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Miami Hurricanes coach Al Golden reportedly being courted by Penn State -- naturally

Did we really think that Al Golden could go a season without being named as a target for whatever FBS football program had an opening?

Of course not. 

However, the Penn State vacancy, now that Bill O'Brien has taken the job as the Houston Texans head coach, is one that Golden will undoubtedly ponder -- even if he is intent on staying in Miami. He earned his undergraduate degree from Penn State in 1991 and played tight end there for Joe Paterno. He was a team captain as a senior. 

The Harrisburg Patriot-News (pennlive.com) reported Wednesday, via a source, that Golden and Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin were both "names mentioned by a source close to the PSU program.''

  The article told readers to "expect Vanderbilt's James Franklin and Miami's Al Golden to top Penn State's football's wish list as the Nittany Lions search for the permanent successor to Bill O'Brien.''

  Penn State athletic director David Joyner told reporters Thursday that a six-member search committee intends to replace O'Brien as soon as possible, in "days, not weeks,'' pennlive.com reported.

   Golden is 22-15 in his three seasons at UM, including an extremely disheartening 36-9 loss last week to Louisville in the Champs Sports Bowl.

   Golden's current contract runs through Feb. 1, 2020.

We meet with him Monday for a post-season press conference. Should be an interesting session.

  As for Franklin, his Commodores (8-4) meet Houston (8-4) in the BBVA Compass Bowl at noon Saturday in Birmingham.








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Would be a huge loss. Set the program back once again. This team is getting better, it's just going to take time. Next year should be better, and by the fifth year it's going to be great, IF Golden stays.

This is the same crap we heard about Randy Shannon every year. Tell, me, please exactly when did it ever get better?

Golden needs to leave and be replaced by someone who knows what it takes to win. 9-4 is not winning, it's mediocrity.

Contending for the NC every year is winning. THAT is Miami tradition. Golden may respect it, but he's in no way capable of replicating it.

Good post pinecountycane

How insane can you be to think we will win 10-11 gms next year. Have you seen the defensive scheme D'no runs. Every qb has his best game against us it's a trend that will continue until we go back to a true 4-3 attacking defense. No Savannah st or fau means two less wins at a minimum.

Posted by: YankeeCane

I can't remember ever even seeing 3-4, because every down I see 4 guys on the line, call me crazy, but that's not a 3-4, we may use it in situations, but we also employ the 4-3. Regardless, I don't think our D will be that bad next yr, with or without Dno. Also many of those teams will have new QB's, so it won't be like Logan Thomas lighting us up.

What has golden do e on the field to deserve another job? We are gonna lose recruits regardless with these idiots. We got our clock cleaned again but this time is was by players who grew up rooting and almost playing for the U. Most of you all are such hypocrites golden has done worst than Shannon has but you still make as many excuses as golden does. Do you think it was harder to coach with the administration in cahoots with the Shapiro or was it harder to coach when every one was trying to distance themselves from the situation. Randy was the only one who knew what was up with that piece of sh@@ and that speaks volumes about the administration. We will keep golden because the administration doesn't care about winning only about image. Imagine what we would have been with storm and Bridgewater with a Miami defenses. Cutting Shannon was premature but leaving golden is insane.

pinecounty, we understand what that meant, no need to get frustrated. Dudes are just in full damage control mode right now and are purposely attempting to find any deflection apparatus imaginable to defend Golden the in-field product.

meant: on-field.

yeah that has confused me too, where I saw most of the year we had 4 lineman, but Cane72 had a script to stick to...

No LT next year...but we get Duke's BOONE! How bizarro world, where we can confidently chalk up a L for the 2014 Duke game...

It will be interesting to see if our next round of stopgap Juco trannys and freshman can get us some line improvement....

Just wanna throw out a question noone's brought up yet...Assuming we have same staff, where are the pundits gonna be placing us in the acc race next year?

Like 2012, thinking 5th. Turnover of seniors, starting new qb, continued questions on Def...

Maybe we can "overachieve" again...

I don't have to look for excuses. Every expert out there is amazed at what golden has accomplished at miami. The only ones who aren't r the fans who have expectations of a championship every season. Forgetting the ncaa investigation. The fact that the talent level at miami under shannon had dropped to a level where we almost went with 0 players drafted in a season. That down from a record 6 yrs with a 1st rounder prior to that. They forget that to rebuild a team it takes 5-6 yrs so that your first class is finally graduated. Shannon didn't get a 5th year because his team got worse. Golden has made the hurricanes better every year . They went 7-6 in a season everyone expected them to win 4 games at most. He then went 9-3 when people outside of program pridicted that they would win 7-8 games at most. So golden has done a great job with his talent and in rebuilding said talent base. If he leaves miami will end up with a guy no one has heard of before because they truth is guys like schiano, gruden, briles, malzahan and the hot names dont want to coach at miami. They are an inner city school with poor fan support , a private university that despite the talent in the backyard u have to work to land recruits. Miami has never been anyones dream job before golden, its always been a stepping stone to somewhere else we are lucky to have golden.

Posted by: mainecane | January 03, 2014 at 01:27 PM

He then went 9-3 when people outside of program pridicted that they would win 7-8 games at most.

Well looky here. Just ANOTHER lying interloper from that FOOL'S den aka CANESPACE. Nothing more, nothing less.

FWIW... the 2013 Hurricanes were voted to WIN the Coastal division by BOTH the a.c.c. media hacks and the a.c.c. coaches.

So please take your LYING WAYS back to that dungeon of fools AKA canespace!

Is that FOOL-MINDED mainecane an IN-THE-CLOSET racist, too!!

They ( Miami, Florida Hurricanes ) are an inner city school with poor fan support , MAINECANE

1. Coral Gables isn't exactly my notion of being " INNER CITY " and what not.

2. And if this canespace FOOL wasn't refering to the university local.

Then it's OBVIOUS he was refering to the kids which the Hurricanes recruit. No if's, but's or what ever's!!

The lame sorry arse things that that MAINECANE and his HENCHgoons will go to, to make that Goldie nd' Marky Mark look like the second coming of Fill-in-the-Blank head coach with a SUCCESSFUL pedigree, i.e., conference championships and what not.

"Contending for the NC every year is winning. THAT is Miami tradition."

Only one problem Cane87, this isn't 1987!

Winning championships is never a tradition, that's the problem with you football WATCHERS. You don't have a clue what it actually takes to win. Winning is not a tradition. Traditions, like the smoke, like Sebastian's C-A-N-E-S, Canes, like wearing the U are great. But traditions don't win football games; talent, depth, and coaching win games.

You can make fun of the 9-4 record, but know that they won nine games that YOU didn't! Enjoy the couch.

I don't think our D will be that bad next yr, with or without Dno.
Posted by: Cola Cane | January 03, 2014 at 01:09 PM


Not only are you an ABSOLUTE f-o-o-l! Your bording on the edge of INSANITY. Albeit a FUNCTIONAL, tripping fool, FOOL!

Again... Hurricane total team defenses'

2010 NO. 22

2011 NO. 45

2012 NO. 116

2013 NO. 89 ( Also EIGHT returning starters on that Cane defense. )

Read it again, fool!!

Yes Beed I hope so too brother. Maybe this new class and AG lighting a FIRE under Dno (if he still here) ass will get our D back in shape. Not too worried about the O, although we'll have a new QB and some OL.

Not too worried about the O, although we'll have a new QB and some OL.

Posted by: Cola Cane | January 03, 2014 at 01:53 PM


Well FOOL, you better start worrying about the Miami offense next season. Because the offense will have to CARRY THE DEFENSE, again. Akin to the 2012 football season. The season which the Hurricanes finished 7-5.

And because Marky Mark will be back in the booth and with the LOST of many defensive starters at key positions.

It's quite logical to SEE-r Thee Carpetbagger's ?? coaching ?? Miami, Florida to a 8-4/7-5 record in 2014.

Not only are you an ABSOLUTE f-o-o-l! Your bording on the edge of INSANITY. Albeit a FUNCTIONAL, tripping fool, FOOL!

Again... Hurricane total team defenses'

2010 NO. 22

2011 NO. 45

2012 NO. 116

2013 NO. 89 ( Also EIGHT returning starters on that Cane defense. )

Read it again, fool!!

Posted by: D

Do you think your list makes you look more authentic or something? WE already KNOW the D stats pal, tell us something we DON'T know. If someone who didn't know the program and looked at your STUPID list they'd say ' what is this guys prob, they went from 116 last yr to 89 this yr, and that's an improvement'. You make yourself look stupid. I guess that why you call yourself D, short for d-u-m-b-a-s-s.

golden has accomplished nothing either at temple or UM.....no divison - conference - bowls trohpys in either cases......

49-49 says it all.....UM is already in the worst division in all of ACC.....win/loss of conference is 5-7...

UM/City of Miami/City of Coral Gables will ever allow UM to drop its football program....NEVER...too many political alumni plus it will hurt the campus enrollment....

there is no risk to firing golden....only upside...

Only one problem Cane87, this isn't 1987!

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2014/01/did-we-really-think-that-al-golden-could-go-a-season-without-being-named-as-a-target-for-whatever-fbs-football-program-had-an/comments/page/5/#comments#storylink=cpy

And that is precisely the problem.

And since you're assuming I was never a football player, and insulting me for it, that must mean you are or were. So. what's your real name, and who did you suit up for?


I played one year on a bad high school football team, where I rode the bench. I quickly learned that I (with no talent on the field) was not meant to play this game. After success in my business career, I have been able to volunteer coach for five years. I am currently an assistant at high school in the Tampa area, where I coach linebackers. We do not have a great football program, but I was extremely proud of my guys for finishing with a .500 record, which was an accomplishment for our school.

I did not consider whether you have or have not play football. I did assume that you were not part of the University of Miami football team in 2013. You did not fight and win those 9 games that you see fit to trash an imply were easy games against cupcake opponents.

It is a 3-4 because one of the DE's is standing up reading the play instead of trying to get upfield and in the backfield. Technically your right about us being in 4-3 most of the gm but D'no scheme plays more like 3-4 because it's to much read and react. It's boring and I'm sick of the soft zone BS

Pack him a salami sandwich-

This guy is one of the worst coaches in UM history an absolute phony-A snakeoil salesman.

He was in charge of this football team and we got the worst UM defense in its storied history over the last two years.

Good bye you overrated joke of a coach.

Briles is staying at Baylor, Mora at UCLA.. No word from Golden tells me he's going if he can make a deal. D'Onofrio may be the hangup. I'm pretty sure they don't want him as DC anymore than we do. Bottom Line, Golden's gone, Coach D is linebackers or D line Coach at Pa. State, but not DC. Any ideas on our next Coach???

First off golden hasn't seen press since this story broke so he can't deny it. He and his family have denied every report that has come out talking about how they love miami. Penn state might be the one job he would take over the u but he grew up a cane fan so u never know. He has always said he sees this as a destination job not a stepping stone. I hope he stays those wanting him gone will regret it if he does leave because miami could end up losing all relevance and never make it back to glory days if he leaves.

I dare them to hire Golden!
He hasn't done or won anything.
It would be UM's blessing if he were hired away. A dream come true to real fans.

Cola and GKC,

I think your analysis of the nature of the changing game is spot on. No defensive scheme is going to fully deliver like the days of yore...This year and especially the bowl season help prove that. Alabummer and MSTU games demonstrative of that for sure!

However, OUR defense under AG/DNO has become an outlier of abject failures. Of course there are a myriad of reasons, that we have all beat to death, with great points made on all sides. For this fan, the overall stats and types of losses just don't lie.

To all the posters who lump us "haters" with unrealistic expectations of NCs every year or close to it? Nope.

I am a fan of all of CFB now; because of this program's success before and when I attended school here.

I, for one, am a pragmatist when it comes to acknowledging the changes in the game and ebbs & flows of parity. That all gets factored into where this team stands in the grand scheme of things - yes, trading on the past as hopeful prologue, but not living in it...

I think there is enough information to conclude and predict that AG is not an utter failure, nor a savior; he's just mediocre.

Ergo, I pray for his departure in light of this limited time PSU opportunity, but fully expect him to remain for better and worse.

Either way, it is gonna be great to see him start to really succeed or begin the decline enough to see him eventually replaced...because Um football will have its greatness moments again, it's just a matter of when and under whose regime.

In the meantime, for me, the rest of CFB is too much fun.

Go Canes; deliver us from Golden, PSU!

Yankee, be sure to look up Dick Lebeuw and tell him had badly his scheme sucks.

He doesn't have to hold a Press Conference to say he's staying or leaving, for that matter. With all this going on, he can't be recruiting because any potential recruit would be asking the logical question and he would have to answer. So, where the hell is he????

if he leaves we lose the whole recruiting class...Miami crapped on again.

All the Golden supporters on this blog have drunk the "mediocrity cool aid" that the UM Administration is shelling out through their 560 WQAM PR Machine.

Guzio and Donno this morning said they would be content with Golden staying here until the end of his contract, year 2020, even if he didn't win a National Championship, because it shows stability. So, as long as he doesn't use UM as stepping stone for another job, he can stay here for another six years and win 7 to 8 to 9 games a year, and everything would be hunkie dorie. Really? What an insecure, defeatest attitude.

Right now we are at year 13 since we won it all. If we go with QAM's notion, we will have gone 19 years without winning a championship.


From 1983 to 2002, another 19 year period, the U won 5 National Championships and competed in another 4. Even with the Butch Davis era probation, where we were out of the mix for five years, the breakdown still adds up that we were competing for a National Championship every other year. That is the 20 year standard we need to live by.

I do not want to hear that it is a different era either. Saban came in and got Bama out of their 16 year drought after only being on the job three years. He has won three out of the past four years.

IT CAN CERTAINLY BE DONE....WITH THE RIGHT COACH. Big risk to give unproven Golden another year let alone six years through his extension to HOPE AND WISH he can do it.

Too many other proven good coaches out there that are a step up from Golden: Butch, Schiano, Jay Gruden, Chudz, Petrino, Orgeron, Jim Leavett, Jim Hasslet, Pat Narduzzi, Raheem Morris, Mike Singletary, etc.

Beed, agree with your comments. Btw, I'm much less a fan of CFB than I used to be and not just because we are mediocre. I must be the only guy in America who doesn't want to see 51-48 games, but I think they are b o r i n g.

GKC, Lebeau's 3-4 he blitz's 50% of the time, do we. And if u love the way r defense has played the last 3 yrs maybe u should call ur self GatorLover

IF the guy wants to go back to his alma mater then great! Doesn't everyone that gets into that business thing about coaching the team he played for. Lots of reasons for him to stay especially considering what he has been through the past 3 yrs but like Bear Bryant said, "when Momma calls, you have go home!" Just be sure to take you DC with you! Really though think of this, when most coaches are wanting to be where they are and their name comes up, they come out and say thanks but no thank. Look at Briles and Mora today and the bowl game has been over for almost a week and he has not said anything unless I missed something!

He doesn't have to hold a press conference saying he's staying or leaving?!?!

I think he does if he's staying. His name is in all the college football outlets as one of the 2 candidates for a another job. That would leave us with weeks to find a new coach and a recruiting class that is now in play.

His silence says a lot. We need to go after a new coach...today.

GKC I agree with u though about 51-48 gms, very boring

Golden had to reach out for this job if he's not saying anything.

I want Golden out of here today.

I don't have to look for excuses.
Posted by: mainecane | January 03, 2014 at 01:27 PM

We know...you've just embodied them and they've become an ingrained portion of every single post U make.

U make not look for excuses, but U should because the ones you've been reverberating here all season are old and disproven over 100 times each.

I have been enjoying the heck out of the reddit.com/r/cfb pages - came across this Alabummer fan's great perspective on things:

"As an avid Bama fan (Roll Tide) my entire life that happens to be unlucky enough to both work and live in LSU territory... I have to say that coming into work tonight and seeing the Bama fans that took the trip out to the Sugar Bowl have made this loss worthwhile. I didn't get to make it to the game this year, because of well.. work and money and such. But this game seemed to have humbled the spirits of our fan base. We needed it.
We've been looking down at the masses from our crimson thrones and haven't been able to put a normal football season in perspective. Even when we've hit a low point, the season has worked out in our favor more than it hasn't lately. Don't get me wrong, being on the "normal" side of football season after the last game feels awful. But we haven't gotten to see it enough to respect and feel good about hoisting trophies and over drinking our success.
To the folks that are sitting at the house, overly drunk and disheartened. Do us a favor and keep the Cade death threats and the anti-Bama crap to yourselves this time around. Let the feeling soak in, so you can appreciate it when we get back to the top again. For the love of all things holy, remember how it feels this time around. Drop the hate. Love our team! Roll Tide."

Is a mixed bag on our situation, but gives ammunition to both sides of the argument hereabouts.

Mora stays...huh.
Franklin and Golden in tha mix....

The silence from Golden is making me giddy.

I do confess that because of some of the good points defending AG, I wonder if my thoughts are misplaced about AG...maybe he does just need some more time...

GO Canes. Regardless.

Still want PSU to take him off our hands.

Contending for the NC every year is winning. THAT is Miami tradition. Golden may respect it, but he's in no way capable of replicating it.

Posted by: Cane87 | January 03, 2014 at 01:06 PM


That was the tradition in the late 80's/and for a few years under Erickson and for exactly 2 years at the turn of the century. Wake up....it's 2014.

Your expectations are completely unrealistic.

The game has changed since Jimmy Johnson was coach. I know. I went to every home game while he was the coach and virtually every one of them when Erickson was the coach.

Golden isn't leaving just leveraging UM again, into another undeserved raise for he and D'No.

At least once every 5 yrs we should be playing for a title. Hopefully at least winning one a decade. With the dominance we've shown before that's not asking to much.

The latest. AG speaks!


I don't know whether to be disappointed or glad. I agree Golden seems to be the real deal, yet the bowl game was a huge embarrassment to the program and I believe the Virginia Tech game was the final straw for us long time cane fans & alums. Still I believe AG could have taken care of things. Now it is a moot point & we will probably see another disastrous recruiting year. So let's start from scratch again.
PS- Good to see racist Calvin thinking randy Shannon should come back. I can't tell if he is a bigger racist or moron!

"But a Penn State source told ESPN's Joe Schad that Golden agreed to speak about the opening as early as Friday because: "It would be coming home. There is a sense of obligation about listening about coming home to Penn State."

AG reportedly saying that he'd "like to go home"....If true, then does that sour any AG supporters for being willing to bail on us? Or are you going to discredit us bloggers for running him off?

Because reading the comments sections from PSU fans, seems we're no worse than what the Vandy fans and PSU fans are saying about their own programs...A rape scandal at Vandy with Franklin being the scapegoat!?

One PSU commentor reporting that PSU is throwing out a 4.4 million/year deal at either...


Reading through the comments on the tabloid espn, many are in support of Al Golden going to PSU. He has a great deal of people blinded by the Windsor Knot. There has to be a way that hire comes to be.

Now Bowl Game Choker Bob is saying that he was a prophet. Anyone with knowledge will tell you that you can only play 11 at a time. No matter how many elite players you have.

Bowl Game Choker Bob let loose that undersized, speedy linebacker from Florida, too.

Y'all do realize that this is year 1 for Coach Golden. First year that the cloud of the NCAA investigation is gone

stop the madness, urban meyer at ohio state came in under a NCAA cloud and under the cloud he coached his team to 12-0. i like Al but in year 3, the team should look much, much better then they do. dont even think about blaming the players. Michigan state had 2 and 3 star guys now the have one of the best defenses in the country. after 3 years, and players still look unsure or are not executing like the should thats all on the coaches. a good coach can take average players and have them looking like a well oiled machine. if al is even close to being the man, he should have had multiple firings on his staff by now. you cant just hold the players accountable and let the paid staff run free with no accountability.

Actually it is his wife's home which weighs a lot in these decisions. Have to remember that Butch's wife was not happy in Miami! ESPN reports he agrees to talk with PSU, start looking now and salvage as much of the 14' recruiting class as possible. Bring in another hungry cowboy willing to make the talent already in the Gables proud to be Canes!!!

And OSU went 6-6 in 2011. Urban took Tressel's disheartened worldbeaters and beat the snot outta the overrated big 10, but beat the snot outta them anyways.

MSTU's unheralded recruits got coached the EFF-up, even though it took Dantonio 7 years to get here...

So many shades of grey/gray....

Golden isn't leaving just leveraging UM again, into another undeserved raise for he and D'No.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 03, 2014 at 03:24 PM

The PSU job and now Jim Mora has turned down Texas. I was thinking that too, HTC.

If Miami's administration and leading booster increase his pay. They will have completely destroyed the Miami Hurricanes' football program.

ok say he leaves,who takes over???

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