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Canes' spring game set for April 12th at Sun Life Stadium

The Miami Hurricanes’ 2014 Spring Football Game will be held Saturday, April 12, at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 6 p.m.

In their third season under head coach Al Golden, the Hurricanes posted a 9-4 record and earned a berth to play in the Russell Athletic in Orlando. Miami’s six home wins in 2013 were the most in the Sun Life Stadium era and its most home wins since 2003.

Miami’s entire spring football schedule and events will be announced at a later date.

> Golden said during Tuesday's edition of Hurricane Hotline Miami will have 82 scholarships available for the 2014 season. The maximum is 85. The NCAA docked UM nine scholarships to be divided any way UM sees fit  over the next three seasons because of the Nevin Shapiro scandal.


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Don't be an internet tough guy. It is not like you know future and are super clairvoyant. Why don't you look into your crystal ball and tell us what's going to happen?

Posted by: Football | January 08, 2014 at 05:39 PM

I never claimed to be an internet good ol' boy ( tough dude. hUh ), bUbba!!

Oh, I've already looked into the hazy, cloudy, murky crystal ball and I SEE-r either a 7-5 ( Worst case scenario. ) or 8-4 Hurricane regular season in 2014.

And I base my speculations on your boys, Goldie nd' especially Marky Mark!!

Posted by: Football | January 08, 2014 at 05:42 PM

Whatever, F-O-O-L!!!

I have been skipping around some of the PSU outlets and there's a mixed bag re: some having AG still in the mix, others lamenting that they seem to have let AG and Frankling both get away.

I really don't see them making AG an offer.

If what our local media outlets, who were patient enough to report his staying with the official releases; and only then talk about the notion that no offer was made in lieu of AG asking for a quick one, I think AG has been passed over for good.

The fact that PSU seemed to have tried to get Franklin, only to supposedly have Vandy meet their offer, and that PSU has supposedly set up an interview with Roman, tells me that they want someone who may leave, but will be able to start winning right away.

If any of that is true, then I was wrong in my analysis that PSU would prioritize getting someone like AG, who would only be a guaranteed safe bet to

1) Greatly assist them in dealing with the NCAA mess masterfully - which he inarguably would...

2) Stay for a long time - at their discretion - at the cost of being a proven winner - One really can't argue anymore whether Ag has any significant achievements as a gameday coach, other than steering troubled programs to respectability in a trending arc - which is nothing to sneeze at, but not anything to count on.

Facts are:
1)AG has no conference titles

2) A poor/mediocre record against teams both ranked at time of contest, as well as where they finish the season.

3) A stagnancy in conference record at UM this year, when easing of OOC Schedule is factored and conference games are only considered.

OPINION - The UF win is probably his greatest gameday achievement.

As the writer that D mentions above, no one can call him Big Game AL with a straight face YET - (don't get wadded up, AG lovers)...

Key injuries at critical junctures are a weighty factor, I will admit, but the buck stops with the coach's record and consensus perception of the strength of conference when evaluating potential coaching candidates head to head...

AG is an attractive candidate, but from what we can all reasonably assume to be true, "better" coaches are being considered now.

We're "safe" with AG.

I am over the point whether that signals program death or certain, impending glory....

It is what it is; hope the new recruits make THAT much of a difference quickly, while AG's "excuses" recede in to the past.

I will grudgingly admit that AG deserves to run the program without any RS/TMZ/NCAA obstacles since he is staying.

Gallo stands by his an Canesport comments. Together that is worth, oh, still zero.

No one knows the details of the PSU-Golden discussions.

Tub o thinks he does but can't provide a single fact. Just guesses by others, which get quoted and the tub o thinks that=s a fact.

Posted by: D | January 08, 2014 at 05:46 PM

LOL, that goes to show you what a classless individual you are. Who would take you seriously when you call for the coaches' head? Your judgement is terribly clouded, not just your crystal ball?

You are here spreading false information trying to steal recruits for your SEC teams or Noles. That much is clear. You lie repeatedly about the Maryland game in 2011 without noting that quite a number of our starters were suspended then due to the Shapiro scandal.

I reaffirm my commitment to the U...maybe

Really good, balanced article without a scintilla of emotional bias as to UM.

That was refreshing.

I will grudgingly admit that AG deserves to run the program without any RS/TMZ/NCAA obstacles since he is staying.

Posted by: beedharphong | January 08, 2014 at 05:47 PM

Great, beed. A very objective statement indeed!

Is Clint Hurtt going to be unemployed with Strong going to Texas? No one may touch him with the NCAA stuff hanging over his head.


I think Hurtt may have to be benched for awhile because of that messyness, but won't be surprised either way.

From what little I know about him, he is a really good position coach and won't be kept down for too long - someone will give him a chance sooner than later.

We build up, tear down, villify and forgive pretty darned quickly, no?

Sucks for him, if CS "can't" hire him right away - I have no idea how much pull CS has vs. the politics of the UT football appartatus - which I understand to be massively influential.

have you seen the LSUFreek gifs about CS hire? Hilarious:


Those that have an intense dislike for Coach Golden and swear up and down he's a terrible coach are the ones insisting that Penn State still wants him over all the other candidates.

When I read those comments from our multiple versions of the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow ("If I only had a brain") it does allow me a laugh as they simply don't understand that their very comments refute their, "He's a terrible coach" baloney.

Taking Al Golden's most cross-eyed critics at their word...Al Golden is being placed above highly thought of college coaches and NFL coaches to replace O'Brien at Penn State--and even after he turned Penn State down they still desperately want him and will try to hire him.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the haters have done more to endorse Coach Golden than most of his ardent supporters. LOL!!

sorry.....everything in that article I believe is true.....all sources within both camps converge on that:

1. golden met with psu
2. a agreement in principle was in place by both paries
3. golden gave psu a timetable on sunday
4. after his timetable expired. golden made a public statement

so as for coaching staff that left UM under goldens rein so far:

1. Terry Richardson - lasted 3 years
2. Jedd Fisch - lasted 2 years
3. George Mcdonald - lasted 1 year
4. Mario Christobal - lasted 1 month
5. Mark Dnofrio - tried to get HC job after 2 years
6. Al golden - tried to get HC position at PSU after 3 years

So as you can see....the fraud sooner or later comes out....

Golden Casualties and Discipline Issues:
vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
luther campbell - #1 UM fan
tim ice harris - feeder coach
northwestern - feeder school
booker T - feeder school
carol city - feeder school
miami central - feeder school
norland - feeder school
Terry Richardson - RB coach
Jedd Fisch - OC
Geroge Mcdonald - WR coach
Mario Christobal - HC
Eddie Johnson - LB
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard - RB
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Seantrel Henderson - RT
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey – DT
Demetrius Jackson – DE
Travonte Valentine – DT
Ereck Flowers – OL 2014 very possible
Duke Johnson – RB 2014 very possible
Tracy Howard – CB 2014 very possible
Denzel Perryman – LB 2014 gone
Nigel Bethel – DB 2014 very possible
Kevin Olsen – QB 2014 very possible
Rashawn Scott – WR
University of Miami - Coral Gables


Posted by: beedharphong | January 08, 2014 at 06:10 PM


a lot of noise in the system about Golden going to PSU now

All these recruits either decommitted or are still here and in 3 years...not 1 throphy in UM's case...

RB Alex Collins
OL Denver Kirkland
DT Terrell Brooks
LB Matthew Thomas
DT Jaynard Bostwick
DT Keith Bryant
OT Ereck Flowers
WR Rashawn Scott
DE Olsen Pierre
DT Corey King
LB Eddie Johnson
LB Gionni Paul
LB Denzel Perryman
DB Ladarius Gunter
S Deon Bush
P Dalton Botts
QB Ryan Williams
WR Robert Lockhart
WR Herb Waters
OG Daniel Isidora
OT Hunter Wells
DT Dequan Ivery
DT Earl Moore
DT Darius Smith
DE Ricardo Williams
DE Jelani Hamilton
DE Tyriq McCord
LB Thurston Armbrister
LB Raphael Kirby
CB Antonio Crawford
CB Thomas Finnie
CB Tracy Howard
S Rayshawn Jenkins
K Matt Goudis
QB Gray Crow
QB Preston Dewey
RB Dallas Crawford
RB Danny Dillard
WR Jontavious Carter
WR D'Mauri Jones
OL Taylor Gadbois
DT Jacoby Briscoe
DE Jalen Grimble
DE Dwayne Hoilett
DE Jake O'Donnell
DE Gabriel Terry
LB Jawand Blue
CB Nate Dortch
CB Larry Hope
QB David Thompson
WR Malcolm Lewis
QB Kevin Olsen
RB James Labady
RB Brandon Yosha
RB Augustus Edwards
RB Cornelius Elder
Ol Hunter Knighton
OL Sunny Odogwa
Ol Alex Gall
TE Standish Dobard
TE Beau Sandland
TE Ryheem Lockley
TE Sean Harvey
WR Chad Barnes
WR Alex Irastorza
WR Garrett Kidd
WR Joey McNeill
WR Stacy Coley
DT Al-Quandin Muhammad
DT Ufomba Kamalu
LB Akil Craig
LB Nantambu Fentress
LB Alex Figueroa
LB Jeremine Grace
LB Devante Bond
CB Jordan Tolson
CB Jamal Carter
CB Artie Burns
CB Ray Lewis
K Ricky Perez
K Zach Costa
TE Ronald Regula
P Ricky Carroll

what does it matter who golden gets in the future....it wont matter...

Well Zook,

I certainly hope you're right, that PSU is still clamoring for him...

I will absolutely eat a bag of whatever figurative SH^& is deserved if they do steal him away.

I don't think they are at all...

Lemme break it down this way:

You think AG is the GCFBC there is; that he has done nothing but great things in every aspect since getting here.

I don't. I think he's good, nay great at Admin & PR and not so good at winning big games and developing players he both inherited, as well as recruited to fit his scheme.

We both want what is best for the Canes program immediately and well into the future.

We have wildly divergent opinions on how that has,is going, and will go down.


I don't think your last post was directed at me, but just wanted to clarify those points, as we discuss further.


I cannot believe this is circulating. If this is true, and he accepts the job at Penn State, I hope he never comes down to Miami again. Talk about ultimate salesmen. If that were the case, he should have never come out publicly and say he was staying at Miami! I try to like Al Golden, but for some reason, it seems as though he is doing the same thing at the expense of the University of Miami. All he ever does is give excuses for the mistakes and lack of development his team makes. The trend is positive-WTF, does he have blinders on. Al, please make up your mind if you want to be a Miami Hurricane or not. If not, then take your sorry ass back to Penn State where you belong!

The casualty list everyone wants to see:


Jim Gallo

I wonder if Gallo actually believes the rumors he spreads, eg,

sorry.....everything in that article I believe is true.....all sources within both camps converge on that:

Precisely what fact from one of the "camps" do you possess?


I have an inside source that tells me that Gallo is an AI experiment - an interwebs-concern-troll-bot that every major CFB team has a version posting on its fan pages...i.e. - they can't be killed or die...it's the cost of doing business for fans...lolk?

Gallo has been awful, but the pot stirring has been lively and sparked many a great debate...

too funny.....looks like PSU wants Franklin....its almost like PSU is trying to get anyone EXCEPT al golden...they don't want him..

you greenpeas are just koolaid drinkers....my post are accurate...

please, coaches leave...recruits comming out of our a''s, getting blown out on national TV and 18 yr olds holding the "U" sign to our staff and trash talking to their faces on national TV......

most here are insane idiots.....just kids that don't know nothing about UM or its history...


The program runs scripts - the lists: oftentimes it seems, as soon as it detects that a post has some glitchy lines of code, in this latest case, logical term/order fallacies, so it immediately posts a list to get readers to gloss over the immediately preceding post, guessing by probability that readers are desensitized to the actual lists and scroll past as soon as they are seen - using myself as an example... such that the problematic post goes largely unnoticed and buried in the archives.

Even when called out, the program just runs a subroutine that ignores the post as garbage code never to be referenced...the code marches on...

To the futures! we are here!

All hail Masterbot Gallo!

Now Ii know why I have been referring to Gallo, version ?.? or 2.0 - that must be it! lolK?

both canesports and blue white illustrated went out of their way to say the stand by the story.....

you greenpeas just cant accept that your boy tried to punk UM just like his buddy did right before Um weekend when all the recruits were comming...maybe if you take your mouth off his d...k you can get some air and think straight, lol

Too bad I actually agree with Gallobot's

"...too funny.....looks like PSU wants Franklin....its almost like PSU is trying to get anyone EXCEPT al golden...they don't want him."

Oh gawd, I am being assimilated!

Whoa there!

The thought experiment continues! Woot!
MH posting articel on AD Blake's generic AG is still our coach statement, Ag's legalese and more TMZ drama!

Now, according to little birdies and Penn radio host, we have to wait until Friday!?

LO-frigin-L! Holy Moly!

The BCS is dead. After 16 years of picking a two-team tournament, the Bowl Championship Series took its final breath in the form of a second BCS championship for Florida State. The Noles won one of the greatest college games played in a 34-31 final version of the BCS title.It was easy to hate the BCS and much more difficult to sing its praises. However, the Bowl Championship Series was a huge upgrade and improvement over the previous championship system where No. 1 and No. 2 weren’t even guaranteed to play.Were there some controversial decisions? Certainly, Auburn fans in 2004 or Ohio State fans in 1998 might have had a beef with the BCS’ final decision. But most have to agree that the BCS got it right pretty much every time.But where do these Seminoles rank against the past BCS champions?

Athlon Sports ranks the 2013 national champions against the previous 15 Crystal Ball holders.

"First Day" indicates 1st and 2nd round NFL Draft picks1.

1st. Miami Hurricanes, 2001 (12-0, 7-0)Head Coach: Larry CokerKey Stats: No. 3 in nation in scoring offense (42.7 ppg), no. 1 in scoring defense (9.8 ppg); average margin of victory 33.2 points per gameAward Winners: Larry Coker (Paul “Bear” Bryant Award), Ken Dorsey (co-Big East Offensive Player of the Year, Maxwell Award, Rose Bowl co-MVP), Andre Johnson (Rose Bowl co-MVP), Bryant McKinnie (Outland Trophy), Ed Reed (co-Big East Defensive Player of the Year)“First Day” NFL Draft Picks: Phillip Buchanon (1st, 2002), Vernon Carey (1st, 2004), Andre Johnson (1st, 2003), William Joseph (1st, 2003), Jerome McDougle (1st, 2003), Willis McGahee (1st, 2003), Bryant McKinnie (1st, 2002), Ed Reed (1st, 2002), Antrel Rolle (1st, 2005), Mike Rumph (1st, 2002), Jeremy Shockey (1st, 2002), Sean Taylor (1st, 2004), Jonathan Vilma (1st, 2004), Vince Wilfork (1st, 2004), D.J. Williams (1st, 2004), Kellen Winslow (1st, 2004), Clinton Portis (2nd, 2002)Simply put, this team was loaded and is viewed by many as one of the best ever in college football history. With a roster featuring six first-team All-Americans and 13 first-team All-Big East selections, not to mention 32 future NFL draft picks, these Hurricanes dominated on both sides of the ball and steamrolled their competition from start to finish. They started things off by going to Happy Valley and dominating Penn State 33-7, which tied the record for the Nittany Lions’ worst home loss under Joe Paterno. Later on, the ‘Canes defeated No. 14 Syracuse and No. 12 Washington in consecutive weeks at the Orange Bowl with a combined score of 124-7, which set the NCAA record for largest margin of victory over consecutive ranked opponents. They capped things off by dismantling the No. 4 Nebraska Cornhuskers 37-14 in the Rose Bowl, in a game where they held a 34-0 lead in the first half.

2nd. USC Trojans, 2004 (13-0, 8-0)Head Coach: Pete CarrollKey Stats: Led the nation in rushing defense (79.4 ypg) and turnover margin (+1.46), led the Pac-10 - See more at: http://athlonsports.com/college-football/bcs-era-ranking-16-bcs-national-champions#sthash.4LTbN2vp.dpuf

I think it is beyond unprofessional--not to mention class-less--for Golden to talk about the particulars of the interview. You do not talk publicly about private meetings. If they wanted everyone to know what happened they would have invited channel 7. It serves no purpose to divulge the particulars of that meeting when it does nothing to advance the agenda at the []_[]. The only thing it does is fuel the speculation and further detract from his job on San Amaro dr. You don't kiss and tell.

I don't care what happened; he flirted in a very public manner, but he's still here. He said he's not a candidate for any other position (which simply means to me no offer was made or is pending), and I take that as Golden saying PSU needs to keep his name out of the rotation.

PSU can offer whenever they want and, if an offer is made that has not been made already, then AG has a decision to make.

That said, it's unprofessional and of low caliber to leak/broadcast that other university's current HCs are still candidates for your HC job and drag this on for a week. Muchak has no job; the guy from San Fran is a coordinator; neither are at essential positions in their current situations the way AG is, at such a crittical juncture of the recruiting season..

This is nonsensical and disrespectful on the part of PSU. They flew all the way down here (and made a big stupid show) to meet with our coach and left without an offer on the table. That should have been the end of it.

Low class operation over there in Pensulvania and you can see why the outgoing coach had the issues he did. If AG is smart, he'll stay in Coral Gables and win a championship. Then, any job in football is his. After that, the $$ will come. That PSU job becomes less desireable by the second.

As far as []_[] actively interviewing other candidates, you see how well that worked for Stephen Ross with Harbaugh. It enters theatre of the absurd and would be a discgrace. Watch how fast recruits run when that hits the airwaves. Plus, nobody interviewing is going to take []_[] seriously when you still have a sitting head coach in place, and [it would only make the coaching position here less desireable. We would look like PSU does now. Or worse, like the Phins did back then. That said i'm sure the back channels are open.

I think he made himself available and was willing to wait until this evening before he withdrew his name from consideration. This little episode tarnishes his credibility.
He should have put this out Friday.
Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 05, 2014 at 05:58 PM

Those 2001 boys spoiled me badly.

Mahoney agreed, good post!

"“From a professional standpoint, I’ve never discussed any other positions."


He said a half-truth, because he has never discussed any other position (EXCEPT THE PSU HC JOB)...


The Great PTF has spoken...

Gallo, you moron, of course they stand by their stories. There are no facts to refute their stories.

It doesn't make they stories true, but you can't seem to grasp that basic.

A fact doesn't come from a published guess.

Mahoney-Pearson...Hits the nail on the Head...

Stop with all the speculation...

Kids read this stuff and they don't understand the frustration...They just want to know you support them and the program!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

Duuuuuuke Johnson!!!!!!!!!

It's a shame you didn't mention the canes in 2000. Beating FSU and losing the spot against Okla. Miami should have had. The BCS was a horrible system, prejudiced by the people who entered the data into the computers to decide who played. Just my opinion Zook.

Larranaga can flat out coach, my guess there isn't a single kid on the Canes' squad that was recruited by UNC

Right on Russell, great win tonight. Gave the 'cuse all they wanted too. I hope Morris can get baseball on track, it's been too long since we saw Omaha. GO CANES

Friday. Miami Herald Edition Sports. Good bye Golden. Hello Mr. Davis welcome back to the U. Winning again is back.

Think about it, if a coach can't run a college program with eighty kids he should be fired. The scholarship reduction we receved is nothing, nothing.

Just glancing through some of these comments. I find it amusing that so many guys thinks this recruiting glass is going to make some huge difference next year. I also see guys say we have to win the ACC title next year or the season is a failure. Another joke. Are they so delusional to think the few decent teams in the ACC are going to stand still and let Miami magically catch up. Also I don't care how good the new class will be, it has to be coached up, so far I don't see any coaches on the Miami staff. Finally you have no QB. Ryan is a kid no main school wanted and went to Memphis then came here and could beat out Morris who we now know wasn't that good. I could go on. Bottom line this program several years away and that's only if Golden stays and actually learns to coach and not be a CEO working some magical process.

Miami needs WRS. Rivals.com show at least 6 WRs in Florida Top 100 still uncommitted. Why cant we get at least 2 of them? Espcially consiering Nebraska, LSU, and West Virginia is going after them!!!

Miami Admin and Donna and Board dont have the football team even in consideration, its about making us a laughing stock in NCAA, look at all the coachs that have been fired for non performance or progress, ask any good coach around you dont keep dead wood Dofornio is dead wood and over his head and Golden cant help due to his lack of experience The U needs some real people who know football not BS artist.

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