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An early look at the Hurricanes 2014 football schedule with predictions

Are you ready for some Monday night football?

If not, get ready.

The Hurricanes are going to open the 2014 football season on the road at Louisville -- the team that just pounded them in the Russell Athletic Bowl -- on Labor Day night (Sept. 1) at 8 p.m. The game will be carried by ESPN. The Hurricanes will obviously be facing a brand new Cardinals team with a new starting quarterback and head coach. So it's tough to handicap the game now eight-plus months away.

UM's complete schedule -- which features 10 bowl teams and FAMU and Virginia -- was released at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Here is the rest of it with some quick analysis:

- vs. FAMU, Saturday, Sept. 6: Not a lot of time to recover from a road trip. Good thing is the Rattlers are coming off a 3-9 season and still in rebuilding mode. Canes should cruise in this one.

- vs. Arkansas State, Saturday, Sept. 13: The Red Wolves are coming off an 8-5 season in the Sun Belt and a win over Ball State in the GoDaddy.com bowl. Miami should be better than this team and coming off what should be a blowout win over FAMU will help.

- at Nebraska, Saturday, Sept. 20: Bo Pelini's team finished 9-4 thanks to a win over Georgia in the Gator Bowl. The Hurricanes haven't faced the Cornhuskers since beating them in the Rose Bowl in 2001 to win their last national title. Although the all-time series is tied 5-5, Nebraska is 3-0 versus UM all-time in Lincoln. Kansas State made most of us want to forget what happened the last time UM traveled to the Midwest to play a game. Here's to hoping the next trip is different.

- vs. Duke, Saturday, Sept. 27: The Blue Devils capped their best season in recent memory by finishing 10-4 and winning the Coastal Division. They thumped Miami up in Durham and finished ranked 23rd in the country after losing a shootout to Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M 52-48 in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. If Miami doesn't win this game at home expect Al Golden's seat to begin to feel a little warm.

- at Georgia Tech, Saturday, Oct. 4: The Hurricanes have won five straight over Georgia Tech since Paul Johnson's team ran for 472 yards in a 41-23 win back on a cold November night in 2008. The Yellow Jackets finished 7-6 last season and lost to Mississippi 25-17 in the Music City Bowl. This one makes me nervous considering the Hurricanes had to pull out a 42-36 overtime win the last time they played in Atlanta.

- vs. Cincinnati, Saturday, Oct. 11: The Hurricanes haven't faced the Bearcats since cruising to a 38-12 win in Cincy back in 1998. Former Hurricanes assistant Tommy Tuberville (1986-93) enters his second year in Cicny coming off a 9-4 season and a loss to North Carolina in the Belk Bowl. The only time Cincinnati has beaten Miami? Way back in 1947. Cincinnati has 15 Floridians on its current roster including seven from Dade and Broward. Miami should also still be good enough to beat them.

- at Virginia Tech, Thursday, Oct. 23: The Hurricanes will have 12 days to prepare for the Hokies in what should be a huge Thursday night game in Blacksburg. Frank Beamer's team fell to 8-5 after its blowout loss to UCLA in the Sun Bowl. UM has only won two of the last eight meetings against the Hokies and have only won twice in Blacksburg in eight tries since 1995. Tough one.

- vs. North Carolina, Saturday, Nov. 1: Larry Fedora's team finished the 2013 season 7-6 after a blowout win over Cincinnati and Miami was forunate to come out with a 27-23 win in Chapel Hill last year. Believe it or not, UM has lost two of its last three at home to the Tar Heels. Another tough one.

- vs. Florida State, Saturday, Nov. 15: Miami will have two weeks to prepare for Jameis Winston and the defending national champions. It might not mean much if last year's Heisman winner is rolling. Florida State will be coming off a home game against Virginia the week before and have Boston College the following week after Miami. Those aren't exactly distractions. Toughest game of the year for Miami. FSU has won four straight in the series and seven of the last nine meetings.

- at Virginia, Saturday, Nov. 22: Finally a cupcake. At least we think. Virginia has never been an easy out for Miami. The Hurricanes are only 6-5 against the Cavaliers all time. UM has dropped two straight in Charlottesville.

- vs. Pittsburgh, Saturday, Nov. 29: Miami could be fighting for a spot in the ACC championship game -- or for a bowl berth if things don't go well -- heading into this week. The Hurricanes are 32-9-1 all-time against Pittsburgh, their former Big East rivals, thanks to a 41-31 win on the road last year. UM has won eight straight and is 16-1 against the Panthers dating back to 1984. No reason at least now Miami shouldn't win this game. Pittsburgh finished 7-6 last year and is coming off a win over Bowling Green in the Little Ceasar's Bowl.

> MY WAY TOO EARLY PREDICTION: Miami, with a new quarterback and a lot of young pieces on the defensive line, goes 8-4 with losses at Louisville, Nebraska, Virginia Tech and at home to Florida State.


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^^Exactly, alot of people missed the point with this UM football program's rise to prominence. Its not about finding who the favorite is and/or who has the power and influence and simply siding with them. Its about the truth and sincerity, no matter who it exposes or contradicts. Dudes drop by here everyday to support lies and liars and then call themselves Canes. Its an oxymoron.

Great post and "Save that" is the perfect message!

Golden's "gig" runs for 5-6 more years at 2 1/4 per. So, save that. Up doesn't mean what you think it means.

Ah, wouldn't be a day on the blog without a 'slurp slurp slurp' sound from the Ganes fans.

.500 loser coach, .500 loser posters. They go mouth to crotch together, fittingly.

It's a Ganes thing, it's all you understand!

Yawn, tub o sht. Golden here. You on the outside looking in. Enjoy.

This isn't Pop Warner football, Canefan72. Try going Cover 2, Man under against spread offenses (like the entire ACC). As soon as your corners turn away, my QB or RB is going to hit the sideline and it's over! Man coverage forces the DBs to turn their back on the play!

When mixed appropriately, it works. When going against the I-formation, it works most of the time. Against the teams we play, it will kill you! You have to mix zone and man coverages. You have to stem from Cover 2 to 3; from zone to man.

Try blitzing an outside LB while the CB is in man. You end up with a stretch run play going for 15 yards.

Posted by: Tampa Cane | January 27, 2014 at 03:53 PM

Ok, so since you trying to question Cane72, wth are we running that's consistently giving up over 500 yards a game. Did these spread offenses just began when these penn disgrace morons got here. How come other teams are playing press-man and cover 2 and are not giving up all the yards we've given up last year and the 2nd half of this season. Most spread offenses are nothing but running teams, you have a good d-line, that will negate most of that spread crap because it will instantly take away the threat of the run and force them to become a passing team.

Spread offenses like option teams only work if you keep letting them get into 2nd and 3rd and short, as with all of our great defenses, speed shuts most of that crap down. When you force spread qb's to have to make quick decisions, they get rattled.

You sound just like the clowns from penn disgrace, they'll probably give that same speech you just gave but when it comes to applied knowledge, the 500 yards keep coming!

Calvin, you're a dope. You still think offenses are producing nothing? Are you Canes 1872?

The vast majority of top offensive teams produce more yards by air the on the ground, so, like on most other topics, you are wrong.

No one disputes Golden's contract or its terms--we all know it, so that point is moot and separate from whether he can coach on a UM level or not. The stats and facts say that he can't and I'll let them speak for themselves--they are relevant.

Seems like the Canes have moved onto focusing on the 2015 recruiting class.

Seeks like Canes 1872 and Calvin think we are playing rugby.

Y'all to need to get off my jock.

If I call out a clown for a mis-quote leave it on that clown. It costs you nothing, pay me no mind. I'm talking about recruits, watching film and evaluating talent which, if i'm not mistaken, is what this forum should be about. Sharing information and engaging in constructive discourse. Look at what I post in a corrective and informative manner and add to the blog.

Now ask yourself; what you do besides change your name, pick pillow-fights, and ask dumb rhetorical questions? You're too weak to even identify yourself. How can I even take you seriously? Like my man says, screw up enough courage to get a screen name and then we can work on the type-pad. Until then, there's no need to address my posts.

Why don't U get off the Boards and any other elites jock that U come here to align yourself with. they have always been a thorn in the side of this football program and since your beloved Shalala has been employed both the football and baseball teams have been mediocre. She may be a troll, but she definitely isn't good luck.

Everyone is the same person when u lose an argument, but if your pride needs to believe that only one person is smarter than U, then have at it.

U post and uphold lies and liars...period--there's no middle road to have with U until U give up this practice...period.

We’ll have a lot more on UM recruiting in the next few days, but this much is clear: This will be a stressful week for the Hurricanes with regard to three elite local defensive prospects: Chad Thomas, Travonte Valentine and Demetrius Jackson.

Thomas, the five-star Booker T. Washington defensive end, said he remains solidly committed to UM but enjoyed his visit to FSU and hasn’t ruled out the Seminoles in interviews with several recruiting web sites... ALL FSU !

Valentine, the four-star Hialeah Champagnat defensive tackle, previously identified LSU as his favorite and told SFHSSports.com that his LSU visit this past weekend was “amazing.” He will visit UM this weekend; the Canes are his only other finalist... ALL LSU !

Jackson, the four-star defensive end from Booker T. Washington, told Canesport.com a couple weeks ago that he would cancel his remaining visits and fully intends to honor his UM commitment. But he visited Arkansas over the weekend and hasn’t addressed his future... ALL ARKY !



ur class implodes, drops out of the top-20 and Goldie then gives away at least 5 more schollies at signing time to unranked and 2-star scrubs... u then will axe then next 3 years, like the last 10, "Why do we have no depths?"

Funny thing is, you all wish you were on the BOT. You probably think you know more about building a football program than a BOT member...

Opinions are like a55 holes. Everybody has one guys. Try finding some new recruiting info or article and bring something productive to the blog.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 27, 2014 at 06:50 PM

Girlfriend, I wasn't talking to you..

Never! I would never be one in the capacity they're currently in (uninformed, misguided, douchebags that don't give a rat arse about the people who they should be serving). Overrated, stiff, demigods who don't know anything about building a football program and had zero to do with how UM's was built initially.

Don't put up quotes from the architects behind why this blogs is the way it is. How ironic, that if U want this blog to have better discourse, it can be had by your masters sincere and competent approach to managing this football program.

Don't keep preaching to Us, go preach to them, thats if they'd even entertain U.

But I was talking to U...

247Sports Top 35 Composite 2014 Recruits:

SEC (16)
ACC (4)
B1G (3)
Big12 (2)
Undecided (10)

and u axe why ? Best Players... Best Teams... Best Conference...

And out of the 10 undecided, 8 of them are down to JUST SEC Programs and NONE are sniffing u.

Quick !!! Put on 560 WQAM !!! Hurricane Hotline and listen to all the excuses and sugar coating of everything canes sports ! Split-Tail Hoops Coach on second hour !!!

"WE COMPETED !!!" acc hoops penthouse to OuTHOUSE !!!


Ark St
All loses..

Miami will go 5-7 and 6-6 if they get lucky. But ALF will defend his lover NoD.

Posted by: Five Titles | January 27, 2014 at 04:42 PM

Silly Silly Cane ClUck. Scout.com grades on an quantity ACCUMULATION scale. Meaning a sorry program like urs could have 30 commits, 20 3-stars and 10 2-stars. u'd then be ranked higher than a Top SEC Program with 15 commits, 10 4-stars and 5 3-stars. But when it comes to closing, u will looose 5-8 of ur better players replacing them with unranked and 2-star scubs. Where a Top SEC program, bides their time and closes with 5-8 of the remaining Top uncommitted 4 n 5 Star studs on Signing Day.

ESPN.com... GATORS > u


247Sports.. GATORS > u

QUALITY ova qUantity ...

Posted by: Five Titles | January 27, 2014 at 04:42 PM

Toooo puuuuut it slllooooowwwwlllyyy ...

It'ssss nooooot whhhheeeerrrrreeee u start ... It'ssss whhhhheeeerrrreee u finish.

And ur dropping like a cinder block into an Abyss with more decommits to come.

Canes Basketball Corch says... "U should have seen us practice today!!! Our second five beat our first five.
And they have NEVER played College Basketball. We competed!!!"

"Our second five beat our first five", and there u have, cane basketball.

hey clUcks... what overseas island is fattazz Reggie, "First Round Talent" Johnson beached on?

We’ll have a lot more on UM recruiting in the next few days, but this much is clear: This will be a stressful week for the Hurricanes...

Kaaya, the next Harris/Morris hybred, will be the bUllet to ur empty heads on Feb. 5th. as he'll be a silent ALL BRUIN in a matter of days. THAT'S WHY Goldy is STILL recruiting Q.B.'s.

But Olsen's the next Dorsey anyways riiieet ?

Next Blog topic since there is ZERO cane sports news the last week ...

Manny and Susan should do a story about me. Because I'm so F'ing GOOD !

560 WQAM recruiting report next... Must be the Comedy Hour !

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh the NCAA !

Duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh, we have no depths...

maybe because the last 3 years recruiting classes were a THIRD full of unranked-2 star scrubs ?

This year another 12-14 of those projects coming soon.

"just bring in 4 good D-Linemen and, boom, ur 'efense changes overnight."

what decade long dream world does this blUe dope live in ?

"they're getting close..." Homer Baily

Open question:

Who is dumber---Tubby, D , Gallo or Calvin?

Low bar, I know.

Are there really gator clucks on this blog? Lol!

Gaors finished 2012 by being ravished by sophomore teddybridge. With a healthy driskel and the entire vaunted SEC defense!

Then finished 2013 4-8, and lost to ga southern who lost to Wofford!!!,!!,

Here gator gator herrrrrre gator gator!

See calvin, cane72 etc your stupid senseless atacks bring out the dweebs from alachua out!


2014: miami goes 10-2
2015: uf goes 7-5 much chump gets his walking papers and gets hired by rotor rooter

so good to see a complete fan of the mighty SEC, since you can't brag about your own gator FOOTBALL program this year; so you resort to spouting off every tangential stat you can muster.

Tell us more about the baseball and tennis and whatnot. Tell us more about the recruits going to SEC schools.

You know, I have never ever even looked at a Gator blog. Most of us here haven't.

It's really...bemusing to read your script over and over and over.

But, as so many have pointed out.

5x ntchmps w/ 5 different coaches vs. 3 with 2 coaches.
losing all time series vs. UM
UF backed out of playing us anymore

Your team's self blocking made the worst play of the year on ESPN....wait for it... in a LOSS to GS...

- you're not even our real life rivals

Your obsession is cute.
keep it up, you're really worried that we are going to be good again.

You hate us?

At least you care.

We dont' hate you, we just don't care enough to. you're not important enough.

Funniest thing of all is: there's NOTHING you can say on here that changes those facts.

And when you speculate and predict and point out tangential things...I just smile to my self.

You hate us.
at least you care.
In that, we always win.
Hope you guys have a good year, or whatever.

please please, I'm begging u cane fans, call into WQAM n talk u recruiting with these 2 dopes to keep the comedy coming... pUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUllllllllease.

"QB Ryan Williams could be a suprise all acc contender next year."

If U can't beat or refute them --just state the obvious and/or insult them.

"Golden is the coach of the Miami Hurricane"
"We don't play the 3-4 all of the time, just sometimes"
"Golden is under a contract until 2017"

Posted by: beedharphong | January 27, 2014 at 09:03 PM

that's because I played and know ... and, u are u.

now resort to refute any of the tangential things/facts I posted above...

miami football, in it's present state and who is running it from top to bottom (bottom being D'no and 30 or so 2 star recruits on the 2-3 deep roster) is so average NATIONALLY it's just plain pathetic and even more so sad...

Posted by: Calvin | January 26, 2014 at 05:13 PM

it's not about me being right, it's about getting this program right for the kids this University has the privilege to have access to.


pUre Real Cane Fan Poetry

why do u even answer me ?


I lost track...how did we lose Sony Michel?

Good question - my first time - i usually say don't feed the troll, but you were spamming like a clock was running out.

You played?!
so you are butthurt about UM for some unknown reason...but you want us to know you played?!
Classic. Which position, there big guy?

And that you had to answer me as such indicates that my post got to you...because everything I said is true.

And there's nothing you can do except hurl impotent rage.

Impotent Rage.

The saddest sort. And you back it with "I played and know'...do you realize the breathlessness of your posts aren't snide or pithy or condescending...they reek of some sort of pitiful desperation to be heard. You NEEED attention - negative, positive - ANY ATTENTION you can get, you'll take....easier to make enemies with a fake rival then try to contribute anything thoughtful with your own kind, because you aren't a student of the game, so you'd just be circle jerking asinine commentary with other gators...so come over here and stir it up!

Hey, I welcome it. It's entertaining.

I am proud to have my graduate degree from UM. Are you proud of your degree from UF? It's a good school. Are you a graduate?

I am telling U right now.... Trent Harris. Brad Kaaya, and Valentine are gone GAWN GAWN OUT OF HERE

12am in L.A. Cali

u clUcks should send Brad Kaaya the Miami Vice Box set, Season's 1-3 only, along with DUH U USED to be ESPN 30 for 30 Ancient Glory ... ooops, they tore down the O.B.

These are must gets

Chad Thomas: 6'5", 240 lbs; DE; Miami, FL
Joseph Yearby: 5'9", 190 lbs; RB; Miami, FL
Trevor Darling: 6'4", 327 lbs; OT; Miami, FL
Brad Kaaya: 6'4", 215 lbs; QB; West Hills, CA
Anthony Moten: 6'4", 292 lbs; DT; Fort Lauderdale, FL
Kiy Hester: 6'0", 220 lbs; S; Montvale, NJ
Reilly Gibbons: 6'6", 292 lbs; OT; St. Petersburg, FL
Darrion Owens: 6'3", 216 lbs; OLB; Orange Park, FL
Mike Smith: 6'2", 210 lbs; OLB; Miami, FL
Demetrius Jackson: 6'4", 220 lbs; DE; Miami, FL
Chris Herndon: 6'4", 230 lbs; TE; Norcross, GA
Malik Rosier: 6'2", 205 lbs; QB; Mobile, AL
Nick Linder: 6'3", 273 lbs; C; Fort Lauderdale, FL
Courtel Jenkins: 6'2", 294 lbs; DT; Jersey City, NJ

well see if golden is a closer since last year he totally f...cked it up with thomas, collins, kirkland, bostwick, brooks and bryant...

Valentine should be a must get also. Golden has to be able to close all of these guys.

Why would you send a miami boxed set to someone you wanted to attend miami? Dude lives in la, it's horrible there, he's coming to the U.

Posted by: Rick | January 28, 2014 at 02:13 AM

Trent Harris is already enrolled.

I have never seen so many excuses by goldie and his fans for his moron defensive schemes that give up yardage like a sieve.

Morris was pressured and sacked and hurried all year long mostly because other teams sent in 4 def. linemen and blitzers. In contrast, morons goldie and d'o had three down linemen who NEVER sacked, hurried or pressured any QB because they could not fight through 6 offensive blockers. Duhhhhhh. BTW, that is why they are tired and morons goldie and d'o think they need to have substitutions. Duhh. With four def. linemen, substitutions are not necessary because the def. linemen is playing off one of the shoulders of an offensive lineman instead of taking him straight on. The LBs fill the other gaps in the off. line.

On a passing play, the QB needs to get rid of the pass by one thousand three. If not, most defenses will sack him. Not goldie or d'os zone NO pass defenses, NO pass rush. winston and others have all day to wait til their receivers get open and then pass.

The morons whining about me being an old guy are right just like they are half azzes. But I played full games both ways and on special teams with no substitution. No big deal if you run a couple of miles before practice starts and dozens of 40 yard wind sprints at the end of practice along with full contact scrimmages. Players today are wuzzies.

well see if golden is a closer since last year he totally f...cked it up with thomas, collins, kirkland, bostwick, brooks and bryant...

Posted by: Jim Gallo

Yearby, Hester, Darling, are already enrolled

NSD week and Barry Jackson is outposting you guys on Canes recruiting 5 to 1???

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