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Entire first part, word for word, of Al Golden interview with Joe Rose regarding Penn State

Joe Rose: Coach, how are you?

Al Golden: “Good Joe, how you doing today.’’ (Joe Rose laughs a lot here)

 Joe Rose: What was your weekend like?

 Al Golden:  “Well, one of the reasons I released a statement yesterday was because speculation had grown so much that I thought I would be able to get to my press conference or even this conversation with you on Monday but I opted to release a statement so that we could move forward here.’’

 Joe Rose: Penn State comes down here. The search committee comes down to interview you. Obviously you went to school there. You were captain of the football team. You coached there. You did recruiting from there. Did you ever feel like when they were coming down, did you feel like you were ever close to taking the job? Could you just kind of help Canes fans out what your whole thinking process was?

 Al Golden: “The thing is, over the last couple years I haven’t responded to any of this speculation of any school. Last year I was in a recruit’s home and they had me going to another school. The biggest thing is I’m not a candidate for another position and I stand behind the statement I made yesterday. I was in the office Thursday and Friday evaluating every aspect of the program and I’m excited to move forward.’’

 Joe Rose: We’ll close it up. Obviously you’ve got a great reputation up there, Coach. I think everybody knows that. I understood if you did meet with them for those reasons. Hell, you met your wife there. I think you met your wife in the sports department up there. So, obviously it’s a special place for you. Was it ever, like, you had to be curious about the job, Coach, a little bit, yes?

 Al Golden: “Joe, I just can’t get, again, from a professional standout I’ve never discussed any other positions. As I said yesterday, I’m not a candidate. I’m excited to be here. I’m eager to welcome our guys back. We have incoming guys coming in Wednesday. The whole staff returns today. We’ve got a staff meeting here in a little while and we’re moving forward.’’

 Rose: “Were you aware this weekend of all the stuff that was out there both up in HappyValley and that area and down here and all the different reports on you?

 Golden: “I became aware of it with [athletic director] Blake [James]. There’s no way we’ll be able to get to this conversation. Obviously that’s why we released the statement. So, we’re moving forward and back at work today.’’



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I just heard from a good source that Penn st called Golden and offered hin 4 m ayear guaranteed and he said " hell no ,its too cold up there and I dont use little boys to keep me warm at night". Another source said he is gonna wait for the ncaa santions to clear so there are no crimes associated with the job.
My point is gallo, anyone can put their own spin on it. Just let it die he is here for a few more years and no matter what U post will not help your gators. Everyone knows U are paid to be here for negative recruiting along with a few other aliases . Other consistent negative posters are just buthurt because we crushed the gators and own the canoe! Now that we beat down the ncaa, we are on the right track. Also if dno doesnt improve he will be run out of miami and golden wont be able to do a dang thing about it. LOL....love me some college football.

HTC and D,

Powerful analyses that are data-based. Thank you both.

This wipes away the smoke screen of "improvement" argument.

D - Om Shanti...In breath, Out breath

Get rid of these freakin' duplicitous maggots!

Whoops, there's that one again...

I am an AG hater I don't don't give two SH^&s about the Gators.

I am butthurt because our coach thinks he's better than he is and we suffer for it.

I'm not sure what I am supposed to answer to. I have clearly stated I am not a fanboy, the defense isn't good (AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT) and that I don't care that Golden listened to an offer- that's what any professional would do. I have no delusions of absolute loyalty in sports, and no one else should either.

I also said that stability and consistency are good things, CG will not and should not blast his staff, scheme or the program in the media because good leaders don't do that. Saying the talent level is down isn't slamming the kids, it's true and I'm sure they know it too. Improvements were there this year, and he's going to sell the program. I saw good game plans that the kids couldn't sustain and adjustments didn't come quick so bad things happened. Overall, although I was extremely frustrated, I saw improvements, and I'm glad he is staying.

I have also stated that the Butch Davis obsession needs to end, provided reasons for this and tried to break through the tinfoil conspiracies and obsessively repeated opinions here that muck up the conversation and offer nothing but noise.

What else would you like?

Manny just tweeted that Ag confirmed that no staff changes will be made....shocker.

So far, I have yet to hear a compelling argument as to why Golden is a good coach.
Posted by: Sunny Dee | January 06, 2014 at 09:34 AM

I'm asking for a response to this that doesn't reference: Butch Davis, planes that flew, the NCAA, Randy Shannon, or our ages.

I love tha U but this is the truth. It don't matter if we get all 5 star recruits because nobody knows how to coach em! Golden needs to put his friendships aside and hire real coaches who can do the job!PERIOD!

Reasons why he IS a good coach

not excuses for why he isn't.

Beed all we can do is hope that AG actually sees the D stats and takes heed of them, and either 86's his boy, or has a heart to heart and tells him it's gotta change. He should've already done this, but maybe he'll ACTUALLY do it this time?

Lets put this potential excuse on record right now as well.

.@GoldenAl “We have an experienced and mature group coming back."

High hopes on slim odds.

Here U go Cola:

Golden on #Canes defense: "The answer right now is not change. It's continuity."

Now .@GoldenAl talking about defense and if he'll make changes: Says he's responsible for the defense and the personnel -- for everything.

Golden doesn't agree with U and says (again) that this is his defense we are running. Why don't U believe him?

As a diehard Cane fan, I have to admit, I am a little bummed that Golden is staying. As I have said before, the U is bigger than any coach. As you can see most of the recruits answers that "they were coming anyway." Another concern is that Golden sees an upward trend in his defense??? As long as he is here, he will not get rid of DNO, which means are defense will be the same. Golden is still making excuses about being young on this team. I just don't see it when compared to other coaches and squads from other top teams. Other coaches are willing to make the changes, but Golden will not with DNO and Coley for that matter. As a result, the kids in South Florida will defect. When I hear a Dalvin Cook say he bleeds Miami, and the reason he did not come here, was because the coaching staff didn't show any love until late!!! Are you kidding me-same thing with Devonte Freeman at FSU. I hope I will be surprised in 2014, but I feel Golden is a salesmen at this point. That defense does not in anyway pass the eye test. I'm tired of hearing we don't have the athletes to compete in the ACC Coastal. We have the best athletes in the ACC Coastal-are coaches cannot coach them up at all. Witness Morris' freefall this year, and a defense that got worse. I don't know if one more year will of struggling with these assistants will wake Golden up or if he will go down with his guys! There is a reason that you never see DNO recruiting players-he does not relate-thus all of the issue with players and him. I hope I am wrong in 2014, but I am worried that we will see the same and get the same results from this regime. Al is the ultimate salesman, and Penn State backing off him just shows me they didn't want him either!!!

.@GoldenAl just told me he will not make any changes on his coaching staff. He said he did all his evaluations.

Golden has seen the defensive numbers and:

Golden said recruiting class and returning talent did factor in his decision in not making coaching changes.

.@GoldenAl “We’re going to keep recruiting. We’re not home yet, we still have a lot to do from a recruiting standpoint."
No accountability on the coaching aspect of performance.

The lack of a credible defense, and the obvious results
that the Canes will lose against good opponents WILL NOT CHANGE until the University of Miami CHANGES the head coach and his butt buddy d'o.

Take away savannah state and fau, with all respect to those programs, and remember that MORRIS (not goldie and certainly NOT d'o who did his best to lose against UNC) MORRIS and the offense won the games against UNC and WF in the last minute of those games,

Take away those four "wins" and what you really have is a typical 5-4, mediocre, goldie seasonal record.

As long as you cane fans and Miami board of trustees love mediocrity, well, you got it.

I just don't understand how a coach (Dno) cannot SEE that his way is NOT working. I mean if I'm a coach and my style is getting us pummeled, than I'm making some changes. You're on NATIONAL TV, you're seen by MILLIONS, your F'ing friend is sticking his neck out for you, that alone would make me want to change as I wouldn't want to make him look bad and I'd want to show my F'ing APPRECIATION for him even giving me a job. I mean WTF, I just don't understand how Dno wouldn't want to at least make a change for his friend?

We've heard this before.

Golden on #Canes defense: "The answer right now is not change. It's continuity."


"Defensively I know you wanted to make some changes this last year. What are the things you think need to change in order to get the defense where it needs to be?"

Golden's response:

"I think the biggest thing was to not change, was just to take all the young kids, the 14 or 15 freshmen we played over there and just to quiet their minds down, settle them down a little bit. I felt different about the defense in the spring – there was a calmness, they were communicating more. And then of course getting [defensive tackle] Curtis Porter back and then giving everybody another year in the weight room.

"[Linebacker] Denzel Perryman grew up on the stage for us, played at 208 and then 212. He’s 243 now. [Linebacker] Jimmy Gaines is 240. [Linebacker] Alex Figueroa is 238. [Defensive end] Anthony Chickillo is another guy who played for us at 45 and 50. He is now 275. So those kids had to grow up and were forced to play before they were ready. Now, they’re settled in, they know the system and we’re excited about who we have coming back on defense."

Has DZ made up his mind yet? Anyone?

Posted by: Cola Cane | January 06, 2014 at 02:37 PM

At what point is "the friend" going to be held responsible? How can the friend keep allowing this clown to put this defense on the field and represent the U?

What DuvalCane just posted is the reason no sane Cane fan should believe a word that comes out of his mouth!!

It was all good before the season and until we played competent teams the it was back to the +500 + 30'club!

Then saying he waited all weekend to put to rest "rumors" that started on Thursday is just....

P'ing out our heads but telling us it's raining!!


At what point is "the friend" going to be held responsible? How can the friend keep allowing this clown to put this defense on the field and represent the U?

Posted by: Duval Cane

I hear you Duval. By the same token though, if you gave me a job and went out on a limb for me, I'd bust my ass to make sure I made you look good. Can't understand why Dno won't do that?

I don't understand the point of Golden's tapdancing. First, it's not a big secret that he had conversations with Penn State and they wanted him for the job. Second, most fans understand a coach at least discussing with his alma mater the possibility of joining them. It's not like it was some random school. Golden does himself a disservice by pretending like this past weekend didn't happen. It insults our intelligence.

Doesn't it though?

Posted by: Cola Cane | January 06, 2014 at 02:48 PM

Because its not the reality of things. D'no and Golden are best friend. D'No and Golden came up with this defensive scheme together, and they both believe in it.

U are conveniently supposing and assuming a separation exists between them, that doesn't. Its their defense, so D'No doesn't feel the way you're expecting him to.

Posted by: duh | January 06, 2014 at 02:50 PM

Doesn't it though?

Exactly! I have no problem with him taking an interview, especially with his alma mater. The issue is that he is lying about it and not being forthcoming, when its not that big of a deal. Like whats wrong with this dude? It kinda shows that he feels spurned and upset that he is still here.

I'm asking for a response to this that doesn't reference: Butch Davis, planes that flew, the NCAA, Randy Shannon, or our ages.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 06, 2014 at 02:14 PM

You're asking questions and demanding answers while also demanding that real, reasonable and factual things not be allowed in the answers. You're moving the goalposts all around to suit yourself and your agenda. By this this logic, you can never be wrong.

Manny wants to go at him and is chopping at the bit as beed said earlier.

The Herald at the request of UM has asked them to: "move on"!

Manny wants to go at him and is chopping at the bit as beed said earlier.

The Herald at the request of UM has asked them to: "move on"!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 06, 2014 at 03:23 PM


Manuel KNOWS what Miami, Florida Hurricane is about and what not. In other words, he SEES through Goldie's FACADE and the past three season haven't been Hurricane football! Especially on defense!!

To all of you that talk about losing credibilty , I say all of you that use the term (slurpers) have none . That is the stupidest term I have ever heard used by supposedly grown men . What a joke .Go Canes

Reasons why he IS a good coach on the field of play

not excuses for why he isn't.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 06, 2014 at 02:16 PM

Worst, why even subject yourself to this worm like behavior, we've already had enough of it this morning with our coach. Now U are making excuse for why U can't answer a simple question about on-field, positive results.

Don't tell me U can't answer because of how Butch Davis was treated before the internet existed again.

Posted by: Ga Cane | January 06, 2014 at 03:28 PM

When your gun is empty, turn it side ways and throw it at your assailant.

Whats joke. Go Canes

...then run like hell

Now that Barry Jackson has written the article that the defense is based on Al Golden's philosophy. All the emphasis on Mark D'Onofrio deficiencies are baseless. Al Golden is requiring the defensive scheme that is in place. With Al Golden's coaching experience coming on the defensive side of the ball. He should receive all the scrutiny for all the failures on his team. Not this selective division of Al Golden's team's failures.

Goldie's lame defensive a, b, c's HAVEN'T done Jack Doo-Doo any where he and Marky Mark have coached. Be it Virginia or Temple and now at Miami.

In other words, Thee Carpetbagger's defense wont' bring a A.C.C. trophy back home.

Well, the program is on life support with no indication it will survive. I can't recall seeing a coach out schemed as much as Goldie. One has to be dumb, stupid, ignorant, or all of the above to continue to do the same thing over and over without success. I guess Goldie will go the way of his mentor, Al Groh. Just find something to do on Saturday afternoons to keep your blood pressure down....Just a disgrace!

I could write a short book on improvements I have seen in developed players, team discipline and organization, game plans that worked but couldn't be sustained, not losing to teams we should beat or just flat quitting, recruiting well during difficult times and the most obvious improvement in year to year wins and losses. But you'll just dismiss it, change the parameters and start anew while continuing your logical fallacy. And that's fine.

The fact remains that I'm not the only one to see it. Wisconsin, PSU and others see it, as do plenty of media, other coaches and fans. You're in the very vocal and very loud minority. Always remember that. You don't speak for anyone else. I'm done addressing this.

And I'm more than comfortable there! The truth will never be popular--that was promised by all revealed knowledge. So cozy up with the prevailing groupthink, oh how comfortable it is.

I'm not trying to speak for anyone else, but myself. That comment explains alot about U.

I didn't ask for a short book, just a short post. We shouldn't have beaten VT? We didn't quit against FSU and UL? And possibly Duke and VT? Who has improved other than Gunter? What game plan worked? How has the disciplining of Gionni Paul, Eddie Johnson, and Rashawn Scott helped the team on the field of play?

If he recruited well during difficult times (evidenced by his top 25 ranking every year he has been here), then why is talent still an excuse for production? Shannon's classes were high as well, so how were the cupboards bare and why after 2 seasons, are Shannon's bare cupboards players still starting over his great recruits?

I won't change anything, just give it a try.

The fact is that most people will always see "it" (appearances and aesthetics) over substance. A person like that is born every second they say. So hooray, U are in the majority!!! Majority of nothingness--hoping instead of being. Looking the part instead of embodying the part.

When was the last time those schools won a NC? Exactly because thats not the primary priority...looking good and believing is. Maybe U should join them since they are the prototype.

Golden will be here until 2020. Those of you who can't stand him have 3 choices:

1) Get over it
2) Go away
3) Continue your non impactful pi$$ing and moaning

Posted by: Worst Fans Ever | January 06, 2014 at 04:22 PM

Your only response is that U are in the majority?? Yea, well the truth was promised to be unpopular and only propagated by the minority. So congrats on being one of those people who they say are born every second! Most people are attracted to appearances and aesthetics over substance, no argument there. When was the last time PSU or Wisconsin won a NC? Exactly, and thats not their primary priority. Looking good and being just competitive is. Maybe U should link with similar people since they're your prototype.

I didn't ask for a short novel, just a short post lol!

What player has developed other than Gunter? How has the disciplining of Eddie Johnson, Gionni Paul ,and Rashawn Scott helped the team on the field of play? What game plan worked (be more specific--how, what games?), How has U-Tough worked? We weren't supposed to beat VT? We didn't quit against FSU and UL? And possibly Duke and VT? We have recruited well (evidenced by Golden's top 25 ranked classes every year he has been here and before he arrived with Shannon's classes which were deemed "empty cupboards"), but why then is the excuse of lack of talent still prevalent and why are Shannon's "empty cupboard" players still starting over Golden's stellar recruits after 2 years of exposure to his coaching and U-Tough?

Have at it, don't throw your empty gun and run.

There is more to disciplining players than helping the team on the field. Just drop all pretense that this has anything to do with school. Bring in gladiators to play who don't actually go to school. Bingo, no discipline issues.

Posted by: Five Titles | January 06, 2014 at 10:52 AM

FT, you don't actually EXPECT many of the posters here to actually be able to discern an intelligent, well thought out post. do you?
That would be asking way to much. They munch prefer throwing out unsubstantiated garbage, 1/2 backed theories, and circulating names like Cristobal, not knowing THAT guy accepted a job with UM, and scant weeks later we read "Recently hired UM assistant Mario Cristobal reportedly taking job at Alabama." Sun Sentinel Staff, 7:46 p.m. EST, February 18, 2013)

Thus, and ex UM guy quits before he starts, thumbs his nose at UM to take a better job, and that's OK?
Golden merely TALKS to his alma mater, and he's public enemy #1?

To your point, FiveTitles, Philbin was smart enough to let Sherman go before the entire fan base was eroded. He can't fire Ireland.
The Shula Olivadotti thing may have cost marino 2 trips too the Super Bowl.

Taking the OTHER side a moment, one wonders whether IUF there was a pending deal, it was predicated on Al not bringing his DC, Barrow, etc?

Sorry for all the typos and grammatical screw-ups.

I hope miami OC heard Mike and Mike this morning or Nick Saban giving his post game analysis last night. Whenever you have a defensive team (Lousiville)jumping around the line of scrimmage attempting to confuse the QB and offensive linemen, that OC should go "no huddle" which will tire out the defense and stop all of that jumping around. I cant recall rather or not Miami did this, but I dont think they did. Please listne and learn Miami.

gallo - I figured it out. Your living with your mom and collecting disability checks - the :high points" of your life (now that the Gators are such crap) is the go on Miami's blogs and attack what we real Canes held dear, our Coach. Quite a different feeling in Gainesville.

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