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An early look at the Hurricanes 2014 football schedule with predictions

Are you ready for some Monday night football?

If not, get ready.

The Hurricanes are going to open the 2014 football season on the road at Louisville -- the team that just pounded them in the Russell Athletic Bowl -- on Labor Day night (Sept. 1) at 8 p.m. The game will be carried by ESPN. The Hurricanes will obviously be facing a brand new Cardinals team with a new starting quarterback and head coach. So it's tough to handicap the game now eight-plus months away.

UM's complete schedule -- which features 10 bowl teams and FAMU and Virginia -- was released at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Here is the rest of it with some quick analysis:

- vs. FAMU, Saturday, Sept. 6: Not a lot of time to recover from a road trip. Good thing is the Rattlers are coming off a 3-9 season and still in rebuilding mode. Canes should cruise in this one.

- vs. Arkansas State, Saturday, Sept. 13: The Red Wolves are coming off an 8-5 season in the Sun Belt and a win over Ball State in the GoDaddy.com bowl. Miami should be better than this team and coming off what should be a blowout win over FAMU will help.

- at Nebraska, Saturday, Sept. 20: Bo Pelini's team finished 9-4 thanks to a win over Georgia in the Gator Bowl. The Hurricanes haven't faced the Cornhuskers since beating them in the Rose Bowl in 2001 to win their last national title. Although the all-time series is tied 5-5, Nebraska is 3-0 versus UM all-time in Lincoln. Kansas State made most of us want to forget what happened the last time UM traveled to the Midwest to play a game. Here's to hoping the next trip is different.

- vs. Duke, Saturday, Sept. 27: The Blue Devils capped their best season in recent memory by finishing 10-4 and winning the Coastal Division. They thumped Miami up in Durham and finished ranked 23rd in the country after losing a shootout to Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M 52-48 in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. If Miami doesn't win this game at home expect Al Golden's seat to begin to feel a little warm.

- at Georgia Tech, Saturday, Oct. 4: The Hurricanes have won five straight over Georgia Tech since Paul Johnson's team ran for 472 yards in a 41-23 win back on a cold November night in 2008. The Yellow Jackets finished 7-6 last season and lost to Mississippi 25-17 in the Music City Bowl. This one makes me nervous considering the Hurricanes had to pull out a 42-36 overtime win the last time they played in Atlanta.

- vs. Cincinnati, Saturday, Oct. 11: The Hurricanes haven't faced the Bearcats since cruising to a 38-12 win in Cincy back in 1998. Former Hurricanes assistant Tommy Tuberville (1986-93) enters his second year in Cicny coming off a 9-4 season and a loss to North Carolina in the Belk Bowl. The only time Cincinnati has beaten Miami? Way back in 1947. Cincinnati has 15 Floridians on its current roster including seven from Dade and Broward. Miami should also still be good enough to beat them.

- at Virginia Tech, Thursday, Oct. 23: The Hurricanes will have 12 days to prepare for the Hokies in what should be a huge Thursday night game in Blacksburg. Frank Beamer's team fell to 8-5 after its blowout loss to UCLA in the Sun Bowl. UM has only won two of the last eight meetings against the Hokies and have only won twice in Blacksburg in eight tries since 1995. Tough one.

- vs. North Carolina, Saturday, Nov. 1: Larry Fedora's team finished the 2013 season 7-6 after a blowout win over Cincinnati and Miami was forunate to come out with a 27-23 win in Chapel Hill last year. Believe it or not, UM has lost two of its last three at home to the Tar Heels. Another tough one.

- vs. Florida State, Saturday, Nov. 15: Miami will have two weeks to prepare for Jameis Winston and the defending national champions. It might not mean much if last year's Heisman winner is rolling. Florida State will be coming off a home game against Virginia the week before and have Boston College the following week after Miami. Those aren't exactly distractions. Toughest game of the year for Miami. FSU has won four straight in the series and seven of the last nine meetings.

- at Virginia, Saturday, Nov. 22: Finally a cupcake. At least we think. Virginia has never been an easy out for Miami. The Hurricanes are only 6-5 against the Cavaliers all time. UM has dropped two straight in Charlottesville.

- vs. Pittsburgh, Saturday, Nov. 29: Miami could be fighting for a spot in the ACC championship game -- or for a bowl berth if things don't go well -- heading into this week. The Hurricanes are 32-9-1 all-time against Pittsburgh, their former Big East rivals, thanks to a 41-31 win on the road last year. UM has won eight straight and is 16-1 against the Panthers dating back to 1984. No reason at least now Miami shouldn't win this game. Pittsburgh finished 7-6 last year and is coming off a win over Bowling Green in the Little Ceasar's Bowl.

> MY WAY TOO EARLY PREDICTION: Miami, with a new quarterback and a lot of young pieces on the defensive line, goes 8-4 with losses at Louisville, Nebraska, Virginia Tech and at home to Florida State.


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The head moron has already tried to lay the foundation for future excuses when he said about kevin olse a True freshman now, "he has to own the process".

What coach in their right mind is already talking about there True freshman qb to the media knowing full well this man was redshirting. Here's what we know:

The breaking in a new qb excuse can't be used, see Florida St. as well as the ville that we'll be opening up against!

The "own the process" excuse can't be used either, crow(our very own jameis winston scout team impersonator) has owned the process since he's been here, let's see what the process has done for him, who recruited ad signed him.

We will have a staff that's been together longer than Fsu or the ville, let's see what continuity gets us, wake forest as well, don't mess round and let the wake coach come in and start winning big right away.

For this moron to ask that stupid question "wth do they want"

Has he not realized he took the Miami job, he rattled off all the Great UM stats he memorized when he came in, now all of a sudden he wants to ask a question as if he doesn't understand the level of play that's supposed to be played at UM.

We want you to stop putting your penn st. companion and yall efensive scheme above this program, get rid of all of that. Those who think these morons can some how switch gears like jim larranaga has done from man to zone have no clue about football. These guys have to much conviction in the that weak 3-4 scheme they run as well as some in efficient offensive play.

They have no clue on how to all of a sudden go from what they've been conditioned and convicted will win them a national championship every 25 or so years, that is why they're taking the sissy approach they've already taken.

For these morons to act like it's the level of talent and not the level of coaching, that means they must really feel like they're coaching at a championship level already when everybody that has common sense knows they have been far from that.


You can't get rid of a coach when he's 7-0 and has his team ranked in the top 10. As much as you want to Pat yourself on the back, it's completely unreasonable.

Did you turn out to be right a out Golden, yes. Congratulations, you're still a fan of this mess that used to be the miami hurricanes.

not like a dude because of scheme, where he's from, the guy who preceeded him, i ca t get behind that. Not liking him because he interviewed for another job and keeps retarded assistants, that i can support.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 26, 2014 at 04:02 PM

Are you insane, it's not about me being right, it's about getting this program right for the kids this University has the privilege to have access to. While almost everybody in the nation are doing everything they can to get kids out of Miami, this University has chose to take the high sidity route and has started turning up it's nose at the very players that help to bring this University to the apex.

When a guy has a manufactered 7-0 record, who says you can't get rid of em, what was his record in the 2nd hald of the season with a real schedule, 2 & 3! How many yards given up, no real improvement, all manufactered, they should fire him and clown 500 so they can go and be graduate assistants on james franklins staff!

What a loser sports town Miami is.
The canes have sucked for a decade in football and for ever in basketball.
The Fins are a mess and Ross is running a circus.
The marlins, what a joke.
The panthers, who cares.
Only the Heat saves this sorry town.

### Negativity has swirled among some UM football fans, with many upset about defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio and the four blowout losses this past season. Associates say Al Golden has grown weary of some of the criticism.

“What the hell do people want?” one high ranking UM Board of Trustee member said. “Does anyone realize what the NCAA thing did to us? That team this year was an ordinary team, and we went 9-4. It will take three years to build this up, but this is the right guy to do it.”


More excuses and now it'll be another 3 years? Al Golden has grown weary of some of the criticism? We Cane fans are waaaayyy past weary watching that horrible Defense get rolled for 400-500 yards and 35-40 points in more than half the games the last 3 seasons. Get rid of your boy, play the old U scheme defensively and grow some thicker skin Al. Your Penn. St. bend and break defense isn't making us "weary", it's already and will continue to make us sick.

Calvins credibility is so tiny because he harps on things that aren't true. If you can see and if you can count, you will know that we play way more 4 D-linemen than 3.

Whether you like Golden's overall performance or not, only the delusional believe he is going to be canned anytime soon. Post NCAA, he will get at least 2 more years. UM not know for being big spenders, so very unlikely he gets canned after that as the payout is 2 1/4 or so per year. No way this admin writes a $10 million check at end of 2015 season, unless the results are like 4-8.

CAlvin- does your dumb a55 have 3-4 mill a year to go get a Nick Saban type to coach Miami? Or Jimbo Fisher? What dumb a55 would not realize that Miami is topped out at thi moment and there arent any good coaches that are willing to leave their programs to coach here?

Butch Davis? He royally screwwed Miami when he left. And while he said that was a mistake- What he did is 10000X worse than Golden ionterviewing at PSU, his alma mater.

Greg Schiano? He s--ked as head coach at Tampa Bay and he was DC here. He was mediocre at Rutgers in a mediocre conference.

Who then? Golden has done better than your boy Randy Shannon by far. He is poised to rake in a top ten recruiting class. His team peetered out at the end no thanks to oiur star running back and our starting wide receiver being out. If nothing else I would blame it on Kehoe.

I do believe that 2 years of 9-4, 8-5, etc gets Goldne the boot. But we need to see what his recruiting classes do. Calvin and cool cat and cane 72 have been spewing this stupidity and hatred towards Golden ever since the Maryland game ( game #1). Wish they had done that against Randy Shannon when the U lost 48-0 against UVA in the last game at the OB when all of his players quit on him.

Calvin is a moron. He knows squat. He hates Al Golden and Donofrio- he is no cane- He brags about Liberty City this and O-town that but hes probably some brother from Opa Locka.

As has been repeatedly pointed out, only a moron living in the distant past thinks D is played without subs. And only a number illiterate can't count linemen--- we play 4 on D most of the time.
Posted by: GatorKillerCane
when i played football, I played the whole game with no substitution. But then, I did not have a big fat belly to carry around like today's wimpy players.

Occasionally, the Cane defense will have four down linemen and actually hold for a third and something. but then, morons goldie and d'o will put in their three down linemen, zone NO pass coverage, no effective blitz, and the other QB will have all day to throw and find a man for a first down.

Morris, thank you for giving your all for 4 years. I will always remember the key drives against Maryland, NC, and Wake with a bum ankle. I enjoyed the throws against Florida to Dorsett and FSU to Hurns. I still remember the good passes you made against ND, but they were dropped. I hope you get an opportunity to learn how to become a complete QB. It's amazing how so many people forget that you had a new OC and played with a bad ankle, to include never having a QB coach to teach you how to read defenses and change the plays.

Thanks to Porter and Linder too! I observed you two at all of the home games, and recalled how dominate you guys were, inspite of the weak schemes. Porter, you were often doubled team, but your coaches did not take advantage with a timely blitz. Linder you often blocked down hill, but it was amazing that the OC did not run Duke behind you against FSU on 4th and 2.

Last but not least, Maurice/FB...thank you too buddy. I wish we would have used you on those 3rd or 4th and short with another big lineman to block. I was hoping the OC would call screen passes to you, because everyone was keying on Duke. Mo, stay in shape and I wish you well on Pro-day.

I have them 8-4. If Defense doesn't improve look out. Coley will open HIS play book this year, too vanilla last year. On 2 star & 3 star kids UM is trying to get, what can u do when at the last minute kids decide to bail. Powell was committed for 6 months before leaving to Gaytors during the dead period of recruiting. Same thing with Valentine, Hmmm? Could it be $$$$$$$$$$


yeah, we're in trouble, no doubt.

I just hope he recruits well and gets another job. This season is going to interesting because he has the fanbase on him big time and a less experienced team.

there's a recipe for success here and he's not following it.

Schiano was a pretty solid college coach. Rutgers was a top 10 team under Schiano,what have they done since he left? Can you imagine what he would do with the talent on this team.

Whoever that trustee was with the comments is clueless. What people want is a team that won't get embarrassed on national tv.

Since when does a trustee call a team at his own school ordinary?

you're exactly right. At least two more years, even if we go 4-8 and 7-6.

For better or worse, the PSU job was our only real chance to get rid of AG. That's done, so it's at least through 2015, hell or high water.

Whatever the years are, these penn disgrace morons will continue to get blasted until they are kicked out, leave on their own or start fielding teams that can play at a national championship level. Until, if these morons think they're getting tired of us now, i've been sounding the Trumpet, but pretty soon, the majority of the band will and it might get cued up real quickly if the penn disgrae morons turn right back around and get demolished by the ville again.

The frustration with that Maryland game was watching the defense get picked apart by the same play, the WR quick screen, every single play.

Well 3 years have pass with Coach Golden. Are we any closer than RandyS was competing for the ACC title? How many quarterbacks do you need?Which one are you going to develop. Real question how many scholarships are being wasted on project talent.So now it's Brad Kaaya the Golden recruit. This team will be better off with Olsen at QB. Hopefully we will see some development .

The frustration with that Maryland game was watching the defense get picked apart by the same play, the WR quick screen, every single play.
Posted by: Is it football season yet | January 26, 2014 at 10:14 PM


And isht ain't changed since!!!

The frustration with that Maryland game was watching the defense get picked apart by the same play, the WR quick screen, every single play.

Posted by: Is it football season yet | January 26, 2014 at 10:14 PM

One things for sure, when the head penn disgrace moron talks about "continuity" he's not lying, because we ran basically the same defense that whole night and the turtles kindly ran basically the same widereceiver screens, had them looking all world, no way would brandon harris been able to stay in the starting line-up and possibly the team playing this sissy scheme, that's why he rolled out, he would've definitely been one of the ones that would've spoke up.

That's why alot of those guys rolled out, they saw thru these phonies. Not to much has changed since that turtle game, now all teams are doing is screening us til Kingdom come over and over on 3rd downs when it's obvious you only bring tyriq and Alquaddin Muhammad in to blow up field, these guys are that stupid that they don't even try and use those 2 guys differently.

'"For this moron to ask that stupid question "what do they want"'

Posted by: Calvin | January 26, 2014 at 05:13 PM

That quote came from a BOT member; not Golden...

“What the hell do people want?” one high ranking UM Board of Trustee member said.

Beyond those official visits, and maybe even above them, was the news that 5-star RB Bo Scarborough (an Alabama commit) showed up late Saturday night on an unofficial visit.

He's an Alabama native, and knows Rosier on some level. Rosier told Canesport.com that Scarborough is "supposed to be coming back again next weekend". Scarborough is 90-95% committed to Alabama, but if he comes back for an Official Visit next weekend, then things COULD possibly change. Key word there: Could.

While you complain AG is puttin in work.

Beyond those official visits, and maybe even above them, was the news that 5-star RB Bo Scarborough (an Alabama commit) showed up late Saturday night on an unofficial visit. He's an Alabama native, and knows Rosier on some level. Rosier told Canesport.com that Scarborough is "supposed to be coming back again next weekend". Scarborough is 90-95% committed to Alabama, but if he comes back for an Official Visit next weekend, then things COULD possibly change. Key word there: Could.


Bo Scarbough on campus for impromptu unofficial and may be back.

He would make our team a strong contender for the ACC.

Hopefully Al pulls this one from Alabama.

Cane1872, when you played the offense didn't substitute liberally either. Are you really so locked into a different century you don't know how the game has changed?

And, no, we are in a 4-3 way more than a 3-4.

CAlvin said Golden is afraid to recruit Miami Central also- Oh yeah? What aboutTrevor Darling?

Randy Shannon would have never set foot in Central bc he had Miami NW bulls ba--lss too far down his throak.

Cane1872, when you played the offense didn't substitute liberally either. Are you really so locked into a different century you don't know how the game has changed?
And, no, we are in a 4-3 way more than a 3-4.
Posted by: GatorKillerCane
The only ones who were substituted liberally on offense used to be the wide receivers who had to sprint 20 or 30 yards each play. With separate players nowadays on offense, defense, and special teams, and with all of the TV time outs and injuries from players who are out of shape, no one should ever be tired or winded EXCEPT for goldie's three down linemen who are wiped out after one quarter fighting against 6 offensive blockers. goldie and d'o are morons for that as well as their zone NO pass coverage NO defense.

And NOOOOOO, the Canes are seldom in a 4-3 defense and when they are lucky enough to be in it, they stop the other team for short or no gain. When morons goldie and d'o then switch to their prevent-the-Cane win 3-4, the other team converts to a first and ten. A 3-4 with LBs way off the line is a worthless NO defense and should NEVER be played anytime.

Morons goldie and d'o even used a 3 defensive linemen set at the goal lines as if they could stop the other team from scoring on a run up the middle. LOL. goldie and d'o are losers. Their mediocre records prove it. Anyone who supports them are also losers.

Larry Coker was Butch Davis' OC. So Butch won with Coker's formations, play calling, etc.

Guess what? YOU have no say in the coaching, recruiting, or success of this team! So complain now after a 9-4 season. We know how Miami fans are; you will all be "bleeding orange and green" in a couple years when Al gets them into the playoffs. You will all suddenly become Golden fans, just like everyone was a Pat Riley fan once upon a time.

I love the 'Canes, but I can't stand the LOSER fans in Miami.

"We suck; this team sucks; the coaches all suck." Canefan72, HarrietT, Calvin, and crew; YOU suck! Do something in your own lives before you trash successful people.

I knew you were an idiot cane1872 but I didn't know for sure why.

Now I know. You can't count. Subs on offense are flying on and off the field in these here modern times and defenses react to that by changing their personnel. Try counting them.

the d -line are the people in the front next to the o-line. Try counting them too---we generally have 2 tackles and 2 DE's.

A week since a new blog and any new Cane Sports information right in the middle of recruiting closing and Basketball Conference play ?

u are u

The Idaho Vandal beatdown commences in t-minus 8 months, gatr trash.

Your 5-7 season will be all the more sweet while we listen to the blog Pig talk about recruiting, Trailerville, their fall-on-their-face again hoops team on and on and on.

21-16, maggot. Like your limp-wristed 9-11, marines, one-love, brotherhood of man post said, never forget.

Missing out on getting Collin, Sony or Cook, getting Scarbrough to flip from bama would be huge!
He is the big back that we need to compliment Duke and Yearby.
If AG and Conley can pull this one out, they will regain the confidence of Cane fans that seems to have diminished recently.

A week since a new blog and any new Cane Sports information right in the middle of recruiting closing and Basketball Conference play ?
u are u
Posted by: yes u are | January 27, 2014 at 12:27 PM
A week since gatr clause had any recruiting info, and it has 26 total comments in four fluff blogs about the basketball team. You have more posts in a canes blog than all the gatrs have in their own blog.
ur blog is dead.
Posted by: yes it is.

MORON coaches substitute so liberally, the players do not know what they are doing, where they are supposed to go, who they are to replace. That is why they look to the sidelines in complete disarray and confusion and keep losing yardage.

Keep four down def. linemen in the game and the same 2 interior LBs close to the los, play man to man pass coverage and have undisclosed blitzes, and the Canes will shut down every offense with no substitutions.

Stop making excuses for golden and d'os stupidity,
gatorcane. You are embarrassing yourself.

And no folks, goldie's No defense is not 9-4 last year.
Morris saved his worthless butt by last minute drives against UNC and WF in spite of golden and d'o.

And the gators GAVE that game to Miami with fumbles and interceptions. Be honest for a change.

Those miracles make golden and d'o 6-7 last year for their lousy play calling and failure to run good defenses.


Two IDs in three minutes? Could you please pick one and stick with it? Or are you going to claim that was two different people?

GATORS 2014 Class Ranked ahead of u in every recruiting poll... TOP QUALITY ova average qUantity.

More Top commits n flips to GATORS soon... u no more commits, except more of Goldie's unranked n 2-star projects in 4-star flips to Top-Programs

GATORS Basketball team ranked #3 on their way to the Fianl Four... AGAIN...

u, from champs to chumps hoping for a .500% season and first round NIT road game...

Annual Beisbol beatdown sweep awaits for GATORS 24-3 overall record the last 6 years...

but u still Cane Splt-tail hoops as ur go to, even though they're ranked behind the 14-6 Lady GATORS...

hey, how's ur tennis n golf teams ? That's all u have left right...


And a 5-7 season on tap. What more proof do you need that the UFraud is an NFL-dream killer? Top recruits but results that smell like...well....like Trailerville.


How did that top 2012 class work out for you, Gatr Trash?

Ga Southern's class, ranked 842, beat dat azzzzzzz, you dumb 'necks.


No substitutions on Defense, when's the last time you played a whole series. OH WAIT, NEVER!!

This isn't Pop Warner football, Canefan72. Try going Cover 2, Man under against spread offenses (like the entire ACC). As soon as your corners turn away, my QB or RB is going to hit the sideline and it's over! Man coverage forces the DBs to turn their back on the play!

When mixed appropriately, it works. When going against the I-formation, it works most of the time. Against the teams we play, it will kill you! You have to mix zone and man coverages. You have to stem from Cover 2 to 3; from zone to man.

Try blitzing an outside LB while the CB is in man. You end up with a stretch run play going for 15 yards.

CaneFan72 douchebag wants a double-reverse flea-flicker on every play. He doesn't think linebackers' speed has improved since Sam Huff played.

Dumb crusty maggot.

It is frustrating to read the same old missives from a bunch of whiners who love the 'Canes.

We call each other "morons-Calvin", SM saved CG's "sorry ass-Canefan'72". Recent posts above.

If being a fan is so dismissive then change to Calfla cheering for Florida, and save yourself the trouble, Calvin, and GatorFan '72 and do your chop chop, Canefan'72.

Re read your posts and it almost like whining children in kindergarten begging for playtime outside.

The 'Canes will do fine, and just think. No one really cares what you write, because they have read it 100 times before. YOu all sound like retread tires, flopping along with the same rhythmic thump, thump, thump, The same old same old. Boring

Getting tiresome and trite, bro.
Take a break and in Spring address 2014, after you all have taken a breath.

Being a private university with limited funds...why are we paying and entertaining recruits who are committed at another college? I would not spend money on recruits who has been committed to another college. Spend this money on an QB coach, upgrade position coach salaries, and possible own stadium. Stop paying for these recruits and family winter vacations. Furthermore, by saving unnecessay spending could offset the price of parking too.

Canes 72 really circa 1872 knows zero about football in the last hundred years, you know, since the forward pass was featured.


Oops, Miami seventh, Gators nowhere in the Top 10. Wanna try again, "green pea"?

Oh, and I noticed you DID have a change this week in your raster, a gatr LEFT your no offense team to get a shot with a QB that can actually throw the ball to the TE. Plus, he got tired of answering questions about the LAST tight end from trailerville.

Funny how gatr clause neglected to cover that news.
AC Leonard? Nah, that was the previous TE victim. This time it was Kent Taylor. Yep, another one bites the dust.

But don't worry, in your big 21 person recruiting score is three different 3 star TEs, who you better frisk on their way in. Yep, THAT will turn that 4-8 offense around, right? LOL!


Appreciate your classy tribute to some of the departing players.

I never understood why they didn't use Hagens more. He was a tough kid and was rarely stopped for no gain. did well on screens.

We shall see what shakes out this year...hope we see some positive changes.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 22, 2014 at 06:52 PM

It's the posters like yourself that try and have it both ways. You constantly complaining about the lack of talent on the roster, which is "supported by the lack of 4 or 5 star players argument" but you're here now saying it's not about star search. The biggest problem at the U is the administration and these clowns they hired as coaches. They try to feed this "look what the NCAA put us through" BS but that boat has sailed. No one complained about the lack of talent when we were 7-0 ranked in the top 10. As soon as the real part of the schedule came upon us, all of a sudden there isn't enough talent. The gig is up for these imposters.

That same board of trustee clown saying Al Fraud is the guy to get us back where we need to be, please provide one lick of evidence. He has never won anything as a coach.

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