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An early look at the Hurricanes 2014 football schedule with predictions

Are you ready for some Monday night football?

If not, get ready.

The Hurricanes are going to open the 2014 football season on the road at Louisville -- the team that just pounded them in the Russell Athletic Bowl -- on Labor Day night (Sept. 1) at 8 p.m. The game will be carried by ESPN. The Hurricanes will obviously be facing a brand new Cardinals team with a new starting quarterback and head coach. So it's tough to handicap the game now eight-plus months away.

UM's complete schedule -- which features 10 bowl teams and FAMU and Virginia -- was released at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Here is the rest of it with some quick analysis:

- vs. FAMU, Saturday, Sept. 6: Not a lot of time to recover from a road trip. Good thing is the Rattlers are coming off a 3-9 season and still in rebuilding mode. Canes should cruise in this one.

- vs. Arkansas State, Saturday, Sept. 13: The Red Wolves are coming off an 8-5 season in the Sun Belt and a win over Ball State in the GoDaddy.com bowl. Miami should be better than this team and coming off what should be a blowout win over FAMU will help.

- at Nebraska, Saturday, Sept. 20: Bo Pelini's team finished 9-4 thanks to a win over Georgia in the Gator Bowl. The Hurricanes haven't faced the Cornhuskers since beating them in the Rose Bowl in 2001 to win their last national title. Although the all-time series is tied 5-5, Nebraska is 3-0 versus UM all-time in Lincoln. Kansas State made most of us want to forget what happened the last time UM traveled to the Midwest to play a game. Here's to hoping the next trip is different.

- vs. Duke, Saturday, Sept. 27: The Blue Devils capped their best season in recent memory by finishing 10-4 and winning the Coastal Division. They thumped Miami up in Durham and finished ranked 23rd in the country after losing a shootout to Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M 52-48 in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. If Miami doesn't win this game at home expect Al Golden's seat to begin to feel a little warm.

- at Georgia Tech, Saturday, Oct. 4: The Hurricanes have won five straight over Georgia Tech since Paul Johnson's team ran for 472 yards in a 41-23 win back on a cold November night in 2008. The Yellow Jackets finished 7-6 last season and lost to Mississippi 25-17 in the Music City Bowl. This one makes me nervous considering the Hurricanes had to pull out a 42-36 overtime win the last time they played in Atlanta.

- vs. Cincinnati, Saturday, Oct. 11: The Hurricanes haven't faced the Bearcats since cruising to a 38-12 win in Cincy back in 1998. Former Hurricanes assistant Tommy Tuberville (1986-93) enters his second year in Cicny coming off a 9-4 season and a loss to North Carolina in the Belk Bowl. The only time Cincinnati has beaten Miami? Way back in 1947. Cincinnati has 15 Floridians on its current roster including seven from Dade and Broward. Miami should also still be good enough to beat them.

- at Virginia Tech, Thursday, Oct. 23: The Hurricanes will have 12 days to prepare for the Hokies in what should be a huge Thursday night game in Blacksburg. Frank Beamer's team fell to 8-5 after its blowout loss to UCLA in the Sun Bowl. UM has only won two of the last eight meetings against the Hokies and have only won twice in Blacksburg in eight tries since 1995. Tough one.

- vs. North Carolina, Saturday, Nov. 1: Larry Fedora's team finished the 2013 season 7-6 after a blowout win over Cincinnati and Miami was forunate to come out with a 27-23 win in Chapel Hill last year. Believe it or not, UM has lost two of its last three at home to the Tar Heels. Another tough one.

- vs. Florida State, Saturday, Nov. 15: Miami will have two weeks to prepare for Jameis Winston and the defending national champions. It might not mean much if last year's Heisman winner is rolling. Florida State will be coming off a home game against Virginia the week before and have Boston College the following week after Miami. Those aren't exactly distractions. Toughest game of the year for Miami. FSU has won four straight in the series and seven of the last nine meetings.

- at Virginia, Saturday, Nov. 22: Finally a cupcake. At least we think. Virginia has never been an easy out for Miami. The Hurricanes are only 6-5 against the Cavaliers all time. UM has dropped two straight in Charlottesville.

- vs. Pittsburgh, Saturday, Nov. 29: Miami could be fighting for a spot in the ACC championship game -- or for a bowl berth if things don't go well -- heading into this week. The Hurricanes are 32-9-1 all-time against Pittsburgh, their former Big East rivals, thanks to a 41-31 win on the road last year. UM has won eight straight and is 16-1 against the Panthers dating back to 1984. No reason at least now Miami shouldn't win this game. Pittsburgh finished 7-6 last year and is coming off a win over Bowling Green in the Little Ceasar's Bowl.

> MY WAY TOO EARLY PREDICTION: Miami, with a new quarterback and a lot of young pieces on the defensive line, goes 8-4 with losses at Louisville, Nebraska, Virginia Tech and at home to Florida State.


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True fans expectation for 2014: unbeaten. Realistic? Hell no. But that's why we play the damn game. We'll win some we shouldn't lose some we shouldn't, try to stay healthy and get some good bounces. I'm looking for good team effort and continued foundation building to get back to a solid program year in and year out. Oh and for the gallo bus to end up upside down in ditch with 1872, htc, Calvin, d and the rest all buckled in.

GKC the post wasn't about Golden (his treatment was used to prove a point), it was about U and people like U.

Typical of fake Gallo to misrepresent the facts.
Shows the stats of Ryan Williams while IGNORING his freshman year, 165 of 290 (57%) for 2075 yards 13 TDs to 10 INTs, and ignoring that he had no stats in 2011 not because he had no talent, but because he was a TRANSFER.

But hey, the navy seal whose entire neighborhood went to BC has guaranteed that Perryman, Chickillo, Flowers, Duke, and Feliciano were going to leave at the end of this year. How is that going for you, Gallo?

Canes go 11-1 losing to FSU then playing them for the ACC Championship.

Canes are lucky to win 5 games next year. That D is brutal!! I said to my boy yesterday, "imagine looking at this schedule and predicting less than 10 wins for the U". Times have changed and we are pathetic..but I still love the U, just not the pieces in place.

another FYI peeps..Williams will be an upgrade from MOrris..Morris regressed big time and he was not a play maker at all..enough about the Manning camp and 7 on 7 drills..he's a deer in the headlights when the camera's come on. some people are great practice players and then you have your gamers. the guys that don't practice well but just have the it factor. IE Johhny Foots!!

ChimpCane, your post had no point, the assertions of your buddy aside.

This is exactly why we have no talented depth on this football team. Golden continues to aggressively recruit kids that not just Top-25 teams don't want, but Top-50-75 teams don't want. It seriously blows my mind as to why this Miami Staff can't get good mid-level 3-star kids instead of settling for so many kids, that they will need to count on to play later, that obviously aren't even average to good D-1 prospects. But I suppose it's the nature of the new Cane Football mindset, it's just part of the process.

Posted by: Chris H '88 | January 22, 2014 at 07:44 PM

Voila... just another INSIGHTFUL, AWESOME take from a SERIOUS-MINDED, LOYAL Hurricane partisan. Nothing more, nothing less.

FWIW... I've said from the get go that that Goldie nd' Marky Mark are HELL BENT on recruiting akin to their Temple days and what not. Go bloody figures'. hUh

UM will have a new QB to break in. I can't see them doing better than 8-4 and 7-5 is quite possible, or even likely.

Posted by: rboud | January 22, 2014 at 07:53 PM

Right on, right on INSIGHTFUL, LOYAL Cane loyalist!

And don't let those Goldie nd' Marky Mark acolytes and sycophants and apologists prevent U from sharing KEEN Cane takes and what not. hUh

Morris is really struggling at Senior Bowl week. He was inconsistent all year. He shined some games but was horrible the next. I think Williams will be more consistent even if he can't make the incredible deep passes down the field. I think he'll be able to get the ball to the playmakers in space and let them make the plays. He will check down and hit his TEs more. Also, assuming Kaaya and Olsen are on the team, there will be competition at the position. Last year Morris was entrenched in the position and was not held accountable for mistakes. I'm not worried about the offense in 2014. The defense, on the other hand...

M-H sports writer MANUEL said it best... the Hurricanes are HELL BENT on finishing the regular season in '14 with a 8-4 record and what not. dUh And I absolutely SECOND HIS NOTION and tout. hUh

Because there's still the ISSUE of Golden and D'Onofrio's defensive schemes and what not. And there's too many QUESTIONS regarding a fresh, new QB and the offensive line ( STARTERS and quality DEPTH, to name a few concerns. ).

Heck, the big question is ?? I-F ?? THE DUKE will be his same old,' same old' concerning his rushing and what not.

So yes, it's a reasonable tout to say Miami will finish with a decent 8-4 record in 2014. Get outta here with that B.S., Weirdo!!

Kudo's to CALVIN, JSY, HARRIETTUBMANCANE and their loyal, kindred Hurricane brothers for KEEPING IT REAL and what not.

Posted by: D | January 22, 2014 at 04:46 PM

Don't leave yourself out either, you another soldier in the fight against the fake UM fans and this new clown mentality that's out there!

Seriously LOL @ those FOOL-MINDED Canespace fools!

Chit, the VAST MAJORITY of those CANESPACE fools are touting a 10-2 season come next fall. hUh

Heck, haven't those canespace FOOLS heard the news today. Their BELOVED Marky Mark is still hanging around in Coral Gables and what not. dUh

Don't leave yourself out either, you another soldier in the fight against the fake UM fans and this new clown mentality that's out there!

Posted by: Calvin | January 23, 2014 at 04:22 PM

LOL, Hurricane brother!

nash or Harriet, lol, holla at me!

Man UM is going undefeated. I really don't see us losing to any of these teams. Florida State is going to be tough but we'll get the win. And Louisville just lost their best player and their head coach.

Cal, your girl Erin Andrews is wildin again over there LOL!

I'm looking for good team effort and continued foundation building to get back to a solid program year in and year out.
Posted by: Tgmoney | January 23, 2014 at 12:25 PM

Well, I'm still wondering what HAPPENED to that Hurricane TEAM EFFORT in their bowl game against Louisville.

For your sake and like-minded Goldie nd' Marky Mark loyalists.

I hope that " bowl game team effort " doesn't continue to linger around the Hurricane squad in 2014. Otherwise, it's an ABSOLUTE that the Canes will finish with a 7-5 record! hUh

Yeah, yeah I absolutely understand that the Cane team effort was lacking in the bowl game.

Because there were TOO MANY Randy players still on the squad or playing major minutes and what not. So what!

Well, y'all Golden and D'Onofrio apologists and acolytes and sycophants WON'T have NO excuses in 2014, because 95 PERCENT of those RANDY players won't be donning the Orange and White uni's.

D founder of the dumb and dumber club with his boy chris and other butt boys. We have no 2 star commits so ur post is its usual nonsense.

Cal, your girl Erin Andrews is wildin again over there LOL!
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 23, 2014 at 04:31 PM

lol, you wild with the e.a. reference, but f her, that silly broad over there at it again. You know and i know as soon as one of her minions starts complaining about me, she like the new oatmeal, she instantly starts sac riding them and starts deleting my post. So here's what i wanted tou to do, i'm going to paste my last post, and you should copy and post it over there and let's see what happens, lol, here it is below between the slants.

nash, let the hypocrites hypocrite, i don’t have a problem with triple c, but him complaining about somebody talking about these penn disgrace morons is some phaggggooottt arse shat and he knows it, if he doesn’t, he should.

That's all i said and ms. simplstilkin deleted before yall got to see. You or nash should post this up over there for fun and see what happens, lol, watch how that real witch comes out of her frontin arse.

165/280 for 2075 yards in 12 games...su...ks green pea.....10 INT's...even worse not to mention that the team went 1-11......

ryan williams is a disaster.....he is a high school QB....nothing more....

2010 ranking #81 out of a total of 100....awful

your just an idiot.....like most here

d might beat yall to it, that broad is fake like these penn disgrace morons, i saw right thru her back in the days, i just left it alone and talk to the people i know are real. Yall post that post over there and watch what happens, lol, and let me know!

Hey Gallo, when are Howard, Duke and Flowers leaving? Lol, another moronic "prediction". Got ur 6-6 in the permanent file.

Like i said from the early on when i first started seeing jim gallo post, i said, "this man knows UM football" and as time is telling, it's still True. These penn disgrace morons don't belong here, yet people making up unrealistic reasons why these overpriced maggots are failing.

He won't get alot of that real Miami talent on this team as long as he's here, but won't belong before he gets desparate like he did against duke, "core values" went out the window, quick, let's get rashawn scott in there, hypocrite!

Yes, Calvin, you are as dumb as Gallo. Good point. You think howard, flowers, duke leaving too?

Cal, I'm totally banned and not even in moderation mode like U ROTF!!

My rebuttal to her post to me was 100% free of any insults to anyone, but it broke her completely down to her true essence, the one thats the elephant in the room over there and that no one will challenge. Now she is attempting to rally the troops and paint a picture of my post as if it was insulting her during her turbulent times and how she had to stand up to the meanie. They say SOUP is a douche but her behaviors are 100% SOUP-esque. She just said she doesn't delete posts but then does it, my last post actually commended her for the way she censors the blog, but she gets to keep posting lies about me while I can't defend myself. Gang mentality with all those degrees. Can't have intellectual discourse without censorship...wow. People are verbally projecting one thing, but their actions say something much different.

And Cal, she and many others read here all the time, they keep an open window of this blog on their PCs, so say whatever U like right here and just know that she read it. She is a narcissist, she definitely cares what people think of her, especially people she hasn't met lol!

Harriet Tubman, lol, that's a crying shame, you know how we do it, we call it like we see it, no time for the fake ones. So you got banned as well, lol, that's comical, i'm sure she has control issues as well as other issues as well but oh well, i won't lose sleep at night that's for sure. That's funny if she said she doesn't delete post, but i've been knowing she's a liar for a long time now, i know her type, she can't hide the fakeness man, oh well, that's why i just talk to certain people anyway, i know the ones over there who wouldn't be around me in real life anyway cause if they think we going hard on the blog, they'll be just like the penn disgrace morons who are to scared to recruit and do in home visits in Liberty City and Overtown!

So if you got banned, that leaves nash, lol!

Caltubby, no one gives a 1/2 shyt about ur fantasy issues.

U dopes can watch a real Top Fianl 4 bound team play at 7pm on ESPN2...

Cal imma leave that alone bruh!!


Imma leave that alone


Cal, this video reminds me of my last post to her. None of her goons/minion caught her either--they know what she is, but turn a blind eye to it just like Golden. Check the make-up at the end--it matches up perfectly lol!

Notice how since kehoe's been back, the running game has come back, when jedd fisch was here, the ruuning game was good, now that coley is here, the running game has falling off some after duke, but as long as kehoe is here, we'll continue to get explosive plays in the running game.

Sunny dee, remember what the moron puts out there "be the same guy everyday" that's why you don't see our team get fired up to much to play nobody, it's a stupid concept and stupid to try and lead a football team but more importantly, a Miami football team with that ghey arse philosophy. We play on emotion and this moron has us playing on who knows what.

None of his speeches get the team amped up because his speeches are to scripted and he repeats himself to much, he thinks being repetitive is being effective, somebody else needs to do the pre-game speeches!

Cal imma leave that alone bruh!!


Imma leave that alone

Posted by: Nash | January 23, 2014 at 06:59 PM



Cal, this video reminds me of my last post to her. None of her goons/minion caught her either--they know what she is, but turn a blind eye to it just like Golden. Check the make-up at the end--it matches up perfectly lol!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 23, 2014 at 07:01 PM

ROOOFFLLLLL AHHHHHH, perfect, that broad got stuck, if you gone not make it over the wall, you better be able to run faster than that!

If U gonna take a premeditated swing at a person without first understanding their post and who it was directed to--which I explained, then U should be ready to handle a rebuttal to that swing. It was obviously too on point and exposing to be allowed up.

Cal imma leave that alone bruh!!
Imma leave that alone
Posted by: Nash | January 23, 2014 at 06:59 PM
Posted by: Calvin | January 23, 2014 at 07:09 PM


Back at cha homie


Cal imma leave that alone bruh!!
Imma leave that alone
Posted by: Nash | January 23, 2014 at 06:59 PM
Posted by: Calvin | January 23, 2014 at 07:09 PM


Back at cha homie


Posted by: Nash | January 23, 2014 at 07:30 PM

Rofl, just post it while playing this:


Pretty Conservative prediction regarding our 2014 schedule. Williams and Olsen will be fine we have the recievers, and tight ends. Louisville will be a test and just that, Canes should win a close game. Nebraaska will be a little tougher but problems on D and the reckless play at quarterback limit Nebraska's play calling. Our team speed will show on special teams and the weather will cooperate. Canes win. North Carolina will play fast and try to wear us out but our depth and speed will prove too much for them as well. If the weather finally cooperates Miami's team speed and Special team play will prove too much for VT and an overtime win will be in store. The game at GT could be a tough one I attend these games and the stadium is small and loud the band plays nonstop from kickoff until 20 minutes after the game it's truly abnoxious. Tough one but I think we lose. We should play FSU closer and the special teams will make the game close but we lose again. The kicker will be how well we go to Duke and Pitt at home. Miami loses one and we play in the title game and lose to Clemson. 9-4 bid to better bowl.

Tub O'Ego, the incomprehensible post stands on its own and it wasn't yours anyway, so take a pill.

The Chimp can speak for herself.

Not sure how to predict next year. Most of the scenarios here are feasible. My concern is coaching and player development. Hope the Canes surprise everyone and have a great year!

could be 4-8 as easily as 9-3. 10-2? No Way, Jose.
Hope that AG gets his game coaching together.

Go Canes.

even though morris became somewhat of a head case with his injury.....in the end he was the BEST thing UM had going......

still the 3rd best QB in cane history....be careful what you wish for because ryan aint it....

What's funny reading these posts like we "will beat" some teams. Looking logically at the matchups. But remember, we should have beaten VT for sure last year, Duke was a good team, and with Duke UM maybe pulls off the win, but c'mon, nothing is for sure with this staff. The bowl game is proof they have no clue how to run a program. No changes(like the 500 club), just run the same boring off and def as all year. Golden will be outcoached 12 times next year, maybe winning anyway, but still outcoached. I say 5-7, 6-6 will be a bonus. The guy is a bum

The guy is a bum, but he has very powerful pull with weak individuals--the majority of people, hence this easy schedule two years in a row. It has no back to back away games for the 2nd str8 year and two bye weeks strategically placed to maximize the best results. We'll go 9-3, people want him to win--the Canes are just collateral damage and along for his ride to the top. Go Canes--the players!

9-3 is not "great" to Canes fans, but it is considering Golden's resume. 9-3 gets him continued employment, plus his faux hero and inflated off-field resume gets him more interviews and an even better gig soon.

9-3 is not "great" to Canes fans, but it is considering Golden's resume. 9-3 gets him continued employment, plus his faux hero and inflated off-field resume gets him more interviews and an even better gig soon.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 23, 2014 at 10:57 PM

Here's to this coming True real soon!

Tub O Ego and Calvin must have gotten a room.

Maybe they are using the interwebs to find out that the ACC does the ACC schedule, not the individual teams. Nah, they're probably otherwise engaged.

Canes will LOSE to Louisville,

Canes should win against FAMU and Ark St.

Canes will LOSE to Nebraska, Duke, GA Tech,
Cinci, and VA Tech,

Toss up with UNC,

Canes will LOSE to Fla St.

Toss ups with VA and Pitt,

Early prediction:

Seven losses guaranteed and one of the three
toss up games.

Wins against FAMU, Ark St, and maybe win two
of the toss up games.

Cane 2014 record: 4 - 8
Best case scenario: 6 – 6 and lose in the toilet bowl

Goldie will say:
“We aren’t where we want to be, yet. NCAA and everyone hates UM. Young players. Injuries to out of shape players, waaaa, waaa, waaaa.

I stick by my DC and his 3-4 NO defense against the run, zone NO pass coverage, sending in mixed up plays every down. Players out of shape, can't move their feet, can't protect the QB, can't open the running lanes, can't sack the opposing QB.

I stick by my OC and his small back, go nowhere offense, throw flat passes that go no where, throw hail mary passes that waste a down.”

We have seen the same thing the last three years.
Posted by: Canefan72 | January 22, 2014 at 04:09 PM

Canefan had Miami at 6-6 last year. They were 9-4. Nice try with the reasoning and excuses but you don't want to be accused of what you accuse Coach of, correct?

You are on record for, let's say 5-7. Let's see if you can be better than within 3 games THIS year.

I'm down for another 9-3 season. FSU will be closer, but no 2000 deja-vu here. We will go 3-2 in the VT, Nebraska, Duke, NC and Georgia Tech games.


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