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Cetera Bunche on younger brother and soon-to-be UM transfer Malcom: "He's in the best situation that any 22-year-old college transfer could ever be in.''

I spoke to the older sister and briefly to the father of UM offensive lineman Malcom Bunche, who is transferring to a yet-to-be-determined university to play his final season.

Malcolm, from Newark, Delaware, earned his bachelor's degree in liberal arts last month, and thus will be eligible to play immediately as a graduate student. His father, Curtis Bunche, told me today that Malcolm earned a "mid-grade'' draft evaluation by the NFL Draft Advisory Board, but that he wants to get more experience on the college level.

"He worked really hard in the classroom but he just kind of felt like he wanted to see what was out there,'' said Cetera Bunch, his sister. "With degree in hand he's going to try a bigger school, definitely a public school.''

Bunche, 6-7 and 327 pounds, played both guard and tackle sparingly in 12 games this season, making his lone start at left guard in the season opener against FAU.

Bunche was rated as a four-star recruit, and attended Milford Prep in New York for one semester.

 In the recent bowl loss to Louisville, Bunche came into the game once during an extra point on special teams. In 2012 he started all 12 games at left tackle.

Cetera Bunche, a Miami-based personal trainer who ran track at Hampton University in Virginia, wouldn't divulge the schools with which he has been in contact, but suffice it to say that she hinted they were big-time, public-school programs. Florida State is out, since Malcolm is not allowed to transfer to any ACC school, or to any opponent of UM's for next season.

The Gators are out, too.

"I would never wear orange and blue,'' Cetera said. "We only have room for one set of orange in our closets, and that's orange and green. We love Miami. Our whole family loves Miami. Malcolm has a great relationship with [offensive line] Coach [Art] Kehoe. 

"They played him very minimally this season, but Malcolm doesn't play the blame game. He's actually grateful. What my parents have taught us is if you want things to change, change the way you do things. So this was a very mature decision on his part.

"He's in a really good situation. He's in the best situation that any 22-year-old college transfer could ever be in. He has a great opportunity to show the world his college potential -- again. He has a variety of choices.''

Curtis Bunche said his son ''loves Art Kehoe but told his dad, "Pops, I want to see what it's like at a bigger university.''

Curtis Bunche said Malcolm also told him: "I didn't play much this year and after the fourth or fifth game it taught me to be more patient and supportive'' of the other linemen.

Two veteran starters on UM's line -- tackle Seantrel Henderson and guard Brandon Linder -- just finished their senior seasons and will enter the NFL Draft. Guard/Center Jared Wheeler also is leaving after finishing his senior season.

The left side of UM's line should be set with rising junior tackle Ereck Flowers and rising senior guard Jon Feliciano returning. Shane McDermott returns at center.

The Hurricanes like guard Danny Isidora, who broke his foot early in fall camp and played in two games. So expect him to battle for the starting spot on the right side as a redshirt sophomore. Also on the line will be promising 6-8 redshirt freshman tackle Sunny Odogwu, as well as Hunter Wells, Hunter Knighton and Alex Gall.

Two early enrollees are considered key future linemen: tackle Kc McDermott of Palm Beach Central and guard Trevor Darling of Miami Central. Expected to arrive in the summer are commitments Nick Linder at guard/center and Reilly Gibbons



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I don't get your take on Golden.

Has Golden accumulated talent or hasn't he? Are we a well coached team with little talent or poorly coached with lots of talent?

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I know everyone is hammering on the DC. I get it. My biggest questions are where the hell are the physicality, speed and gang tackling that we have seen from the good Canes teams? Let the DBs man up and get physical. Teams have figured out how to throw to the flats when they need 7-8 yards. Start overloading on blitzes and dare teams to throw the ball. The defense is on the field for too much of the game. It is time to take the training wheels off, or bring in somebody who will...

Did Maine really say Donofrio can coach defense.
Ok. I might have to start skipping his posts automatically.
That post doesn't make sense anyway.

Does Golden have good players or "studs" and he just can't coach.
Or do we not have any talent but we have an amazing coach?
Someone is responsible for the trash we 've seen and since you clearly stated that we have studs, then I'm leaning towards coaching.

I dont understand what the ncaa cloud has to do with forcing players to drop back 15 yards every play.
Did the ncaa cloud force golden to refuse to adapt his scheme to his coaches?

Please. Please.
Can one golden apologist please provide Me with an example of golden outcoaching anyone
Because I can provide endless examples of the inverse.

Oh Dom. You're making too much sense. I mean, even FSU wrote a nice price on how our pass recruiting classes would sink this program and they were absolutely right. I think it was an article on tomahawk nation site in 2011 or 2012.

So much energy going into basking our coach that's going to be here at least another 2 years. Save the energy and let it play out.

Posted by: Calvin | January 15, 2014 at 12:07 AM

That's a very nice list of freshmen and sophomores you got there. So, you're expecting a bunch of freshmen and sophomores playing in an entirely new scheme they've never send, be a top 10, no wait. A top 20 defense?!


Get real people. Too many holes. Too many exposures.

Let's see how that list plays out in 2 more years.

But I know, our high school star CB will lead our team in rushing. Lol

Better yet, our 3 transfers will lead our DL to dominance. Lol

Even better, we let a 6'0" LB play middle on a 3-4 when Stanford plays a 6'6" MLB. Hmmmmmmmm... Lol

I know. I know. It's best that I negatively bash my own team so I can become friends with all the other haters. I mean. Misery does want company. Maybe I should be miserable too that a team I have no control over does what they do. Drives me nuts. I'm working on my résumé now. What's the AD's email address?

Maqlcolm Bunche is a perfect example of our O line problems and for that matter the teams problems: Lots of potential, but the players just arent putting in the work or the intensity (or maybe that so-called potential was fake overhype). This kid is huge-same as Seantrel. What reason was there for him NOT to dominate at his position? Same as Seantrel WHY did these two behemoths NOT dominate at their position??? why did this O line struggle so much? I mean 3rd and shoirt, 4th and short with these huge dudes should have been a no brainer. Yet they struggled. Senatrel was poised to come out this past season and become basically a first rounder. But he was a major dud. And how is it that Bunche, a 4th yr player struggled to even play last year? Answer: another Randy Shannon DUD.

This is another example of addition by subtratcion. Once we get the Shannon product OUT of CoralGables, and new talent in, UM will see more progress, esp on defense and at teh QB position. Morris, preceeded by Harris and Marve were the prime reasons why UM has s--ked so bad since 2006.


Who says an ole dawg can't learn new tricks???

Peep game Mac staff!!!


Those of you bad mouthing Bunche are a bunch of idiots. This "addition by substraction" B.S. is asinine. An experienced player has been lost, a Senior in a position of need. I don't care how many stars the incoming recruits have or the red shirt frosh that "looks real good". None of those cats are proven, Bunche is proven and he can start. It is never a good thing to lose a Senior player that has game time experience. If anything he would have provided depth. Or are we going to be young forever, forever re building and counting on freshmen to produce? That is one of the reasons we are so far behind the Bamas, FSU, and OSU and all the big time programs.
As fan base you need to grow up and educate yourselves.

Well coached team? What have you seen on defense that leads you to believe this is a well coached team? That defense is consistently out schemed by oppenents. The tackling is awful.

The offensive line, our most skilled unit, can't be counted on to block smaller teams like Louisville.

There's talent on this team. Stacey Coley was getting open against a fantastic fsu defense. Duke Johnson is a game breaker. There are 4 and 5 stars guys we all celebrated golden for getting here. What has he done with them? Nothing. We can't even win our division.

Whoever asked why the sister was quoted, she must have been the one that answered the phone. Manny did what you guys asked him to do, find out why Bunche is leaving, and now you rip him for reporting his findings? Geez, some folks just hate on everything.

And it sure looks like he is leaving on good terms, and not as a "casualty" the way a certain obsessed gatr tries to call it. He wants a chance to start, and it wasn't happening here, as he lost his starting job to another, and was likely to not be able to get it back this year with that "eyetalian meatball" (LOL) Feliciano returning. Oh wait, he isn't Italian, so much for THAT excuse.

The Hurricanes start the best five on the line, and he did not fit that description. He can go to a team without such a good line, and get a shot at starting.

Not sure why we can't talk about any positive news in recruiting. It is not all there is to coaching, but it is the most important part of it during the next three weeks, so it is worthy of discussion.

Guy posts that we have 12 ESPN 300 players, that is good news. And Berrios moving up in the rankings is good news. Why can't it be pointed out?

Bunche is a big loss. I hesitate to say a guy who was here for years doesn't put in effort. I think it has more to do with a guy who has one year left and wants to make it count looking to get a fresh start.

miramarcane speaks the truth.

Bunche would have been solid depth for the team.

Unfortunately, he chose to jump to another school to get starting time, rather than be a spot substitute for us. The fact that he could not get playing time even when Henderson was injured speaks volumes about how far the depth chart he was, though.


Because we can rack up talent all day, we will still find a way to lose to better coached teams.

Canesjunkie, we did win the division the year before, but pulled out due to the NCAA. We have only had one legitimate opportunity to win the division, and caught the best Duke team in their entire history.

Will we win it next year? Not with the same defense, and not with the same underachieving offense. But we at least will be a contender for it just as we were last year.

Just sayin....

Because we can rack up talent all day, we will still find a way to lose to better coached teams.
Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 15, 2014 at 09:19 AM

You are likely right.

But if we have the talent, it gives us two benefits.

1. It removes the "lack of talent" excuse.

2. Just as Zook (the real one, not the blogger) did for Urban, and Shula did for Saban, and Chizik did for Malzahn, Golden might very well be setting up our NEXT coach with a team worthy of a title run.

So that is why I am hoping Golden continues to succeed on the recruiting trail.

Hate to beat a dead horse..


Here some left overs from my feature on redshirt freshman and starting right tackle Jonathan Feliciano:

Despite being Puerto Rican and having Sicilian decent, Feliciano doesn't speak a lick of Spanish or Italian. "But I love my sauce and my beans," he said

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/10/#storylink=cpy

Can one golden apologist please provide Me with an example of golden outcoaching anyone
Because I can provide endless examples of the inverse.
Posted by: Pinecountycane | January 15, 2014 at 03:22 AM

Well, if anyone responds to your request, then they get labelled a Golden Apologist, so they might not take you up on that.

It would be like saying: "Can one Nazi please provide me with an example of Hitler using good military strategy?"

Who would want to answer, when it then gets them a negative label?

However, I will take on your challenge anyway.

Miami versus Georgia Tech, 9/22/2012, in overtime.
Quarterback Tevin Washington rushes three straight times, fails to pick up the first down. The team picked up his tendency to QB sneak on fourth down, and keyed on him alone, not needing to worry about a handoff.

14:54 Miami Touchdown - 19-yard interception return by Tracy Howard. They picked up a tendency that Virginia liked to throw outside to warm up their QB, and Howard was given the green like to jump the route and intercept the ball.

Miami versus Virginia, 11/23/2013, to start the game.
14:54 Miami Touchdown - 19-yard interception return by Tracy Howard. They picked up a tendency that Virginia liked to throw outside to warm up their QB, and Howard was given the green like to jump the route and intercept the ball.

Why do I give those examples? Because it is the ONLY ones I can think of. In 37 games.

Now, there MIGHT be others, but not at that level of impact.

Five you're an AG slurper man, lol.

So, let's get this straight.

Jonathan Feliciano, with a Puerto Rican last name and growing up in Davie without knowing any Italian, is being unfairly promoted by Golden because he has some Sicilian blood in him? Based on a blurb three years old in a Herald article? Does that mean Golden went to Ancestry.com on all his players looking for eyetalians?

That horse is not just dead, it is turned to glue. And since the theory is crazy, that makes that horse crazy glue.

Italians from Jersey aren't loyal to other Italians. I must've made that one up..

You said he wasn't Italian, I said he was. You were wrong. D' Nofrio doesn't speak Italian, so I guess he isn't either.

Ancesry.com was for you, not me, lol. I didn't have to look it up. You were wrong, and yes as humans we are naturally but unfairly biased. Get it through your skull.

I hope Golden succeeds, Five. But I will always question. This ain't Utopia

Go Canes

Your post comment re: hoping AG sets us up with recruiting, regardless of whether he's coach in 2016 -


I wanted a new coach so badly, but here we are.

So all the other variables that lent some merit to the "AG slurper" side in the lively discussions have their chance to play out.

No more RS leftovers - check
No More NCAA cloud - check

AG has the opportunity to make this team better for the next two years at least.

AG's Achilles heel; his stubbornness, his loyalty to HIS defensive scheme and BFF DNO, are now in the put up or shut up timetable. Some say it's his strength? Live by the sword, die by it. Fine.

No, the talent coming in can't be expected to magically make us top tier in 2014, even if AG coached em' on up like Larranaga could. OK.

I hope that he has to survey the sports/business world around him these days and realize that he has to try some new tactics and strategies. I can't think that he is THAT closed off from reality. He has to know that the honeymoon is over and his seat just got a tad warmer.

Same analysis on offense.

All things considered, this will be an interesting year.

I REALLY REALLY hope we hang onto Kaaya.

Good for Bunche. We just reaped the benefits this last year with the same situation with the UVA and Wisc guys - not to mention the all world punter we just lost.

New business modality in CFB. No problemo.

Go F-in Canes!

Oh - and because I have high hopes on slim odds that things will get any better HERE next year...

Being a fan of CFB, I am now a UTexas fan and will enjoy the heck out of watching Stronghorn football. I really like CS and hope he does the Dam$%d thang.

Here's a rally interesting article on his team meeting...
1) Close, anonymous Sources! LOLOL. whatever...
2)some of his admonitions almost sound like a swipe at someone we know:


There are surely some points in the article that will get us all fighting in here...

Beed good post. AG can't be blind to outside world, and after the PSU fiasco he HAS to know that his leash just got shorter. If he in fact dies by the sword, then I would think that he'll have trouble getting hired by ANY school as an HC. I want us to succeed and hope he sees the error of his ways.

Bunche graduated with a degree from UM. Good for him and a great asset.

He wasn't going to start next year and will cherry pick a spot where he can get pt and perhaps elevate his draft status. No one with an IQ over 50 could blame the kid.

I can't for the life of me figure out some of the logic on this board. Htc, please be gentle, I'm about to regurgitate. Jimbo is the same coach today as the one who has two 4 loss seasons under his belt including FIVE times to unranked opponents including wake. All is forgiven (and forgotten) with winning. We lambast AG for lack of development and game day acumen but don't seem to consider he has been working with a deficit and plateau. Doesn't the same logic we post apply to every team out there? Bama gave up 90 points and 1000 yards in their final two games. By our standard saban and smart now suck. We demand development. So does every team out there. If you concede for a second that maybe, just maybe, other coaches, who have made this their profession, can also develop, you are at zero sum. At some point, the more talented team, pure talent, wins out. I do maintain hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard, but D1 is D1. Talent, experience, depth and timing. And to a lesser degree, chemistry. It all was there for fsu this year. It wasn't last year. That's why bama and sc couldn't 3 peat. Look, I'm not thrilled with Dno either, but I still apply the Belichick principal to him. The same genius that won 3 sb's in NE got fired in Cleveland. Give the staff one year out from under a black cloud and judge from there.

TG, you're right on the $. The negatives don't care about what you pointed out. They just want to whine, inflate their egos and cause friction.

The ID says it all.

The best part of the Bunche article? Just say NO to Gatr Trash.

there you have it...golden has lost the team, all the rumors are true.....ereck flowers in the bull pen to leave......

is this negative recruiting? lol

128 Recruits During NCAA Threat:

RB Alex Collins
OL Denver Kirkland
DT Terrell Brooks
LB Matthew Thomas
DT Jaynard Bostwick
DT Keith Bryant
OT Ereck Flowers
WR Rashawn Scott
DE Olsen Pierre
DT Corey King
LB Eddie Johnson
LB Gionni Paul
LB Denzel Perryman
DB Ladarius Gunter
S Deon Bush
P Dalton Botts
QB Ryan Williams
WR Robert Lockhart
WR Herb Waters
OG Daniel Isidora
OT Hunter Wells
DT Dequan Ivery
DT Earl Moore
DT Darius Smith
DE Ricardo Williams
DE Jelani Hamilton
DE Tyriq McCord
LB Thurston Armbrister
LB Raphael Kirby
CB Antonio Crawford
CB Thomas Finnie
CB Tracy Howard
S Rayshawn Jenkins
K Matt Goudis
QB Gray Crow
QB Preston Dewey
RB Dallas Crawford
RB Danny Dillard
WR Jontavious Carter
WR D'Mauri Jones
OL Taylor Gadbois
DT Jacoby Briscoe
DE Jalen Grimble
DE Dwayne Hoilett
DE Jake O'Donnell
DE Gabriel Terry
LB Jawand Blue
CB Nate Dortch
CB Larry Hope
QB David Thompson
WR Malcolm Lewis
QB Kevin Olsen
RB James Labady
RB Brandon Yosha
RB Augustus Edwards
RB Cornelius Elder
Ol Hunter Knighton
OL Sunny Odogwa
Ol Alex Gall
TE Standish Dobard
TE Beau Sandland
TE Ryheem Lockley
TE Sean Harvey
LB Antonio Kinard
DB Vernon Davis
ATH Angelo Jean-Louis
RB Randy Johnson
WR D’Mauri Jones
LB Josh Witt
ATH Kevin Grooms
WR Chad Barnes
WR Alex Irastorza
WR Garrett Kidd
WR Joey McNeill
WR Stacy Coley
DT Al-Quandin Muhammad
DT Ufomba Kamalu
LB Akil Craig
LB Nantambu Fentress
LB Alex Figueroa
LB Jeremine Grace
LB Devante Bond
CB Jordan Tolson
CB Jamal Carter
CB Artie Burns
CB Ray Lewis
K Ricky Perez
K Zach Costa
TE Ronald Regula
P Ricky Carroll
LB Walter Tucker
WR Braxton Berrios
WR Tyre Brady
OR Trevor Darling
DB Marques Gayot
OL Reilly Gibbons
ATH Trayone Gray
DE Trent Harris
TE Christopher Herndon
DB Kiy Hester
DT Calvin Heurtelou
DE Demetrius Jackson
DT Courtel Jenkins
QG Brad Kaaya
WR Darrell Langham
OL Nick Linder
DB Ryan Mayes
LB Terry McCray
OL KC McDermott
DT Anthony Molton
DB Darrion Owens
QB Malik Rostier
DE Mike Smith
DE Chad Thomas
DT Michael Wyche
RB Joseph Yearby
LB Juwon Young
CB Dennis Turner
CN Nigel Bethel
DE Ricardo Williams
DT Delvon Simmons
QB David Thompson
WR Travis Rudolph
DL Dyron Dye
QB Alin Edouard
RB Brandon Powell
DT Calvin Heurtelou

the threat of sanctions helped UM recruit....why else would you be able to get these guys....

BRING THE THREAT BACK! so golden can be spooked again...

You are my b@tch, Gallo. Not 2 minutes went by when this moron, constantly monitoring the comments, responded.

Gallo, suck it you maggot. Club Ramrod has a spot for you.

miramarcane- calm down bro. I think that post made sense and 'additionby subtraction" makes sense. Why? because he is taking up a spot. He played in one game onspecial teams. so I dare ask? WHAT VALUABLE DEPTH DOES THIS BIG LUG CONTRIBUTE>? ANSWER: ZILCH. MOVE ON BIG BOI. YOU DIDNT DO S-T AT MIAMI. YOU DIDNT DOMINATE LIKE YOUR BIG A55 SHOULD HAVE-IN FACT YOU REGRESSED BIG TIME. This O line regressed judging by the lack of running game and Stephen Morris' numerous sacks and hurries towards the end.


Addition by subtraction? I agree. Get the dead weight outta the Gables. If you cant compete for a starting spot as a 5thyr senior- you aint going to do UM any good. Thats mean, but Im tired of this underperformig program. Coaches and players alike. Kehoe doesnt get a pass either. No one gets a pass. But the O line was supposed to be the strength of this program and time and time again they failed toconvert on 3rd and short 4th and short. That started back inthe first KSU game when we had 2nd and goal at the 2 yard line and failed to convert. That would have been a season changer for Miami. Instead, Jacorry Harris and the big lugs 3 seasons ago (which included Bunche), choked.

By the way- Mark Whipple is again the head coach at U Mass. Prior to that 2009-2012 he was OC or QBs coach fir two NFL teams.

Where is Randy Shannon? Why is Randy Shannon not a head coach somewhere? Why not Vandy/ Why not U MAss?


I agree on racking up talent, no question. But that just makes Golden a caretaker until we get another coach in here. I think Golden is great recruiter and I'm fine with this as a direction for the program.

I just can't take anyone thinking this staff is going to coach us to championship.


We didn't win the division that year, North Carolina did. However, they were under NCAA sanctions can could play in the game.

SEC this and that, Gatorkiller, Zook, etc etc, I still cannot understand why Cane fans keep posting here with gator related names.
Now back to Bunche, say what you will about the O line underperforming, regressing or whatever. They did do all these things, without Bunche starting. Now we lose 2 starters to graduation and Bunche. Do you think the O line will be better next season cause it has less experienced players? Is Isadora, the Kenyan guy and the highly touted recruits coming in the answer? They are more like the big question mark.
New QB and a new 2/5 of an O line minus one experienced backup. But hey, we will be better than last year. Hope you are right.

I think Bunche would have started.
You have locked in : Ereck Flowers, Jon Feliciano, and Shane McDermott.

Then it gets dicey with Danny Isidora, Sunny Odogwu, as well as Hunter Wells, Hunter Knighton and Alex Gall. Mix in the Freshman tackles, I think Bunche was a shoe in at guard.

PT is not the reason why he left. A bigger university? Eh, maybe.

I think he wanted and deserved more playing time. Calling him lazy and questioning his motives is plain ignorant.

Why is pt not why he left? He had precious little this year and was unlikely to start next year, imho.

PT for next year, I meant. He was probably the lead candidate to start at guard next year.

He should've gotten more PT this year...

Even though the OL underperformed at times this past year, it is certainly the area of the team with the most depth and competition for playing time. Plus there are three big time O-lineman coming in. I think Bunche could have started this year, but based on his lack of playing time this past season he may not have. He probably should have played more this year. Now, since he has graduated, he can transfer wherever he wants (except for FSU and UF) and play immediately. There are plenty of schools out there that would probably guarantee him a starting job. If he has a great season, he could be drafted. It's a very smart move for him. Plus he was smart enough to earn his degree. Best of luck to him.

Everybody wants a quick fix but the truth is the defensive line has just not had NFL talent and you win in the trenches...when the U was great they were deep at D-line and usually had a GREAT not good GREAT DT!!!...I can only go by videos but Miami needs to sign Valentine, Moten and maybe bring in another surprise DT or DE


It really doesn't matter if RS or anyone else put a bug in Malcom's ear to move on to another location; it's his choice (or his family's) to make. Regardless of what you think, playing football at the "U" isn't the most important item on everyone's priority list. As a "U" fan and alumn, Malcom, thank you for your time at the "U"; you deserve the degree you earned - don't let haters or irrational people who deposit mean spirited sayings or thoughts on this "silly" column steal any joy you have about life, your family, or decisions that you make. You are a cane family member for life.

Amazing that from 10,000 feet people think Bunche should have had more pt this year. I guess Kehoe is now in the dummy club with the rest.

anyway the NCAA can threat UM with sanctions? As soon as it settles UM recruiting took a dive.......

more recruits stayed during the NCAA investigation than are staying at UM as of this post.....

like I have been saying since 2011....golden as rushed hire and all wrong for UM.....notice his last news conference...he is done emotionally...you can see that he really doesn't want to be at UM anymore....

UM needs a complete coaching overhaul....

Kehoe is the man. He advises Golden who ultimately develops the starting line-up.

From the three spring games I saw him in, to the public practices, to coach speak, everything I saw/heard about the kid was positive.

Could've used him next year. Ah well..

Hard to believe the top 20 WR's we offered haven't committed. Coley and crew need to step it up. A legitimate Linebacker would be nice too.

Gallo, pls die like your posts are dying.

This nigga think he gon be playin at a "bigger school" hahah laughin my ass off

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