athletic Bowl. But a quick few bullet points before we get to the transcript.

 > Tight end Clive Walford said he's decided to return for his senior season. He led the Hurricanes with four catches for 82 yards tonight. 

> Linebacker and leading tackle Denzel Perryman, a new father, said he hasn't made up his mind yet if he's returning for his senior season.

"I was going to wait until pretty much after this game," he said. "Whatever kind of break we have I'm going to go home, sit down, talk to my family, make the best decision for me." 

Perryman said he hasn't heard back from the NFL advisory committee yet. "I sent them my evaluation paper I don't know how many weeks ago," he said. "It should come in either this weekend or next weekend."

He said he's going to wait for it before making his decision. What will be the biggest factor? "I don't know. I haven't thought about it yet," he said.


Here is everything UM coach Al Golden and quarterback Stephen Morris had to say post-game. You'll want to read the stuff specifically about Golden's time table for when he thinks UM will be back competing for national titles and how Louisville threw things at Miami they weren't prepared for. 

Opening statement: "Obviously disappointed we got beat in all three phases. There's no excuses. We didn't play well enough, give a lot of credit to Louisville they played really well, executed well. Again, it's my responsibility and disappointed in our execution in all three phases. I just -- as I just shared with the team. Despite that, just really proud of Stephen and this group of seniors and what they've been through and what they've endured in moving us forward from six to seven and from seven to nine wins. We're going to miss them greatly for all that they've contributed and obviously for their leadership through really tough three years. So go ahead."

Q: Did it kind of remind you of the Florida state game that you clearly were just against a football team that was significantly farther along than where you are right now?

COACH GOLDEN: Again, Gary, I appreciate the question but it's so hard to answer that without discrediting the guys in that locker room especially the seniors who have been busting their tail to keep us afloat and move us forward. I think everybody recognizes and I'm going to answer this honestly. Everybody recognizes that we're not where we want to be yet but we're scratching and fighting and clawing to get to where we want to be and keep moving forward. We've done it, you know, against terrible odds. I'm not going to discredit the guys we just played, but we have to get better and we're going to play these guys again in the near future and we got to be better.

Q: Al, what does have to change going into next season defensively?

COACH GOLDEN: "Again, we didn't give the defense a chance early in the game. I thought they were playing really well. They did a great job against the run. They were out there for too many plays and we didn't convert. I think we were 0 for seven at the half. Matt, there's a lot of things that have to change. We have to do better job coaching, we have to continue to build our program and just move forward and -- but, again, I think the defense was what was holding us in there in the first half and they were out there for too many plays." 

Q: Coach, did you see any of this in preparation, in bowl practice? Was there any sign the game would be like this?

COACH GOLDEN: No, obviously it's our first go round for the freshman, sophomores, and juniors. It's the first time going through this experience. Again, Stephen and Jimmy and Allen, they provided really good leadership for us. But, again, it's the first time. You got to go through it. We didn't want to play the way we played. We wanted to play better. There are going to be a lot of things from this week and from going into a site and learning how to handle the media and the crowd and all of those things that we have not had the opportunity to do. Again, I think our guys are going to find value in that and learn from that.

Q Coach, can you please tell us a little bit more about the significance of the senior class and how it's been in this program after you guys have been through?

COACH GOLDEN: Again, I don't think it's -- to go out on a limb and say they saved us. They could have cut and run. They kept us afloat, you know, and they saved us. I don't know how else to look at it. You know, that's about as hard as you get what they had to endure for three seasons. You know, again, it's not to our standard, let alone anybody else's expectations, but I'm not going to let that eclipse what these young men have done for the university of Miami and this program and the class they exhibited and to take somebody else's problem on and claim it as their own and have the resolve and the mental toughness to fight through. I'm proud of them.

Q Stephen, this question is for you, obviously today four sacks, most pressure you felt all season back there. Can you talk about the performance and this being your last game as a Hurricane?

MR. MORRIS: "Obviously it wasn't the performance I wanted to have being my last game but give credit to Louisville. They had a great defensive plan going. They were in the right spots at the right time. They came up with making the play. It's definitely something I want to work on, something it's been an issue for running on third downs we needed to do a better job on that. Over all my performance as a quarterback was not one of my greatest performances but you just learn from it."

Q Coach, you've been here three years, defensively there's been some issues with schematics. Are you going to reevaluate the whole staff and everything in the future now that the season is over or perhaps look to make any changes?

COACH GOLDEN: I'm going to evaluate the whole program, just like I do every year. It's not going to be any different. Again, there's things right now but in terms of moving the program forward, we're going to keep moving it forward. We're going to be resolute in that and we're not going to flinch with that. Again, at the end of the day, we're going to continue to recruit, continue to develop, but in terms of the young kids in our program and everything, I don't want to trade the young kids. I want to keep going. I want to keep moving forward. I just think overall, I think it's really important that every coach, every unit, every player, everybody is evaluated and I'll start that probably tomorrow.

Q Stephen, this might not have been the way you wanted to end your career here but has it fully hit you you've played your last game at the university of Miami and what is it you'll take away most of your time at the university?

MR. MORRIS: I think it will probably hit me tomorrow when I wake up and won't have a schedule from coach Golden and won't have a tech saying where I need to be. It's been a pleasure here, man. It's been a true blessing. I'm blessed to say that all these coaches have truly left such a great mark on my life. It's changed me to a better man. I'm proud to say. Football is a game of wins and losses. Unfortunately we didn't win how we wanted to win. Sometimes we lost the way we loss. I'm always going to be proud to say I'm a Cane.

Q How much did they change over the month in terms of blitz packages?

COACH GOLDEN: It was different.

Q Significantly different?

COACH GOLDEN: Yeah, no it was definitely different and then obviously you know when they got out to a lead and we never brought my pressure on the other side, which kept compounding the problem, Gary. So I don't think there's any question about it. Then you get to a point in the game where you're pressing and your trying to make some plays that you don't need to make. I don't think there's any question we didn't protect as well as we needed to protect. It's my responsibility.

Q Coach, this is for you and Stephen. I know it's not good right now, but the week in general, I mean, talk about how was the bowl experience for you/ 

MR. MORRIS: The bowl experience was very fun. Russell Athletic did a great job hosting the events for us. On top of that the week's practice was great. Even when we were in Miami we had tough physical practices which was great. Guys were excited to be here and when we got to the bowl site throughout the whole week everyone was focused and everyone invested a lot into this game. It's disappointing the way the game turned out to be but it's been a great experience.

COACH GOLDEN: I would say on above of the University of Miami we're grateful, the Russell Athletic Bowl and Orlando for just -- they did a tremendous job for our young people and especially given the fact that our guys hadn't experienced that since 2010. We're grateful.

Q Al, I think Teddy had over 400 yards passing in this game. What was he doing that just allowed him to be so effective tonight?

COACH GOLDEN: Number one, I think he made a lot of plays where he broke a tackle, you know, made a completion. He made some really, really excellent plays, just individual plays where it looked like we had him for a sack. It looked like we got him for a sack, he breaks the tackle and throws. There was a number of those, number of those plays, but obviously he's an excellent quarterback, he threw the ball well, but, again, you can't -- there's no excuses right now. He played well, he execute well. Their team executed well. We have to do a better job.

Q You spoke about a lot of the momentum you felt this month and obviously with everything that's gone on this season, what type of message does this game send the recruits?

COACH GOLDEN: Well, I don't know if it sends a message. I just think we're still building. We need help. Obviously the size of this class is an indication you know that we're bringing a big group in and there's a lot of room to help us. I don't think there's any question that those kids understand that. They understand that they can help us and there's room to help us and we're not in a situation right now where we want to be and those kids see themselves as guys that can help us get there. So I don't think that's going to change anything. We just got to keep moving forward.

Q Coach, you're going to have the opportunity to play Louisville again real soon. How are you going to play differently and what can you expect from that program over the next several years?

COACH GOLDEN: Again, I can't really speak to what direction they're going. All I can answer is what we need to do. Obviously we need to get back to work and see how we evolve with our personnel in the spring. Depending on when we play them, we'll make determination what our game plan is and what our personnel is. That's so far off right now. We're going to add 25, 26 guys to this team and obviously develop the young men that we have and decide what direction we want to go in all three phases in the off season and spring ball and we'll decide what the game plan will be.

Q Coach, you talk about the process all the time and now the cloud is removed from the NCAA do you have a time frame you expect to get this program back consistently top ten competing at a high level?

COACH GOLDEN: Well, number one, we just won nine games for the third time in a decade. I wish we had won ten, all right, but we're busting our tails right now to keep moving. There is no time table. Again, I take responsibility for everything, responsibility for everything in the program. At the end of the day today wasn't good enough. Again, I'm proud of the seniors and I don't want that to be diminished or lost here. We're going to keep moving this thing forward and it's hard for me to give you a time table. When my time table is wiped out on August 15, 2011. It's hard me to give you a time table. I made a commitment to get it done and we're going to fight our asses off until we get it done.

Q I was just wondering about you know what happens tomorrow? Do you meet with the under class men at all? Do the seniors just kind of walk away and that's the end?

COACH GOLDEN: We'll get the seniors back when they either, A, come back to school or when they start to work out to get ready and do those types of things. They know. We have a great relationship with the seniors, but tomorrow everybody is going to kind of go their own way. That's pretty traditional. We'll find an opportunity to get the seniors back and get them together, but we really did try to honor them as best we could at the banquet and just make sure before the game they understood how important they were and we just had another opportunity and we did that again.

Q Are you -- I guess you probably already talked to some of the juniors that are contemplating, perhaps, entering the NFL. How does that work now?

COACH GOLDEN: We have a great process in place where they get their draft reports. They had and will continue to have opportunities to speak to every entity that they need to, but as it relates to me. I'm just there for support. I am not part of that decision. I make sure that they get everything that they can get to make the best decision for them and their future and obviously if they need consultation from me, then I give it to them, just as we have a whole booklet of people that they can call and different people they can get information from to make the best decision for themselves.


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even the recruits can smell the stinch in miami...they are bailing faster than zooker's national championship dreams

fake Jim gallo or is it sidcane, 5 titles douche, I see what you mean by sick canefans changing their names they post under. 7 years of bowl losses Guess you boys will find out soon enough next season with UL coming into the ACC even though you don't play tyhem, or Clemson, you still loose to fsu and some other ACC cupcakes as usual, never make it to the ACC ship and forget playoffs since you loose badly to every decent team you face. 9 wins even 10 you loose when it counts and will be left out again. Anyone can beat 9 bad teams just ask Golden Donofrio.

gatorZook, you are really delusional and nonsensical in your thought process. Keep defending GoldenTongue even after the results on the field nothing has changed in 3 Golden crap years.

Just in from ESPN Holtz and May heap praise upon Alverage Golden and hint at a move to PSU while dissingt the cane program

Lmao...almost forgot about the players regresssing and playing their worst at the end another second rate bowl beatdown in December...thanks for the memories! Players may change but the result is the same. Expect more beatdowns and sack fumbles next season.

Ron Zook, you are the most hypocritical person amongst the most hypocritical fan base in all of college football. First of all, I stick with the same name all the time. I mean you're so warped you post the exact same comment using 2 different names! Thank you for the laughs for the last 10 years, and I know there will be many many more to come! Because there is nothing funnier than a fan of a team talking trash as if they are 10 straight national title winners when its been 10 straight years of sorriness!

Lol at sid and zook and 5 douches...why all the whinning about changing screenames? Is that what bothers U most? I have used 20-30 diffefent names and U keep calling me sid for some reason. Just adress him as sid and carry on with your weak argument. Alverage better hit the trail soon or all the talent will be gone because he sure cant develop it. Also please make sure to comment next year when Golden gets the same results even now that the NCAA cloud is gone what will be the excuse then.

charlie strong would have been a great "cane".....he is all Florida.....but Louisville was smart early.....they locked him up with the money....10 million if you want him.....

his only path now via the money is nfl.....

We have at LEAST two more years of this staff...Chew on that.

We had the easiest schedule in a decade.
This team was exactly the same or worse than last years, when factoring in the fau, sv st., usf games...

AG is a fraud. Plain and simple.

I wanted so badly to believe, to see real progress.
There is none and won't be any with this crew.

Ergo, I have to go to the Gallo side.
I will now relish the demise of the Canes over the next few seasons, root for nothing but losses and more blowouts, laugh at the excuses, pity those who blindly support the cult of personality.

I want to see decommits over the next two months.

I hope
4-8, 5-7
4-8, 5-7

F- it - Keep DNO, AG!
Keep on working your process. Deserve that victory.
Don't change a thing.

Canes, 2021.

For all of those people that believe that the ncaa investigations/ sanctions are the reason that the hurricanes were embarrassed, you are just naive and are eternal optimists...

People, coach golden is a good character coach and he has lots of positives.. But it's his philosophy while at Penn State and is what he coaches and teaches and that does not work at Miami.. From the fundamentals on defense to the stubbornness of the offensive system not adjusting and wanting to run single backs sets while knowing that your quarterback does not poses the ability to read defenses. Do you ever wonder why the tight end is hardly used?? That would require checkdowns...

His style is to have big strong players but as we have seen those players get beat because they are not flexible and lack the abilities to adjust on the run. They can’t get out of their own shadows… even though they are weight room warriors..

I believed, and still do, in creating upfield pressure from a 4-3 stack formation
—Jimmy Johnson

The Miami 4-3 uses smaller, faster players than other standard defenses. Defensive ends for the Miami are often former linebackers. Outside linebackers are often converted safeties. Players are chosen for speed and aggression more than size and power. The middle linebacker is the one true linebacker, the tackles the two true linemen in this defense.

At the end of the day Coach Golden will not be fired nor his D/C will be fired also…
All we can hope for is that he takes the Penn State job and we can begin the search for a new coach.

So now my only wish is that he goes and leaves for Penn State and we hire Mark Stoops from Kentucky.. Yes folks remember him? He was the FSU D/C and he was the defensive back coach here in 2001 when we won our last championship…

U see, this is what U got when U lost RS. teddy opted for UL. RS was hamstrung from day 1. He gambled on people like Nix because he had no other choice. Fact is, RS had the program on the right rack then u went and got rid of him.

Now, U are stuck with the arrogant 'Goldy and the worst DC ever. With RS in a couple more years and with teddy, the program was destined for new heights.

Teddy showed U everything last night. get rid of the entire coaching crew. bring back RS as DC. RS already know who to plug in as HC and OC, etc. Keep Barrow and Kehoe. I don't rally fault Kehoe as much as I do the OC for the disaster last night.

This game was so bad, Teddy lined up as a WR in a wildcat formation. U think that would've happened against a JJ team? No. Heck I never saw anybody line up against an RS team in a wildcat.

U don't go in soft on O against the No. 2 D in the country. U do something, anything to keep the D off balance. Incredibly, Louisville has out-recruited UM in its own backyard. If Strong leaves for UF in the future, he'll dominate college football in the state. He's Top 5 in terms of D.

JJ need to be brought back as a consultant. Get Butch on the phone at least. And Please, please, please establish a link with RS.

Needed: Regime change.

Hey guys it's not so bad. Not if you focus on the W/L record. The Great Golden said it best. We wenr form 6 wins in yeaR one, to 7 in year 2 and now 9 wins in year 3. So what if we had the worst defense in the history of college football last year. The Great one said he wasn't gonna change a thing and the defensive ranking improved and so did the number of wins!
So what if we had the easiest schedule in college football, we had an experienced senior QB and O line (remember the "great wall"). So what if we had all those positive things going for us and still we failed to sniff the ACC ship again. Hey we still won 9 games!
Doesn't that count for some Golden Love??
So what if we end the year with an embarrassing beatdown on national TV, losing yet another bowl game. Imagine if we had made it to that ACC ship game, another FSU blow out. Good thing we did't make it.
Imagine if we made it to a BCS bowl and had to face a top 5 team. The horror!
Good thing we played Teddy and allowed him to have a carreer game, he is a Miami boy after all.
So we gave up another 500 plus yards and 30 plus points.
At least we are consistent.

Louisville had SM and OC figured out from the start, esp. against the pass. They played SM and the OC against their strengths. They knew SM could beat them with the long ball, so what did they do? They kept the FS, who is NFL caliber, 15 yards back just in case. UM never adjusted to that.

I don't think Duke would have helped. This was coaching and preparation. No way in the world dos a proven coach lose with these kind of players. I have never seen mediocrity of this level ever at UM.

Congratulations to Al Golden and his staff for a great season in an impossible situation.

The NCAA knew they couldn't assign the death penalty to the Canes as that would have set a precedent for later violations relating to teams in the "club" that would be a disaster to college football.

So, the NCAA did the next best thing and threatened the death penalty, dragged the investigation out for almost 3 years and leaked damaging information that all but killed Miami's recruiting efforts.

This NCAA attack has even negatively impacted this year's recruiting class, but miraculously, Al Golden has defied all odds and put together a class that ESPN currently ranks as the 3rd best class in all of college football.

Then, when you factor in the program Coach Golden inherited from Larry Coker and only made worse by Randy Shannon, which was a disaster in every single area it has the country's most informed, expert college football experts marveling as how Al Golden saved the program, much less won 9 games.

Coach Golden's template for saving the Miami Hurricanes football program will be studied and implemented by other sports teams and for that matter businesses that find themselves in a life or death struggle to keep their programs alive.


Didn't Coker clean house following a tough season not too long ago. How did that work out for UM fans?

And will not watch them on T.V., until Al Golden is gone. We are not playing in the SEC, so 9 wins in the ACC is not a great season.
Posted by: Dave | December 29, 2013 at 10:33 AM


I'm feeling U, dave. Because last evening, I left the Buffalo Wild Wings at the conclusion of the THIRD-QUARTER!!!!

And believe it or not, I've NEVER stoped watching a Hurricane game while the action was going on and what not... ABSOLUTELY NEVER!!!!

I guess there's a first time for everything under the cold, cold, cold December sun. dUh

Major kudo's to Coach Strong, because his squad could have added ANOTHER embarrassing touchdown with seconds left on the tick-tock clock.

Yo Cane trash

Yo this RonThedUmbZook is a piece of work
Yo I like delUsionalcane the best
At least he admits he is delUsional
dUmbZook is serious

Yo chUmps U did the best U could
Think about it
Even if U would have beat VaTech and Duke
U would have lost the ACC anyways to FSU
U woulda have been where Duke is now
So instead of Teddy creaming U
it would have been Johnny creaming U
Teddy or Johnny
U still B loosers

Yo maggots U still have one of the best recruting classes coming up
At least U will be ranked in recruting classes
That counts for something right doUches

Yo next year no NCAA excUse dUmmies
what U gonna do when U miss again the ACC ship
U never sniff the playoffs
What would Ur excUse B then chUmps

Same old LOOSERS!!

FWIW... you'all DELUSIONAL Hurricane loyalists are STUCK with both Goldie nd' Marky Mark for the long term.

So again, get use to those winning campaigns of say... 8-4 or 9-3 and an OCCASIONAL 10-2 season. hUh

Zook, you are a true believer. While I don't share your optimism, your point of view is refreshing amidst the doom and gloom postings.

Haters, don't overlook that Golden has basically been operating under probation. If he leaves the next coach will certainly find the program in better condition than he found it.

Keep the faith.

Posted by: Mark P | December 29, 2013 at 10:39 AM


I suggest you get back on your MEDICATIONS! Or better yet, get back to that canespace den of F-O-O-L-S!!

Posted by: mainecane | December 29, 2013 at 12:14 PM

You again with the DELUSIONAL, dense EXCUSE making for Thee Carpetbagger's.

Now WEASEL your FOOLISH-self back to that FOOLS DEN aka canespace.

your point of view is refreshing amidst the doom and gloom postings.

Posted by: Kinetic Cane | December 29, 2013 at 02:15 PM


However, the optimist REALIST Miami, Florida Hurricane fan-dom understand that the Canes don't SEE it as doom and gloom, FOOL!!

Posted by: Cola Cane | December 29, 2013 at 10:46 AM

colacane be just ANOTHER FOOL of the Green nd' Orange sort. Nothing more, nothing less. dUh

Raising Canes is and was a "process" of emasculating and castrating the dominant culture of cane football and it culminated last night in a team that was *allowed* to be the Miami Hurricanes and U saw what happened. TB thru down the U because the people who now represent it--DON'T TRULY REPRESENT IT!!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | December 29, 2013 at 12:31 PM

H.T.B. keeping it real, again naturally!

And the CASTRATION of Hurricane football was EVIDENT last night. More so than previous games this season.

Case in point. That special teams incident during the second quarter ( ESPN showed replays of said extra-curricular activity. ).

When a Louisville player SMACKED a Cane player THREE or FOUR times upside his helmet and this Hurricane player DID NOTING in retaliation!!! Absolutely nothing!!!!

Many Canes players have not improved one bit since the first game. I have no idea what they do in practice, but getting better is not part of the equation.

Posted by: ny cane fan | December 29, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Chickillo is the PAR EXCELLANCE Cane player of not improving since his freshmen season, for one example.

Matter of fact, how many of the current JUNIORS/SOPHOMORES on the defensive side of the L.O.S have improved under Golden and D'Onofrio.

No wonder Miami's defense is horrible and what not.

Big saturday night out at buf wild wings. What a loser.

If y'all DELUSIONAL, fool-hearted Cane loyalist have any belief's in a higher power.

Then get out your prayer beads and seek Almighty Buddha's divine intervention. So that both Goldie n'd Marky Mark take their LAME ARSES back to Penn. St.

Big saturday night out at buf wild wings. What a loser.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | December 29, 2013 at 02:37 PM

Why you gotta' be such a dense F-O-O-L, fool.

Oh, I guess that sports bar FULL OF patrons are loser's, too. LOL

And I suppose all those BWW sports bars FULL of customer's today are loser's.

bUbba, you are one MENTALLY ILL, fool!!!!!!!

Golden is so full of bull the defense stinks, scheme stinks and all the defense coachs need to be replaced asap, DC needs to be first, Golden and DC have to realize its not working friends have to part ways, AD BLAKE NEEDS TO BE INVOLVED AND dONNA, GOLDEN CANT MAKE THE CALL AND SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED TO THROW US UNDER THE BUS OR THE FOOTBAL PROGRAM OR SCHOOL ANYMORE. no IMPROVEMENT NO PROGRESS MEANS FIRE DC AND GO DOWN THE LINE, WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOLDEN S PROBLEM IT CANT GO ON LIKE THIS ANYMORE Miami is a joke in the ACC and other coachs.

Again, both Thee Carpetbagger's AREN'T going anywhere. Anytime soon.

Simply because the university President and the Board of Trustee's and the million-dollar booster's are collectively IN AWE of Golden and what not.

The changes have to come quick on defense dont hire a light weight, Golden needs to be pushed to fire DCand other coachs. He is dreaming if he thinks DC will improve next year and so are some dummy fans, nubers dont lie. We need change now, ask other coachs and teams around Miami is easy. Guard taps other player the defense knows the play and sacks Morris or ruins play, stupid things add up. Golden needs to change it up or leave, PSU doent want him no experience at that level nor skills to lead a team like that somebody smart. Golden isnt ready and DC cant coach at disision one level

Somebody has to take DC out for a short walk to the gate, he will never figure how to get back in. Golden needs to fire him and other coachs, to stay defense did good is stupid comment and shows how much Golden will protect DC Mark at the expense of football team change him now or get rid of Golden too let him go some other team could use his bull.

Zero chance this admin fires Golden anytime soon. Whether he can be pressured ala Choker to make changes is debatable.

The real question is who in the local media has the balls to hold Goldilocks accountable, I'm particularly upset with Manny who grew up down here, knows what Canes football is all about, but treats Goldilocks with kid gloves, same with Joe Rose on 560.....yeah I'm calling you out Manny.... Do your job local media

I didn't know it was a reporter's job to facilitate coaching changes. I somehow thought they were supposed to report.

Reporters can ask tough questions and not let coaches dance around the answers apologist

For example:

1) how do you justify keeping D'Nofrio?
2) yes UL thew some new looks at you, so what adjustments did you attempt?
3) you really don't have a time frame for returning the team back to national prominence? Really?
4) how do you sell to top recruits that they can flourish in this defensive scheme?
5) with 3 weeks to prepare how does the team play so flat?

And I didn't say facilitate coaching changes, I said hold them accountable for three years of piss poor defensive performances, apologist

I hope that S. Morris can find a developmental league to play in. That exhibition of being a major college football QB was dismal. He appeared he had no confidence and threw into coverage over 50% of the time. Unless there is an upgrade in the QB position the UM will not go to the next level. Coach Golden needs to re-evaluate his skill position people. The offense last noc was man-handled especially S.Henderson
and he is going to the senior bowl ?????. There was no fire or emotion on the offensive side of the ball. A very disappointing evening to say the least.

"Louisville was out there impersonating the Miami Hurricanes and we were out there impersonating Penn St"

I have said it from day on of AG's hire, he is a product of Penn St and UVA; both teams were average at best. At UVA, Groh never got close to spelling a championship and UVA's D was horrible and never could stop a passing game. Unless AG gets better position coaches and changes his philosophy, we ("U") will become a carbon copy of UVA in the early and mid 2000s (2003-2008). We need help from the coaching staff. To have 20 days to prepare and lose to UL is insane.

Dave posted: "...We are not playing in the SEC, so 9 wins in the ACC is not a great season".

Canes got to 9 wins by beating

FAU ***
UF ***
Savannah State ***
USF ***
GT +++
Wake ***
UNC +++
Virginia ***

Six of those wins were over teams (***) with losing records.

Two of those wins could be characterized as games where the opponents beat themselves.

Canes played half-decent at Pitt, but Pitt didn't.

Coach Golden's claim to fame was his work at Temple. He can coach in the MAC, but he's got a long way to go to show he's got what it takes to win at a top-10 national level. The Shapiro crap gave him a ready-made excuse. No more excuses.

Congrats to Strong and his staff for a very prepared game plan last night. It was evident that you watched the U's schemes on offense and defense. Nothing changed during three weeks, to at least show something different...WOW!

I mentioned this over the past several weeks that Strong was not going to give Morris time to throw deep. I shared that Strong will be sending pressure on Morris during passing situations. Strong took our best offensive weapons (Hurns and Coley) away with pressed coverage and free safety over the top. Therefore, Strong had 8 in the box on every down. The reason we were not able to run the football. The reason that I keep mentioning Strong...not his DC, because Strong was calling the plays. He is a defensive coach! It's clear that Strong is a fan of Rex Ryan, because his defense was playing like the Jets and Ravens.

As for Golden, who is a defensive coach, keep getting overlooked about our scheme. Canes fans, it is not the DC...it's Golden who is not changing. Golden has hired someone who support his scheme. Therefore, why everyone keep asking Golden to fire his DC? Golden would have to relinguish his input in the defensive scheme, if he hires another DC. For example, Jimbo at FSU will not hire an OC, because he is running the offense...the OC is doing what Coley was doing prior to coming to the U.

Everyone is laughing at Florida, but at least their HC recognized a need to change OC. Believe me, Florida offense will be much improved next year. Whereby, the U is expecting unproven freshmen to make a difference, because of projected talent.

I am very happy Morris is moving on, because he deserves better than what he received this past year. Teddy would have been ruin too, if he came to the U as a QB. I heard the fans calling for Williams, but he would not have made a difference. Morris did not have time to throw the ball majority of the passing plays. The routes were too deep against a blitzing defensive scheme. I did not see any slants, screens to RB...but we did use the TE on crossing routes. The OC did not slow down their pass rush with offensive plays designed for such situations. I would highly recommend that the U hire a QB coach too. Why? Teach the QB how to direct his FB and RB to pick up blitzes, to include helping the line adjust their blocking assignments too. This is the reason I would hire someone fron the NFL (Jed Fisk), because Morris look prepared and grew throughout the year.

Personally, I hope golden leaves for PSU. We can do better. He needs to evaluate himself along with the dc. We looked like clowns out there. I feel sorry for our players.With the right coaching staff we could at least be competitive. I'm tired of golden with his clown ties anyways. Go to PSU and put a blue one on. At least look like a coach. Golden is not a UM guy.

Bridgewater shredded the D but he also was under pressure and had to escape quite a few times. Coley is an inexperienced O.C. and needs to realize that his QB's are his responsibility and needs to prepare them for more than scout team players. Chud will probably be fired from the Browns and would be a great addition to UM. He knows offense, and knows what type of players Miami has. Too much standing around waiting for reads and audibles. Come to the line and call a few plays on 2 or even 3 if you notice every play is called on 1. We've got alot of talent that is really young the guy who really screwed us was Coker most of the NCAA damage was done during his watch, yet he's still coaching unlike Haith who was punished. We'll get through this but it will take alot of hard work and trust in the coaches. No coach wants his team to play bad they all want players to play good and excel. Golden needs to let the players express themselves and play with the heart we all love to watch at the U. Every one in America wants to see us lose so lets get behind the coaches and the players and show them the pride we all have in wearing the orange and green, and being part of the family.

Lousy and embarassing. Outplayed and outcoached again.

Rod Chudzinski to the rescue.

Louisville will become a middle of road team in the ACC people. Each school get that dynamic QB that comes along once every 10 years or so. They have no other QB that will be as good as Teddy "punk butt" Bridgewater on thier roster. They will have to play FSU, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Miami next year. They will have 2-3 losses come next year and still recruit low 3 star players. I dislike Teddy Bridgewater. I grew up watching the U. Grew up rooting for the U. Grew up wanted to play for the U, but then go off to REP another school. This is america, go where you want to go, but you aint no real 305 player. Same thing goes for Devontee Freeman and any and all players who dont play for the U. Its all about the U in my house.

I am really happy AG shows his stupidity by leaving Morris in for the entire game. We do not need to be preparing for next year by allowing another QB to get some experience. After all Morris was trying to convert our first third down (which never happened) or get a first down. AG's loyalty to Morris will have a very negative effect on us next year, where we can expect to win less games because our competition is much better. We are going backwards, especially Morris.

Butch Davis or now Schiano since he was fired by Tampa this morning. I'm pretty sure that he would be looking for a job soon....and if i remember correctly he was here a D coord under Davis till he left and Shannon took over....

It's time to stop making excuses for this coaching staff. According to scout.com Miami has had a better recruiting class 3 out of the past 4 years going back to 2011. Miami has also signed 12 of top 100 players coming out of high school since 2011 to Louisville's 3. Louisville has 36 players from the state of Florida. Out of those 36, Miami has only offered 4 players. Louisville is picking up our scarps and kicking our a**ses with them. Is that a coaching problem or is it that our staff can not evaluate talent. I do not think it's our talent evaluation because all the major programs in the state ( Florida & FSU) have also passed on the same players. The biggest difference from what I can tell is that FSU has better coaching. They lost almost their entire defense from last year to the NFL and where able to reload and compete for the National Championship. Florida is in the same boat as us except they are making changes with their assistant coaches. I give lot's of credit to Al Golden for the job that he has done under the circumstances BUT don't let friendship cloud your mind. As Donald Trump would say it's not personal it's business.

Butch Davis, Greg Schiano, and Rob Chudzinksi are available. Hurry up and grab them! It is time to move on from Al Golden and secure either one of them as Head Coach, or preferably all three of them, and let Butch pass on the baton to one of them in a few years. Those three were part of the coaching nucleus that put together what has been deemed as the "greatest college team of all time" in 2001. The school would be insane to not go after them, while they're still available. Golden is in over his head. Its tiring to continue to hear him infer that we do not have the "players" and have "been playing with one armed tied behind our back" due to the NCAA restrictions. Those are excuses. He makes $2.5 million per year. Let him take the $7.5 million he has made in three years with the school, and move on. Lets give that same salary to Butch, Schiano, or Chudz. Better yet, if the school administration was smart, they'd find a way to bring all three back, similar to the late 90's and early 2000's. All three are proven commodities at the college level. Butch never used the NCAA issue as an excuse. Instead, he recruited two and three star kids, who had speed, and who had a a chip on their shoulder. Most importantly, he and his staff COACHED THE KIDS UP. Would any great coach, such as Saban, Jimmy Johnson, Urban Meyer, or anyone put up with the defense giving up the amount of yardage and points they have the past two years? Of course not. Time to move on. I don't see why we have to go through another year of this coaching staff to make a decision by consensus when three of the great coaches that built this program to be GREAT are available in the wing waiting. TIME TO MOVE ON.

Golden said a lot but really said nothing about the problems his coaching staff is having.

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