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Entire first part, word for word, of Al Golden interview with Joe Rose regarding Penn State

Joe Rose: Coach, how are you?

Al Golden: “Good Joe, how you doing today.’’ (Joe Rose laughs a lot here)

 Joe Rose: What was your weekend like?

 Al Golden:  “Well, one of the reasons I released a statement yesterday was because speculation had grown so much that I thought I would be able to get to my press conference or even this conversation with you on Monday but I opted to release a statement so that we could move forward here.’’

 Joe Rose: Penn State comes down here. The search committee comes down to interview you. Obviously you went to school there. You were captain of the football team. You coached there. You did recruiting from there. Did you ever feel like when they were coming down, did you feel like you were ever close to taking the job? Could you just kind of help Canes fans out what your whole thinking process was?

 Al Golden: “The thing is, over the last couple years I haven’t responded to any of this speculation of any school. Last year I was in a recruit’s home and they had me going to another school. The biggest thing is I’m not a candidate for another position and I stand behind the statement I made yesterday. I was in the office Thursday and Friday evaluating every aspect of the program and I’m excited to move forward.’’

 Joe Rose: We’ll close it up. Obviously you’ve got a great reputation up there, Coach. I think everybody knows that. I understood if you did meet with them for those reasons. Hell, you met your wife there. I think you met your wife in the sports department up there. So, obviously it’s a special place for you. Was it ever, like, you had to be curious about the job, Coach, a little bit, yes?

 Al Golden: “Joe, I just can’t get, again, from a professional standout I’ve never discussed any other positions. As I said yesterday, I’m not a candidate. I’m excited to be here. I’m eager to welcome our guys back. We have incoming guys coming in Wednesday. The whole staff returns today. We’ve got a staff meeting here in a little while and we’re moving forward.’’

 Rose: “Were you aware this weekend of all the stuff that was out there both up in HappyValley and that area and down here and all the different reports on you?

 Golden: “I became aware of it with [athletic director] Blake [James]. There’s no way we’ll be able to get to this conversation. Obviously that’s why we released the statement. So, we’re moving forward and back at work today.’’



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BS.....al golden had an agreement in principle in place with PSU. 3 days went by and silence from him......then he tried to firm up the agreement by going to contract but PSU wasn't ready.....he tried to force their hand..

al golden wasn't just listening to an offer with the intention of staying at UM.....HE WAS GONE AS OF TODAY if PSU took him up and went to contract yesterday...

golden loyalist are trying to do damage control is all.....have your opinions, that's fine.....but these 2 were looking to escape coral gables..

Listening to Golden's WQAM interview with Joe Rose,Rick Scott and Charlie Crist have nothing on the Politician Golden. With his tap dancing, salesman pitches, and talking out of both sides of his cheek, he should run for governor. However, he is an Empty Suit, spewing biased statistics, without the most important result: WINNING.

He sounds more like a Boiler Room Salesman reading a script in his phone interview, than a coach who needs to have URGENCY in winning.

Once again, he talks, process, patience,and "we're not yet where we want to be". Can you imagine Saban, Bellichek, or even Urban Meyer saying: "We're not yet where we want to be (after three years)". The fan base and or organizations/adminstration's would eat those guys up with such a complacent comment.

Cut the excuses and have URGENCY TO WIN NOW. UM FANS, Ex Players, Administration..... HOLD THIS GUY ACCOUNTABLE!

He is a true salesman, throwing in tie downs like: "Make Sense?", "Are you with me?". Just so he can sell people on his argument. Trying to get Joe off topic.

This guy is an EMPTY SUIT SALESMAN. Get rid of this guy.

Multiple sources told CaneSport.com and Blue White Illustrated, working in tandem on Saturday, that Golden had an agreement in principle to become Penn State's Head Coach. A press conference announcing the hire was set to take place on Monday.

But overnight something happened that inspired Penn State to agree to talk to former Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak on Sunday morning. CaneSport had previously reported that Golden expected the deal finalized today.

But when rumors of the Munchak flirtation circulated Sunday morning, sources told CaneSport that Golden informed Penn State that he wanted a contract to sign today. When it didn't happen by 4 p.m. - with pressure growing throughout South Florida - he backed out of the deal.

"CaneSport ‏@CaneSport 5h
CaneSport stands by all reports on Golden / P. State romance. Deal blew up today when Golden pressed for contract to sign after Munchak leak"

why didn't Joe Rose ask him about this?.....both these sources stand by this story.....

What a douche bag Golden is. I can't wait for one of his apologists to come with a spin for this in true Gator fan-like, Tebow worship fashion. Like we owe him for his existence on Earth.

Canesport is children's gossip playground.

Butch Davis will never coach at Miami again. Everyone hated him the first time he was here. But then again, I'm actually old enough to remember that. It appears most of the people posting here were still in diapers when he was the coach or they would remember losing to East Carolina or.....perhaps the most embarrassing loss in recent UM history Syracuse 66 UM 13.

Butch had a great record vs FSU too. 1-5. Vs VT 1-5.

Yep Butch Davis was the second coming of Jimmy Johnson.

Butch Davis' record in his third year at UM 5-6. Al Golden's record in his third year at UM 9-4...

Grow up idiots.

I have the utmost respect for Coach Davis, but you guys either were still getting lunch money from Mommy when he was the coach or you just have selective memories.

Either way you are just wrong- PERIOD.

How many of you were at the OB when Jimmy beat OU. I was.

Don't believe everything you read gallo. I read your stuff you are smarter than that. Canesport had everything dead wrong now Gary furman, in an effort to be the first to report this when no one else did, now has severe egg on his face. He is likely to be excommunicated by Miami and AG. Even the penn st site issues an apology for their bogus reporting. AG is staying, get behind it.

Gary furman is an utter waste!! He never reports things correctly and his site is complete crap. This is not the first time he has reported the wrong information but this one is bigger than anything he has done. He literally should be fired for his lack of discipline and awful reporting. He and his site now lacks zero credibility. How can anyone ever believe what this guy says ever again?!

The media is cautious of stating their thoughts of the actual events.

It is widely thought that PSU was more interested in Mike Munchak than Al Golden. Which lead to Al Golden's reluctant return to Miami. After he was refused the head coach position.

With the local media at PSU showing that excuses by Bill O'Brien were not accepted. Which is the basis of Al Golden's existence in Miami. Along with a lack of local in depth journalism in examining anything that Al Golden does. Only allowing accurate information to come out, after he was turned down for the PSU job.

No PSU wasn't more or less interested. They want franklin but he's going nfl. Al did courtesy interview, he's here for a long time, so Racists like Calvin and idiots like Gallo go away.

I cant believe Golden actually has the audacity to say things are trending positively with this defense!!! I'd rather he man up, be honest, and just say, "Look, the guy is my BFF and he's not going anywhere!!" SMH....

Hey Harriet Tubman: Go rescue someone else's program! We're good here.
Glad to see Al is with us, and Go Canes!


The way the media is handling Goldy "with care" is similar to what was going on at Pedo St with Paterno. They never questioned or held him accountable and that's why you had the Sandusky situation and supposedly no one knew what was going on. It's sickening the way these hacks follow orders and not do their jobs.

Now they want to criticize Gary Ferman and not the guy that went looking for another job while he was already hired at the U.

The timing of munchak being fired threw everything off. Franklin didn't want the job, munchak wasn't available yet and golden was just out there. The reporters give golden a pass and hardly ever put his feet to the fire. Duped them again. Golden probably will get better just not confident he has enough coaching prowess to win a NC.

Gallo do you have a job? Or family? Or friends? Or girlfriend? Any hobbies? Because it seems to me your sole purpose on this earth is to post on Miami Herald online articles and personally I think you're a pathetic little fruit fly - and I would feel that way whether I agreed with you or not.

* Braxton Berrios: "I was beyond happy - I saw (the news) on Twitter, and coach (Brennan) Carroll and coach (Al) Golden messaged me. Coach Golden said `Sorry about all the noise, thanks for hanging in there, let's do it.'"

Berrios adds "Everything was so kept quiet I didn't know what to expect. I didn't think he was going, but thought there was a pretty good possibility he would. I was anxious he was leaving, so when I found out he was staying I was beyond excited that we didn't have to go through the coaching changes, recruiting issues.

"Especially with me coming in two days (as an early enrollee) it would have been a really big culture shock to get down there and know nobody. It's a real relief. I'm ready to get the ball rolling."

* Nigel Bethel III: "A Cane fan told me the news on Twitter - I didn't feel he was ever leaving. When I committed he told me had a six-year deal at Miami, so I trusted his word."

If Golden had left, Bethel said it "wouldn't really" have affected the recruiting class.

"Coach (James) Coley played a big part, helped, and coach Golden stamped it," Bethel said.

* Tyre Brady: "I heard on Twitter. I was very excited. It was great. I'm excited he's staying."

Brady says regardless he would have stuck with the Canes.

* Trevor Darling: "I was pretty happy about it. But I kind of knew he would stay. He knew we had something going on here."

If Golden had left?

"I still would have stayed with Miami," Darling said.

* Trent Harris (who just got the news from this reporter): "Oh, good, thank you Lord! I can't wait to get there, just to give him a big hug.

"I'm 100 percent committed to Miami regardless of if he was coming back or not."

* Kiy Hester: "Was a little nervous, but happy he's staying and now I'm focused on preparing to get ready for next year and helping the team."

Hester said if Golden had left he might have decommitted, saying it "depends who would have come in (as new coach)."

* Calvin Heurtelou: "I hadn't heard he was staying. I'm excited."

Heurtelou also said his plans to arrive Jan. 8 have hit a snag, but he hopes to arrive in late January before the last day to add classes.

He has already signed with UM.

Courtel Jenkins: "It was good, nice to hear the news he was staying. It made me feel more comfortable with going there."

Jenkins said, had Golden left, "I probably would have decommitted."

Darrell Langham: "I didn't even know he was thinking about leaving. I wasn't on Twitter, hadn't been paying attention.

"I first heard about it this morning, but I wasn't thinking about it much."

* Ryan Mayes: "That's really great. He's a really good coach in my eyes. He looks out for the kids. That's good he's coming back.

"I was worried (he'd leave). It wouldn't have affected my commitment, but it would have been a letdown because I'm looking forward to him coaching me."

* Terry McCray: "I wasn't sure what would happen. It's great that he's staying."

KC McDermott: "I didn't think he was going to leave. I wasn't worried."

If Golden had left, would it have affected the class in a major way?

"It wouldn't have been a big affect on us," McDemott said.

Powell would have enrolled early at a different school if Golden hadn't stayed
* Brandon Powell: "Coach Golden sent me a message today on Twitter saying sorry for everything, that he's staying at Miami. I wanted to play for coach Golden, so when I found out he was staying I was happy."

Powell, who is arriving early, says if Golden had left that he would not have reported to Miami this week.

"I had another school I would have gone to

* Malik Rosier: "I'm happy. He's a great man. And it would change a lot for me because if he would of left I might not be able to play both baseball and football.

* Mike Smith: "I'm excited. I found out from a sports app on my phone. Him coming back, it'll help the older guys out for next year so they don't have to transition to a whole new system, and it helps us having the system already in place, to build."

Smith said if Golden had left he's "not sure" if he would have decommitted.

* Chad Thomas: "I was just happy, happy he's staying."
"I still would have stayed committed," Thomas said

* Michael Wyche: "I heard the news - Anthony Chickillo and me and good friends, so he told me. Oh man, I'm very happy. I really wanted him to stay. He's a great coach, players' coach."

Wyche has already signed with UM, so he would have been a Cane regardless.

* Juwon Young: "It's always good for a good head coach to stay. I love the U and keeping Golden is a plus and I know he would love a national championship team."

Young said he would have stuck with his commitment even had Golden left.

So to all you slurpers it's obvious the U is bigger then a .500 coach. See how many of these kids were still coming to Miami even if lying Goldy had left.

Canesport has ZERO credibility. They are a fan site run by a bunch of nerds and they just make up stuff and hope it turns out to be true. They don't have any real sources. They post rumors as if they are true.

The following is my pure opinion - I believe Golden was interested in the Penn State job and he interviewed with them. When they were not ready to make him an immediate offer he decided to save face by giving them an ultimatum, which Penn State balked at. Of course Penn State should conduct its full search and not just hand the job to Golden. They owe it to the school to interview all candidates and select the best one.

Golden's interview with Joe Rose was just more of the same. He continues to make excuses for the defense and unbelievably is trying to convince everyone that the defense improved from last year. He completely ignores that the schedule was much easier, with FAU and Savannah State home games swapped for road games against Kansas State and Notre Dame (Soldier Field was not neutral...). In ACC play, the team was no better and was actually worse in may games than the previous year. Someone should do a a side by side comparison of total yards given up and points in ACC play in 2012 and 2013. That is the true measure of whether the defense improved, because the teams are nearly all the same.

So far, I have yet to hear a compelling argument as to why Golden is a good coach. He is a good recruiter, speaker, and appears to have a firm grasp on administrative duties necessary for a college coach. There is no evidence that he is a good FOOTBALL coach. Randy Shannon had top recruiting classes and a number one overall recruiting class and it got him nowhere because none of the players were developed once they arrived at Miami. Right now, it looks like the same trend is continuing under Golden. On defense, I can think of only one player (Gunter) who has improved since he has arrived at Miami. Golden and his staff have only outcoached one team (Florida) since they have been here. They have only beaten one team (Florida) with equal or greater talent. If Savannah State and FAU were replaced with Kansas State and Notre Dame this team would have been 7-5 again. Miami's conference record was the SAME in 2013 as it was in 2012 (5-3). Incidentally, the conference record was also the same as in 2010, Shannon's last year.

I cannot believe Golden is not willing to hold his defensive coordinator accountable or even acknowledge that the scheme needs to improve. 100% of the blame is on personnel. The media is letting Golden get away with spin and deflection. Somebody please ask him if he believes the coaching staff has gotten the most out of the defense. Ask him to name players who have improved on defense over the past three years. Ask him if there was ever a circumstance where he would make a change at defensive coordinator. Ask him what the Canes stats were against ACC teams in 2013 v. 2012. Ask him if giving up 8 minute 80 yard drives to opposing offenses allows the opposing defense to rest. Maybe that is an explanation for why Miami's offense tends to sputter? The opposing defense is almost always fresh because it gets to rest for extended periods of time while Miami's defense is getting picked apart. Ask if giving up over 500 yards a game is a sign that the defense is getting the most out of it's players. Please do your job.

How many of you were at the OB when Jimmy beat OU. I was.

Posted by: James | January 06, 2014 at 08:17 AM

I was! It's just a bunch of fair weather fans with no clue as to how to run a football team. Just hours of watching it on TV and hours of playing it on video games but absolutely no real life experience.

But as they always say, "I have a right to my opinion!" Even though that opinion lacks knowledge and experience. Manly, a bunch of fat guys wanting to be those athletes they support while they line up for days or travel 100s of miles for silly autographs. LOL

Thanks for the update, Duval.

I agree with everything you said Sunny Dee 100%. It really disappoints me too that our local media wont hold him accountable for not holding his staff accountable too. Al Golden's a good guy, good speaker, good face of the program type of guy. But, when it really comes down to the X's and O's, he doesnt have it. There's an article over on Yahoo Sports right now about how they feel Charlie Strong doesn't have political prowess to navigate Texas football, but nobody doubts his coaching ability. Personally I'd rather have an X's and O's type of guy that has the team ready to play on game day, instead of a smooth talker who's expertise is deflecting blame.

360Cane - were people really spending hours playing football on video games in 1987? I know Ten Yard Fight was out then, but I don't think many people were playing that game and then thinking they could coach a football team. Tecmo Bowl wasn't even released at that point...

Hey slurpers, If Al is obviously doing such a good job why must you run from blog to blog trying to defend him? You guys are too funny.

This dude said we're trending upwards. Okay why didn't you can your butt buddy after 2012 when we finished #116th? Were we trending upward then?

Even the penn st site issues an apology for their bogus reporting.

Posted by: Vos | January 06, 2014 at 08:17 AM

I did not see that anywhere, with an internet search after your inaccurate comment.

The attempts to alter the truth has already begun. Al Golden fans are the most extreme sycophants, like the Tim Tebow worshipers.

The inaccurate information attempts cannot change Al Golden's lack of success here. Like it cannot alter his attempt to get PSU to rush and hire him. He wanted out and he was turned down.

Just as Tim Tebow fans use any and every excuse to not face the truth of his failure. Al Golden fans are using the similar playbook. Only it's a binder that these story tellers are using.

So 360Cane, are you saying that you are satisfied with the performance of the team? What about the defense?

Am I glad AG is staying yes, as I didn't want to lose our recruits. Am I glad that he's probably going to keep Dno, HELL NO! He better DAMN SURE make some type of changes because he HAS to see that our D schemes are just not working.

Those questions were soft. I'm expecting the same soft questions at his press conference today.

It's pretty clear he interviewed and either didn't get the job or wanted his offer last night so that he wouldn't have to go through with this press conference.

He doesn't want to be here, so why are we trying to keep him?

I will be very disappointed if Donofrio is not gone. I really thought that the move would be made before signing day, in fact right after the bowl game, during the dead period when it would not impact the recruits. It should happen as soon as he has a better candidate in hand.

I think the Penn State stuff delayed the move, but if as folks are saying no move at all will be made, that will be a real shame.

"Munchak was fired, according to reports from NFL.com, after he refused to make changes on his assistant coaching staff."

"Tom Landry was kicked aside by a new owner named Jerry Jones in Dallas. Don Shula resigned rather than make changes to his coaching staff in Miami. He certainly doesn’t act like a man ready for long"

When a head coach, even a great head coach like Don Shula, cannot part with any assistants, due to a sense of loyalty, that usually becomes their fatal flaw.

I am not saying he needs to do the Larry Coker thing and fire anyone that is disagreeing with his direction, but you HAVE TO make a change when the results on the field are not good enough when it matters.

BS.....you have 2 collaborating sites with the sources that are confirming this.....bluewhite illustrated is the PSU site.....they have sources inside that confirm......

its all over the place....golden/dnofrio were gone today if PSU agreed to go to contract yesterday.....

If you were at the OB when Jimmy beat OU then why is the current team acceptable to you?

That defense is a disgrace and it has nothing to do with talent. Do you really believe that Wake and Duke have more talent on their offense than we do on our defense? I didn't know Wake and Duke had top 20 recruiting classes.

360Cane - I was too young to be there, but great comments. I keep echoing the same thing. These clowns don't understand what it takes to compete, much less to win at a high level.

How do you know, Gallo you moron? Are you "in" with the PSU program like you are with, say, BC?

You are citing Rivals? The same source that had Golden going to Texas last year or Gruden having an "agreement in place" to coach the Canes?

You are an ass-monger in search of a story. STFU, you maggot.

We should still be interviewing head coaching candidates. Golden started the wheels in motion by trying to get himself the Penn St job, so why shouldn't we look to get rid of him. We also have a right to upgrade our situation.

It's not a matter of if Golden is out of here, it's when. You know that defense isn't getting fixed with that clown Dino running the show.

its all over the place....golden/dnofrio were gone today if PSU agreed to go to contract yesterday.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo

Ok Gallo we have 2 collaborating sites, we get it. It's done man, let it go. He's not going anywhere and I guess neither is Dno, so get back to your casualty lists or something.

@Butch Certainly Petrino. I agree with your name I say go at Butch Davis or Bobby Petrino. They both know how to win games. With the talent Miami has you wouldn't believe your own eyes when you see the Canes step on the field. I bet they will play a lot better under Petrino or Davis.

I was hoping and wishing that Al Golden would of left the Canes to go coach Penn St. Damn another unpredictable season. Fire Mark.D and hire a new Def coord.

Duval Cane,

Thanks for the update on recruits. Appreciate it.

James, I was not at the OU game, lived across the country, but taped it. If feeling down, wil play it. I love the first part at the coin toss where Jerome Brown turns away and says "Let's go Miami, baby!" And the crowd is going nuts at the old OB.

Agree with almost everything said here, whatever side of the Golden debate you are on. This episode has not inspired trust in Al Golden. I think the guy can recruit and has a number of other abilities required of a HC, as noted above.

But to support his DC after they have trashed UM defenses for three years, I can't respect that.

I did like how we stopped the run against UL. Then again, with Bridgewater, who needs to run?

I do not believe these guys have what it takes to field a highly competitive team at the national level.
But that is what we have, so maybe things will improve...

All in all, a somewhat demoralizing last few days for some of us Canes fans. For others, catastrophe has been avoided.

We shall see. Go Canes!

Welcome in new guys. Be difference makers! You can play at UM...Think about it.

al golden was looking to leave UM....plain and simple...spin it anyway you want..it doesn't matter....

the team is lost....PSU now doesn't want golden now...his stock is dropping right in front of him.....dnofrio is here next year.....UM has no QB......

its so over but you keep the faith that next year or the year after UM will be national champions, lol

I'm being optimistic, Penn State wanted to interview Munchak so maybe there's a chance they still offer Golden after that interview. I would have liked to keep Golden if he parted ways with D'No, but if he doesnt then they both can hit the door.

Good article, well reported. We rip you guys when you write needless articles, so I must applaud this one. Golden has actually carried himself VERY WELL throughout the process. It seems that fans would rather HEAR an outright lie (i.e. Nick Saban) than to not hear anything as in this case. People seem insulted or "left out"! As such, they will continue to make every wild assumption in the book. The bottom line is, Golden is back at the U; I think he would have been nuts to NOT have a conversation with his alma mater (who wouldn't), but I wish they would have hired Mark D'Onofrio instead so that we could be rid of him!

I still don't understand the amount of pure hate being spewed out here.

Golden rejected overtures from other schools, you used it as a reason to hate.
Golden listens to his alma mater, you used it as a reason to hate.
Reports say he is leaving, you used it as a reason to hate.
Reports say he is staying, you used it as a reason to hate.
Reports say he had breakfast this morning, you used it as a reason to hate.

He interviewed for another job, for more pay, just like anyone else would, so you claim he doesn't want to be here?
I guess Howard, Jimmy, Dennis, Butch, Cristobal, Gruden, Don Shula, and any OTHER coach that ever took a higher paying job are also traitors that you dispise so intensely that you accuse them of pedophilia and other disgusting claims made on here.

no problem....Golden Casualties and Discipline Issues:

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
luther campbell - #1 UM fan
tim ice harris - feeder coach
northwestern - feeder school
booker T - feeder school
carol city - feeder school
miami central - feeder school
norland - feeder school
Terry Richardson - RB coach
Jedd Fisch - OC
Geroge Mcdonald - WR coach
Mario Christobal - HC
Eddie Johnson - LB
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard - RB
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Seantrel Henderson - RT
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey – DT
Demetrius Jackson – DE
Travonte Valentine – DT
Ereck Flowers – OL 2014 very possible
Duke Johnson – RB 2014 very possible
Tracy Howard – CB 2014 very possible
Denzel Perryman – LB 2014 gone
Nigel Bethel – DB 2014 very possible
Kevin Olsen – QB 2014 very possible
Rashawn Scott – WR
Penn State U

al golden did interview for the PSU job...he cut a deal in principle....that is a lot more than just talking...there were negotiations.....

"According to reports by Blue White Illustrated publisher Phil Grosz through the day Saturday and CaneSport.com, sources close to Miami head coach Al Golden confirmed that an agreement in principle has been reached between Golden and Penn State".

al golden was cutting his deal but his pressure strategy backfired on him when he tried to pressure PSU since former Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak, along with longtime Penn State defensive line coach Larry Johnson are a much better PACKAGE than golden/dnofrio......

please green peas...you are too stupid to understand this....

Seems most people want Golden on the radio trashing his team and staff so they feel better that he acknowledges publicly what everyone (including AG) already knows. You also want reporters, who depend on access and inside info for their JOB SECURITY to declare open season and attempt to embarrass AG in the media with "tough questions".

I'm sure recruits want to hear a coach trash his program. I'm doubly sure reporters want an adversarial relationship with the guy they need for stories. You guys are really smart.

Five, you forgot the fact that we stink and that Golden won't fire his boy.

Worst Fans Ever - Golden IS trashing his team - he keeps saying they don't have the personnel to run the defense and that the depth is missing. That is not-so-subtle code for its the players, not the coaches.

Here is what Golden should say - We are still not where we want to be in terms of depth, but we as coaches do need to do a better job of putting our players in the best position to win. Our coaching staff has worked hard, but we need to make adjustments to play to our players' strengths. On defense, we need to become more aggressive and play less zone coverage. We need to harness the speed that we have in the secondary. On offense, we need to sustain drives long and commit to the running game. We need to run more 5-6 yard plays instead of swinging for the fences everytime. All of these issues are fixable and our coaching staff is committed to making adjustments to maximize our potential. Our players have done everything we have asked for them - they have completed their strength programs, learned the playbooks, and worked hard. Now our staff needs to improve to hold up our end of the bargain.

Five, you forgot the fact that we stink and that Golden won't fire his boy.
Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 06, 2014 at 10:43 AM

I did? I politely disagree. Just a half hour before, I said that we need to make a change at the DC, and Golden's refusal to do so will be his undoing, and quoted how that misguided loyalty in the face of poor performance on the field killed the job for Munchak and Shula. Please see my post that ended with the sentence below:

I am not saying he needs to do the Larry Coker thing and fire anyone that is disagreeing with his direction, but you HAVE TO make a change when the results on the field are not good enough when it matters.
Posted by: Five Titles | January 06, 2014 at 10:09 AM

There are really two sides to every story on this blog:

ON one side, you have the truth substantiated by first-party quotes.

On the other side, you have Gallo, citing Rivals which is like citing TMZ. You know, the same TMZ Gallo-Pig likes to criticize Golden for.

You aren't a hypocrite are you, Gallo? Nahhhh, couldn't be.

I'm surprised so many of you are OK with Golden interviewing for another job.

I guess most of your pride is leaving you.

I would've kicked this dude out of here today. He's not Nick Saban...not even remotely close.

From the award-winning investigative reporter, Jim "the Pig" Gallo circa 2010:

"According to reports by Canesport, through the day Saturday , sources close to Miami say Jon Gruden has agreed on terms in principal to be head coach of the University of Miami."

In related news, Rosie Ruiz won the Boston Marathon.


I think everyone agrees Dino is a disaster.

Interesting piece from a publication called Central Penn, entitled "Miami's Al Golden 'safe not scintillating' choice for Penn State" - fans react to interview.

Use miami hurricanes sports spyder as search, and that publication can be accessed via that pathway.

Interesting how many PSU comments match up with many Canes fans on this blog.

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