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An early look at the Hurricanes 2014 football schedule with predictions

Are you ready for some Monday night football?

If not, get ready.

The Hurricanes are going to open the 2014 football season on the road at Louisville -- the team that just pounded them in the Russell Athletic Bowl -- on Labor Day night (Sept. 1) at 8 p.m. The game will be carried by ESPN. The Hurricanes will obviously be facing a brand new Cardinals team with a new starting quarterback and head coach. So it's tough to handicap the game now eight-plus months away.

UM's complete schedule -- which features 10 bowl teams and FAMU and Virginia -- was released at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Here is the rest of it with some quick analysis:

- vs. FAMU, Saturday, Sept. 6: Not a lot of time to recover from a road trip. Good thing is the Rattlers are coming off a 3-9 season and still in rebuilding mode. Canes should cruise in this one.

- vs. Arkansas State, Saturday, Sept. 13: The Red Wolves are coming off an 8-5 season in the Sun Belt and a win over Ball State in the GoDaddy.com bowl. Miami should be better than this team and coming off what should be a blowout win over FAMU will help.

- at Nebraska, Saturday, Sept. 20: Bo Pelini's team finished 9-4 thanks to a win over Georgia in the Gator Bowl. The Hurricanes haven't faced the Cornhuskers since beating them in the Rose Bowl in 2001 to win their last national title. Although the all-time series is tied 5-5, Nebraska is 3-0 versus UM all-time in Lincoln. Kansas State made most of us want to forget what happened the last time UM traveled to the Midwest to play a game. Here's to hoping the next trip is different.

- vs. Duke, Saturday, Sept. 27: The Blue Devils capped their best season in recent memory by finishing 10-4 and winning the Coastal Division. They thumped Miami up in Durham and finished ranked 23rd in the country after losing a shootout to Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M 52-48 in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. If Miami doesn't win this game at home expect Al Golden's seat to begin to feel a little warm.

- at Georgia Tech, Saturday, Oct. 4: The Hurricanes have won five straight over Georgia Tech since Paul Johnson's team ran for 472 yards in a 41-23 win back on a cold November night in 2008. The Yellow Jackets finished 7-6 last season and lost to Mississippi 25-17 in the Music City Bowl. This one makes me nervous considering the Hurricanes had to pull out a 42-36 overtime win the last time they played in Atlanta.

- vs. Cincinnati, Saturday, Oct. 11: The Hurricanes haven't faced the Bearcats since cruising to a 38-12 win in Cincy back in 1998. Former Hurricanes assistant Tommy Tuberville (1986-93) enters his second year in Cicny coming off a 9-4 season and a loss to North Carolina in the Belk Bowl. The only time Cincinnati has beaten Miami? Way back in 1947. Cincinnati has 15 Floridians on its current roster including seven from Dade and Broward. Miami should also still be good enough to beat them.

- at Virginia Tech, Thursday, Oct. 23: The Hurricanes will have 12 days to prepare for the Hokies in what should be a huge Thursday night game in Blacksburg. Frank Beamer's team fell to 8-5 after its blowout loss to UCLA in the Sun Bowl. UM has only won two of the last eight meetings against the Hokies and have only won twice in Blacksburg in eight tries since 1995. Tough one.

- vs. North Carolina, Saturday, Nov. 1: Larry Fedora's team finished the 2013 season 7-6 after a blowout win over Cincinnati and Miami was forunate to come out with a 27-23 win in Chapel Hill last year. Believe it or not, UM has lost two of its last three at home to the Tar Heels. Another tough one.

- vs. Florida State, Saturday, Nov. 15: Miami will have two weeks to prepare for Jameis Winston and the defending national champions. It might not mean much if last year's Heisman winner is rolling. Florida State will be coming off a home game against Virginia the week before and have Boston College the following week after Miami. Those aren't exactly distractions. Toughest game of the year for Miami. FSU has won four straight in the series and seven of the last nine meetings.

- at Virginia, Saturday, Nov. 22: Finally a cupcake. At least we think. Virginia has never been an easy out for Miami. The Hurricanes are only 6-5 against the Cavaliers all time. UM has dropped two straight in Charlottesville.

- vs. Pittsburgh, Saturday, Nov. 29: Miami could be fighting for a spot in the ACC championship game -- or for a bowl berth if things don't go well -- heading into this week. The Hurricanes are 32-9-1 all-time against Pittsburgh, their former Big East rivals, thanks to a 41-31 win on the road last year. UM has won eight straight and is 16-1 against the Panthers dating back to 1984. No reason at least now Miami shouldn't win this game. Pittsburgh finished 7-6 last year and is coming off a win over Bowling Green in the Little Ceasar's Bowl.

> MY WAY TOO EARLY PREDICTION: Miami, with a new quarterback and a lot of young pieces on the defensive line, goes 8-4 with losses at Louisville, Nebraska, Virginia Tech and at home to Florida State.


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its totally irrelevant anyways.....golden does not have what it takes....if he did he would be a winner already after 8 years.....

with last years schedule if you can end up at 10-2 worst case....taking fsu out of the stats the win/loss record of the opposition was 4-6...pathetic....

and UM had a SENIOR team.....coaches are incapable and same results will happen as long as this staff is here.....

UM should have been 11-1 last year......the only best record after fsu was duke and the SUCKED.....

al golden/dnofrio totally s..ks

VT 7-5....549 yards
Duke 10-2..543 yards
Virginia 2-10....483 yards
Pitt 6-6....501 yards

UM next year will be worse.....its only a matter of time until they guys are fired....110% that will happen.....

Read the ID, Gallo. Read the ID.

As always Big Jim Gallo is correct, we should all go on hiatus for next season and not even watch. Maybe root for another team. Thanks again all seeing, all knowing Gallo 4.

Jim Gallo - what went so wrong in your life that you feel the need to spend your days spouting negativity about a college football team on the internet?

Not trying to insult you, just genuinely curious, what's the matter with you?

Likely number 1 NFL draftee is a former 3 star recruit who went to UCF. And all the geniuses here are talking about "must get" 17-18 year olds.

Jim "always wrong but never in doubt" Gallo now moving his silly predictions to 110% certainty. Not sure what 110% means, but he'll still be wrong, of course.

Sad, aw, go ahead and insult him. He likes it. Otherwise why would anyone write such redundant, dumb things?


How many yards did Texas A*M give up all year long?

How many yards did Auburn give up when they played texas A&M, or FSU?

How many yards did Texas A&M give up to Duke?

How many yards did Texas Tech, or Oklahoma State give up onaverage?

Look it up ya dope/

The point is, youneed a Quarterback. an offense. Our Quarterback play has stunk since the days of Brock berlin. After Brock Berlin, who had may ups and downs but mostly ups, Miami QBs have been steadily bad. So has the team


I think not.

Cane72 needs to join my Gator bandwagon!

Thinking the QB battle this spring and fall should be excellent.

Gonna go ahead and hope that Olsen gives RW a serious run and Kaaya pushes both to the hilt.

Like that Kaaya tweeted yesterday : "welcome to the fam" to the new junior recruit.

Was worried about Kaaya, but not so much anymore.

Thomas. Thomas.

I never understood why they didn't use Hagens more. He was a tough kid and was rarely stopped for no gain. did well on screens.

We shall see what shakes out this year...hope we see some positive changes.

Posted by: dbc | January 27, 2014 at 04:52 PM

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@... Y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark ACOLYETES and what not. dUh

FB Hagen was ONE of those Randy pathetic, leftover's. So, that's why Maurice didn't see SIGNIFICANT minutes under the current coaching regime and what not.

Another CASAULTY of Thee Carpetbagger BOSSMEN's, was OT Bunche. He, too, was one of those bUM's of Coach Randy and what not.

Chit, the VAST MAJORITY of those 38 Hurricane player's whom were EXCOMMUNICATED or PRESSURED to transfer were Randy's recruits. Go bloody figures'!

Yeah, yeah call me a Weirdo Cane CONSPIRACY nut case and what not! hUh

D, you're a weirdo Cane Conspiracy nut case. hell, even you knew you were.

Chit, even the vast majority of those canespace F-O-O-L-S were or are DOWN ( In a negative fashion! ) on those Randy leftover's and what not!!

That's what happens when y'all Cane HOOLIGANS fall to the " FOOL'S gold BLINDING, dull light. " hUh

Another way of CHITTING on those Randy player's, is they were bloody CRUCIFIED and or used as SCAPEGOAT'S of the Goldie nd' Marky Mark sort. dUh

Bloody EMPHASIS on the " scapegoat " notion!!

That same board of trustee clown saying Al Fraud is the guy to get us back where we need to be, please provide one lick of evidence. He has never won anything as a coach.

Posted by: Save that | January 27, 2014 at 05:05 PM


I see that SAVE THAT is just another LOYAL, FREE THINKING, OBJECTIVE University of Miami, Florida Hurricane fan. AKIN to H.T.B., CALVIN, JSY and their Cane brother's! Nothing more, nothing less.

Yeah, the gall of releasing thieves and such from the team is really appalling. Duh.

The point is, you need a Quarterback. an offense. Our Quarterback play has stunk since the days of Brock berlin. After Brock Berlin, who had may ups and downs but mostly ups, Miami QBs have been steadily bad. So has the team Coincidence? I think not.
Posted by: holmie
1) Morris is as great a QB as any of the NC Cane QBs.

2) goldie FAILED to get the offensive line in shape. All they did is fall all over their own feet and fat bellies and make stupid holding and illegal procedure penalties because they were not in shape.

3) The OC failed because he constantly wasted downs like calling hail mary passes into coverage for interceptions or incompletions and called flat passes that were instantly stopped instead of throwing 10-15 yard slants and button hooks.

4) And the morons OC and goldie used a speed merchant like Duke Johnson as though he was a 280 pound fullback and ran him constantly into brick walls instead of hitting him with swing passes in open field.

You can't fix the stupidity of golden and the OC and the DC because they just do not know football coaching as to offense, defense, bltizes, conditioning nor psychology.

If we just had 2 way players like cane1872 who were never substituted for, we'd be world class. Lol.

I suppose Morris getting sacked 5 times against Louisville, throwing 2 ints in teh senior bowl, one of which was the drive killig game ender, and Morris basically being non existent against Duke was all Goldens fault-

Against Louisville, earlyin the game, we were still in it, and it was 3rd and 6 and Morris took off running and ran 3 yds oob when he could have ran for the first down.

Newsflash, cane 72- put down the meth pipe- MORRIS IS NOT ONE OF THE GREAT CANE QBS. After that seniro bowl performance he will be lucky to go in the 5th round, sit around and whole a clipboard for the next 5 yrs and end up on someones practice squad. No way he will last 5 yrs in teh league. he doesnt have it upstairs where it counts.

Have to laugh at the notion that SMO17 was a NC caliber QB!

'Just watch me now..' we did.

He was decent under Fisch.

Is like still bringing up JH these days. Can we move past the thought experiments on SMO?

His injury mattered. New OC mattered. Coaching leaving him in despite injury mattered. Losing Duke mattered. Having a depleted WR corps kinda mattered...

- but what REALLY mattered:
SMO17 had two tricks - 15 ropes and 40 yds with touch. Otherwise, he was terrible at pressure and checkdowns to the flats and screens over the middle - where EVERYONE else tore us up, EVERYONE.

Let's do this JH/RS REDUX AGAIN! lolol.

Cool thing is, Olsen and Kaaya are set up to beat RW out, as this is RW's last year, so we don't have to worry about him getting butthurt and leaving if he gets replaced as starter at any point in the season.

If AG is smart, he will give RW the start at UL, but put in both Olsen and Kaaya in the first game to see how they handle big game pressure.

Though there will be a huge incentive for us to win that game, we can afford to gamble, heck, we can't afford not to, by putting the future on the field ASAP.


I respect your opionion, but I have to disagree about the performance versus the abilities of our former QBs. As a former QB, a QB coach makes a difference in performance. Why? The QB coach will help the OC to learn the strengths and weakneses concerning the QB's ability.

For example, Jacory should never have been throwing deep balls without an effective running game. Morris should have been throwing underneath control type passes first to pull the safeties closer. The middle was wide open for Morris, and OC continue to call the deep pass (primary receiver). Morris first look was always the receiver...never looked away to move the safety. Jacory had the same problems too. Dorsey was the last QB I saw at the U who used his eyes and feet to make the proper throw. He had a QB coach and good running attack too.

I agree, Jacory and Morris forced too many throws which impacted the team...exposed the weak link...defense. I would have sat both down to send a message, but Shannon nor Golden held them accountiable. Williams will have the same output...not because of his skills...the play calling will be short to intermediate passes, because of arm strength. Williams will need a good running attack to be successful (i.e., Dorsey).

Over the past 2 years, Miami used an extra TE and FB to block; therefore, gave Morris enough time to throw the deep ball. Asante Cleveland and Maurice/FB were not part of the passing game, and every DC knew this coming into the game with the U.

What I am trying to say, don't put the failure of the program on one player. Let's look at our beloved team with subjective eyes. Coaching makes a big difference in development too.

I think RW will be efficient. I would trade slow methodical drives, for the potential of a 60 yard bombs anyday. Our Time of Possession will certainly improve next year. At 119th of 120, cant get any worse.

ok it could get worse

It can always be worse.

I actually don't think we disagree at all. I think you put it very well.

I was criticizing the comment made that SMO was a NC caliber QB, more than putting the failure of the team on SM...not that at all.

I don't think SM was a great QB, period. Not a disaster, but not great.

I have and will be on the "coaching matters train" until I die.

AG F Prez,
I am with you on taking slow methodical drives all day. If RW earns the spot, fine! we absolutely need to improve our time management, so that our Defense isn't on the field for 90 plays, while we still need to be a quick strike threat...Tough balance to find - which we really didn't last year.

Jim Gallo is my Hero!!!!!

Al Golden was a vertical move from Randy Shannon.

If the University of Miami administration would have stuck with Randy, we could have been playing for the NC last year.

I guess woulda, shoulda, coulda there!

Al is likable, that is the only thing going for him.

Coach No-D really should help Al out and quit.

I really don't see Miami winning more than 5 games next year. Sorry amigos, but that's what I see!

You see poorly

Guys.... Do not bash the players current ones or any of them leaving.

They are college students who are 20 years old starting out in their careers.

The NFL will decide if they play or not. There is not need to second guess their abilities.

Blame the coaches for poor recruiting, schemes, whatever, just don't mention the players. They are young men who may read this posts.

don't worry green peas.....golden will be gone and there will nobody's d..ck for you to s....ck.....

until then keep drinking the koolaid and I will continue to bash this staff until they are both gone.....no coach in NCAA history after 8 years can turn around a 49-49 win-loss record......

play all you want with your schemes = "noise".....

"A weakness due to a lack of experience or training or due to inadequate time can be fixed. A lack of inherent ability cannot. Failing to distinguish between these causes is a common mistake among managers, because managers are often reluctant to appear unkind or judgmental by saying someone lacks ability"..........mark dnofrio

don't you understand.....he cant be fixed....

dnofrio has been on the defensive side of the ball since the 90's.....hes been a DC since 2009....

experience - time - training.....that has all been eliminated.....

the only think left is inherited ability...

2011 - 4319 defensive yards
2012 - 5837
2013 - 5537

"A weakness due to a lack of experience or training or due to inadequate time can be fixed. A lack of inherent ability cannot. Failing to distinguish between these causes is a common mistake among managers, because managers are often reluctant to appear unkind or judgmental by saying someone lacks ability"..........mark dnofrio

don't you understand.....he cant be fixed....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 28, 2014 at 04:56 PM

The penn disgrace morons philosophy:


typo.DC since 2006



And no folks, goldie's No defense is not 9-4 last year.
Morris saved his worthless butt by last minute drives against UNC and WF in spite of golden and d'o.

And the gators GAVE that game to Miami with fumbles and interceptions. Be honest for a change.

Those miracles make golden and d'o 6-7 last year for their lousy play calling and failure to run good defenses.

Posted by: Cane1872 | January 27, 2014 at 02:02 PM

So true. Funny how so many Cane fans only talk about how we "could" have won 11-12 games last year when it really was closer to us losing 6-7. Plus we lose Morris and many of those average DT's and we expect these new DT's to come in and play at a high level right away? Our defense will be no better and the offense, breaking in QB's that couldn't even beat out an injured Morris, will not be better than last year.

This pretty much sums it up.

Senior Bowl scouts coin QB Stephen Morris 'Tin Cup'

Scouts referred to Miami QB Stephen Morris as "Tin Cup" at the Senior Bowl due to his ease at making difficult throws and his struggles with executing routine passes.

"Morris boasts a strong arm and throws the deep ball with touch, but like the other two quarterbacks on the North squad (Boyd and Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas), he struggled with accuracy throughout the week," wrote CBS Sports' Rob Rang. Rotoworld's Josh Norris labeled Morris "undraftable" after Senior Bowl week. An up-and-down 2013 season did Morris' pro aspirations no favors, and he has further complicated his situation by struggling at the Senior Bowl exhibition and measuring in at a disappointing 6'1 and 3/4ths of an inch and 208 pounds.

And even when he was injured, we didn't have a QB on the roster that was a better option and that could out perform him in practice? And we expect better QB play next Season out of Williams, Olsen or an incomming True Freshman?

Just heard from a very reliable UM Football inside source that Brad Kaaya has informed Coach Golden that he intends to decommit from Miami and will decide to play QB between hometown UCLA and USC. Kaaya has been a solid Canes commit since August, his first offer, and was basically an unknown National prospect until his vast rise during his Senior Season which opened up many eyes. especially the Bruins and Trojans who are both putting on the full press to gain his LOI.

Two things, before any of you here bash this kid, myself and my source, first know Kaaya, a very loyal, sensitive and great kid, is heartbroken about how this whole process has unfolded and feels terrible for Coach Golden and all the Cane fans that supported him as an unknown. But he feels he owes it to Golden to not let him know of hos decision right before or on Signing day giving Golden and the Canes staff enough time to actively recruit another QB. Which is what Golden is doing now. Cue Trean Harris, late but better than never. As for bashing me, thats fine, the truth stings sometimes, but the story of Kaaya and how he basically blossomed out of nowhere is a great one. And he's an L.A. kid to the core. There's just no way, with all that pressure to be the hometown L.A. hero to stay home, UCLA and USC wouldn't rise to the top once those schools made their big push. Which they both have. Also, don't look for this to become official for maybe a week, per Golden's wishes, until Golden can hopefully secure Harris and perhaps the miniscule hope that Golden can convince Kaaya that the Miami QB job is ALL his once he steps on Campus (which we know he really can't do) and keeps Kaaya from flipping officially.

Not here to bash. This news is less than 24 hours old and most of the recruiting insiders are just getting it. Hence 247Sports projections on where Kaaya will sign.


Sorry for the news. Hope Golden can get Harris and even more so, that Ryan Williams can play QB at a high level for the Canes in 2014.

Golden still the canes HC.

Gallo still a fool.

Golden will retire from football at some point. Jim "always wrong but never in doubt" Gallo will always be a fool.

Odd, Johnny C, my sources say you are still full of sht and a trouble maker.

I'm not very confident in a 10-2 or 9-3 record next year. We were lucky to get the # of wins we had this year. It very easily could have been worse. I sat thru each horrible game. UM actually looked better than expected against FSU, but looked horrible against other teams they should've beaten. Something has to change, and if not this year then someone needs to go. Miami had better beat UL in the opener and show vast improvement on defense. Excuses can't continue forever. However, the majority of these teams are very beatable. With some breaks it could be a better year. Please, Please, show some signs of a defense this year.

If we do not win 10 games this year...Golden and D'Onofrio will be wishing they went to Penn State!! Time to grab an established DC...think, Carnell Lake, Pittsburgh Steeler D Backs coach!!

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