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Al Golden's silence a reminder this is all just business


That's the one word that gets thrown around more than any other in college football.

Yet, as we've come to realize, it means absolutely nothing. 

Al Golden used the word right after the Hurricanes got embarrassed by Louisville a little more than a week ago in the Russell Athletic Bowl. And he meant it. 

"I made a commitment to get it done and we're going to fight our asses off until we get it done," Golden said of returning the Hurricanes to dominance.

Now, less than 10 days later, we're sitting here wondering if he's leaving for his alma mater Penn State. So are his bosses, assistant coaches, players and recruits.

"We don't know anything yet," President Donna Shalala told the Miami Herald in an email.

Golden? Not a peep, which says his commitment and his loyalty is really only to himself and his family. 

We all know this of course. We're not naive. We all have priorities. If you were in Al's shoes and your alma mater came calling, offering more money, offering a heroes welcome, you would have to listen at least.

And maybe that's all this is. Maybe Golden won't be leaving anywhere. 

After all, Penn State is reportedly interviewing Mike Munchak and James Franklin today. Maybe Al isn't sure he'd be better off back where he met his wife Kelly. Maybe being the next Joe Paterno isn't his thing. Maybe he wants to jump from Miami to the NFL and aspires to be the next Bill Belichick.

Only Al and his people know.

What does Al want us to know? Nothing. His silence speaks for itself. It reminds us people in college football can use the word commitment one day and change their minds the next. All anyone is really going to do is what's best for themselves from one decision to the next. And there's nothing wrong with that. That's real life.

In the end, if Al stays at Miami, it's going to be hard for some to believe just how committed he really is to this program. And the truth is that's really what was maybe Golden's most likable quality wasn't it? The fact he was, in his words, "going to fight [his] ass off until we get it done."

That commitment to standing by Miami's side through the NCAA mess. We loved that. The idea he was going to dig his feet into the ground, recruit his butt off and take Miami back to the top. Many Canes fans -- after a 7-0 start and rise to a No. 7 ranking -- were completely buying in. 

Not so much anymore of course. They want his best bud, defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, out of here. Get rid of him or you can go with him Al, many say. 

If Al leaves, which many outside the program seem to think he will, the next guy will be expected to pick up right where he left off. Since the Canes went 9-4 this year, the next guy has to secure that Top 10 recruiting class, and then win the Coastal Division. No excuses. To not accomplish that would mean failure. 

The good news for Hurricanes fans is that if Al leaves there are  hungry, interested coaches out there who could accomplish that.

Mario Cristobal would be the first person I would call. Yeah, Cristobal left for a better paying Alabama job after Al gave him one when FIU dumped him.

But can you imagine anyone "fighting his ass off" for Miami -- his alma mater -- harder than Cristobal? He still hasn't tasted that NFL money, still hasn't really proven himself. He would work to get to that point. 

And that's really what this Miami job has always been about. It doesn't pay enough to be a place where someone settles in for the long haul. It never has been. In it's most successful days it's always been the springboard to then next big, better paying job.

Some are saying Rob Chudzinski, Greg Schiano and Butch Davis would be great options. Tommy Tuberville might be too. But I'd call Mario first.

The only commitment you would need from Cristobal is what this program has really always been about and needed. That's a commitment to winning and winning big. 


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Lets stop for a moment being analysts and be realist. Fact is Golden is a really good administrator. Only head coaching experience was Temple. D'Nofrio only DC experience was at Temple. We know him to be totally unqualified to coach college football at any level. Coley was brought in primarily as a recruiter and made the OC although he had no experience at being an OC (on gameday). Although most here appreciate Golden hanging in through the NCAA mess, none or very very very very few believe he nor his coordinators are adequate at this or any level.

Knowing this, the administration should show their intellectual prowess and bring in a capable staff even if it means increasing the budget. Butch, Schiano or Chudzinski would all be great choices, given "proven" head coaching experience, on field success, player development and the ability to recruit. Its the previous three Golden is incapable of accomplishing. He's only dedicated to himself and D'Nofrio.

What the Canes have lacked in recent years is imposing their will on the game. This is what most commentators call "toughness". It requires a certain attitude that is recruited and developed. The best available coach who would meet this need and understands 305 is Greg Schiano. He has the right background, NFL cache (successful or not, see Nick Saban), and "toughness".

Intro: Sunday, //2014; 5:33 p.m. est...the phone rings at Alverage Grifter's home..Kelly, his wife picks up...

- Oh hi, Brett...Sure, just a moment..Alverage!, it's B-Rhett!

- 'Sup B-Rhett? Me? Just fightin my A$% off, gettin' it fixed, it's on me, you know, workin the process. Heard anything?

- Well, they just finished with Manchuk...Franklin went in at 9 this morning..

- Before you say anything, where were we Friday?
7 year,
$3 and HALF laaaarge[whoop whoop!],
Keepin DeeeNO?!
Feelin good, man, real good...Not too greedy, ya know? juuuust righ...

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- Nice, B-Rhett, quit F%^&in around.

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- Okay.... [voice fluttering], Kelly! get me a mimosa! NOW! Okay...it's okay....we got this Bee...
umumum...Kelly! Mimosa!

- Al, look, we just sit tight...

AG :
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Lookit Bee, yootellem rightnow. BUY OUT., 1.8, 3 years, performance if they want, KELLY'LL stay down here and host their vacation parties, WHATEVER THEY WAAANT....

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- NO! yoocallem NOW! I can't lose this, I can't go out there to that presser tomorrow with a straight face, you know my mouth gets dry and and, they know now, F^&*!
Kelly! Where's my binder?! Where's that GAWDA%^&D Mimosa??!

::End Scene::

It appears the Miami administration has backed into their reactive versus proactive management style once again.

After almost 3 years of the NCAA’s BS Donna Shalala came out of her shell and aggressively went after the NCAA. It was that action that most probably saved the Canes from many more years of sanctions.

Now we are embroiled in another crisis and Donna’s comment is that she knows nothing and appears to be waiting for Al Golden to make his mind up as to what he’s going to do. Yet, we all know that the Penn State people are pitching all the benefits of their school to Al and asking him what he needs to become their head coach.

Why isn’t Donna Shalala asking Golden what he needs to remain as the head football coach of the Miami Hurricanes? Why aren’t we hearing from the trustees saying they will do everything in their power to retain Golden? Why hasn’t Donna met with the trustees to agree on a financial package that AT LEAST matches the Penn State offer?

Yesterday, James Blake said he is in constant communication with Golden and believes he will remain Miami’s head coach. That comment made me think of the musicians playing on the top deck of the Titanic as the great ship was sinking…sounds good, but everyone knew what was coming.

Make no mistake—should Al Golden leave the program and most everything being said points to that conclusion Miami’s football program will be devastated. The current recruiting class will implode and the strong message nationwide will be that Miami is a third rate program that most any other major college team can waltz in and poach our coaches. Additionally, this change, along with the impact of the recruiting class will insure that next season is a disaster and quality recruits will simply not want to be a part of that mess going forward. Sad, very sad indeed!!


Very well said.

Silence may indicate he is gone.

While appreciating his achievements
at UM, time to move on.

Let's get a fresh start. Cristobal is a
good idea, though I question his loyalty
over time. Others await.

Go Canes!

Sad, very sad indeed!!

Posted by: Ron Zook | January 05, 2014 at 02:23 PM


ABSOLUTELY wrong again, DORK!

And what's NOT sad, but hilarious is that your a bellowing F-O-O-L who absolutely has NO " cred!! "

In other words, you are nothing but a CON-niving IMPOSTER. Nothing more, nothing less.

FWIW... you LAMELY gave your " act away " when you said Goldie should leave upscale Coral Gables. hUh

Posted by: Ron Zook | January 05, 2014 at 02:23 PM

Are you high? Butch wants the job if Al leaves and UM is in trouble??? They'll have a parade for UM if any of the candidates (except Christobal) are hired in place of Al.

Posted by: beedharphong | January 05, 2014 at 02:22 PM

To damn funny. That's what this blog can't get enough of.

Hey beed,

Loved the imaginary dialogue, man.

Hopin' for change...

The damage is already done..at this point if he even tries to come back and bring Dorito with him... get the pitchforks out and Demand him to resign...

#Its a process....

LOL - Champ, I was standin' in the shower thinking about how it might really be going down, thinking about How Kelly loves it down here and all..., thinking about how PSU just comes in here and can chump us like a third rate program, that AG was prolly never interested in goin' home....How irreplaceable Alverage really is...and I was sad.

Zook, you're crazy if you think we should be begging Golden to stay. Get out if here with that.

I would've fired him once I confirmed that he interviewed.

One of the best results of Golden leaving will be to rid this blog of the delusional poster Zook. He must be D'Onfrio.

Pitchforks and torches are out!!

We need a coach in place by Tuesday in order to save this recruiting class.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | January 05, 2014 at 02:34 PM

You simply have no idea what you are talking about.

First of all, other than Cristobal and Davis almost every other replacement coach mentioned will not get embroiled in this program as knowing the so-called fan base if they don't win a National Championship each year they want you fired.

Are you so clueless that you don't think coaches across the country are aware that the loudest segment of our so-called fan base were complaining and ridiculing Al Golden when the man had achieved the 7th ranking in the country with an undefeated team after the mess Randy Shannon handed the man and a almost 3 year NCCA persecution designed to kill the program?

Davis being hired is at best a 99 to 1 shot and Cristobal for unknown reasons to the general public was run out of FIU.

All of the potential replacement coaches are fully aware that Al Golden has done a spectacular job while at Miami. They know Miami should be getting beat by most everyone and recruiting should be all but gone if not for Al Golden. They know that a confederacy of dunces who refer to themselves as Miami fans believe that Al Golden has done a terrible job and is a bad coach. It is that last point that will make replacing Al Golden with any coach with an ounce of credibility a major challenge.

Hell, at this point Miami will be lucky if D'Onofrio would agree to take the job.

Manny, Cristobal is well qualified to replace you as the MH 'Canes blog writer who will at least bring out positive stories on 'Canes instead of dwelling on negativity. However, I don't think he is a proven commodity to be the HC at the U. His results at FIU forever tarnish his capabilities.

Mario Cristobal? Are you out of your mind? Why, because he's "hungry and hasn't tasted NFL money?" That describes just about every single man in the coaching business. The 'Canes might as well hire Frank Rojas as their next head coach.

If Golden leaves, which I hope he doesn't, there's only one call to make. Ring.....ring....hello....Butch?

Hey Tampa... Chud sucked as a "head coach". Check your facts. The players hated him in Cleveland. Schiano and Butch are the only two successful head coaches. ;-)

LOVE THE IDEA OF COACHES WHO WOULD STAND TOGETHER AND BLEED ORANGE AND GREEN WITH US. The list is as follows and includes 2 non Former UM Coach or Alum/Coach and suggests a few assistants as well; *Chucky/HC,*Narduzzi/HC,Butch/HC,DC,Chud/HC,OC, Cristobol/HC,Schiano/HC, Dorsey/QB,OC?, Walsh/QB,Ray Ray/DC?, etc etc etc

At this point the damage is done goodbye Big Al still got love 4 ya. CANEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

The players didn't hate him in Cleveland. In fact, several players and coaches came out in defense of Chud.

Are you really hanging your opinion of competence on the Browns?

Schiano is another good choice, no problem with him being no.1 choice.

Butch is too old in my opinion.

Posted by: beedharphong | January 05, 2014 at 02:22 PM


Miami would be lucky to have D'No?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......wait let me catch my breath, and the joke continues

The players spoke out against him when he was fired. it was all over ESP...N

I can't wait until the Penn St fans see their new defense!

Butch is too old in my opinion.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 05, 2014 at 03:11 PM

Butch and Nick Saban were born the same year (so was Pete Carroll). Butch or Schiano bring in instant credibility and Chud is not too far behind. As of now though Al is our head coach.

Zook you're beyond delusional. Butch tells Susan Miller yesterday that he'd be honored to be considered for the job but you think he'd be a 99-1 shot?
There's nothing worse than watching someone go "all in" on a subject to the point where they cannot admit that they were/are wrong. It's no different than listening to the Randy Shannon apologists.

Oh Please don't mention RS... Those homers will wet themselves... Right Calvie?

Zook you're beyond delusional. Butch tells Susan Miller yesterday that he'd be honored to be considered for the job but you think he'd be a 99-1 shot?
There's nothing worse than watching someone go "all in" on a subject to the point where they cannot admit that they were/are wrong. It's no different than listening to the Randy Shannon apologists


Please tell me that you understand the world's of difference when Butch speaks and the Miami administration speaks.

Of course Butch wants the Miami job, Butch would take the FIU or FAU jobs in a heartbeat. I love Butch Davis, but the former North Carolina Chancellor screwed him and Miami is not going to hire him with
the unfair baggage he carries. I certainly hope I am wrong!!

Try to keep up here!!

Saban is also too old. He has things rolling at Alabama, so I doubt you would start from scratch again. Same for Pete in Seattle.

We are all mindless! I'm a diehard Cane fan. One of those that does not fill the stadium but is always routing for our canes. Know let's be for real! If someone offered to double your salary and your buddies too. Your going to say no thanks. Mario Cristobal left too Alabama for more money. I like Al and I really think that he will or was going to change the program. And no D'ondontknowD knows his days or number if the D doesn't get better fast. Al wants to win he just wants to see all the options and if a school is offering better financial security I would take it especially knowing that Shala and the administration would fire me without a problem if they felt it was the best thing for their careers. Good look Al at whatever happens I will still support you and the U if you stay!

Nice attempt to get off of the subject that matters most. Al Golden's absolute failure as the coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

That is more important than Al Golden's fans dislike of a coach that hasn't coached here since November of 2010.

Scene 2: Sunday, 1/5/2014; 5:41 p.m. est...The cellphone chirps at Mark DNO's makeshift computer desk...

He almost ignores the call, as he is furiously hunting and pecking away at the laptop his buddy Thomas Finny hooked him up with a couple of years ago...

DNO: [absently groping the phone after glancing at it, seeing it's Master Alverage; this can't wait.

DNO: [sighs to himself, thinking:] Extolling master Al's virtues and defending his honor against the sunsabishes at the Eye On The U Blog comments boards as a one "Ron Zook" had become a real full time gig.

Fortunately, his real "job" as a "Defensey Coordin-uh-MA-who'sit-stuff" required almost nothing of him...

- Yo. CHoo Doon?

- Deener, have you already packed up your binders? We gotta real problem here, man.

- Course not, AL, Got one opened up to the purple tab, page 16, Section IV. Yo, am Copypastin' the F%^& outta that righteous part, the one where there's a plan if any of part II, Section 2, Page 2, under the pink tab - "If they catch on to us, en....enahhhhblay essss...essss-cayp plan dig...dig.niteee...

AG: Good. That's really good. You got my txt.

DNO: huh? nah, man, I was just..

-No time! We have to execute process part 43, code-named "Double Windsor Knot"...do you hear me? Deener!

DNO: [furrows brow]
- Master Alverage, Does this....Does this mean, does this mean I don't get the window seat this time?

- Just get out the Binder, find the protocol, double click the Happy face picture on your laptop, when the security question asks "What to do on 3rd and 30?", type in these words exactly, I mean exactly...safeties and corners turn around and head for tunnel fast...and then call me back. CAN.YOU.DO.THIS!?

- As ALWAYS, Mater Al. As always.
- It must be done.

//Fade Scene

Heard on WQAM that a formal offer went out to Golden. Supposedly they had an interview and Golden said he would accept the offer.

It's from Furman (Canesport), so nothing different from what's already known.

This is great news...let's get a real coach.

If Butch is too old, that makes Laranaga a relic and yet all coach L does is recruit well and win against all odds. The man can flat out coach despite (or maybe because of) his advanced age.

Penn State's Bill O'Brien was paid $3.3 million annually, where All Golden is being paid $2.1 million annually.

Golden would be a fool to pass up the Penn State job if he were offered the position and the opportunity to earn at least $1.2 million more a year.

The Golden challenge offers the University of Miami a wonderful opportunity to bring the Canes Football program into today's world of college football.

It is time for Donna Shalala and the trustees to start paying their head football coach a salary commiserate with other schools that are trying to win National Championships.

It is one thing to not have the facilities of the other top schools, but it is another matter entirely when you pay your coach 50% to over 100% less than what the other schools pay.

It is time to make a decision as to what direction the administration would like to go with the program...a top tier team or a club that once every decade or so has a 9 win season.

George O'Leary is 6 years older than Butch and he just won the frickin Fiesta Bowl!

basketball is a different animal. you can get a few guys and build around that.

you're asking a 60+ year old man to go recruit 80 players against much stiffer competition than you have in basketball.

Small private schools like UM are never going to have the resources to compete with big state schools. Get over it Zoom.

It is time to make a decision as to what direction the administration would like to go with the program...a top tier team or a club that once every decade or so has a 9 win season.
Posted by: Ron Zook | January 05, 2014 at 03:36 PM

We already have the 9 win crappy program Zook. If you let the process play out we may luck into the top tier program in a couple of days.

If that's true then we need to be proACTIVE and start making some calls. Mario should be part of the guys interviewed along w/#1 Butch, #2 Petrino, #3 Franklin, #4 Mario. Chud would be the wild card and think he'll do good. Butch has that TEAM and TOUGHNESS approach while Petrino, Franklin, & Chud have that knack for the Offense with that QB Whisper... Something The U needs to be GREAT again. Mario... Just know cat can Recruit and that's all.. If we are spring boards then let's throw some change out there and make a splash..

Posted by: Kinetic Cane | January 05, 2014 at 03:41 PM

May be so, but let's also remember Paul Dee offered Dave Wannestedt the job when Butch Davis bolted to the NFL. So, the admin can bring any one they want in if they so choose. Paying Butch, Schiano or Chud I don't think would be a problem.

How Butch Davis came back to the University of Miami in a white cloud descending from the sky, text message style.

Blake: yo r u interested in the U?

Davis: mayb

Blake: wut r u doing now?

Davis: reading espn feed to see if golden takes job

Blake: how much u want?

Davis: 3 million per.....brb

Blake: k

Blake: btw, that's a bit much. ag got 2.3 million per....

Blake: u there?

Davis: yea, schiano called. needs help cleaning out his office. look, u want 2 win again?

Blake: lol, yea

Davis: 3 million.

Blake: 2 much. 2.6 million. n we can hire dorsey 2b qb coach

Davis: rofl. 3 million n dorsey.

Blake: don't have the money

Davis: smh. come on. k. larry's done a good job out there in sa-ut.

Blake: sux. ok. 3 million n dorsey. 182.

Davis: hahaha. luv u 2. laterz.

Davis: oh n randy's coming back.

Blake: FML

Butch HC
Chud OC
Schiano DC
Dorsey QB coach
Carrol and Hurtt Lead Recruiters
Christobal OL assistant
JJ special consultant

Mario... Just know cat can Recruit and that's all..
Posted by: SCTexas CANE | January 05, 2014 at 03:46 PM

If we lose Al, we need a proven coach and not a recruiter. Cristobal is not qualified.

Al Golden made a statement...he's staying.

Well that sucks!

Now that Al took a look at what else is out there for him, I think the U needs to do the same. Let's evaluate who is interested in taking this job.

If we can upgrade our coach, I think we should after LOI day.

Al Golden made a statement...he's staying.
Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 05, 2014 at 03:50 PM

Cool. Let's give the man a couple of more years at least to prove himself.

But I already got my pitchfork and torch out of the closet.

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