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Canes top recruit Chad Thomas happy Golden is staying

Booker T. Washington defensive end Chad Thomas said he first began hearing rumors about Al Golden possibly heading to Penn State when he played in the Under Armour All-American game earlier this week.

"I called Coach and asked him what was going on," said Thomas, widely considered UM's top defensive recruit.

"Coach Franklin, Barrow and Golden told me to just concentrate on the things I could handle and things would work out."

Thomas admits he was a little nervous, and although he considered himself "a 100 percent commitment to Miami," a potential coaching change would throw a curveball into the future plans for the entire recruiting class.

Thomas said when he found out Sunday afternoon Golden was staying he was happy and relieved.

"I know we have special class coming in and I didn't know what would happen if Coach Golden left," Thomas said. "I'm glad he isn't going anywhere. I know the rise back to the top is going to happen and it's going to be special. I want to be a part of it."

> Thomas said he was disappointed to see U.S. Army All-American defensive tackle Travonte Valentine de-commit from the program during the time of uncertainty. But he's hoping Valentine will now rejoin the class.


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Gallo if U couldn't be an idiot, U would cease to exist. Who gives a shyt anyway? He is here and as much as it kills U and the rest of you Gator Cane haters, he wants to be here so get used to it moron.

Gallo, this is the same place of reporters who said that Gruden was going to be the next UM coach after Shannon was Canned. Oh yeah I am really going to put some credence in what those guys say. Get a life stupid.

Did you ever think that maybe just maybe Golden went and listened to what they had to say, maybe got offered then thought about it and came to the realization that all the worst was behind him here and he had a top class coming in and decided to make his own way at UM. I am sure that never crossed that can of sawdust between those Klingon ears of yours. Did it, dipshit?

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 05, 2014 at 08:54 PM

Dude, what bizzaro ulterior delusional Universe do you reside in ? There was and will not be one CREDIBLE source that will say that Golden got offered the Penn St. job other than some Canes based fish wrap fan website or Gary Ferman. NOT ONE, because it didn't happen. And if he's asked that directly, you better listen to what he says next, because it'll all be BullSh!t. But I suppose you and many like you will eat it up n ask for sconds n thirds.

"maybe got offered then thought about it and came to the realization that all the worst was behind him here and he had a top class coming in and decided to make his own way at UM."

I can give you 8 million reasons over 5 years why.

Yeah, Golden loves the Unversity of Miami soooo much he disappeared for 4 days and went all in to get his dream Penn. St. job. Golden soldout/whoredout and Penn. St. dumped him is exactly what happened here. He went with the Paterno pitch and Penn. St. wants nothing to do with anything Paterno. So now, Miami, THE U, has the Golden/D'Onofrio Paternoesque mystic handbook and they are running it and Coaching our top players the mediocre Penn. St. way.

But, it's all part of the process.

BS.....that report means EVERYTHING green pea.....don't try to spin it any other way....its all over the place....

that scum bag was leaving until PSU pulled the rug from under him....he then freaked out with this rushed statement......he was scheduled to announce his departure Monday.....

btw....jerkoff...dnofrio isnt going anywhere....not now...no way......

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 05, 2014 at 08:46 PM

Maybe, but so what. We are where we are. Lets move forward.

Mike H. '88 , U got it exactly right Sir.

With that said, Golden is now 0-9 vs teams in ranked in the Final AP Poll. The average score in the 9 games is 19-38.

2011 - Lost to KSU
2011 - Lost to FSU
2011 - Lost to Virginia Tech
2012 - Lost to FSU
2012 - Lost to KSU
2012 - Lost to Notre Dame
2013 - Lost to FSU
2013 - Lost to Duke
2013 - Lost to Louisville

Posted by: Al Golden's Resume | 01/02/2014 at 11:30 AM



And there U have it. Accountability. I too like Al. But he's not above being held accountable just like any Coach that has not led his team to an end of the Season Top-25 ranking, much less even beat one in THREE YEARS. If we (especially Donna) are ok and content with average to good 7, 8, 9 or going for that ever elusive 10 win seasons, maybe a Coastal every 4-5 years, but get hammered by FSU or Clemson in the ACC Championship game and then predominantly December Bowl appearances, then an average to good X's n O's gameday Coach like Golden is our guy.

But for the life of me, how so many fans turn blind eyes on how he evaluates his BFF as the DC and sees no problem there, you, we and I will be getting the same product year after year. Our Defense makes me physically ill to watch most of the time. Al must have a secret antidote that he takes and sells to those that think he's some kind of savior Head Coach.

And Penn St. is not going after him. Al's agent will make it seem that way to squeeze out some more bucks or job security (especially for his buddy). Penn. St. wants to distance themselves are far away as possible from ANYBODY with ANY ties whatsoever to Joe Paterno with this next KEY hire I assure U. But, let's just say for arguements sake that they did pursue Golden. The first question they would ask is, "Are you willing to take off that stupid-silly Paternoesque looking tie and look the part of a 21st. Century Head Football Coach on the sideline Al?"

That ship has sailed far, far over the horizon.

Posted by: Mike H. '88 | January 02, 2014 at 01:55 PM

Gallo do you believe everything U read or hear some reporter say? Well then Gallo U are a f--ckin idiot, drama queen, cross dressing, moron who wishes he was still in a mental institution getting bent over by orderlies. There are U happy, dumbass.

What I want to know is why the hell does it matter to any of you whether or not Golden was or was not offered the job at Penn State. Me personally I could care less either way. Ya'll are like a bunch of teenagers who think somebody is hot based on whether or not the most popular person asked them out. What a bunch of knuckle shufflers some of U are.

yes...agreed lets move forward and now fire al golden. he put his interest before UM's.....he was bailing since he knows he is done next year at UM.....

he put his blood-loyalty with dnofrio before UM's interest.....why would you want a guy like that?

he has been trouble since he has been here....HE ASKED FOR A SIGNED CONTRACT TODAY.....he planned on leaving UM high and dry.....(for me I personally didn't care since I want him gone anyway)

we are a year away from national signing day and recruits are already decommitting....

"Multiple sources told CaneSport.com and Blue White Illustrated, working in tandem on Saturday, that Golden had an agreement in principle to become Penn State's Head Coach.

both are standing by their sources and story.....ITS TRUE and you wont be able to spin it into gold.....

it means everything since he is not credible....and besides he and his staff have lost the team....

its called INTEGRITY....to preach via stupid saying stiched into players collars and post non-violent ghandi posters in the athletic halls.....then try to sneak out in the middle of the night for another job makes you a scum bag.....

his moral foundation is all power/point and whats good for me (golden)

Gallo Signing day is a month away, put the crack pipe down before U kill yourself.

Gallo signing day is a month away not a year, U dumbass. Put the crack pipe down.

So what I said about U is true too then and I stand by my story as well. So there.

So what I said about U is true too then because I stand by my story.

typo....yes it is. but your boy is going down finally....you can now take your mouth off his d....k

all those recruits were lied to now.....he was leaving them just like jedd did to the offensive guys.....and guys like you complain when kids need time to weight ALL their options....(denver kirkland)

every recruit and parent should do what is best for them...forget what a coach like al golden tells you....

btw...still waiting to hear why olsen and scott didnt make the bowl trip.....more TMZ?

Al Golden lies like a rug. He begged for the Penn State job and did not get an offer, so he fell back on his UM job. Quite obvious to anyone with half a brain.

I would not blame him for taking the position at Penn State if it would mean a substantial increase in salary. However, his silence over the last few days is an indication of his intentions to bail out of UM. He has no credibility here anymore and I feel that he is a lame duck coach hanging on by a thread.

He did not declare his allegiance to UM at the onset of this process - how about that, an Al Golden term! He has lost all of his credibility with the fan base and I for one will anxiously await the day that he is run out of here and replaced with a competent head coach. Too bad that this situation has degenerated to this level, but honesty and integrity are not in Golden's bag of tricks.

ok....opposition players making the "U" sigh and telling golden/dnofrio to their faces on the sidelines that they have ruined UM football......

so stand by your storry will you have your mouth on al goldens d....k, lol

Chad Thomas, we'll be cheering for you and the Golden-led Canes on your rise to the top! The U!

No I won't cause I don't roll on that side of the tracks but I bet U are still munchin on that bag of d-cks from when he beat Florida. Eat up my man.

From Canesport....

"CaneSport had previously reported that Golden expected the deal finalized today. But when rumors of the Munchak flirtation circulated Sunday morning, sources told CaneSport that Golden informed Penn State that he wanted a contract to sign today. When it didn't happen by 4 p.m. - with pressure growing throughout South Florida - he backed out of the deal."

So, when the Sun comes up tomorrow, the deal could be back on the table ? If this guy, after his statement today, open himself back up for the job when Penn St. is done interviewing, he'll never be able to step foot in S. Fla. again without Police protection.

Crazier things have happened... Saban 2.0 ?

"There has been much speculation concerning my future at the University of Miami. While I am flattered that our progress at The U during an extremely difficult period of time is recognized, I am also appreciative of just what we have here at UM and I am not a candidate for another position. We are eager to welcome our student athletes back to campus next week and visit with prospective student-athletes and their families beginning January 15."

Nowhere in there does he say, "I'm 100% commited to Miami for the duration of my contract." that is a paperthin statement. And what he said today at 4pm can change tomorrow at 4pm? If Louisville called and ask permission for an interview, whould Golden then be a "candidate for another position" because things change ? The other Penn St. candidates don't get offered and they come calling again? Man this guy is digging himself deeper holes that he might never get out of.

Also, unfortunately we are in for another season of giving up 500+ yards to weak teams under Golden's and D'Onofrio's tutelage. Don't worry though, it's the process that counts.

exactly TRW....he fell back on his UM job....which is ok, he can do whatever he wants....

whats left of the brand is getting destroyed.....if a top executive did that at goldman sachs..he would be GONE.....his heart is not with UM or he would have never let it get to this....he would have squashed it immediately....

even the PSU bloggers said that he was gonna bring dnofrio with him....that's how loyal he is to him....where does that leave UM at #116 then #89 defensively.....

exactly carl..that's the type of statement you get out when you are hurried....

al golden whether he realizes it or not I think had done some serious damage to himself at UM.....the honeymoon is now definitely over....the press should and will press him now....stuff like this enrages fans....how long will UM be a door mat?

where is the administrations aggressiveness...."win or your history"..they act like they are afraid of al golden...

Gallo, creating another screen name doesn't validate U, dumbass. Put the pipe down.

Ha do you thank Al Golden reads what we write , if so read this get us a real defense coach, not your best friend.Go "U"

I guess Charlie Strong is a traitor and a turncoat, too, then, since he dared listen to an offer of a raise.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson

As expected you would duck the question, player quotes don't fit your agenda I get it.

Carry On

Championships, perhaps you can't see the forest for the trees here. I have not agreed with a lot of Gallo's previous posts, but Golden has now revealed his true colors.

He played both sides and lost. He would already have his bags packed and be on his way to Happy Valley if was was offered the job. They turned him down and for good reason.

He has no credibility here anymore. He tried to save face today, but it was just a lame attempt to cover up his real intentions.

If he wanted to go, no problem, but don't bs after the fact to try to make us believe that he wanted to stay. He is a liar and opportunist and has lost all credibility. Next season will be difficult to watch.

Lets be clear about what just happened. A current UM coach went job hunting for another COLLEGE job. This wasn't Butch to the pros, this was a man, with our potential recruits in his pocket, who marketed his services with another school for days. He also did it with a school we have a history with. Not acceptable and not cool.

The fact they reviewed his body of work with Temple, and UM, should tell us, and him, that he isn't a good enough coach. Period. There is no secret out there when people look at films and don't see a defense that even Paterno would have put on the field. Paterno loved loyalty but he also demanded competency. If you weren't good enough, no matter how loyal, you didn't play. Al needs to review the past two years tapes of the defense and decide if that was competent. Because neither Penn State or any NFL job you covet (say the Steelers) would want you with your current scheme. The lesson in all of this is that Al learns the price of being a good buddy over being a good coach, and he learns no one will take him serious from here on if he keeps playing the same garbage d. If that happens, all of this was a win for UM.

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | January 05, 2014 at 11:05 PM

Good post!

Hate to say several of us told ya so....

So nice of AG to "decide" to stay.

Remember, let's keep track of how many catch phrases he throws out tomorrow.

Oh well. I hate being right about bad things for this program, because I seriously don't mind being proven wrong when things go well. Hopefully I'll eat a truckload of crow next season and the next season after that..

Did you ever think that maybe just maybe Golden went and listened to what they had to say, maybe got offered then thought about it...

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 05, 2014 at 08:54 PM

3 maybes in one sentence ... Spoken like a true Cane Cl[]_[]ck...

Over and Over ya read how bad golden is doing, and our D Scheme Sux. WE HAD 3 YEARS OF SHAPIRO MESS, basically probation. Do you all forget Butch didnt win more than 9 games until his 6th year? It took him that long to build the roster. This is his 4th year, but really 1st class with no sanctions.

Give it a rest.........This Class will really help, and yes we dont have that much D talent past the fresh and soph level... 13 ESPN 300 recruits right now n0t counting Valentine. 13

Dumbo had the #1 class in 2011, and 2 more top 10 classes including Winston-and wallah a 9-4 team becomes 13-0.
Well, Golden has a 9-4 team and now a top 5 recruiting class. 1 more 25 -30 recruit top 5 class in 2015, and our team will b on par with FSU.

Well damn snotman is back.

Well I be damned, Snotman is back.

Umm TRW I don't recall saying that you did or did not agree with Gallober. Second what so called true colors has Golden displayed? Are you trying to tell me that you would not have listened to the college that you went to, played for and graduated from if you were him. Sure he listed to what they had to say and probably was intrigued by what kind of money they would be willing to pay. So what if he did, I could care less. If you say you wouldn't have done the same thing then either you are the biggest idiot next to Gallo or you are just lying to yourself.

U haters are hilarious....fire Golden? Do U have any clue what we would have to pay him to leave? He has a contract so if he is fired we have to pay up for 6-7 more years. And for your info...all coaches are used car salsmen. Except for muschamp, he is a janitor. 90% of what yall say can be said about every coach in the country. Well except for georgia southerns coach. Also ,making up stories doesnt help your cause. Golden was on vacation and penn st officials were coming to see him on friday but snow postponed the meeting. They couldnt get here. Said they will talk monday. Golden cut them off and saved them the money. Whether U like it or not , they were looking for him. He was first choice. I do however believe he will coach at penn st one day, but not today. He is on a mission and seems to want to finish it.

Little more humorous than rumor monger Gallo talking about integrity. He has zero idea if Golden contacted PSU or the other way around. He has no idea if a job was offered, verbally or in writing., or not at all. If it was offered , he has no idea if it was rescinded or rejected.

SJM similarly writing purely speculative articles.

Tub doesn't seem to recall even recent CFB head coach inquiries into other programs, eg, Satan and Texas, and acts as if it has never happened before at the highest levels of the pyramid.

If Any of U had interest from the school U were captain of, a double salary, your parents and your wifes parents close by, and it is his home, want to speak to you about a job, U give them the benefit of the doubt and at least speak. Thats the honory thing to do.

With that said, Our Roster was horrible after that 11 season, with basically no talent on the team, and to win 6, then 7 and then 9 with a bunch of young guys and the SR Talent pretty weak, is a GREAT JOB,

It took Dumbo 4 years to turn around FSU WITH NO SANCTIONS..........GOldie has won more every year. Randy and Coker went the opposite way, and the talent is only getting better.

MOVE ON, TOP 10 CLASS COMING In. and new year

2013 Bowl Records so far ...

SBelt (2-0)
SEC (7-2)
PAC12 (6-3)
IND (2-1)
Big12 (3-3)
CUSA (3-3)
MWC (3-3)
AAC (2-3)
ACC (4-6)
B1G (2-5)
MAC (0-5)

take a good look at what Conference has the most Wins locked up. And then what Conference has the most losses locked.

SEC 2-0 versus the acc.

All SEC games were either New Years Eve or Post New Years games against Top teams. acc played the majority of their games in December in scrub bowls and still got smoked in more than half of them.

7-8 Ranked SEC teams in Final Poll.

2 acc ranked teams in Final Poll.

7 straight SEC Championships going for 8.

And yet U dUmb Cane ClUcks still play the Mighty SEC is over-rated card. U are the Al Sharpton's and Jesse Jackson's of the College Football fan whining World.

Kaaya is tearing it up in the Semper Fi All-Star game.

Posted by: Go Canes | January 05, 2014 at 09:53 PM

Oveall, Brad Kaaya, completed 5 of 14 passes for 97 yards and 1 td.

Typical Cane fan seeing things that aren't there in typical delusional Cane fashion.

F all the haters

This is my U. Our U.

Jimmy Johnson blew a w-d his first three years with Miami. People wanted him gone

Butch Davis lost to EAst CArolina twice and gotblown out by Syracuse and FSU. People wanted him gone.


Stop it with the stupidity.

CAne sport editor_ you are a dunce. Just like all the idiot know it alls on t his blog

JJ only bad season was his first. After that it was game on. In his second season the team had a chance of winning NC heading into bowl gm against Tenn. His third season they lost in title gm. Your an idiot g8rseetmya55

Just listened to the best PR coach in America spat number after number trying to explain the defense got better after last season. Sacks against savannah & fau don't impress me. So for all of us hoping D'no will be gone it's not going to happen. 500 yds & 40 pts here we come again.

Just listened to CAG on Joe Rose's show on WQAM. While I like the recruiting class coming in and keeping the continuity of the program and all the things the CAG brings to the table, his game day coaching and adjustments have to get a lot better. I truly believe that that can come with time, as it did with Coach Davis (granted, Butch was never thought of as being a great game day coach).

The thing that irks me about Coach Golden is his dismissal of the way the defense plays. During the interview, he just rolled off stats about how much the defense has progressed (you have to go to WQAM's website and go under interviews and listen, it was just mind inducing the stat after stat that he was just rolling off). I believe he has those stats, because he knew that the fans knew that he spoke with the Penn State people and may have taken the job and that fans may have soured on him. I don't know who his statistician is, but the stat that I remember the most, is that we continually gave up over 500 yards total offense to numerous teams. The thing I also remember is that we could not stop Duke and that we after a month of preparation we looked like garbage against Louisville and Coach Strong.

The interview also let me know that CAG believes in the defensive scheme and will NEVER, listen to the interview, NEVER, EVER, say anything bad about D'Nofrio, much less get rid of him. Being a 'Canes fan no matter who the coach is, I hope that CAG really knows what he is doing and that my eyes have been lying to me. I knew that he was going to keep D'Nofrio, I thought that he would at least say he was going to look at changing his scheme, but no such luck. Hopefully we can get Valentine back in the class and add a couple more guys. We will see. I will tell you this much, CAG has a true future as a big time defense attorney and definitely a politician.

BS.....al golden had an agreement in principle in place with PSU. 3 days went by and silence from him......then he tried to firm up the agreement by going to contract but PSU wasn't ready.....he tried to force their hand..

al golden wasn't just listening to an offer with the intention of staying at UM.....HE WAS GONE AS OF TODAY if PSU took him up and went to contract yesterday...

golden loyalist are trying to do damage control is all.....have your opinions, that's fine.....but these 2 were looking to escape coral gables..

@ Nash - Valentine is a D lineman, SECONDARY? I don't understand.

Win totals have increased each year since Al Golden has been here. This in the face of potential NCAA sanctions and the negative recruiting that has gone along with that. And don't go bellyaching about schedule, Bill Parcells summed it up saying you are what your record says you are. Amid the NCAA crap, we also have our best recruiting class in at least a decade.

Now that the clouds are gone I'll judge Coach Golden on what he does moving forward. Yeah the defense needs work. Don't think the Coach knows that?

And since when is a 19 year old kid an expert when it comes to defensive schemes? There's a reason why 19 year olds aren't Head or position coaches.

And so what if he thought about going to Penn State. It's His Alma Mater and they would have paid him more. Who wouldn't want to do that?? So what if he interviewed? Why wouldn't he?? Some of you hold folks to unreachable standards that you yourself wouldn't abide by. What a putrid fan base. Glad coaches and players don't read this crap.

There are 100+ other teams to get behind. Go follow one of them if you're so unhappy.

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