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Cetera Bunche on younger brother and soon-to-be UM transfer Malcom: "He's in the best situation that any 22-year-old college transfer could ever be in.''

I spoke to the older sister and briefly to the father of UM offensive lineman Malcom Bunche, who is transferring to a yet-to-be-determined university to play his final season.

Malcolm, from Newark, Delaware, earned his bachelor's degree in liberal arts last month, and thus will be eligible to play immediately as a graduate student. His father, Curtis Bunche, told me today that Malcolm earned a "mid-grade'' draft evaluation by the NFL Draft Advisory Board, but that he wants to get more experience on the college level.

"He worked really hard in the classroom but he just kind of felt like he wanted to see what was out there,'' said Cetera Bunch, his sister. "With degree in hand he's going to try a bigger school, definitely a public school.''

Bunche, 6-7 and 327 pounds, played both guard and tackle sparingly in 12 games this season, making his lone start at left guard in the season opener against FAU.

Bunche was rated as a four-star recruit, and attended Milford Prep in New York for one semester.

 In the recent bowl loss to Louisville, Bunche came into the game once during an extra point on special teams. In 2012 he started all 12 games at left tackle.

Cetera Bunche, a Miami-based personal trainer who ran track at Hampton University in Virginia, wouldn't divulge the schools with which he has been in contact, but suffice it to say that she hinted they were big-time, public-school programs. Florida State is out, since Malcolm is not allowed to transfer to any ACC school, or to any opponent of UM's for next season.

The Gators are out, too.

"I would never wear orange and blue,'' Cetera said. "We only have room for one set of orange in our closets, and that's orange and green. We love Miami. Our whole family loves Miami. Malcolm has a great relationship with [offensive line] Coach [Art] Kehoe. 

"They played him very minimally this season, but Malcolm doesn't play the blame game. He's actually grateful. What my parents have taught us is if you want things to change, change the way you do things. So this was a very mature decision on his part.

"He's in a really good situation. He's in the best situation that any 22-year-old college transfer could ever be in. He has a great opportunity to show the world his college potential -- again. He has a variety of choices.''

Curtis Bunche said his son ''loves Art Kehoe but told his dad, "Pops, I want to see what it's like at a bigger university.''

Curtis Bunche said Malcolm also told him: "I didn't play much this year and after the fourth or fifth game it taught me to be more patient and supportive'' of the other linemen.

Two veteran starters on UM's line -- tackle Seantrel Henderson and guard Brandon Linder -- just finished their senior seasons and will enter the NFL Draft. Guard/Center Jared Wheeler also is leaving after finishing his senior season.

The left side of UM's line should be set with rising junior tackle Ereck Flowers and rising senior guard Jon Feliciano returning. Shane McDermott returns at center.

The Hurricanes like guard Danny Isidora, who broke his foot early in fall camp and played in two games. So expect him to battle for the starting spot on the right side as a redshirt sophomore. Also on the line will be promising 6-8 redshirt freshman tackle Sunny Odogwu, as well as Hunter Wells, Hunter Knighton and Alex Gall.

Two early enrollees are considered key future linemen: tackle Kc McDermott of Palm Beach Central and guard Trevor Darling of Miami Central. Expected to arrive in the summer are commitments Nick Linder at guard/center and Reilly Gibbons



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Cue Gallo!!

For the fans who support golden I have a question. What do you see in him that makes you have so much faith? The ridiculous nepotism he shows for dno clearly shows he values dno more than the program. Nepotism is always frowned upon and always leads to distrust, jealousy and envy and is a cardinal sin of any CEO. Many coordinators get canned for much less. Both Shannon and butch changed dcs for finishing middle of the pact but why can't golden do it for drastically worse results

And from the time he has been here how have we improved? Regardless of the talent a coaches job is to play the hand he's dealt. Golden wants to play pocket aces only and when he gets them his coaching is so bad they always get cracked.

Seriously what gives u so much faith in him?

Curious decision to leave with a couple other guys on their way out. Congrats to him for getting his degree and we as Canes fans should wish him good luck and success wherever he ends up.

With that said, cue the all star talent with lists, made up speculation and conspiracy theories.

Haters like jsy will never understand. We the followers of big al are like religious zealots who worship in the house of golden. He was the savior sent to us from the mighty joe pa and personally blessed by Sandusky to save us that's why the u will crumble and burn if big al is gone but you haters will never understand. And how can you expect big al to get rid of his life partner who will take care of our big al during the cold lonely nights who will play hide the soap with him you idiots who want him gone how would u feel if ppl were constantly telling u to dump your lover and that's assuming you even have one


I feel like there hasn't been any opportunity to truly evaluate the coordinators because of the cloud of sanctions looming over the school. That affects recruiting, and with top rated recruiting classes, these coordinators may be high grade. Now that all that (except the scholarships) is past, we can look more closely at the coordinators and the job they're doing.

So I guess that this staff can only be judged if they have 4 and 5 stars across the board?

Mathew I see your lack of talent argument but was the talent on defense 116 and 89 and was our defensive talent last in the acc these past two years?

I'm sick and tired of hearing about the sanctions.. Great Coaches turn mediocre players into great players. Stop all of this 4 and 5 star crap. This coaching staff has done a horrific job at player development. It doesn't matter if you have all of the top 4 and 5 star players. A mediocre coaching staff will give you mediocre results. PERIOD !!!!!

How come Kehoe got a pass on the poor play of the offensive line this season?

JSY you're wrong, they were 72 in rush D, 84th in pass D, and 87th in total. And that was an improvement.

JSY how much push did u see from the d line. If the d line ain't solid the rest will follow as fatigue sets in especially with the fast pace offense that's being utilized today. When backups enter to rest the started it continues to roll down hill because of lack of experience. Not a fan of No D but this is really there first legit season upcoming. These next to years will tell the tale. Cant totally blame the D Miami can't put together time consuming drives on offense and that wears a defense down.

Puhahaha 87 vs 89 man how sad has this fan base become to be happy that were 87. And you can take your glorified stats bc look at acc opponents only and say with a straight face this defense improved

Jsy future is bright in Coral Gables! Duuuuke Johnson!!!!

Bunch had a good opportunity here to start next season. Going to a bigger school where you have to prove yourself all over again may not be the best move. PSU is a big public University that can use him but no Bowl.

Bunche is no great loss. We have players on the OLine and the recruits are looking pretty good at creating some real depth for the next few years.

Remeber our 2001 team's biggest offensive weapon was our OLine.

Kehoe did get pass this year. Our OLine was supposed to be our greatest asset. Against decent and good teams, we didn't loook so great.

Kehoe needs to step it up this year.

Tomorrow ends the dead period, correct?

We should be hearing some news no Valentine within the week, I hope.

Posted by: Robbie K | January 14, 2014 at 07:40 PM

If great coaches turn mediocre talent into great ones, why don't you provide some examples. FSU? Great talent, Bama? Great talent. Auburn? Great talent.

So, you were saying?


I agree that our biggest strength this past season was the OL and that would set everything up for Morris, Duke and a solid receiving core to be successful. They under archived, hence the disappointing season. I thought Henderson would really come around in his senior yr and was pretty much a dud.
It was amazing that a big OL like that would struggle so much to convert on third and short. They have good talent this year and and a lot of young talent that Keoh needs to develop. ALL the asisstant coaches need to step up this year or start cleaning house.

Malcolm is a loss... he most likely would have been a starter or at the very least, a top back up for the line. It's been awhile since we had depth at a position where there wasn't much drop off from the starter to the back up. Anyways, kudos to him for getting his degree early! Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.


Go to the above site and assess the oral commits on film: Goyat, Hester, Kaaya, Thomas, Owens, Young, Harris, McCray, Yearby, Gray, Berrios, Moten, Smith, and the TE will help. I have not viewed the OL and JC DTs. Overall, big time addition to the depth chart. Hester, Goyat, Thomas, Owens, Harris, Berrios, and Gray will be immediate impact. The U has just loaded up on football players...if they sign next month. Golden and staff...you are on the clock, because this class is outstanding. Good recruiting!!!!!

His sister has been his mouth piece for four years now. Why is his sister speaking on his behalf? It's an absolute joke. The University of Miami let her into Miami post game press conferences and she asked questions like she was really part of the media. And now, she's his agent too. Good luck at a bigger public school whatever that means. Go to UCF, it's bigger and public. That has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I don't care if someone transfers, but a school like Stanford wouldn't be a school he'd be interested in cause it's not public, but they sure are darn good in football. Oh yeah, he wouldn't sniff the field.


McDermott and Darling were very dominate OL. Linder and Reilly will most likely be redshirt due to depth. Overall good OL coming in to the U. Valentine, Moten, and Thomas will be nasty in the 3-4 scheme. Goyat, Hester, Artie Burns, and Carter are the future DBs who can cover and bring the physicality too. I am very impress with Young, Owens, Harris, and McCray...to include Grace as LBs. The future is bright on defense.

I think Gray is the sleeper in this Class. He doesn't get much hype because he played mostly as QB, He is a hell of a football player. He can play WR if we need him, but I think he can contribute the most at safety and get lots of playng time as a freshman.
I bet Randy put a bug In Malcom"s ear. After all Randy recruited him to the U. Put my money he is going to Arkansas

Gallo.......we are still waiting for the stupidity.......

As I suggested earlier, I thought Bunche may have graduated. He wasn't going to play a lot, so he is going to cherry pick his spot, where they are desperate for O linemen (like the DL guys who came here this year)

Last chance to show his stuff.

Good luck to Malcolm and his future. The young man was probably not going to play a lot and although it is never a good thing to lose a big guy maybe that is all he was a big guy. Probably best for all parties considered and it opens another scholarship up to build with.

-Big Public School
-Needs Help at OL and can start right away.
- The Randy Connection

For the bashers, ESpn updated their ESPN 300 and Braxton Berrios the early enrollee WR was updated to the espn 300, GIVING MIAMI 12 ON THE ESPN 300, TIED WITH FSU. That counts the 3 DECOMMITTS........UF has 11 espn 300.

So for the Golden bashers thats 12 espn 300 players, and on rivals both Juco DT's are on Rivals Juco 100 top players, so 14 of the 26 are premier players, and Golden can close strong now.

Good luck, to Mr Bunche.A degree from UM will serve him well.

Bunche was lazy and unprepared all four years. Hopefully, he will understand that just being big doesn't cut it in D1 football. I am pleased he is gone as it opens up a spot for recruiting. It is a good move for him if he gets his head straight; otherwise, the best he can hope for is scout squad in the NFL.

Sorry Long Post...but it sheds light on the defense!

I posted this a while back, when it was mentioned that the 3-4 might have been too complicated for the kids we had last year and the year before...

I heard Gruden say he loves the 3-4 as a coach, but hates to coordinate against it as an OC...I found that quite interesting from an NFL OC that is not a HC of an NFL Team that runs the 3-4.

With that being said Golden just finished his 3rd year here.

The 1st year UM Finished 45th overall in Defense while running the 3-4.

2011 Defensive Depth Chart

45th Ranked Defense
Returning Starters: 7

DE 35 Olivier Vernon 6-4, 265, Jr.
48 Andrew Smith 6-3, 250, Sr.

DT 54 Micanor Regis 6-3, 305, Sr.
96 Curtis Porter 6-1, 300, Jr.

DT 99 Marcus Forston 6-3, 300, Jr.
93 Luther Robinson 6-3, 295, Soph.

DE 97 Adewale Ojomo 6-4, 270, Sr.
56 Marcus Robinson 6-1, 255, Sr.

OLB 31 Sean Spence 6-0, 224, Sr.
58 Jordan Futch 6-3, 235, Sr.

MLB 59 James Gaines 6-3, 220, Soph. OR
58 Jordan Futch 6-3, 235, Sr.

OLB 45 Ramon Buchanan 6-1, 222, Sr.
94 Kelvin Cain 6-3, 230, Soph.

CB 29 JoJo Nicolas 6-1, 200, Sr.
20 Thomas Finnie 5-10, 170, Fr.

FS 7 Vaughn Telemaque 6-2, 200, Jr.
28 Andrew Swasey 5-10, 195, Jr. OR
22 Kacy Rodgers 6-2, 200, Soph.

SS 26 Ray-Ray Armstrong 6-4, 215, Jr.
23 Eduardo Clements 5-9, 195, Soph.
11 Alonzo Highsmith 6-0, 195, Jr.

CB 32 Lee Chambers 5-10, 185, Sr.
21 Brandon McGee 6-0, 190, Jr.

18 out of 24 on the Depth Chart were Upper Classmen with 10 of those being Sr's.

2012 Defensive Depth Chart

Returning Starters 1

92 Jalen Grimble –OR– 6-2, 295, So.
99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5, 271, Fr.

DT 72 EARL MOORE 6-1, 300, Fr.
98 Darius Smith –OR– 6-2, 315, Sr.
66 Dequan Ivery 6-1, 303, Fr.

DT 91 OLSEN PIERRE 6-4, 300, So.
93 Luther Robinson –OR– 6-3, 288, RJr.
67 Corey King 6-1, 295, RFr.

DE 51 SHAYON GREEN 6-3, 260, RJr.
17 Tyriq McCord –OR– 6-3, 236, Fr.
90 Ricardo Williams 6-5, 240, RFr.

OLB 44 EDDIE JOHNSON 6-1, 238, RFr.
34 Thurston Armbrister 6-3, 222, So.

MLB 59 JIMMY GAINES 6-3, 230, Jr.
56 Raphael Kirby 6-0, 218, Fr.
36 Gionni Paul 6-1, 230, So.

OLB 52 DENZEL PERRYMAN 6-0, 229, So.
34 Thurston Armbrister 6-3, 222, So.
31 Tyrone Cornileus 6-2, 210, Jr.

CB 37 LADARIUS GUNTER 6-2, 198, Jr.
3 Tracy Howard –OR– 5-11, 185, Fr.
20 Thomas Finnie 5-10, 183, So.

S 2 DEON BUSH 6-1, 190, Fr.
30 AJ Highsmith 6-0, 202, RJr.

S 22 KACY RODGERS II 6-2, 210, Jr.
7 Vaughn Telemaque –OR– 6-2, 204, RSr.
29 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1, 203, Fr.

CB 21 BRANDON McGEE 6-0, 194, Sr.
39 Antonio Crawford 5-11, 188, Fr

10 out of 30 on the Depth Chart were Upper Classmen with 3 of those being Sr's or RSrs.

2013 Defensive Depth Chart

89th Ranked Defense
Returning Starters: 6

DE 71 Anthony Chickillo 6-4, 274, Jr.
99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5, 283, So.

DT 93 Luther Robinson 6-3, 303, Sr. OR
96 Curtis Porter 6-1, 316, Sr.

DT 91 Olsen Pierre 6-4, 305, Jr.
67 Corey King 6-1, 292, So.

DE 51 Shayon Green 6-3, 264, Sr.
94 Kelvin Cain 6-3, 242, Sr.

OLB 36 Alex Figueroa 6-3, 233, Fr.
17 Tyriq McCord 6-3, 230, So.

MLB 59 Jimmy Gaines 6-3, 235, Sr. OR
56 Raphael Kirby 6-0, 232, So.

OLB 52 Denzel Perryman 6-0, 236, Jr.
31 Tyrone Cornileus 6-2, 215, Sr.

CB 37 Ladarius Gunter 6-2, 196, Jr. OR
3 Tracy Howard 5-11, 184, So.

S 30 A.J. Highsmith 6-0, 210, Sr. OR
26 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1, 215, So.

S 2 Deon Bush 6-1, 203, So.
22 Kacy Rodgers II 6-2, 212, Jr.

CB 21 Antonio Crawford 5-11, 187, So. OR
35 Nate Dortsch 5-11, 175, RFr.

12 out of 22 on the Depth Chart were Upper Classmen with 7 of those being Sr's

Seems to me the last 2 seasons have especially 2012 UM's worst ever for Defense and 2013 a little better but not much shows how young we were and how recruiting really hurt us for the 2012 and 2013 Seasons.

So where does that leave UM...Still with Golden and his BFF DC.

So when it is said UM does not have talent on the Defensive side of the ball...I beg to differ and am left to wonder, do they really mean the Defensive System is pretty complicated for a younger player to pick up...

If that is the case, they need to say that...to say we are void of Talent on the Defense is not true...I think we need to have mare mature players to run an NFL and complicated system...


Let's see what this class and next class bring in and how they are developed...if we do not improve on Defense in 2014 then I will be one of the first ones to say the DC goes and if he does not because of being the HC BFF...then I will say look for a new coach...

I really feel Golden deserves his full 5 years...

Schnelly, Jimmy, Dennis, Butch had their years...Coaker & Shannon messed theirs up...so give Golden his...

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

We have probably the best Oline class coming in the nation, along with all the returnees. So , we just got another scholly opened up for this class. we are #7 on espn and #8 Rivals and Scout, also #4 in terms of espn 300 players with 12 if you click on their scorecard.

So, we had 2-3 slots open before the 3 decommitts, and now bunche leaving, so that should allow us to have 6-7 more signees, and that many as long as they are decent rated, should put us into the top 5.....If Valentine comes back thats huge, but we need 1-2 more DT's, RB not so sure, (Duke a Junior, Crawford, Gus, and Yearby), we could always bring in 2-3 more next year class, so I would look to add stud Defenders 2-3 Dt's, 1-2 more LB's, and 1-2 more DB's......

Here are Miamis 12 ESPN 300 players, and I might note that Darrion Owens who is underrated and will be an OLB is on the espn 300, and he is only a 3 star on other sites. ANother player YOU GUYS never mention and got an 81 grade on ESPN(same as berrios) so he is right at cusp of espn 300 is Trayonne Gray from Dillard, and just because he played qb in high school, but kid is a stud.........This does not count the 2 Juco 100 players on rivals either

Joseph Yearby
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#4 RB Miami, FL
Miami Central High School 5'9'' 191 87

Kc McDermott
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#4 OT Wellington, FL
Palm Beach Central High School 6'6'' 301 85

Chad Thomas
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#6 DE Miami, FL
Booker T. Washington High School 6'5'' 240 84

Brad Kaaya
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#5 QB-PP West Hills, CA
Chaminade College Prep 6'4'' 213 83

Trevor Darling
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#7 OG Miami, FL
Miami Central High School 6'5'' 330 83

Trent Harris
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#14 DE Winter Park, FL
Winter Park High School 6'2'' 227 83

Anthony Moten
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#13 DT Fort Lauderdale, FL
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School 6'4'' 292 83

Kiy Hester
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#23 ATH Wayne, NJ
DePaul Catholic High School 6'2'' 195 83

Reilly Gibbons
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#15 OT Saint Petersburg, FL
Saint Petersburg Catholic H. S. 6'4'' 274 82
Darrion Owens
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#18 OLB Orange Park, FL
Oakleaf High School 6'3'' 220 82
Darrell Langham
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#35 WR Lantana, FL
Santaluces Community High School 6'4'' 190 82

Braxton Berrios
Video | Scouts Report
ESPN 300
#43 WR Raleigh, NC
Leesville Road High School 5'9'' 181 81

Doesn't matter who he recruits, thats not his only job duty.

...he can't coach

and none of u can post anything that proves that he can. Period.



Just click the years listed to compare.

Harriet, I want to win also but I go back to the Butch Davis years, but he did no ahead of time his sanctions, but still, Golden DIDNT Know, so that delays recruting.

Butch Davis 1st year was 1995. Guess what, we didnt make a bcs bowl till the 2000 season.....HIS 6TH YEAR BECAUSE OF SANCTIONS.............Al now is done with the sanctions(sep for 3 per year), and has a nice pool of YOUNG talent developing, and bringing in 30 kids that 1/2 the class is rated THE BEST OF THE BEST. HALF THE CLASS -actually 14 out of 26, MORE THAN HALF, are on the espn 300 and Rivals Juco 100.

THATS HUGE..........You got to give it time

Is it any co incidence that the poster 5-6 posts above that posted our Defensive players from 2011-2013 shows that our best year, 2011(Goldens best year in Defense) was 18 of 24 were Upper classman??

Last 2 yrs less than 10 out of 24 in 2 deep were Upperclassman

GUys, sorry to burst bubbles, but U CANT WIN MAJOR D1 FOOTBALL with freshman and sophomores. Bodies arent developed yet, and 4=5 year seniors are 22 and 23 year old men playing vs 18/19 yr old kids. HUGE

Ok Dom, I hope U are right.

Well all the old cane teams always had strong Juniors and Seniors, and then we would trickle in a freshman or sophomore maybe 3-5 slots of the 22. When most are fresh and sophomores, its tuff.

Heck, back in the day, all the qb recruits and Rbs(see Bratton on the U documentary who was pissed becasue of redshirt), qbs knew if they came to miami they might only play 1-2 years and had to sit for at least 3 years(Vinnie, Walsh, Erickson, Torretta, all started after sititng for a few years

Also, remember all those old cane teams seem to just reload and not have to rebuild. Its because we mainly played Jr's and Sr's sep for a few slots, so when you had to replace someone, you had a 2-3 year player, 2-3 years in weight room and learning the system, ready to step in. They werent expected to play right away like now.

FSU-----Dumbo didnt win till his 4th year, but he was recruiting for 2-3 years b4 he was head coach .AND, FSU again has gotten good during our 3 santions years, just like 1998-2000 was FSU's 3 best teams, and it was during the sanctions at the U, so they got all the good kids to come up to tallyville.

Whoever is counting on 2 small low etremity injury backs to lead to this team next year, must of just moved to Colorado, no way in the word i'm i expecting duke johnson to be the same next year, they both should actually redshirt, don't go out there and let these desparate penn disgrace morons try and use up your healthy, just redshirt, get stronger and than comeback together with avengence, they're going to try and rush yall back only to try and save their hide.

U can't prove the magnitude of negative recruiting or how much it has supposedly impacted Golden's ability to coach on game day. Don't just ask Us to not underestimate it, provide some proof so that we can't underestimate it. I don't believe it has to the point U are insinuating. Its being used as just another excuse to retain employment.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 12, 2014 at 09:47 PM

Pay particularly close attention to the last line, ROFL, somebody needs to listen to this man, he's speaking as our boy i believe was d would say "he's speaking Truth to power"!

Now Calvin who is out of character having apparently lost his ghetto voice is supposed to be looked to for medical advice. Pass.

Ill tell u what i see in golden. I see a coach who when faced with ncaa investigation that ravaged his first team rolled up his sleves and just got to work. i saw a guy who stuck it out for 3 yrs dealing with kids asking if miami was gonna get the death penalty and in his 2 full years to recruit landed studs like duke johnson, stacey, coley, Tracy howard and the likes, I see a guy who has improved the talent at miami in a big way. i see a guy that despite stats on d has got his team to improve yr to yr i saw a guy who got a team most expected to win 3 games in yr 2 to go out and win 7. I see a guy who has this team going in the right direction thats why i support golden. Donofrio knows how to coach d, He took temple from 110th in d his first year to top 40 his last year. he can do that at miami as well, He just need the chance and the players to make his system work. He doens't have that at dl yet. He is getting there. u can't change coordinators every eyar. Shannon tried that and his d just got worse every year.

U got to give Dumbo props. New OC and DC. QB goes to NFL in 1st round and replaced by Freshman = NC. Who would of thunk it.

Prove negative recruiting didn't impact Cane performance. The opponents using the tactic obviously thought it helped them/hurt us, or why would they have engaged in it? I guess they were wrong and folks who believe it impacted the U are wrong, just leaving big ego tubby, as usual.

Did negative recruiting stop deon bush, tyriq mccord, tracy howard, Alquadin Muhammad, duke johnson, flowers, stacy coley, artie burns, grimble jawand "no playing time" blue, raphaEL kirby and several others from coming.

Dumb dom is on the permanent skip post with anything he writes along with Zook!!

nash, they're both gaytor fans, it's obvious, i stop paying attention to them along time ago.

Better yet did negative recruiting have 17 & 98 in pressman coverage??

How jacked up is that, you have 5 star Howard and 4 star Burns and Bush bailing like track sprinters at the snap of the ball 99% of the time but 98, 17, 51 in man2man. And porter and Robinson dropping into zones.

Boy boy boy


They eat up with the golden showers cal!!

Good luck to Malcolm Bunche.

The kid put in his years here and they haven't started him, so I can't really blame him for wanting to go elsewhere.

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