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Al Golden was just on WQAM radio: Doesn't sound like he's making changes in his coaching staff

University of Miami coach Al Golden was just on WQAM with Joe Rose.

Basically, he didn't answer any questions about the Penn State job and he spent nearly 30 minutes talking about statistical trends and the improvements Miami made on offense and defense.

He said the worst part of UM's game has been third-down conversions offensively and defensively, the pass rush, time of possession (which relates to conversion problem).

The big thing we got out of this: Golden seems like he's not going to make many, if any, changes on the coaching staff. 

He was asked about Mark D'Onofrio and the first thing he said is "The trend right now is positive.''

Then he compared numbers from 2012 to 2013, and covered the improvements Miami made. He also talked about what needs to be improved.

He never talked specifically about any of his coaches.

So, Canes fans, I do not know this for a fact, as Al will be meeting with his coaching staff today and I can't predict the future, but it's pretty clear, again, that most coaches at the very least -- and almost definitely D'Onofrio is my guess -- will be returning.

Stay tuned, please.

I will start transcribing some quotes for you now and posting them on blog.



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We judge this coach Coach this year! Year four is now Al Golden's players all Of Randy's players are gone. Let's go Canes!

Duuuuke Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!

Astute fans, not you media hacks, have stated this for months.

It is very deficient journalism to start showing Al Golden's obvious flaws three completed seasons in. Now reports of players internal dislike of the defensive scheme. Reporting that now the defensive scheme is the desired one of Al Golden.

While other media reports Al Golden was turned down for the PSU job. With it being know the PSU local media did not allow Bill O'Brien to use excuses for failure. Al Golden would have had, finally, some scrutiny on the events versus his version of them.

This guy is absolutely amazing. After pimping Miami like a two dollar W***E he has the unmitigated gall to point to the improving trends in the defensive numbers. Take away the scrimmage games, and replace them with average D1 programs from major conferences and let us see how we trend then.

like it used car salesman voy a dar Frio sucks I like I'll go home but you gotta go down right beside them to make changes to get better because you are bachata minus you'll never beat Florida State the office line sucks the bottom line is two words Butch Davis Dennis Erickson for offense how to know him better for the fence good luck oh I am a cane I know what I'm looking at the used car salesman and knows how to talk

BS.....al golden had an agreement in principle in place with PSU. 3 days went by and silence from him......then he tried to firm up the agreement by going to contract but PSU wasn't ready.....he tried to force their hand..

al golden wasn't just listening to an offer with the intention of staying at UM.....HE WAS GONE AS OF TODAY if PSU took him up and went to contract yesterday...

golden loyalist are trying to do damage control is all.....have your opinions, that's fine.....but these 2 were looking to escape coral gables..

Al doesn't have time for you cats to sit around and yuk it up about a tragedy.

I think, if you're honest, and you imagined that FSU or any other D1 school for that matter had the NCAA over them all this time (which greatly affected recruiting) you'd expect them to be struggling. I'd say Golden has 2-3 more years to show what he can do from this point. Nine wins is getting there. two more and you're real close. Also, "scrimmage" games are played by every team, Bob Griese 12 so you cannot hold that against this staff.

Listening to Golden's WQAM interview with Joe Rose,Rick Scott and Charlie Crist have nothing on the Politician Golden. His tap dancing, salesman pitches, and talking out of both sides of his cheek, he should run for governor. However, he is an Empty Suit, spewing biased statistics, without the most important result: WINNING.

He sounds more like a Boiler Room Salesman reading a script that a coach who needs to have URGENCY in winning. Once again, he talks, process, patience, "we're not yet where we want to be". Can you imagine Saban, Bellichek, or even Urban Meyer saying: "We're not yet where we want to be (after three years)". The fan base and or organizations/adminstration's would eat those guys up with such a complacent comment.

Cut the excuses and have URGENCY TO WIN NOW. UM FANS, Ex Players, Administration. HOLD THIS GUY ACCOUNTABLE!

He is a true salesman, throwing in tie downs like: "Make Sense?", "Are you with me?". Just so he can sell people on his argument. Trying to get Joe off topic. This guy is an EMPTY SUIT SALESMAN. Get rid of this guy.

Now that Sanctions are all but over & players are his, after getting over anger of being Schalela duped, it will be completely his talent, schemes & strategies. Now is the time to gather facts. Without the cloud he will have Miami's first top 10 recruiting class. Is the speed back? Do his recruits match his schemes? Will he change to fit his talent? All will become self evident soon enuff!

he better improve that D somehow then

Coaching changes are needed whether Al was going to leave or stay. Changes need to be made.

the positive trends are just a reflection of the weak schedule he played this year. he thinks us Miami fans are ignorant. he's a fool! we see the team got worse from the year before to this year. expect another mediocrity year in 2014.

Take it even further, in Golden's case it will be year 6 where you can really rate him. After the NCAA mess his first real recruiting class was 2013. His 2014 commits are a top 3 class and his new QB's are all freshman.
The future is Golden for UM!

Fire D Oh No and you win back some support... some. AG, anybody who was on the fence with you before is now against you. You should have taken your act to PSU.

Golden is kidding himself defense isnt positive what is he on, Dfornio is the worst coach Miami has ever had all the way back to Fran Cursi era, all ESPN and even our man May says defense has to chane for Miami to be in the game, 500 yards isnt improving by the way Al, you need to drop your BS jargon and learn football not politics, if not a blood bath will take the coachs out next year due to lack of performance, progress, hows your personal goal on penaltys doing looked the same this year, keep up the good work, terrible defense staff and judgement on your part, somebody has to see this!

Miami needs real coachs and get rid of Temple trash, they dont know what their doing, results speak for themselves, flake the Blake will need to address alumni and fans are aleady to pounce, next years schedule is not easy.

I cannot believe how some Canes fans are so quick to criticize Al Golden for listening to his alma mater. He acted no differently than how 99% of all of us would have acted if in the same situation. Stop hating and start supporting.

As for the coaching aspect, Golden isn't wrong when he says the Canes are on an upward trend. Let's not forget, when Randy was here the Canes were losing at home to the likes of South Florida. That's how bad it was. When Golden took over, there was a serious lack of talent at The U, a lack of work ethic by the players, an NCAA mess that only recently got cleared up, and a bunch of negativity surrounding the program which seriously hurt recruiting. Despite all these obstacles, the Canes have progressed from 6 to 7 to 9 wins. They're improving. The talent is slowly being built back up. The big-time recruits are wanting to come to Miami again. Give Golden another 2 years to right the ship and I believe he will.

It took Butch Davis 5 years to bring the Canes back from probation to National Champs. Golden deserves the same amount of time. Not to mention, the same Canes fans who were clamoring for Butch to come back and hoping Golden left for PSU were the same fans who hated on Butch Davis from the day he took over the program until maybe 2000, when The U became The U again. It's all about perspective. Golden would have had every right to leave for PSU. But he didn't. He stayed. Considering the past history of UM coaches leaving for greener pastures, it's nice to see Al choose to stay down here to finish the job.


I am glad this is behind us, and I did not hold any negative feelings toward Golden for having interest in another employment opportunity...because we all do this every day. He was just looking out for the best interest of his family and career.

However; before we move forward to the future, let's stop confusing the facts!

As for the NCAA mess, good recruiter, and own players...are all contradicting statements by many on this site. Are we saying that the NCAA caused a distraction on the practice field, which negatively impacted coaching? I have read that Golden and staff recruited a top class in 2013, but used Shannon players. By the way, a good recruiter will not lose top flight players in his/her backyard (i.e, Collins, Matthews, Cook, Sony, Lane, Valentine, etc.).

As for the future...change must happen based on trends across college football...not subtle improvement in yards or turnovers. If there is not a prolific passing QB available or interested in coming to the U...then look in your backyard for another type of QB. Johnny Football is getting all this attention, and Miami or South Florida have seen this type of QB for years. The problem is the college coaches are asking them to change to another position...whereby, this QB just led his team to a national championship (i.e., Harris/BTW). BTW and Central were the top HS football teams in the country...both used dual-threat QBs. Not to mention, the two college teams playing for the championship are using mobile QBs too. For example, Auburn QB was asked and played DB while at Georgia.

Defensively, I believe we had a lot of players doing more thinking...rather than reactiving. I believe in the 3-4 scheme, but must have the players to run this type of defense. The 3 DL have to be strong, quick, and impossible to block by one OL...period. The 4 LBs must be tackling machines who can also cover TE and RBs. The safeties have to be physical with CB skills. The CBs are quick with excellent ball skills. My only question to the above examples...who is going to teach them?

I am as "Die Hard" of a Canes fan, as I'm sure most of you on this post are, but the reality of all of this is that Al Golden was expected to win almost instantly since taking over the helm at coach based on your comments. With all due respect, neither Saban, Bellicheck, or even Meyer have had to coach/recruit players while having an NCAA investigation hovering over your program the entire three years that they have been coaches the past three years. It's easy to point the fingers at their programs and say "See Al... That's how it's done" while they are all snatching up top national player recruits left and right, and Al is left to pretty much beg in order to get a top recruit to come to the U under the circumstances in which we have been. I don't excuse the fact that giving up almost 500 ypg is acceptable, but I am also not going to turn my back on this guy because he hasn't won a bowl game or even a championship considering the BS this guy has had to work with the past 3 years (the only three years) that he has had to work with. In my opinion, this coach's first year is 2014... Let's see what he does now that the cuffs are off.

And as for being "as good as gone" for the PSU position, who really knows? Maybe so... But the fact is that he didn't go, he's still a Cane, and I think that he is a stellar coach. Call him a politician, call him a salesman, he still was able to do things under the Sh**iest conditions, that no coach since Butch Davis was able to do back in the late 90's. And let's be honest... Those national championship appearances that Cocker made were off of Davis laid out plan... Same as the way Barry Switzer with his Super Bowl wins off of Jimmy Johnson's team.

They were 116th in defense of you can you can only improve.

I think Golden did an OK job given the cards he was dealt. But bragging about being # 24 in this and number 45 in that is just not the way of the U!

I cannot believe how some Canes fans are so quick to criticize Al Golden for listening to his alma mater.

As for the coaching aspect, Golden isn't wrong when he says the Canes are on an upward trend.

Let's not forget, when Randy was here the Canes were losing at home to the likes of South Florida. That's how bad it was. When Golden took over, there was a serious lack of talent at The U, a lack of work ethic by the players

Posted by: J.A.T. | January 06, 2014 at 09:00 AM

No, Miami Hurricanes' fans are not condemning Al Golden for talking to PSU. There are those that now see, and have seen, his lack of success on the football field. Along with his attempt to leave Miami, but was turned down.

You say he is trending better and that there was less talent when he got here. But the lesser skilled coach won more games than Al Golden did, with one less loss than he had. That is an indication of Al Golden's inferior skills, since all things were the closest to equal.

You are one of several that are attempting to alter the actual events that took place.

There was an attempt to go to PSU, by Al Golden. But he was not thought of as a talented enough coach to get hired.

It starts with recruiting and he is an excellent recruiter. I am not a D'Onofrio fan, but there is no talent on that D. There isn't one starter from our D that could have started for Louisville's D. Let's let them restock the D talent and them see how we end up.

Donna makes all of this possible. We all know she's great for the U, but she honestly wants a neutered football program like A UVA. Folden is the right coach for that job.

She might make a change when there's 20k at all the home games next year. Football drives the entire athletic department.

It would be great if we could get Chud as our OC, or Schiano as our DC. Either way would be great and a huge upgrade.

Posted by: RAZ | January 06, 2014 at 10:58 AM

A complete fallacy--I wish UL coaches could chime in--they'd laugh so hard!

Clint Hurtt especially, he knows how good our guys are and how our coaching neuters their talents. He and Strong tried to recruit every one of them.

Posted by: J.A.T. | January 06, 2014 at 09:00 AM

This is just James again, he changed his name but not the content.

Posted by: Rudy | January 06, 2014 at 12:17 PM

Yes it would, but why would they work for someone who is intellectually inferior to them and has never won on any level of competition?

Golden can't teach either one of them anything. Thats an unbalanced relationship.

As a true Hurricane, and Hurricane Club member, I continue to stand behind Al Golden. The fans on here bashing the man that has to deal with what he's had to without bolting need to grow up. NO ONE was going to come in, and fix a problem that took years to get off course. He's had to deal with poor recruiting by two previous coaches, the lack of depth, the lack of drive, and then that NCAA investigation. I'm going to stand behind Golden, and continue my donation to the school because I believe in both.

Cannot wait to see Golden return to Jacksonville, FL.



I totally disagree with the "good recruiter", because the U brand is the reason a lot of the players coming. Golden is a defensive coach and recognize the need for a solid team. As a defensive coach, he should be focus on gathering a nasty group of DTs and Middle LBs, to include a free safety...with ball skills. RAZ, from my observation, we are getting elite OLs, DEs and small RBs. Collins, Sony, and Cook are elite backs...and a good recruiter would have at least signed one of them from his own backyard. Remember, at one time we had Gore, Portis, and McGahee on the roster at RB. Now, who ever recruited those players are a good.

As for Louisville and Miami comparison, look at the head coaches first to evaluate how each team prepares and performs on a weekly basis. Change the coaching staff, and Miami will have different results. Moris will either play responsible or sit...period. The defense will be more aggressive and demonstrate the coaching passion and energy. Please stop with this talent stuff, because that is overrated.

I like Golden too, but everyone must recognize...it is not the DC when the HC allows the play-calling over the past two years. Golden must change, and hold his staff responsible...not throwing players under the bus with excuses. I rather hear that we were out-coached and played today...not all of this NCAA mess, talent, etc.

NCAA mess is over, but we still cannot get an elite big RB, DT, WR, and most important Dual-threat QB. Why dual-threat QB, because it is working at the college level...just look at the BCS teams over the past 5 years.

Louisville played like the old CANES used to with attitude and swag! The new canes played like Penn St.The only thing Donna is concerned about now is kids staying out of trouble and not getting arrested.She don't care if the CANES ever win a championship or not. THAT'S A FACT!

Posted by: Duval Cane | January 06, 2014 at 12:54 PM

What exactly was it that you believe was the difference between 5-6 campaign in 1998 for BD and the 2001 team? Same coaches mind you.

Posted by: Justin | January 06, 2014 at 11:30 AM

How do you know what she wants?

The last two championship appearances were under her... How do you know what her vision for the football program is? And FYI the football team reps the entire University as the team logo is also the university's brand

Who does this 44 year old idiot think he is, doesnt know football, trying to use Joe Pas idea, but Joe had experience on his staff Golden doesnt including himself. This idea of no change is about as dumb as it comes, Miami deserves what it gets next year in the toilet with Golden and his buddy. Dofornio is a complete idiot does not know how to coach at this level and neither does Golden, they are living in Camalot, no experience spells major trouble next year, Miami and Amin need to get a set cause the 44 year old boy knows not what he is doing.

duke class average 42 in recruiting enough said don't blame the kids blame the development of them

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Golden continues to be identified or exhibit Shannon's lackluster performance: lives by the deep ball no defense stance at all . You would think that with a struggeling D , a drive would be the offensive strategy: use the Tight end, pass to half back on delay route , actually run until they stop you type offense. But to go game after game with no change in strategy is why I question his coaching ability. UM believes that if they have the lowest 40 times, that translates to wins? Get some power , Bo Jackson type runners that Alabama has had success with and be identifies by a power smash mouth style football that is proven in the latter part of season to be effective.

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