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Duke Johnson says he doubts he'll be back for spring football; Miami lands 2015 commitment

The Miami Herald's Safid Deen, who covers recruiting for us, bumped into Hurricanes running back Duke Johnson at a South Florida Express 7-on-7 practice Sunday morning.

Johnson, whose season came to an abrupt end when he broke his ankle against national champion Florida State, covered a few topics including whether or not he thinks he will be back on the field for spring practice.

"I don't believe I will," Johnson told Deen. "But if anything changes, you'll see. But I don't really think so."

Johnson guessed he was about "a month and a half to two months" away from participating to on field activities. Johnson said he is lifting weights.

Johnson said the rumors about coach Al Golden leaving for Penn State earlier this month were exactly what he and the team believed them to be "rumors."

Johnson said Golden never spoke to the team about the rumors.

"We didn't feel the need to," Johnson said. "We looked at it as just rumor as that's what it was. Nothing took place that we know of. Nothing really happened. He's still here. There was no need to have a talk with us. We're moving on to our season and don't have time for distractions such as that."

> Canesport.com and InsideTheU.com reported Sunday that Miami received a commitment from 2015 offensive lineman Kevin Feder of Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey. Feder (6-9, 305) is rated a three-star recruit according to both sites.

> Both sites also reported 2014 commitment Demetrius Jackson, a 6-4, 220-pound defensive end from Miami Booker T. Washington "solidified his commitment" to the Hurricanes after taking his official visit this weekend. Jackson reportedly canceled an official visit he had planned for Texas Tech next weekend.


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An Unranked NO STAR elivated to barely a 3-Star by Rivals Because U offered him unlike ANY, and I mean ANY other D-1 Program so U dopes would subscribe to find out more about this scrub scout teamers.

Golden brigade of Unranked Project to close heading to signing day begins.. after 4-5 decommits, U got at least 8-9 more "Projects" to come as Al deals out the remaing raffle ticket schollies.

ESPN - No Star - Unranked

Scout- No Star Unranked

Hey, but maybe he'll block an extra point someday as a Red-Shirt Senior on Senior Day..

How about going to whatever team your a fans of page and stay off Miami's page if you don't like em.

Lifeless individual, seen this same tool in another blog w the same nonsense. Are you that lonely. LOL. Idiot

it's a 2015 commit and scout has him as a 3 star. I get updates when miami signs recruits and this ol is a 3 star.

Gators Lead for NO STAR 2014 Tackle Cajuste. Stetson is pushing hard. He likes Stetson because they actually beat Georgia Southern. He also likes the fact that Gators can teach him how to block his own teammates during a live game.

Gotta love the Jorts-wearin stargazers! All those wonderful classes at Trailer U.

Get your hanky's ready for next year cupcake. It aint getting any better.

D[]_[]KE will BE BACK next Season, Win the Heisman, Lead []_[]s to the ACC TITLE and BCS BOWL GAME as we go 13-1 NEXT YEAR !!!

fellas, don't feed illiterate trolls.




Canefan. Bama ran a 3-4 thruthe last few yrs any problem w that you dumba55?

Anybody comparing the version of the 3/4 our Mac staff runs to ANYTHING Saban does is the dumba55!!

Can we not throw $$$$$ at orgeron to run this damn defense????

AG and his lover (D CORCH) were just told by Duke Johnson when he will be ready and not when "the process" warrants it...

AG you need to say like ET..."AG GO HOME"...


Darrell Langham 6'5" with great leg turnover. He's slight at ~200lbs but he runs strong in 4.5 range. Nice project.

my point exactly you brain dead dement- UM doesnthave the personnle, whether its a 3-4 4-3 or ehatever. Ums's defense would still s-k even if Bill Belchik was running it.

So go back to your trailer you deadbeat loser and stop commenting on this blog

Tell that to the recruiting services that have UM no worse than 5th in the acc since 2007

We land Cali QB and keep who's verbally in.....with what we already have should make for a more productive year. We'll go into next season with a less than battletested QB under center. Defense will have to lead the way and The DC will be living in a Fish bowl all year. DC...U better stupid up yo game BRAH!!!

With all the 2 and 3 stars we should win the MAC and very possible get a BCS bid by going undefeated in our conference.

The mac.500 NEVER won the mac either!!

"less than battletested QB under center. "

He was a starter at Memphis. Don't underestimate his experience and time in Coley's system by next season.

Mike Smith and Demetrius Jackson shut it down. []_[] bound! keep them home and close strong.

Bellicheck had all kind of injuries wilfork,mayo and spikes were injured. Bellicheck gets the most out less talented defensive layers. You don't watch Bellicheck obviously. Al bundy and staff needs to go shadow them and learn how to make adjustments.

Where have I seen those same excuses for the last 3 years. Only Bellicheck didn't deal with the ncaa. blah blah blah same excuses

One of the primary reasons fans were initially excited about Golden's hire was his so-called ability to recruit. Here we are 3 seasons later and that ability has yet to show up. Kevin Feder can go start his Culinary Arts program for all I care. He is not ranked in any major publication and does not hail from South Florida. I'm not against projects but this is hardly a difference maker on any level. Questions about Golden and the Penn State job are totally ridiculous as Penn State is way too smart to offer an unproven Golden the job.

“I feel like things are going in the right direction and Miami’s program will make a big change for next year. Our recruiting class can really help speed up that process.”

Cane commit Mike Smith.

Remember when the uF dude was guaranteeing stiff penalties from the NCAA were coming our way?...Tick, Tick, Tick....remember???
Then puff!! Nothing.

I keep trying to tell him maybe he and the rest of the uF family should concentrate more on the ON FIELD RESULTS.

Miami 21- uF 16.



ya got nothin' dude.

I think golden is a pretty good recruiter. Coley, Duke, Howard, and this current class. Not bad under the circumstances. I think we will be very talented so no excuses.

First off, the penn disgrace morons had not to much to do with duke coming here and they damyum show wasn't the deciding factor for tracy howard coming here, you can credit alot of HIM for duke coming here:


And you can credit malcom lewis, duke & deon bush for tracy howard coming here, never really mentioned the penn disgrace morons:


stacy coley, had a lil more to do with james coley. This thing about the moron being a great recruiter is pathetic, he has done nothing as far as recruiting goes that's been impressive.

so what top kids are about to commit to dah U ?

none ... absolutely none...

Well, he had to show them some love for them to come. Would they have come for anyone? Who knows. Either way, there's talent here, so I don't excuse the loses to Duke and VA Tech.

I'm not sure kids committed to the former fsu water boy either.

Brad Kaaya is also a great get. Going into Socal and pulling a kid like that when you're under the threat of sanctions is solid work.

ag is a stupid, deer in the headlights moron on both defense and offense.

Defense wins championships. Look at the low scores of the losers yesterday in the pro playoffs. In contrast, Miami gives up huge yardage and huge numbers of points each game in ag and d'os bend and break, prevent-the-win zone NO pass coverage, NO pressure up front, NO defense.

On offense, moron ag uses Duke Johnson to run into defensive linemen outweighing him by double and then, morons wonder why little halfbacks get injured. A smart coach would utilize the speed of little players such as on short passing routes up field, get open, catch the ball, and get on the ground before getting killed.

Use a big tight end as a ball carrying fullback behind huge linemen when short yardage is needed. Remember refrigerator Perry. Who is going to stop him for less than 3 yards??

Use a big tight end as a ball carrying fullback behind huge linemen when short yardage is needed. Remember refrigerator Perry. Who is going to stop him for less than 3 yards??

Posted by: Cane72
A TE carrying the ball on short yardage?? Really??? Not a good idea, a TE is usually 6-4 or better and it's not easy for someone that tall to be taking a handoff in the backfield, I mean they're a TE for a reason. A Fullback is what is required for your way of thinking. However, I do agree with your comments about our D, it's GOT to CHANGE.

Congrats to Orlando Franklin for keeping the Canes in the Super Bowl streak going.

Occasionally handing the ball off to a TE is not a bad idea. It worked for the Broncos yesterday. It is not the solution to all of the Canes' woes, however...

Yeah they handed off to Virgil Green once for 6yds, but I mean maybe on a gimmick play or something, but short yardage a short dump off pass or screen or a power running play, and not just handing to DJ and having plow through on his own, more often than not it probably won't work. He needs a lead blocker so he can be more explosive.

a lot more to this.....duke not happy....

More on Duke | Nov 4th

His surgery was today, I'll get a read out from sources later but here's a big chunk on Duke. But I had a long talk with someone close to him today and wanted to let you guys go behind the veil.
He actually wanted to leave Miami at several points and times last year. He's been very frustrated with the coaches during his tenure here and he's had people in his ear trying to keep him level headed and focused on the bigger prize. He's often had to take up for himself and less talented teammates. A text came in recently from Duke saying "I hate these F*(^*ing coaches" to a mentor. There's a lot going on behind the scenes.

To give you an example of the kind of thing he's gone through (all facts, no embellishing) here's a story:
Duke was injured because of blocking on a reverse earlier this year and Golden called him out in front of the whole team saying 'who told you to block like that?' Duke just looked at AG and was thinking to himself that that's the way the coaches at Miami instructed him to block. Golden then went on to say that Duke was always getting hurt and couldn't stay on the field. Right after that, Duke fired off the text above.

Duke's handlers had to continue to monitor his emotions all last season as he phoned numerous times about being very unhappy. The sense I'm continually getting is that Miami coaches have trouble connecting with certain players and treating them a bit harsh. Some may say it's football, but when your star player is saying he wants to transfer to West Virginia, that should be cause for concern. The south Florida athlete is a different kind of guy and I've seen that with my involvement and covering youth football.

Duke stayed on and just fought through stuff. He's being reminded about the bigger picture and he's definitely gone after next season, don't even think about him staying, it's confirmed. He's already tracking his draft status. He's telling people close to him that he's projected late first early second in the 2015 draft right now (pre-injury). He's determined to come back bigger, faster and stronger.

he wants to get strong....not come back too early for spring.....it all makes sense now

He should go after next season, he's good enough to play in the NFL.

Duke is as true a Cane as there is.

Wow thanks so much for all your insider info Gallo 4, what would we do without your helpful comments.

Gallo your a turd!

Russell Maryland was a 3 star athlete for all of you recruiting gurus. Stars don't mean dick. It's whether a player fits into your program, and really wants to be part of the program.

Some of you guys make me want to puke.

It's funny how some of you trolls are so obsessed with Miami football.

I talked to Duke at my hotel at the Hilton in Orlando for the bowl game. Duke luvs the U always has. Don't believe otherwise from folks creating rumors

Thanks for the post, and this might seem like a big favor. But I wanted to get a second opinion on http://www.munstereyecare.com and see what your thoughts were on an eye doctor clinic?

The only troll dumber than gallo is reality bites and they are probably the same person. 2 or 3 stars=Reggie Wayne, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Ray Lewis. 5 stars=John Brantley and Jeff Driskell. Enough said. After UF going 4-8 and losing to UM this year and losing 7 of last 8 and 12 of last 15 to UM, no wonder they are too scared to play us. No undefeated seasons ever for UF compared to 3 for UM and FSU! Even St. Timmy Tebow lost to Ole Miss! Losers

Golden will have plenty of excuses this year, Miami will never be anywhere with Golden and his friend the DC, its ashame admin and Blake dont react, but wait for this next season to end, many surprizes will be on schedule. Golden doesnt know how to coach on gameday or run correct schemes, DC is going to take another 5 years to learn football at Miamis expense cut his last check today, better without him.

To be torched like canes have , the kids can't believe in defensive or offensive schemes.

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