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Al Golden's silence a reminder this is all just business


That's the one word that gets thrown around more than any other in college football.

Yet, as we've come to realize, it means absolutely nothing. 

Al Golden used the word right after the Hurricanes got embarrassed by Louisville a little more than a week ago in the Russell Athletic Bowl. And he meant it. 

"I made a commitment to get it done and we're going to fight our asses off until we get it done," Golden said of returning the Hurricanes to dominance.

Now, less than 10 days later, we're sitting here wondering if he's leaving for his alma mater Penn State. So are his bosses, assistant coaches, players and recruits.

"We don't know anything yet," President Donna Shalala told the Miami Herald in an email.

Golden? Not a peep, which says his commitment and his loyalty is really only to himself and his family. 

We all know this of course. We're not naive. We all have priorities. If you were in Al's shoes and your alma mater came calling, offering more money, offering a heroes welcome, you would have to listen at least.

And maybe that's all this is. Maybe Golden won't be leaving anywhere. 

After all, Penn State is reportedly interviewing Mike Munchak and James Franklin today. Maybe Al isn't sure he'd be better off back where he met his wife Kelly. Maybe being the next Joe Paterno isn't his thing. Maybe he wants to jump from Miami to the NFL and aspires to be the next Bill Belichick.

Only Al and his people know.

What does Al want us to know? Nothing. His silence speaks for itself. It reminds us people in college football can use the word commitment one day and change their minds the next. All anyone is really going to do is what's best for themselves from one decision to the next. And there's nothing wrong with that. That's real life.

In the end, if Al stays at Miami, it's going to be hard for some to believe just how committed he really is to this program. And the truth is that's really what was maybe Golden's most likable quality wasn't it? The fact he was, in his words, "going to fight [his] ass off until we get it done."

That commitment to standing by Miami's side through the NCAA mess. We loved that. The idea he was going to dig his feet into the ground, recruit his butt off and take Miami back to the top. Many Canes fans -- after a 7-0 start and rise to a No. 7 ranking -- were completely buying in. 

Not so much anymore of course. They want his best bud, defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, out of here. Get rid of him or you can go with him Al, many say. 

If Al leaves, which many outside the program seem to think he will, the next guy will be expected to pick up right where he left off. Since the Canes went 9-4 this year, the next guy has to secure that Top 10 recruiting class, and then win the Coastal Division. No excuses. To not accomplish that would mean failure. 

The good news for Hurricanes fans is that if Al leaves there are  hungry, interested coaches out there who could accomplish that.

Mario Cristobal would be the first person I would call. Yeah, Cristobal left for a better paying Alabama job after Al gave him one when FIU dumped him.

But can you imagine anyone "fighting his ass off" for Miami -- his alma mater -- harder than Cristobal? He still hasn't tasted that NFL money, still hasn't really proven himself. He would work to get to that point. 

And that's really what this Miami job has always been about. It doesn't pay enough to be a place where someone settles in for the long haul. It never has been. In it's most successful days it's always been the springboard to then next big, better paying job.

Some are saying Rob Chudzinski, Greg Schiano and Butch Davis would be great options. Tommy Tuberville might be too. But I'd call Mario first.

The only commitment you would need from Cristobal is what this program has really always been about and needed. That's a commitment to winning and winning big. 


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Damn Gallo called it! So that means we're stuck with D'No.....damn, damn, damn!

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 05, 2014 at 03:56 PM

LOL. No one saw it. You can always put them back.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 05, 2014 at 02:47 PM

If you start firing coaches for interviewing with other schools or entertaining offers you are going to fire every coach you have on staff. It is simply the way of the college football world.

Penn State will end up paying Golden $3.5 million backed up with a 5 year contract.

Franklin is being hunted by the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns, which will mean a payday of $4 to $5 million...and the cross-eyed haters think he 's going to take a job with the Canes for $2.1 million?

I'm only surprised they haven't thrown Bill Belichick's name in the mix.

My apologies for always bringing reality into these discussions, but after firing Coker the very long list of coaches who laughed and quickly removed their names from consideration relating to the Miami job was stunning and embarrassing...and this go around it will be worse!!

We've got the selection committee rolling, let's take a look at our options for a new head coach.

Golden's silence speaks volumne...his silence has already cost one recruit. I think he should go and let Miami quickly hire his replacement before Mid January. Schiano would be a great fit...people, please don't forget what Butch Davis did to North Carolina and its a reason why his name has not surface amongst any major colleges or NFL teams.

Thank god, no starting over with a new coach and a new rebuilding process. It's all up to you now, Golden -- show us results in the next couple years and we'll be all good.

And fix the frickin defensive scheme while you're at it. Please.


What was your post from before, Al Golden had every right to upgrade his situation, right?

Miami doesn't have the same right? Miami didn't start this ball rolling, Golden did. I don't see the harm in interviewing Chud, Schiano, whoever else was on the short list.

Posted by: James | January 05, 2014 at 01:58 PM

Best, most thoughtful post on this blog. A rarity around here.

Maybe Miami was ready to spend more than $2.1 million, we don't know.

Golden will be doing this again next season. Hey, it's all just business, right.

If he stays his Boy goss ta'go.. Need to be able to beat BUSTERS and compete and win some games against top tier opponents. Coach O' would be a GREAT addition to the staff and drop the 2ndary coach and bring in a upgrade there as well.
Coach O' can recruit pretty good too... U think?!

No more I stand with the U crap, please. We all know you stand here because you couldn't get the PSU job.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

You know, Golden is great. Golden is a bum. DNo sucks. Randy was great. Randy was the worst of all time.

So, return to your corners and start it over again.

I heard Golden got a raise, but no extension.

Couple of things here from a diehard Cane fan! I understand how the coaching carousel works in college athletics, as I played bball in college. But I have a couple of issues here:

1- If you have been offered and want the job, then take it and be gone. Do not wait and grandstand on the National Championship game day-that is a slap in the face of your previous employer and university.

2-Have a dialogue with your AD and President as to the direction you think you are leaning.

3-Announce your decision immediately-for the recruitment of the U, and for the U to start a search for someone that is a Miami guy. I think his credibility has taken a serious shot with the U fans how he has handle this situation.

The problem with today is there is no loyalty in anything anymore. Not just coaching. this is a societal thing. For him to tell everyone after the bowl game, he was going to fix this thing is a blatant lie-IF he was already discussing his exit strategy with Penn State. I liked Al Golden, but I am hoping he does take the Penn State job now. The silence is enough to tell this Cane fan where his heart is, and the is not in Coral Gables!!! And quite honestly, his record against any team that was decent is not good at all!! Look at the stats, in many of the big games, we ended up getting blown out. And for him not to recognize there needs to be a change on the defensive side of the ball, is ludicrous. Please Al, announce your intentions, and make the move up 95 to Happy Valley!

Empty Suit Golden has played the whole town, the UM fans, and the UM administration like a violin. This was all a pump and dump PR scam, no different than what happens in the stock market, just so that he could get more money out of Donna and Blake. Hopefully, he makes could use of the extra money/resources to put a better product on the field.

The Dump that is still to come, will be mediocre seasons of 7, 8 and 9 wins until 2020. Forget about competing for National Championships any longer. On the contrary I hope Louisville signs Butch, and Butch wins it all in two to three years. At that time Donna and Blake will have moved on to prevent having to deal with the wrath of the fans. In the meantime, the fans, the ex players and UM tradition suffers

Well, at least the heat is on HIGH in the kitchen now. He better stop bloating "process and patience", and start preaching URGENCY to his coaching staff, especially on defense. AND WIN. If not he will be run out of town inside of two years.

If not Butch, I guess this does come as a surprise to you. Football is not Donna S's top priority. She isn'y moving on because of any competitor team winning a championship. Why would she?

you should be ashamed of yourself, Manny

Oh no!! More 500+ yards given up on defense next season.
I guess that PSU did not offer him a job. Imagine that.

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