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Miami Hurricanes coach Al Golden reportedly being courted by Penn State -- naturally

Did we really think that Al Golden could go a season without being named as a target for whatever FBS football program had an opening?

Of course not. 

However, the Penn State vacancy, now that Bill O'Brien has taken the job as the Houston Texans head coach, is one that Golden will undoubtedly ponder -- even if he is intent on staying in Miami. He earned his undergraduate degree from Penn State in 1991 and played tight end there for Joe Paterno. He was a team captain as a senior. 

The Harrisburg Patriot-News (pennlive.com) reported Wednesday, via a source, that Golden and Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin were both "names mentioned by a source close to the PSU program.''

  The article told readers to "expect Vanderbilt's James Franklin and Miami's Al Golden to top Penn State's football's wish list as the Nittany Lions search for the permanent successor to Bill O'Brien.''

  Penn State athletic director David Joyner told reporters Thursday that a six-member search committee intends to replace O'Brien as soon as possible, in "days, not weeks,'' pennlive.com reported.

   Golden is 22-15 in his three seasons at UM, including an extremely disheartening 36-9 loss last week to Louisville in the Champs Sports Bowl.

   Golden's current contract runs through Feb. 1, 2020.

We meet with him Monday for a post-season press conference. Should be an interesting session.

  As for Franklin, his Commodores (8-4) meet Houston (8-4) in the BBVA Compass Bowl at noon Saturday in Birmingham.








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Golden isnt going anywhere people. His legacy is being written now that his recruiting class is coming in- Braxton Berrios flashed a U last night. Plus all the Randy Shannon luggage has left the building.

Posted by: g8rseetmya55 | January 03, 2014 at 07:07 AM

This is the only part of your post that I disagree with. Two years, plus a small portion of a third, are a lifetime to get your players. He coached the players for three full years.

If I stated Randy Shannon was better than Nick Saban, due to Shannon's Miami win over Bob Stoops' Oklahoma team. That would be seen as ridiculous.

That is same as the continued posting of excuses for Al Golden's lack of success in three years here.

All those who want AG to leave have one major question to answer. If he goes, who do we get? Sure, I'd love to see D'Onofrio out the door. Let us all remember that in recent times, UM has NOT been a major attraction for big name head coaches with great track records.
So again,I pose the question, if not Al...who?

Golden needs help with getting rid of dead wood DC is part of problem, Miami should start a consideration of replacement if Golden goes which would be a PSU mistake however their are 2 to 3 good coachs out their for Miami.

"Golden was never a Miami guy." Yeah, but Randy was, through and through. How did that work out for you? Go ahead and run off another successful coach. Let's start all over again, lose the AG recruiting class, and keep these 7-5 records going for another 4 years.


I know what you guys want. Let's hire all former Hurricane players! 47 for HC, Ken Dorsey for OC, 52 as our DC. Yeah… they're Miami guys! Lamar Thomas coaching WRs, Ed Reed with the DBs… You feeling it?

IDIOTS, that's what you guys are.

The good thing is Coach Golden is good enough to ignore you.

Many young and upcoming coaches could do a better job than Al Golden.

Because of Al Golden's $2.148 million dollars contract, until 1 February 2020, many unemployed established coaches would love to come.

If only Al Golden, and his fans that place his support over Miami football, would wise up and leave this great Miami football program.

For those who want Golden and Crew to leave, who will Miami get???? Greg Schiano??? Who will they get in a timely manner to ensure no recruits are lost?? Penn State dont believe in paying coaches a ton of money even they can afford to up the ante a bit over what Miami is currently paying Golden. Golden will ponder long and hard on this, it will be a natural fit for him and dont be surprise he take it. And then all you haters can come back and posts about all the top recruits chaning thier commits and the U dragging thier feet on finding a replacement.

"Many young and upcoming coaches…"

WHO? Name one! The best Miami is going to get is a washed out coach or another young HC from a perennial 4-8 squad.

When we say Miami guy that has nothing to do with playing here. Randy was given the job because they wanted continuity over success and didn't want to shell out big bucks.
You're crazy if you think Miami isn't an attractive job. It's one of the easiest ways to climb to prominence.
I'll never understand people who love a coach more than a team.
You keep saying al golden is a winner.
Actually he's not.
Al Golden has beaten only one team with 8 wins.
I repeat, at Miami, al golden is 1-13 against teams who finished with 8 wins.
Where is the Big win.
Where has he proven himself?
On the recruiting trail where we've made inroads in the talent rich northeast region?
On game day where he has been thoroughly outcoached by everyone.
How about the press conferences where he refuses to admit that maybe his pal could stand to tweak his garbage defense since its obvious the kids dont want to play it while simultaneously throwing them under the bus?
Please tell me in logical terms why he is so great.
He has been a .500 coach with the exact same results in 3 years as Randy Shannon.

What is it about Golden that makes you people lose your objectivity.
He's a fine person, he's just not the right fit for us.

For those who say miamicouldnt get a good coach now is sick. Al did the dirty work good coaches didn't want to take on three years ago. Now things are cleaned up, all a new coach has to do is recruit. Recruits come to known coaches that have accomplished something. Al has done nothing but clean to programs up that we're in trouble. He's more fit for a lawyer than a coach. Says all the right things but have no clue about in game situations when he plays half decent teams. And y'all say he's a good recruiter, recruiting means nothing if you don't develope it. Players still can't tackle, still missing assignments, always somebody out of position, players frame still look as small as their freshman year. Three years of that and we want to give more time. I'm not looking to win every game every year but we look soft compared to duke, wake forest, Maryland. I don't care what players we recruit, jimbo would out coach golden if jimbo gave golden his top recruits. Why should we settle waiting on a miracle when nothing looks different on the football field. We don't just lose to good teams, we get thrashed by them. Talent or no talent we don't even look like we can win the game by their run from the tunnel. Just looks lazy. The problem Miami has is settling. Settle for cheap coaches, unproven coaches or any coach for that matter. It cost to be the boss. Golden gets paid peanuts because he is a peanut. Unproven. He didn't even win at temple like that. No conference championship or nothing. Just take your mind back three years, who wanted the Miami job. No one did, they chose one out of three candidates and all three havnt done anything up to that point. But golden was a great talker and had a platform that he doesn't even go by anymore. Just ask yourselves, would you send your child to play for Miami right now. Would you want you star recruited son coached by donofiro or coley. Top recruits that have committed to golden are taking a chance hoping they can change the win loss column, but they are not definit because you can't be definit with people that have proven nothing. I'm not saying golden is a terrible coach, he's just not a top tier coach. If you get five star players with a three star coach and a two star staff, what does that equal= mediocrity.

WHO? Name one! The best Miami is going to get is a washed out coach or another young HC from a perennial 4-8 squad.

Posted by: Tampa Cane | January 03, 2014 at 08:41 AM

Al Golden was worse, in his first year, than the previous coach that was fired for his poor record.

Any and everyone, out there, can at the least do what Al Golden has done.

Goldy is staying. You really dont understand how hard it was to recruit, coach, say the right things to the media,etc and do your job effectively under the ncaa investigation the last few years. We are lucky someone like golden wanted to be the Captain of this sinking ship. The ship is now sailing under blue skies and great conditions. Let the Captain now guide the ship. If we were not under the ncaa investigation the last 3 yrs and ended up the way we did last yr and this yr thats a whole different story, but thats not the story, clearly. Do you really know how many good recruits we would of had if not for this 3 yr disaster? Look at the class coming up in 2014. Is this by accident the new class is ranked #3 and oh btw the investigation is over. Get a few of those classes and even better and things will change for the better. But wanting to see Golden OUT after what he has been through here the last 3 yrs you dont have a strong healthy coaching leadership IQ.

Just let me know when the big name says he's ready. Because no one with any credentials will take a job at UM. 30K fans at home games, scores of fans who don't show up because "these coaches suck."

Like I said a few weeks ago, put down your NES or Sega Genesis. Miami will never be like that again!

Posted by: Caneall day | January 03, 2014 at 08:49 AM

Your post was made invalid by the post just before it.

Posted by: pinecountycane | January 03, 2014 at 08:44 AM

Your post could be copied and paste, every time one of Al Golden fans post the fictional story of his tenure.

Goldy is staying. You really dont understand how hard it was to recruit, coach, say the right things to the media,etc and do your job effectively under the ncaa investigation the last few years. We are lucky someone like golden wanted to be the Captain of this sinking ship.

Posted by: GM | January 03, 2014 at 08:54 AM

The rest of the post was running on. But the one thing that trumps everything is $2.148 million dollars paid until 1 February 2020. There is no other point that proves Al Golden was worth that.

Y'all say the number three class but have you heard from some of those recruits the past couple days. That Louisville loss didn't sit to well with some of the defensive recruits. Now they are pondering on commitment . It's not that we lose games under al, it's how we get creamated under him. He gets out coached every team we play against with 7 wins or better . Keep settling. Champs don't settle, where would auburn be if the kept the last coach, all that talent he had, but coaching was trash. Now a good coach comes in and takes them to the promise land. Just keep settling and by then, fsu will have five rings before we get a coastal crown.

I'm busting a gut at how idiotic some our fans are. Unlike me, none of them have worked in a Higher Ed environment where you deal with the Athletic Dept. They just have not one clue what goes on. But......you would think if the current coach is a choice for one of the top coaching jobs in CF they would think about it a bit.

But let's recap. Prior to hiring Coach Golden, Miami was able to lure what top tier college coach with prior HC experience to their program. Answer: three coordinators. Not a single HC. NONE, ZIP, NADA.

I'm an alum and huge UM fan. Until I moved away from Miami in the early 90's I went to every home game in the OB and every bowl game plus made the every other year trip to Doak.

That said, I don't have idiotic blinders on last most of the fans here. No Miami is not going to be able to hire John Gruden or Charlie Strong or Art Briles. Charlie Strong will bide his time and get a job at some place like UT. In fact, don't be surprised if he gets that offer this year. I live in Texas and work in Higher Ed. He's a top candidate. There are some issues with some boosters but he has some on his side.

If Al Golden leaves, Miami will probably be able to hire another coordinator or someone who wants to move up from the lowest levels of DI or a top DII. The only realistic candidate I've seen anyone mention is Chudzinski and we don't know if he can recruit or not. That does matter. And no, Miami is not even close to FSU on the football talent scale right now. Maybe in two years if we don't have another coaching change but not right now. Not even remotely close.

Golden is a work in progress and is probably the best UM is going to get. Anyone who thinks differently is delusional. He doesn't have the money throw at coordinators, ect like Alabama or Texas. So get over it.

If I were Coach Golden I'd take the Penn State job.

Oh yeah, when was the last time UM football was relevant. 2001. That's 13 years ago folks, not yesterday. You should be thankful Coach Golden solved our probation issues. Something most of you know nothing about because you all think it's about game days. There is more to it than that. That's why Coach Golden will get offers at major Universities. Even if he doesn't leave this year he will shortly for greener pastures.

And....if we are just talking football, you can't win at the level you guys are talking without a top tier QB. Not in CF or the NFL. Every time UM has been good it's because we had a guy under center who could manage the game and be counted on win the chips were down. See Steve Walsh and Ken Dorsey. Until we have that guy we are 9-3 no matter who the coordinators are.

At the Russell Athletic Bowl last weekend, Teddy Bridgewater and his University of Louisville teammates from Miami went on a riot. They looted the University of Miami football program they grew up rooting for and demolished it 36-9. Bridgewater and fellow Miamians Michaelee Harris, Eli Rogers, John Miller, Charles Gaines, and James Burgess Jr. showed the Canes nation that they are the ones bringing back the swagger..Miami's African-American football community hasn't forgotten how UM President Donna Shalala and school boosters ran coach Randy Shannon out of town after using him for more than 20 years to land tough-as-nails, super talented high school football players from Homestead to Liberty City..UM expects the local black community to tell a prized recruit it's all about the U. That's why Orlando's Citrus Bowl stadium was packed with black people from Miami rooting for Bridgewater and the Cardinals.

Golden can't fix Miami the way Miami wants to be fixed if so many great talents from the area keep leaving. That's the honest truth. He can win nine games, no problem, doing it all the right way. But at the end of the day, he needs the magnificence of guys like Teddy Bridgewater, Alex Collins, Denver Kirkland, Matthew Thomas, Kelvin Benjamin, Devonta Freeman in recent years past and Johnnie Dixon, Sony Michel, Dalvin Cook and Travis Rudolph from this year's class, all whom have announced their intentions to go elsewhere.
Let's be real. Think about how much talent is right there alone on that list. You can't beat Florida State or Alabama or even Louisville without them.

Someone had the gusts to call it like it is in most cases; we need a Miami guy to coach this team.

It was great seeing Barrios flash the U and say 'it's all about the U' last night after he made a td. He's a little Wes Welker. Now about AG, I don't see him leaving either, he's got too much invested and on the verge of bringing in a top 3 class, and I'm sure he wants to improve on what we've done so far under his regime. No I'm not happy with how we finished, and how our D STILL needs an overhaul, and possibly a new DC, but honestly who would we get to coach? Everyone keeps giving THEIR opinion of who THEY would want to coach, I'm talking realistically who could we get if AG did leave? Leach maybe?

No Miami is not going to be able to hire John Gruden or Charlie Strong or Art Briles. Charlie Strong will bide his time and get a job at some place like UT. In fact, don't be surprised if he gets that offer this year. I live in Texas and work in Higher Ed. He's a top candidate. There are some issues with some boosters but he has some on his side.

Posted by: James | January 03, 2014 at 09:11 AM

Few if any have, stated that Miami should, or are interested in those coaches.

The search that brought Al Golden, who's a failure, was the continued Kirby Hocutt attempt at the destruction of the Miami football program.

The fact that Texas, which I have lived in, is extremely racist. It would be impossible for Texas to hire Charlie Strong. That would mean the two largest state universities would have African American coaches. It never would happen in the majority of the United States.

And it wish all of y'all would stop saying it took butch this long, it took this coach that long. We just want fight in our team. It is no fight at all. 18 rushing yards and a whole month to prepare. Charlie strong already knew he was gonna whoop us . Miami has been inconsistent for years. But one thing we are consistent in is getting blasted by good opponents. No losing, gettin blasted. Out of the nine games we won this year, how many of those teams were actually good. What about the seven games last year. No, what about the six games the year before that. Let's just keep settling. Matter of fact, if we go to conference USA we might have a shot at a bcs game and get blown out again. Sad but true.

Posted by: Cola Cane | January 03, 2014 at 09:16 AM

Miami's football program is not a hard sell. If Al Golden leaves, $2.148 million dollars would become available.

You could either go new and more proven winner than when Al Golden came from Temple, for less money. Or older and happy to have this position, for still less money.

The money Al Golden receives is greatly over his status as a coach.

A recruit that wants to have swagger, like the receiver, will come to Miami no matter what.

For the Golden defenders (Tampa Cane, etc...) -

Please provide me the names of all the defensive players who have improved under Golden's watch since they have arrived at Miami. (I can only think of one: Gunter)

Please list all of the games where Golden and his staff have outcoached their opponent (I can only think of one: Florida). BONUS QUESTION: How about at Temple?

Please list all of Golden's victories over teams with equal or better talent (I'll give you Florida this year and Va.Tech last year).

Please list all of Golden's losses to teams with inferior talent. (This will be a long list).

Talent is not the problem. His recruiting classes have all been Top 20 since he has arrived, yet the team clearly is not a Top 25 team. He has consistently had better recruiting classes than every other team in the coastal division, but they can't win the coastal. Nobody expected them to win a national championship this year. But I expected them to get 10 wins with the soft schedule and not to get blown out by Va.Tech and Duke. I also expected them to fight in their bowl game and not be humiliated again on national television.

There are PLENTY of available coaches that could do a better job. Many of you have scoffed at the notion of Butch coming back, but he would return in a second and UM would be foolish not to consider him. He ran a clean program at UM and won with 3 star recruits. Chud is also available and he will not be offered an NFL head coaching job until he re-establishes himself. The same can be said about Schiano.

Other names:
Bowles (I think he'll get an NFL job this round, though)

Also, what is wrong with bringing some former players back on the staff? Many of them are extremely knowledgeable about the game and have bright coaching futures. Ken Dorsey has established himself has a great QB coach and is probably ready to run an offense. He would be a great fit as Miami's OC. I could see Ed Reed coaching one day too. Someone else brought pointed out the plethora of high school coaches in South Florida that should be considered. If Golden does stay, he needs to shake up his staff.

The saddest part is those canes fans who say, "who would we get". So what they are saying, is lets just settle for Al. Settle for no chance of being better than we just saw against Lousyville. Why should Miami settle? If that's the state of the program, then shut it down.
Al Golden cannot coach. Period. He will not even get the help he needs. Players are one thing, but what we have seen, every time, not once or twice, every time we play a half decent team, we get killed. The players quit on the bowl game, and they will continue to do so. Actually, Golden quit in the 3rd qtr. Being down, Morris took his time getting plays off. No hurry up offense. No adjustments, nothing. Al Golden quit in the 3rd qtr.

Deland I disagree about Morris, I mean for the love of God everytime the kid took a snap he was running for his life, so I don't blame him. Our O line was demolished and that falls on Kehoe, also we didn't make any halftime adjustments and that falls on AG, so he for sure hasn't impressed me with being able to right things, but I still think that if he would just 86 his buddy and get a DC with a better feel for the game, then it would make a huge difference, and balance things out.

Not to worry Golden bashers as he will be leaving and also leaving D'no with the cases as a present. He'll be moving to better facilities, an on campus stadium and able to recruit anyone he wants from that area. PSU has made a living over the years with players from that area. So, to all the haters out there, keep running down the coaches and soon, noone will want the job and the U really needs to look at a stadium closer to where the fans are. Playing in a stadium 30 miles or so away from the campus leaves the fan base out in the cold. The coaches mentioned above have all seen how golden and his staff have been treated and, ask yourself this question, why would any, I repeat any, 5 Star coach want to coach at the U?

You run down the University of Miami in you post Tennessee. Along with overstating what the fans of Miami football have posted.

We point out the truth of Al Golden as a terrible coach. You get offended as if he is you. I left the Cane off of your name for obvious reasons.


Y'all do realize that this is year 1 for Coach Golden. First year that the cloud of the NCAA investigation is gone. First year he can recruit without limitation and without negative recruiting against the U(and lo and behold a consensus top 5 recruiting class). The win total has increased each year - 6 to 7 to 9. Yep, the defense needs work. I'm guessing that bothers him more than it bothers any of us clowns posting or reading. You and I are fans and alum; this is his life and legacy.

So we lose a bowl game and he needs to go? Makes perfect sense. Let's change coaches every 3 to 4 years. Recruits will love to see that type of stability. Let's get retread guys that have name value and nothing else. Let's bring back coaches that were good 20 years ago because without a doubt they will be good now. Or heck - let's call Nick Saban. And see if he wants to come here for the $2m we pay our coaches. He just lost a bowl game too; he needs to be fired.


I support our team and our coach. I long for the glory days as well, but understand that there's no magic elixir to bring them back. I'd like things to get better and have the patience to let the process play out.

Some of you need a hobby.

Love the regional centric posts. We need a Miami guy at the helm. Sure we do---like JJ, Dennis or Butch, I guess.


Hire Bobby Petrino, warts and all.

Cola - the O-line was poor against Louisville, but overall this season I thought they played really well. They took over several games in the fourth quarter, notably UNC and Wake. I thought pass protection was pretty good too this season. I think Strong confused them. A lot of the sacks and pressure was due to the RBs not picking up blitzes. I think the playcalling had a lot to due with it. It seemed like UL knew before the snap what was going to be called. Can you think of any other games this season where the O-line played poorly? I think it was one of the Canes' strongest units.

Jim Tressel is a northeast guy and I remember him bringing a team to face us in a championship game that completely punched our team in the mouth knocking two of our key players out of the game (McGahee and Dorsey). We can cry all we want about a stupid PI call, but those northeast coached guys came in and punched our Canes right in the mouth.

Meyer is a northeast guy. Saban is a northeast guy.

Are we suggesting we need Luthor Campbell as our next HC?

AtlantaCane said it the best. Period.

Loyalty and respect.

Loyalty: Unfortunately, Hurricanes fans can be amongst the most unloyal fans in the country. We all know this. Lack of support for the team which shows up by a horrible attendance track record at home games year in and year out. As if that isn't bad enough, let's just continue to sh@% talk the coaching staff, the recruits and fellow Hurricanes fans. FAIL

Respect: We haven't earned it yet and until we do we are who we are. FAIL

9-3 or 9-4 or 10-3 or whatever isn't what was most important this year. We already received the biggest victory of the past three seasons THIS YEAR. The BLACK CLOUD OF THE NCAA is behind us so everyone let Al Golden show us what he can or can't do with a clean slate.

If we are in the same position 2-3 years from now, then start naming new names for Head Coach. Until then, support your damn team and realize what The U has been dealing with since the summer of 2011.

First off, we don't care about who comes in if this moron leaves, we just want to make sure we get him and his garbage coaching friend out of here, they both can't coach and none of the players fit that sissy scheme.

Next, it's not about who can we get in here, we can get a lot of top tier coaches that are way better than these penn disgrace morons, the question is, will the troll and company continue to be bougie and try and act like they're in a position to nit-pick.

mike leach was available when they hired this moron, and wanted the job, but just like women, they worried about what other people think about em, that's how you know we got a female president, worried about image, so they don't want to recruit to much in the heart of the City.

Now, they're more top flight coaches available, including itch davis who'll come in with no problem and get this thing like it's suppose to be with no excuses. So the time is right to cut these penn disgrace morons lose, they can't coach, Harriet TUBMAN broke it down when he told yall, if we got to wait til the majority of the team to be 4 & 5 star recruits in order to win games than it's not they're coaching ability, it's one thing to not have recruits, it's another thing to not be competitive in games because of scheme.

The style of play that has been brought here by these morons is boring, even when we do win games, it's boring, I knew these bums couldn't coach from the very first game they coached here when they had the talent to win left by Shannon, randy edsall schooled these guys with the same plays over and over and not 1 adjustment and after the game all these idiots could talk about was how many points the other team scored in the 2nd half, by than they were just trying to run out the clock and shorten up the game.

Time to drop these morons!

Cola, my post was not against Morris. It was the point that it seemed Golden accepted the loss in the middle of the 3rd qtr. I look back at many canes QB's, wright, freeman, jacory and now morris, and wonder if any could have been special had they been coached. Our offensive cood's have limited us for years.
Atlcane, don't forget about VT this year, with an offense who couldn't do much against anyone, until they played us. The next week, VT offense was horrible again? Don't forget last season, ND,KSU, not just losses. BEATDOWNS. It's not the losing, it's how we lose. Like we don't belong on the same field with decent teams. The bowl game was just icing on the cake.

I believe and must admit I do hope that Penn State selects and Golden accepts their head coach position. What I've witness is a Head Coach that is a very good administrator but not coach. It would be in the best interest for Al, his family and Miami fans if he did move to his Alma Mater. We could "hopefully" and quickly bring in Greg Schiano and the Canes could proceed from where Al and this staff's ability are not capable of taking the program.

The "cane fans" who are bashing Golden now are the same idiots who bashed Butch Davis in the late 90's right before he rebuilt them into a championship squad.

A Miam-uh guy? I can be a Miam-uh guy! Or U guys should hire Tim ICE Harris or one of those Miami-uh high school coaches. Because if the guy from Central was coaching duh U, we'd be 18-0 this year.

Sorry that Crocket and Tubbs are unavailable to coach your 1980s dreams!!

UL scrambled their defense prior to the play call, and confused UM. I haven't seen that before throughout a game. Nice move, Strong.

The O LIne was not dominant. They were big but not that effective on a consistent basis. I considered them a disappointment.

Most players have not developed under the current coaching staff. I believe these coaches do not connect with the players in a way that inspires loyalty, passionate play and confidence.

Our receivers were consistently covered. Why did we not have more open guys? Did Morris miss his reads? Why were there so many passes to the sideline with the WR covered? Compare that with last night's game.

Again, Petrino, Chud, Narduzzi, would all work (the volatile Mark Stoops?). Someone would relish the UM job. Butch Davis would be worth a call. And there are others out there who would fit UM's preferred style of play: fast, aggressive with some swag and abundant confidence.

Not regimented, rigid, finger pointing, etc. It kills the spirit. It makes kids tentative and fearful of screwing up. Now, free lancing is a capital sin!

James, so you work in higher ed. So what? A knowledgeable fan with a football background can see what is happening to UM football under the curent regime. Maybe we don't get the politics, but we know what a tough UM team should look like.

Seeing Golden as a placeholder regarding the NCAA, and a fundamental man of good character, I would not be that sad to see he and his staff move on.

If your defense consistently gives up 500 yeards a game, after being at UM for 3 years, you ain't got it. And the HC doesn't either if he not willing to make changes. And the "fix it" line is BS when little in fact changes.

We also need some "Miami guy" QBs---like bernie and Vinnie and Walsh and Ken---- you know the type.

If its the only way to get rid of his BFF then please leave, to be honest the fact that no one has been fired yet tells me he's trying to wait it out and stick with this staff another year. To me that would be the same if he were to leave and having to start over. The program is a mess it's going to take a few more years to be relevant again anyway so Al go.

Now my practical side, why would PSU want him. He's an old Joe Pa guy, something they shouldn't want and he really hasn't shown much here.

The coaches mentioned above have all seen how golden and his staff have been treated and, ask yourself this question, why would any, I repeat any, 5 Star coach want to coach at the U?

Posted by: Tennesseecane | January 03, 2014 at 10:03 AM

I bet people really thought i was trippin when I've made posts about man worshipper and Ganes fans, but these dudes are all coming out of the closet now and openly exposing themselves. U are not a Canes fan--U are an Al Golden fan --just make sure U leave with him to the better PSU blog with other man worshipping fans.

How exactly has Golden been treated? He got a job at UM based off of aesthetics namely his binder and looks, he was toting a below .500 record when he arrived, he got a raise and extension without performance appraisals, facilities have been updated and new construction has been funded to enhance his tenure here, he is the highest paid coach in UM history and has the longest extension ever as well, there has been several advertising campaigns funded by UM in his honor including "Raising Canes" and the "Fear the Tie" campaigns respectively, his praises have been sung nation wide by pundits and reporters for his off-field exploits at UM, and he was honored with that award for off-field coaching recently.

Should I keep going?

Dudes are about to cry over this guy when he has received the red carpet.

No matter what y'all Cane bUbba's believe and what not. IT'S ALL BOUT' THE COACHING!

And how a particular coaching staff rounds their unheralded prep recruits into BETTER PLAYER'S, and how these same coaches put all those 3-Star H.S. players, into the proper SCHEMES and PLOYS to be successful. hUh

The bloody latest example PAR EXCELLANCE.

The REDSHIRT-FRESHMEN QB playing for Boomer Sooner. dUh MATTER OF FACT, this winning Sugar Bowl QB was a THREE-STAR recruit coming out of H.S.

Again y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark sycophants and APOLOGISTS... the Kid WAS a THREE-STAR prep recruit. Go figures'.

Everyday there's 8 new posters asking, "who do we replace him with" instead of just reading back and seeing that question answered at least 100 times.

CALVIN and H.T.B. and like-minded LOYAL, INDEPENDENT, FREE THINKING miami, florida fan-dom " keeping it real," naturally.

Butch recruited and developed 2 and 3 star talent during real sanctions. During our games it was clearly evident that the team was competitive and he had some form of game planning skill and the ability to adjust. None of his recruiting classes were in the top 25 the way all of Golden's have been. So please stop the comparison to save your man crush--the dude hasn't showed a glimpse of game day acumen--stop it!

It's time now that y'all Cane partisans whom KNOW what Miami, Florida Hurricane football is all about! Start seeking DIVINE INTERVENTION from what ever supernatural DEITY y'all tend to favor. hUh

And if y'all lean toward the NIHILISTIC, atheist side. Then ask Almighty Budhha for GOOD KARMA!

So that that Goldie nd' his INEPT, SOFT defensive coordiantor will trek back to Happy HOLLOW!!

And I'm most certainly SERIOUS as a lame Hurricane defense which FINSIHED last in a moribund A.C.C TWO SEASONS running!!!


Y'all do realize that this is year 1 for Coach Golden. First year that the cloud of the NCAA investigation is gone

No we don't realize that because its not the truth. Its the end of year 3, NCAA or not. Many coaches have developed winners during real sanctions or have at least shown glimpses of coaching prowess during games. Like Sunny Dee said, we are still more talented than 90% of the teams we've faced the last 3 years with the NCAA *investigation*--threats.

Sunny yes for the most part the O line did do well, but in the bigger games like FSU, VT and Duke, they were getting manhandled, and Morris having to run for his life, now I will say the play calling was in question as well, I mean when they're stuffing 8 or 9 guys in the box, throw a quick screen or maybe a draw, not have SM drop back to get mauled. I know Coley is in his 1st year and hopefully he'll learn from this and make better adjustments. I truly thought our O could hang with UL but they let us down in that game and the D couldn't hold them forever.

Sunny good post.

I agree that the Bowl game was a disaster.

All these posters with their doom day scenario would like an instant fix. Running and Leading the 'Canes is NOT like brewing Instant Coffee.

INJURIES you Clowns was the ingredient that affected the 'Canes.

DEPTH in ALL positions was lacking. No Coach wants to go the JUCO route unless forced. Transfer players coming in with immediate play time shows this dilemma.
TALENT and football knowledge are seriously lacking. Players practiced great but failed to execute plays on game day.

With all the howling about Coach G I am sure that any other Coach who the howlers are kicking around would be under the same restrictive conditions as AG, given the same paramters.
In reading all this, it is great that any decision being made will be done so on a measured basis not on a"Replace Mentality" with whom?..and after reading all this good luck to anyone who would even consider Coaching at the 'U' with this lynch mob mentality.

CG leaves it will be 4-5 more years of howling to no effect...Change, adjust, modify, replace yes but this is not instant.
Give the man time to do his rebuild starting with the incoming 2014 Class. Name any other Coaches out there who could have recruited the 2014 Class and set up the 2015 Class other than CG.
Now with all this Negativity, he will have to answer the question from each recruit are you staying?...

This handwringing may have caused more negativity to our program than any of these clowns suspect.

If we lose they will continue.
Never satisfied to build. Goes back to Butch, did the same with shannon, and now CG.
Our tolerance is so low we just do not know how to act with patience to let progress and growth take place.

The 'U' is not Playstation. It is the lives of young athletes that are affected forever.
Think about it.
Go 'Canes

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